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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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good evening. i'm derek derek. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. two sex crimes took place last night in the 1400 block in silver spring. >> reporter: the first incident happened in one of these silver spring apartment buildings behind me. a young man exposed himself to a 36-year-old woman before he took off into another one of these buildings and found another victim. this one he attacked.
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she was willing to go on camera for us tonight to tell us her story. >> i realize that things like this happen all the time. >> reporter: you just don't think it will happen to you. >> it was surreal. >> reporter: this 20-year-old silver spring woman was nearly raped. >> i don't think anyone should feel that scared. >> reporter: just a few feet from her front door. >> it was not late. it was 10:30. >> reporter: she walked into her apartment building at the hampshire west apartments in silver spring. in the lobby stood a man in his 20s or 30s. >> i had never seen him before. >> reporter: he began talking to her thinks in spanish, though slurring his words. when he began smoking marijuana, she said it frightened her, but what happened next angered her. >> he then took out money from his pocket and offered it to me and my guess was that he was offering it to me for sex. when he had offered me money, that made me angry.
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>> reporter: that cocktail of anger and fear was then tested. >> at that moment he attacked me. he came at me very fast. he threw me up against the wall and i shoved him away. i was confused. >> reporter: he didn't stop. this time she says throwing her to the floor. >> then he ripped off my pants and i started screaming and kicking and that scared him. he ran away. >> reporter: the attack lasted about a minute, but by the end of it she had fought for control. >> i just wouldn't let anyone do that to me without me putting up a fight first. if you don't think you have a chance, you should make one. >> she did a great job. really brought attention to herself which is what you want to do in those scenes and absolutely amazing that she's sitting here in front of cameras today. >> i'm just very thankful that i was able to scare him off. >> reporter: thankful and ever more cautious.
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>> you can't really be too careful. that doesn't mean there's any good people in the world. it's just there's some you should look out for. >> reporter: relatively speaking, it ended well for the victim considering she was able to fight the suspect off, but that suspect is still out there and police fear that he could still be dangerous. you have a description of that suspect, derek. jan. >> we do. thank you. the woman described the suspect as a hispanic man about 5 afternoon 8, 170 pounds in his late 20s to early 30s wearing a furry hat and a black jacket. it is round 2 in the battle between house republicans and d.c. leaders over the new law making marijuana use legal in d.c. now one lawmaker wants to go after the city's federal funding. jim osman is live on capitol hill with more on this latest threat. what's the deal? >> reporter: hi, derek. good evening, folks at home.
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it's clear that some members of congress aren't happy that d.c. is going against their wishes. a maryland republican congressman andy harris tonight is threatening to find funding areas appropriated to the district for congress was too generous with the citizens of the district. adam eidinger backed the marijuana legalization initiative 71 which voters approved overwhelmingly. >> they're acting like bullies and near trying to intimidate the -- they're trying to intimidate the entire district government which is duly elected. we have to stand up to it. that's the best way to stop a bully. >> reporter: two other house republicans lawmakers threatened to put mayor muriel bowser in prison if she allowed the initiative to become law today. she's still free and it's d.c. law. >> i didn't think they were actually going to put the mayor or council members in jail. i kind of find that rather amusing. >> reporter: that might have been congressional bluster, but this new threat tonight calls
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into question $670 million d.c. received last year from congress, yet with larger issues looming in congress such as tomorrow's deadline to fully fund the department of homeland security there's doubt higher- ups in the house like house speaker john boehner or senate republican majority leader mitch mcconnell will enter this dust-up at all. >> boehner andmcconnell, they're trying to get some legislation through congress to keep the department of homeland security open. near dealing with the affordable care act and immigration issues. so this really appears to be a small minority group of individuals that have a problem with initiative 71, but it's not a majority of congress. >> reporter: we reached out to the republican lawmakers we mentioned in our piece and did not hear back from them tonight. we should also tell you there's been a lot of political back and forth in the last few days on this issue, but all of this may end up in court. jim osman, wusa9 news.
