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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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holding details very closely to the vest as they investigate a shooting inside a metro tunnel on capitol hill, no name of the officer who fired, no name of the man shot and killed and no official word on why, but our bruce leshan has been able to dig up at least one unofficial explanation. he joins us live from the potomac avenue metro station. what is it, bruce? >> reporter: the one thing i've found out is that a law enforcement source is now telling me that the man attacked the officer down here in the tunnel last night with two large sticks and as he approached her, she opened fire. passengers are back in the potomac avenue station now after the shooting thursday night closed it for hours. police say the incident started when a train operator pulling into the station was startled by a man who pushed past the no trespassing signs and was far inside the tunnel. metro transit police rushed in
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to try and figure out what the man was doing. a law enforcement source says when an officer approached the man, he charged her with two large sticks. she opened fire and killed the man with her department issued service weapon. the shooting happened about 400 yards back into the tunnel here. the smell of urine still hangs in the station. 1 question has to be whether the man was simply looking for a place where no one could see him. metro is declining at this point to release the officer's name, but it says she is a 10 year veteran of the metro transit police. metro put her on paid administrative leave, standard procedure for shooting incidents. d.c. police, internal affairs is handling the investigation, but it's not releasing the name of the man shot yet nor how many shots were fired nor any
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early official explanation for why the officer fired. all we have is that unofficial explanation that the man was attacking her. now it is unusual but not unheard of for metro transit police officers to shoot suspects. washington post reports that a detective returned fire and shot and killed a lanham man about three years ago. another metro transit officer helping virginia state police shot a suspect back in 2008. reporting live from the potomac avenue metro station bruce leshan, wusa9. >> d.c. police offer even fewer details but did say the man was partially clothed. university of maryland president wallace loh took to twitter this afternoon to try and answer questions about his university's investigation into a student who sent a shocking racist e-mail to fraternity brothers. this e-mail is more than a year old but has only now just come
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to light. scott broom is live at maryland tonight to report on the reactions to it. scott? >> reporter: well, one of the difficult challenges in reporting this tonight is i simply can't tell you on television what this e-mail said. it is that profane. it's that disgusting. it is simply stunning in its ugliness. in a single sentence it manages to cast racial epithets at no less than three racial groups. it attacks women and it openly incites rape at a fraternity park. perhaps equally challenging in all this is that university president wallace loh is refusing to do television interviews about this. instead he took to twitter this afternoon to say that, "the utter disregard for decency, the racist and mindless disparaging of sexual consent has left me angry and profoundly saddened." earlier loh announced an investigation is underway but has not answered questions about detailed or confirmed the name of the student tore said
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what the student's status is at the university. the offensive e-mail was sent 14 months ago to members of the cap pa sigma -- kappa sigma telling brothers not to invite certain guests and profanely talking about women. no one at the frat house would talk about this today, but the national frat house said the member of the e-mail id the language and views in the e-mail are inexcusable in stark contrast to our values. >> it's not that kind of place. >> reporter: students from a neighboring fraternity condemned the e-mail. >> no. i don't think the e-mail represents the house at all. >> reporter: this has sparked widespread discussion about fraternity life. >> the fact that this believed they could send out an e-mail and there would be no repercussions says something in itself. there's a lot of progress that needs to be made. >> i have no words. i don't know. i'm shocked. >> i was in a fraternity and
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some of the things you'd hear people say was shocking. >> reporter: all of this is in the wake of that shocking racist video that came out of the university of oklahoma and the sae house there. around university of maryland there's been some chalked up graffiti that says not just sae suggesting that this is a national problem and it crosses throughout the greek system. the student involved is a senior who went to high school in montgomery county. the university says it will be offering the fraternity what amounts to sensitivity training and the student who is apparently still a student here will have an investigation led by the office of civil rights and misconduct. >> the oklahoma university fraternity seen on video singing a racist song has hired prominent defense attorney steven jones to explore the possibility of suing the school. in a news conference that just
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wrapped up jones claims the frat students are in danger. >> death threats have been placed where there have been physical assaults or alterations on the university of oklahoma campus and where some of the students who are members have frankly been afraid to go to class. >> jones says he hopes everyone will work together to make this incident a teachable moment. the man who jumped the it whe house fence and made it deep into the executive mansion has pleaded guilty to two federal charges. omar gonzalez was armed with a pocketknife and had more than 800 rounds of ammunition in his car. andrea mccarren joins us live from u.s. district court in d.c. good evening, andrea. >> reporter: good evening, jan. omar gonzalez walked into the courtroom unshackled and wearing an orange jail jump suit. his guilty plea spares the secret service a trial that could have been embarrassing.
