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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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plenty of it and sticking. i'm mike hydeck. federal workers, opm says two- hour delay today. a number of school systems in the region already closed are also on a two-hour delay. the complete list at the bottom of the screen and of course on the wusa9 app. larry is here. he has plenty to talk about in traffic. more delays coming from the school districts? >> we've got the app. get your smartphone. also tweet me and facebook, reach out to me with your snow total. 2 inches in southern maryland. in arlington, it's snowing to beat the band. >> coming down. take a look at our tower cam. this is from our michael & son weather camera. visibility is dropping. the snow is coming down. usually we dough see the girls out there playing lacrosse, getting their practice in but, yeah, not this morning. we are going to see the snow continue for a little bit while longer. winds are out ever the north, northeast 7 miles per hour. one thing to note if you have to head out. try and delay your travel. visibility is dropping. not only do we have to dodge
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snow but it's hard to see out there. you can see where the heavier snow is with the visibilities less than a mile. tracking the blue band. that's where the snow is really coming through the beltway makingity way up through baltimore along 95 and farther south. these areas in the blue could see more than two inches. it's coming down more than an inch an hour. so count on snow continuing to 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning. we'll continue to track it coming up. larry, good morning. allyson, good morning. good morning to you at home. looks like things are starting to heat up. some fire activity going on on piney branch road and carroll avenue and university boulevard of not causing any delays yet. for those of you making your way from frederick to the beltway, you'll have no issues right now. volume is starting to build up. you can see this is the southbound lane here. i want to let you know we are tracking several incidents in virginia right now mainly just
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south of woodbridge on dumfries road. we're talking about several cars involved in an accident. more on that coming up. right now back to mike and andrea. ears south and east of the district -- areas south and east of the district are expected to get most of the snow. nikki burdine joins us live from a commuter lot in potomac mills. i want to see that x. >> reporter: it's really picked up and been a constant downpour. the big, beautiful flurry flakes since 3:45 this morning. when we got here the parking lot was clear. nowity the' just covered in snow. it is beautiful but it is covered in snow. we have commuters lined up ready to hit the road. vdot has asked commuters to delay their commute if at all possible because they need to get out and they need to do their job. mike, for that x, come over here. i want to show you. this is the x i made at 5:30.
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now loot at t. you can see -- now look at it. you can see a little bit of the ground but not much. that shows you how much is coming down and how quickly it's coming down. for you at home this is what it looks like if you're about to head out the door. be care out there. allow extra time and if you can, stay at home. for now back you to in the studio. >> again the federal government is on a two-hour delay and they're encouraging teleworking as well. southern prince george's county and pretty much all of charles county are expected to get 4 to 6 inches of snow. >> delia goncalves driving in southern maryland where it started to stick the last time we checked in with her. how does it look now, delia? >> reporter: it is coming down fast and furious. both hands are on the wheel because take a look. i've slowed down my speed significantly and the roads are covered. snow really coming down at a good rate. lots of accumulation on the
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road. we were quite surprised. literally about half a mile or so down route 5 the roads looked great and all of a sudden here we go. so the snow is coming down very fast, very heavy. and maryland -- [ audio difficulties ] >> we're having trouble with delia's live shot. we'll get back to her. definitely starting to stick. >> howard just in from one of our viewers, route 301 in brandywine is already snow covered. here in the district, the snow started coming down just in time for the morning commute. >> so we decided to send the guy from florida out there to play in it. looks like a wonderland to nick giovanni. take it away, nick. >> reporter: i'm just loving every minute of it. it's coming down at a pretty steady clip as howard put it. what's that, andrea?