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>> for those concerned about this, this d.c. marijuana law specifies that only people over age 21 may possess 2 ounces or less of marijuana and you can smoke it on your private property. you can also grow up to six plants with no more than three of them mature at a time, plus you can give away but not sell an ounce or less of the drug to somebody else. in fact, we've got everything you need to know about d.c.'s new marijuana law on our wusa9 mobile news app. our sister publication usa today reports the senate appears ready to pass the home land security spending bill before funding for the agency runs out at midnight tomorrow. a handful of senators who object to the measure said today they do not intend to use procedural moves to delay the vote. darrell issa said the house might consider a three week stopgap funding bill to keep homeland security from a partial shutdown. a vote on that bill also could come tomorrow. some of today's snow melted
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away because temperatures climbed above freezing, felt darn nice, but the black ice is now a possibility for your morning commute. that combination is prompting some school delays for tomorrow. prince george's county, prince william county and spotsylvania county schools will open a couple hours late. family first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here tonight. >> we're talking about black ice. i'm more concerned about folks walking than driving. the road, sidewalk or driveway looks wet, but it's frozen, that is black ice. slow down and be careful walking, also, going to the bus stop or getting the paper or mail. temperatures now essentially below freezing, 33 downtown, 28 in manassas. futurecast, a couple snow showers are possible early tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 20s. they will roll through quickly. by 7:30, 8:00, temperatures low 20s in the suburbs, upper 20s
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down unto. we'll come back. i'm just getting some guidance in. a little warm moisture rolls in sunday before the cold air rolls out. only on 9 tonight never before seen video shot by a special needs student of a teacher's aide with whom he was having a sexual relationship at his school. >> ms. sharon, can you do something for me? >> you can hear then 15-year- old devon harding's voice on this cell phone video he shot inside a classroom at the frost school in rockville. the camera is focused on teacher's aide sharon kui who fled to hong kong before they could arrest her. >> it affects me in school because of all the kids that talk about it and so it feels lonely and i feel like the only people that i can trust is my parishes. >> in devon's case -- parents. >> in devon's case if the students had been more aware,
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the thing they saw in the classroom, they would have spoken up most likely. what they did see is her lock the doors alone with him, close the blind. >> the hardings were lobbying for a proposed bill to have the state develop a new curriculum to teach childrens the warning signs of abuse and of exploitation and how to prevent it. police arrested a man who they say pulled a gun on two drivers in d.c. and scar jacked one of the vehicles. -- and carjacked one of the vehicles. >> police say he tried to carjack a vehicle yesterday afternoon along p street. he pulled out a gun and the driver hit the gas. so he tried it again. this time the driver handed over the keys and police say they gave chase and made an arrest. in jail tonight a colesville man charged with the murder of a 95-year-old neighbor. today a judge denied bond for 60-year-old eric dyson, the man accused of stabbing to death dan belvin inside belvin's
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apartment at randolph village complex. he's also charged with taking belleville's car and using his credit cards to the tune -- belvin's car and using his credit cards to the tune of 5,500 bucks. dyson said belvin made unwanted sexual advances, so he stabbed the man. tonight new information involving the three men charged yesterday with conspiring to provide material support to isis. federal officers reportedly picked up a man in norfolk who once worked for one of the suspects. he's expected to testify against his old boss. that man is not charged but is being held on an immigration warrant. cbs news has confirmed the identity of the masked islamic militant known as jihadi john featured in several videos of beheadings of american hostages last year. he's basketball identified as mohammed emwazi, a british citizen from a well to do london family and he has a computer programming degree. it's believed he traveled to
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syria around 2012 and joined the islamic state. a british human rights says emwazi's really callization began after several run-ins with brush intelligence. >> the person that you see on the videos, is that the same as the person you remember mohammed emwazi? it's difficult for me to say that yes, these two people are exactly the same and that doesn't seem to be a correlation between the two. >> british police reportedly known the through identity of jihadi john for some time but jest released it. the council on american islamic relations is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and quick of whoever is responsible for acts of vandalism at the mosque in northeast. vandals tore covers off prayer books, tore down book shelves and flew achier through a window. another act of vandal -- threw a chair through a window. another act of vandalism was reported today at the same
