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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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pastor and that he sexually assaulted her three times while wearing his firearm, badge, handcuffs and baton. on february 14th she says he bent her over and sexually assaulted her and then said happy valentine's day. investigators say they have surveillance tape of best getting off the elevator on the fifth floor of police headquarters with a then 17- year-old with tears well up ing up in her eyes she stood in his office and told investigators that that was where best used force to climb on top of her even as she demanded he stop. >> officer best is officially assigned to fourth district, but the commander there brought him here to police headquarters as an administrative aide when she was promoted to assistant chief. reporting live from d. c.
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police headquarters, bruce leshan wusa9. >> officer best is still in jail. he's due back in court tomorrow morning trying to get bail. police in arizona say they have captured the man who pulled the trigone trigger in a shooting rampage in mesa. he killed someone and wounded five others. he opened fire at a hotel then at a restaurant nearby, then in an apartment complex. he hijacked a honda and broke into an apartment. the motive, not sure yet. his name is ryan jiro. according to sources he reportedly served prison time twice before on charges that include assault. the temps are falling and we've got some snow in the forecast. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now. . >> it's going to be a freakout snow. we issued a yellow alert for friday. most of the accumulation will be on the grassy surfaces and if you're up in the mountains a
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little bit you'll get some more snow. winter's going to hang on until the bitter end. friday a yellow alert for snow and rain. mornings community wet with snow, rain south and east of d. c. and evening commute wet with rain and showers everywhere. i think even the places north and west of town will eventually turn to rain as we go through the day. this is 6:00 in the morning on friday. you can see the precipitation already over spread most of the area. the blue is snow, and the green is rain. generally we're just talking about a rain or snow event. by 9:00 pretty good area of snow across much of the metro area. this may be a little for a south. certainly d. c. north by 9:00 if you're going to work or school you're going to see snowfall. the good news is the temps, 38, 35, above freezing. don't see problems within the beltway in terms of roads. you have to get up towards frederick west of route 15 out in loudoun county to have any problems. we'll talk about the possibility of accumulation and
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also we'll talk about spring arriving. quick turn around from this snow. you'll be surprised. metro says it appears a woman tried to kill herself this afternoon by jumping on to the tracks just as the train pulled into the greenbelt station. we talked with an eyewitness who did not want to give his name. >> i was like 5 feet away. my eyes were right on the train. then she just like jumped. it's so hard. >> very hard? >> yeah. never seen this. >> you can manage, a lot -- you can imagine, a lot of folks shaken up. the woman was injured, but still alive when rescue teams got there. metro has since reopened the station. right now the secret service is conducting more tests on a letter sent to the white house that did test positive for cyanide. we get the rest of the story from craig boswell. >> a third test is expected to determine whether a letter sent to the white house contained cyanide. biological tests on the letter were negative, but a chemical screening test came back with a
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presumptive pods positive reading for cyanide, a potentially lethal toxin that attacks the heart and nervous system. the contents of the letter are being described as a milky substance found inside a container. further tests are underway. for now the secret service is not commenting on its criminal investigation. the white house has not said if the letter was address today president obama. craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> the white house mail screening facility ramped up after letters containing anthrax were sent to the white house and capitol hill after 9/11. it is a story we first brought you yesterday at 5, concern is now growing tonight for former d. c. congressional delegate walter fontroy. the 82-year-old seems to have disappeared in west africa or dubai. family and friends cannot reach him, and there is trouble back
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here for fontroy. a bench warrant is on file for his arrest. what can you tell us about this? >> first off, we can't give you the good news. we can't tell you where walter is tonight, if he's okay or not. from capitol hill to the faith community, lots of people looking for the 82-year-old public figure. we do have new information on what caused a bench warrant to be issued for his arrest back here. >> had a tough mind and a tender heart. it was very clear. >> walter fontroy had been martin luther king's go to person in washington. he helped start the demonstrations at the south african embassy to protest that country's apartheid system which ultimately led to nelson mandela's release from prison. now at 82, he is somewhere in africa maybe hiding, maybe not, but there is worry all around back here for his health and for his safety. >> we're concerned about him of course, we're concerned about him physically as well as his mental well being. >> part of a committee recently
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formed back here to help find troy's wife. >> his wife is here, and she's having some challenges and we as a community want to rally around her and to support her while we wait to see what happens to her husband. >> walter fontroy is wanted in prince george's county for a debacle at the gaylord resort that dates back to barack obama's election as president. he and others had planned to throw an elaborate inaugural that ended up in an incredible bust. names like nelson mandela, the president of kenya had been mentioned. aretha franklin was supposed to be among the entertainers. when it didn't happen a lot of people were left holding the bag. walter fontroy wrote a check for $50,000 that he couldn't cover. >> i have advised him in the event he comes back into the country whenever he gets into customs, the bench warrant will pop up on the computer and he will be taken into custody.
