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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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7:00 and 9:00. temperatures will start to fall. 11:00 hour, low 50s, all the thunderstorms are over, but the rain will linger as we go through overnight hours into tomorrow, not going to clear out soon and temps will take a tumble. some of the thunderstorms could be heavy tonight. bus stop temperatures in the 40s, bring an umbrella, a real raw day. we've got some snowflakes on the seven-day. breaking news out of dublin, virginia, right now, it appears day five of the missing search for the child noah thomas has come to a sad end. let's bring in russ ptacek. >> here's what we know now. multiple law enforcement sources are telling our sister station in roanoke that authorities found the body of 5- year-old noah thomas. the body was discovered in a septic system they're near -- near the family's home and there is now a hazardous
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material team at the scene. noah was last seen by his mother sunday morning at the home. the disappearance led to searches day and night carried out by teams of law enforcement officers and hundreds of volunteers who combed several square miles looking for noah. that's what we now know. we compact more details in about an -- expect more details in about an hour. >> we have a crew on the way to dublin. some startling new information about the final moments aboard the german jetliner that slammed into the french alps. investigators say the copilot intentionally brought that plane down. andrea mccarren is live at the white house following the developments there, disturbing information, nonetheless. >> reporter: it is, jan. white house officials say there is no link to terrorism, but they are fully aware that that french investigation is just getting started. we do know that copilot was in
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the united states last year and trained in arizona. >> a very, very shocking situation. >> reporter: the cockpit voice recorder reveals copilot andreas lubitz locked the germanwings captain out of the cockpit after he apparently left to use the bathroom. investigators say the captain is heard pounding on the cockpit door as passengers screamed. >> no word, no word during the lubitz trained at a lufthansa flight school in arizona in 2010 a pilot's license issued by the faa and was last in the united states in october, 2014 on a crew visa. unlike many american carriers, european airliners generally do not require two people in the cockpit at all times. lubitz had been flying with germanwings since september of 2013. here at the white house
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president obama offered french authorities any assistance they may need in their investigation. reporting live from the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> french authorities notified victims' families what was on the cockpit recorder before the details were made public in. germany a moment of silence was held this morning for the 16 students and two teachers who died on their way back an exchange program two of the three americans on that doomed airbus were from northern virginia. >> yvonne selke and her daughter emily who lived in nokesville being remembered. surae chinn is there at sacred heart church in manassas. >> reporter: the faith community is mourning the loss of yvonne and emily selke. the family has been coming to sacred heart since the early '90s. father mike says they've left an incredible void in their parish. >> i couldn't believe that i
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was reading names that i recognized. i was almost unable to speak. >> reporter: parishioner and staff at sacred heart catholic church are overcome with sadness and loss to their faith community. yvonne selke, a long time government contractor, was employed by booz allen hamilton. in church she was a prayer listener helping children learn their prayers. she was described as a faithful volunteer. the music director remembers emily in her children's choir. >> i remember how much she loved music and how she wanted to be there and rarely missed a rehoarsal. >> you celebrate the sacraments together and events in families' lives together and you become family that way. >> reporter: but father mike pisan admits he doesn't have a lot of answers for his church family. >> it was like a sucker punch right in the gut when i heard, why? what? i said yeah, even priests ask questions like that.
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we're not supermen. we're human beings and it hurts. >> reporter: on the parish's facebook page someone writes so terribly sad. may they rest in peace. god bless. another comment, may god grant them and all those who parished eternal rest. >> there's evil in the world, but the one thing that as catholics we believe is that god can bring good out of any tragedy. >> it's unsettling, but the gospel says you know not the day or the hour. >> reporter: father mike opened his church with extended family and friends of the selkes. he has reached out to the family. they have not yet accepted or received. father mike is giving mourning their loss and missing them greatly. >> the third american on that flight has been identified as 37-year-old robert oliver. breaking news out of new
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york city, emergency responders are on the scene of what's believed to be an explosion and a building collapse, that happening now in manhattan's east vallage. the fire department is reporting multiple injuries. the fire has torn through at least two buildings. one of them is a mixed use residential and commercial building, no word what caused that explosion. check out the flames, fully engulfed. dozens of uva students to support the student's bloody arrest by alcohol officers sparked outrage. peggy fox is in charlottesville where she talked to a student who witnessed the arrest. >> reporter: that student is also a good friend of martese johnson. he was here today along with about 150 other supporters. cour standing room only crowd of supporters most wearing black in solidarity said the uva's walked through that door, all these students, ones
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he knows and doesn't know, just knowing a lot of us skipped class or came early to be with him. >> reporter: the bloody arrest of the 20-year-old third year uva student by white abc officers has sparked outrage here and across the country. >> the civil rights movement is not over. the fight for justice and equality is not overto try to do here the rest of our time at the university of virginia. >> reporter: the president of the student ncaa chapter is a close friend of johnson and was with him that night. >> to really not be able to do anything but be standing right there, it's a terrible feeling. >> reporter: johnson was charged with public intoxication and obstruction of justice. abc officers say he was belligerent. jenkins disputes those allegations. >> he not belligerent. it was at a .02, his bac. >> reporter: jenk friend did not trip. >> that is false. he was forced to the ground and that is what caused his laceration on his head and caused the bleeding.
