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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the apparently fleeing stolen suv and an nsa police vehicle smashed together. then police gunfire. one suspect dead, another wounded and an nsa officer who tried to stop them injured in the collision. the suspects wearing wigs and women's clothes. law enforcement sources said they recovered a gun and cocaine from the suspects' vehicle. the victim of the car theft, a louder county man who picked up the two suspect -- a howard county man who picked up the two suspects in baltimore and spent the night at the unnamed hotel before having his car stolen in the morning. the fbi which is investigating said the bizarre incident is not terrorism related. whether the victim of this car theft knew the men who allegedly stole his car or if this was some kind of seedy transaction, authorities simply don't know or they are not saying. also unclear is whether the thieves intended to come here to the nsa or made a bad turn. that is something the nsa deals with all the time, people
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coming down this on ramp and getting turned around, but in this case the alleged thieves didn't want to comply with police orders and that, of course, turned deadly. reporting live at the nsa scott broom, wusa9. a d.c. mom is facing a likely nine years in prison tonight after pleading guilty today in a horrifying case of child abuse. bruce leshan is live at d.c. superior court where that hearing wrapped up a few minutes ago and the details are awful. >> reporter: they really are, lesli. it is really hard to believe that this 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy even survived these three long months of torture, imprisonment and starvation. his mom, betty threatt, cried and wiped away tears as she pleaded guilty here at superior court to three counts of aggravated assault, child
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cruelty and child cruelty while armed. what happened inside this southeast d.c. apartment is almost incomprehensible. betty threatt today admitted she and her boyfriend poured scalding hot water on her 9- year-old disabled son, that they taped his arms and legs with duct tape and left him locked in the bathroom for days on end, that they gave him no food for months. the boy's father finally found his son and rushed him to children's hospital where doctors diagnosed the boy with extreme malnutrition and some 60 separate injuries including burns from the scalding water and tears to the skin on his wrists and ankles where they had torn off the duct tape. prosecutors say betty threatt and lester jackson used the scalding water, a belt and a stick to beat the boy.
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he spent over a week in the hospital, but like many children now almost a year later the washington post reports he is back in school and recovering from his mother's terrifying betrayal of trust. now sentencing is slated for june and at this point betty threatt is likely to talk about her own history of abuse, allegedly born to a crack addicted mother, raped by her mom's boyfriend allegedly at age 13. that's when she gave birth to her first child and at age 9 she apparently had gone for inpatient psychiatric treatment after putting a cat in the microwave and turning it on. reporting live at superior court bruce leshan, wusa9. >> it's just hard to hear about this pain passioned down through the generations.
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betty threatt pleaded guilty as part of a deal with prosecutors. she could have faced decades in prison but is now looking at a recommended nine years. prince william county police say three men are in custody charged with sexually abusing a girl at her home in manassas starting back in 2010 when she was 5 years old. each of the men stayed at the home at some point, walter reyes, douglas barros and santos rios, all three held without bond. the girl only recently told a relative about the alleged abuse. sentencing day for a virginia man who knowingly exposed two women to hiv. daniel cleaves was sentenced to 18 months in prison. the 28-year-old pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment for having unprotected sex with the women and not telling them about his hiv status. his attorney admits cleaves is an alcoholic, bipolar and was off the wagon when he met the women last summer. prosecutors say there could be more victims.
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>> we certainly hope if anybody has been in contact with mr. cleaves, that they come forward. >> so far the two women have tested negative for hiv. after serving jail time cleaves will be on five year probation where he must attend alcoholics anonymous and refrain from having unprotected sex. a virginia family is in mourning after a 16-year-old died in a men crash. this is ryan mccall. he's the spotsylvania county sophomore who was piloting that plane. the crash happened they're the orange county airport -- near the orange county airport sunday morning where we find hank silverberg with more. hank? >> reporter: that's right. that crash did take the life of 16-year-old ryan mccall. he was a student pilot but had been flying since he was 15 and hoped to get his permanent flying license soon. investigators were combing through remains of a single engine piper, a small fixed wing two seater, which crashed after taking off runway 8 here
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at orange at airport. the young pilot was a student at skyline flight school and is described as a promising teenager who loved to fly. there is no indication what caused the crash. witnesses told investigators the plane banked to the left as it was climbing past the runway and crashed. there was no fire. mccall's familiar was secluded in their -- family was secluded in their home but issued a statement part of it reading ryan was our beloved middle son, a typical teen-ager, who we loved so much. a spokeswoman for the spotsylvania county school system says young ryan will be missed. >> he is a student at river bend high school and he will be sorely missed by our community. >> reporter: counselors have been called into river bend high school where mccall was a sophomore. he also took classes in a local technical school where he was interested in construction. >> it is somber as you can expect. several students have reached out to our counseling staff to
