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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is friday febyruar 27th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." from a smiling young boy to a mad killerha wt we're learning about jihadi john's path to terror. alarming new details about planes and drones the close calls you haven't heard about yet. >> black and blue or gold and white? what is the answer? the dress debate exploding on eye this morning. why millions cannot see eye to eye. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. mohammedaz emw wias on the radar with british intelligence for more than five years. >> peeling off the mask of
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jihadi john. >> we'll find these men and bring action. >> this just happened right behind us. >> recovery efforts continue in the southeast after the latest rounds of snow sleet, and freezing rain. >> the latest arctic cold blast from the rockies to the east coast. >> there's not a single democrat here. >> the gop nomination out in force at cpac. >> the polls, how do you overcome that? >> is the election next week. >> asllam. >> the llamas have been captured. >> they've been lassoed. >> llama, i'm coming home. that's a good one. >> the department of homeland security will partially shut down unless the government agrees to some kind of answer. >> john boehner has an answer to
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the questions on the subject. >> all that -- >> the worst thing tha ctan happen when a reporter is doing something about safety -- >> -- and all that matters -- >> people said it's blue and black. >> it's white and gold. >> it's very clearly blue. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the kardashians just stretched their 15 minutes of fame. >> they reportedly sign add $100 million contract. >> let that be a lesson. if you really work hard and apply yourself, you are wasting your time. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." british intelligence officials admit this morning they had tracked the isis terrorist known
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as jihadi john since 2009. we're learning more about mohammed emwazi from his times as a young boy growing up in london to when he left for syria. intelligence officials reportedly lost track of him about two years ago. >> emwazi is the masked man we see on videos killing american hostages. charlie d'agata is on the street where emwazi once lived. good morning. >> good morning. now that he's been disclosed, there's a question on how he waso slip the net and what drove him from here his last known london address, to the killing fields of syria. he's seen here as a grinning schoolboy who would grow up to be one of the world's most wanted terrorists. we now know his identity mohammed emwazi a college graduate raised in london. but he became known as jihadi john, the taunting
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knife-wielding apparent executioner in the gruesome beheading videos of at least five western hostages. after graduating from westminster university with a degree in computers in 2009, he traveled to tanzania, he said, to go on safari but he was stop and questioned by brit inish agents. he was sent back to amsterdam for more interrogation before returning to london where he butz under surveillance. this man from a british activist group knew him as an extremely gentle, beautiful man. >> there's one character i remember, one person i remember one kind person i remember. then i see that image, and there doesn't seem to be a correlation between the two. >> reporter: he said he joined isis in syria around 2012. intelligence is thought to have known his identity for around six months but they kept it
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secret presumably in an effort to hunt him down. things may change now that his cover is blown. >> it will be psychological because they'll feel somewhat deflated that someone is outed. >> outed who was raised in a well to do london who somehow and some way turned along the way. now, here's nobody home here and residents say they haven't seen the family for days. this morning prime minister david cameron declined to comment on the identity saying everything will be done to find these people and to put them out of action. gayle? >> thank you, charlie. this morning some families of isis hostages seen in videos with emwazi are demand justice. a statement put out by steven sotloff sotloff's family if indeed mohammed emwazi is the man, they
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have full faith the agencies will apprehend him. john foley said it will do no good if the so-called jihadi john is caught. >> if not him, it will be somebody else. in all fairness discovering who he is might be important to some people but it shouldn't be not important to me. >> the daughter of british worker david haines said quote, it's a good extend, but i think all families will feel closure and relief once there's a bullet between his eyes. a new video shows pdestruction of ancient objects in iraq. ahead, why the militants took sledgehammers to these priceless antiquities. >> the next storm is building in the southern rockies. millions in the south hope it will not threaten them. they're digging out from a
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snowstorm that knocked out power and tied up highways across hundreds of miles. vinita nair is in durham north carolina, but people are hoping it will warm up soon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, charlie. that's right. temperatures dipped into the low 20s overnight causing a lot of snow that had thawed to go ahead and refreeze. it's the perfect recipe for black ice like what you're seeing here. we spoke to mark crews and they told us the primary focus is the main streets like the ones behind me and then they'll deal with the secondary streets. >> reporter: by tomorrow morning -- oop. >> north carolina governor pat mccrory is urging people to be careful on the roads. >> people think every everything's okay. >> reporter: from above, everything in north carolina is serene burke on the ground
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ilts's a different story. the snow and ice have led to overturned cars, toppled trees, and snapped power cables. at one point 224,000 people in the carolinas were without heat and electricity. >> a lot of people are staying in their houses just to try to keep the heat in. >> reporter: now crews are working 16-hour shifts. and it's cold to turn it back on. >> we were trying to fight the storm, ride the waves. >> reporter: coleman brown is with durham's department of public works. he said snow this heavy is not typical for the state. >> when it lays on the trees, the tree's not used to it. the lamps can't handle it. >> reporter: neither could the roof of this henderson gas station. it became a heap of heat and wire after this thursday. >> it's made to move. if it doesn't move it will break. the snow must have had a lot of weight to it. >> reporter: despite the
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significant progress being made in power restoration and cleanup, hundreds of schools in north carolina h reare either closed. >> that was five minutes from my home. >> it must be odd to say, know that place. thank you, vinita. only salt and the constant movement of the water prevent the ocean from freezing solid. meteorologist matt brickman from wcco is tracking the next storm. good morning. >> good morning. that storm is going to start taking taking place. they're going to get heavy snow saturday night heading into sunday and then that storm starts making its way out into the east sunday night into monday. again, that snow/rain line right through noj new york.