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[ inaudible ] >> reporter: we're not seeing much on the sidewalk here but i did spend really the last half hour walking up and down wisconsin avenue in northwest. you can see there's a full layer of snow coating the sidewalk here and really several side streets that i walked past, including van ness and upton, really starting to coat the streets right now. if our look on wisconsin avenue itself, there are crews on the roadways right now lined up waiting for there to be an issue on the roadways. in the event that does end up happening, they're sitting here standing by. we have yet to see the snow stick on the main roads so far. it certainly is getting slick out there so we definitely advise you to again stay and adhere to the delays that are really -- that we're seeing throughout the area right now. we'll send it back you to, mike and andrea. >> thanks a lot. within the last hour many school district have either decided to call a delay or close for snow. of course you can find the list on your phone with the wusa9
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app. you can actually tailor the app so your system comes up first. you don't have to look through all the delays and of course they're running throughout the morning on the bottom of your screen this morning. our time right now is 6:00 after the hour. three men are in jail accused of conspiring to join isis in syria. the fbi says the men plan to travel to syria, join isis and then attack the united states. the fbi says one of the suspects was arrested at kennedy airport when he tried to board a flight to turkey. james comey says isis is encouraging supporters to act through social media. >> if you can't come, kill somebody where you are. that is a message that goes out to troubled souls everywhere. >> the suspects first came to the attention of law enforcement during the summer of 2014. all three expressed their support for isis on social media. still plenty of uncertainty this morning about whether or not congress is going to act in time to avoid a partial government shutdown by tomorrow night. the senate has cleared the way
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to fund homeland security through september. that measure, though, could still face stiff opposition in the house. the house and senate republicans are still fighting with president obama over immigration. that's why. >> there are concrete dramatic consequences for the homeland security of this nation if we allow the funding of the department to lapse. >> after midnight friday, 30,000 homeland security employees will be furloughed. essential workers like tsa agents would still be on the job but they would not get paid. recreational marijuana use is now legal in the district, at least according to the city government. adults 21 and over may now legally smoke pot and grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes for personal use. mayor muriel bowser is making it clear legalization of pot will go ahead despite a warning from congressional republicans that it's against the law. >> i have a lot of things to do
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here in the district of columbia. me being in jail wouldn't be a good thing. >> in a letter to mayor bowser, republican jason chafis of utah and mark meadows of north carolina says a spending bill prevents the district from spending any funds to make pot legal. straight ahead, metro wants to raise fares but first they're going to give you a chance to sound off. >> auto dealers could be sued for telling customers about potential safety problems with cars. now there's a bill in maryland hoping to stop that. >> still looking at doppler 9000 this morning. everywhere you see a blue color is a moderate to heavy snow band. we have a lot of that going on right now. looks lake that will be the case for the next three to four hours. better news for your afternoon. i'll have your thursday forecast in just a moment.
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>> 6:116789 getting word of a few closures now. fairfax, you are closed for the day along with manassas park and arlington also closed for the day. we've got some moderate to heavy snow bands across us at the moment. this is the problem. it will be like this for a few more hours. looks like the heaviest of the bands just south and east of us pushing from waldorf. you see the blue area toward white plains and la plata, even some towards prince george's county. this goes back across nanjemoy, across the river to fredricksburg. a moderate to heavy snow band across southern calvert, northern st. mary's over toward mechanicsville, ladysmith all moving north, northeast. so we'll have moderate to heavy snow a few more hours but conditions should be improving quickly after about 9:00 or 10:00. delay your travel if you can.
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larry miller, folks should park it for a few hours. i think that is good advice. if you're starting to make your way from frederick down toward the beltway, you're starting to see some delays. on the southbound side of i- 270, no incident just congestion at this point causing the delays there. for my friend out in virginia, we're talking about dale city, lorton, lorton toward the beltway, you'll have no issues northbound. we do have several incidents we're talking about and have been tracking on dumfries road. one involve an overturned dump truck and another in a car crash. they're not causing any delays but be mindful. we're not sure if the know is going to affect this but you do have a chance to speak out today about a plan to raise metro fares. a public hearing is currently set for 1:00 this afternoon at metro headquarters building in northwest. the proposal includes a tentative fair hike -- fare hike. rush hour trains would run only
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every eight minutes and late night service would be eliminated. metro says it's all to set off rising costs. this is a surprising story. one local car dealer is speaking out about what some say is a question of free speech. jack fitzgerald of fitzgerald auto mall is backing a maryland law which protects dealers from being sued about issuing potential safety hazards to customers. >> i would like to know if there's something wrong with my car so i can get it fixed. >> fitzgerald says a legal liability notice demands that dealers, quote, keep confidential any and all information and documents. if you work at tj maxx, marshall's or home goods, you could be getting a raise soon. they'll raise worker pay to at
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least $9. last week wal-mart announced it was raising worker pay to at least $9 in april and to $10 within a year from now. coming up next on wusa9, an officer at the heart of the jon benet ramsey case opens up almost again years later. >> howard and allyson, listen up. kevin durant apparently is a huge fan of meteorologists. who knew?