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ask for assistance and support. >> reporter: it could take as much as a year for the ntsb to come up with a final result what caused this crash. we are told they are done today and sometime this evening the wreckage will be removed. right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly atv accident in prince george's county. it happened about 2 a.m. on racetrack road in bowie. the accident killed 1 man possibly in his 20s. a woman riding with him is gravely injured. ellison barber spoke with a man who tried to help the victims. we'll hear from him at 6:00. we are learning new details about the co-pilot suspected of intentionally crashing a jetliner killing 150 people on board. german prosecutors confirmed they found evidence of suicidal issues in the medical history of andreas lubitz. kris van cleave was at the briefing and has the latest
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from dusseldorf germany. >> reporter: this video of a teenage andreas lubitz flying a glider stands in contrast to the 27-year-old co-pilot who investigators believe intentionally crashed germanwings flight 9525. monday prosecutors said prior to receiving his pilot's license lubitz was treated for suicidal thoughts. >> his doctors documented him to be unable to work and to fly, but these documents don't show any hint of being suicidal or being aggressive against other people. >> reporter: prosecutors here in germany discounted reports lubitz was having vision issues. they say they have not found a suicide note or evidence of a motive. a german newspaper public bibbed what it says is a -- published what it says is a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder. lubitz says hopefully and we'll see. when the captain tries to reenter the cockpit he finds
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the door locked and bangs on the door shouting for god's sake open the door! passengers are heard screaming. later an automatic warning goes off. terrain, pull up. more screams, then nothing. in the french alps crews are building a road to the crash site to remove debris and so far dna has been recovered from at least 78 victims. kris van cleave, cbs news, dusseldorf, germany. >> the coo of germanwings met with family members of passengers adding it was the saddest day of his life. he said unfortunately he cannot give the family any answers why this happened. the america healthcare worker treated for ebola at nih continues to improve. the patient whose name has not been released has been upgraded from serious to fair condition. the worker contracted ebola while working in sierra leone. this is the second patient doctors at nih have treated. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00.
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the spring break capital of the u.s. has had enough of the excessive partying, what they're doing about it and what parents should know at 5:30. >> a little breezy but a very nice evening. speaking of winds, let's look at futurecast, wind gust tracker, 4:00 tomorrow winds could be gusting to 31 miles per hour downtown and also in leesburg and manassas. we'll come back, talk about if showers will accompany those winds. >> reporter: he's 98 years old in dog years and yet this four- legged friend saves his family. i'm stephanie ramirez in loudoun county. >> right after the break
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a brushfire near the csx
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train tracks at game preserve road in germantown this afternoon saw train traffic halted and roads closed. 20 fire and rescue had to battle the fire. the fire has been extinguished with roads reopened and train service restored, no injuries reported. the university of mary washington in fredericksburg suspended its men's rugby team. an audio recording captured some members chanting a song with violent and sexually explicit lyrics. in an e-mail to the university on march 19th university president rick hurley said the school imposed the sanctions because the team's actions violated the university's code of conduct. a family just outside chantilly says she have man's best friend to thank for saving their lives. >> stephanie ramirez got to meet this family and their dog hero in loudoun county today. >> reporter: that's a very old man's best friend. mico is 14 years old, 98 years old in dog years, and yet he saved his family from this. >> he's the best dog. >> reporter: with white hairs
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on his face, 14-year-old mico, a lab shepherd mix, now has a hard time walking. >> it's been hard watching him get older. >> reporter: he may move a little slower, but nothing gets in the way of mico and his family. old mico saved them from a quick moving fire. >> i'm not even sure we could have gotten out because the smoke was really starting to fill up inside the house. >> reporter: it was around 6 a.m. sunday morning when david meyers said a fire started on the right side of his home. you can see from the damage it traveled through the living and dining room areas. >> this is the closest smoke line to where the fire started. >> reporter: mico sleeps down here and began making a commotion which is physically hard for him to do. he woke up the family at least five minutes before their smoke detectors went off. the smoke was so bad already meyers' 3-year-old daughter went to the hospital with smoke inhalation. 3-year-old savanna is home from the hospital, but it will be a
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couple months before the family can return home. meyers says he's just lucky to still have his family. >> at his advanced age that he ultimately saved our lives we'll be forever grateful. i love you. >> reporter: in loudoun county stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> loudoun county fire still trying to figure out what caused that fire. stephanie did tell us the owners want to give him a steak dinner, but he's so old, so he wouldn't be able to enjoy it. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> thank goodness for a little warmer weather. this weekend was whoo. >> on saturday it was a record low maximum at dulles, only 37 for a high. >> it felt like 2 degrees. >> with the wind it felt like 10, 12. i think we turned the corner. where he were in the 60s today