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heavy snow to new england. right now it's like in the 3-inch range. that would make it the snowiest winter on record. more than a dozen are wooing thousands of conservative activists at the annual gathering known as cpac. nancy cordes is there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where all the hopefuls test how their tests resonate with the very large all important conservative wing of their party. in the spotlight today, former florida governor jeb bush of florida who is going to have to convince them that he shares values, even on issues like immigration reform. gop hopefuls have to audition here at the country's largest conservative conference. >> what are you looking for in a presidential candidate?
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>> i want a leader. >> the stakes are highest for so-called established candidates like jeb bush and chris christie who argues he's not as moderate as people think. >> people make assumptions because you erie a republican from new jersey. what they should do is look at my record. >> reporter: cpac is part speech, one part color characters. this georgia man is organizing a walkout when bush speak this afternoon. >> i'm going to turn around kick me feet up dust up my feet and have a massive bathroom break. >> reporter: it's also going to look at how governor rick perry will run. >> i think if someone wants to spend the time they can be well
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versed. >> reporter: kentucky senator rand paul has won the last two years but this year he'll have competition from others. >> abolish the irs. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz and wisconsin governor scott walker. >> do you think it's good for them to agree on every basis? >> i think if you do lead you're going to be across the board. >> reporter: this is a crowd that likes it but doesn't want to be pandered too. there was a comment that haunted him for months because it just didn't ring true to these voters. gayle? >> thank you, nancy. this morning republicans in congress are scrambling to keep the didn't of homeland security from a partial shutdown.
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the senate votes four times today on a compromised funding bill, and it is expected to pass and then it goes on to the pub lek house. they say it would buy more time to fight president obama's immigration reforms. tempers are flaring on both sides of the fire. an open mike caught steny hoyer calling republican kevin mccarthy a coward. >> we did our part and i yield back. >> you coward. >> without objection the two -- >> he later apoll jazzed to mccarthy. for the first time it will be regulated. net neutrality. the rules are designed to make sure internet companies treat all providers equally without charging more for faster service. maggie reirden is a partner with
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cnet. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does it mean? >> if you think of the internet like a highway, it basically means that all traffic like netflix has equal access to the highway. that means comcast can't set up an hov lane and charge netflix faster to get to their customers faster. >> but they've been doing for a while. >> the internet has always been open. that's the beepty ofl it. that's why it was created. really these rules are put in place so that continues. >> what's going to change at home? >> nothing's changing so that's good news yochl ku get to your favorite ved owes and whatever you want. so that's a goo the broadband
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carriers up set? >> they're upset because of the new regulations. regulating it comes with it a whole bunch of regulation like potentially taxes or additional tearists and phoenixs. >> so if nothing is changing why are we talkinging it today? >> because we want the internet to be open. there was a reason to believe these big companies like comcast and time warner merging and they have a lot of power. people didn't want it to turn into something like the cable internet idea. >> suppose i want my netflix faster. >> why is it that larger businesses like walmart and
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target and others would be able to have faster service. >> they spoke at the fcc meeting yesterday and they said if this network wasn't open, we we wouldn't have been able to start. we want to see new services and innovations. we just want to keep it that way. >> maggie reirden, thank you so much. social media is exploding this morning over the color of a dress. for many it's black and blue or white and gold. some have been seeing red. elaine quijano has more. good morning. >> good morning. it started off as one woman's tumblr post and erupted into a polar ides lgt debate. what colors do you w seehen kwloi look at this dress. blue and black or white and gold. the fabric of this dress nearly
7:17 am
caused the fabric of the internet to unravel overnight with people even fwanl ed. >> it's more fundamental than their religion. >> reporter: the conflict began on this tumblr plate where a user asked o's to help her decide the true color of the dress. >> it's blue. >> it's white. >> reporter: the debate dominated overnight discussion. it racked up more than 29,000 views on buzzfeed became the number one tread on twitter and among sites. >> celebrities joined in. taylor swift, the cease on team
