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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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treating roads throughout the night, but the low temperatures caused refreezing. >> there is a point where the salt and chemicals we use become slightly less effective and take longer to work and it's a matter of continuing to treat. >> reporter: this morning most neighborhood streets in fairfax county looked like they'd seen a plow truck or two but not in arlington. tires were spinning, cars sliding. >> i'm watching the cars slide around. i think because it's sunny outside people must think it's okay to drive, but not quite. >> reporter: the worst streets were veatch and 14th they're the courthouse, hills too icy to drive. >> reporter: stuck? >> yes. >> reporter: did you expect this? >> yeah. nobody cleans the roads that well to be real. >> slowly give it some gas. >> reporter: at least bailey was lucky to get help from an arlington county police officer and a fellow motorist. >> reporter: the officer's helping you.
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>> yeah. he seemed very nice. i appreciate his help. >> reporter: arlington county ordered 2,000 tons of salt and the first increment of those supplies should be coming any minute now, sometime after 5:00. i'm peggy fox reporting live in arlington. lesli? >> can't get there soon enough. that salt is imported from chile and arrives at the port of baltimore. when wusa9 learned of a woman in a wheelchair stuck in her home because of the snow, we went to check it out. we met melissa ortiz whose only access in and out of her home is an alley. when we learned of her plight, a good samaritan helped her out. surae chinn talked with her today. >> reporter: she is so grateful to her neighbors and that good samaritan. her alley is partially clear now. here's what she had to say
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today. >> thank you to wusa9 and thank you to my neighbors who came out and helped and there was this man earnest who just appeared out of nowhere to help. i can't find him. we've looked all through the neighborhood and called people and nobody seems to know who earnest is. so i'm thinking he may have actually been an angel. >> reporter: a little snow angel. all we know is his name is earnest and we haven't been able to find him either. the alleyway is partially clear, but coming up at 6:00 we're going to find out how melissa is doing in this alleyway and why she can't still get to where she needs to go. that's all coming up at 6:00. >> he definitely was an angel for her. thank you. you'll want to watch out for slippery sidewalks and side roads the rest of the night. >> our chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking another cold evening. >> more records are going to fall tonight. we're outside on the weather terrace. this sun is pretty strong, the equivalent of early october sun, and we did not make it
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above freezing. let's talk about black ice again. it appears to be wet. i think it's friday night, folks are going out, restaurant, movie. your biggest threat tonight is walking around the parking lots and sidewalks. some are still ice and snow covered. it may look went, but it's frozen and that is black ice. be careful driving, of course, but i think walking will be a bigger concern. by 8:00 tonight 18 in gaithersburg, 19 in manassas, 23 downtown. by 10:00 we're in the teens everywhere except the d.c. area. it's going to be very cold again tonight. if you're out at midnight, 11 in manassas and 15 in gaithersburg. by morning we're still in the teens, 20 downtown and by 11:00 temperatures will rebound somewhat tomorrow back in the 30s by 11:00. records to beat, we set some records today, 9 the new record at dulles replacing the old record of 10, 1 in martinsburg.
