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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ce verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v we begin with breaking news. experts are conducting further tests on an influence addressed to the white house that has tested positive for cyanide. that envelope dropped yesterday at the white house mail screening facility which is not on the white house grounds. the envelope reportedly contained a milky substance inside a container wrapped in plastic and initial biological tests for cyanide came back negative, but a chemical test today was positive. law enforcement says nobody was injured. the envelope reportedly had a return address from a man
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described as having previous run-ins with the secret service. >> good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. when a passenger got unruly on a flight out of dulles bound for denver this time last night, it took a few passengers to take him down. >> his arms were in the air as he's saying this plane is going down and i asked him please relax. you need to call down. he didn't do that. at that time i felt the best decision was to put him on the ground. >> we wanted to know what should you do if the same thing happens to you on your next flight? our mola lenghi asked around and is live at dulles airport tonight. what did you find? >> reporter: the last thing you want is for something to go wrong at 20 or 30,000 feet in the air, but if it does and you are a passenger, what are you supposed to do? every day on countless commercial flights conflict arises, though it really comes to this. >> no! come on! >> reporter: but if it does and you're a passenger, what do
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you do? >> i think it's pretty much that you should be prepared if there's a situation. >> reporter: eric middleton says the first thing he'd do is alert flight attendants. >> take care of the situation, but if they couldn't, then if i felt my life was in danger, i would want to step in and do what i needed to do. >> adrenaline rushes in and you just do what you think is right. >> reporter: what's right says the association of flight attendants is to listen to the crew who are in charge of the cabin. >> this is our workspace. we live in it every single day and we are vin structured in how to instruct passengers to -- we are instructed in how to instruct passengers to help with a problem. >> we're charged with the safety, health and security of the passengers in our care in that cabin. >> reporter: but sometimes passengers act on their own. >> if somebody has a knife or is crazed, if it's a female flight attend ant, i think the guys should jump up and knock
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them down and help them out. >> i want to make it back down to the ground, so it's a matter of doing what it takes to make that happen. >> i think if they can help, they should help, but they're not trained, so it's more of a safety risk for them to take the role. >> reporter: nelson stresses flight attendants might have additional information. if you're on a flight, listen for instructions and act accordingly. >> we call on passengers to help us, but we understand it's our responsibility and we go to work with that every single day. >> reporter: you know one thing day. -- one thing to note is flight attend ants are not trained in self-defense but they should be and they are pushing for that training. >> you might wonder where are the air marshals? we're told they are only on board a fraction of flights. he has been a pastor, civil rights leader and d.c. delegate to congress, but as wusa9 was the first to report, a bench
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warrant is out for the arrest of walter fauntroy if anyone can find him. our bruce johnson brings us up to speed on fauntroy's possible whereabouts. >> reporter: the 82-year-old walter taunt provide is a civil rights icon, a leader in the fight for -- fauntroy is a civil rights icon, a leader in the fight for civil rights. tonight his passport has been revoked. >> i met martin luther king, jr. >> reporter: the reverend walter fauntroy was a trusted aide to the late martin luther king, jr. he helped plan the march on washington in 1963 and headed up the washington office for dr. king's southern christian leadership conference. >> to be ending my 50 years here on martin luther king's holiday. >> reporter: today fauntroy is believed to be somewhere in africa. his attorney confirmed today that the 82-year-old fauntroy, the district's first elected delegate to congress, try and return. if former congressman fauntroy
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arrives back in the u.s., is he subject to be arrested? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the arrest warrant dates back to sometime after barack obama was elected president. fauntroy and others hired vendors to an elaborate inaugural affair in suburban maryland, only the event never happened and fauntroy was accused of writing a $50,000 check to cover expenses that bounced. >> i have advised him that in the event he comes back into the country whenever he gets into customs, the bench warrant will pop up on the computer and he would be taken into custody. >> reporter: fauntroy started going to africa, first libya where he claimed to have a relationship with moammar gadhafi. then to algeria and all the way to dubai. friends and family are not sure where in africa he is today. they question his mental state, his living accommodations and say he has no source of income that they know of. friends point out walter fauntroy missed the 50th anniversary of the march on
