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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ems transported one person but the major meds came with a fuel spill from the tank they are leaked owl over the -- tanker that leaked all over the southbound side of the highway. >> nowadays hazard of the slipperiness of the fuel. but the -- toxic fume, that may come from the -- fumes that may come from the fuel. >> reporter: for about five hours or more the prince george's county fire department, the maryland department of environment and maryland state police worked to clear fuel that spilled onto the highway. >> it was pretty bad. >> reporter: with the tanker behind him ronnie with ultimate towing says -- >> the fuel was always down by the red and white camper. you know, fire unit response vehicle down there. you know, it ran you know it rammed all the way down there. driver is okay, just a little shook up. >> it's all right. but i would recommend anybody else also get off on that ride -- and not ride any further than what the warning sign said. >> reporter: now ronnie ultimate towing told us according to the tanker driver,
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there was an accident that unfolded before him and this came as a result of the driver trying to avoid that accident. maryland state police are of course investigating but they are still advising people because of clean-up effort still going on to take another route if you can. try to avoid i-95 here. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. back to you. right now police aren't looking at a criminal investigation and expect to also be looking at that truck to make sure everything was functioning properly on the truck. a montgomery county public schools contract worker who grabbed the behind of a student pleaded guilty today. john epps jr. was caught on surveillance in a middle school hallway. andrea mccarren was in the courtroom today when that sentencing came down. what did we learn? >> reporter: lesli, when the judge asked john epps jr. if he had anything to say before his sentencing, he replied no comment. in the surveillance video, you're about to see, epps is wearing a bright yellow t- shirt.
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ironically, the very surveillance cameras john epps jr. was in charge of installing and maintaining captured him in a criminal act. >> when you send your 12-year- old daughter off to school, you are not expecting that she is going to be pawed by some 45- year-old guy as she makes her way through her school day. >> reporter: a judge sentenced the married father of two sons to five years of jail time. with all of it suspended. epps will face five years of supervised probation and 15 years on maryland's sex offender registry. >> we learned that there's value in having all the public areas in the schools under monitoring with the fact that we have surveillance cameras. >> reporter: epps did work in 58 montgomery county public schools. he was just one of 21 mcps employees and contract workers investigated for child sex abuse or exploitation in the last four years.
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many have been prosecuted. >> we need to do a better job of reporting and monitoring criminal activity. particularly sexually offenses that occur within our school walls. >> reporter: court documents show epps had a criminal history of groping women in public. of which the school system was unaware. the judge told epps he cannot have any contact with his victim her family, or any girl under the age of 18. reporting live from rockville, andrea mccarren, wusa9. thank you. and epps will also undergo an extensive sex offender risk assessment as ordered by the court. now linked the man accused in a series of shootings in maryland to two more incidents. laurel police believe 35-year- old hong young fired shots at the grand e. buffet on fort mead road and the grill and if you have bay on baltimore avenue -- buffet on baltimore avenue on march 2nd.
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in the first incident there was also surveillance video of a man throwing rocks at windows. investigators now leaked -- linked young to seven shootings. heei's bng held on first degree attempted murder charges. just a gray and rainy day out there. after yesterday's warmup and it's not going to stop anytime soon. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now so top when are we going to dry out? >> certainly the rest of the commute is going to be slow. no shortage of rain back to the west. here's live doppler 9000 hd and you can see moderate rain to light rain everywhere. no matter which way you go. up 270 out 66 or in-between northbound or southbound on 95. or even out to 50. we'll zoom in a little bit. the heaviest rain around tysons across the beltway over to the spur. heavier rain also up to rockville and rain you know still -- not too -- not exactly light as you head out towards chantilly and out route -- i-66 past fairfax and over toward manassas. so it's going to be with us all night. and into the morning. in fact, 8:00 tonight, still
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some showers. temperatures still mainly in the 40s to low 50s depending on where you are. upper 40s as you go further north. early nighttime hours the heavier rain stays to the north of us and then at 10:00 is rain moves back into the metro area. we'll come back and talk about that and also a nice surprise tomorrow though. behind the rain. the short time ago hillary clinton took questions from reporters about her using only a personal e-mail account while he was secretary of state. it's the first time she's phased the media since that e- mail controversy erupted. >> when i got to work as secretary of state, i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account. which was allowed by the state department. because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> clinton said the vast majority of her e-mails were sent to government accounts and thereby captured and preserved immediately by the state department. she add that the state
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department make all her work e- mails public for all to see but looking back it would have been better to use a government account. a bipartisan coalition is pushing medical marijuana. the legislation would break down federal barriers in states where medical marijuana is legal and it would reclassify the drug and allow for accepted medical use. peggy fox was in the capital today for the announcement. peg? >> reporter: 23 states and d.c. have legalized medical marijuana. but because it's still a schedule one drug, federally, it's still illegal to use it in any form. this legislation would fix that problem and more. she has tried and failed over ten different antiseizure medications. >> reporter: the parents of 4- year-old morgan afflicted with a severe form of epilepsy don't know what is damaging her more. uncontrolled seizures or the mountain of medicines she's taking. >> this is not just about epilepsy. it's about ms, it's about veterans. it's about cancer patients.
