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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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well the cold outside today didn't stop thousands in the city who wanted some free weed in the form of seeds. hello, everyone. marijuana in small quantities is legal in the nation's capital. for the second time this week, lots of people stood in line for free marijuana seeds. surae chinn joins us live to show us how it went today. >> you saw the line.
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lots of interest. the line was even longer today for folks wanting marijuana seeds in the first seed share on thursday. today, people waited outside d.c. headquarters for hours for just a few seeds. >> these are a very good -- >> people have never been so elated standing in the cold. >> everybody is very happy to be here. >> everybody getting along. all colors. >> the line stretched several blocks along embassy row on massachusetts avenue for the historic marijuana seed share event. stephanie karr couldn't be happier receiving her seeds complete with advertisement on where she could get more. >> it means freedom. it means healing. it means, you know, allowing something that should never have been prohibited in this country to begin with. >> mike and amy dunn m dunham are happy they don't have to hide their secret anymore.
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>> a lot have been smoking on the hush hush. >> many, many, many years. >> initiative 71 passed overwelmingly by d.c. voters. the rules are strict. you must be 21 years old, no money can exchange hands. you're not allowed to smoke in public. it's illegal to have more than 2-ounces of marijuana and cont grow more than six plants. >> the form of freedom. it's like, you know, finally, the world has been waiting. not just d.c. >> this is the second seed share event this week. the cannabis campaign chairman, adam evenger says today's give away tops thursday's event in adams morgan. >> people willing to wait in line for a few seeds, that's a beautiful thing. >> now remember the rules. home grown, home use and roughly 25,000 seeds have been given out in the two-day event. congress, as you might remember, tried to stop legal morn, but the mayor fought
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back. no legal action has been taken against them. >> to be continued. surae, thank you. >> you got it. >> all right. in alexandria, a tribute to some 18 members of the city's force who made the ultimate sacrifice. family members and fellow police officers attended the dedication of the memorial. it's an honor to the valor and sacrifice of the eight police officers who died in the line of duty. >> i was 12 years old when he died and even today, 42 years after his death, he is the most important person in my life. not because of his death, but because of his life. 16 years after his death, i became a police officer in alexandria. this was my way of coming home. >> the name of each officer was engraved on a glass panel of that memorial. tonight, we're learning more about a fight at a 7-
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eleven that left a 22-year-old man dead. the victim is from new jersey. it appears the incident involved some kind of stolen vehicle. it all happened this morning in leesburg, virginia, and our stephanie ramirez reports tonight that she talked to local residents who say this type of violence is rare. >> it's always tragic. unfortunately, fights are generally over small things and people get disrespected and one thing leads to another and things get out of hand. >> the leesburg spokesperson told me this is detective work collecting evidence. they are investigating the death of james from new jersey who police tell us was freightly stabbed after a fight broke out at this plaza street early saturday morning. at first, those passing by thought this was a robbery investigation. >> we do a lot of shopping, you know. >> the small town feel and there isn't a lot of crime. so to see something like this is very shocking. very out of the norm.
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>> i go to the 7-eleven. i'm going to be more hesitant to go in there. >> a leesburg police officer found this victim with a serious stab wound on his leg. at this 7-eleven parking lot here. >> police arrived investigating a disturbance. they discovered the 22-year- old. they tell us the people involved had just gotten out of a nearby club, but officers would not name com accomplishment. they did tell us police recovered a stolen vehicle at the scene. >> very shocking and sad. leaves us trying to shun the community. >> leesburg police tell us they have multiple people in questioning, but if anyone knows something or has any information, they want you to contact the leesburg police department. in loudoun county, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> police are telling us that they did question people traveling with seauly, but so far tonight, nobody has been charged in that stabbing. armed intruders robbed five university of maryland students at an off campus apartment.