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>> everybody out right now! >> reporter: the images of om goar nzalez scaling the white house fence and completing an unobstructed 70-yard dash into the executive mansion were astonishing. he ran through the unlocked front door and made it all the way to the east room before being tackled. >> it's not so much the agents, it's the management which perpetuates the laxness, corner cutting and coverups. >> reporter: in federal court gonzalez pleaded guilty to two charges entering a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon and assaulting, resisting or impeding an officer. in court we learned the troubled 43-year-old army veteran from texas told police he wanted to warn president obama "the atmosphere was collapsing." >> sir, you're going to have to go out 17th street. >> reporter: his ability to make it deep into the white house armed with a knife prompted intense scrutiny of the secret service.
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>> it's clear that our secret plan was not properly executed. >> and led to the nation of former director julian pierson. >> agents fear they'll be punished if they point out problems or threats. >> reporter: gonzalez will be sentenced on june 8th. under federal sentencing guidelines he's likely to get between 12 and 18 months in prison. life from u.s. district court andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> in addition to his sentence, gonzalez is expected to be banned from entering the district of columbia and contacting the secret service. the american healthcare worker who contracted ebola while volunteering in sierra leone is being treated at nih in bethesda. that person whose name has not been released arrived on a chartered plane at 4:45 a.m. authorities say that worker is in serious condition. this is the second person to be treated for ebola at nih. the first was nina pham, the dallas area nurse who contracted the disease while treating a man from liberia.
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a 15-year-old is in some serious trouble accused of attempted murder. today montgomery county investigators arrested marvin frazier of germantown. while investigating a separate crime investigators figured out that frazier fired shots at a 15-year-old victim on monday. police responded to a 911 call of shots fired that day but could not find evidence of a crime at that time. frazier is charged as an adult and will be in court monday. a pastor who asked to help a man who heard alleged voices is dead. roland zinay yelled demons, i kill demons when they went to arrest him. the pastor was helping the man in the basement of his jermantown home on march 10th and was -- germantown home on march 10th and was found dead the next day due to
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asphyxiation. zinay was charged with first degree murder. no arrests after a gunman shot and seriously injured two police officers. the police chief resigned this week, but protesters want more changes in ferguson. >> what we want is an overhaul of the court system, the judicial system. >> black lives matter and in that all lives matter to me. >> last night demonstrators held a peaceful candlelight vigil. police watched from a distance without riot gear. on jimmy kimmel last night president obama called the shooters criminals who need to be arrested. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a past record of arrest may come back to haunt a loudoun county supervisor. surae chinn brings us this story coming up at 5:30. >> also how this hi-tech necklace could be the answer
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for folks trying to lose weight. >> wonder if it helps people with sugar issues. >> plus we're in for a thorough soaking tonight, but topper is back after the break with the good news in this weekend's forecast. >> reporter: many lawmakers and high ranking officials gathered in bethesda today to honor men and women who worked at protecting and serving
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higher taxes, more spending, all this could be coming to prince george's county. the executive there, rushern baker's budget proposal has a bit of everything. property taxes would go up 15% to the highest rate in the region. to save money 110 county workers would be laid off and all county workers would be
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furloughed for five days. the big winners are schools and public safety, 100 new police officers, 100 new firefighters planned and schools will get an increase of $133 million with the goal of making the system one of the state's top 10 by 2020. first responders risk their lives every day. when most people run away from something, they run toward it. today montgomery county held their annual award service to recognize the men and women in public service who have displayed exceptional acts of courage in the past year. ellison barber was at the ceremony. >> this ceremony recognized many brave men and women, but we with the to tell you about one group -- want to tell you about one group of first responders who faced a challenge most of them never expected to encounter. >> it was a jet, man. >> reporter: december 8th, 2014, is a day that very few people in montgomery county will forget. just before 11 a.m. a private plane plummeted from the sky colliding with two