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>> that was fontroy's attorney. we've got correspondence fontroy admits he created a financial debacle for himself and others for planning that inauguration. he apologizes apologizes and a letter promises to make good on what people lost. one creditor claims his investment was over a million dollars. >> wow, and you also mentioned yesterday about the congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, what involvement. >> we're trying to figure out the status of his passport. we reported yesterday it had been revoked. can he get back into the country, should he show up at an airport. also looking at getting the state department involve. the state department was able to identify where he was r he was staying. we're trying to figure out if the state department can help put their eyes or hands on him. >> still missing today. >> all right. thank you. right now montgomery county man is behind bars charged with murder in what may have been a bloody end to a love triangle. cops arrested erick ramirez last night. he is accused of shooting
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jonathan lopez to death monday night near piney branch road in silver spring. investigators believe the victim was in a relationship with a woman who had a child with ramirez, and police say after a series of text messages ramirez showed up to lopez's home, shot him and ran off. ramirez is now charged with first degree murder. and no charges will be filed against an intelligence agency employee who crashed a drone on the lawn of the white house earlier this year. that according to the u.s. attorney's office. that man whose name is yet to beflying that drone near the white house when he lost control. figuring it had crashed on the national mall, the man went to bed. later on they found the drone on the white house lawn. much of the air space over d. c. is off limits to any sort of aircraft. terror in tunisia. 19 people were killed today when gunmen dressed in military style uniforms opened fire inside a popular museum. the drama unfolded on live television. two of the gunmen were killed
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in a shootout. tunisia is now struggling to keep islamic extremists out of that region including militants linked to isis. japanese police are investigating death threats against u.s. ambassador carlin kennedy. a man speaking english made multiple threats over the phone. the reports emerged hours before first lady michelle obama arrived in japan for her visit. prince charles and his wife camilla are here now. >> today marked their first full day of sightseeing debra alfarone was there to see the people vying for a glimpse of the royals. >> reporter: they touched down here last night. tomorrow they're going to be at the white house. today they just played tourist. >> before the royals look around, the dogs have to sniff around. security is tight when prince charles and his wife camilla,
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duchess of corn wall visit. today the royal duo took in the majestic mlk memorial with the reverend jesse jackson and representative john lewis of georgia. just try to get a good picture. it's not easy. >> it's a big deal. >> how come? >> it's just not every day that you see, you know, them walking around. >> high school student megan chapel is right. >> look right. >> okay. okay. that's enough, please. >> i've never seen this many like camera people before so that was really cool. >> cool and windy. >> it was worth freezing for, yes. >> some of these students are here from the commonwealth governor's school in fredericksburg virginia. >> this is royalty. prince charles is the next in line to be king of england. we're here in a field trip studying u.s. history and blending u.s. and english history, what a perfect timing for us for the visit. >> the prince of wales and his wife also stopped by george washington's mount vernon estate in virginia and the shakespeare theater. it's a jammed schedule with lots of opportunities for royal watching. >> what was the coolest part,
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the coolest coolest part? >> he kind of waved at me. [ laughter ] >> are you sure it was you? >> it was my general direction. >> reporter: also on the agenda, the royal couple will visit with president obama and vice president biden here. they're also going to go to a public charter school. prince charles is making his visit at the request of the british government. it's all aimed at polishing up that special relationship between them and us. we're live here at the white house tonight, debra alfarone wusa9. >> i like your game, see if you can find camilla in the picture. i found her in one of them. >> reporter: they did not let us anywhere near but lots of those kids they were all going like this taking pictures. i don't know how that worked, but anyway. >> thanks deb. we're just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5. it is the surprise of a lifetime for local students getting scholarships to one of the country's finest universities.