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police say they don't believe it was a random crime. prince georges county police say the suspects forced their way into the apartment at college park towers overnight. the victims say two of the robbers were armed with a knife and a bb gun when they surprised the students around 4:00 this morning. >> it's very common. i have gotten many e-mails about armed robbery off campus. it happens five times a year. and i don't know. it's going to make me not live in the apartment, you know. >> i want to come back from going out at night and feel safe when i come home. i don't want to feel like i'm walking into a situation that where i might risk or my belongings will be taken. i'm really scared to hear that. >> we're told one of the students suffered an injury to his hand. this evening, police are searching for three men. they want to hear from anybody with information. we can just not seem to shake winter, but will it feel
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anymore spring-like come tomorrow? let's head over to erica grow. >> tomorrow won't be quite as bad, but it's going to be below average for this time of year and closer to winter than springtime. by this time of year, we should be getting up to 60 degrees. as you're waking up tomorrow morning, this is what it will feel like. 16 in gaithersburg. 21 in downtown washington. 21 in fredericksburg as well and 19 in martinsburg. rebounding to a real feel temperature. that's when you combine the air temperature with the breeze. not a lot of breeze in the afternoon tomorrow, but only going to feel like we're in the 40s. waking up to temperatures in the 30s and rebounding to temperatures in the 50s to around 60 degrees. so things will start to look up as we head back to work. of course, the timing is not the way we'd want it. we would rather have the nice warm weather during the weekend, but at least it will be dry to start the day and the winds we had yesterday are
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going to go by the waist side if you're heading out the door early for palm sunday services. bring that winter coat with you. 18 to 28 degrees at 8:00 a.m. we'll talk more about this milder trend that arrives for the workweek and our chances for rain coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> another possible motive starting to form tonight as to why that pilot crashed an airliner into the french alps. he may have tipped his girlfriend off that he was about to do something to bring attention to himself. a woman claiming to be a flight attendant and former girlfriend of andreas told a german paper, lubitz said he would do something and everyone will know my name. investigators believe he intentionally crashed the flight killing himself and all 149 people on board after locking the plane's captain out of the cockpit.
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german prosecutors say there's evidence that he hid a treatment, including a shredded doctor's note. now, media reports sought treatment for a problem with his vision. police remain outside lubitz family home in germany where residents are trying to make sense of the tragedy. >> shocked. >> this neighbor says he is shocked, adding it will take time for people to process what happened. investigators here in germany met with their french counterparts saturday to discuss what happened sod far, including evidence gathered at the family home here. about 200 people from the communities nearest the deadly crash in the french alps gathered for an emotional mass to show support for their families. he says, it's terrible, it's horrible for the families. there are no words. i'm broken. chris van cleve, cbs news, germany. and as you may know, a
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virginia mother and daughter were among the 150 killed in that crash. tonight, the family released a statement. it's by raymond selky and it says in part, my wife and daughtery ivan and emily were widely respected by our community. my son and i are proud of our girls and will miss them terribly. our hearts and prayers go out to all the families that lost loved ones in this tragedy. in new york, at least two people still missing tonight from an explosion that leveled three apartment buildings this week on the lower east side. k-9's searched the rubble for a man believed to be eating at a restaurant. a 27-year-old busboy at the same restaurant is also missing. an explosion in the plumbing and gas lines are being blamed for thursday's blast. a celebration in the florida panhandle ends in a
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shooting spree that leaves seven people wounded. sheriff deputies told gun shot victims, several of the victims are students at alabama, a&m university. a 22-year-old man from mobile, alabama, is in custody tonight. he is charged with attempted murder. still to come tonight on wusa9, how is your appetite? >> molly is starting on her brisket. >> we'll check out a champion food eater. and it's a close call for a sky dive diving team, even before they attempt to make a jump. >> find homes for a man's best friend. we're back in ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪
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a recycling center worker -- prince georges county firefighters responded to the emergency on kennel worth avenue in chapel oaks, maryland. a 20-year-old man had his legs caught in the conveyer belt inside the machine. he was freed and transported to a trauma center. tonight, close call in south carolina when a sky diving team ran into trouble with their plane. the engine stopped and just sputtered out. one of the sky divers though took control and landed the plane in the middle of the
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highway. the team went on to perform at sky diving act during the national anthem and sky diving show near charleston. they are in need of a new home and today, two rescue organizations came together to try and make that happen. dozens of people showed up at the courthouse. new families were found for 50 dogs, thanks to the north shore animal rescue. sadly, millions of animals are euthanized every year. and we help alleviate that problem by bringing animals into our rescue and help find them permanent, adoptive homes. we are taking many, many applications and our hope is that every animal will receive one application. >> if you missed today's adoption event, you can still adopt a pet. to see the animals available, all you have to do is go to the wusa 9 app. >> always watching.