7:18 am
blue and black. anna kendrick with white and blue. it has to do with the color on your computer module and the lights in your room as well as the phone. >> it means there is too much light. if you see the dress as white and gold as underexposed meaning there is too little light. >> and even now the morning after the question was first posed, it is still a top trending topic on twitter. >> i don't get the white and gold part i really don't. i look at that. i find myself getting irritated with people that see white and gold. >> it's funny. i've had several people come up and ask me blue white ald and gold. >> why do people write on it so
7:19 am
much. >> >> i don't know. i see it as am dockdock. >> the fact it has 20 million views is amazing. >> it's friday. everyone's looking for a disstrakds. i ahead. a traumatic increase
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by new flownase allergy release. you are greater than your allergies. an shemt yardwork thousands of years old destroyed buy isis. >> how some of the greatest and oldest antiquities is sparking global outrage. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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i am a doctor. >> i'm a doctor and i believe in vaccinations. >> if you don't vaccinate your kids, it can endanger their lives. >> potential downsides of vaccinations are almost nonskpis tenlts which is why i cannot [ bleep ] we have to. >> remember that time you got polio? no, you don't because your parents got you [ bleep ] vaccinated. >> i had to go to school for [ bleep ] years. >> i'm pretty sure i know what i'm talking about. >> watching "breaking bad." >> instead i've got to come here. >> because you listened to a moron who read a four-worded e-mail. >> get your kids vaccinated. >> thank you, doctors. >> that certainly makes the point. that's very, very
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kimmel. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a new video shows members of isis taking sledgehammers and power drills -- it's so painful to watch -- to priceless artifacts. why extremists destroyed these artifacts, some of which date back to 700 b.c. >> one in five women are sexually assaulted in college. is it time for students to arm themselves on campus. well machineichelle miller has that story. that's ahead. there's a run on a popular but it used in ar-15 semiautomatic rifles. there was ban imposed on the green tip bullets. now the gun shop says there has been a rush to snap up cases of the bullets. "the hill" says inhofe
7:32 am
brought in a snowball. >> that's a snowball from outside here. so it's very very cold out, very unseasonal. mr. president, catch this. >> it was caught by a professional page. it's talk about the bitter cold despite the fact that last year was the warmest on records. president cristina fernandez was accused of conspireing with iran to cover uf iran's alleged role in a bombing. it killed 85. the prosecutor who filed the criminal complaint was found dead in january amid serious circumstances. "usa today" is remembering a black pioneer. earl lloyd died. he made his debut in 1950 for the washington capitals. in 1955 he and a teammate became the first black players to win a title with syracuse. he entered the hall of fame in
7:33 am
2003. earl lloyd was 86 years old. this morning isis destroyed pricelet pieces. they took power tools and sledgehammers to irreplaceable pieces in iraq. one dates back to 700 b.c. clarissa ward with why extremists say it had to be done. good morping. >> good morning. cbs news has not been able to awe therchlt indicate this video but it's posted on media accounts lig useded by isis and it shows it could mean the loss of artifacts up to 2,700 years old. sledgeerhamms, drills, and bare hands, the weapons used by isis in its latest demonstration of destruction. this video appears to show the inside of a museum in the iraqi city of mosul. the extremists stripped the
7:34 am
ancient statue os their protective colorings and then established it. a religious spokesman for the group condemned them as sacrilegious. these idols and pagans for people in the last centuries were wore shiched instead of a allah. here an archaeological site is seen to destroy an ancient winged bull. the artifact is deemed to date back to 700 b.c. >> it's some of the oldest and greatest antiquities. >> reporter: jim cue noe heads theall p. getty trust, an organization. >> it roots us in our origins. it's a much larger picture than the world itself. >> reporter: since the seizing
7:35 am
and control of mosul last june isil has been destroying things. blew up this ancient tomb believed to be the prophet place of joseph in the bible. >> dozens of shrines in mosul. these acts of vandalism are tragedies for all the world and the civilized world must take a stand it's important to note that not ought of the artifacts in the video appear to be jen whip. some of them may have been copies but extremists are also believed to have destroyed thousands of rare manuscripts from mosul's libraries. thank you. >> thank you. it's hard to watch and it's har to see the glee takeen in destroying something. >> it's hard to watch something destroyed that's irreplaceable. >> that you can't get back. thank you, clarissa.
