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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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police release video of an officer's car moments before it crashes. they're also looking for drivers who were nearby. >> prince george's county police questioning the girlfriend who survived the crash. monday is another good day but rain is on the approach. and that will move in on tuesday, in the first alert seven-day forecast. there was a small baby in the backseat. >> and a miracle baby survives after a car plunges into an icy river. hello everybody.
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i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. police have released video that shows an officer's cruiser moments before a deadly crash. talking to a girlfriend who was in the patrol car and somehow escaped injury. tonight surae chinn tells us why they are releasing the video. >> reporter: the video is important because it shows two vehicles in that video and police want to track that down because they may have more information about what happened. the person who would know had been sedated for emotional distress and police only today had a chance to talk to the girlfriend who was sitting next to the officer when they crashed. >> what you are looking at now is 193. >> reporter: a bus travels on greenbelt road, roughly 15 seconds later, the officer's cruise ser followed by a dark minivan. it's the next mile naphtha remains a mystery when the officer loses control and
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crashes. the officer was taking his girlfriend home at the time around 3:00 saturday morning. >> the closest thing we could get from her was a vehicle was at a high rate of speed, the officer made a statement about, this guy's going to kill someone. >> police say it's possible the officer was referring to that dark minivan. he had flipped on his lights twice to either warn the driver to slow down or stop the vehicle. that in split second, the officer crashed his car and died. >> the weather issue from my perspective had something to do with it. >> reporter: carol ran outside to see the cruiser on her backyard fence. >> there was a lady inside the car. i came out, i was crying, come into pie house. >> i started to prioritize what i needed to get out. to be honest with you i knew there was a woman on the scene hiss tearily could. we couldn't verify she came
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from the car. there's no secrets. that's why we're sitting here 36 hours and we will sit down as we get information, but with everything going on yesterday, and you can put that on me. >> reporter: officers are allowed to have civilians in their cruisers off duty, even with they decide to make a stop. it's left to the discretion of the officer. >> that's obviously something we need to evaluate is that still a good policy today or isn't it. i can till right now there's nothing indicating that this officer did anything wrong. >> reporter: his in-car camera was not working in his 2006 cruiser. lawmakers are getting involved. i talked with a councilman tonight who had it on the agenda to talk about take-home cars at their regularly scheduled meeting. that was before the accident. he says now it certain raises concerns. he wants to take a closer look on this policy.
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he says it scares him what if there were family members what if this were kids in the car. >> liability is going to be concerning. i've got ask one other thing. that woman that we interviewed, she made it quite clear quickly that she thought that woman had been in the cruiser. >> no mystery there. as soon as she bolted out of her house the woman was there talking about how she was in the car. >> friends of the officer say he wanted to be a be a cop who built bridges within the community. >> reporter: at the offices of protective services is where the chief of the agency christopher bell tells us the 26-year-old officer first showed his sphirn police work. bell says rabayne first came to him.