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always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> i know it's against the rules, but we should bring our dogs in one day. >> he is adopted. he's a shelter dog. it's a good day for him. he likes the chilly weather. i want to bundle up and he just wants to play outside all day long. well, things are going to start to finally feel milder as we head back to work and school. but until then, it's going to be colder than average. let's take a look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam. it is still a little bit breezy as well as being chilly. the current temperature, if i can get it to pop up here on the michael and son weather cam. there it is, it's 32 degrees. look at that. it feels like 23. man, is it january? winds are out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour right now. very dry atmosphere as well. but that dew point at 7. usually when we get to this time of year, we are starting to see some leaves on the trees and that helps to boost the humidity as well and we don't
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have those really bone dry air masses like we have in place right now. that's one of the factors that will allow our temperature to get cold and as you are waking up tomorrow morning, the windchill will be in the 20s, even in the teens in a lot of spots. as we head through the day, lots of sunshine, still going to be cool, even in the afternoon. it will be cooler than average by about 10 degrees. but overnight on sunday into early monday morning, a weak cold front on the way. that will bring some rain showers, just rain. by the time it arrives, temperatures will be mild enough that we don't have to worry about frozen precipitation east of i-81. heading through the workweek, milder trend. finally start to see some consistent 60s on the map. when we get to the first alert seven-day. those early snow showers that we had during the day today, up in baltimore and northeast of the beltway, they have cleared out of here and left with clear and cold conditions and that's how we'll start the day tomorrow as well. on future cast, you'll see that approaching frontal system. here it comes.
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some cloud cover spreading in here and you can see those pinks and blues showing up there on 9future cast in the higher elevations. by the time the system makes it down into the beltway, it doesn't have any of thatly residual snow flake activity. everything clears out in the afternoon. but another weak disturbance arrives on tuesday producing another chance for showers. temperatures continue to ramp up though and we will reach the mid 60s before all is said and done. so overnight tonight, very cold. 18 to 28 degrees under mostly clear skies and breezy conditions continue out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, 22 to 40. so it's going to be cold, but finally starting to get a little better as we head toward the noontime hour and our afternoon high, 45 to 50. feeling a lot like march early in the month. not like palm sunday when we are starting to get close to easter. it's not going to feel like easter is right around the corner. 60 degrees on monday. we will see that early shower
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and another chance for a shower on tuesday. again, reaching a high of 60 degrees. in the first alert seven-day forecast, mid 60s on wednesday. probably the best day of the week, too, because it will be dry. but then thursday and friday we're going to have to deal with some on and off showers. i think it looks like an off day event for us on both thursday and friday. so dreary weather along with the milder weather. i guess wednesday is the day you mark on your calendar and say outdoor lunch that day. >> didn't it snow one easter? i think so. >> i mean, we've never had more than a trace of snow in the month of april on average. we've had a couple little events, but nothing big. >> thank you. the fifth annual cherry blossom kite festival drew hundreds of people down to the national mall today. allison ray and nick were among them. that included several competitions. a demonstration, even a kite making station. >> i made a penguin, because i
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have a sled as a penguin, and i like penguins. >> oh yeah? >> who doesn't? >> he's so cute. >> this is pretty neat. i like that. that's what i came for kite flying. >> today's kite festival drew people from all over the u.s. and as far away as india. this is one of those don't do what i do kind of stories. an iowa woman set a new world record in west des moines. molly took a challenge to polish off a four pound sandwich, steak, brisket, applewood smoked bacon, fried cheese and buffalo chicken tenders, cheddar cheese and white cheddar sauce. it was also a pound of tator tots and completed the challenge in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. tomorrow, she'll attempt a new world record seeing how fast she can eat five pounds of bacon. no salad in there. nothing green, no vegetables.