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stephanie ramirez brings us a heartwarming story coming your way at 5:30. >> plus topper's back with more on our snowy forecast. >> and coming up, how to know if your box
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foster. oh, man, i can't believe it, tonight kraft foods is warning customers they have a massive recall of one of the most popular products they make. >> the company is recalling more than 240,000 cases of its original macaroni and cheese over concerns that shards of metal may have gotten into those boxes. >> what you need to know to find out if your food in your kitchen could perhaps need to go back to the factory. >> yeah, derek, those 240,000 cases translate into about 6.5
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million little blue boxes like this, and kraft says that now recalled mac and cheese was shipped to every state in the union. >> open the ubiquitous blue box, boil the noodles, mix in that neon orange powdered cheese, and in minutes you have a meal familiar to parents, college students or anyone in a hurry. >> does this look like something we would find in your house when your kids were younger? >> when they were younger, yes, several boxes on a shelf. >> at home i would usually eat it like once a week. >> kraft foods told wusa9 a bit of steel wedged into production equipment may have caused small bits of metal to get into some mac and cheese bostons. eight customers have complained after finding metal discovered so far with no injuries reported. >> oh, wow. that's not good. that's not good at all. >> kraft says only its original flavor is affected by the
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recall. they will have a september 18 through october 11 date on the side along with the digits c2. any other variety or date is safe to seat. >> is this going to shake your confidence in the blue box? >> probably not. i mean kraft's got a pretty good name no matter what. >> the hot dog and the mac and cheese, haven't had it in ten years, and that might be it for me. i might be done with it. >> and again, the boxes recalled are all that 7 and a quarter ounce size with dates on the side ranging from september 18 september 18th to october 11 october 11th. kraft says you'll be able to take them back to your point of purchase for a full refund. reporting live, garrett hague wusa9. kraft's stock traded lower all day but closed up at $61.87. the only station with weather alert days. wusa9's first alert weather. >> i cannot believe we're
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talking snow. >> a yellow alert for friday for rain and snow. >> red alert, ready snow. >> i don't know if it's red o'meter worthy. for tonight just cold. some areas struggled to get to either side of 50 today which is below average. your average high is about 57. we're at 52 downtown. what pops out at me and may or may not pop out at you, the dew point is 9 degrees. the relative humidity is 18%. that means your indoor relative humidity is probably running about 4 or 5% so very dry air mass. i point that out because tomorrow night and friday morning could be very important because what's going to happen is that temperature's going to rise and the temperature's going to fall. they'll meet somewhere in between. that's going to mean a little snow. cold start, grab a winter coat for tomorrow. bus stop temperatures, 26 to 42. not windy or breezy tomorrow but still cold. thursday afternoon just a few
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clouds and a little bit chilly, not a bad day, and then friday snow and or rain for both commutes, yes, for both commutes. futurecast 10:00 tonight, upper 30s in manassas, upper 30s in leesburg, it's clear, low 40s downtown and then we're going to advance pretty far. by 6 a.m. in the morning we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. a few high clouds to the south and west to us. we're going to advance to 6 p.m. almost 24 hours from now. 6 p.m. on the futurecast. we're still partly cloudy. we're okay. high clouds streaming in. all the precipitation is way to the south and west of us. by 6 a.m. we'll stop, and now blue is snow. green is rain, and then the magenta is a mix. it's really going to be one or the other. it's not going to be that much sleet at all. just rain or snow. think of that. that's the legend up there. noticed temps, 36 downtown, 34 in manassas and leesburg and gaithersburg and frederick. it's got to snow really really hard if service temperatures are above freezing. if you have a little elevation