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the records tonight, some are safe, some not. at national our downtown record is safe at 13, but dulles' old record of 14, we're forecasting 8 tonight, baltimore old record 10 and we're forecasting 9. we'll come back, talk about seasonable and milder air, two terms we've not used in many moons. >> we welcome them. we've got breaking news. police just arrested a bladensburg man they say raped a young woman at knife point and think he might be connected to at least three other attacks. our stephanie ramirez was there for a news conference in prince george's county and she brings us the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: right off the bat the police spokesperson told us they planned to use this news conference to ask the public for help, but within that hour the prince george's county fugitive squad captured the
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suspect. he's now being interrogated inside prince george's county headquarters behind me here. the suspect is 48-year-old james williams digs of bladensburg arrested in waldorf today. this past wednesday police say diggs -- diggs of bladensburg arrested in waldorf today. this past wednesday police say diggs raped a young woman and police also think he's responsible for the sexual assault on february 25th in bladensburg and he could be connected to two more attacks in the cheverly and bladensburg areas. diggs was not a known predator, but police tell us he knew what he was doing, that these attacks took place between 6:45 and 8:45 at night and the victims were all young women in their early 20s to as young as when the deputy chief told us was 16 years old. >> we are very pleased that we managed to get him off the streets and that's due to the fine work of the men and women
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in the prince george's county police department and our partnerships with our municipal partners, but i don't want to speck late as to what might have happened if -- speculate as to what might have happened if we didn't. i'm just glad that we did. >> reporter: diggs faces a first degree rape charge, assault, robbery and weapons charge all for just the march 4th incident. he could be facing even more charges if they continue to connect him to other attacks. we're here in prince george's county, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> police tell us they only think four cases are involved, but they sayen in who thinks they are a victim -- say anyone who thinks they are a victim should contact prince george's county police. the accused serial shooter captured in maryland this week owned an arsenal of weapons legally. we learned more today about a possible emotional trigger. scott broom is live at anne arundel mills mall where the accused shooter's attacks began and ended. >> reporter: the way the circumstances are lining up in this case, it is increasingly
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likely the two issues of mental health and guns are likely to get a careful examination in the wake of this case. 35-year-old former corrections officer han young hearing voices according to court documents, and yet he cleared background checks to own this arsenal of 10 weapons legally completely, weapons including this regulated handgun which fires the same ammunition as the 223 bushmaster rifle used by the d.c. snipers in 2002. >> i think he bought this. i think he kind of likes them. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with young's mother she tomorrow wusa9 there were no signs of problems with her son. >> he's my good son. >> there was nothing remarkable in his file. >> reporter: and no indications of trouble in state records kept while young served as a correctional officer in the maryland prison system between 2012 and 2014, but young who lived with his mother in this beltsville home was unemployed in the midst of a divorce. at the height of a shooting
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spree after a laurel wal-mart and the columbia mall were hit by gunfire early monday. court records show young's petition for divorce from his estranged wife who now lives in california wasdismissed because they had not been served. young fired at a truck and on a building before he was stopped by anne arundel county police who found shell casings and a .380 semi automatic pistol within aarp's reach. >> he didn't appear to be hide -- within arm's reach. >> he didn't appear to be hiding. this guy apparently has other issues. >> reporter: three people were injured during this shooting spree, a remarkable stroke of luck no one was killed according to anne arundel's police chief, especially when you consider the arsenal available to young. reporting live at anne arundel mills, scott broom, wusa9. >> young is expected in court monday. two brothers are in custody in connection with the murder of a philadelphia police officer. officer robert wilson was in a video game store yesterday when two men came in and announced a
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robbery. a gunfight followed and wilson was fatally wounded. the two suspects are charged with murder. they both have a criminal history with a lengthy rap sheet. the 30-year-old leaves behind a 9 and 1-year-old son. an investigation is now underway into yesterday's jet that slid off a laguardia runway and the ntsb has a lot of factors to consider, whether the runway was too slippery, if the pilot came in too fast or if there was a mechanical problem. the delta flight was coming in from atlanta and six passengers were hurt. arizona air -- area airports are struggling to catch up after all the canceled flights yesterday. >> reporter: flights are taking off now and many people are getting where they need to go, but for 1 family in south of east d.c., a place where some say the odds can be stacked against you, they say the storm dashed their once in a lifetime opportunity, but they won't let it dash their