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houses before it crashed and exploded into this one. in minutes police officers, firefighters and other first responders flooded the area moving quickly to try and help. today those men and women were some of the responders honored for their courage at montgomery county's 41st annual public safety awards >> on behalf of the outstanding performance of these responding units, the montgomery county chamber of commerce is proud to award the public safety unit citation on behalf of acting fire chief scott goldstein, sheriff don pop kin and police chief thomas major. >> we heard the call go out for a plane into a house. we problem never heard that before. so as many units as were available started rushing that way. >> reporter: when he arrived, the house was engulfed in flames, but officer simpson headed straight to the garage. >> went into the garage, cleared out a way for the fire department coming very quickly behind me, kicked in the garage door and had to be turned back
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by intense smoke and flame. >> reporter: the first engine arrived shortly after. >> we knew we had a rescue to make and you do the best you can in the circumstances, but with the jet fuel and structure damage of the house there wasn't a lot we could do initially until more firefighters got on the scene. >> reporter: all the responders said they were honored to receive the award but shared it with everyone who helped. >> if it wasn't for the quick response of fire rescue and all the other units and the maryland national guard directly across from the scene, we couldn't have gotten there as fast as we did. i wish we could have done more. >> reporter: six people died that day, among them a mother and her two young sons. late this search ken gemmel who lost loved ones that day said he's very proud of all their work. the rapidly melting snow
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has water rising in parts of our area. you can see the current is a bit stronger as a result. >> yeah. that's the tough part of river right there, not navigable, as they say. >> they say don't go near it. now on this date 22 years ago -- >> i love these history lessons. >> -- was almost the birth of my second daughter, but it was also the birth of a superstorm. that's how i remember her birth because it's very close to the superstorm. only 6.4 inches at national, about 11 inches at dulles, but tell you what. west of here where it was all snow as opposed to sleet 42 inches in the shenandoah valley. snow from huntsville to maine, tornadoes in florida. it was an incredible storm. had a lower pressure than hurricane hugo and it set the record here of lowest pressure,
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28.54. so today's 54, 55, you're welcome. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's still 55. the dew point is low. when the rain rolls in, these temps will fall. it will be a raw night tonight. you need your umbrella and a coat. it's going to be cold. here's the radar. we widened it out, raining in roanoke, elkins back into charleston, everything pushing off to the north and east. just got a tweet rain ready to roll into loudoun county probably about 9:00, 9:30. everybody should make it home before the rain rolls in, bad news if you have plans. here's where the rain is now, cumberland and romney and this is not quite reaching the ground because the air is so dry. keep the umbrella nearby through saturday afternoon or evening. yellow alert heaviest rain 10 p.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow.
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the good news is the rain tapers off to showers and it will be milder. that's our silver lining for saturday, all we got, but plan your activities for sunday, very nice, mix of is sun and -- sun and clouds, a little breezy. futurecast, rain is pretty much here by 10:00 tonight. 8:00 in the morning you're going to wake up, hear the pitter patter of rain, you'll want to go back to sleep and you can because you can't do anything outside a while. this is 8:00 rain down to fredericksburg, down to hagerstown, up to cumberland, really doesn't go anywhere. notice little pockets of yellow? that's really heavy rain. we're back in the 50s is the good news. there's our silver lining. bad news is this will be with us through the early afternoon hours. it will taper off to showers by 4:30. a little drier air moves in, 61 downtown, 60 in leesburg, 60 in manassas. that's some good news.