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>> reporter: together in the u.s. capitol, with veterans and ms sufferers, they told their stories about medical marijuana. >> finally, a natural medicine that not only solves my insomnia but also allayed my daily nausea. >> reporter: navy veteran tj from chesapeake, virginia says legal drugs turned him into a zombie. so he self-medicates his anxiety and depression with marijuana. >> my kids do not want to have a criminal for a father. >> reporter: even though virginia's legislature just passed a medical marijuana law joining 232 other states -- 22 other states and d.c., six people have no way to get it. a bipartisan coalition of senators announced legislation that would change that. >> doctors who want to prescribe this it's very difficult because it's schedule one. we want to take it down to schedule two so doctors can prescribe this more easily. we don't want doctors to be punished for simply trying to help people. >> thank you for ignoring the stigma and instead focusing on finding us a solution. >> reporter: beth collins of
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fairfax who lobbied for the virginia law with her daughter jennifer is ready to take on this new fight. >> so far, we have not -- our doctor's not been allowed to either work with us on treating jennifer with these oils and to allow medical professionals to work with patients ooze using this medication is -- using this medication would be huge. huge. >> reporter: now this legislation is called a carers' act that compassionate access research expansion and respect states act. that's a mouthful but research is in there because de-- reclassifying this as a schedule two opens up research. so the bill would also allow regardless of states' laws, it would allow doctors at va hospitals to prescribe medical marijuana to veterans o who need it. -- who need it. back to you. the legislation would also
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provide a safe harbor to banks and credit unions that provide financial services to legal marijuana related businesses. congresswoman donna edwards announces she is running for the u.s. senate. the prince george's county democrat hopes to capture the seat being vacated by senator mikulski who's retiring when her current term expires nest yerkes. fellow -- next year. fellow congressman chris van holland already entered the race. o'malley will not seek the senate seat. and sources tell wusa9 that former prince george's county state's attorney glen ivey will announce he's running for the professional seat being held by edwards. back in 2012 ivey later withdrew from running for that position. a council committee heard charges today that d.c. police are using some of the same tactics targeting black citizens that police in ferguson, missouri have been using. >> police chief cathy lanier and the fraternal order of police came down on the same
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side and standing up for d.c. police officers. bruce johnson says crime is down and so are arrests. >> that's good news, being covered a -- covered a in fact important issues lately. violent crime down by more than 20% this year. and there have been no marijuana arrests since the law passed legalizing the use of the small amount of pot in your home. this isn't ferguson, missouri, but last year, d.c. police shot and killed four people and wounded two others. before the council committee today, the d.c. ferguson movement and others of two d.c. police are targeting, harassing and even abusing young black males. >> interrogations at gunpoint, seize yours of money -- seizures of money. public kraft seizures. >> by deputy officers on two separate occasions and have dedicated my life to fighting for better communities so i can imagine what the everyday young black man especially with locks on his head goes through on a
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lady basis. -- daily basis. >> between 340 and 350 compliants have been brought against d.c. police officers. she says in about 20% of the cases the charges are sustained and officers are disciplined. burton head of the fop says the public often just doesn't understand what police are up against in the streets. >> what tool would the aclu suggest we use to deal with someone that's on pcp with no clothes on when police officers in the district aren't equipped a less lethal type of taser or something else you need to take someone down that's a tranquilizer that doesn't allow them to feel pain? use of force unlike what is depicted on tv is not always pretty. >> how do you respond to people who say they have officers that are violating? >> we do the complaints about stops and searches and all those sort of things. and there has not been that are sustained. i mien i'm not going the sit here and tell
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unjustified or illegal serve. it happens and we address those when they happen. >> on yet another front the chief is ordering some 250 more body cameras for officers and you might recall the city lost millions of dollars because police are not maintaining all of those traffic cameras out there. chief lanier is bringing in an outside auditor to look at the traffic cam system and couldn't -- camera system. she couldn't tell when all the cameras would be up and running. ladies? >> thanks bruce. and we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> he's accused of having hiv and not telling his partners. coming up at 5:30, debra alfarone explains what finally caused daniel leaves to apologize to one of his victims. >> plus topper is back with more on what we can expect and when the sunshine is going to examine back. >> coming up proof that firefighters are never really off-duty not even retired ones
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especially in their own community. i'm scott broom live in dunkirk, maryland, coming up
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route 1 is now open in both directions following a water main break in college park this morning. that rupture forced crews to close two northbound lanes, work racked up though mid- afternoon average montgomery county couple is recovering tonight after they were overcome by carbon monoxide. it happened this morning on forest street and takoma park. medics rushed them to the hospital. police believe the leak came from a clogged pipe on the furnace, they didn't have a carbon monoxide detector. a fire chief and off-duty paramedic are heroes today after tragedy struck in their own neighborhood. and some of those events are caught on video.