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dream. at 5:30 i'll have that exclusive story. >> we'll look forward to it, deb. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. at 5:30 a surprising jobs report but not all of the numbers are good. we'll explain a little bit more about in caveat to job creation. >> harrison ford remains in a hospital tonight, the latest on his condition and hear from the doctor who just happened to see the actor's plane go down. >> our scott broom wasn't the only reporter with a snow day car problem. see what happened yesterday in baltimore after the weather. >> and we'll tell you why the company behind these as seen on tv products had to pony up
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actor harrison ford is recovering from surgery after crash landing his vintage world war ii era plane. doctors say he broke a few bones, but lucky for him a doctor was on the golf course and saw that plane go down. >> pretty remarkable and great timing, too. danielle nottingham spoke with the man who first helped the actor after the crash. >> reporter: crews partially disassembled and took away the single engine vintage plane harrison ford crash landed on a golf course thursday afternoon. the 72-year-old actor made a distress call shortly after taking off from nearby santa monica airport. >> engine failure, immediate return. >> reporter: golfers and bystanders rushed to pull ford from the plane. a spinal surgeon sanjay corano was the first to meet him. >> moneying a little bit -- moaning a little bit and where am i, but he was alert. >> reporter: investigators
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with the ntsb will get a closer look at the plane at a hangar where it will be stored. >> the engine will be examined. the aircraft records will be examined. >> reporter: ford managed to avoid homes in the area but did clip a tree on the way down. sully sullenberger has flown with ford in the past. >> i'm sure he's flown out of that particular airport many times and he knows where the open areas are. a golf course in this case, so he would have had that already in mind. >> reporter: emergency crews carried ford off the course in a stretcher and rushed him to a nearby hospital. a few hours later his son tweeted dad is okay, battered but okay. >> this is not the first time harrison ford has been involved in an air crash. in 1999 he crash landed his helicopter while practicing auto rotations in california but was not hurt. this sunday marks the one year anniversary that malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared and most of the search has been
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based in the southern indian ocean, but so far there has been no trace of the plane with 239 people on board. 10 months into the search officials declared the disappearance of flight 370 an accident. it was a technicality that paved the way for relatives to receive compensation, but for many it's only fueled more frustration. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> cold. >> yeah, cold tonight, no snow, but some 50s the next couple days. that's good. >> yes. in fact, we even have a 60 on the seven-day. >> you're keeping it there? >> i did repeal some things. >> see, that's what i mean. he gets us in and takes it away. >> i still have 60 on there for wednesday. record lows are likely tonight, record low this morning 9 at dulles. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, sure pretty outside, gorgeous picture. i know it's cold, but see that
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much snow cover is kind of cool this late in the season, 28 downtown, do 7. why do i harp on the dew points? i'll tell you why, because they're a great indication how low we can do tonight. our range is 8 to 18, winds south, southwest at 7. headlines, more record lows possible tonight. finally a quiet weekend but short. why? because we have to move our clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed saturday night. we return to daylight saving time. leave the s off for savings. back in the 50s sunday and monday and maybe 60 by wednesday. record lows, showed you this a minute ago. i think the record low downtown or national 13 is safe, but dulles' record low 14 is probably in the bag. we're forecasting 8. martinsburg will be close and baltimore close within a degree or two. futurecast, 10:00 tonight if you're out it's cold, not windy, no wind chills to worry about like this morning. we had wind chill 10 below this
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morning, 16 in gaithersburg, manassas, 17 leesburg and down to la plata. by midmorning or late morning or i guess early morning, 17 in gaithersburg, 23 downtown, but unlike today temps will jump back a little bit. so by 11:30 we're above freezing downtown, 35, 35 in manassas, leesburg and frederick about 34. by 3:30 we're in 40s. that's still colder than average, but we'll take it and run. by 8:00 it's not going to be as cold tomorrow night. temps will not fall as fast nor as far. by late tomorrow night only 36 in gaithersburg, 38 in leesburg, 40 downtown. i think inside the beltway or in the district it may not make it below freezing tomorrow night, but you will tonight. clear skies, very cold, record lows possible, 8 to 18, wind light southwest 5 to 10. keep the sunglasses handy and make sure your windshield wiper fluid is full. lows tonight laytonsville and