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>> i had to wife the horrified expression off of my face. wow. >> what a game tonight. >> we have some great highlights. kentucky trying to stay alive. plus, the maryland women trying to stay alive and advance closer to the final four as they took on duke and we have you covered from spokane. we'll see if the terps move on in sports. ne
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now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> as we have seen all season long, they are an entertaining team and we get to see them more now as the maryland woman's team moves on to the elite 8 after beating duke out in spokane. brenda frieze and maryland looking to run that winning streak even more. 27 facing the blue devils and the terps led throughout. brianna jones off a nice feed at a double-double. ten points, elizabeth williams, put back, the blue devils within one, but then the terps taboo to a big run. you can see the steal, moses
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picks it up and the lay in. she had 24 leadoff scores and terps and frieze and the twins are all smiles. the elite 8 on monday night. dave owens is in spokane with more on the terps. >> well, in a season full of superlatives, maryland demonstrated another on saturday. in the second half, duke made a push and closed within 1 and this terrapin team had to ask itself a question. the answer, a definitive, yes. >> it all started with our coacher. we went to a media timeout and she challenged us. >> regaining our composure. locking in, being able to get more stops defensively. she said we work too hard and that's when we didn't want our season to be over. >> you beat duke, heading on to the elite 8. you have family around you. does it get any better than
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this? >> i know these two are excited. they get a few days off of school, and we're excited. >> the elite 8 round won't be easy. and they may do it without lexy brown who sustained a knee injury in the game. afterwards, brenda frieze told me they will have to wait and see if she can play. we will see. all right, from spokane, dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> thank you, dave. now the caps seeing some points as they inch closer to clinching a playoff spot. barry and the caps visiting those predators who try to clinch a playoff spot. leads to a back hander. caps getting a big hole. slow start. they did wake up troy brower. first with two goals here. the caps get this thing closer to 3-2, but the predators would
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score here as nationals goes on to win 4-3. scoreless for the sixth time in seven games. gepts the rangers in new york. the wild card spot, and boston tied for the second and final spot. all right, big props to the folks who brave the cold and went to rfk tonight to watch dc united versus l.a. are you kidding me? i love soccer, but not in these conditions. stoppage time. some great work. d.c. united wins 1-0. i think chris looks like the guy from maroon 5. it may just be me. fedex field was the site for an international friendly game. game festivities as we know before each game could be the national anthem. guess what? they played the wrong national anthem. >> you're kidding. >> no, and el salvador lost 2-
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0. >> got to ask you about the lady terps. what are their chances? they are elite 8. >> they are going to play tennessee monday night. they will make the final four. now standing in their way is county connecticut. >> power house. >> and kentucky just got by notre dame tonight. >> a will the of brackets were in trouble. when we come back, a quick look at it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion
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in prohibited subsidies into their state-owned airlines. protectionism at its worst. and their actions threaten thousands of u.s. aviation jobs. it's time for middle east countries to play by the rules. restore competition. restore open skies. fight for american jobs.
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more of the same. >> man, it's just so cold out there already and it's not going to get any better overnight. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, 50 degrees. so we're starting to get a little bit better. an early shower as you are stepping out the door monday morning, but a high temperature of 60. we're not going to be
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complaining for that much longer about these chilly temperatures. some relief on the way. >> thank you for watching. we're going to see you back here tomorrow. you can get updates at or our app. have a great night, everybody.
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it's all about a lack of focus. >> we give our 110%. >> it comes down to the details of the game. we keep having these -- >> we have to have guys step up. i'm searching to play guys. i'm looking for somebody to snatch bennetts. tell me, do you deserve him?


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