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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, march 24 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an overnight revelation from angelina jolie about new surgery to cut her cancer risk. dr. david agus on the preventive procedure. 2016 hopefuls jockey for position. james corden relaunches the late late show. we begin with today's eye opener. in a "new york times" op-ed
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the actress said she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. >> the actress reveals she has forced meusnopae. there has been a plane crash in the south of france crashed in the southern french alps. we have to win in november 2016. >> would you support him if he is gop nominee. >> first major contender to launch an official presidential campaign. >> we will have some kind of announcement april 7. while officials investigate a possible threat to the president's niece. "wall street journal" reporting that israel has been spying on negotiations almost from the beginning. people see this before you go to sleep? >> got his own show. >> and late late show has aew n
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host. you're welcome. >> what is your second name? p >>olice investigation into an explosive claim of rape but no evidencend fouth of e attack. a college player kicked off the team for an offensive tweet. >> owners document the g'dos efforts to catch food. >> and all that matters. >> hillary clinton has offered to crush an olive branch. >> i'm all about new beginnings a new grand child, another new hair style a new e-mail account. in an effort to repair its reputation for animal abuse it hopes to roll out a new ad campaign hoping to do better
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than "those dolphins are lying." welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment. we are going to begin with breaking news from europe. a short time ago an air bus a 320 crashed in southern france. the plane belongs to a low cost german carrier. elizabeth palmer is in london with the unfolding story. >> there isn't a lot of detail yet but the european news agencies are reporting that an airbus 320 has crashed in the southern french alps not far from the mediterranean. it is a budget subsidiary of the big german airline. this plane was on its way from barg loana in spain with 142
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passengers on board as well as two pilots and four crew. flight radar says contact was lost with the plane about 11:00 local time at 6,800 feet. french police are reported to have flown over the area and they say they can see some debris on the ground. >> elizabeth palmer in london. thank you. we will be monitoring the latest developments and bring you new details as they come in. angelina jolie overnight shared new revelations about her fight against cancer. she discusses why she had a procedure to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. she writes i went through what i imagine thousands of women have felt. i told myself to stay calm and be strong and i had no reason to think i wouldn't live to see my children grow up and to meet my grandchildren. >> angelina jolie continues the most important thing is to learn
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about the options and choose what is right for you personally. this is a moving personal and powerful piece. what do you make of her decision to share it with all of us? >> she is absolutely heroic. the idea of being transparent and vulnerable and talking about her personal decision to educate others is so powerful. the last time she did it two years ago about her mastectomy thousands of women went for testing. she has a faulty gene called brca 1 meaning her risk is higher than others. she has three family members that died of cancer. so they took out her fallopian tubes and ovaries. it was a same day procedure in and out of the hospital in the same day. now she is without the hormone producng ovaries so menopause
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was induced about a decade earlier. >> her mother died of ovarian cancer at age 49. she is 39 years old. she said the effects -- the surgery of the mastectomy was tougher. she said she is in menopause now. >> so the ovary makes estrogen and dozens of other hormones. we can give back some of those to minimize. taking away those hormones effects risk for heart disease, bone disease and clearly hot flashes and other symptoms happen. it's a major change but preventing cancer so she can play with her children and dchildren was paramount in her decision. >> how much will this procedure reduce her risk of getting cancer now? is she clearly home free? >> there is ovarian tissue not just in the ovary.
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it is a dramatic reduction as is taking the breasts out dramatic redekz of breast cancer and ovarian cancer but not to zero. she will continue to be followed closely. this was a major step. i just have to applaud her for being so vulnerable and helping thousands of women with her own suffering. >> thanks. this morning the official republican presidential campaign is still a one-man race. texas senator ted cruz became the first to declare on monday. we will hear from senator cruz here in a moment. first nancy cordes has reaction. >> if cruz got an advantage by jumping in first his would-be opponents won't admit it. >> we are pretty close to a decision. kentucky senator rand paul
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argued if he runs he can beat hillary clinton as cruz can't. >> ted cruz is a conservative but goes to winnability. >> new jersey governor chris christie down played cruz's influence, too, on his monthly ask the governor radio show. >> ted cruz announced he is running for the nomination. is that a factor in your decision at all? >> no. >> i am running for president of the united states. >> reporter: cruz announced his candacy monday. he said he would end obamacare and abolish the irs replacing it with a flat income tax. later he says the obama white house projected an image of weakness around the world. >> the consistent pattern of the obama foreign policy has been abandoning friends and allies. and coddling and appeasing our enemies. >> reporter: announcing early means more attention but that can cut both ways.