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olney 8 or 9, 9 in sterling, 8 in leesburg, 18 downtown, 14 at woodbridge and 12 in college park and bowie. sunshine saturday, 8 to 40, mostly sunny, grab your sunglasses and then by afternoon plenty of sunshine, breezy, a little chilly but an improvement, high temperatures 44 to 48, winds southwest 10 to 15. even oakland will be above freezing tomorrow, 35, 43 in cumberland. sunshine from the mountains to the coast really. mid-40s hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, 48 in culpeper, probably 45, maybe 46 in warrenton and manassas, 44 in leesburg, 45 in mclean and reston, downtown 46, 45 gaithersburg, rockville, 46 in annapolis. a small craft advisory in the morning for the bay and tidal potomac. here we go. 19 at 5:00. hope you're still sleeping. it's time to change your batteries for your smoke detectors. it's like it was on cue last
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night. it woke me up last night. 35 at 11:00, 41 at 1:00. i swear i took the battery out of 1 and it still kept beating. i buried it in clothes in the closet. 51 on monday. next seven days, 60 wednesday, still here, light rain or showers possible late tuesday, then back in thsday and friday. traffic is finally moving on kentucky highways after a miserable couple days. thousands of people were stranded in that ice and the snow, some for nearly 24 hours. this massive traffic jam extended up to 26 miles. now the concern turns to flooding as temperatures are expected to rise and the snow melt, that could create flash floods. flooding is a big concern in neighboring tennessee as well. rivers topped their banks. locals say the water is the highest it's been in several years. emergency management workers are assessing the situation and checking out people living
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along powell river. evacuations are a possibility as that water rises. our scott broom hit a bit of a hiccup reporting on the snow yesterday when he got locked out of his mobile newsroom. his camera was still on, so he was able to report from the outside of his car here against the window. luckily a very nice hyattsville police officer came to the rescue and scott was back in business. the cbs affiliate in baltimore could have used some locked doors during yesterday's snowstorm. >> a tv crew was reporting about a drunk guy yelling at people in a grocery store when this happened. >> and i see a bunch cop cars around and i say what's going on and they say there's a belligerent man and they say he's on the other side of your car and he hopped right inside the mobile weather lab. >> police quickly arrested the
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man but wouldn't let him bring the gallon of ice cream that he just brought. >> he left behind a parting gift as we like to say. our frigid temps didn't seem to keep animals in the national zoo from doing what they do. the subfreezing temperatures didn't keep a buffalo from grazing in the snow. likeways for one of the giant pandas that trampled -- likewise for one of the giant pandas that trampled down the snow as it took a frosty walk around its pen, very pretty. coming up a consumer alert for a faulty hood latch that has 1 automaker issuing a recall for hundreds of thousands of vehicles. >> get your sunglasses and tennis shoes ready because an even bigger mall of america is in the works. >> yes, the countdown to spring continues. we're just two weeks away. hang in there, everybody. you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00.
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wall street tanked for the third day in a row, this time because a jobs report led investors to anticipate higher u.s. interest rates. the dow was down 279 points, the nasdaq falling 55 points. nissan is recalling 625,000
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mid-size altima vehicles. a faulty latch is cause the hood to just fly open while the car is moving. this recall impacts 2013 to 2015 model years. so far nissan has recalled nearly 1 million vehicles with this problem. the company has not yet found a fix. big changes coming to costco, the third largest retailer saying it will stop selling chicken and meat from animals raised with human antibiotics. antibiotics are used on healthy animals to help them grow faster, but consumer advocates say these drugs have become less effective to treat us when we're sick. mcdonalds says it will stop buying chickens fed with antibiotics. the company that hawks those as seen on tv -- hocks those as seen on tv products has agreed to a settlement with the ftc. the agency said the all-star marketing group deceived customers by overcharging them
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with its buy one get one free promotion with higher shipping and handling fees. smartphones use a whole lot of energy and sometimes it can be difficult to keep them charged. >> a group of northwestern phd students invented a device that turns a person's physical movements into battery power. it's called ampy and provides an on the go way to power up in a pinch. >> it can fit right here in your pocket. so this is ampy. >> the inventors claim a 30 minute run, a one hour bike ride or a 5,000 step walk will charge a smartphone for an hour. it costs about 100 bucks. you got to do, something get a little exercise and it will pay off as your phone is charged up, right? u.s. businesses are adding workers at the fastest pace in 17 years, but not all those jobs are permanent. i'm don champion in new york. i'm explain coming up. >> reporter: it's getting back