7:36 am
government regulators are worry about a dramatic increase in the number of unmanned aircraft that are flying near planes and helicopters. jeff pegues is in washington with a story you'll see only on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. this is a real safety concern for the faa and it's important why they're on regulator. so far this drone and model aircraft reported by pilots have spiked. every day the faa say there are two reported incidents of unmanned aircraft and drones and manned. that's two times more than the rough claimed aing to the sightings of drones each month so far this year. hein t past, major commercial airline crews have spotted them and in some cases pilots have had to alter course. michael huerta is the faa administrator. >> we believe there's a significant number of people out
7:37 am
there that simply don't know what the rules are. at the same time we have enforcement tools available to us, and we do take reports of reckless activity very very seriously. >> what else did you see? >> about 1,000. >> reporter: less tthaneewo wks ago the fa released proposed rules for the commercial use of small drones weighing under 5 a 5 punds. under new regulations they could only fly up to 500 feet and 500 mile assen hour during daylight hours. they must also remain within visual line of sight. operators would have to be at least 17 years old with an unmanned aircraft certificate. they can fly drones up to 400 feet, but according to the faa, there have been some recent reports reaching 9,000 feet in the air, flying in the same airspace as commercial jets.
7:38 am
new york democrat senator chuck schumer says it doesn't condone people flying drones recklessly in national airspace. >> do you think there needs to be tougher enforcement actions? >> i think there have to be absolutely. safety has to come first. god forbid there's a day where a droeb collides with a major airline and there are fatalityies fatalities. >> reporter: it will not be find for at least a year, probably longer. gayle? >> all right. a lot to be worried about. thank you, jeff. and on cbsn tonight jeff will bring you a special report. it us called "unmanned skies: drones in america. yts that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pasting. should guns be allowed on campuses? why lawmakerses say they may be necessary to stop sexual
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there is a new push this morning to let college students bring guns to school. they're working on a so-called carry campus bills. it could stop crimes like sexual assaults but michelle miller saw how the controversy itself is dividing students. good morning. >> good morning. this is a hot button topic at florida state university. proponents say crime victims have a right to fend off their attackers. >> if i was single and dating in college and my boyfriend that i tried something that i said no to and started sexually assaulting me, i would use my gun to defend myself.
7:44 am
>> reporter: state law prohibits from entering the florida state squall with her firearm. >> you feel safer. >> much. i know if anything would happen i would be able to defend myself. >> only seven states allow guns on the campus. high-profile sex assault allegations have been flash points at colleges across the country. at florida state former star quarterback jameis winston was accuseded of raping another - student in 2012 but never faced charges. har drove hargrove thinks it will prevent sexual assaults and mass shootings like the shooting that happened on this campus library.
7:45 am
>> before he stop and injured more students. >> reporter: florida state university police chief david perry disagrees. >> it would have exacerbated and made the situation even worse. >> why? >> to have two or three or four people firing commands firing rounds that they can't be accounted for, that's a bad mix. >> reporter: he opposes the bill saying guns would actually make campuses less safe. >> there's also a culture of drugs, underage drinking and sometimes poor decision-making. >> reporter: yale law student alexander brodsky started know your nine. she believes campus carry laws won't work. >> we're talking about why shouldn't a woman be able to protect herself. if you give her a gun, you can give rapists a kbun and we all
7:46 am
realize that's a bad idea. >> there's a lot of men bigger and stronger than me. i don't want to have to thing badge and they i could have stop thad if i had an equalizing weapon. >> it's currently before the state senate's higher education committee. similar ones are pending in texas, colorado virginia, and eight other states. >> it's an interesting debate. >> i think the police officer raised a good point. normally if you see a gun on campus, the cops come. >> a majority of them at florida state university are against it. 86%. >> oh, wow. thank you, michelle. >> close encounters of a volcano. the incredible images taking us inside the ring of fire and what happens when cameras move a little too close to the lava. plus fugitives with four legs. we'll s
7:47 am
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at an everyday low price. so go ahead and show off your savings dance. visit to get a free sample. an incredible feat. it captures the close-up on the islands of van roy tu. he said the extreme heat damaged the drone. some fell right into the lava. some wore full bodied suits. they're using the footage to create a 3-d sight. that's very cool. >> very cool. speaking of very cool. larry david gets audited by
7:52 am
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it is friday february 27th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including jihadi john. the face of isis. first, a look at today's "eye opener" at . 8:00 >> a serious question like how a man apparently on the radar, british intelligence services was able to. >> temperatures dip into the 20s overnight. it's the perfect reecip for black ice. >> chicago and detroit are going to get heavy snow and that storm will make its way out to the east. >> this will test howt i resonates. >> let this be the time where we can tell future generation as what we did to make america
8:01 am
great again. >>ub replicans in congress are scrambling to keep the didn't of homeland security from a partial ut sh. down >> we believe there's a significant number of people that are out there that simply don't know what the rules are. >> it did start off always one woman's tumblr post and erupted into a debate. >> i don't get the white and gold part. it's so clearly -- i get so irritated with people seeing white and gold. >> we're watching a low speed chase. >> we've now got a zone defense working on him. >> the llamas have been captured. >> now they're both in prison. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. this morning we have learned british authorities reportedly made contact with a man known as jihadi john many times before he joined isis. he's pictured here 20 years ago
8:02 am
as a smiling young schoolboy. he was born in kuwait but raised in london. >> he first caught the eyes of british intelligence when they say he tried to join a terror group six years ago. he's shown in the video showing the execution of hostages. >> in a new interview with cbs news holder tells jeff pegues why he believes the united states is defeating isis. >> if you look at the recent battlefield successes, plans under way with regard to mosul for instance the degradation of isil leadership, i think we are winning. this is not a battle that's going to be one overnight. it will take time. >> but national security are we safer now than before this administration came into office? >> al qaeda's core i think, has
8:03 am
been dem decembercimated but its offshoots we have to be woe and the home grown struggle to this component is new. >> he stands by his comments about police and race. he said quote, hard truths need to be faced. hids successor loretta lynch this morning waits the confirmation vote from the full senate. >> people around dallas felt the ground shake this morning. scientists corn fill it was a magnitude 3.1 earthquake. it was centered in irving central to dallas a region that was hit by more than a dozen small quakes in january. there's no word of any injuries or damage from the morning's quake. in los angeles a thief gave security a slip and got away with a $150,000 gown. you know the dress. you saw lupita nyong'o wear it to the national awards.