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>> this is what i find interesting about ted cruz. he was born in canada. his father fled from the united states from cuba yet ted cruz is against immigration. >> reporter: as republicans jockey for position clinton to rebound from e-mail controversy. >> i am all about new beginnings, a new grand child, another new hair style, a new e-mail account. why not a new relationship with the press? >> reporter: cruz may have been the first to announce but he won't be alone for long. we have gotten signals that rand paul marco rubio and clinton could announce intentions in the next couple of weeks. >> senator ted cruz of texas joins us. are you the most conservative
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candidate in the republican field? >> well right now i'm the only announced candidate in the republican field so it's sort of like what my mom would say i'm her only child and she tells me i am her favorite son. >> is that your plan to be the most conservative? >> my plan is to speak the truth. i think millions of americans recognize the path we are on isn't working and they are looking for a change that they want to get back to the free market principles and constitutional liberties the country was built on. >> such an interesting response because your supporters would think ted cruz should come here and say yes i would be most conservative. >> the basic values are common sense conservative values. live within your means. follow the constitution. it's only in washington that those are radical or extreme propositions. most of america you get people
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republicans, democrats, independents, libitarians who say that makes common sense. >> you say if you are elected you would repealble care act but since its passing 16 million people have become insured. would you take that away from them? >> those numbers don't tell the picture. the bulk of those numbers are coming from expanded medicaid. a lot of people on medicaid are not getting health care. it is a system already overburdened and more and more people are getting waiting list and not getting health care. 6 million people had their health insurance cancelled because of obamacare. you are not doing someone a favor if you cancel the health insurance they like and force them to buy new health insurance at higher premiums that covers less. i can tell you people are frustrated. five years ago maybe good faith reasonable minds could have differed on whether obamacare could have worked. at this point it is the single
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largest job killer in this country. >> can i ask you about news in the headline. we know isis has posted the names of 100 service members. should we have boots on the ground in syria and iraq? >> we need seriousness to destroy isis and we need to do whatever it takes militarily to accomplish that. >> that includes boots on the ground. >> this should be a military question. what i defeat isis. we have boots on the ground with the kurds. america has not been terribly consistent allies to the kurds they have stood with us. isis is using american military equipment that they seized in iraq and the kurds don't have the weaponry. unfortunately, the administration is sending weapons to baghdad.
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i think the kurds could be our boots on the ground and use overwhelming air power. >> let me ask you about syrian president bashar al assad is it more important to remove him or isis? >> i think isis is a far bigger threat. >> leave assad in power and take on isis first? >> the touch stone for our foreign policy should be vital u.s. national security interests. assad is a monster. he is murdering his own people. i don't believe he poses a clear and present danger to america. >> assad does not? >> assad does not. >> you should be elected for president because? >> because i will tell the truth and do what i said i will do. >> we shall see. senator cruz thank you very much. >> thank you very much sir. u.s. officials say the counter terrorism strategy in
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yemen has all but collapsed. operations are being scaled back amid growing violence. officials fear instability will allow extremist groups to expand. u.s. with drew the last of military personnel from yemen over the weekend. we expect more testimony from a terrorism expert. yesterday prosecutors argued that dzhokhar tsarnaev was heavily influenced by al qaeda literature and lectures and presented text messages from his phone after he was named a suspect. a friend asks you saw the news? he responded yeah broi id. friend said for real? i saw the news better not text me, my friend. lol. investigation into the alleged sexual assault at the university of virginia is suspended. an article detailed a gang rape now police say there is no
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evidence to support the facts. >> reporter: good morning. investigators spent hundreds of hours and interviewed more than 70 people but in the end they said they couldn't corroborate details that a young woman told "rolling stone." >> we have no basis to conclude that anything happened at that fraternity house. >> reporter: police chief said detectives found no evidence of the brutal gang rape that jackie said occurred in september 2012. there was no proof that the fraternity had a party that night or the male student she said led the attack even existed. police said the investigation was limited because she wouldn't cooperate. >> that doesn't mean that something terrible didn't happen to jackie. we are just not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been.
