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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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my scarecrow has wooden teeth... and his clothes have tubes on them. and that's dorothy. she looks like me. everyone has a favorite movie. now people with visual disabilities... can find theirs. introducing the first talking guide. from xfinity. it's still slippery and dangerous out there on some highways and neighborhood sidewalks. i'm bruce johnson. we have team coverage of the icy conditions tonight and what to expect monday morning. first, we have breaking is new. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is set to announce a new chief of the
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fire department. wusa9 first reported online tonight that gregory dean, seen here, former chief of the fire and ems department in seattle is getting the job. dean retired at the end of last year after 44 years in the seattle fire department. the last 10, he was chief. nearly 70% of the emergency calls in seattle are for medical emergencies. the d.c. fire department has wrestled with a number of issues including poor equipment and poor ems response time that resulted in at least one death. freezing rain and sleet made for dangerous conditions on the roads and sidewalks tonight but are we going to make it above freezing for the morning commute? topper shutt kicks it off tonight. >> we think north and west of town, the answer is no. you will be at or a little below freezing. 32 in 32
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32 in gaithersburg and frederick. salt should do its trick. but in terms of walking tomorrow, sidewalks are going to be really tricky. a lot of people fall this time of year when we have these types of situations. legion bridge, 495, the temperature on the road about 32 degrees. that is the problem. by 6:00 in the morning, we are still at or around freezing north and west of town. if you are east of 95, you are tine in terms of the main roadways. by 8:00, clearing skies and some sun. that is going to help. west of 15, could be some problems up to about 8:00 or 9:00. i think loudoun county has already delayed school. we'll come back. erica will join me and we'll talk more about the
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temperatures hour by hour and look ahead to another mix heading our way on tuesday. some school districts have already announceed a two-hour delay for tomorrow. you can stay updated on our app. if you are out tonight, you need to watch out for icy patches on the roads and sidewalks. we have a report from alexandria. >> reporter: bruce, there is a glaze over the sidewalk that is a sheet of ice. let me just demonstrate how slippery this is. people are having to take it slow, very slow. >> it is dangerous. it really is. you don't see it. it looks just wet. >> reporter: michelle ward tries to put traction outside of her art gallery. >> it's frozen ice rink once again. >> reporter: it sure looked like it as people tried to make it around old town alexandria. >> it is treacherous. >> reporter: even our four- legged friends are having trouble. >> the roads are a lot better
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than the sidewalks. the sidewalks, there is a little later of ice. some parts are a little bit walkable but not super safe. >> i'm slipping and sliding all over the place. >> i'm short so my center of gravity is pretty low. not too much of a fall for me. >> i've been out all day chipping and it refreezes. i've gone through three bags of salt today. >> you picked a little spot with the incline. >> it is unbelievable. i'm afraid what is going to happen overnight. >> reporter: and that is such a good point because getting out of your home, the driveway will be probably the most dangerous part of your day. take a look at this right here. it is so slippery and it is not going to seem to melt overnight. it is very treacherous out
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here. take it slow tomorrow. back to you, bruce. >> thank you. v-dot says the icy roads caused dozens of crashes throughout the day in northern virginia. crashes happened on 395 near the outer loop of the capital beltway. we are told a car slid into a guard rail causing a chain reaction crash. nobody seriously hurt. >> this crash in montgomery county happened on the flyover ramp between rock ledge drive and the i-270 spur. on the icc, emergency crews had to use ropes to rescue two people after their car slid down an embankment. icy conditions contributed to that rollover. that occurred at new hampshire avenue and glade hill road. when the weather gets as bad as it has been for the last 12
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hours, so do the driving conditions. we sent sam ron thompson around the beltway earlier today. he found fume russ spinouts and crashes. >> we sent cameron thompson around the beltway earlier today. >> i was trying to switch into another lane because i saw the roads were getting worser. as i was switching over, my car, the back end, spun out. >> reporter: we started our trip around the inner loop of the beltway in montgomery county. we found miranda still catching her breath after a near miss. >> i have no idea how but i came across these four lanes and ended up on the hill. i didn't hit any other cars. i did a 360 probably twice. >> because of the ice, i was all the way on the other side of the road and slid over here. that is because of the ice. in prince george's county, we found the aftermath of a crash
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that stunned one woman who saw it happen. >> he spun around and he slid out of car. somehow, he was sliding on the ground out of the car. >> reporter: both driver and passenger were up and walking afterwards. these are just three examples of what can happen when driving through this kind of wintry mix and it is why people are urged to drive carefully or stay off the roads altogether if they can. leaving more room for emergency responders and salt trucks to do their work. thankfully, in our three cases, everyone seems to be okay. >> i am blessed, yes. >> reporter: cameron thompson, wusa9. if you do have to head out on the roads during winter weather, authorities always recommend leaving more space between the car in front of you but the best advice is just stay home if at all possible. family and friends of relisha rudd held a prayer
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service for the missing girl in a surfside beach washington church today. it was one year ago that the 8- year-old was last seen in the company of kalil tatum. he was a janitor. he later killed himself in a park in northeast washington. his wife was discovered dead in a local motel and authorities believe tatum actually killed her but they don't know what happened to relisha. relisha's mom has hope her daughter is still alive but other relatives aren't so sure. >> i am her aunt but i personally feel like she's gone because it has been so long and other kids have been missing since this has happened but hers has taken a whole year. and like i told them, you know, if she is still here, god chose her child for a reason. >> relisha's family celebrated her 9th birthday back on
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october 29th. & %c1 coming up tonight on wusa9, it wasn't a special effect this time at disneyland. rather, some truly scary moments when a
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a fire broke out at california's disneyland this weekend. the fire was discovered at about 9:00 last night in a backstage area adjacent to the it's a small world attraction. anaheim firefighters quickly put the blaze out. nobody was hurt. the ride was briefly shut down buts that since reopened. from coast to coast, weather was the talk of the weekend in many places as millions of people face digging out and scraping all that ice off once again. chris vancleaf reports. >> reporter: winter is not ready to quit yet. black ice near raleigh, north carolina caused at least a dozen cars to spin out and pile up sunday. >> i didn't know how to control my car. i was swerving a lot.