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to normal for flights out of reagan national airport, but for one family that storm we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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things are slowly getting back to normal at reagan national airport after yesterday's storm grounded hundreds of flights headed in and out of d.c. >> the storm wasn't just an inconvenience. for one family it crushed their dream. debra alfarone is live at reagan national with that story. >> reporter: i can tell you obviously canceled flights are a headache for so many people and it is getting back to
5:30 pm
normal, but for victory johnson and her son anthony from southeast d.c., it wasn't just a headache. it was heartache and now they may have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> because over 16,000 kids apply for this every year. they only pick 100 my son was no. 18. >> reporter: single mom vickie johnson shows us a letter she thought would change her son anthony's life. the 16-year-old wrote an essay. >> my mother has been my sole source for safety and guidance. i grew without my father. >> reporter: and won a trip to disney world for the disney dreamers academy, a rare opportunity to meet steve harvey and other influential people to support his dream of being a chef. this is huge for a kid from southeast d.c. >> my biggest and my greatest hope for his future is for him just to succeed. >> reporter: we met the johnsons on this long u.s. airways line thursday after their flight was canceled
5:31 pm
wednesday. the second flight canceled, too. vicki kept calling and said them they rebooked them on a third flight last night. >> we got there at approximately 8:30 exactly and they told me the gates were closed. >> each and every time i got my hopes up it's like my dreams were just crushed. it's like a one in a lifetime thing. >> reporter: just the thought makes vicki cry. anthony put together this online cookbook. and had cards made. vicki said she can't believe the airline couldn't do more. >> i just really feel like we just didn't matter and i don't think that's fair to my daughter, my son or myself. >> reporter: especially for a family from an area where many say the odds can already be stack against you. >> they expect you to fail or end up behind bars or honestly be 6 feet under being a young black male and i'm not turning out to be that way. i know for a fact i'm going to
5:32 pm
be successful. >> reporter: you could say that positive active it i and -- positivity and persistence is something that no storm could take away. we did call u.s. airways. they said they'll look into it and get back to us. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> let's hope they do what they can to make sure this wish is granted. we know you did a nice push there. let's hope somebody on the other end will help make this dream come true. no more our upcoming forecast, but the bitter cold is sticking around a little longer. >> top is here. can we see more record lows tonight? >> i think we'll see one at dulles, probably not national. 26 was the high at dulles. that's a record low maximum on this date. let's talk about the temperatures. look at futurecast. tonight your biggest problem will be walking around. there's still a lot of snow and ice on sidewalks and parking lots. temperatures by early evening, by 10:00, teens already in the suburbs, low 20s downtown.
5:33 pm
they're going to fall far and fast tonight. if you're out till midnight, now it's 15 in gaithersburg, leesburg, 11 in manassas, 20 downtown. by morning 8:00, 7:00 we're still in the teens, manassas, leesburg and gaithersburg and 20 downtown. temps will rebound a little better tomorrow than today. in fact, by 11:30 we're 35 at national and manassas and 37 in culpeper. forecast lows tonight, there will be some records, 13 in bethesda, 9 in sterling, 8 in leesburg, olney, 12 in college park and bowie. we'll talk about when the 50s and the 60s return. he left isis and iraq only to be hot and killed in texas. 36 -- shot and killed in texas. the 36-year-old was taking pictures in dallas yesterday when he was gunned down. he came to texas to reunite with his wife. he'd only been in dallas for 20
5:34 pm
days. >> welleducated, good environment, what he got? 1 bullet in his heart. >> police have made no arrests and are trying to determine whether the murder was a hate crime. the council on islamic information is asking anyone with information to come forward. in new york police say the victim of a cruel fraternity hazing stunt will be okay. in subzero temperatures three pledges to syracuse university's new alpha phi frat were forced to do pushups and crawl around in the snow without gloves and one of them was in danger of losing four fingers to frostbite, but police say blood is now flowing to the fingers of the 20-year- old and with some extensive therapy his hands should heal. syracuse suspended frat and two members are charged with first degree hazing. the company behind the mall of america is thinking of making a shopping center that's even bigger. minnesota's mall is the largest in the country, but the developer is dreaming bigger and sunnier and wants to
5:35 pm
a $4 billion mall and amusement park in the miami area. the project would put 25,000 construction wokers on the payroll and require about 25,000 permanent employees to keep the mall running. the latest jobs report surprised economists. businesses are adding workers at the fastest pace in 17 years, but companies are not always hiring for the long term. >> reporter: job seekers stood outside this new york career fair braving freezing temperatures for a chance to enter a job market that's heating up. >> i'm optimistic. i know companies are hiring. >> reporter: last month employers added 295,000 jobs, more than economists expected, but these new hires are not always permanent positions, something mariner brito understands. since being laid off in 2011 the web designer has only been able to secure a series of temporary jobs working for five companies in three years. >> i've gotten used to it.