8:04 am
it disappeared from her room. they said stealing the gown makes no sense. he said before you could sell it, quote, you'd have to burry it for a hundred years. >> i don't think it will take long. a, very few people had access to her room as and they have yoid owe cameras. >> what are you going to do with all those pearls? >> they said they were going to take the dress apart. >> i had no idea it was real pearls. >> wow. >> how much does it weigh? >> i don't know. but 6,000 pearls. >> and $150,000. >> and a story of two llamas. >> and another story about a dress. >> what color is the dress? >> okay it's friday. two llamas are back in captivity at their great escape became a media sensation. they lead authorities on a bizarre chase outside phoenix yesterday.
8:05 am
their bolt for freedom captivated the nation. charlie says he loves this story and ben tracy shows us how one man las o'ed them in. breaking news there are llama's lewis. >> it was right around lunchtime that llamas laney and the other broke free. the fugitives took off sprinting down sidewalks and weaving in and out of traffic. for more than an hour they successfully ee vated authorities and locals who tried to surround the llamas on foot and closing in on them by car and golf cart. at one point it seemed like they were thinking about jumping a fence and then they search rated was. as ma man was getting close, they got too far. >> i'm not kidding.
8:06 am
>> the llama drama played out on national tv like a high-speed car chase. >> if you're going to make a run for it go with a friend. >> social media and 750,000 tweets. the arizona cardinals went so far as to offer the pair one-year deals and 2,340 pounds of hay. eventual lit was a modern-day cowboy who saved the day captured the suspects. >> never again. >> but the llama legacy continues to live on. >> somebody needs to write a children's book about about this two llamas that could run faster than everything in arizonaing. >> ben tracy, cbs news los angeles. >> i love the story but there's also a possibility that they dart out in front. >> why do you love it so much?
8:07 am
>> i love animals so much. i love their grace and elegance and their speed. >> and they stayed together. >> they did. >> what color are the llamas, anybody? >> white and black. >> a blue and a gold one. as norah said it's friday. ahead, they're stitching together a fashion
8:08 am
did investigators force a woman to wrongly admit the unthinkable? >> i'm erin moriarity of "48 hours." the young day care worker is accused of taking the life of a toddler. did the pathologist get it wrong? was there a murder at all? that story coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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why would anyone cop fess to a crime they did not carry out? a young woman carrying out a plizen sentence says that's exactly what she did. erin moriarty began looking into
8:13 am
this case more than a year ago. here's a preview of tomorrows night's report. >> reporter: in january of 2009 a child care worker confessed to an appalling crime she now says she did not commit, killing a 16 16-month-old toddler in her care. >> i would never kill anyone. >> she was an unlikely murder suspect. she was 22 years old with no criminal record and no history of anger but she was the last adult with the child when he became unresponsive and later died. while there were no serious bruises or injuries anywhere on his body an autopsy revealed damage inside to his brain. melissa was questioned two kaydays after his death. in an intense at times
8:14 am
aggressive interrogation -- >> that story you're giving us is a load of [ bleep ]. >> -- without the presence of her parents or any legal presence. she repeatedly denied it more than 70 times. >> i had nothing to do with it. i didn't do anything. i didn't lay my hands on him. >> reporter: but after six grueling hours she said there was an accident. >> last time i dropped him he hit the chair. >> and after three more hours she admits to something worse. >> you get mad at him and throw him on the floor. >> you throw him on the floor? >> yes. >> melissa said she was convinced the only way out of that room was to tell them what they wanted to hear which is not as unusual as you might think, says her attorney kathleen zellner. >> it's easy from the outside to say i'd never do it. you've never been pinned in a room with two big detectives, you've never be been in a room
8:15 am
with a baby who's dying. >> they convinced the jury to convict her of first-degree murder. >> she became frustrated holding ben, threw him to the floor. >> she was sentenced to 31 years- in state prison. >> you said you threw this baby down hard. did you, melissa? >> i did not. didn't throw him. they were putting words in my didn't have to say it. >> i didn't. but they wanted me to say that so we could all go home. >> zellner says the confession doesn't even match the medical evidence and now there is new evidence uncovered by the county coroner. >> how wrong were the state medical witnesses? >> they were very wrong. >> and erin moriarty joins us at the table. i agree with the lawyer. you don't know what you'd do but i can't imagine to confessing to such a horrible crime.