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even more disgusting lack of concern when that blood started to flow. >> reporter: johnson's attorney said his client is not guilty. >> it's our goal to continue to fight for martese and conduct our own independent investigation as well. >> reporter: granted the prosecution's request for a continuance to give the virginia state police more time to investigate the actual arrest. that investigation was ordered by the governor. governor terry mcauliffe also ordered abc officers to undergo more training in many areas including use of force. many people we talked to today believed the policing power should be taken away from the abc. i'm peggy fox reporting live in charlottesville. >> martese johnson is supposed to be in court may 28th. that's when we'll know if the prosecution intends to move forward with the charges. the university of maryland student who sent a racist and sexist e-mail to fellow members
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of a fraternity will not be returning this semester. the school said the decision was mutual. the e-mail was sent over a year ago in january, 2014 but came to light recently. the student also said in the e- mail there should not be consent for sexual activity with women invited to frat parties. kappa sigma suspended that student and the school is investigating. the national zoo is stepping up security for the season for trips there. debra alfarone is live with what to expect the next time you visit. >> reporter: your bag might be looked through the next time you come here. it was almost a year ago when two people were shot they're the entrance during last year's -- near the entrance during last year's african american family event and zoo officials are taking precautions to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. >> somebody got shot. >> reporter: it was during the annual african american family day last easter monday that shots rang out. people ran and a picture perfect day turned into the
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video seen the country. two people were hurt. a 14-year-old boy was arrested. the zoo is making changes this year. >> we've outlined that they may have back-checks, wand checks. we don't know how long the lines will -- bag checks, wand checks. we don't know how long the lines will be, but we'll do the best we can. >> reporter: this is what police presence looked like last easter monday. because of spring break, a larger crowd plus a history of violence. >> i'm no more worried here than anywhere else. >> reporter: today the rain may have kept many visitors home. the ones we talked to didn't seem worried. >> we just considered that a rare event and that could happen anywhere, movie theater, school, work, so it's part of the risk you take living in a free country. >> reporter: this year's event will take place monday, april 6th. i called the metropolitan police department and asked if they are doing anything
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different. they say they have a plan and can't comment on that. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> you mentioned the new plan comes after months of study and analysis by the zoo with the help of its security consultant. there's some encouraging news for the ebola patient treated at the national institutes of health upgraded from critical to serious condition. the america healthcare worker who tested positive for the ebola virus in sierra leon was admitted a couple weeks ago to nih. the worker is the second patient with ebola to be treated at the bethesda campus. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> dea agents accused of having sex parties with prostitutes overseas, craig boswell brings us the latest at 5:30 on the investigation. >> topper is back with more on the thunderstorms heading into our area after the break. >> reporter: relief does not begin to describe the feeling that the baby is okay. i'm scott broom at the shady grove medical center.