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>> reporter: she had gone to police before but told them a completely different story. in the spring of 2014 she reported she was attacked by four men on the street. one of them struck her with the bottle but police say it didn't appear consistent. at the time she also spoke of a report from 2012. investigators said they also couldn't verify claims that friends including alex stock discouraged her from reporting the attack. >> today does give me some closure. i feel a sense of relief. >> reporter: he says the only person who knows what happened is jackie. he hopes she will still come forward. >> if you know in your heart there is truth to the story then i urge you to cooperate with the police and come to them. >> reporter: her attorney had no comment. "rolling stone" has launched its
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own internal audit into the article and it is said to be released early next month. this morning critics call james cordenhilarious, witty and inspired. omar villafranca shows the new style of entertainment. >> reporter: the opening of the curtains kicked off a new era. >> however shocked you are that i am doing this job you will never be as shocked as i am. >> reporter: he ditched the desk, a late night staple to get up close and personal with his first guests. he asked about her rumored marriage to ashton kutcher. there were surprise guests
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including jay leno who helped prepare for the show. bragging or rushing? >> you don't look like a talk show host. >> pull it together and take the applause. >> reporter: from a fully stocked bar to pretaped sketches he showed he is not afraid to mix it up in the late late time slot and plans to take guests along for the ride. they teamed up for a sketch reenacting scenes from hank's movie. >> no crying in baseball. don't cry. >> reporter: at 36 corden is the youngest late night host on a major network. >> the worst thing that would happen is that it becomes predictable. >> reporter: and is ready to send late night audiences to bed on a high note.
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♪ for the late late show with me and you ♪ "cbs this morning." >> he is off to a great, great start. one paper described him as horrendously charming. >> great show. we are dvr girls. now to the story critics blast the cowboys decision to sign an all pro lineman.
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this national weather report sponsored by aarp, real possibilities. we are gathering new information on the breaking news on the crash of a passenger plane in europe. >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning."
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we are following breaking news. the crash of a passenger jet in europe. more than 150 people on board. france's president says there are likely no
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." we have new information on that airbus plane that went down in the french alps this morning with 148 people on board. the president of france spoke just a short time ago. elizabeth palmer is in london following this breaking story. good morning. >> details are slowly coming in now. the airbus 320 is one of the workhorses and this crash in southern france which isn't far from the mediterranean. france's president has just said in a press conference that he doesn't expect there will be survivors. it belonged to german wings which is a subsidry of a well
7:31 am
respected. it was on its way from spain to germany. it disappeared off the radar shortly after 11:00 local time. there was no bad weather reported in the area which is extremely mountainous. there are a few ski resorts and villages. on the whole very rugged so it is challenging to get to the wreckage which french police say they have spotted from the air. >> a tragedy indeed. thank you for that. cbs news travel editor joins us on the phone. good morning. we know this is the german wings budget airline. what do we know about this airline? >> the airline has had a good safety record. flying a plane that is most popular plane in europe. what we need to know is exactly -- we know where the wreckage is. the key here is at what point did it happen? at altitude or on impact?
7:32 am
that will help investigators determine what may have happened and where to find the actual black boxes. the fact that they have sighted the wreckage is a good indication that they are close to getting that. >> what can you tell us about the region where the plane went down? >> it is rugged. it is about an hour north of marseille marseille. it can take them a good day and a half to get to it. that's the key to it. >> will the age of the airplane matter? if it is an older airplane or younger one? >> age doesn't matter maintenance matters. how the airline was maintained. they will be checking safety records. what were the items written up and were they addressed? all those things will be looked at. >> the area where the plane was traveling difficult to navigate for aircraft? >> not at all.
7:33 am
they are flying over areas every day. there are probably 200 to 300 planes operating in that area. the answer is it is an area easier to navigate if there is weather. >> thank you very much. we are going to have much more on the plane crash ahead. we also want to bring you up to date on other stories making headlines. the washington post looks at a report that says doctors are reluctant to tell patients that they have alzheimer's disease. the alzheimer's association says patients are often told of a diagnosis only 45% of the time. that's compared to a disclosure rate of 93% for cancer. the reason there is a stigma of alzheimer's and doctors do not want to create additional emotional stress. utah brought back firing squad of backup method of execution. governor signed it into law yesterday. firing squads will be used when
7:34 am
drugs are not available to perform lethal injections. los angeles times says a recall is underway this morning of frozen meals made by amy's kitchen involving more than 73,000 cases. they contain organic spinach. so far no reports of illnesses. >> an update on a story. the baltimore sun reports the subject of the serial is making a case for a new trial. the report argues that in 2000 his attorney was ineffective. his lawyer says she failed to investigate a wins. new orleans advocate says darren sharper will serve nine years in prison for drugging and raping women in four states as part of a plea deal sharper entered a guilty plea.
7:35 am
if he had been convicted he could have served 20 years. the millionaire is awaiting extradition to california where he is accused of murdering a friend. >> durst was denied bail. prosecutors revealed the full list of items found in his new orleans hotel room. his networth. appeared before a judge for nearly three hours on monday.