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mosque. ahead it's the chase that's launched 1,000 puns, llamas on the lamp, llama drama -- lamb, llama drama and even llama, i'm coming home. >> but first can your kids be kidnapped online? turns out their pictures can. coming up a shocking trend,
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how would you feel if you found a website with your toddler's picture on it and someone else posting comments as their parent? that's exactly what happened to one georgia mom. >> they absolutely role play in the highest degree these are their children. >> reporter: lindsey paris says in a word it's petrifying. >> to see someone who i have no idea who it was treat that photo in that manner. >> reporter: the stolen photo
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came from paris' blog, her parenting website redheaded baby mama. the site was to serve as a sort of digital scrapbook for paris, but instead the photo of her 18- month-old son had become a stranger's profile pic and make believe child. >> she was saying isn't my child so cute and her friends were saying yeah. he's adorable. >> reporter: paris is a victim of an online trend called digital kidnapping. parents children's pictures are posted and sometimes they even use baby talk to pretend they are the child. type baby rp into instagram and you'll see lots of role playing going on. >> she was pretending this was her son and saying oh, he had an upset stomach this day and i hope he starts teething soon. >> reporter: child advocates have started a movement to stop digital kidnapping. a petition started from a group called fighting for all kids to get instagram to crack down on
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role playing accounts. >> i don't think it's necessarily dangerous. i think it's a breach of the family's privacy. >> reporter: when paris discovered this invasion of privacy by following a link to her reposted picture, she was far from okay with it. >> i was totally panicked, didn't know what they were doing and i had no idea what to do next. >> reporter: she reached out to the mom pretending to be her son's mother online, told her to take the photo down and stop the charade. in two days the pictures were down, but not all of them end so easily. be careful with public posts. instagram said this violates policy and they will remove these pictures from their sites. house of cards is available
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to next police subscribers starting tomorrow and tonight the stars of the show said in washington we're in london for their red carpet premier. kevin spacey is back as the master manipulating politician. season three picks up where season two left off with frank having taken over as president of the united states. got to go back and watch the first two so you understand how that happened. the internet went crazy today over these two fellows. two llamas on the lam outside phoenix area and tonight we've got the 911 phone call. the llama drama happened after they got away from a visit to the senior center. >> we've been out here an hour trying to capture these two llamas. we're wondering if we can get some help. >> we were letting them show them off and pet them and one of the old gentlemen wanted to hold her and she broke loose and the chase is on.
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>> i don't know. it just sounds like -- okay. kanita is the older white llama, little laney is the black llama and together they had a grand old time. residents kept trying to corral them and weren't having much look. it took 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get them in the van and take them back home. in all there were actually three llamas on the loose. they were rounded up, loaded back on the trailer out of breath unhurt, even hours later trending on twitter. the arizona cardinals football team even tweeted that they'd signed a series of one year contracts because you know they can use more talent. singer kanye west says he is sorry for his behavior earlier. >> he said i'm sorry, beck, for the grammys walk for the stage
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and acted as though he was going to interrupt beck who won the grammy for best rock album and later backstage in an interview west said beck did not deserve to win. >> always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> kanye, the arbiter of all things grammy. >> so much humility. >> we'll struggle to get above freezing tomorrow and again saturday. so look for some black spots. that's ice. it's not wet. it's black ice. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam we did hit 39 today. all the burbs are below freezing this hour. radar, a couple snow showers actually went through to the north of i-70 in baltimore now crossing i-95. again we'll have a chance for a couple snow showers tomorrow morning. remember, what appears wet is