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coming up the mom who gave birth on the shoulder of i-70 and the dad tell their story. >> right after the break how you ride on the metro is about to get safer and more comfortable in a matter of
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major improvements are coming to metro. >> april 14th in with the new 7000 series trains featuring digital video surveillance vails systems and something called -- surveillance systems and something called anti- climbers, better seats, wider aisles and digital map displays and those sometimes announcements, no more. they're supposed to be easier
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to hear we're told. former u.s. congressman jesse jackson, jr. out of prison. his release comes a year and a half after jackson pleaded guilty to illegally spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. jackson will serve the remainder of his sentence at a halfway house here in d.c. the clean-up is underway in parts of oklahoma today following a series of devastating tornadoes. one person was killed, several others injured when eightier ripped through a mobile home park -- when a twister ripped through a mobile home park in oklahoma. the storm ripped the roof off at least one gymnastics school while kids took cover in the basement. that lead us to today because that very same system is on its way here. don't think we'll see anything like that, but could see some pretty good downpours. folks getting home at 6:00,
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7:00, 8:00, could get caught in some heavy downpours and get ready, a temperature change. two steps forward, back. right now it is spectacular. it was the warmest day. we hit 75. we're still at 75 now. average high is 60. dew point in the upper 50s, a pretty moist air mass and it's becoming a little more unstable because of the sunshine and strong southerly wind. that's why we're concerned about some thunderstorms this evening and early tonight. right now here's radar the past hour. most of the showers and storms light at this point and right around i-81, winchester back south into the harrisonburg area. heavier activity toward elkins, orange and yellow. that indicates a little more oomph to the storms. we're in pretty good shape for a while, but if you're not home in 30 minutes in hagerstown you'll have a shower and winchester and strasburg.
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inside the beltway and immediate metro area we're dry another hour or so. some thunderstorms. those could be heavy, not too much in term of wind damage or hail. bus stop temperatures 40s tomorrow. bring an umbrella, kind of a miserable raw day. we decided to issue a yellow alert friday morning because the rain and showers will hang on a while. prepare for a wet commute to work. grab a coat, much colder tomorrow, almost went cooler, kind of wrestled with this idea. i'm going to put colder so you get the impression it's going to be colder tomorrow. if i put cooler, you might try to sneak out without a jacket. you need one tomorrow. 8:00 tonight futurecast orange and yellow from gaithersburg across the river into fairfax and southeastern loudoun county. these recall the leave downpours i'm -- these are the heavy downpours i'm thinking will occur through the nighttime hours. by 10:00 we're not done with
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the moisture. we have another batch overnight and by morning 5:30, 48 downtown, 41 in gaithersburg, 42 in frederick, a little snow toward westminster possible. i decided to hold off putting that in the forecast till saturday. by 9:00 most of the rain on the east side of 95 covering much of charles county, prince george's county, bowie, and also covering much of the southern part down towards fredericksburg. by lunchtime everything is about to move out. temps aren't moving much, still in the 40s. we might scare 50 tomorrow maybe by 4:30, 5:00, just enough late march sun to hit 50 and then temps fall again. day planner, wet at 7:00, 46, still wet at 9:0045, cloudy at 11:00, still 45. some breaks in the clouds by 1:00, only 47 degrees. we're almost losing 30 degrees tomorrow. yellow alert tomorrow early for the rain and showers and then snow and rain showers saturday,
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yup, 43, still cool sunday but right, low 50s. next seven days monday we're going in the right direction upper 50s, upper 50s tuesday, a few clouds. i think the fronts will go through dry. low 60s on april fool's and near 60 on thursday, rain developing late in the day. this next story is pretty cool. ill just have to pray this doesn't happen to me. >> pay attention. >> the mom who gave birth on the shoulder of 270 this morning just a mile short of the hospital is talking to us tonight and so is the dad. >> relief doesn't begin to describe what they're feeling right now. scott broom is live outside shady grove medical center. certainly call this a special delivery, scott? >> reporter: it definitely was. listen, being born on the side of the interstate without any rescuer around before they there is just part of the story because this baby came out backwards, a potentially dangerous come indication that thankfully worked out just fine.