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such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together.
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herer some things in the news at 6:17. the former police chief of boulder, colorado, says officers botched the initial handling of the crime scene in the jon benet ramsey case. the 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of her home december 26, 1996. her mother patsy called 911 saying her daughter was missing and a ransom note had been found. no one has ever been charged. in our region investigators are looking for information about a vehicle which may be linked to the disappearance of the lyon sisters. police are looking for a large white four-door early 1970s model vehicle possibly a chrysler new yorker. this car may be connected to the persons of interest in the case. catherine and sheila lyon went missing from a montgomery county mall in march 1975. fairfax county police are trying to find a person who is pretending to be a police officer. someone driving a car that
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looks similar to this black volkswagen sedan has emergency lights on it and is trying to pull over drivers. this happened three times since october. if you have any information, please call fairfax county police. he's a local nba player who apparently is fascinated with meteorology. kevin durant, new nike sneaker will debut next week. it's called kd67 weatherman shoe. that's wild looking. nike says the shoe was inspired by his favorite green screen and doppler geographerrics that meteorologists use. >> howard, you missed out a a real big thing here. >> if i had the marketing power of kevin durant, i would have done that a while ago. >> kevin, come on down to our studios and help howard and allyson do the forecast. >> during the off-season. >> we saw a shot. talk about -- the women's lacrosse team from marymount are on the field in the driving snow. >> i will have that shot in a moment. i have to start with doppler.
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>> kevin durant likes it. >> mr. durant, everybody else, happy thursday. snow lovers, good news for you. everybody else who isn't a snow lover, it's a rough morning out there. let's start with doppler 9000. the storm is coming through southeastern virginia, northern virginia. we have closures all the way up to the winchester area right now. everywhere you see the blue, that is the moderate to heavy snow. an inch annual hour plus. we've seen the heaviest down to richmond, south of that. it's making for treacherous road conditions. let's zoom in toward d.c. lighter snows to our north and west but still temperatures are at 29, 30, 31. anything that's not treated certainly is snow covered but there are these blue areas from southwest anne arundel, southern prince george's county, right on the 301 corridor. upper marlboro south over toward waldorf, clinton, brandywine also having problems on 301 down through nanjemoy. this crosses the river to fredricksburg also. let me get out of the way and show you this band just south
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of prince frederick in st. mary's county. hearing from people in mechanicsville all the way toward leonardtown and callaway and ridge. anywhere from 1 to 2 inches and counting. this goes across to front royal, ladysmith. richmond is getting hammered. visibilities have been down to an eighth of a mile. now a quarter mile. that's a ative of the moderate to occasional heavy snow we're dealing with. up north frederick north, not much snow going on there. i don't think you'll see much there as well. frederick an inch might be pushing it for you but a general 1 to 2. we may get a localized three in the band closer toward the metro and 2 to 4 just south of d.c. with the heaviest totals in southern southern maryland toward the northern neck, south of fredricksburg, 4, 6, maybe 8 inches there. as far as what's going o it's snowing to beat the band. this is long bridge park in arlington. these are the ladies of the marymount university women's lacrosse team. they're out there every morning
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cold, warm, rain, snow. wow, impressive that they're out there. good job, ladies. temps in the low to mid-30s today. we'll have the snow moderate for the next couple of hours tapering off 9:00, 10:00. 30, 34 for the high. we'll get to melting this afternoon. clean off your sidewalk and car and you'll be in good shame. tonight we're -- we'll be back in the 20s. snow showers, 33 on friday. saturday still cold at 34. sunday gets better. we'll be 40. could be late day nighttime rain, snow, sleet showers with a few early showers monday and more rain possible tuesday and wednesday. larry? things are certainly starting to pick up. we want to let you know about something going on on metro right now. there are delays on the blue line because a train or a deer was struck by a train. if you're heading on the blue lien toward the -- blue line toward the largo metro station, expect delays. again a deer struck by a train causes delays on metro.