8:16 am
>> i agree with you, gayle. >> how did you know -- >> i knew you were going to say she had to have done something. yet they have this in evidence there was an earlier injury that had not been mentioned at the trial by the prosecution when she didn't even work at that day care center. so there seems to be evidence that supports her innocence. at the same time you have this very convincing confession which make use think you've got to take another look at confessions. >> right now she's in jail. >> oh yes. 31 years she was sentenced to. >> all right, erin. thank you. you can watch erin's full report rt blaming melissa." on "48 hours" at 9:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. central. this is know last. she is one of the last five northern white rhinos left on earth, but cutting-em science is making a final desperate effort to save this species from
8:17 am
extension. i extinks. i'll have that story coming up on "cbs this morning." jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. in this moment your baby is getting more than clean. your touch stimulates her senses and nurtures her mind. and the johnson's® scent lather and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby when you can give her so much more™? you get used to food odors in your car. you think it smells fine but your passengers smell this..
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8:20 am
scientists at the san diego zoo safari park are looking for new ways to breathe live into critically endanger animals including rhinos teetering on the brink of extinction. john blackstone. >> meet this scampering baby
8:21 am
rhino who was born on thanksgiving. his name means holiday and he's one of 68 horned rhinos bred here at this san diego safari park increeding the number of endangered species to around 3,000 wild. >> hi girl. >> she likes to be rubbed behind her here. >> behind her here. >> jane keeps close watch on one in particular, this white rhino nola. nola is one of five left in the world. >> she's almost 41 so think of her like a mid 81-year-old woman. she's almost at the end of her life. >> in 2014 poaching in south africa alone, 1,215 were killed alone for their horns. they're prized in some cultures
8:22 am
mistakenly believed to be afro dees yaks. >> if horns cured cancer, you would chew on your fingernails. >> same thing. >> same thing. >> their best chance for avoiding extinks might be in this vat of liquid nitrogen. tight world's largest genetic bank with some samples of 10,000 ss ss of jeannettegenetics of some 10,000. could there be a way that northern white rhinos could again be in the wild. >> that is certainly our hope. >> it's a complex procedure where skin cells become stem cells which then become egg and sperm necessary for in vitro fertilization. the embryo would be carried by a surrogate mother. >> has it been done before? >> certainly not in the rhino.
8:23 am
it's been done in the mouth. >> is it a moon shot? >> it is but it's an educated and well calculated moon shot. >> it uses less complex methods to help other endangered species reproduce from giant pandas to condors. some say why spend the money on cutting-edge science. you could take the money and save animals in the wild. >> there are people doing that. our focus, our mission is to save animals. >> she represents treatment of animals. >> what the zoo needs to focus on is improving the conditions for the animals already in their care, not pouring millions and millions of dollar into a futile effort to clone animals for whom there is no natural habitat left on earth. >> reporter: the safari park maintains their well being is paramount. nola's health is regularly
8:24 am
monitored. she receives red pedicures and enjoys a back scrub. >> sit's a personal thing. >> reporter: and despite a successful breeding program there are still few rhino calves. so her playmate is a cow named muumuu kitty. it can cure some of the loneliness for an animal of the edge of extinks. >> if we don't do something as a species, our children and great grandchildren will never see these animals. >> that's fascinating, the idea that you can take a frozen skin cell, transform it into a skin cell and have it develop into an egg or embryo that can be put into a surrogate. >> little chewy. "curb your
8:25 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour the two mom behind awesome girls. we'll find out what inspired their powerful design. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the south bend tribune in indiana remembers reverend theodores heburg for noter dame for 35 years. campaigned against for civility right. he died last night at the age of 97 years old. >> i knew him well. he was a remarkable man. father ted. you couldn't go to notre dame without knowing the legend of father ted. we turn to britain's "the
8:31 am
telegraph." harry wants to concentrate on wunlded veterans and other charitable causes. they say harry has not made a final decision. the huffing on the post says kanye west apologized to beck. he crashed his winning the best album of the year. kanye said the award needed to go to beyonce. yesterday he said i would like to publicly apologize to beck. i'm sorry, beck. that's about as good as it gets but at least he apologized. norah, you're like okay. >> did he do all this because it would bring attention to himself? >> the apology, you mean? i think he felt bad. i think he felt bad. a special look at our "60
8:32 am
minutes" conversation with larry david. we want too show you the part that will not be on "60 minutes." in real life there is one area even he is reluctant to discuss. >> why don't you like to talk that much about the money? is it simply because you say they inflate the amount of money you made? >> the figures they say i had are so ridiculous and it's absurd. it's unseemly. >> why is it unseemly? >> first of all, okay, i don't have it. i don't have that kind of money. my wife took half of it in the divorce. >> fair enough. >> a that because you were generous? >> no. that's the law. >> you mean you would have given her less? >> perhaps. i don't know. no, after what i put her through, i want her to be happy. >> what did you put her through?