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and we may be 70 on thursday. >> stop it, topper. >> there's a couple things in between there, though. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 63, very dry air mass, relative humidity only 24%. winds increasing out of the west at 13. they'll also change a bit and become more southwesterly. that will keep us in the warm sector of air until the cold front goes through tomorrow afternoon, quiet, chilly tonight, breezy. bus stop temperatures 36 to 50 but dry. you will not need your umbrella walking the kids to the bus stop. you will probably picking them up. tuesday afternoon wet commute especially north of town and nice wednesday and thursday. wednesday will be beautiful but a little cool. thursday will be much warmer. futurecast 10:00 tonight it's clear and temperatures really not that cold, mid-40s in the burbs, 46 in leesburg and manassas, 45 in gaithersburg and la plata. that's not bad. by morning we start out with
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sunshine in the morning, a little clipperlike system that will race along the maryland/p.a. border and drag a cold front through tomorrow afternoon. the bulk of the precipitation and energy stays north of us. by 6:00 30s and 40s. we start with sunshine that fades quickly. by 9:00 clouds roll in, 40s and dry for the most part, a couple showers maybe moving into frederick and hagerstown late morning hours. that's about it. by 1:00 we see showers in frederick and almost down to leesburg. the good news, we're upper 50s and low 60s, so still mild. the through by 5:30, pretty good area of showers across 95 between baltimore and d.c. and extending back route 7 to leesburg and up 270 into clarkbsurg. by 7:30 most of the showers are south of town, still into southern maryland and down into st. mary's county but generally light, nothing crazy heavy. tonight we're okay, clear to partly cloudy, breezy, chilly, 36 to 44, winds southwest 10 to 15. by morning becoming mostly
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cloudy, so we start with sunshine and with some clouds, maybe a shower extreme north and west. the wind southwesterly 10 to 20 and gusty. by afternoon mostly cloudy, windy and mild with showers, highs 60 to 65, winds southwest 15 to 25 with higher gusts becoming northwest 15 to 25 and higher gusts. day planner, mild to start, 42 downtown, 48 by 9:00, 57 by 11:00, some showers possible by 1:00, 61 degrees. no worries in the morning. next three days pleasant wednesday behind the cold front, a little cool, high temps upper 50s and warmer thursday, highs around 70. clouds come in late thursday, but we stay dry. next seven days good friday is wet but mild, 65, rain and showers, upper 50s saturday, maybe an early shower. easter sunday looks great, seasonable, low 60s, baseball, the crack of the bat. nats on 9, home opener here on
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wusa9, 66 monday with sunshine. d.c. police are looking for the gunman behind a homicide in northwest. police from the 4th district were called to 13th and van buren streets around 2:45 this morning. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive no, word on suspects or a motive. more trouble for embattled new jersey senator bob men in dez. a person familiar -- bob menendez. a person familiar with the corruption charges said prosecutors could soon charge menendez and a florida eye doctor. dr. salmon meljin allegedly provided menendez with luxury flights to and from the dominican republic for some favors. menendez denies wrongdoing. service is back to normal tonight for jetblue passengers heading out of reagan national airport because earlier today a compute outage caused delays at all the airports the airline
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served. gate agents were forced to manually check in all passengers. a long delayed salute today in maryland for the state's vietnam veterans. republican governor larry hogan has made march 30th welcome home vietnam veterans day. michael skinner of takoma park asked our pothole patrol to check out 34th street in northwest d.c., specifically they're the intersection of garrison street. -- near the intersection of garrison street. he says the potholes are bad enough on a sunny day, but when it rains, he says they are downright dangerous. you can't see a thing when they fill up with water. thanks for reporting these to us. we have alerted ddot. if you have a pothole you want our pothole patrol to help get fixed, go to or tweet us @wusa9 using the
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#potholepatrol9. please include the city or cross street or block number for the pothole location. a prestigious award for a young prince george's county violinist, the 6th grader who is hitting all the right notes. >> plus why the gmc is promising to give you what you pay for. >> and jan's favorite story, mcdonald's testing out what could be the
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in tonight's consumer alert a good start on wall street as the markets surge after positive economic reports on consumer spending and housing. the dow closed up 263 points while the nasdaq gamed 56. health and nutrition retailer g -- gained 56. health and nutrition retailer gnc said it will make sweeping measures to insure the herbal supplements you buy are the real thing. this comes after an investigation by new york state's attorney general. gnc was accused of selling fraud lent or even contaminated supplement -- fraudulent supplements like ginseng and
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echinacea. wal-mart was also targeted in the investigation. mcdonald's is going to begin serving breakfast 24 hours a day. the golden arches will start a test run of the 24 hour morning meal at select locations in the next few months. i know of one such person who might be willing to visit the restaurant. >> perhaps. >> a recent national restaurant association survey finds 70% of people asked want breakfast available throughout the day. >> amen to that, although they don't serve my biscuits and gravy. >> but the pancakes and hash browns might help you. jay-z launches his high fidelity music service called title. he claims it provides a new direction in the music industry for the creative and business sides. jay-z bought the swedish company last month for $56 million. a 6th grader from hyattsville is receiving a