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meet jacob kenneth nelson. >> we left the house and mom amanda. >> by the time i got in the care said to my husband you need to drive really fast. >> reporter: bewildered husband jon nelson. >> all of a sudden my car starts dinging and i look at the dash and the seatbelt light is on. i look over. she's taking her seatbelt off. >> my water broke. when that happened i felt something coming out. >> reporter: they were at shady grove exit 27haso out. >> i asked my husband to pull over. he gets out of the car. he determined it was a foot and it was blue. >> i had a first aid kit in the car from when we went camping out. i took some of the medical tape and doubled it over, tied off the umbilical cord. >> we were sitting on the side of 270 a couple minutes by ourselves with the dispatcher who was telling us how to tie ofthe ep the baby warm. >> it was an adrenaline rush. i was just trying to do the right thing at the right time and afterwards kind of all the
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anxiety hit me when i started thinking about what could have gone wrong. >> when i saw it was his foot coming out, i was extremely nervous because i know it can be risky to deliver a baby in that way. >> reporter: this was a breech birth, a few weeks early. the baby is fine, 6 pounds, 6 ounces. it's the couple's third child, so she's had some experience with. this amanda is a 5th grade teacher at lucy barnsley elementary school in rockville. she felt a little bit of rumbling last night she says. because it was early she just didn't pay attention to it and by the time the labor got serious it was too late to get here in time. jan, that's your lesson. if you feel it happening, do something about it quickly. >> yes. it will not be on the set. i can tell you that, scott. >> reporter: well, thank you. >> you never know. >> moments ago we did receive a call the family made to 911. there was one very scary
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moment. >> he's not crying or anything. help me, please. >> is he out? did you already give birth? >> he's out. [ crying ] >> is he crying? >> yeah. >> breathe, little boy. there you go. [ crying ] >> breathe little boy. [ crying ] >> everyone is healthy tonight. congrats to them. speaking of babies on to bear watch. we got a sneak peek at two new cubs at the national zoo. they're andean bears, extremely rare. their names mean unique and loving in the andes region. they'll be on display till sunday. new rules to protect you from predatory payday loans, details in consumer alert. >> a governor takes emergency action after a
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries liver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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in tonight's consumer alert the markets on wall street continue their downward spiral a fourth day in a row. the consumer financial protection will propose new rules to end payday loan debt
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traps. the regulations would require lenders to make sure a person does not take on unaffordable debt and limits the number of loans taken out in a year. millions of cash strapped folks are hit by high fees and in some cases become trapped in the cost of debt with those short term loans. we have a wusa9 call for the u.s. state department wants you to plan ahead for your summer travel abroad. the washington d.c. will lowest passport day. it's open to folks 17 and younger applying for a passport the first time and for people who need to replace a passport. check out our wusa9 app for more details. tonight we're hearing bowe bergdahl's story of his time in captivity, details straight ahead. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in fairfax with a northern virginia startup that thinks it has a simple cooling system that could save lives and improve athletic performance.
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>> reporter: lawmakers call for disciplinary action after a new report alleges sexual misconduct by drug
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> we've seen some showers beginning to develop, expand and intensify along i-81, especially east of i-81 and south of i-66. that fleck of yellow is an
5:30 pm
indication of heavier activity around front royal. get ready for showers and storms by 7:00. a line will be extending through back into frederick county and northern sections of fairfax county and loudoun county. you see yellows and reds, not so much concerned about severe weather but heavy downpours between 6:00 and 10:00. we'll come back and talk about why we extended our yellow alert into tomorrow morning. there's another prostitution scandal involving u.s. government law enforcement agencies overseas. a new report says dea agents attended sex parties with prostitutes for 2005 until 2008. thoseparties were financed by drug cartels. >> reporter: in a new report the justice department inspector general says overseas drug cartels paid for dea agents in colombia to have sex parties with prostitutes.
5:31 pm
the ig's report says although some of the dea agents participating in these parties denied it, the information in the case file suggested they should have known the prostitutes in attendance were paid with cartel funds. the prostitution scandal involving secret service agents on an advance trip for a presidential visit shined a spotlight on potential sexual misconduct overseas. >> for a while we thought it was just the secret service, but this report demonstrates the dea and others, they are engaging in activity that puts our national security at risk. >> reporter: house oversight airman istobe fired. >> just because somebody else does it or maybe in that country does2in't foreign national your room, let alone get naked with that person. >> reporter: the ig report found the drug enforcement administration was not fully cooperative in the investigation and outlines a host of other allegations. seven dea agents admitted attending the parties and were given suspensions ranging from two to 10 days.
5:32 pm
craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> the report was focused on sexual harassment and misconducts within the dea, fbi, atf and u.s. marshals service. a department of justice spokesman said the dea takes this seriously and will look into the allegations. for the first time we're hearing of bowe bergdahl's time in captivity. he said he tried to escape a dozen times from his captors in afghanistan and was beaten regularly and held in a cage. he is charged with desertion among other serious charges. six soldiers were killed searching for him after he left his post. bergdahl's case heads to a military hearing to determine whether he will be court- martialed. tonight a northern virginia startup is trying to solve one piece of the ebola puzzle, how to keep health workers in collective gear from collapsing due to heat exhaustion. bruce leshan has their answer. >> reporter: the co-founders of core performance had one of those why didn't i think of
5:33 pm
that ideas. they built base layers, shorts, sleeves, wristbands that put cooling or heating packs right on your arteries. >> put these inserts into the pockets. it's very simple to do so and you have whole body cooling by just hitting a very small number of places. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: they've already geared up troops and athletes and co-founder justin lee is in geneva now invited by the world health organization to pitch the cooling system there. the tyvex suits the health workers wear in south africa are designed to keep pathogens like ebola out, but that means they keep your heat and sweat in. a half hour in this with a mask on, it's hard to cope. so the core kit hits you right at various arteries.