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washington and he missed the 50th anniversary of selma. he missed marion barry's funeral. all of his friends say this isn't like walter fauntroy. this is bruce johnson reporting for wusa9. >> tonight we did talk to d.c. congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton and she believes that a revoked passport does not prevent fauntroy from traveling back to this country. she said her office is looking into the matter. wusa9 learned a metro transit authority employee is under investigation accused of posting comments on facebook that threaten the relatives of police officers. that employee is gerald mccray. the comments on his facebook address the recent shootings of two police officers in ferguson, missouri. mccray also allegedly wrote, "the best way to solve this problem is for people to randomly pick police officers' family members and kill them." as you might expect, mccray's neighbors are stunned. >> that's strange because i've never seen him or heard him talk like that and seems like a
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nice guy, very nice guy. >> a spokesperson for metro tomorrow us, "we find the comments of this employee repulsive and they in no way reflect the position of the authority." tonight a d.c. cop who also served as a pastor and counselor is accused of sexually abusing underage teenagers. he's officer darrell best and faces four counts of third degree sex abuse while armed. one alleged victim said best forced himself on her inside an office at d.c. police headquarters. another alleged victim said best abused her repeatedly inside his storefront church in southeast d.c. we've got new information on a body found yesterday on the woods in herndon, virginia. the victim is identified as 22- year-old william adolfo revis leiva of herndon. police are investigating this as a homicide. a federal judge denied request from prosecutors to cut back jailhouse telephone access for christopher lee cornell. he's the ohio man accused of
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plotting to attack the u.s. capitol building and kill federal workers. prosecutors had cited security concerns about easy phone access for a man described as a self-proclaimed supporter of isis. cornell pleaded not guilty to charges that include the attempted murder of government employees. police are searching for two masked man caught on camera robbing a rite aid store. it happened last month on east- west highway in silver spring. the video shows the man in a black hoodie pulls a gun on a clerk and customer. the other man in a green camoflauge jacket and red and white santa hat takes money from the registers. both robbers then run off. if you have any information, please call montgomery county police. st. patrick's day partiers are celebrating in arlington's clarendon corridor tonight, a place where pub crawls have created difficulty in the past. >> while the official shamrock pub crawl won't happen till saturday, there's concern the crowd could get rowdy. our hank silverberg is live with a look at the st.
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patrick's day festivities and what's being done to keep them under control. >> reporter: there's no question about it. the best place to celebrate st. patrick's day is in an irish pub. that's what a lot of people are doing here in arlington. everything went really smoothly tonight, but there's some concern. there's a shamrock crawl on saturday, which is one of those public crawls that have created so many problems in arlington. this is a scene last summer at a pub crawl in this corridor that led to 25 arrests. >> you get 4,000 people in any given area there's going to be some problems, but when overall the county and police department does well maintaining the crowd. >> reporter: one of the 12 bars participating says stepped up police enforcement should help prevent repeats. >> it's nice to have the restaurant full at 2:00 in the afternoon on saturday. so would we go under without it? no. >> reporter: it cost arlington
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15 to $20,000 in police overtime during last summer's event. this time the event organizers will pay for such overtime. mark webster is the general manager at this irish pub which does not participate in the crawls. >> some of the people that it brings isn't exactly the consumer you want in your restaurant. a lot of them are here for cheap drinks. they can damage your property, not the best to deal with. >> reporter: what do folks in the neighborhood think? >> 15 years ago there was hardly anything here. now there's all these restaurants and a lot more going on. pub crawls happen once every six months or so. it's not a big deal. >> reporter: tonight, though, it was just music, some beer, a little corned beef and cabbage and the luck of the irish. now they do have stepped up police patrols planned saturday. it's a seven-hour event. so they are concerned and they've even stepped up patrols tonight. there was just a traffic stop behind us while that video was
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on. in arlington hank silverberg, wusa9. >> just takes a few bad apples to ruin everything. thank you. british royalty has arrived in washington. prince charles and his wife camilla touched down at andrews air force base tonight and traveled by motorcade for a reception at the british ambassador's residence in northwest. the royal couple will visit several cultural and educational sites over their three day visit. tomorrow they are scheduled to visit the lincoln memorial, mlk memorial and george washington's mount vernon estate. the future king will stop at the national archives while camilla visits the shakespeare theater. on thursday they will meet with president obama and vice president joe biden at the white house. tonight israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is declaring victory, but his opposition leader isaac herzog is refusing to concede defeat. israelis say it's too close to