6:22 am
for the rest of you traveling this morning, we're not looking at any major incidents but we do have a few incidents you need to know about mainly on highway 234. this is at lake jackson drive. we actually had several accidents there involving vehicles. not closing any major -- not causing any major delays but police are on the scene monitoring the situation. of course they'll be able to get you awrn and show you how to get around that mess. a live look right now of 66 shows you that not a lot going on as you make your way toward the beltway. no major issues as you drive this morning or if you head out within the next 5 to 10 minutes. back to you. coming up, he was a top official at the state department. now he's behind bars without bond. >> it is a debate that is polarizing capitol hill. the rules of net neutrality come to a vote today. wusa9 is back right after this.
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. here are some things you may have missed. new details are out this morning about the arrest of a state department official for allegedly soliciting sex from a minor. daniel rosen was in charge of the state department's counterterrorism program. fairfax county police arrested him at his home in northwest in d.c.'s mowngts pleasant neighborhood -- mount pleasant
6:26 am
neighborhood tuesday. >> clearly it was sexual in nature to what he believed was an underaged juvenile which turned out not to be. it was the entire time our detective. >> rosen has waived extradition to virginia. the state department has put him on administrative leave. police say a man charged with stabbing a 95-year-old retired navy pilot to death has a long history of trouble with the law. 60-year-old eric dyson is accused of killing his neighbor dan belvin in the colesville area senior citizens home. dyson claims the motive was unwanted sexual advances. police say dyson was driving the veteran's car, used his credit card to withdraw more than $5,000 from his account. there will soon be new rules on how the internet should work and be regulated. dat federal communications -- today the federal communications committee will vote on a net neutrality plan. >> this will impact everyone who uses the internet, a computer or mobile device. we take a look at what net neutrality means for you. >> reporter: the fcc wants to
6:27 am
prevent big users of the internet like netflix and social media sites from buying express lanes on the information superhighway. althea erickson is the policy director at an online shopping site etsy. >> what's at stake? >> the internet is at stake. it will impact everybody's lives. the decision will determine what the internet looks like going forward and that impacts you and me and our parents and our families and our friends. >> reporter: millions of americans expressed concern on the fcc's website. one big worry was that large companies would be allowed to pay a fee for internet fast lanes. smaller companies that couldn't afford the fees would have slower access to their sites. >> it's really hard to imagine a world where your cable company gets to decide which websites move fastest. i don't think many american consumers would want to put that trust in their cable company. >> reporter: the fcc is proposing a first, reclassifying the internet as a public utility like a phone
6:28 am
copy. that would ensure everyone continues to get equal access. former fcc chairman robert mcdowell doesn't like the idea. >> without rules the internet flourishes beautifully without the help of government. what is really broken that needs fixing? >> it will take a simple majority of the five-person commission to pass those rules. even so the fight might not be over over the. lobbyists will try to influence how the rules are interpreted. opponents are expected to go to court to try to overturn the rules. good morning. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. of course we are under a yellow alert day for the snow and it's going to absnow day for students from prince george's and fairfax county this morning. they're closed. >> the list is going. the federal government is on a two-hour delay. a number of school systems are already cloafd as well. the full list of closures and delays at the bam of the screen and of course on the wusa9 app. larry has plenty to talk about. what are you working on? >> delays on the metro and blue
6:29 am
line and a new accident that cropped up on branch avenue on the beltway, inner loop. >> the list of closings will probably grow. >> we're dealing with moderate to heavy bands of snow. three-quarters of an inch in suitland. 2 in st. mary's city. these numbers are going up. probably another two, three hours and things will taper off. >> absolutely. we're keeping our eyes on the roads as well. a lot of the major roadways seem to be doing okay keeping up with it for now. also out there, we're still watching these amazing -- look at that, the women from the women's lacrosse team of marymount. i bet the competition isn't practicing. so they are good. visibility is dropping. conditions are not good right now for travel. give it another 90 minutes, two hours, things are going to be a little bit better. winds out of the north, northeast 30 degrees. feels about 24. watch the visibility map. you can see where the heaviest snow is. visibility less than a mile.