7:36 am
investigators told the court on march 9 he left his apartment unlocked and put five suitcases in his vehicle and drove east. when he reached detectives say he shut off the phone that was being secretly tracked by california and federal authorities. an investigator with the orleans parish district attorney's office testified that authorities were able to find durst at his new orleans hotel after he called his coal phone twice from the marriott. that led to his arrest. what was inside that hotel room is proof investigators say he intended to skip town. a .38 caliber revolver and five ounces of marijuana were seized along with a fake texas i.d. card, a map of the region including new orleans, florida and cuba a brand new cell phone yet to be activated and nearly $45,000 in cash.
7:37 am
the agents also found a sheet of paper with a tracking number for a ups package shipped to everett ward which contained another $117,000. but it was a flesh tone latex mask of an elderly face that led prosecutor mark burton to tell the judge it's to fool people into thinking you are not who you are. he was intent on fleeing the jurisdiction. durst will be held in louisiana on weapons charges until his next court date on april 2. >> i didn't have hope that the judge would set a bail bond. we are not surprised by that at all. >> reporter: after authorities found the gun and drugs that's why they filed weapons charges but durst's attorney will argue at a preliminary hearing that the evidence should be thrown out. he contends his client's hotel room was searched hours before investigators obtained a valid search warrant. >> so many layers to the story.
7:38 am
what do you think the chances are he will be tried on weapons charges in louisiana? >> they did not obtain the search warrant until after midnight. the question is did durst give consent? if he consented and allowed the prosecutor in the very next day after he called his attorney. i can't predict in this case. that's why i think people are following it. you never know what is going to happen in this. >> thanks. we thank you. the dallas cowboys are defending their new defensive. why some accuse the organization of sending the wrong message for signing a man found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend. if you are heading off to work and taking the kids to school you don't have to miss the rest of this broadcast. we ask you to set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" anytime you feel like it. we'll be right back. ghirardelli of san francisco. we carefully craft the finest chocolate so you can savor life's sweetest
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♪ >> the dallas cowboys are under
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fire this morning for signing greg hearty to a contract. he was put on trial for domestic assault charges. his case and others forced the league to take domestic violence more seriously and critics in dallas say the team is sending the wrong message. january, jan, good morning. >> good morning. the backlash is quick but the team is showing no remorse. owner jerry jones has a powerful voice within the organization to fight back. his own daughter. as a carolina panther he was a probowl defensive end. he tied a franchise record with 15 sacks. but last season he played just one game. in may he was arrested for assaulting his exgirlfriend. the judge later found him guilty of assaulting and threatening to kill her. the panthers didn't re-sign him.
7:44 am
last week the cowboys announced he inked a one year deal to come to dallas. >> if we didn't believe that greg could become the right kind of guy we wouldn't have signed him. >> many in dallas were quick to condemn the move like the local sports caster dale hansen. >> you could rob a department store and play and now you can beat a woman and play with a star on your helmet. >> the mayor pokespoke to the dallas morning news. >> it's unacceptable and as a cowboy's fan this was a shot in the gut. >> we certainly understand the seriousness of the issues that surround greg. we do not support domestic violence. >> to counter all the criticism charlotte jones anderson the daughter of cowboy's daughter jerry jones also sat down with the newspaper. >> we are prepared for him to come to the cowboys and we are prepared with the resources and
7:45 am
support to make that transition. >> in a stalttement jerry jones said a great deal of your study was dedicated to the issue of domestic violence and what associated greg with that issue. he has a firm understand ofging of those issues as well. >> bill jones of cbs dallas station ktvt covered the cowboys for 25 years. >> they are not on the hook for anything unless greg plays for the team and that would be after he serves a suspension. that's why i think they like the idea of him coming in here even though they knew they were going to get so much criticism. >> now the nfl is still investigating whether he violated the league's personal code of conduct. his case was dismissed when his exgirlfriend failed to show up in court. probably because of a settlement but he could still be suspended for six or more games before he
7:46 am
ever takes the field for the cowboys. >> thank youment. a lot of people watching this story. thanks, jan. a low fat guru says high protein diets are unhealthy even when you lose weight. the doctor will be here with that and monet at adavis shows real class when she
7:47 am
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or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. common side effects include urinary tract infections changes in urination and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life♪ ♪yeah, you do the walk of life♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you ma ay beble to get every month free. little league star trying to help the college baseball player who insulted her on twitter. joey casselberry got kicked off
7:51 am
the team after calling her a joke and worse than that casselberry apologized which seems to be enough for davis. >> everyone makes mistakes. i know if it was me i know i would want to take that back. i know anything he would do to back. i know how hard he has worked. why not give him a second chance? >> davis e-mailed the school's president asking him to let casselberry back on the field but the university is not backing down. what a class act she is at such a young age. >> when i saw the story i pthought what grace. what joey casselberry said is inexcusable. >> he is doing the right thing to apologize. >> he said an example that one stupid tweet can ruin someone's life. >> words matter.