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scott broom is in dun tick, maryland tonight can be dunkirk -- dunkirk, maryland tonight with an amazing story of bravery. >> reporter: it really is. the events yesterday here in the dunkirk area of 68-year-old woman pulled from her burning home by a neighbor who happened to be a retired firefighter. resuscitated on her own front lawn. all of this are proof that firefighters are never really off-duty particularly in their own communities. this is dashboard camera video as volunteers from dunkirk, maryland race up to a home that's being consumed by fire from the rear. what you cannot see is what's going on inside the house at this very moment. >> i decided last thing i could do was make entry forced entry into the front door. >> reporter: that is neighbor tommy breen. >> just a few feet inside. >> reporter: this is the area he was crawling into while that video was being taken. he was alone in there wearing nothing but gym clothes and sneakers. as this video was shot, he was inside holding his breath, feeling his way on hands and
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knees. >> i happen today see her bottom of her -- happened to see her bottom of her foot. >> reporter: he found his neighbor carol houseman bailiff arrive. >> went back in and grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her to the door. >> reporter: the video shows the first volunteers running to the door. they got there just as breen was dragging his neighbor out. >> high heat conditions and heavy smoke conditions. >> reporter: one of the firefighters was ben white. this is white's helmet charred and melted and he ran into the same fire that breen just came out of. >> i mean i think he's a very heroic person. >> we started cpr at that point. >> reporter: now meet another neighbor. cj smart who ran in to start cpr on miss houseman and helped restart her heart and her breathing. smart is currently a prince george's county paramedic who was home after the birth of his second child. tommy is a retired prince george's county assistant fire chief who just came home from the gym. both of them ran toward danger when it struck close to home. and before anyone else came to
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help. >> i mean it was dark. and it was smoky. and it was -- hot. and but you just -- you make that last ditch effort that i knew that if i didn't get her she might not survive. i had to give her a chance. >> reporter: unbelievable story especially when you look at the helmet of the firefighter who went in right after b reen came out. the conditions in there were just astounding. this is great of the neighbors that are trained firefighters. tragically in the house, miss houseman is in very critical condition tonight. supporters of volunteer fire companies like this one will tell you that the story is a real example of how important it is to have firefighters and first responders as members of your community. reporting live in dunkirk, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> it is clear they make all the difference scott. thank you thank you the cause of yesterday's fire has not been determined.