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>> he said, i'm getting my money together, and next thing i knew, he was signed up for class. >> it's private agency. that's where bell tells us the friendship started. back at the crash site there are more flowers as well as messages of love and support. at police headquarters, the fop leaders spoke together. >> it's a time for us to come together and reflect on the fact that on any given day it could have been any one of us. >> reporter: bell tells us -- >> i just want everyone to know that brendan was an amazing person, amazing father. he loved his daughter. i remember when his daughter was born. and he was just so excited. he was excited to be a father. he was an awesome person. >> in prince george's county, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> the last three prince george's county police officers
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to die in the line of duty have been killed in car crashes. a gruesome discovery in northwest washington. the body of a woman found just after 8:00 this morning in the 3300 block of sherman avenue. d.c. police are calling this a homicide. they're releasing few details tonight. they say the body had wounds but they provided no further details. her identity has also not been released. the body is at the medical examiner's office to determine the exact cause of death j. a gunman robs a spotsylvania county convenience store and shoots the clerk in the head. that clerk survived but tonight spotsylvania county authorities are still searching for the suspect. the sheriff's office wants our viewers to take a look at these images from surveillance video. the suspect is described only as a white male in his 30s with a reddish brown bierd or he is about 5' 5" or 5' 8"
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tall. you can help. if you have any information, please contact spotsylvania county's sheriff's office. a mild monday on the way. what about the rest of the week? let's go to meteorologist erica grow. >> we can start off with good information for you that we don't have any bone-chilling temperatures in the forecast. we don't have any wintry precipitation that's going to cause big troubles for us. but it was a really nice day. we don't want to skip over that. we got all the way up to 59 degrees in downtown washington today. 55 at dulles, and our high was 52 in baltimore, held down by that cold water influence, the chesapeake bay. it was breezy from time to time, our peak wind gust was 22 miles per hour another ragan, 25 in hagerstown, all the way up to 32 miles per hour in mar tips burg and bwi had a peak wind gust of 29 miles per hour. of course that made it feel a little bit cooler from time to time he is special if you were close to the water, the potomac is still mostly iced over but we have more mild temperatures ahead. so this is not the end of it
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today. as you are waking up tomorrow morning, actually some of us won't even get below freezing tonight. 33 to 42 at 5:00. keep in mind that now that daylight-saving time has begun, we are done with those early sunrises. by 7:00 a.m. it's still just kind of star- lit sky but just a few clouds and 30 to 3 degrees. we'll talk about how long this warming trend will last and if there is any threat for wintry weather in the first alert seven-day forecast. thousands of public figures, government leaders and veteran marchers crowded the edmund pettus bridge in selma today. the second day that they were commemorating the 50th anniversary of the brutal alabama police assault on civil rights advocates 50 years ago. marley hall takes a look at what it took to stop racial discrimination at the ballot box. >> reporter: star whitley drove with her family from atlanta so they could all retrace the historic walk across the edmund
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pettus bridge. >> my daughter was concerned in the beginning before we started marching. she was wondering if we were going to get beat up, and i said no, that was 50 years ago. >> reporter: 50 years ago this is where police used brutal force to stop a march for voting rights. the violence of what became known as bloody sunday became a turning point for the nation. president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act into law five months later. there is a sea of people lined up for blocks for a chance to walk across this iconic bridge named for a leader believed to be a ku klux klan member. 9-year-old jenny newton wanted to be among the crowd commemorating her sacrifice. >> it feels nice, because it means they still remember what things were about. >> reporter: before the walk, worshipers gathered at brown
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chapel a.m.e. church. they heard from the reverend al sharpton and attorney general eric holden. >> we remain undowntd in our pursuit of a meaningful right to vote for every american. >> reporter: many walkers will be back monday morning for the journey to the alabama state capitol. >> this weekend also marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the ground war in vietnam. u.s. marines came ashore on red beech to try and prevent the spread of communism. this weekend some veterans returned to the land where they fought some five decades ago. more than 5,000 u.s. soldiers died in vietnam. another 153,000 were wounded. today thousands of americans actually live in vietnam. more than 400,000 u.s. citizens traveled there last year. coming up tonight on wusa 9
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five arrests were made in the death of a popular russian opposition leader. dop champion tells us one of the suspects has already confessed intake part of the killing. >> reporter: three of the men arrested tried covering their faces as they were led into court. they're among five people either charged or suspected. this man allegedly confessed behind closed doors to taking part in the killing. nems ovie was a sharp critic of russian critic vladimir putin. this grainy web cam video from a russian tv station captured
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nemsov. so far the men arrested this weekend have not said who ordered the killing and some of them have denied involvement. all of them have chechen backgrounds. >> authorities say yet another suspect blew himself one a grenade when police showed up at his apartment. one in three u.s. teens is the victim of physical sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner. that's according to the u.s. department of education. nearly 1.5 million high school students will suffer physical abuse from a dating partner in just one year. today hundreds of teens, parents, and youth workers packed a room in montgomery college and in germantown to talk about ending the cycle of dating violence. the choose respect conference aimed to provide teens with tools to recognize and avoid dating abuse. for some the issue was close to