7:52 am
we want to update you because we are getting new information on our breaking story. french officials say they have spotted debris from a german plane in the alps. we have the latest on this morning's crash that may have taken 148 lives. that is ahead here on "cbs this morning." the news is back. female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days, but where am i gonna go? i just don't have the money to travel right now. i usually just go back home to see my parents so i can't exactly go globe-trotting. if i had friends to go with i'd go but i don't want to travel by myself. someday. male vo: there are no more excuses. find the hotel you want, and the flight you want, and we'll find the savings to get you there. if you can clear a table without lifting a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™.
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it is tuesday, march 24 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including breaking news on that plane crash in france we have been telling you about. the german airliner goes down in the alps more than a mile above sea level. here is a look at today's eye opener. the airbus crashed in southern france. france's president just said he doesn't expect there will be survivors. >> sighted the wreckage from the air it could take a day and a half to get there. thste la time she did it two years ago thousands of women went for testing and many lives were saved. are you thet mos conservative candidate in the republican field? >> right now i'm the only announced candidate. y >>ou say if you are elected you would repeal the affordable care act. >> at this point it is single
8:01 am
largest job killer in the country. >> they said they couldn't corroborate the details. >> critics call james corden hilarious, witty and inspired. >> in three months this show will be mine. david copperfield accidently flooded his apartment building after his private pool emptied into the unit below. then copperfield said ta-da! i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell. charlie rose is on assignment. france's president said it appears there are no survivors from a plane crash this morning in the alps. the airbus a 320 was headed from
8:02 am
barcelona, spain to dusseldorf germany. >> the details are trickling in. the plane was an airbus 320 which is one of the workhorses of the range. it crashed in the southern french alps. it was on its way from spain to germany with 142 passengers on board, two pilots, as well, and four crew. french president francois hollande gave a press conference shortly after saying he didn't expect there would be survivors. the plane was almost 25 years old. it belonged to german wings, a budget subsidiary of the main german airline which has an excellent safety record. the plane did send a distress call just before 6:00 eastern time but didn't include any information about what was going
8:03 am
on what the problem was. flight tracking shows that the plane had been flying normally but suddenly began a dramatic descent from 40,000 feet to about 6,000 in ten minutes and shortly afterward it crashed. there was no bad weather reported in the area. it is going to be difficult and time consuming to get to the wreckage which has been spotted from the air. a french government spokesman predicts a long and difficult search process because the crash happened in such a remote area. talking with aviation officials. >> reporter: part of the problem is going to be getting to the crash scene. it's in the french alps. they will have issues getting to the crash scene there. in terms of the investigation it is still early and the focus is on the people who were on that plane and whether there are survivor
8:04 am
survivors. of course, french officials at this point do not believe there are survivors. the question is are there issues on the ground in terms of getting to the crash scene? were there homes on the ground that the plane may have crashed into? there are still a lot of questions about the terrain. it is a mountainous region. in terms of who is going to lead this investi very clear rules in aviation in terms of who will lead the investigation. we know that this is happening in france so the french ntsb the french version of the national transportation safety board in this country will lead the investigation there. the germans will be involved because this is a german airline and also airbus will be involved. airbus is a french company. heavily -- french will be heavily involved in this investigation as will the germans as it progresses. >> we know that german wings is a budget airline, what can you
8:05 am
tell us about their safety record? >> there is a big debate not only in europe about the safety record of these budget airlines but also here in the u.s. there is a turf battle going here between legacy airlines american airlines u.s. air, united airlines and some budget carriers based in europe that want to do business here in the u.s. there is a battle going on in terms of the future of aviation not only in europe but also in this country, as well. the pilots union believes that these budget airlines cut corners when it comes to safety. however, there is no evidence of that in this crash right now but there is a major turf battle underway between legacy airlines not only in europe but also here in the u.s. >> we thank you. we will continue to monitor this breaking story. angelina jolie offers a
8:06 am
personal diary this morning in her fight against cancer. the actress wrote an op-ed about the decision to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. the fact is i remain prone to cancer. i feel feminine and grounded in the choices i am making for myself and my family. >> doctors told jolie genetics puts her at risk for breast and ovarian cancers. as a result of the surgery she is no longer able to have children. we had dr. agus on here who said it is a brave decision. he said this may help in the future. her mom, aunt and grandmother all died of cancer. this morning republican presidential hopefuls are jockeying for position but say they are in no hurry to follow
8:07 am
ted cruz into the race. rand paul says he is more electable than cruz. cruz denounced obamacare and what he cares the obama-clinton foreign policy. called obamacare the single largest job killer in the country. debunking the myths of high profile
8:08 am
keeping the game of golf sharp, bubba watson and kelly sue are in the toyota green room. how they are inspiring the next generation ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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in our morning rounds the great diet debate rages on.