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you know we're going to get them. gloomy, rainy days in march. and we have one right now. a live look outside with our live michael & son weather cam. temperature 48 and some areas north of town never made 50. some areas south of town made it into the low 50s today. now here's a look at the radar over the past hour, you can see no shortage of moisture. green. anywhere across the entire metro area. and plenty of rain and showers always back to the west. we're not done with this just yet. zoom in a little bit and the darker -- the green, the heavier and steadier the rain is. so if you're headed between rockville up to germantown a little heavier age right now on i-270 and also over to laytonsville and olney. some pretty good rain up in montgomery county on the west side of 270 across the river into portions of loudoun county. we'll move south and east and looking at pretty good rain south of dale city and also back to the west over mid land and not to leave folks out some
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rain around waldorf and clinton as you're going down route 5 and 301 a slow commute. everybody is going to have a slow ride home tonight no doubt about that. rain and showers continue overnight. the bus stop temperatures? not too bad. in and of themselves, 43 to 53. a few showers. bring the umbrella. most to have morning commute though will be dry on wednesday and the sun and the 60s will return. some may take a while tomorrow but the 60s will return even with the clouds hanging on. 10:00 tonight, 50 downtown. 50 in manassas and upper 40s north and west. and some rain and showers. i'll kind of stop it here about 1:00, pretty much the solid line of showers go through up and down 95 and now stretching into southern maryland. that rolls through and by morning, most of the showers are south of us. a couple of showers into the northern neck actually just about it. a couple of showers left overin the mountains but more clouds than anything in the morning. by 8:30, 9:00, upper 40s to around 50 with some clouds and we get some breaks in the clouds by 12:00, 1:00 and i
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think futurecast may be hanging on to the the clouds a little long. in any event still 60 downtown at 1:00 and 60 in manassas. if you walk to lunch tomorrow you can leave your jacket and umbrella at the office. now by 5:00 we're certainly clearing out with temperatures look at this, 66 in manassas. 67 in la plata. this is with the cold front pushing through. then by 7:30 over 24 hours if now we're back in the 50s. 58 in leesburg. but we are clear. how much more rain is going to fall? maybe a third of an inch downtown. heaviest amounts of rain we think north of town. maybe three quarters of an inch in frederick and gaithersburg maybe a half inch in leesburg between now and tomorrow morning. so day planner, 51 at 7:00 with some clouds. 51 at 9:00. some showers still possible and then some sun at 11:56 a little bit of sun too at 1:00. 60. now the next three days seasonable on thursday. low 50s. but a little bit cooler and then another chilly age rolls in on friday. -- rain cools in on friday. -- rolls in on friday. 50 for a high. evening commute will be wet and
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probably have to issue a yellow alert for friday. next seven days, lingering showers on saturday but milder 60. nice on sunday mid 50s. really nice on monday. low 50s and took out the showers and mid 50s on tuesday which is in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's
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in tonight's consumer alert, the stock market had a sharp decline amid fears the federal reserve may raise interest rates. the dow dropped 333 points. and the nasdaq fell 83 points. thousands of minivans and suvs with faulty ignition switches are being recalled by fiat chrysler. this impacts 2008 to 2010 dodge grand caravan and chrysler town and country minivans and the 2009 to 2010 dodge journey suvs. here's the problem. a defective switch can cause those vehicles to stall unexpectedly. the housing market has had a recent bump in the road. black knight financial services reports repeat foreclosures were up 11% at the end of january and that's a change from the month prior which means it reaches a 12 month high. global sales for the world's largest hamburger chain
5:26 pm
are down. mcdonald's has been losing customers to competitors who offer healthy am tentatives. the golden averages has a -- arches has a plan to ton thinks arnold. if you like that jan? the fast food restaurant will soon start to use kale in some of its menu items. >> won't change the fries. we love them. >> put the kale over the fries. >> oh okay. that sounds delicious. doesn't it? eww. our wusa9 pothole patrol team got a word of warning for you, come to a complete stop if you approach the intersection of 45th and yuma streets in northwest d.c.. not only is it the wall but it might prevent you from doing some serious damage to your car. that is a lot of potholes. my goodness. they are entering that intersection and some of them they're pretty deep. hitting them at full speed could definitely do some damage. top a tire, we have reported those to ddot and requesting a fix. and if you have a pothole you want our patrol team to get fixed for you, just go to and give us the location, please include the city and a cross street or
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block number too. school officials take action against frat members who were part of a racist chant. we'll have details straight ahead. >> the day four of the testimony in the marathon bombing trial brought the last words the defendant wrote before being arrested. i'm kris van cleave in boston, that story is coming up. >> and prosecutors say he has hiv but he doesn't tell his sex partners. today that virginia man showed remorse but some
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the hiv positive virginia man charged with knowingly having unprotected sex with women he met in bethesda area bars all while keeping his medical situation a secret pleaded guilty today. but not to those charges. debra alfarone is live outside montgomery county court with that part of the story. what did he plead guilty to? >> reporter: to actually some lesser charges and reckless endangerment jan. so 28-year-old daniel cleaves pled to those his lawyer said because specifically he was on a course of drugs that would reduce his chances of spreading hiv and he knew that. that technicality there. but still he's sitting in jail right now awaiting sentencing even as two women basically don't know whether they have hiv or not right now. 28-year-old daniel cleaves pled guilty to reckless endangerment today after having unprotected sex with two women repeatedly without telling them he had