8:33 am
>> what did i put her through? >> yes. >> oh, it's not an easy job. >> to be with you? >> yes. >> why? >> i don't thingk of other people. >> you don't. >> no. but getting back to this money thing, i don't know, i find it embarrassing. >> how much money did the syndicated ""seinfeld" make? >> i don't know. >> call your accountant. >> the figures are crazy. >> it's more than $500 million. >> oh. >> it is more than $500 million. >> are you talking about me personally? >> yes. >> again, that's just nuts. no it's not. it's not. and mind your own damn business. >> i can't wait to see it. >> i know. >> he's like that for three days. it was just the most wonderful experience to hang out with
8:34 am
larry david. and he's going to be on broadway. and the character there is larry david, again. >> and he doesn't do very many interviews. what i think is interesting, he admits, i'm not easy to live with. on "60 minutes" we'll take you back to where larry david is and comments from his mother. and more on monday. >> more on monday. >> we have more for monday. >> i'm excited to see that. >> me too. >> very excited. because we get a different side of him than i think we all know. all right. this morning a pair of suburban moms is givening children's clothing a fashion makeover and letting girls be girls. julianna goldman is showing a business that's taking off by taking on gender stereotypes. >> have you ever seen a dress with a dinosaur on snit. >> no. >> a robot?
8:35 am
>> no. >> an alien? these kids are not alone. that's what rebeda melsky thought. meet her daughter el oh world series, lover of pirates and spaceships. she was at the store when it hit her. >> i was like they should make a dress with dinosaurs or spaceships on it. help me do that. >> reporter: with help of her friend ava sinclair awesome came to be. the goal was to create the girlie and the twirl will and spark imagination on what might bethe stereotype boy. >> you can like dresses and pink and like dinosaurs. we have heard from parents who have made things like this themselves or their daughter wears a thomas the train shirt with a tutu. >> the production starts out in basement and an old sewing
8:36 am
machine she bought when she was >> we got pretty good at it. we could make four in an hour. >> they started with fabric that showed robots the periodic trabl and monet's water lilies and tonka trucks. within three days they were halfway to their goal of $35,000 and then the hits shot up. mighty girl a company known for promoting pro-girl power toys posted their kickstarter and within four hours they hit a nerve. >> we hit a nerve and learned that girls can be phen name. >> they pushed the boundaries of the stereotype from clothing to engineering. >> show me what it looks like to run like a girl. >> and sports during that year's super bowl ad campaign skplord female stereotypes.
8:37 am
it shows that at a young age girls can do whatever they want and at a certain age that changes. >> what does it mean to you when i say run like a girl. >> it means run as fast as you can. >> reporter: the view has over 56 million views on youtube. >> there's no need to seg agree gad gate children's interests by gender. if a girl has a dress that has trains on it or cars on it welsh maybe she'll feel more confident if she wants to cross that artificial gender barrier in the toy store and say, yeah, i'd actually like a toy truck for my birthday. >> so eloise can play in a purple dress and next to a pi symbol. >> it's huge potential that everyone has the potential to come into her own.
8:38 am
>> right now the kickstarter is at $170,000. their next goal is $175,000 and they have until next thursday to reach it. gayle, the campaign will help them move from the basement to a factory operation in chicago. >> i love everything about it. thank you, julianna. i love the name princess awesome. i love it. >> you love anything that gives young kids the power to be all that they want to be. >> yeah. >> i look at it. i look at boys and girls clothes. there is a market out there. we need better clothes that have less gender stereotypes. >> i have never thought about it. something to think about. when we come back pot in a different light.