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you may be around 32 degrees. get a little more accumulation other than the grass. for the most part it's going to be accumulation on the grassy surfaces. 38 by noon, still snow north of town, and down into southern maryland even across i-66 into manassas. i think everybody's going to end as rain by evening. prepare for two wet commutes on friday, therefore a yellow alert. tonight just clear and cold again, 26 to 34. winds out of the northwest at about 10. they're finally calming down. day planner, 34 to start, clear skies, 37 at 9:00. 43 by 11. just few high clouds by 1:00 and 47 walking to lunch i think you would probably want a little jacket. so on friday there's your yellow alert, a.m. snow, then rain, 44. we're going to make it above freezing no doubt, and the good news is it can't stay cold long this time of year. spring arrives at 6:45 on friday. mild again on saturday, our first full day of spring will be nice with temps around 60. next seven-day, temps will go
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down a little bit. upper 50s on sunday but with sunshine. only around 50 on tuesday. a little chilly on tuesday and 56 on wednesday. notice no rain or snow flakes for that matter, saturday through next wednesday. >> sounds good. police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident out on i-270. it happened near the father hurley boulevard exit at 1:00 this morning. investigators say the driver of a tractor-trailer hit a man in one of the southbound lanes. he was a ped, and he was pronounced dead on the scene. police aren't sure why he was out walking on the highway. they do say they smelled alcohol in his car which was parked object side of the road. fairfax county held an online chat with parents on keeping kids safe online. one anonymous user asked how can i protect my children on social media without being over protective. the county consumer expert wrote ensure that all privacy settings are enabled on social media pro profiles. you can also set privacy settings on your routers and see a
5:21 pm
transcript of the chat cher is helping a virginia woman return to her home. >> it was back in july when we told you about edith hill and her husband eddie harrison. they were a couple in their 90s fighting to stay married. they wanted the couple separated arguing that dementia had kept her from making her own decision. after a judge's decision hill's daughter moved her to florida and two weeks later harrison passed away. now a judge has ruled edith hill can return to her home, a home the entertainer is paying to fix. facebook is making it easier to send your friends cash and the once popular and ubiquitous search engine is going to the recycle bin. details in tonight's consumer alert. >> this is the aftermath. wait until you see the incredible video of
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a family's boiler turned into a bomb and it was captured on a nanny cam. pretty unbelievable right.
5:25 pm
it happened in washington state. ann marie saw the shocking footage from work. >> i logged in and just went ohhh left everything there where the meeting was and just raced home. >> did that not freak you out too. hearing the explosion. the kid's nanny ran into the baby's room. her older brother went to work with daddy which could have saved his life. the boiler that exploded was a model from the 1960s. the family is urging people to get their heating heating heating and cooling appliances inspected regularly so accidents like this one do not happen again. in tonight's consumer alert the markets on wall street had a late afternoon rally. the dow up 221 points, the nasdaq gaining 45. american express is rolling out a new loyalty program. it's called plenty with an i on the end. it partners with certain major brands. for instance, buy new shoes at macy's and you can use points to get a discount on your at&t
5:26 pm
bill. it's not connected to a credit card and customers can use any form of payment. microsoft is putting its internet explorer out to pasture. the web browser will be replaced with a flashier faster one code named project spartan. this thing is going to run on phones, tablets and pcs but it is mainly for use in mobile devices. it's part of the company's game plan to remake itself. and you'll soon be able to send a friend money through facebook's messenger app. you link a debit card to the service to instantly transfer money. facebook says its payment systems are kept in a separate and secure environment away from other parts of the network. i'm sure there's no mischief going to be done there. >> yeah. >> still ahead a u.s. veteran charged with trying to join isis. we're going to show you what the fbi says it found on his computer. >> jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial get a firsthand look at evidence including makeshift explosives.