6:30 am
so that's going to be a problem as well with the slick roads out there. so here's the map. you can see the back edge of this. this is not going to last all day long. we're only talking a couple more hours. by lunch time things will be better but we are tracking these blue bands. these blue bands we can see anywhere from an inch to up to maybe 2 inches per hour as it falls. and it is really coming down. so we will see things clear out this afternoon. here's quick look at your planner. larry, good morning. i know you have a lot to talk about. it's been busy in the traffic center. good morning to you at home. right now we're talking about an accident on the inner loop of the beltway, this taking place at allentown road and branch avenue. we have a camera close by. you were able to see the accident maybe about 5 minutes ago but because the flurries started to come down, it's covered it up a bit. the accident taking place right over here on this side of your screen. be mindful heading out in that area. it's causing some minor slowdowns. for those of you traveling on the other parts of the beltway, mainly maryland, this is a live
6:31 am
look at connecticut avenue. the volume is starting to build on the inner and outer loops but no delays to report joust yet. if -- just yet. if you are going to be tramping on metro, be mindful -- traveling on the metro, be mindful. on the blue line delays because a deer was struck by a train. you want to be mindful if you're about to hop on the train there. back to you. those of you living south of the district, you're going to see the most snow accumulation this morning. prince william county has already decided to close schools for the day because of it. >> let's take you to a commuter lot in potomac mills in woodbridge, virginia. that's where nikki burdine is. it's sticking to the cars. are those bus shelters behind you? are those for slug lanes? >> reporter: those are bus shelters right there. those are commuters, too. they've been out here all morning walking out. you know what else was not here this morning? when i first got here, this parking lot was clear. you could see nothing but blacktop. you can see right now it is covered in snow. now it's forming a nice slush
6:32 am
making travel difficult. you can imagine what this is going to be like on the roads this morning if this is what it looks like in the parking lot, once you get a bunch of drivers out there, it will make a mess. i showed you in the last half- hour the x i made at 5:30. i want you to look at it right now. you can't even tell where it was, just barely. that's where the x was that i made. you could see the blacktop at 5:30. now you cannot see anything. that is what all a he see when you head out on the roads this morning. if you can delay your travel at all possible, do so. if you cannot and have to go to work this morning, move out of wait so the vdot crews can get out there and clear off the roads. there's about 1500 of them out in northern virginia this morning so just be aware of them and drive safely. back to you in the studio. >> good advice. slow down the speed as well because people are still trying to do 55, 60 just because they're out there first. communities east of the district also expect to see accumulations near 4 inches. >> the way it's coming down, hard to believe it did. it might be more. delia goncalves is driving
6:33 am
around charles county. how are the roads there? >> reporter: speaking of driving safely, we opted to drive safely here and our kevin king has hopped behind the wheel and i'm behind the camera here. we're approaching route 301, robert crane highway. we are in charles county. as you know, charles county schools have been closed for the day and for good reasonable because the snow is really coming down. as we wait for the light to turn, as this intersection is looking pretty good, once we get on the main road, you can see that the snow is really accumulating. lots of traffic. i'm quite surprised that even with the cancellations that we do have, the school system here in charles county, lots of commuters are on the road heading into d.c. the state highway is recommending that folks delay their commutes because of these conditions. i can tell you when i was driving a short time ago,