8:39 am
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right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. amazon hulu and netflix are finding gold in original content. now vimmio is getting in on that act by going green. vladimir duthiers is showing us how a scripted series is catching a whole lot of buzz. good morning. >> good morning. the series is called "high maintenance." it's not about the rich and the
8:43 am
fabulous. instead it's about the everyday americans who have one thing in common smoking pot. >> your business must be doing well? >>. >> reporter: in "high maintenance" a scruffy guy on a bike driengves around selling weed to older women fighting cancer to cross-dressing men and everyone in between. >> you want to try one of these? > reporter: the first ever vimio web series skplors those using marijuana. >> there is a lot of weed and a lot of weed smoking in the show but it's not just about weed. what are you trying to tell people? >> we're saying just because a person use as substance doesn't define who they are. >> reporter: catya bilk held and
8:44 am
her husband ben sinclair created the project. they came up with the idea while biking through brooklyn. >> we came up with a show they're not alone. they're regular people. >> with eccentricities. >> reporter: that's different from the way hollywood has defined culture earlier. from the 1930s alarmists with madness to the comedic 1970s cheech & chong to the coming of age "dazed and confused." now "high maintenance" gone mainstream. >> catya pointed us in the direction of focusing on the client and not a weed story it's human interest is the company's o'. >> i think the shooting of the series and the editing of the
8:45 am
series really sort of deliver as level of story telling and experience that is not what you're used to in typical web video. >> i would say one for fun and two for whoo. >> reporter: vimio is now streaming "high maintenance." 09% of the proceeds go to the creator sfoos when we look at their success on vimio in terms of sale, literally in the first two days they've generated equivalent sales of what would have taken them two years on youtube. >> with me disgnat marijuanahdidicinal marijuana -- do you feel it increases the use of it? ?
8:46 am
>> they're focusing on more equipment and better acting. >> in the finning we weren't paying anybody. it was hard to imagine of asking anybody's time more than day here or there, so was soort of a constraint they had to work with. >> reporter: and now they're riding high. >> if anybody feels like throwing in money for weed, i'll take it. >> i thought he was going to bring samples to the shoot, but he didn't. that's coot. >> i'm cure yuz. normalize or promote. i'm going with promote. coming up the most
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
thanks for joining us this week. for news anytime anywhere log on the cbsn. that's at as we leave you, take a look at the week that was. we the jury find the defendant eddie ray routh guilty. >> it took the jury just over two hours to reach a verdict. >> we've waited two years to get
8:50 am
justice for us on behalf of our son. >> he killed those men because he had a dilution. >> did you think eddie was insane? >> i never did. ou>> yer nev did? >> no. >> he said look we don't want a war on ukraine do. you accept him at his word? >> how dumb do i look. >> products at labs. >> i just. >> just what. >> was not prepared for this anywhere. >> stuff flying everywhere. >> secretary mcdonald admits he was not a member of the u.s. forces. >> twahat ros wng and i have no excuse. >> he's confident his plan will survive. >> i will veto that vote. what we're doing is the right thing to do. >> they're calling for them. >> i have a lot of things to do. me fwg in jail would not be as good. >> astronaut barry will moore snapped this offer. >> he gave the happiest
8:51 am
speeches. >> this oscar -- >> philadelphia would be the number one green city in america. looks like we've got two press conferences going on at the same time. ♪ so na na honey i'm good i probably should say no ♪ >> cue charlie. >> chris licht. oh there he is. >> to this day i couldn't walk up to a woman at a bar and say that. >> oh, yes you do. >> i don't. charlie, don't argue with me on this one, babe. >> gave up gin in the '890s. >> for what? >> i think i did one too many back in the '90s. >> would you like to have been there? >> yes. i would pay it. >> i'm cinnamon brown with a dollop of caramel. you are what? >> i think of myself as mocha.
8:52 am
>> when you found out you were pregnant, you said to your husband paul? >> i,000 it was all. i didn't know of a single woman photographer capturing the war. >> even if you were lying there in thirst, i would not give you a drink of water. >> that's built into the game. it's like playing poker. but it's like human poker. if you say, i can't lie, you're at a disadvantage because i'm reading the rules and the rules say life. >> my entire staff let me hang myself. >> you know, older you get, the more powerful you get. >> i believe. >> right? >> are you an athlete? >> yes. >> i can tell. >> you're make meg very red. and all that matters on "cbs this morning." hi, charlie.
8:53 am
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a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. >> if it's happening we are covering it on the doctors friday news feed! 50 shades of not okay . >> how one student went too
9:00 am
far. and then our american idol exclusive, who's bringing their baby girl to the doctors for answers? plus a 20 year struggle with bulimia. >> i asked my friend to hit me in the jaw with a baseball bat. >> is she finally ready to get treatment. >> you want to get better? >> you have double, double, double. >> she has two ovares instead of one! aft af ovaries. á ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, it's friday, what does that mean? it's time for the friday news feed. the awards were this witness-- wednesday. and to say the show closed with a bang is an under


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