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i'm marlie hall with the latest coming up. >> i'm stephanie ramirez in d. c. where today nine lucky high school students
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9 lucky students got the surprise of their lives today. george washington university's president and mascot showed up at their schools to award the seniors their award letters. stephanie ramirez caught all the tears and smiles on camera. what a great day for these
5:30 pm
kids. >> reporter: these are all deserving students who won full scholarships to george washington university. that's tuition, room, board and books. now i am not a math major but we did break down the numbers for you. if you look at tuition and housing alone for four years this huge gift will save each family involved at least $233,000. >> soon enough, that door opened. >> hi mario. >> oh, what's happening? >> mario velazquez from benjamin ben kerr academic high school, one of nine students today stunned by george washington university's president dean of admissions and an extra large george washington making up the gw prize patrol and arriving unannounced. velazquez fighting back tears. >> i'm not a crier so. >> i'm sorry. >> his mother telling us as a
5:31 pm
singer parent she -- single parent she wouldn't have been able to afford the tuition without this. >> we try and we try our best. we can get there. >> that message resonating with nine families today. the steven joel scholarship is one of the most prestigious and competitive awards at the school. >> it's inspiring for all their other classmates. they see that this kind of possibility is in their future if they also put it to work and get the kind of recognition they deserve. >> we have been working for this for a long time. >> for me to get this scholarship it just like reassures me that i have potential. i can be like successful. >> and the nine students elected came from eight different d. c. schools. they beat out over 100 candidates to get this, and the president of gw says this is only for d. c. students as a way for the university to give back to the city it calls home. in the newsroom back to you guys.
5:32 pm
>> $233,000. that is incredible. >> that's a lot of money. >> yeah it is. >> thank you so much. if you're interested for next year students are nominated for the awards by their high school counselors. the student has to apply and they both go through an interview process. a former air force mechanic was arraigned on terrorism charges. 47-year-old tairod pugh is accused of trying to cross into syria to join isis. he entered a plea of not guilty. he flew from egypt to turkey. turkish officials became suspicious and sent him back to egypt where he was deported to the u.s. >> what you've seen here is greater international cooperation no doubt around the threat of foreign fighters flowing into the syrian conflict but also potentially flowing back into western countries. >> the fbi says it found 180 jihadist propaganda videos on pugh's computer along with a letter that said "i am a sword against the oppressor. there are only two possible
5:33 pm
outcomes for me, victory or martyr." he's been dipping his big toe in the presidential waters for decades. today donald trump says he's ready to take it one step further announcing plans to form a presidential exploratory committee. forming that committee allows trump to begin raising money for a presidential campaign. trump is in fact scheduled to be in new hampshire tomorrow. one of wisconsin governor scott walker's aides is stepping down after disparaging tweets about iowa. she tweeted the sooner reremove iowa's front running status, the better off american politics and policy will be. and then there's this one. in other news i see iowa is once again embarrassing itself and the gop this morning. thanks guys. both of those tweets are from back in january. this morning one final tweet, final thought, people have mischaracterized my views as hating iowans. that saddens me and is wrong and inaccurate. new developments in the
5:34 pm
case against eccentric millionaire and accused killer robert durst. authorities want to know whether he had a hand in additional missing persons cases. two teenage girls disappeared in northern california in 1997. investigators placed durst in that area around that time. police did raid his home in houston yesterday and so far he's only charged with one murder, that of his former friend, susan berman in california. voters in israel turned out in record numbers to reelect prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the win marks a surprising comeback for netanyahu who trailed in opinion polls. the leader is standing by his new position to never allow the creation of a palestinian state. day 9 of the boston marathon bombing trial. today jurors got to see some of the homemade bombs the police say the tsarnaev brothers tossed at them during a vicious gunfight. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces the death penalty if convicted. marlie hall with more from boston. >> jurors in dzhokhar tsarnaev death penalty trial were shown two of the homemade bombs that
5:35 pm
police cesar say tsarnaev and his older brother hurled at them during a gunfight. massive the state police trooper robert mccarthy testified the unexploded metal bombs were filled with bbs and explosive powder. and injured 264. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers allege older brother tamerlan was the mastermind of the marathon attack and that his brother was just following his