5:36 pm
i don't have a choice. >> reporter: a report from career builder says nearly 3 million americans are in temporary jobs and that number is expected to go up 13% by 2019. billy watkins is a district president for the robert half staffing agency. >> employers have seen this is a good way to augment staff when you need to make some adjustments and actually gives you an opportunity to determine whether someone is a good fit. >> reporter: brito's last temporary job ended recently and now she's looking for a new one. >> it's trying to find the right situation. sometimes you fit in. sometimes you don't. >> reporter: she hopes the right fit will lead to a permanent position. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> the unemployment rate dropped from 5.7% to 5.5. that is partly because some unemployed people just stopped looking for work are no longer counted as unemployed. you can blame christian grey for getting a school kid
5:37 pm
in trouble. we'll show you the picture of him dressing up as the big billionaire character after the break. >> a kid goes all out for his bar mitzvah invitation. you'll want
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
trending today a british boy dressed up in a nice suit
5:40 pm
but for all the wrong reasons. so yesterday was world book day and kids all over the uk went to school dressed as their favorite fictional characters. >> instead of harry potter or sherlock holmes, an 11-year-old went as christian grey as the main character from fifty shades of grey. >> how did he know about this? >> that's a good question. we'll find out. this picture shows him in a suit, hair slicked back carrying cable ties and an eye mask. the school sent him home and his mom said he hasn't even read the book. the character said it was his idea and everyone knew who he was. >> she let him go to school with this, go out the door knowing that this could happen. >> yes. that's the kid you want to stay away from your daughter, right? a trip to the safari park is supposed to be exciting but not this much. >> one family was in a south african park when they stopped the car to look at a lion family off to the side of the road and were taking some
5:41 pm
video. one of the lionesses got a little curious and opened the suv door with her teeth. a girl screamed and quickly slammed that door shut. lock those doors if you're ever in a safari park. >> kind of smart. >> that's the one thing you fear the most. another video is called. best bar mitzvah invitation ever. >> brody rewrote five songs about being jewish and even dresses the part. take a look. ♪ ♪ because i'm jewish. come along if you feel the testament is the truth ♪ ♪ come along if you're 13 that means you're no longer a youth ♪ ♪. >> it didn't stop him from taking on lord song royals, even blurred lines. thinking about some birthday plans evidently as you can see there. >> guess he wanted to make that
5:42 pm
invitation memorable. for once topper has a seven- day forecast most of us can look forward to. we have just need to get through the next 24 hours and some record lows. >> coming up next a young man in fairfax competes in track and field despite a debilitating medical condition. >> how about a two or three hour workout? doesn't have to be so bad with aup like this, where to find these new -- a we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living
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after a 7 1/2 year journey it's mission accomplished for nasa's dawn spacecraft. the probe is now orbiting around a mysterious mini planet that was discovered in 1801 in the astroid belt between mars and jupiter. it was first classified as a planet and then demoted to an astroid and then reclassified as a dwarf planet. this dawn spacecraft will collect information on this dwarf planet over the next year and a half. in today's health alert questions about a medical scope used to diagnose certain cancers, four patients at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles have been infected with
5:46 pm
the deadly bacteria known as cre. 67 others may have been exposed. the hospital says the contaminated endoscope is to blame for the outbreak. the device is not yet approved by the food and drug administration, but officials say doctors should continue to use it during the ongoing investigation. in the $22 billion a year health club industry gyms businesses with the zumba bars and health classes. >> how new members are attracted with a little help from hollywood. >> reporter: you won't find plush seats or tubs of popcorn in this movie theater. the big screen and surround sound are drawing gymgoers to a new workout destination, the cardio theater. >> it actually feels like a movie theater, except you're running instead of sitting. >> reporter: tony hernandez