8:13 am
the search for weight loss and health may be more complex than you think. the most e-mailed and viewed article from the times. clinical professor of medicine at the university of california san francisco. your article certainly struck accord. it is so confusing, i go round and round and round. one day you hear high protein is good. you are saying what today? >> it's not even low fat versus low carbs. there are good carbs and bad carbs. the animal protein itself seems to make a big difference. more animal proteins the more likely you are to get sick from all kinds of different things. >> you are saying there is a difference between weight control and having a healthy
8:14 am
heart which is what you specialize in. >> you can lose weight on these high animal protein type diets but you are mortgaging your health in the process. >> it sure tastes better. you have to go back to the taste for me. i understand the diet you are talking about. isn't it hard to follow? >> let me finish the point here because on the graphic they have it. what happens in your arteries on the different diets. on the left is what happens on the plant based diet. fruits vegetables. your arteries are clean. in the middle of the typical american diet. on the right it is what happens when you eat proteins. arteries are more clogged. it is not reflected in your weight and cholesterol levels. really haven't looked at the arteries themselves. when you do that you find that eating a high animal protein diet you are mortgaging your health.
8:15 am
>> let me just say the studies that you cite are alarming. heavy consumption may double the risk of alzheimer's. a 75% increase in premature deaths from all causes. >> and 400% increase from diabetes and cancer. >> to gayle's question because i know people who lost weight by high protein diet and lots of vegetables what do you recommend if you want to feel full and reduce your calories? >> you want to lose weight in a way that enhances your health and not mortgages. so you can lose weight on a high animal protein diet but you are harming your heart and increasing your risk of cancer diabetes and all kinds of things. to the degree there is the ounce of prevention and pound of cure. you are trying to reverse disease you have to make bigger changes. >> high protein is okay. it's high protein animal
8:16 am
proteins that you are worried about. >> plenty of protein and soy products. on the rice and beans you get all the protein you need but not the bad stuff that makes you sick. >> u.s. news and world report rated number one for heart health. it's really hard to stick to what you are suggesting. don't you think it is easier to just lower your caloric intake? >> if you are trying to reverse disease even lengthen into our chromosomes. that is the reversal program. for most people you have a spectrum of choices. what matters most is overall. if you indulge one day doesn't mean you cheated. just eat healthier the next. you don't have time to meditate for an hour do it for a minute. >> isn't it true it's not all or
8:17 am
nothing. everybody has to figure out a program that works for them. it isn't one size fits all. >> i wrote a book called "the spectrum." we have been training hospitals around the country medicare is covering our program. we are getting 85% to 90% adherence to the program. even for the most intensive version of the reversal diet. most people have given proper support are able to do it. >> there is a new book why butter meat and cheese belong in a healthy diet. i thought they are writing that for me. >> telling people what they want to hear is a great way to sell books. >> i love that you say can help control aging. >> we did a study for discovering chromosomes to control how long we live. we can lengthen them.
8:18 am
it's the same that does all of these -- >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> great to see you again. sea world hopes the new ad campaign will help theme park stay afloat. how it is helping employees counter claims about the treatment of animals. "cbs this morning" morning rounds brought to you by -- i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? (cough!) it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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this morning sea world is trying to sway the critics who say theme parks are inhumane. the company unveiled the advertising campaign yesterday. reputation and profits took a hit. >> sea world says new campaign is intended to set the record straight on alleged mistreatment of animals. one of the former employees and harshest critics says it is just another act. >> really epitomizes our overall animal care and welfare program. >> new video posted online showcased the park's care and commitment to killer whales. sea world's head veterinarian. >> i wouldn't work here if i wasn't able to give the whales the world class care they deserve. don't believe what they are
8:23 am
saying. they live lives as long as killer whales in the wild. >> reporter: blackfish is a documentary about the orca responsible for killing two people including one who drowned after the whale pulled her under waur water during a live performance. john hargrove is the author of a new book. he says the company's new ads can't wash away its poor publicitity. >> i think people are too smart now and educated with too many facts about the lives of these whales and that this is not morally or ethically responsible. >> in a statement the chairman and ceo says there has been a lot of misinformation and lies spread about sea world. we want to provide facts so
8:24 am
people can make up their own minds on this important issue. damage to the image may extend beyond the facts. last year attendance dropped 4% and company's stock fell more than 40%. in january ceo jim atchison resigned. >> they will have to say we listened. we realize there meads to be a change and we are going to stop breeding the animals and let this be the last generation of killer whales in captivity. >> sea world reportedly denied the new campaign connected with the release of the book. sea world's president and ceo starts on april 7. ahead, masters champ bubba watson is here and kelly xu. your local news is next.