5:36 pm
lead, but prosecutors say dzhokhar was a willing participant in the attacks. marlie hall, cbs news boston. and prosecutors are hoping to wrap up their case sometime next week. a baltimore ravens player is in trouble arrested overnight for drunk driving. police stopped running back bernard pierce for speeding on i-695 in towson about 2:00 this morning. investigators brought pierce to the station. the baltimore sun reports that the ravens have cut the running back. pierce is the ninth ravens player arrested in the past 13 months. positive news now, hard to imagine better news for cincinnati bengals player kevin devin still. he posted this picture on instagram after allergy the tests show no signs of cancer in his daughter leah's body. more tests are still needed but the stills have every reason to be excited tonight. >> yes, they do. lesli is off the air tonight but she's on duty at
5:37 pm
the big top. >> she was whooping it up and clowning around with some of the ringling brothers performers. they brought joy to children served by our local easter seals. tonight brings together caregivers and families of children of special needs and wounded warriors for much needed fun. it all kicks off at 7 p.m. at vers. >> she's not moving there. >> but she's got hoop action. see her moving her hips there. he fought for our freedom. now a disabled vet is in a fight with transurban after he got into a hot lane by mistake. >> and trending right now, why elon musk thinks driving your own car could one day be illegal. >> and video of the day, family members reacting to the stunning birth of a surprise baby boy. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt a little bit chilly today. we were 73 yesterday, low 50s today. pollen doesn't care. still in the high range for tree pollen and low for mold spores. we'll come
5:38 pm
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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taking a look at stories trending tonight. after an ultrasound a family was preparing and fully expecting a baby girl. >> ahh but things don't always go like they're expecting to
5:41 pm
go. watch the family's reaction after momma gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. >> you shocked us too. >> are you kidding me? >> well, charles, welcome to the world [ laughter ] >> that lady's mouth is still open tonight. [ laughter ] >> they had already named the child charlee with two es on the end. time is running out for you people who like to drive your own car so says musk. >> it's going to be so like old in a few years. musk believes it's soon going to be illegal for people to drive themselves. it will be the norm not the exception in 20 years. tesla, google and other companies have been working on
5:42 pm
self-driving cars. >> i kind of enjoy driving. i like driving. come on now. let's be real. pee wee herman, one of your favorites right. >> why does he have to be my favorite. >> he's making a comeback for you. >> his real name is paul reuben. he's an actor and he's dusting off the gray suit and bow tie for pee wee's big holiday. he is blogging about the film which is already underway on the movie is distributed exclusively on netflix. >> that must mean it's going to be funny. >> and it's on netflix. someone could be watching you next time you rent a car, details on a new plan by a rental car company coming up. >> and the maryland terps back in the tournament for the first time since 2010. coming up we're going to
5:43 pm
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and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. a tragic story out of north carolina tonight. three young children stabbed to death. their accused killer behind bars. newburn police arrested after responding to calls about a man with a knife. once on the scene the cop found the suspects and victims including the kids' parents who were also injured. prince george's county police are on the hunt for two
5:46 pm
suspects who robbed a convenience store in fort washington. check out this surveillance video from the incident that happened on allentown road. one of the suspects armed with a gun came around the counter and demanded money from the clerk. please call prince george's county police if you have any information. hurst has decided to install cameras in a lot of its cars. the rental car company says as of now the devices do not function. some privacy advocates are asking how come hertz is putting cameras in in any case. >> gps technology has become an essential tool for millions of drivers. some devices even allow you to make a direct voice connection. >> this is on star. >> with emergency services. now hertz is adding a camera to its navigation system. rich broom is with the hertz corporation. broom says the camera is not currently operational, but admits they're toying with the idea of making it a part of
5:47 pm
