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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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snow. up 270. notice they're above freezing. the snow is down to dc, but the temperatures are still in the mid-30s as it will take a while to accumulation with no worries. either way it will be a slow commute on your friday morning. >> thank you, top. neighbors in prince george's county today took a stand against a super wal-mart as they say they just don't want in their neighborhoods. >> reporter: the county's planning board approved that construction needed for the wal- mart to be build in annapolis and glendale roads last year. but the district council asked them to reconsider that today. and he spoke to neighbors, who don't want wal-mart in their backyards. >> reporter: today's hearing at the county administration building was delayed for four hours in part to accumdate the dozens of those people that wanted to come to speak here today to put in that 24-hour wal-mart in their community. >> reporter: it is real quiet here. >> reporter: the calm that she has found tucked in to the
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woods at the shopping center. >> it's a quiet neighborhood as i live on the back of these town homes. and my home faces the trees. >> reporter: but now she fears that the 24-hour super wal-mart will flood the neighborhood with traffic at all i hours. >> absolutely. but for me that it is not just in my backyard, but i don't even like wal-mart in that community. >> reporter: she lives next door and has become a leader in that anti-wal-mart fight. >> this is a small quiet residential neighborhood. and this plaza, it is a neighborhood plaza. not an appropriate place for an intense 24-hour super wal-mart. >> reporter: in a statement they told wusa that they are looking forward to revitalizing a building that has sat vacant for 500 years.
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they argued that they had met their requirements to expand and open. even if that is true, they are fighting against the largest retailer. >> regardless of what is going to happen today that we will keep fighting. >> reporter: with so many speakers, that meeting will continue now, as we have the results to make it available to you on our website. reporting from prince george's county, wusa9. police have identified the three people killed in a double- murder suicide in maryland. the 87-year-old johnny green shot his 86-year-old wife mary and their 56-year-old son mark with special needs. those shootings happened in knoxville about 60 miles northwest of dc and washington county. surae chinn went there today and talked to the neighbors. >> reporter: the community is stunned. police say that the 86-year-old
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called a family member to say that he had shot his wife and his son with special needs. >> johnny shot all of them and himself too. >> reporter: she has lived in her home for more than five decades and has known the family across the street for years. the couple suffered health issues. >> reporter: they told me that maybe it was cancer. >> reporter: they came around 7:30 for a welfare check finding them dead and their son was taken to the hospital and later died. all three had gunshots to the head. a son and mom found in the bedroom and the father in the basement. >> you couldn't take it any longer i guess. >> reporter: neighbors say that they had three children, including their 16-year-old special needs son who lived with them. >> mark is a very nice guy. he used to drive his bike around here in the neighborhood every day in the summertime.
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the next day he had a helmet on. >> reporter: they have no history or prior calls to the home. in maryland, surae chinn, wusa9. >> new victims are coming forward in that case of a dc cop and minister who is charged with sexually assaulting two teenage girls. she is also confirming that the officer was in trouble before. bruce leshan is live at dc superior court to fill us in on the latest details. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lesli, the judge here found that the officer was a potential danger to the community. especially to young women. his family is standing behind him. but a long-time friend is shaken by the evidence that is melting against the 25-year dc
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cop. in addition to the two teens who say that officer bess assaulted them in his church and office on the top floor of the dc police headquarters. they say that the other young women are coming forward. also detailing two previous allegations of sexual misconduct at the fifth district station where he allegedly made lewd comments, fondling another officer. now if he is convicted of all four counts, right now that the officer could spend as much as 35 years behind bars. bruce leshan wusa9. as a cop and a pastor as they would say that attacking one of the teens inside their headquarters would show the
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boldness and that should just show that he is a real danger to young women. the protest would continue today after the apparent beating of a black student by white agents two nights ago. about 50 students would march through campus on the ground and in the buildings, chanting and holding signs. they are angry over the arrest and the injury to the 20-year- old johnson. he's a popular third-year student as a member of the honor committee. and abc agents arrested him after denied entry in to the charlottesville bar. the video and the photos would show johnson on the ground with his head bleeding and the agents were handcuffing him. >> the dialogue is too tense for the community. z that didn't help anyone as we need the cooperation of everyone in the community to change this. and i don't see it happening as i have been here for three years now and there is no change. >> the agents involved in johnson's arrest have been assigned to the administrative duties while this investigation continues. in the next few minutes.