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i basically slid down that car. >> your life flashes before your eyes. you don't know if you're going to die. >> reporter: nobody was hurt n new york city, another weekend means another snowstorm. drivers are dealing with slick roads across much of the state. snow is in forecast for boston, which is less than 6 inches away from setting a new record for the snowiest winter ever. >> i think we're breaking the record, unfortunately. >> reporter: winter storms have cost massachusetts more than $100 million. march snow roared into the midwest b6 inches fell in indianapolis sunday. -- about 6 inches fell in indianapolis sunday. good news is spring is just three weeks away. a lack of snow is the problem in alaska where the starting line for the iditarod sled dog race had to be moved more than 200 miles north.
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everybody is bracing. they want to know, morning commute, are we looking at ice, freezing tonight? >> typically, with these type of events, you think it will get much colder behind the system. we'll have to be concerned about all kind of slick spots in the morning. pretty much in general what you have out there right now is what you will wake up to tomorrow morning. so it won't necessarily going to get any worse. but it is not going to get much better though and topper has a look at some of those totals and other information for us. >> some of these totals, down into calvert county, over 1/3 inch. that was kind of the bull's eye. on friday, we said we thought 1/10 to 2/10. kind of interesting that the places on the west side of the bay had more of the accumulation. i think that is kind of
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interesting. still pretty bad also north and west of town as well. you want to go slam that -- >> sure. >> what erica said is absolutely true. what you have now is what you will stay with. it won't improve overnight and probably won't get worse overnight. 32 in college park and chevy chase. 31 in arlington. some of the roadways are still below freezing. the sidewalks and your driveways i guarantee you are still below freezing. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we are still looking at temperatures generally right around the freezing mark across most of the metro area t will improve as we go through the day into the 7:00 or 8:00 hour. by 6:00, still 30 in gaithersburg. by 8:00, 31 in gaithersburg. the good news is the clearing. the clouds are hugging southern maryland but we see some clearing. with the sunshine returning, we're looking at temperatures around 39 in d.c. at 10:00.
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only exception here maybe west of 15, you may see temperatures kind of hang onto around the freezing mark. we are talking about another event on tuesday. yep, different commute, same old story. >> yes, we can't just break out of this pattern. but the good news is that things are getting incrementally better so i guess less worse might be a good term for how things are going to just slowly but surely improve. each of these weather events will be less impactful than the last one. right now, it is 34 at reagan national. that is the exception at the moment, not the norm. temperatures holding steady or rising overnight in a couple of spots. we'll go up a degree or two which will help tremendously to prevent that refreezing situation that we are accustomed to from being a big issue as you are stepping out the door monday morning. it will be dry. no more precipitation during
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the monday morning drive. the breeze will help scour out some of the moisture. more rain and ice is possible as we head into tuesday afternoon. this is why. an area of low pressure to our south. we are going to be tapping into that moisture-filled jet treatment for a little while longer. and then yet another event is brewing in the four corners region bringing rain to l.a. and phoenix, areas that typically don't get a lot of rain. we will see that precipitation manifesting in a little bit more of the icy stuff as we head into tuesday afternoon. you will see that in a second here. on our wide view, we are dry. we are actually going to see a good amount of sunshine on monday afternoon. then the cloud cover starts to build in on tuesday in the morning. by the afternoon, the temperatures will be marginal. we will see a little slice of mild air sticking in between that cold air at the surface. that will allow sleet to fall in the metro area and it could affect that tuesday evening
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commute. at 6:00, sleet falling and then rain falls on top of that. so maybe a little bit of icy spots lingering as we head into tuesday evening. wednesday is a much milder day but it is still laden with moisture so we'll be deeping with this pattern for most of the workweek. overnight tonight, could see some foggy spots before the wind picks up. temperature holding steady or rising as i mentioned before. temperatures holding in the 30s on monday morning, partly cloudy to mostly sunny. it will start to get a little bit breezy, wind out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. highs between 42 and 48 degrees. so yellow alerts remain in effect for the slick spots on monday morning and the rain and wintry mix on tuesday afternoon and evening. wednesday, the rain remains with us but temperatures get milder at least. after that rain on wednesday, temperatures crash. we are back down into the 30s
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on thursday and friday. the only real good news is next weekend finally looks like a dry one. >> an hour shorter. >> another event coming tuesday. >> yes. >> looking forward to it. it wasn't a great day for a bike ride but hundreds of cyclists took their sports indoors for a worthy cause. nearly 800 cyclists gathered inside the equinox health club in bethesda to participate in the d.c. psych follow revival t raises money for research on rare forms of cancer and clinical trials. -- cycle for revival. it raises money for research on rare forms of cancer and clinical trials. what would it take for to you jump
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-- for you to jump in a . >> reporter: it is the one event that makes jumping into a icy lake sound like a good idea. they have raised more than $100,000 for the special olympics. this is katherine's fifth year taking the plunge. she keeps coming back because she has a brother with special needs and volunteers for northern access in eagle river. >> regardless of how many hours i volunteer, it doesn't equal to what i get out of special olympics. >> it may be 14 degrees outside. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped more than 600 plungers from jumping into frozen lake. >> it is a great cause and quite refreshing. >> we are raising money for special olympics. i recommend everybody get it. >> everyone comes here for the right reason. it is humbling. >> that event raised more than $100,000 for special olympics.