their latest system which has video conference capabilities. >> what would something like that be used for? >> we see real life applications from video conferencing as people have gotten use today applications like skype and face time, but we haven't made the decision yesterday whether to go forward. it made a lot of sense to us to install the hardware now in this generation, rather than discover maybe a year from now that, hey, video conferencing is something people want. >> the cameras are now in one out of every eight of hertz's half a million vehicles which experts say could be invading the privacy of unsuspecting drivers. >> technology today is moving so fast that the laws can't keep up. >> jay stan lee senior policy analyst at the aclu says federal laws prohibit companies from recording audio but none address the use of video. >> it has this little glass lens 4 feet away from you staring you in the face, it's going to make you self- conscious. >> imagine your camera without a battery, it won't work there. the other important thing is there's no software that will
5:48 pm
enable that camera to function. >> hertz says customers uncomfortable with the system will be given the option of choosing a different car. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> okay, 73 yesterday, 53 today. we talked about losing a quick 20. we did. live look outside with our michael & son weather cam. it's nice enough outside. winds hung on today. winds were gusting up to 40 miles per hour. down to 52 in nashville. the dew point's 9. relative humidity 18%. that is very dry for this part of the world and this part of the year. cold start tomorrow. i need your winter coat. bus stop temperatures 26 to 42. treat that as a winter's day. friday snow and or rain for both commutes. i looked at new guidance, and i tell you what, snow's going to look impressive between about a 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. period. d. c. north and west especially up towards gaithersburg and out towards leesburg. keep that in mind, i would sort
5:49 pm
of plan ahead right now for adding extra time for your commute on friday. 10:00 on the futurecast tonight. we have 30s, upper 30s in the suburbs, 37 gaithersburg and manassas. by 6 a.m., temperatures below freezing in most of the suburbs, mid-30s downtown. we're going to advance it all the way now to 6 p.m. tomorrow. just some high clouds coming in. we'll have plenty of sunshine tomorrow. you'll need your shades tomorrow. most of the thicker clouds well to the south of us by this time tomorrow. then by morning on friday this activity rolls in very very quickly. again, blue is snow and green is the rain and we're talking about neither rain or snow. the good news is temperatures above freezing at 6:00. pretty good areas of snow will be falling so reduced visibility. it certainly won't be a problem inside the beltway. sort of keep that in mind. always have the freakout factor with snow in the metro area. by noon still some snow north of d. c. temperatures are above freezing. 36 this leesburg, 37 in frederick. if this heavy burst of snow occurs, it's going to be able
5:50 pm
to overcome some of these surface temperatures, and you folks will see some snow falling quicker than it can melt and you folks in some of the higher elevations just above say 8 or 900 feet could see more accumulations because your temps would be lower. by 5:30 everything will go to rain. prepare for two wet commutes on friday. and we've issued a yellow alert. 34 at 7:00 on thursday. upper 30s by 9. low 40s by 11 and upper 40s by 1:00. just some high clouds by 1, but dry. there's your yellow alert. morning snow then rain, only 44 for a high. the first full day of spring, saturday. sunshine and 60. march is a cool month, i think. upper 50s on sunday, low 50s monday, kind of chilly on tuesday and 50. dry and then 56 on wednesday and also dry. we're less than 24 hours away from the second round games in the ncaa tournament.
5:51 pm
>> we're very excited about this. our kristen berset is out in columbus covering the terps. >> hey, guys, yeah the madness has pretty much already begun. the second round games, the terps, the hoyas the cavs all going dancing. the terrapins begin their first quest in five years for an ncaa title. the terps left college park the media and have just arrived hear in columbus at their hotel just up the road behind me. the terps are probably one of the biggest surprises this season finishing second in their first season in the big 10 conference. we spoke with the team this afternoon before they left college park about what all of this means for their program. >> it's pretty important, obviously. huge for our program and i think it's how we did it, too. it's not like we limped into this tournament. we won eight of our last nine games and won 27 games and got a 4 seed. >> i was kind of preached at my guys and tell them savor all
5:52 pm
these moments because it goes by really fast. you guys have to understand that you have something special here, and you've got to keep that going. >> reporter: the terps of course don't play until friday afternoon, but they're not the only ones dancing like i said. the virginia cavaliers they're down in charlotte and the georgetown hoyas are all the way on the west coast in portland oregon. that's where we find our dave owens. the motor center here in portland and they call it rip city. will georgetown's tournament dreams be torn apart by eastern washington. only time will tell. what's going on in portland, let's find out. >> hey, this must be one of the dance teams from the ncaa tournament teams. >> no, dave this is the wilsonville high school dance team. hit it ladies. >> you definitely want to be dancing this time of year. >> teams have come from everywhere. >> i think he's going to have a field day. >> fans in the house representing. >> i see a 20 plus game.