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by tomorrow evening late we will clear out saturday night. for tonight cloudy, chilly, rain developing, heavy at times, lows in the 40s, winds southeasterly becoming southwesterly by dawn tomorrow at 10:00. by morning cloudy, breezy and cool with more rain. by afternoon mostly cloudy, breezy and cool. rain tapers to shower. the real good news is highs between 60 and 65. we'll break this down. 50 at 7:00, 51 at 9:00, mid-50s at 11:00 and upper 50s at 1:00, not much change on the icon, pretty much rain and showers across the board. yellow alert tomorrow. we're in pretty good shape sunday, seasonable and a bit cooling because there will be a -- bit cooler because there will be a bit of a breeze. next seven days tuesday they're 60, cooler wednesday and thursday and friday of next
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week, some showers thursday, low 50s. spring arr, ivestemperature in the low 50s. the montgomery county department of transportation says it's filled more than 2,000 potholes since the start of the year. i'm seen them on the side of the roads. they have been busy. the department says most potholes were filled within 48 hours of being reported. the agency generally employs four trucks and crews and fill the potholes nearly every day of year, but right now they have 24 trucks and crews on the job. if you have a pothole to get fixed, go to and give us the location and include the city and cross street or block number. a vicious beatdown by teenage girls caught on camera and there's some new information tonight about one of the accused attackers. >> and an important vehicle to tell you about. >> plus a list of some of the
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in tonight's consumer alert after a day of gains the market on wall street ends lower. the dow was down nearly 146 points. the nasdaq dropped 522. general motors is recalling the chevy volt. the automaker says the car is so quiet some people forget to shut it off and when that happens,it can cause a potential carbon monoxide situation and that's a pretty big deal if it's inside a garage. owners should take the car to their dealership for a free software update that will automatically shut off the vehicle if it idles more than 90 minutes. calls them rolling eyesores and they earned a dubious spot on the site's top ugliest cars list. leading the list the toyota turcell wagon followed by the boxy forward mustang sto from 1984 and the more recent
5:26 pm
lincoln mkt. is owned by wusa9's parent company gannett. even the good looking cars won't be getting much love around tax time. a new poll finds people plan to use their a more practical way, 34 paying down debt, 30% investing or saving, 26% funding necessities and just 3%, jan, say they'll have a little fun with their windfall. >> that's okay. i'm glad people have their priorities straight. for the first time since 1947 a pair of bald eagles is nesting at the national arboretum. >> they built their nest on a poplar tree with a great view of downtown tree. the staff believes the eggs were laid on or around january 26th. based on incubation periods the eggs have hatched or will hatch any day now. if the eagles return next year, the arboretum hopes to install
5:27 pm
a webcam so that the eagles' activities can be viewed by everyone. still ahead remember that va hospital in phoenix with the unforgivably long wait time? president obama checks in for a progress report on the changes made so far. >> plus this hi-tech necklace could be the key to weight loss success. >> reporter: the past has come back to haunt a loudoun county leader. it could cost him hi thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period.
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the past has come back to haunt a loudoun county leader. 43-year-old shawn marcus williams is the board of supervisor's vice chairman who represents the broad run district. according to court documents, he beat up his girl friend in 2006 and he's had a couple dui arrests. surae chinn joins us now from loudoun county with more. >> reporter: constituents have mixed feelings. this happened nearly a decade ago in 2006 before he became supervisor in 2012. they were visiting ocean city staying at his grandmother's house when this all happened. >> it's very disappointing, yeah. >> violence is never okay. >> reporter: according to court documents obtained by the washington post williams attacked his then girl friend in a fit of jealous, rage and drinking. he got angry a man called her cell phone. the police report said he
5:31 pm
grabbed her hair, hit her in the face, head and body, then pushed her into a closet with so much force the doors broke. police charged him with first and second degree assault which were later dismissed in 2006. fast forward to last month. he was considered the republican frontrunner to replace chairman scott york's seat. the vice chairman abruptly withdrew his run after accusing his republican opponent of a whispering campaign about his personal life. he wrote to the post and e- mailed the same letter to me. he says there is no excuse for what happened. it was a low point in my life full of grief, anger and binge blackout drinking. he goes on, "i received treatment for alcohol abuse and symptoms related to personality disorder." says he's no longer the same man but far from perfect and apologizes for disappointing his friends, family and community. >> i have mixed feelings. he's done a lot for our community. i appreciate it. my female side is a little
5:32 pm
conflicted about the assault on the women, so i'm for second chances. so i would give him a second chance. >> it's in the past. did he get convicted of anything? >> reporter: no. >> i don't think that he would be representative of the people of the district that he serves. >> reporter: do you think he should resign? >> i do. >> reporter: board members are not asking for his resignation. most didn't even know about this past. williams did not want to go on camera, but he did answer some questions that i asked through e-mail. you can see that in its entirety on, the wusa9 app. he does go on to answer some questions about being sober, how there were two calls to his house while he was a supervisor in 2013 and what those domestic issues were and what he says about people asking for his resignation. that's all on the wusa9 app. back to you. 40 homes along branch avenue in southeast are without water now after pepco crews hit