5:47 pm
hasn't been to the movies since he joined retrofitness three months ago. >> it distracts you from running, which a lot of people hate. so you're watching a movie and by the time the movie is over you've ran 3 or 4 miles. >> reporter: the movie changes daily, mostly comedy or action flicks like this screening of gi joe. >> always a surprise to come in and see which movie. >> reporter: the gym takes requests. >> they call in to make sure their favorite movie is playing. >> reporter: the cardio theater makes the gym less of a chore for some members. >> their mind is lost in the movie, so they're not really thinking about working out. >> reporter: emma says there's another advantage to the theater. >> it's dark, so no one is judging you. you can't really see. >> reporter: she prefers action movies for their intensity, but has to be really hooked to stay to the end. >> they played frozen the other day. i watched the whole thing. >> reporter: an entertaining way to burn calories until the credits role. >> retrofitness has locations
5:48 pm
in rockville, lanham, manassas and woodbridge. we also found northwest sport and health in d.c. has a cardio theater. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> i could totally do that. that would be great. >> oh, wouldn't work for me. you got to concentrate on the movie, get your junior mints. >> i want one of those standing desks where you could walk on the treadmill. >> no, no. topper, you're speaking my language. also you're speaking my language with that forecast. >> maybe a treadmill anchor desk. >> don't talk crazy now. >> maybe 60 on wednesday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and looking at a beautiful evening. it's clear. the colors on the capitol, it's beautiful and the river is frozen. you don't see that too often, do you? that's real, man.
5:49 pm
in fact, i was trying to get a picture the other day of the frozen potomac looking at the kennedy center. you just don't see that too often, especially in early march. right now 28, winds south, southwest at 7 and the dew point is 7. single digit dew points means we're in for a very cold night again. dulles will break a record low. national will not. fairly quiet weekend finally. we've earned one, don't you think? move your clocks one hour ahead saturday night. here's futurecast, teen by 10:00 tonight -- teens by 10:00 tonight, tough to walk around, so take it easy. 20 in leesburg by 8:00, 21 in manassas. by 11:30 temps do respond to the sunshine tomorrow unlike today. 35 downtown, 35 in manassas. we'll be above freezing before noon tomorrow. we're in the 40s.
5:50 pm
everybody makes it at least to the mid-40s. 45 in manassas, 46 in culpeper, 47 in la plata. by 8:00 we're looking at temperatures falling again but not as fast, 38 in frederick, 40 in manassas and even 11:30 tomorrow night temperatures only in the mid- to upper 30s. many areas i think inside the beltway tomorrow night will remain above freezing. tonight some slick spots, clear skies, very cold, record lows possible. 8 to 18, winds light, southwest 5 to 10. 13 tonight in bethesda, 11 in fairfax, 14 woodbridge, dale city area, 9 in sterling, 8 in leesburg, 12 in college park and bowie, 8 in laytonsville, probably 9 in olney. by morning, sunshine, very cold, grab your shade, tons of glare. it was really cool last night, went home late and the full moon came out. by afternoon plenty of sunshine and finally just chilly,
5:51 pm
breezy, highs 44 to 48 and winds southwest at 10 to 15. keep that wiper fluid full. you'll need it a lot the next few days. 20 at 7:00, 26 at 9:00, 35 at 11:00 and 41 at 1:00. that is still 10 degrees below average, though. seasonable sunday, 52, pleasant monday, 51. next seven days tuesday a little bit of light rain or showers possible. the storm yesterday, we had this dry. the storm south of us might give us a little moisture and 60 wednesday, very nice thursday and friday, a little cooler, temperatures in the low 50s. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> thank you, top. it doesn't feel like it, but the spring sports season right around the corner and as soon as we get this snow off the ground, runners can show their stuff. we head to fairfax today to
5:52 pm