5:34 pm
this one is on my wrist and it's not that cold, but it is designed just to cool off your blood and then effectively cool off the whole rest of your body. >> we want to eradicate ebola and make it safe are and make people -- we want to make a difference for people. >> reporter: core is just getting started working from a small office in merrifield, but the founders hope someday anyone going out on a day that is too hot or too cold will slip on their gear. in fairfax county bruce leshan, wusa9. >> bruce taking that up to the next level for us. the new york times called the core gear ice cold underwear, but the founders say it works much better than ice which is too cold and constricts your veins. around 60 degrees the gel packs cool your entire body. evidently there's another use for that. >> a pregnant woman. some friends, family and supporters of sean taylor are upset after someone spray
5:35 pm
painted oh a tribute to the late redskin. someone wrote government has failed you. rebel and reform peacefully and a website address. taylor was killed during a miami home invasion in 2007. in the wake of an hiv epidemic the governor of indiana is declaring a health emergency for scott county. since december more than 70 people in that area have been diagnosed. doctors say all the cases are linked to iv drug use and shared needles. to combat that the governor is instituting a needle exchange program for 30 days. after that officials will reevaluate the epidemic there. yet another reason for men to hit the gym. it can help you ward off cancer. a new study out of vermont shows men in great shape have their risk of developing lung and colorectal cancer cut in half and the risk for cardiovascular disease is
5:36 pm
well. right now in the district a marijuana seed sharing event is underway. it's legal to grow pot in d.c., but you can't sell it. potential growers are gathered on 18th street northwest and at d.c. cannabis campaign headquarters. anyone caught exchanging money will be asked to leave. some very exciting news to tell you about tonight. wusa9 is partnering with the washington post in an editorial and video sharing agreement. you'll see links to wusa9 video reports on the post's website as well as fantastic washington post content on wusa9 and our station manager bill lord said this will extend our brand and improve the overall quality of our products on television and online. playing a little bumper cars on capitol hill, at 6:00 the local lawmaker caught on camera doing one really bad parking job. >> trending now, how you can live stream video on twitter. is this a little dangerous? >> could be.
5:37 pm
>> we shall see. a tough critique on a ridiculous question and a college basketball learns a tough le
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trending now cinderella star cate blanchett gives a reporter a hard time for asking a ridiculous question. >> how are you able to get that cat to do what you want it to on a leash? >> that's a question? >> i tried to put my girl friend's cat on a leash. it just never works for me. >> that's your question? that's your [ bleep ] question? >> you took up all our time. >> nice to meet you. >> wow. >> access denied. the look said it all. who is this guy? >> well, maybe it was a serious question for him. >> tough room. how about this for an embarrassing moment for a university of wisconsin basketball player. watch what happens when nigil hayes tries to have some fun with a stenographer in attendance. >> is there anything you'd like to say to our stenographer just to tip things off?