6:34 am
really hard to even find out what lane you were traveling in. and so the roads are sticky. they are slick. the recommendation, if you don't have to drive, if you can stay at home for a little bit, do so. we'll get back on the road and have another look at conditions on route 301 here in charles county as we look at folks heading back into the district. back to you. >> photo journalist kevin king behind the wheel. he's the one who said slow your roll. definitely slow it down. it is 6:34. as we told you earlier d.c. public schools wasted no time waiting for the snow to arrive. they delayed two hours early yesterday to offset any snow- related problems. >> we checked in with nick giovanni just a little while ago. the snow is coming down very heavy but the roads seem to be relatively clear. let's check and see what the conditions are. >> reporter: much the same right now. we're seeing the snow coming
6:35 am
down, light flurries at this point. it was coming down fast and furious around 5:00 for an hour i would say. i spent the last several minutes going up and down wisconsin avenue. you can see about half an inch that has piled up and now covering sidewalks and side streets around the area. but you take a look along wisconsin avenue, traffic flowing nice and smoothly. you can see the salt on the roadways right now and really not much of an issue to speak of right now. although roads are slick certainly in this area. so definitely want to -- definitely remind travelers to go ahead and keep that in mind before they head out on the roadways. again, this area certainly seems to be prepared on all fronts as you mentioned, andrea. d.c. public schools have announced a two hour ur delay as well as -- two-hour delay as well as federal agencies. 6:35 now. within the last hour, pretty much the school districts have all weighed in, a lot of them
6:36 am
with delays and closures. the whole list you can see at the bottom of your screen and have it right with you no matter where you are on your phone. traffic, weather conditions up to date right on the wusa9 app. download it free from google play and:le ai tiewns stores have -- play and apple itunes stores. we want to congratulate our fan of the day colleen. you and your daughter are going to the circus. this week's winner will receive four tickets to see ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus showing at the patriot and verizon centers. >> you can do this, too. just go to our facebook fan page and fill out the fan of the day form. howard, take it away. >> still snowing moderately in all the areas in blue. got a report from reedville, virginia, 5 inches. still snowing heavily. a few more hours of this to go through before things improve later this morning into the afternoon.
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6:40. bern western with you. still continuing to track the snow. lighter snows north and west of washington. you get west of 81, not too much going o. south and east, all the blue colors moderate to occasionally heavy snow. an inch and a half in the waldorf area. you guys could see 2 to 4 before this shuts down. a general 1 to 2 in the d.c. metro and 4 to possibly 8 in far southern maryland and northern neck and down south of fredricksburg. be back with the thursday forecast in detail coming up in just a couple of minutes. larry miller, good morning. good morning. looks like we have delays on metro blue and yellow. we need to extend it to yellow toward the largo and mount vernon locations because a deer was struck by a train adding delays to your commute time. those taking amtrak, the following trains have been canceled, 174, 66 and 94. they have been canceled because of the inclement weather. traveling in the district right now, no issues.