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home. >> we dated for four years and some change on and off, and something wasn't right about it. i felt this isn't respectful, he's going through my text messages, he's making a big deal abuse things. he would passively aggressively post song lyrics, and everyone knew they were about me and everyone knew what was going on. it was very embarrassing, and i thought it was immat daughter. i kept trying to break up with him andy kept apologizing. >> organizers say both females and males can be victims of dating violence and abuse, including through social media. got a story of survival. a baby found alive in a car this issue hours after that car crashed into a frigid utah river. christine mccarthy reports tonight the 18-month-old girl was hanging upside down strapped in a car seat above the water that flowed through
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the car. >> it's a different kind of loss. >> reporter: these firefighters call each other brothers but their bond became even tighter saturday. >> i don't remember anything but just doing it. >> reporter: they were dispatched to an upside down car in the spanish fork river. >> the witness said there was an arm that he could see inside the vehicle. >> reporter: each jumped into the icy water, waded to the car and flipped it over. >> as we did that, it became apparent that the driver was diseased, but we also noticed there was a small baby in the backseat. >> reporter: 25-year-old lynn jennifer grossbeck had been driving home from her parents house late friday night when for a yet unknown reason she swerved over a cement barrier launching the vehicle into the frigid water. groesbeck died at the scene. >> she was alive. she was definitely unconscious.
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>> firefighter paul jumped on top of the car, opened the door and unstrapped the baby. >> grabbed the baby in my arm, raised its head up out of the water. ace tried to release the seatbelt. >> reporter: within seconds she was passed from one rescuer to the next. >> the child was passed to me, and i just ran up and climbed in the ambulance with the child. >> reporter: overnight, hospital staff say the baby has improved to fair condition. news this crew has been waiting to hear. >> there's probably nothing more gratifying than to know that. >> again, tonight the 18-month- old girl's condition has been improved to fair. wow, great weekend. promises to be just as good tomorrow? >> just as good tomorrow. and overall this work week is looking much better. >> there you go. >> we don't have travel troubles. we don't have to shovel any
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snow. finally starting to feel more like march. let's take a look outside with the michael & son weather cam. currently 41, lots of clouds in place over reagan national at the moment but we will just see clouds from time to time overnight tonight. the winds are calm. that breezy that we had during the day has greatly diminished. overnight tonight with those clouds moving in, and the mild temperatures that we had during the day, we're not going to fall off too far. so most of us stay above the freezing mark overnight tonight. that means that as you are heading out to door tomorrow we don't have slick spots, we don't have black ice. it is going to be a much easier drive than the past several that we've had to deal with. as we head through the day it is going to be beautiful, and we will still have very nice mild temperatures. it's not going to be as breezy, but it will be a little bit cloudier on monday than it was on sunday. rape arrives on tuesday afternoon. so we're completely dry until then, even though you see these sprinkles here on satellite and radar. this is going to miss us to the
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north. it's not going to make us over the mountains so we are keeping it dry tonight and into tomorrow. futurecast shows that milder trend. it is going to be a partly cloudy afternoon but that cloud deck lowers and thickens as we head into the overnight hours. tuesday is a mostly cloudy to overcast day. sprinkles showing up here on futurecast by noon but the bulk of the rain holds off until that evening rush but we do to have issue a yellow alert for tuesday because of the rain. it will definitely impact that evening commute on tuesday. it's still hanging on overnight. we might even have some showers still here during that wednesday morning rush but we'll try to clear things out as we head through the day on wednesday, and the mild temperatures will be back on wednesday as well. now, overnight tonight really not bad. a couple people are going to dip below freezing tonight. your overnight low of 30 in the far outlying suburbs but 38 downtown. we're not going to see too much wind. north winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. just going to be a chilly
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night. then a chilly start to the morning but quickly getting milder. 35 to 50, partly sunny, light and variable winds, sought should be nice and pleasant, just a light jacket. in the afternoon on monday partly cloudy with a high between 55 and 60 degrees. still not much of a breezy out of the east-southeast at 5 to 10. tuesday is a yellow alert day. that rain is going to be an impediment to the evening commute. any time there's rain it slows us down. a high of 54 tuesday, then wednesday after an early lingering shower we get up to 62 degrees. in the first alert seven-day forecast, unfortunately it doesn't last forever but really nothing bone chilling in our forecast. it's not going to be that bad. i know there's a snow flake there on the screen for friday evening. it looks like we'll start out with a wintry mix in the suburbs to the north on friday before completely changing over to rain, and that is good news, of course that we don't have any significant wintry weather
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in the forecast. >> great news. still ahead tonight, where's the snow? the iditarod dog sled race ♪ insight is knowing you made the right decision from the start. insight is knowing how to handle things that don't go as planned. and sometimes it's knowing when to step back and see things differently. when you have insight, you can handle your finances with confidence. that's why at pnc insight is behind all the expert guidance we provide tools we create and services we offer.