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call yet. herzog told his zionist union party supporters he's going to make every effort he can to form the next coalition government. coming up a warning for kraft macaroni and cheese lovers. >> also coming up, an elderly virginia woman who just wants to come home. >> a pennfraternity is suspended after police say members used a facebook page to post photos of nude women online. >> reporter: we are here in portland, home of the second and third rounds in the south regional. are the hoyas ready to roll? my exclusive one on one interview with head coach john thompson, iii coming up. >> , as warm as it's been since november 24th. different story tomorrow morning. i'd grab a had the and gloves tomorrow morning, 30 to 40 at 5:00, 28 to 38 at 7:00 and only mid-30s to 40 by 9:00, breezy
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but not windy tomorrow, a much different deal, chilly to cold. we'll come
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hey, how's it going? oh, jennifer and i had the most romantic vacation. really? there were gunshots... explosions... one night we decided to spice things up so we sent an innocent woman to prison for being a witch. you are guilty! then we called it a night because we had an early tee time. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at kraft foods is recalling 6.5 million boxes of kraft macaroni and cheese because they may contain small pieces
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of metal. the 7.25 boxes were sold individually and in packs of three, four and five and have best when used by dates ranging from september 18th, 2015 through october 11th, 2015 and are marked with the code c2. consumers should return the boxes to the store where they were bought for a refund. for more information you can log onto our wusa9 news app. three morgan state university football players were stabbed on the baltimore campus today. it happened after a fight broke out outside the dining hall. somebody began waving a knife around slashing a player across the chest. another was cut on the cheek, the other in the arm. two had to go to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. the accused stabber was taken into custody in addition to several witnesses, no word on what started the whole thing. a penn state fraternity has been suspended after police say members used a facebook page to post photos of nude women online. >> kris van cleave reports police do not think those women
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knew the photos were being taken. >> reporter: the kappa dell row fraternal at penn state -- fraternity at penn state has been suspended for a year. they had a facebook page with nude or partially nude women who appeared asleep or passed out. a fraternity member tipped them off. >> we caught some graphic very disturbing images. >> reporter: the page included comments from those who viewed it, some bragging about sexual acts. a search warrant claims some photos showed drug use including cocaine, marijuana and add medication. police say the secret facebook page called 2.0 was created eight months ago. that's after the original page was discovered by a victim who saw it when a fraternity member accidentally remained logged into facebook. this is the second time in days that social media contributed to a fraternity's downfall. last week a frat at university of oklahoma was suspended and two students expelled after a
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video of a racist chant went viral. police at penn state say they already have a list of potential charges. >> invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor. we could be looking at harassment which could be a summary or misdemeanor level. >> reporter: investigators are urging victims and witnesses to come forward. kris van cleave, cbs news. a judge says a 96-year-old woman should be permitted to return to her long time alexandria home to the house are made. singer cher promised to cover all the costs. cher was inspired about the woman edith hill and her newlywed husband eddie harrison. their marriage became embroiled in a court dispute whether hill had the capacity to marry harrison. harrison died in december less than a year a custody dispute continued over who should care for edith hill and now she can go back home. a spectacular ending to a high speed chase in northern california. the police pursuit reached
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speeds over 100 miles an hour, wednesday 70 miles by the time -- went 70 miles by the time it was over. that silver suv went over the embankment. the driver apparently unhurt was able to get out on his own. the cops took him into custody. a massive solar storm delivering quite the light show tonight in part of america, the aurora borealis and you can see them from alaska to british columbia to the northwest territories and as far south as the dakotas and suburban milwaukee. that storm hit the earth hard releasing magnetic energy that has the potential of disrupting everything from the power grid to your car's gps. erica grow was tweeting her cable was going she thought maybe this was why. >> that's what they'll tell you. it's a power outage, yeah,
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sure. they rate these magnetic storms 1 to 5. this was a 4. >> it's a big deal. >> we didn't have any issues. >> we thought we'd be able to see it, but you can't see it this far south. it's just rare, what a treat. 73 today, a distant memory by tomorrow. we'll lose 20 degrees in a heartbeat. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, already 45, dew point in the mid-teens. this is sort of a winter air mass. march is changeable. the only good news about march, it can't stay cold that long. you can take some solace in that. how much colder is it 24 hours ago? cumberland lost 27 degrees. pittsburgh lost 30 degrees. we've only lost 9 degrees so far if you do a 24 hour comparison, but it's going to change late tonight into tomorrow morning. everybody needs a coat wednesday morning and i would opt for the winter coat. bus stop temperatures 24 to 40.