5:33 pm
a water main. it started last night when a metro transit police officer's car crashed into a utility pole after it was struck by a passing vehicle. no one was hurt, but pole was at risk of falling. pepco crews dug to replace the pole and hit a 12-inch water main in the process. that portion of branch avenue near t street has reopened. president obama visited a feeks va hospital -- phoenix va hospital. the president said many changes have been made since then leading to better care, but the mission is not over. >> we brought in a new team that has been tackling these issues to make sure that wait times for scheduling, access to providers is greatly improved. but what we know is that there is still more work to do. >> during the trim the president was scheduled to -- trip the president was
5:34 pm
scheduled to meet with patients, other veterans and va employees. president obama says he is embarrassed for the 47 senators that sent that open letter to iran this week about a possible nuclear deal. in an interview with vice news the president said the senator's letter is they'rely unpress tented and not how america -- is un-- letter is unprecedented and not how america handles this. this video shows a 15-year- old girl being beat down and there's more that's too graphic for us to show. no one at the restaurant even intervenes. city leaders say the rest of the attackers need to be arrested. >> i'm giving $1,000 a month personal money to find of person that participated in the assault of this young person because it was a crime and i'm not condoning criminal
5:35 pm
behavior. >> 16-year-old ania ferguson has previous run-ins with the law most recently charged with violating an order of protection after fighting with her grandmother and cutting her phone cord. we told you about newly discovered archives from dr. martin luther king, jr. civil rights activists stoney and shirley cooks brought these items to quinns auction galleries. the centerpiece of the collection, this condolence letter after dr. king was assassinated sold for $60,000 last night. the entire collection brought in just under $100,000. dieters could soon have a new hi-tech way to keep track of what they eat. the device even alerts you when you've eaten too much. danielle nottingham spoke with researchers in los angeles. >> reporter: this necklace could become the latest way to keep your diet in check. it measures vibrations to see when you're eating and drinking. >> tells them how much they're
5:36 pm
eating, so it will help them with portion controls and tell them if they've been snacking too much. >> reporter: engineers at ucla tested the necklace on 30 people. they showed us how the device tells users what they ate, how quickly they ate and gives suggestions when you miss a meal. >> it will tell them if they have been dehydrated because they didn't drink enough water. >> reporter: the necklace counts how many times you swallow and the time you spend chewing. users set goals of how much they want to eat and drink on an app and the app alerts them if they overindulge. >> we know exactly how much you are eating. if you take the device off, we will know that, but bottom line, it makes it easy for people. >> reporter: researchers say the necklace is up to 90% accurate and could be available later this year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> researchers plan to expand the necklace's use to help people quit smoking and help people keep up with their
5:37 pm
medication. >> these wearable devices are fascinating. >> they are, but i don't know if i'd like that. >> really? it's a law that allows for massive fines on the express lanes. is it unconstitutional? >> that is one of the first questions in the h.o.t. lanes case to reach circuit court. find out coming up which constitutional issue about thcaese ses concern the judge. >> it sounds like moonshine, looks like beer. the controversial new soft drink is about to hit store shelves. >> plus will ferrell's spring training surprise. >> we're outside. the clouds is here. the rain is not just yet. the rain is not too far away if you're headed out in the next few hours, need a coat and umbrella. we'll give you an hour by hour track through the metro area and tell you which day you
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. >> all right, jan. let's go trending, shall we? >> let's. >> so will ferrell invades spring training in arizona. >> here's what happened. >> reporter: don't act like you're not impressed. no one knows how to make an
5:41 pm
entrance like will ferrell. throughout the day thursday he made five of them touching down on diamonds across arizona for a special spring ng tour. >> they say nothing is more american than watching baseball and eating hotdogs. >> reporter: this was no optical illusion. ferrell took the field in 10 different jerseys for 10 different teams. he stepped up to the plate to pitch a new comedy special and to support the fight against cancer. >> clearly it was light hearted. it was a ton of fun. it didn't feel too competitive. >> he's got talent. >> reporter: ferrell may have gone down swinging, but he's not even mad. the trip was amazing. >> thank you. >> he's got a good arm there. he can throw the ball. >> from what we've seen from
5:42 pm
some of the celebs. a new soft drink is brewing up a bit of controversy tonight. >> it's dew shine made by mountain dew and pepsi and it's said tobe made by real sugar inspired by the backwoods of tennessee, but critics say this packaging looks a lot like craft beer. it will hit shelves later this month. it could take another 10 presidential elections before women earn the same pay as men, why it's taking so long to close the gender gap coming up. >>
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others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta.