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coming up, the latest on the controversy over the israeli prime minister's upcoming speech to congress warning of the dangers of a nuclear armed iraq. >> mother on the shooting death of a popu
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington to deliver a speech to congress on tuesday. >> the invitation from house speaker john boehner has sparked controversy and increased tensions between israel and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry appeared on abc saying while he is welcome, it is how the arrangements were made that has angered the white house. >> obviously, it was odd if not unique that we learned it was from the speaker of the house and that the administration was not included in this process. >> the threat coming from iran and the iranians having a nuclear weapon is a threat to the region. it is a threat to the united states and it is a threat to the rest of the world. >> vice president biden and secretary of state kerry will
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be out of the country for the peach on tuesday. thousands of russians flooded moscow sunday to mourn and protest the assassination of a popular opposition leader. he was gunned down on friday night as he was walking home there a restaurant. his murder is dividing opinions in a country that is already divided. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people poured into the streets of moscow sunday chanting we'll not forgive, we'll not forget. he was assassinated in the shadows of the kremlin on friday. >> it's turning point for all history of new russia. >> reporter: the lead are of the the opposition movement and former deputy prime minister appeared relaxed as he
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criticized vladimir putin's war policy against ukraine during an interview on friday. he was shot at least four times in the back. highlighted on the video is an apparent suspect running out from behind a snow plow and jumping into a passing car. he had planned to march in sunday's rally. his supports are claim he was killed for simply speaking out. meg oliver for cbs news, new york. >> the underrian interior ministry has offered a reward
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washington capitals could use a much-needed break these days. coming in tonight's game versus the maple leafs, the home game was on a three-game losing streak but ovi got a big star. could they ride his momentum t started well tonight for the great 8 and ovechkin scored the first c&o canal of the game, just 33 seconds in. there was plenty more to be played. we've got your highlights coming up on game on overtime. he fell a little bit. the lady terps have per cheffed perfection. they complete an 18-0 conference record and now head into the big 10 tournament as the number one seed. the ladies deserve the accolades and took time to celebrate today. the washington wizards are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. they snapped a six-game skid with a win saturday over detroit. it is their longest skid in two seasons. they got bradley beale back but they are not quite happy yet.
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hear what they have to say about breaking out of the slump. >> we head down to the mean streets of the atlanta motor speedway. find out how the foaltdz of honor quiktrip 500 ended. -- the folds of honor quiktrip 500 ended. >> are the lady terps capable of winning at all this year? >> they are. but what they've done in the big 10 is just incredible. if you see the video that wave got of them celebrating. they're chanting we're undefeated. the best part is seeing the coach. >> we love her. remember when the babies were born, the twins. >> what after he got out there right now, very similar story as you are waking up tomorrow morning. so if you have melting, that won't change but if there is still frozen stuff out there, that will be there too. >> driving will be a problem. allow extra time tomorrow. but also walking f you have an elderly neighbor, get their
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paper. a lot of times folks fall. >> i'm glad you mentioned the walking. that is a problem. >> seriously. >> getting from your door to the car -- >> probably the hardest thing you will have to do. >> thank you for watching.
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coming up next. >> alex ovechkin. >> o vivment reaches the big 4- 0 as the caps look to one on home ice. -- ovi reaches the big 4-0. >> as for the men, it is time for the final push towards the tourney. where do all the local programs stand in terms of getting an invite to the big dance. >> plus, the nats enjoying high are temperatures while learning to deal with higher expectations. we can't bring back the sunshine but we've got the latest. game on overtime starts now.


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