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the iditarod begins tomorrow but warm weather has forced organizers to make important changes. danielle nottingham takes us to the starting line. >> reporter: this was the ceremonial start of the famed iditarod dog sled race but it was more slush than mush. >> there is snow down fourth avenue but it's all been trucked here. this has been a bizarre winter in the state of alaska. >> reporter: parts of the legendary course looked more brown instead of white. since february 1st anchorage has received less than two inches of snow. compare that to boston which has had nearly 70 inches. folks in alaska want their snow back. >> they took our winter. >> reporter: dave knows snow. he's raced the iditarod three times. his late wife susan is a legend here. she won the race four times. >> my daughter in connecticut is freezing, wants her parka
11:25 pm
sent from alaska to connecticut. rchts officials had no choice but to move the start of the race into alaska's interior, fairbanks. even still, the thin layer of snow won't necessarily help mushers. >> it's very hard on the musher because you don't have any of the cushioning that the snow would bring. >> reporter: and the new route has the mushers traveling on river ice for 200 miles. the winner is expected to arrive in nome in about 10 days. >> the iditarod has been moved further north in search of snow once before, and that was in 2003. the "game on overtime" gang getting ready. a sneak preview
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heading into march you want your college basketball team trending up. maryland men and women doing. that one thing we know when we go on the road, things can get interesting. we saw that tonight inlincoln, nebraska. another close, gritty road game for the perps, but melo tremble giving them some hope. we'll take a closer look at the maryland terrapins. what can you say about brenda frese's maryland women? they've made the big ten their own personal punching bag. see how the big ten title game unfolded, and we'll get coach
11:30 pm
frese's thoughts. the lady colonials of george washington are streaking into the ncaa tournament. they've won 27 times in2 games. highlights ngcomi up. jones, another big day for g washington. nationals get a taste of the evil empire today. washington broke out the lumber quickly. coming up on "game on overtime" we'll show you who went deep and talk about another solid pitching performance from that great rotation that looks pretty good here in the spring. and it looks like torrey smith has played his last game in baltimore. the former maryland terrapin telling fans he is going to have to go elsewhere but smith sent a very personal message to his fans via social media. we will tell you about that on "game on overtime." so a lot of stuff. of course march madness is the head liner. much coming up. >> you hate to see the stars leave. >> it's a fact of life in the
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nfl. they don't have that money turned cap. >> recap? >> another really nice day tomorrow. rain arrives on tuesday, but overall the temperature trend is just a huge improvement over what we've been dealing with. we have 50s for the most part instead of 20s and 30s like we had earlier in the month. much bert. >> thanks for watching everybody. "game on overtime" is next. have a great week out there. bye.
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coming up, maryland looks to put another bullet point on its resume. can they pop, pop, pop the cornhuskers? brenda and the girls making the opponents feel very, very small. >> i think it's crazy. >> and she may not be heading to the ncaa tournament but george mason's taylor brown as good as it gets. it's time to cut a rug. "game on overtime" next. cut that rusmght welcome to our dance club here at broadcast house. march madness is the theme. championship is the dream. got a lot of local teams looking to make that journey. maryland one of those clubs. a lot of biz to finish up. let's get to


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