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ice, black ice. bus stop temperatures 22 to 28 and i think your biggest challenge will be on the swobs and driveways tomorrow. early morning snow shower possible on friday and saturday temperature -- sidewalks and driveways tomorrow. early morning snow shower possible on friday and saturday tomorrow. again a couple snow showers are possible with temps in the 20s. by 8:30 a couple snow showers still possible fredericksburg back up to hagerstown and by lunchtime maybe we're 30 downtown, but we're in the upper 20s in the suburbs. snow the direction of the wind, northwest wind tomorrow 10 to 15. it will feel like teens and 20s all day tomorrow. by 6:00 we're back in the 20s. by top night temps will really fall. -- tomorrow night temps will really fall, 17 in gaithersburg, 18 in leesburg and manassas. i think tomorrow night we're headed for the single digits. a couple flurries or a snow shower possible early, some
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sunshine, 28 by 11:00 and 30 by 1:00. next three days, cold saturday, 33. i lowered the temperature on sunday, 38. a late mix is probably, primarily freezing sleet and rain. monday we or rain in the morning. that's trending colder, too. back in the 40s, a break tuesday, more rain tuesday night and wednesday. we're in the 50s wednesday, back in the 40s on thursday. kind of a wet week coming up. >> we're loving that trend, though. >> i know you are. >> we don't care about your icy mix on sunday, of because we have spring training news. wait till you hear what dave owen has to say. we've got a return trip to vieira, the
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> there are great expectations for the national as they should be one of the most feared teams in baseball this season, but you don't play the game on paper and right now it's all about preparation for those curly ws. our dave owens has more from vieira. >> reporter: there was some concern the first full squad
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practice might get washed out by mother nature, but it didn't happen. it was a little damp, but that's about it. the full squad on the field the first time and we saw a little bit of everything. >> diligence with which we go about our work and an attitude of that it's important to us. so everything we do on the field is important. >> i moon here we go. this is -- mean here we go. this is our start to march on. >> i was trying to stay under the radar pretty much throughout the whole time, but i kind of screwed myself up there, i guess. now you guys want to talk to me. >> reporter: jayson werth wishes he could fly under the radar, but offseason legal trouble prevented that. he's also recovering from shoulder surgery. >> oftentimes it's really easy for the guy on the dl or the guy not participating now just to hang and work with the trainers. the fact he was out there is really important for us. we didn't force him to be out there. he did it on his own.
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tomorrow we compact to hear from stephen strasburg and ryan zimmerman. that will certainly be interesting. we'll have a full report coming up. now let's send it back to you guys in the studio. stay warm. >> he's sticking it to us. we're staying warm in these studios. what a season it's been for maryland women's basketball team, trying to stay up defeated in conference play hosting indiana on senior night. terps only have one senior, lauren mincy. the present and future is ripe for the terps no. 5 on the country. mincy being honored on senior night and saving the best for last. she was just getting started. 2nd half more mincy, a triple game high, 28 for the terps senior. terps improve to 26-2 and win 83-72. hoopsters always dream about getting in the zone where anything that leaves your
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happened goes in. that's what happened to florida state freshman guard xavier mayes last night. he wasin the zone, 30 points in the last four minutes and 38 seconds of the game, truly one of the most impressive offensive displays in college basketball history. to put that in perspective. i talked with georgetown shooter devonte smith. his career high is only 32 points. >> that happened saturday. so this is just like a rhythm thing. you make a couple in a row and you're just like why not try it again and it keeps going in and just like i need the ball back right now. >> smith rivera and the hoyas face st. johns saturday. let's hope he's in a zone for the hoyas. >> when you're hot, you're hot, cannot be stopped. is that when i saw that on twitter, i said that cannot be
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don't forget you can tweet me or derek any time night or day. mcginty man is usually up till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. feel free to tweet him any time. >> even if i'm not up, i'll get up and answer you. >> wow. is that a promise? >> no. very quickly, a little black ice tomorrow morning, very cold. temperatures will struggle to hit freezing tomorrow and again saturday. don't freak out, maybe a flurry or snow shower tomorrow
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