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if you walk the kids to the bus stop, wear a winter coat, too. breezy and much cooler wednesday. winter which ends friday could end with some flakes on friday, yeah. futurecast mainly in the low 30s, a few upper 20s here and there, may get down to 29 in gaithersburg, but temps below freezing about everywhere, even 31 in la plata. 9:00 still low to mid-30s with sunshine. by 1:00 if you're walking to lunch, only low to mid-40s. we'll have a northwest wind tomorrow. we had gusts today of 36, winds tomorrow in check 10 to 15. that will add a chill. we'll try to make 50 downtown. northern and western suburbs will probably not quite make 50. 10:00 tomorrow night temps in the 30s in gaithersburg, 38 in leesburg, 37 in manassas, another cold night tomorrow night. overnight clear skies, breezy, cold, lows 28 to 36, wind
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northwest at 10 to 15. only 36 at 9:00, only 40 at 11:00, only 40 five at 1:00. the next two days we're -- 45 at 1:00. next two days we're okay tomorrow, chilly on thursday. i think we'll see snow in the morning friday. st. patty's day today, i couldn't wear anything green because if i wore this green halt, that's what you'd see. next seven days there's your snowflake on friday, nice on saturday, low to mid-60s, a little cooler sunday and temps still a little on the cool side into monday, maybe a rain or snow shower tuesday. that looks more doubtful. spring arrives friday night no matter what. >> we still could see a flake. >> kind of cool, isn't it? there is still professional basketball and hockey, but we're not really paying that much attention to that right now. it's college hoops. >> march madness. they had the first four
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tonight. it really gets going thursday. georgetown has to get over the hump trying to beat some of these lower seeds. we caught up with the head hoya as he arrived in
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> georgetown hoyas have made their way to portland, oregon, for the opening round game against eastern washington late thursday night at 10:00. our dave owens made the trip and he caught up with the head hoya. >> reporter: welcome to portland, everybody. just hours ago the georgetown hoyas arrived here, got off the buses and went to work. john thompson, iii has been saying how much he's impressed with eastern washington. he's had 24 hours to watch film. he's even more impressed. >> it's a where he impressive group. they're -- very impressive group. they're one of the most offensively efficient teams i've seen this year. they have multiple people that can really score. the shooting is unbelievable. they do a great job of spacing and they have a poised presence. >> reporter: how scary is that because they will be here obviously six hours away. they'll have people here in
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large number. they're an undersize group, but they can spread you out in a lot of different ways like some of these smaller teams have done. that's a scary thing. >> it is, but this time of year every team is good. all 68 teams are very good. every one has won their tournament or they're from a multi tournament league. >> reporter: georgetown will have to practice with the portland trail blazers practice because thayer plane arrived too late, either way singularly focused on eastern washington university. we'll see. from portland dave owens, wusa9 sports. no ncaa this year for gw, but they went to pittsburgh to play a panthers team tonight. gw taking care of business. clone yams win 60--- colonials
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win 60-54. great match-up in spring ai trning, nats and the green caps with stephen strasburg and the shamrocks in the batters box facing detroit and justin verlander. four innings pitched, three hits allowed, no run, five strikeouts for the righty, but not as good of outing for mr. upton. the nats tweet the tigers 6-4. after the outing silver steve isn't focusing on if he starts opening day. >> i just worry about what i can do. i want to go out there and give the team the best opportunity to win the ballgame. so just trying to go out there and do my job. >> doing his job, young berg looking good. >> looking forward to the nats, but let's
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we're all talking march madness here. we'd love to see your brackets. if you want to, you can join us online or you can tweet us any time of the day @januaryjeffcoat. >> my bracket is in. mcginty's madness is in at if you want to check it out, compare, contrast. you may beat me. i may beat you. we got
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