6:41 am
295 clear. a live look at eastern avenue at kenilworth. andrea? >> thanks, larry. planning for your future in america, keep planning. that's essentially the word from. obama for people thrown into limb go over legal wrangling over immigration. he's confident his action on immigration will be upheld by a federal court. a 26-state coalition led by texas, though, is suing the president. they say he overstepped his legal authority when he shielded millions of illegal immigrants from the threat of deportation. three white men are headed to prison for killing a black man in mississippi in 2011. all three admitted to being part of a group of ten people who intentionally went hunting for black people to attack. prosecutors say the men beat, ran over and killed 47-year-old james craig anderson. in the judge's worlds what they did was ugly, painful, sad and criminal. three other men were sentenced earlier this month. in april four more men will
6:42 am
face sentencing. three years ago today, trayvon martin was killed by george zimmerman. on tuesday the justice department decided there's no proof that zimmerman was motivated by racial animosity when he shot the 17-year-old. martin's mother says she's disappointed the justice department found insufficient evidence to pursue federal civil rights charges against zimmerman. but she added she's not surprised. today a california man accused of leaving his truck on a train track triggering a derailment is due in court. jose alejandro ramirez' lawyer said he accidentally drove on the track and repeatedly tried to get the truck off the track but had to run for his life when a metro train approached. 30 people were injured in the crash. the train engineer remains in critical condition. back here in d.c. all of the city's firefighters will be trained on how to respond to metro system emergencies. interim fire chief eugene jones says the fire department has
6:43 am
increased training after the fatal incident at l'enfant plaza last month. in the past they only trained about 5% of the city's firefighters on how to handle metro incidents. jones expects all of his crews will be trained within the next two and a half months. at 6:43, a jet setting congressman in hot water for his spending habits. coming up on cbs, they'll look at how social media accounts helped expose the rising republican star. >> a man survives more than three and a half hours buried under 2 feet of snow. we're back
6:44 am
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6:46 am
at 6:46 time to see what our friends at cbs this morning are covering. >> good morning to charlie rose standing by live in new york. good morning. >> good morning, mike and andrea. the ahead the brother of american sniper chris kyle is with us in studio 57. we'll talk with him about the guilty verdict and finding closure. plus, this. the congressman who decorated his office to look like
6:47 am
downtown abbey is under investigation for misusing funds and a college basketball tradition but some say it should be banned. the news is back in the morning. see you soon. >> charlie, have a good morning. 6. 47. some of you out there on the roadways are not having a good morning because you're negotiating on some pretty slick roads. >> especially d.c. south and east. north and west it's not as bad. i just saw a picture from silver spring where there's half an inch on the ground and the road is still wet. south and east, it's snow covered. dangerous. that's where we've seen the heaviest snow and we'll continue to see it for a few more hours. things are going to taper off by the time we get to 8:00 to 10:00 across the region from west to east. you're already seeing that snow really slacken and lighten up as you get along and west of i- 81. as you move to the south and east, all the blue colors are moderate to indicational heavy snow. we've been seeing that here in washington as well and arlington. notice north and west the colors are lighter so there hasn't been as much snow, about
6:48 am
an inch or so in sterling. getting reports there and a lot of these areas heading into southern montgomery county. now we head to hughesville with an inch and a half on the ground. prince frederick about the same. this is a heavy band you see just south of prince frederick coming toward mechanicsville, colonial beach, across the river, dahlgren. much of calvert county very slick, dangerous roads. this goes across the river. you get towards stafford south, fredricksburg. notice how the blue has been moving toward the northeast. you guys, colonial beach, northern st. mary's, southeastern prince george's and central and northern calvert, the next couple of hours you could pick up another two, maybe three inches of snow locally. you'll have the most snow down there. southern st. mary's to the northern neck, already have a five-inch total in reedville. we have two plus now in southern st. mary's around callaway, leonardtown, lexington park area. 2 to 4 south of town when you head into southern prince george's, across the river to southern prince william. got an inch reported in lorton from howard down there.