8:25 am
8:26 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour masters champ bubba watson in studio today. hello kelly xu. you will meet the girl who made history at augusta national how the game is trying to inspire a new generation of players. >> time to show you headlines. the washington post says america has fallen out of love with diet soda. sales of low calorie soda fell 20% and on track to drop another 5%. there were declines in diet soda sales in the past. this may be permanent because americans were drinking less soda in general and a growing mistrust of artificial sweeteners. business insider says some
8:31 am
students at liberty university. cruz spoke to a packed house in virginia but turned out this attendance was mandatory. during the speech the students posts comments on the anonymous app. it looks like he has an audience of 10,000 young adult supporters. they don't know he has to be here. >> good to know. >> "wall street journal" looks at why couples fight. according to researchers it is because they remember events differently. >> tend to remember more about relationship issues than men do but don't remember them accurately. experts say moods and emotion effect memory. >> i am surprised by how two people can be at the same conversation and have two different points of view. >> talk to my girlfriend she
8:32 am
knows. >> the new york daily news reports on controversy over 5-year-old girl giving makeup tips. dana gomez does tutorial videos in spanish. one says this is the cutest thing ever. the girl's aunt said she is just playing. >> too young for makeup. the "new york times" covers slow moving lava in hawaii. no need for residents to move from the lava. the paper compared it to a disaster movie playing in slow motion. lava has not reached most of the town and local grocery store reopened there. bubba watson and kelly xu have a surprising thing in common. they are both defending master's champions. watson won in 2012 and again last year known for extraordinary shot making and colorful personality. and now he is teaming up with
8:33 am
pga of america to inspire the next generation of golf players. boys and girls between 7 and 15 compete to earn a spot. kelly won her age group to become one of the first winners. >> are you aware that you are the first female champion at augusta national? >> yes. >> all right. both head back to the masters to defend their titles in less than two weeks. good morning. >> good morning. >> they didn't give you a little green jacket? >> no. >> maybe next time. it's really a treat to have both of you here. bubba i want to talk about the masters. you are the defending champ. added pressure? >> always added pressure. you want to put the green jacket on again. there is always pressure you add to yourself. the outside world is always going to have its own arguments
8:34 am
and displeasures frmpt me it is all about myself. i want to perform at a high level. >> how do you feel your game has been this year? >> i had to take off last week because of a death of a friend. i'm looking forward to the challenges. i'm looking forward to getting back to practice and focusing on competing at the high level at a beautiful golf course. >> i hear the secret is a burrito. you eat a burrito, too? >> sometimes. >> what is the secret of the brute burrito? >> in 2012 my wife wasn't there. i can eat the same thing every day. i eat a burrito every day and sometimes two burritos. and then in '13 she comes with caleb and says we can't eat the same thing every day.
8:35 am
in '14 she goes fine. and then i think it is the burritos. >> what's in it? >> i'm very plain. chicken, black beans, rice cheese and that's it. >> it is kind of a perfect combination. >> tell us how you got hooked on this game. did you see somebody playing it? did your parents play it? what did you see about this game? >> my parents, my mom, she said let's go take her to summer camp and see how she likes this. she took me there to this little golf course. >> the first time you held a club did you like it right away? >> it was like softer than i thought. it was like am i going to be reaching a stick or something? so i fell in love with it and i saw everyone. i made a lot of friends that day. and i said to myself if this is how it is going to be if i play
8:36 am
golf then why not? so i'm still playing until now. >> that's how you got involved sort of when you saw -- tell us how you got involved with the organization that you are working on together. >> so we heard about this for over a year so it started in '13 and talked about this and announced this event. so it came on last year during the masters, the day before the start. watching this on tv watching these kids. it was inspiring. we are supposed to be inspiring the kids but the kids are inspiring me. i am looking at the son who is 2 years old and my wife. i went out there and started shaking hands and talking to kids and inspired me. it made me think of a kid again where i was so focused on just having fun and playing golf instead of the drive of a job. >> i think this is so important because if you look at the numbers golf participation among milineals that age is way down like people don't have the time
8:37 am
to play golf anymore. golf is sort of a dying sport in some ways. >> if you look at it i see that there is a lot of factors involved. one of the factors is so many video games and people are not getting outside of the house. a lot of people are having jobs and working nonstop to support families. so for me my dad didn't let me have video games. my dad wanted to play. my mom didn't play but it was all about family going outside and spending time together. i think that is what this organization is doing now is bringing the family back to the game of golf and enjoying it. that is what augusta has done and organizations have done. >> i love that. i think that is so true. >> you met the former secretary of state condoleeza rice. she is one of the three female members of augusta. you want to play with her, right? why would you want to play with her? not that it is bad. >> she is a very good role model. she is not a bad golfer. and i think it would be like she