meet a trackster, jeb stewart's matthew hua. if toughness has anything to do with it, he's already a state champion. >> reporter: the track team here at jeb stewart high is preparing to compete for state titles, but for one runner on this team getting to this track has been the hardest race of all. >> anyone who sees if matthew can do it, i better do it, too. >> he is focused and determined. focused less on the why me >> reporter: matthew hua was born with several medical issues, the biggest impact his gastrointestinal system. he spent 69 days in the nicu and 14 years has undergone 40 surgeries. >> there have been a lot of different medical conditions, too many to almost name, like it's hard to know them all.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: matthew has never eaten solid food and can only take sips of a drink. he has underdeveloped lungs, is deaf in his left ear and has a paralyzed vocal chord. >> of organ, every system is compromised. -- every organ, every system is compromised. >> reporter: as matthew entered high school, he wanted to be part of a team. >> a lot of sports i can't do, too much physical contest, risk of pulling or hitting something. >> reporter: but running was something he could do. after getting the go ahead from his mom and doctors matthew decided to join the track team. >> if i didn't try running, i wouldn't know if i had the physical ability to run. >> reporter: after one season matthew is averaging eight minute miles. >> you don't have strength unless you put them on yourself. even if you have a bad day, whatever you're doing, there is nothing that can hold you back unless you don't try. >> nothing that can hold him
5:54 pm
back. 40 surgeries, no life expectancy for someone with all of matthew's medical conditions or i should say they don't know, but what a young man, right? >> he's already defeated the odds, right? >> he's already a state champion. he says he wants to eat some birthday cake someday. that's his goal, but between periods he goes and gets all the liquids taken care of so he can have the strength to go and work out. an amazing young man, no doubt. >> he's only had liquids his whole life. coming up new developments in that harrowing incident involving a delta jet full of passengers and an icy runway at laguardia airport. >> saturday marks the 50th anniversary in a turning point in the civil rights movement, a look at how
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
selma now and then, this weekend selma alabama will mark the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. >> it was a critical turning point in this nation's civil rights movement. marley hall reports on the changes and challenges of the past 50 years. >> reporter: from her view on martin luther king's jr.'s lap cheyenne webb chrysler could see beyond 1960 selma, alabama, to a world less black and white. >> i had made up in my mind that i was going to be a part of that movement. >> so we can be free. >> reporter: at 9 years old chrysler was the youngest of
5:58 pm
about 600 people who tried to march from selma to the state capitol in montgomery to demand voting invites. halfway across the edmond petis bridge state troopers moved in. outrage sparked around the country. then two weeks later dr. king led a successful march, a 51- mile five-day journey on foot. why do you think selma has become such a symbol so significant in terms of the history of the civil rights movement? >> it not only gave african americans the is right to vote, but it started changing the nation. >> reporter: president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act less than five months after the violence on the bridge. >> the picture of bloody sunday never left my heart, neither my mind. >> reporter: chrysler saw her parents become registered voters, but today alabama is among more than 20 states that
5:59 pm
have adopted strict measures that could block voters from casting their ballots, a wave of change that may be eroding what chrysler fought for. marley hall, cbs news, selma, alabama. >> chrysler is sending president obama a bill. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. news at 6:00 starts right now. >> get ready for another deep freeze tonight. we could break some low temperature record. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. black ice is a big concern for the evening commute and if you're heading out for a night on the town, you want to know about. this topper, how low are we talking about going tonight? >> can you say single digits in northern suburbs? black ice is a problem.
6:00 pm
more than anything, the challenging part tonight will be walking and parking. a lot of sidewalks and parking lots are ice covered, snow covered. so take it easy. futurecast, 8:00 tonight we're in the teens in the suburbs. we're clear. by 10:00 if you're out late 15 in gaithersburg, 16 in manassas, 18 in fredericksburg, down to 11 in la plata. midnight low to midteens across the board with clear skies and by morning probably in the single digits and low teens and by 7:00 maybe 20 down town. the temperatures will respond a little tomorrow. record lows to beat, it's safe at national and downtown record low, but dulles' old record is 14. we're forecasting a low tonight of 8. dulles set a new record low this morning of 9.


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