5:31 pm
hiv. the first he met here at the harp and fiddle in downtown bethesda last july. court documents show the texts after she found medical papers in his backpack. do you have hiv? no, why? i can't believe you didn't tell me and i had to read it on the paper. i'm going to the hospital right now. i should have told you and i'm truly sorry. prosecutors say he met another woman in march 2013 and had unprotected sex with her several times over the course of a year. never telling her his secret. this is cleaves' attorney. >> the only reason that we decided to enter this plea was simply because dan wanted to take responsibility for the fear and the pain that he knows he caused with these victims who are not telling them he had the virus before they had sex and not using a condom when he had sex. >> reporter: cleaves has been on house arrest since last november ordered not to have contact with any women. but prosecutors say he tried to get around it. and logged on to a transgender
5:32 pm
dating website. using the profile name doll dolph bigler and the date told police she left after finding out cleaves was on house arrest. he texted her more than 1 ton times saying he wanted to be with her sexuallily and because he was undetectable for hiv he couldn't spread id. prosecutors say that will be discussed at sentencing. >> if you're telling me you have remorse and at the same time you're willing to put other people at risk i question the -- your claiming the remorse to begin with. >> reporter: and prosecutors say he could serve up to 18 months. right now he's sitting in jail until he's sentenced on march 31st. we're live here at montgomery county courthouse tonight, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> deb thank you. and more fallout tonight after that video surfaced of some university of oklahoma fraternity members channeling a racist song with the n. word in it. today the school expelled two students identified as the leaders of the chant. their names have not been released.
5:33 pm
plus, another video has now surfaced showing the frat house mother boton gillbow using the same slur back in 2013. then the 78-year-old used the word while rapping a song. that fraught house -- frat house has been ordered loaded. an capitol hill today after some gop leaders sent a letter challenging the ability to have a permanent nuclear deal with iran. 47 lawmakers signed to open letter to iranian leaders saying they agreed to a nuclear treaty with the obama administration it must be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the senate and they warn the next president could revoke the agreement with the stroke of a pen. >> i think it's somewhat ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hard liners in iran. it's anneal usual coalition. >> congress will protect the american people and protect the world from the threat of a nuclear iran. >> the foreign ministercalled
5:34 pm
the letter unprecedented and undiplomatic. hundreds of people gathered today at washington national cathedral for a memorial service honoring the late massachusetts senator edward brooks. he passed away in january at the age of 95. brooked bus the first -- brooks was the first african-american to be selected to the senate by popular vote. he served to 1979. he was awarded the congressional gold medal in 2009. and today's service secretary of state john kerry called brooks a trailblazer and inspire ld people to enter public service of every race. jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial saw the note that defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev left inside the boat where he was captured days after the explosion. kris van cleave has more from the court. >> reporter: jurors were given a look inside the boat where the defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev hid before surrendering to police. prosecutors showed pictures of the handwritten note found inside the boat. it was riddled with bullets and
5:35 pm
stained with blood. it begins -- i'm jealous of my brother. i do not mourn because his soul is very much alive. god has a plan for each person. mine was to hide in the boat and shed some light on our actions. he also says the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians and as a muslim, i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. day four of testimony began with the defense doing something it really hasn't done in this case so far. an extensive cross position of a witness -- examination of a witness. tried to add context and downplay the significance of the social media posts. fbi agent acknowledged the ominous sounding tweets read in court monday including a reference to an islamic extremist. adding the rest of the twitter activity was mundane. the focus of the trial has shifted away from emotional stories from survivors to the account of investigators who gathered hundreds of pieces of evidence collected at the scene of the bombings. kris van cleave, cbs news,
5:36 pm
boston. coming up at 6:00 and only on 9, story you don't want to miss tonight. a man recounts a violent encounter with a couple of robbers who were kaying cash -- craving cash and prescription drugs. >> and trending now, why ecstasy and other dangerous drugs are briefly legal in ireland. and what ashton kutcher believes should belong in every bathroom. plus vince dillard takes to the -- ben stiller takes to the catwalk for a surprise announcement. top? >> you can only hope. it's a miserable march rain out here. everybody is getting at least light rain some folks getting moderate rain with over the past hour and we'll come back and track some of these showers for you and we'll also talk about when we dry out and when
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5:39 pm
breaking news right now from the world of music. a jury just found singers farrell and robin thicke copied marvin gaye for their hit song "blurred lines." which kind of -- i don't know if that's surprising is it? >> the jury awarded marvin gaye's estate $7.3 million. the d.c. native's family sued for copyright infringement arguing the song copied gay's 1977 "got to give it up."