8:38 am
is very nice and supportive of junior golfers. that's just like right now golf is really just like so many video games everyone is looking at their phone. >> who are your golfer idols? >> bubba. >> and martin. >> tiger woods, can we talk about him. do you think he is coming? >> if i had to bet i would say yes. >> we are making you bet. >> i would say yes because it's the greatest championship we have all year. if he is not injured how would he miss it? i think he is taking time off and getting excited about it. i take two weeks off before the masters. this year i had to take off three. i want to get excited about it. i want to be like her and get there and get excited about it and fight for that green jacket
8:39 am
again. >> i remember you were waiting for caleb to come and so psyched in the green room. now you have had a little girl, too. the name is? >> dakota. >> now you have wife. >> a, b, c, d. >> e is coming up next. just throwing it out there. >> we will be watching and wish you the best. you going back for round two? >> yes. >> all right. >> and your sister too. >> yes. >> cheering you guys on. >> tradition unlike any other. bubba watson and kelly xu. cbs sports coverage of the masters begins saturday april 11. you meet the broadway actress whose dressing room is a cage. >> you are not the only one having your morning coffee right now. this is toby one of the stars
8:40 am
of broadway's curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. we talk to her trainer and
8:41 am
8:42 am
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>> you are now the face of --
8:44 am
>> you know what it is? >> on the subways of new york city particularly there are a sleazy type of guy that sits there like this. the guy who puts the whole unit. it's called man spreading. >> this is the first time. >> that was in the papers and i was accused of man spreading because it looks as though i am taking up two seats. internet, you idiot the train was half empty. there was -- >> plenty of room. >> tom hanks cleared that up. he would never do man spreading. >> you did a story on our piece on man spreading. >> you have a dude sitting on the subway. one guy says because we have a lot of things going on there. >> don't show the whole thing.
8:45 am
>> james corden we are cheering you on. we invite you to watch tonight here on cbs. tonight his guests include patricia arquette and the group modest mouse. w.c. fields famously said never work with children and animals. jamie wax chose us how broadway is making room for a very new star. >> what do you do when you are creating the stage version of a best selling novel where a central relationship is between a boy and his pet rat? you call a top animal trainer, of course. >> they have a rat problem down at the theater, but not the kind that requires an exterminator. this rat problem is different. >> toby the rat is a diva a four legged actress with a pension for having things her own way. >> toby is the rodent star of
8:46 am
the hit broadway play the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. toby plays the pet rat to an autistic boy. alex sharp is christopher. >> special relationship between yourself and toby? >> starting to love each other a little bit more. >> few critters in the mova all the time whether a dog like marly, babe the pig or willie the orca. too many to count. on broadway musical "annie" is probably the most famous. but on the stage unlike in films there are no retakes and animals have one shot a night to get it right. >> so imagine training to keep composure amid chaos in a show
8:47 am
like you can't take it with you. in this case kitten training involves exposing to loud sounds and tracing them about until they are used to almost anything. the regimen is designed by animal trainer who also happens to train toby the rat. >> does toby ever have a bad day where she is moody and doesn't want to come out? >> yes. >> what do you do? the girl scout cookie. >> to get toby ready for performance takes her on back stage tours to help her get acclimated. >> i know you go running around the room. >> she is working on finding a suitable under study. >> would you say rats are the biggest challenge of your career? >> the biggest challenge was overcoming my fear of rats. now it is so exciting because i am not afraid of them anymore.
8:48 am
>> she says she really understands rats. you might call her a rat whisperer. >> how much repetition does that relationship take? >> less about rats and more about listening to the animal and not pushing them too far like knowing when to challenge them and knowing when to pull back. >> so toby spends most of her stage time in a cage. her big moment comes in act two when the cage is opened. it says she does the trick eight times out of ten. when our cameras were rolling toby decided a kiss was not in the cards. >> it's a live animal. you can't say this is your cue. they don't care. >> that unpredictability of abilityability of animal on stage. >> because they are completely in the moment. there is nothing about them.
8:49 am
that's what we strive for. >> and sometimes it takes a rat to help you get there. >> i knew it wasn't about the art. >> despite the search for worthy under study toby has done every performance of the show. it's very powerful. a lot of brilliant things in there about autism. >> toby is very cute. >> i understand. it's early for a rat. >> thank you. >> you are watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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good morning. >> we want you to make sure you tune into the evening new
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