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the attorney is expected to address the media. as you can watch those remarks live on wusa9.comcom and the wusa9 news app. medics rushed five people to the hospital after the driver swerved to avoid a deer on a georgetown pike late last night. this is the scene around midnight on georgetown pike eastbound. right near old dominion drive and fairfax county as they say that the unidentified driver and his front seat passenger were treated and released from the hospital. two of the backseat passengers, however, suffered life-lenting injuries. a fifth passenger is being treated for burns. investigators believe speed may have been a factor. vandals have targeted a dc fire house dumping piles of trash in to the engine company 2. it honors the canine teams. they call this a malicious act as it is working with the government to clean up the
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mess. meanwhile police are searching for those vandals. coming up. how the new technology is giving a voice to those people who cannot speak. and dave is always live in portland. covering them in ncaa post- season play. later on you could call it a parting side. topper is up with more on how much it will hit and how much they would get on the first day of spring.
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that may be tough to believe with the headlines and the grabbing of michael brown. but according to the national urban league. there are reasons for african americans to celebrate. >> how would we frame 2016? that i must use that word crisis. >> the national urban league president says the hard number shown there in equality through the u.s. and right here in the
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dc area. describing america as the tale of two nations. highlighted by the shooting and >> reporter: but they say that now is the time to keep pushing forward as there is already some improvements. >> reporter: on the justice front, fewer african americans are victims of the violent crimes. >> reporter: adding that more african americans are in congress and in college than ever before. from 2014 to 2015, the overall equality index increases to 72% as they would see their own games. and it was second to last in major cities through the unemployment equality. but while the national jobless rate is dropping, the numbers for the blacks remain in the double digits. >> they would point to a 3-1 or
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a 4-1 ratio. >> reporter: but they would call on the african americans to confront their challenges. >> we must save our city and save a generation. >> reporter: the national urban league put that first report together, 39 years ago and for the first time this year you can see the whole thing online. it is free for the next ten days. know on the first day of music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom.
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a new innovation making it possible. >> they have a condition as she cannot speak. she can barely move her arms and legs. by interacting through the software called eagle eye, she is able to operate the computer by using the nerves in her eyes. the device takes that electrical signal from her eye and so whenever she is looking the curser moves. >> if you are non-verbal and you cannot communicate you're trapped in a body that cannot work and eagle eyes gives us the opportunity to access that ability to find out where they
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really are. >> reporter: they use those games to control the computer. it's designed to be used in schools as they could purchase 0. giving them a new eye in to the world. >> that's a good use of technology. >> a great use of technology. okay r, it'll be the last snow, i think so. >> i am okay with it. winter officially leaves us tomorrow as they may take that long to get on out of here. but we'll start with the snowfall accumulation map on our website. again if you are east of i-95 in prince george's county and southern maryland that you're not going to see that much. silver springs up through gaithersburg and fairfax. and out in to loudoun county you can see one to three inches. above freezing with a lot of this accumulation that will be
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on the gasty surfaces for the trees and the shrubs. but north of that, west of route 15 in loudoun county, i think that you can get three to six inches or more, especially hagerstown to frederick and parts of i-70. north of i-70. i had to bring that out here again. on a scale of one to ten, it will be a nasty community. a it is friday, never good. roads will be wet or slushy. and it will be, you know, snowing or raining, not a good combination. but a live look out here. still 52 downtown and winds are light. still very, very dry. here is the radar over the past hour as you can see all the activity in the valley and back in to kentucky and tennessee and in to north carolina, eventually moving northward. the morning commute will be a mess and slow no doubt they
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will cut that accumulation particularly on the roadway surfaces. mainly rain. but still a slow commute. yes, now, 1:00 in the morning, here is your rain and even as we would get in to the early pre-dawn hours, rain kicking in to snow. leesburg and also up towards frederick as well. but that's the good news. the temperatures are above freezing. now by lunchtime we have all rain south of dc and south of 56 and south of route 50. the snow still lingers. you'll be a little bit colder, you'll hang on to snow longer. by 6:00 p.m. mainly rain. heaviest activity pushed across the bay with temperatures well above freezing everywhere. it is tough to do that tomorrow night and i don't see roadways being a problem at all.