5:40 pm
>> they denied the allegation although they admitted the songs did sound similar eerily similar in fact. >> almost identical. with just a few tweaks there. >> only so much money. it did and it was a fun song to dance to. it sure was. all right. [ laughter ] did you ever dance to the song "blurred lines"? okay then you ought to see what i'm talking about. other drugs are now legal in ireland but only for a day. >> so an irish court this morning ruled a 1977 drug law is unconstitutional. that move opened a legal loophole older more established drugs like heroin and cocaine are still illegal but newer drugs like magic mushrooms are legal at least for now. ireland passed emergency legislation to outlaw the drugs again but that don't take effect until midnight thursday. new father ashton kutcher is on a mission to help other dads with young children. >> i think this is great. he says it should be standard that diaper changing stations are in men's public restrooms. i mean who knows?
5:41 pm
maybe the kids can go with the dads now at that time -- dads now to the bathroom. >> my husband takes my daughter. >> but "two and a half men" star posted his complaint on facebook. other fathers like richard say the issue poses a big problem especially when his wife is not with them. >> that's tricky. often times, you just have to improvise, sometimes in the backseat of my suv. sometimes it's just on the floor. >> i think more men are doing this now. >> oh absolutely. a lot of dads are changing diapers i know my husband changed a bunch of them. jerry brown in california by the way, you're going a little fast for me rachel. let's go back here. california governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that would have mandated baby changing tables in both men and women's public restrooms. ben stiller and owen wilson announced the sequel to zoo lander today. on the valentino runway in paris of all places. an appropriate setting for the duo to show off their duds and make the announcement. zoolander 2 hits theaters in
5:42 pm
february of 2016. >> look at these outfits. >> that's where you'd expect to see them right? a couple of the local teams departed for their conference today. the american university eagles are a win away from an ncaa tournament berth. >> plus, the hidden costs nude need to know -- you need to know about before leasing a car. >> and toposar back right after the break with more -- topper is back right after the break with more on when the rain will end and what we can expect for
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three french stars are dead tonight after two helicopters collided in argentina. the crash killed ten people in all. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that collision. a montgomery county police department has developed a pilot program for officers to begin wearing body cameras. the department says the cameras will allow for greater transparency and accountability and plus officials point to a study that shows a 60% decrease in the use of force after the body cameras are used. they cost about $500 each and it's report the county cites a similar program used in new oruuleans and costs about $1.2 million. but that was over a five year period. the montgomery county pilot program could be implemented by the end of the year.
5:46 pm
britain's prince charm and his wife -- charles and his wife will visit sites in the washington area next week. the prince is hosting a meeting on the threats of marine plastic waste. royal couple will also meet with president obama and tour george washington's estate at mount vernon. leasings a car can offer a low monthly payment but consumer advocates say check the fine print because some may try to slip in higher taxes and extra fees. here's julie watts. >> reporter: it's a numbers guy and when the account talent recently got a price quote for a new car lease, he says the numbers just didn't add up. specifically the sales tax. >> it was based off the full value of the car. >> reporter: something that he thought strange since he was only planning to lease the car for three years. >> it didn't seem right. >> reporter: and it's not. delores supposed to base the sales tax on monthly payments not the full value of the car. >> dealers are very creative. >> reporter: the car lawyer liberty says some car dealers purposefully find ways to
5:47 pm
inflate the initial quote in an effort to tack on extras later. it's called payment packing. >> that's their goal. is to get you comfortable with a higher monthly payment than is required to do the deal. >> reporter: you want matily dealers correct the sales tax or in some cases inflated interest before you sign. but liberty says they keep the higher payments by tacking in profitable addons implying they're free. >> paint and fabric protection. an extra alarm system. >> reporter: the new car dealers association says it edge courages consumer to approach -- encourages consumers to approach the dealer directly with any concerns including taxes. which is what he did. he says prompting the car dealer to correct the sales tax a $2,200 difference. julie watts for cbs news, san francisco. >> the dealership he dealt with claimed that the tax misquote they gave was an honest mistake and not an attempt at price packing. right now the melting is creating new problems after all that record-breaking snow in
5:48 pm
boston. huge chunks of snow and ice are falling off buildings landing on cars and smashing windshields. leaving dents. workers are even having to rope off some sidewalks in front of snow-capped buildings just to keep people safe. and -- >> wow. >> speaking about the skyscaper when it comes down too it's even worse right. >> the good news it's been a sort of a slow melt. we have a little bit of rain with this system. but at least it's not getting like buckets of rain and 60s. >> are they going to have the same kind of craters we have here or will it be worse there? >> quite the season of potholes. >> oh man insult to injury. >> i could always be worse. >> it's a miserable day out there at least we're tracking rain and not snow right? you guys like that. let's take a live look outside it is our live michael & son weather cam. temperatures in the 40s north of town and only about 478 downtown at the airport. looking at light rain and winds calm and we're looking really at this to continue tonight. and tamer -- taper off early tomorrow morning. i think we'll salvage actually a pretty good wednesday right.