5:53 pm
>> oh really. >> 20 plus point game. >> arizona wildcats, they're confident too. >> i think they're going to need some voodoo magic to beat you guys. what do you think? >> might be rubbing a few dolls. e maybpushing a few pins. we'll see. >> i love your red jacket. >> this back but minus a button. the lady took my button from utah. just joking. it actually fell off in the street. we're obviously having a lot of fun here in portland, but serious business. georgetown's going to be practicing here in just a little bit. we will have video of that a little bit later on. for now we are in portland, dave owens for wusa9 sports, guys, ladies back to you. like i said before the madness has already begun. we've had the play-in games already. in an upset hampton beat manhattan. their reward for that is a date with top seeded kentucky. whoo hoo.
5:54 pm
i know they're so excited about that. but after their victory the head coach reached out to a higher power for some help. >> i told you i had had jesus on speed dial so, hey, jesus. first of all, you can't play so i ain't worried about you being hot, okay, fine. they want to know how much of a mountain. hello. hello. i guess he'll get back to me so i'll get back to you. >> reporter: hello jesus, yeah, when's it going to get warm again, hello. hello. i guess he'll get back to me too. for now good thing basketball is indoors. we'll have much more on march madness coming up in a little bit. guys back to you. all much. and coming up at 6, a health alert you don't want to miss. a new drug showing promise in slowing the progression of alzheimer's. and he nearly lost his home because of a reverse mortgage until a neighborhood stepped in. next what you ought to look out
5:55 pm
for if you're considering applying for one of those th
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
robert bennett has lived in his annapolis home for 40 years. >> today he's fighting to keep it. he just may get to thank the generosity of strangers. >> robert bennett and his wife moved into this house on drew street in 1975. they raised their family here.
5:58 pm
>> i have five daughters,. >> but now he's afraid he could lose it because of a reverse mortgage. in 2008 the bennetts ran into money trouble. then ophelia took out a reverse mortgage. >> they was calling people on the phone and they t it up. >> the lender came to the bennett's home but only ophelia signed the papers. >> he told me that was the way it was done at that time. >> one month later she passed away. because robert's name wasn't on the mortgage he was told he had to pay off the loan within a year or the home would be foreclosed. >> i didn't know. if i would have knowed. >> in total he owes lenders $13,000. reverse mortgages are available to seniors over the age of 62 and many people have them. last year 51,000 seniors across the united states took out reverse mortgages but they can be risky and experts recommend seeking counseling from an agency approved by the department of housing and urban development before you sign anything. >> there are a lot of risks
5:59 pm
involved. eventually the person could potentially lose their home or a loved one may not be able to stay there. we just want people to make informed decisions. >> robert bennett's story may have a happy ending because this go fund me site first set up by a neighbor he'd never met has raised over $14,000 that will go towards paying off the money robert owes. >> i appreciate that very much. >> and that was ellison barber reporting. that go fund me site is over the amount robert says he owes and officials at the housing department tell wusa9 they are aware of mr. bennett's story and are seeing how they can help. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5. wusa9 news at 6 starts right now. he fought for our country and now he's fighting transurban over a $500 hot lanes violation for just one trip. i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell you why there's optimism this case and others could be dismissed. >> it may not have been the
6:00 pm
first time. new details tonight in the case against a d. c. cop and pastor accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls. >> the snowfall accumulation map may be overdone but winter ends on friday. he's not going to go away easily. yellow alert for friday. for the first time a judge has thrown out a hot lanes case over the statute of limitations argument. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeff coe. >> and i'm derek mcginty. one of those drivers is a disabled veteran. peggy fox joins us now from the fairfax county courthouse with that story. >> reporter: well, the vietnam vet has nerve damage and can barely walk. fortunately an attorney took his case for free so he didn't


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