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heavy snow possible. and temperatures in the 30s. and these are downtown temps. that's why we don't feel like much is going to fall. 38 at 11:00 and 39 at 1:00. so yellow alert tomorrow. heavy snow north and west and hey the first full day of spring, it's not bad. 60. and then we get in to sunday, cooler. but the sunshine temperatures. and back in the mid-60s on wednesday and then 62 on thursday with a few clouds that will come in late. march madness is in full swing to have wanted we'll go back to columbus where they are standing by. hey topper, yeah. they have already begun that two of them are getting the final crack in and then it will be game on for one of the
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welcome back to columbus, ohio. the maryland terrapins held their final practice today before their big game tomorrow afternoon. now this team was very relaxed today with a lot of laughter in the locker room. a lot of fun being had on the basketball court. something that the fans here were happy to see. maryland fans, they gathered at nationwide arena, excited for their team's final preps before
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their first tourney games in five years. >> you see the fans sitting here with the flairs, it's pretty exciting. >> we can't wait for tomorrow as we know that we're going to win. >> reporter: it's incredible as it is exciting to see how well they are doing this year and to know that they are getting the credit that they would deserve. >> they were having plenty of fun on the court. that they might want to give it. >> and that is everybody that enjoys themselves. something to be laughing and to joke about several years from now. talking to each other that we were just excited to be here and thinking that we are finally here with a chance to make history. >> reporter: and after today's adventures, they are looking to not be one of those upset teams as are the virginia cavaliers. frank kratovil is -- frank hanrahan is with the team in
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charlotte. >> reporter: and just getting used to the court and the rims here in charlotte. just after 3:00, a lot of the talk this week is about the help of their best player justin anderson who has been limited with a hand injury. >> that's what basketball players do. i mean there is no point to try and find a new edge about it that it is what it is and i'm fine and as long as they are fine that it should be good. >> it will be great for us getting used to playing the game like you did obviously. >> and then they did not score in that tournament. needing him to step up just a little bit here in the ncaa tournament. if you know anything about
6:26 pm
virginia basketball that it will not be about one person, but about five on the floor. we'll go to portland, oregon with more on what they are thinking heading in to this game. hey dave. >> reporter: yes, very rarely do they play that card, but all of them are saying just one thing. that this seed is too high. >> here is why they are saying it. 21 wins. but their offense could be a little skiddish at times. a couple years ago they embarrassed them. a year before that they ran them off the floor. a year before that, miami of ohio embarrassed them. do you get my drift?
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he knows the team's history. >> i think that this group, that they have heard about or experienced and learned from the mistakes in the past. so i think that it is their focus and that you would play. we try to keep them as long as we can. >> reporter: great basketball action all around the country as we will be covering it for you. back to you guys in the studios. guys and ladies? >> all right, nothing to do now, but play the game. >> all right, they are coming up soon too right after the cbs evening news. >> we're back tonight following ncaa basketball, so we will see you then.
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it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion in prohibited subsidies into their state-owned airlines. protectionism
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at its worst. and their actions threaten thousands of u.s. aviation jobs. it's time for middle east countries to play by the rules. restore competition. restore open skies. fight for american jobs.
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>> pelley: after the massacre at the museum, nine have been arrested isis claims responsibility and promises more attacks. also tonight, a boston jury hears about online bombmaking instructions found on dzhokhar instructions found on dzhokha tsarnaev's computer. and it sees the one bomb allegedly hurled at police. hundreds protest after a black student at u.v.a. is injured during an arrest. and marbury madness, a star is reborn in china. >> he's the hero of beijing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the islamic terror


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