5:49 pm
here's the radar over the past hour and you can see rain and showers from i-95 all the bay back to -- way back to i-81 into cumberland in the mountains. not going to end anytime soon. we'll zoom in a little bit and highlight the heavier activity. the dark green here laytonsville to damascus on the east side of 270 and just kind of stretching over a little bit. that's some moderate rain a little bit of heavy rain around 27. up toward damascus. and plenty of rain around the beltway. south and east? no shortage of rain here heaviest rain around manassas and also back to the south and west. just to the east of mid land and also as you go out to i-66 past haymarket. but we still have pretty good rains too just to the west of waldorf down through 10 and the south of clinton. so everybody's five day wet commute home. rain and showers continue overnight and not going to end anytime soon. bus stop temperatures, actually kind of a break, 43 to 53 is bad. except there will be a few showers. so grab your umbrella if you're walking the kids to the bus stop. most temperature morning commute is going to be dry. on wednesday and maybe a few roads left over could be wet. but nothing going to be falling
5:50 pm
from the sky really after about 8:00. the sun, and the 60s will return on wednesday. may take until the afternoon. with you they will return. -- but they will return. okay so futurecast 10:00 tonight we're in the 0s and more rain leesburg and manassas a little breakdown into southern maryland but back to the west, see the yellow? around petersburg and south of garrett county that's moderate rain and that's going to roll through through the midnight hour, 1:00, a solid area of rain and showers move through metro area. by 6:00 in the morning again, not much falling from the sky. in the metro. some showers down to the northern neck and back in the mountains that's really about it. temperatures around 40 to 50. colloids still hanging out of and ole -- tough and then some breaks in the outside around lunchtime. that's some clouds hanging tough. that's a good deal. so you walk to lunch tomorrow no umbrella no coat. by 5:00 we begin to clear out except for southern maryland. still dry and they can that out. -- check that out. 67 in la plata and fredericksburg. and tomorrow night, tomorrow
5:51 pm
evening 8:00, temperatures low 50s. in the suburbs. but 59 downtown. still 58 in la plata. and still 62 at 8:00 tomorrow night in fredericksburg. that's pretty nice. so 51 at 7:00 a.m. and 52 in the day planner at 9:00 and even again a shower still possible. some sun at 11:00, 56. more sun at 1:00 and 61. now the next three days, looking seasonable there on thursday. 53. little cooler. and then another chilly rain develops on friday. morning commute okay. evening commute, same deal with today. we'll probably have to issue another yellow alert. next seven days, saturday milder with showers lingering. 60. we're okay on sunday. probably the better of the two weekend days and then low 60s on monday and back in the mid 50s on tuesday, which by now is seasonable. . so close to dancing again. american university men's basketball team one win away
5:52 pm
from going back to the ncaa tournament. the eagles and the patriots league final tomorrow night at lafayette. our diane roberts has more on today's eagles sendoff. >> the backs are packed. and players leaded up. as the eagles' bus heads out for easton, pennsylvania. that's where american university hopes to beat the lafayette leopards. and punch their ticket to the ncaa tournament. but let's not get ahead of ourselves, first things first the number six eagles have a wednesday night date with the number four leopards. but the patriot league championship on the line. >> i think they got a pretty good mindset. i mean we approach every game you know the same way. so they know the challenge ahead of them. >> we're not taking anything for granted right now. i mean we definitely understand that but at the same time, we want to focus on our preparation and focus on what the coaches are giving us as a game plan and really just preparing like we would any other game. >> this is the second straight finals appearance for the eagles who hope the win the second conference title.