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one of the strongest storms in the south pacific in years has been seen east of australia. cyclone pam is a category 5 storm. authorities are worried about the possibility of widespread devastation on the island. textbooks should soon get cheaper for students in maryland. the general assembly is considering a bill to allow
5:46 pm
students to buy books tax free for two weeks at the beginning of the semester. virginia and pennsylvania have similar laws. the annual rock and roll marathon is tomorrow morning at 7:00 and that will make for traffic detours around constitution avenue and 14th northwest. metro will be open at 5 a.m. to help folks get around. for a list of closures, head to our website women still fall far behind men when it comes to salaries and one policy group says women working full time earn about 78 cents to every dollar men earn in wages. although there are no new efforts to bring about change in that inequality a new study says nationally this gender wage gap will not close until 2058 or longer. the president of the united states. >> the president talked about it in his state of the union address. >> congress still needs to pass a law that makes sure a woman is paid the same as a man for
5:47 pm
doing the same work. >> patricia arquette talked about it in her oscar speech and on cbs this morning. >> we're not living in this ozzy harriet world where the male is the provider anymore, so we have to change with the times. women can't wait anymore. >> new research shows women may have to wait quite a while for equal pay. the institute for women's policy research predicts it will take 43 years until men and women are paid the same across the country, but the numbers significantly vary state by state. the report projects florida will be the first to close the gap in 2038, wyoming the last in 144 years. cbs business analyst joe schlessinger says there are a couple reasons why it's taking so long. >> many women populate low paying fields. we also know women are not entering the fast he is growth fields that require -- fastest growth fields that require
5:48 pm
engineering, science and math degrees in great numbers. >> reporter: countries with smaller pay gaps have generous built-in benefits like robust child care and subsidized maternity leave. >> the wage gap for black women is even wider. they are paid 64 cents for every $1 paid to white and nonhispanic men. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> we have a few hour before the rain rolls in, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, looking at temperatures still 55 downtown, but the dew point is in the teens and relative humidity only 24%. so when the rain begins to fall, the air will cool. it will be a raw night tonight. here's the radar, raining in elkins, roanoke along i-81 not yet reaching the ground up toward cumberland. we have a few hours before anything falls. that's good news. we talked about this yesterday, that we'll probably get home through the evening commute before the rain rolls in.
5:49 pm
showing you rain in cumberland, but right now nothing is reaching the ground. it will shortly. i think it will be into loudoun county about 9:00, 9:30 and into fairfax before 10 p.m. tonight. keep your umbrella nearby through saturday afternoon and evening. yellow alert, heaviest rain between 10 p.m. and 1 p.m. tomorrow. good news, milder tomorrow as rain tapers off to showers. bad news, not a great day. the better day will be sunday. plan your outdoor activities for sunday. here's 10:00 tonight. it will be raining about everywhere with temperatures in the 40s by 10:00. by 8:00 still raining just about everywhere. there will be a few gaps, but for the most part we've got rain from hagerstown down to fredericksburg with temps in the 40s. by 1:00 we're getting flecks of yellow which is heavy rain as system rolls through. good news, we're back in the 50s, even a rumble down into southern maryland and the northern neck. finally by this time tomorrow a lot of clouds, but some breaks
5:50 pm
in the activity, just a few showers here and there, most of the showers confined back to the mountains. we finally clear out with temperatures in the 40s tomorrow night. tonight cloudy and chilly, rain developing, heavy at times around midnight, low temps in the 40s, winds becoming southwesterly at 10. now they're southeasterly. break this down. rain across the board, temps start in the 40s, low 50s by 9:00, mid-50s by 11:00, upper 50s by 1:00. we're in pretty good shape sunday. it will be a little cool with the breeze, 55, partly sunny, murphy's law, very nice, gorgeous monday, sunshine, 63 for a high. next seven days tuesday good shape, a few more clouds, temperatures around 60, nice wednesday, cooler. some showers thursday, spring officially arriving on friday with the vernal equinox, a little cool for spring, low 50s. right now you're looking at aerial pictures of the united
5:51 pm
center in chicago where the terps take on indiana in the big 10 tournament tonight. >> the two teams split the games in the regular season. maryland won the final match in college park. kristen berset is in chicago to witness this rubber match. everybody wants to know can maryland get it done? >> reporter: can they get it done? the way they finished this season they surely can, a very strong finish from the terps on the road. think have a lot of confidence -- they have a lot of confidence and what's going to be great at the united center tonight is it's probably going to sound a lot like xfinity center. i was told by fans today it was really hard to get a ticket in the maryland section. it's pretty much sold out. so terps fans have flocked here to the windy city. this was a few moments ago at the team hotel. they had a nice little sendoff for the team, the band, cheerleaders, testudo, loud full of spirit sending their