6:49 am
1 to 2 generally across the region. this trace to one may have to be pulled back closer toward d.c. pretty tight gradient from north to south where the snow is falling. we're looking live now. this is reagan national. the runways are still open as i understand. the road surfaces are mostly wet in town. low 30s here with the snow winding down 9:00, 10:00 in d.c. and perhaps a little bit later south and east. but the afternoon mostly cloudy. a few peeks of sun. highs 34, 35. we'll do a lot of melting this afternoon. right now you notice everybody below freezing but close to it easton is at 32 with annapolis 29. hagerstown at 30. one more look outside, yeah, visibilities are way down with the snow. a much better afternoon. we'll get rid of the snow in a few more hours, 34. everything freezes up tonight. we're down in the 20s. tomorrow 33 with flouries, snow showers. even tonight a few snow flurries skt be ruled out. a enter sunday as we head toward 40. a light mix possible with showers to start your monday
6:50 am
morning. more rain possible tuesday or wednesday. at least it will be milder, larry. certainly busy right now. remember, when the visibility drops, that's when you want to increase the space between you and the driver in front of and decrease the speed as well. right now we're keeping a close eye on this accident. on the inner loop between allentown road and branch receive, we have a camera close by to show you right now one lane blocked but traffic is being able to squeeze on through. delays minor to slight. if things change, i'm be sure to let you know. for my friends in frederick making your way on toward the beltway, we're starting to see some slowdowns mainly in the germantown area but traffic is moving both on the southbound side as well as the northbound side of 270 this morning. as far as how things are shaping up on the beltway, a live look right now at old georgetown road shows you that volume is starting to pick up but no major issues or accidents to report. mike, andrea, we'll send it back to you. another major financial
6:51 am
firm is ordered to pay the government for its role in the 2008 financial crisis. >> but the more than $2 billion fine is just a drop in the bucket exairdz to the profits they made -- compared to the profits they made during
6:52 am
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chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. just about 6:54. two men are being held without bond for allegedly intending to travel to syria to join isis and then attack the united states. the pair appeared yesterday in
6:54 am
federal court in new york. a third man suspected of helping fund the effort is being held in florida. all three have been charged with attempt and conspiracy to provide material support to a terror group. congress has until friday to pass a bill funding the department of homeland security and avert a partial shutdown of the agency. yesterday the senate sought to break an impasse voting to clear the way for a bill free of provisions targeting president obama's immigration policies but the fate of the bill once it reaches the house is far less certain. investment bank morgan stanley has been ordered to pay $2.6 billion to settle federal charges over its role in the 2008 financial meltdown. the settlement was disclosed in a regulatory filing by the bank. morgan is the latest bank to reach a settlement with the justice department. citigroup, bank of america, jpmorgan chase have all paid billions to settle similar charges. apple has been ordered to dish out more than $500 million
6:55 am
in a patent dispute. a federal jury found that apple's itunes store uses software that infringes on three patents held by texas- based company called smart flash. apple says smart flash is seeking royalties for technology that apple invented and they plan to appeal the decision. a new hampshire man has survived being buried in the snow for more than three hours. drew mullens was using a snow rake to clear snow off his metal roof at his home when the snow came down all at once carrying him with it. he says his heavy breathing caused the snow above his head to melt to the point where he could get some air. it's 6:55. here's howard. >> heavy snow. nothing like that. visibilities way down. you can see them. some cases below a mile. that's an indication of the moderate to heavy snow. quantico down towards fredricksburg, andrews to annapolis. even southern maryland, pax river. radar is very busy. you see the blue areas to the south and east.
6:56 am
that's the more moderate to heavy snow. north and west lighter snows going on there. some areas not even close to an inch yet but we've had up to five inches in reedville in the norm neck. in d.c. still snowing at a decent clip here but no blue. when we start to see the heaviest bands, there it is over toward prince frederick south of mechanicsville back across the river. this turns to move to the northeast. snow for probably at three to four hours before the storm pulls out. a better afternoon. highs in the low to mid-30s. if you can delay your traveling this morning, you'll be in much better shape. here's larry miller with more on how bad things are right now. >> it's a pretty interesting drive. we have accidents here, there, but not any major delays which is certainly good news when you think about all these drivers that are going to start to get really into the height of rush hour. if you're making the drive from dale city to lorton, veil noishes. the northbound side of 95 free and clear of any incidents.
6:57 am
southbound side free and clear as well. for those of you traveling on metro this morning, i want -- you want to be mindful we're tracking a few delays. the delays on the blue and yellow line, looks like service has just returned to normal. that just got back to me about a second ago. back to mike and andrea. wusa9's special coverage of this morning's snow will continue. >> we're back in two minutes with live reports from southern maryland, prince william county, virginia and right here in the district. remember, you can get news, weather, traffic including all the cl i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all.
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the snow continues for at least another hour


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