5:41 pm
>> gosh she's beautiful. >> did you hear that? >> i heard that. >> all right. so we'll open it up to questions. >> microphone is on, but what's so interesting, everyone wants to know who he's talking about now. >> and if it was intentional. could be trying to work some game in? >> do you think that would work? >> time will tell. we will find out, breaking news straight ahead. it is still march madness for the maryland women's basketball team. we'll have a live report from spokane, washington, as the team prepares for the sweet 16. >> why improved public access to wi-fi could improve some new cars' safety technology. >>
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other stories trending now, live video you stream on your twitter account. >> our web producer is taking a look at this new app making headlines today. joni, what is this? >> we first saw this was an app called meerkat a few weeks ago, but right now it's all about periscope. i'm actually streaming right
5:45 pm
now. you can see what's going on behind the scenes here. if you like what you see, periscope lets you comment. you can send hearts. it's pretty cool. it's definitely in the beginning stages. there was a live stream brought into the operating room and dancers shared swan lake on the wings and i just saw the fire in new york city. right now only available on iphone but hopefully coming for android soon. >> there's an idea, live streaming from the delivery room perhaps for somebody brave enough. >> the newsroom is live. so everybody play nice in there. >> it's live. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> we have a live shot here, our michael and son weather cam, still very nice in town, still have sunshine, 70s, warmest day of the year so far,
5:46 pm
75 now, winds south at 14. that continues to pump up warm air and continues to destablize the atmosphere. let's talk about this. just about 30 minutes ago there was no red or orange in these line of showers and thunderstorms either side of i- 81. now there is. we're looking at a pretty good cell just south of 66 around 17. it's moving generally north and east toward blue mountain. this could have some heavy downpours and certainly going through the evening hours heavy downpours are possible in the metro area. i don't think they'll produce hail or winds, but heavy downpours and flash flooding is possible. bus stop temperatures, going to be raw and wet tomorrow, temps in the 40s, bring your umbrella. wet morning leading us to extend the yellow alert through the morning hours. it will be a wet commute, allow extra time. grab a coat because it's going to be much colder tomorrow. we're going from 75 to the 40s
5:47 pm
and that is a huge change. futurecast 8:00 here's our line of showers and storms. you see the yellow and orange, pretty heavy activity. this is 8:00 and temps are still pretty warm in the 60s. 9:00 hour we still have rain and showers from prince george's county through the district back into manassas, showers still back to the west. by 10:00 most of the thunder is over, but our rain isn't over. temperatures fall back to the low 50s north and west, upper 50s downtown. another batch of heavy rain rolls in overnight. tomorrow morning here's the raw day you'll face, 41 in gaithersburg, 42 in leesburg with rain. futurecast shows some wet snowflakes and a mix. it's going to be a miserable morning tomorrow. by 9:00 most of the activity is now light and east of 95, temps low to mid-40s. by 1:00 still showers, rain lingering into southern
5:48 pm
maryland and back into southern sections of charles county. east of 95 dries out later. west of 95 dries out but cloudy by 1:00, 40s. breaks in the clouds by 4:30. that might be enough for the late march sun to get to us maybe 50 degrees or 51 tomorrow. 46 to start, downtown temps now, rain and showers, showers at 9:00, 45, still 45 at 11:00, 47 at 1:00, a few breaks in the clouds. yellow alert tomorrow at least through the morning hours. rain and snow showers saturday, 43. march can be cruel. low 50s, that's it but sunny sunday. temps go up a little next week, upper 50s on monday and tuesday, low 60s for april fool's and near 60 thursday, next rain chance thursday afternoon. two u.s. senators are pushing a bill to improve wi-fi access for the public. some experts say the
5:49 pm
legislation could hurt new technology in the works called v2v which allows cars to communicate with one another to prevent crashes. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: a sudden obstacle in the road makes this car slam on its brakes. the car behind warns its driver in time to swerve thanks to wireless vehicle to vehicle communication known as v2v. after more than a decade in development and more than a half billion dollars in taxpayer money spent this technology which could save an estimated 1,083 lives a year may now be asked to make room for wi-fi. >> it's an opportunity for more people to get onto the internet. senators rubio and booker announced the act. >> we're making sure first and foremost the safety need of the auto industry will be met while also giving more opportunities for more innovation, more job creation. >> reporter: the bill has bipartisan support and would require the fcc to evaluate if wi-fi and v2v can co--exist.