5:52 pm
team off in style, the fans hoping for some magic in the terps first ever big 10 tournament. coach mark turgeon is confident the success is just beginning. >> my goal is that we continue to get better. if we continue to get better and have fun, we have a chance to be successful in that tournament knowing every game will be hard. we're battle tested, wasn't like we won every game by 20. we lost a few, but the ones we did win were close. i think we've seen almost everything you possibly can see. we're very composed in close games. i expect that to continue in post season. >> reporter: it will be fun and exciting in the united center. the game tips off at 6:30. down south in greensboro the virginia cavaliers play unc tonight. diane roberts has more on their game from north carolina. >> reporter: virginia plays north carolina in about an hour and a half in the semifinals in the new look acc, the 1 without maryland for the first time in
5:53 pm
61 years. cavalier fabs don't seem -- fans don't seem to mind a bit. take a quick peek around and t nat cal, seriously, a -- the fanatical, seriously, a limousine? >> i'm excited. i know my family members around, but i am. >> no, i don't think we're missing them. it's a good crowd. best of luck to them -- where are they? >> reporter: big 10. >> big south, i don't know where they are. >> reporter: many fans like anna's whose whole family went to school there. >> i think they'll definitely go to the final four. >> reporter: the cavs have to beat the carolina tar heels on that court in about an hour to do that. at the acc tournament in
5:54 pm
greensboro, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> reporter: thanks, diane. a big slate of games tonight, maryland, virginia, georgetown and gw. we'll recap it tonight at 11:00. you can hear the fans. that will do it for us in chicago. i'm kristen berset, wusa9 he went to a pastor's home for help but walked out accused of murder. coming up at 6:00 new details in a montgomery county case. >> but first how the isis boco haram alliance could change how the rest of th
5:55 pm
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isis is expanding from the middle east to west africa. >> the extremist group is teaming up with terrorists in australia. >> reporter: isis has accepted a pledge of allegiance from the nigerian terror group boco haram. the fighters killed about 10,000 people last year and are blamed for last april's kidnapping of hundreds of school girls, most of them christians. a spokesman for isis militants urged foreign fighters around the world to join boco haram. security analysts say joining forces gives the isis group a boost. >> they're in this struggle with al-qaeda for leadership of the global jihadist movement and now they've just got one of the most important terrorist groups in the world, one of the largest 10,000 fighters to sign
5:58 pm
up with them. >> reporter: until now boco haram has focused on local targets aiming to impose islamic law across nigeria. experts say the new alliance with isis could get them more money and recruits to attack the west. tina kraus, cbs news. >> isis is struggling to stop iraqi forces from recapturing saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit and militants are coming under u.s. coalition fire in other parts of iraq and syria. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> our yellow alert continues right through saturday morning. why? heavy rain and showers overnight into the morning, what that means for the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: you've heard about those excessive fines on the express lanes. now a circuit court judge is deciding whether the whole tolling system is unconstitutional out here. i'm peggy fox. i'll tell you what happened in court today. >> reporter: why did the metro
5:59 pm
transit police officer shoot a man in the tunnel back here? police not saying much, but we have one possible explanation coming up. like it or not some heavy rains are heading our way just in time for the weekend. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. should you pack an umbrella before you head out tonight? our chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us with more. >> i would definitely pack an umbrella and a coat. it's going to be a chilly raw night. here's radar the past couple hours. toward cumberland and romney and almost approaching winchester, but it's still not reaching the ground yet. the air mass is pretty dry. it is in maryland on the west side of the divide. i think we have another few hours before we have to worry about rain. if you go out tonight, it's going to be raining to beat the band about 10 p.m. tonight. i guess better rain snow.
6:00 pm
40s by 9:00 and low to mid-40s in suburbs, upper 40s downtown. by 8:00 tomorrow morning still pretty much a solid shield of rain with temperatures in the 40s to around 50 downtown and by early afternoon you see little flecks of yellow? that's pretty good rainfall going through the early afternoon hours. temperatures back in the 50s. we'll come back and talk about if we can salvage any of saturday evening and sunday. you have heard about those outrageous fines from violations on virginia's express lanes and today the company responsible for them faced some tough questions from the chief is are cut judge in fairfax. peg if he -- chief circuit judge in fairfax. peggy fox was in court today. >> reporter: if a driver on the express lanes behind


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