5:53 pm
the senior was there the last time and hopes for a repeat. he and the rest of the seniors don't want their run to be over. coach doesn't want the season to end either. >> last game is -- i don't want to think about that. >> i mean right now it's everything. it's -- i mean that would be everything. but i mean we can't -- can't really look past tomorrow night right now. i mean we got a really tough opponent in lafayette and i can't -- i can't afford to think about that stuff right now. >> they swept the leopards in the regular season. but only need a single win tomorrow night. dieon roberts, wusa9 sports -- diane roberts, wusa9 sport. the nfl adding to the craze. earlier. i don't know if you guys saw all the moves today. >> march madness in the mvp too right? >> absolutely. some headlines away from the ncaa tournament. so coming up at 6:00 we've got some news on the wild day in nfl free agency. but it was actually race that happened. plus to the big apple for the big east tournament and our guy max scherzer you know he's $210
5:54 pm
million richer seven year contract with the nats. second outing in spring training down in jupiter. we'll have that that coming up at 6:00. we've got an appetite for violence and prescription drugs and only on 9 report at 6:00. one man shares a horrifying story of what happened when robbers storm a local pharmacy. >> but first, a prize winning dog is found poisoned. turning the world's largest dog show into a
5:55 pm
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britain's kennel club is investigating a mysterious death at a prestigious pet competition over the weekend. >> elizabeth palmer has more on the apparent poisoning of the prize oning irish setter in london. >> reporter: rivalry and -- well back biting. and of course speck space is running wild over -- speculation is running wild over who done it. rights activists maybe, or a jealous opponent? jagger's owners have tried to defuse the suspicion. >> we can't and we won't think this was an act of another exhibitor. >> reporter: crufts says they're investigating. the statement goes on to say -- as with any international competition, rumors of sabotage do occasionally surface. this of course is not in the spirit of competition and will not be tolerated. but solving the crime won't bring back jagger. who was not only a winner in the show ring, but also a beloved pet. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london.
5:58 pm
>> a show organizer say they will wait for results of the toxicology report before deciding what action to take. british police say they have yet -- not yet been asked to investigate. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. we're still tracking rain and showers overnight with temperatures in the 40s and we'll let you know what you can expect for the morning commute on wednesday. an exclusive interview with the victim of a violent ampled robbery. -- armed robbery at a drugstore here in hyattsville. the thugs knew just the drugs they wanted. payoff at -- chaos at i-95. 5 tanker crash on i-ed 95 shut down for hours and caused headaches everywhere else. i'm stephanie ramirez with the latest on the clean-up effort. no snow this time but boy the rain is going to impact tonight's drive home. thank you for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat in for derek mcginty. >> and i'm left field left field. so top -- lesli foster. so top where are the showers?
5:59 pm
>> i think with us until early morning lesli and they're pretty much everywhere right now. in fact some darker green around parts of montgomery county back into fairfax counties. we'll zoom in a little bit. this is the latest image, heavy rain in tysons and up through 70 on the west side of 270 toward poolesville and it's a pretty good rain in manassas. see the darker green there? that's heavy to mad rate rain here on the -- moderate rain here on the legend. a little lighter at bowie and especially back into maryland across the bridge. you can expect moderate rain. this just in. we actually have a fog a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. think the fog will be dense and probably not as long as 10:00 a.m. but that also will impact the morning commute. so may not have a wet commute. may have a slow commute tomorrow because of fog. remember use the low beams. we'll come back and tell you when the fog burns off and when the 60s return. only on 9 tonight, the victim of a violent armed robbery says he pleaded for mercy but the thugs just didn't
6:00 pm
care. >> the suspects are still on the run tonight after potentially launching a series of attacks on pharmacies in prince george's county. all in search of drugs and cash. bruce leshan is live at hyatts toil have more on the age -- hyattsville with more on the incredible story. >> reporter: frank abbey is still suffering nightmares from the attack this weekend. these kind of drugstore robberies have been huge problem nationwide. and abbey says that these guys clearly had done it before. >> pharmacists -- what are you doing like that? >> reporter: the thugs are swift and violent and armed with a handgun and pepper spray. police are trying to determine if the attackers in this video from district heights in january are the same guys who hit the hyattsville pharmacy on saturday. frank abbey was a customer. just trying to pick up some antibiotics for an infected tooth. when one


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