5:50 pm
dr. peter sweatman has been working on the technology five years and is asking congress not to pass the bill fearing it marks open season on v2v bandwidth. >> our concern is that any other traffic within that spectrum could potentially block one of these important signals. >> reporter: v2v could be standard in cars in a few years, but sweatman worries the wi sp-fi ectrum sharing bill would delay that plan. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> if you watch any maryland women's basketball, you know head coach brenda frese is so good at firing up her players. we know she'll do the same saturday in spokane before they take on duke. tonight we thought we'd look back at some of her best pregame speeches and hear what she and the players think about them. >> everyone got the talk going on, president obama picked princeton, all right? it's all the noise that's out
5:51 pm
there. this is america's team. you let your play tonight do the talking. let your play do the talking. you go show them what maryland basketball is about. >> i just love instilling confidence and they come from the heart and just wanting to be able to assist any way i can to have us as the most confident team when we hit the floor. that's a warriorlike mentality when you want to go out and separate yourself and you want to show i'm going to do anything for my team, for my unit, for my army. >> we never know what she's going to bring. it's something different every day. of speech is motivating. >> they're prepared pregamewise obviously a day or two out ahead. it's basically the feel where we're at at that point of the season. we want to collectively as a team unite as a pack of wolves be able to go out and understand that we are going to destroy our opponent. >> reporter: you like those
5:52 pm
pregame speeches? >> yes. >> reporter: you fear them? >> i don't fear them. it gets me pumping and ready to play. >> when it gets tough tonight, the tough get going. we know when different things are going to happen in this game, i know what's going to pull this for this team. >> i love them. i think she's great at what she does. she's one of the best motivators i've ever been around. >> it's all in our control in term of how locked in we want to be on the defense. this is our game, our half. >> every game it's different. i admire her for that because she always finds a different way to keep us motivated. >> sorry, man, but we had to bust your project. >> that's so one of my favorite from her. they were undefeated in conference play and this weekend they're playing duke, long time rival when they were in the acc. since brenda's speeches come from the heart, no telling what that will be. she gets them fired up. >> she got me fired up.
5:53 pm
i'm ready for the 6:00. let's do it! game time here at wusa9. remembering one of the local victims killed in the germanwings plane crash, at 6:00 some of emily selke's oldest friends reflect on the young woman's ambitions that influenced everyone around her. >> reporter: politicians think they're the exception to every law. >> it's tough for anyone to overcome the power of a camera and youtube. who was spotted tapping cars outside the capitol. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan amid the barrels of virginia's thriving wine industry. demand now so inte
5:54 pm
yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh...
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raise a glass, my friend. demand for virginia wine is so high we're told growers can't keep up. >> bruce leshan was out standing in the fields in leesburg today. >> reporter: i'm looking to see if the bud inside has a little green to it. the promise of spring on a sun dap dappled day -- dappled day. there was a 17% jump in production, but that's been too little to keep up with demand. >> it has been really, really nice to be the popular girl on the block. >> reporter: the demand for virginia wine now is so intense
5:57 pm
along the east coast and in places like the uk, even china that the governor is pushing virginia wineries and vineyards to grow more grapes, produce more wine to satisfy the thirst. >> folks in the past have said virginia wine is kind of twangy or, you know, it's just kind of rough. >> reporter: fambioli bottled his first wine just over a decade ago and is now pulling award winning wines from the loamy soil. the commonwealth ranks fifth in industry is pumping almost $1 billion a year into the economy and employing nearly 5,000 people. many are in hard press the rural areas. >> we've -- hard pressed rural areas. >> we've learned growing grapes and other products is better
5:58 pm
than growing houses. >> reporter: he hopes they never produce on the scale of california and napa valley, too hollywood, but after a series of cold winters killed back some of his merlot, he is reveling in the spring sunshine and the promise of a good harvest. >> like most farmers, he also worries, too. he worries if virginia grows too many grapes and bottles too much wine, it risks a crash. that's all for wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: the cause of a german jetliner crash zeros in on one of the pilots. i'm garrett hake in woodbridge, virginia, with what friends and colleagues say they will remember most about plane crash victim emily selke. >> a tragic end to the search for a missing virginia boy. police didn't have to go far to find the child. >> reporter: city parking can be tricky, but unfortunately for one d.c. representative her attempt at parking was caught on camera. imellison barber. i'll have more coming up.
5:59 pm
first taking a live look outside, thunderstorms are knocking on our door for the first time this spring. they could make a mess of the evening ride home. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm nick giovanni. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking them now. who is going to get the brunt of this? >> well, here's the line of showers we've been watching the past couple hours. nowsch notice the -- notice the reds and magentas and the possibility of hail. this is a pretty heavy storm southwest of leesburg, everything moving north and east. i want to zoom in on this storm between hagerstown and martinsburg. this may have some hail in it just to the southwest of hagerstown moving north and east. another storm up there just southwest of waynesboro not far
6:00 pm
from greencastle will run right in between you. that could also have some hail. we'll storm track this. this is headed for hagerstown about 6:02 and eventually up towards smithburg at 6:14. i would take these storms seriously. they could produce brief heavy downpours and flash flooding. where is the line going? by 7:00 essentially gaithersburg back to leesburg and just


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