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national honor for her musical talent. >> arlene calderon is one of only four students in the nation to receive the national association for music education's student promise award. today she was presented with that award and a brand-new violin. arlene said her music teacher gave her some valuable advice. >> he helped me practice and he said that if you practice a lot, you'll get really good. >> that applies to so many things, right? >> yes. just life in general. march is designated as music in our schools month. right now spring breakers are descending on beaches all over the country, why one city says it is time to curb the madness. >> plus a dead livan crash claims the lives of eight church -- deadly van crash claims the lives of eight church members. the latest on the investigation. >> plus a last minute deal to
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try to keep iran free of nuclear missiles. >> and we want to know what's on your
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now, america's number one ricotta. with the deadline looming secretary of state john kerry canceled a scheduled trip to boston to try to wrap up the nuclear deal with iran. >> reporter: negotiators are in the final hours of talks intended to prevent iran from
5:30 pm
getting a nuclear weapon. if they reach a deal, iran will not be able to manufacture a nuclear weapon for at least 15 years, but stumbling blocks have cropped up. iran is backtracking that it sent its uranium stockpile to russia to be deweaponnized for use in a nuclear power plant and now wants to be allowed to enrich uranium in the final years of the deal, but the u.s. is pushing back. finally iran wants economic sanctions lifted immediately. sanctions are a sticking point with congress. many lawmakers want more sanctions against iran. >> we should have kept the sanctions in place so that we could have gotten to a real agreement and the sanctions are going to come. >> reporter: there is broad bipartisan support for tennessee senator bob corker's bill that would allow congress to approve or reject any nuclear deal with iran. craig boswell, cbs news, the state department. >> russia's foreign minister is one of the negotiators. he said he'll leave switzerland monday night and some view that
5:31 pm
as a sign a deal right now is unlikely. president obama led a delegation of political leaders at today's dedication of the edward kennedy institute in boston. the president spoke of kennedy as a friend of enormous influence on both sides of the aisle. >> we knew ted as somebody who bridged the partisan divide over and over and over again with genuine effort and affection in an era when bipartisanship has become so very rare. >> the institute opens tomorrow and its centerpiece is a full size replica of the senate chamber where kennedy served for 47 years. visitors can play senators in training. they'll get to pick the state and party they represent and vote on legislation. 1,400 students have already signed up for the tour. operators anticipate that more than 130,000 guests will come through this each year. president obama is planning
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a trip to kenya in july. the white house says mr. obama will attend the 2015 global entrepreneurship summit. press secretary josh earnest says the purpose is to accelerate the economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions and improve security in africa. the president's father was born in kenya. a week after announcing his 2016intentions 36% of republican voters say they would consider voting for texas senator ted cruz. back in february just 3% said they would consider voting for cruz. jeb bush leads all other republican contenders with 51% of republicans saying they would vote for him. robin williams' family agreed to try and settle their battle over the late actor's personal belongings out of court. williams' adult children and his widow are at odds over who gets what. some of the items in question
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are wedding presents, the tux he wore at his wedding and pictures from his 60th birthday. devastation in florida where eight congregants of the same church were killed when their van crashed. another 10 people were hurt in the accident in rural southwest florida. the van was carrying a haitian church group when it ran a stop sign, continued onto a grassy shoulder before coming to rest in a water filled canal. the group was coming from a convention in ft. myers when the driver lost control after midnight. >> we'll determine how many seats were inside the van and how many people could be safely seated inside the van appropriately. that will be part of the investigation. at this time we're going to confirm there's approximately 18 people in the van at the time of the crash. >> while the people in the van were from ft. pierce, florida, police say a 4- year-old not in a car seat is among the injured passengers. a rough day for riders of a historic roller coaster. coney island's wooden ride
5:34 pm
known as the cyclone stalled on its first public run of the season just before a carful of riders approached the first stop. park staffers had to scale the sides of the 88-year-old koester to help riders climb down. the sudden stop will not be enough to keep some fans from coming back. >> it will be an interesting experience. ready to go back on as soon as they give the okay. >> coney island authorities say an isolated mechanical issue was to blame. >> still scary. co-ed's misbehaving on spring break is hardly a new story, but officials in panama beach city, florida, say they've had it with the drunking college students. saturday a house party shooting injured seven people, three college students. jericka duncan reports how the city is trying to curb some of the violence and debotchery. >> reporter: wild pool parties, free flowing alcohol, raunchy behavior, for many
5:35 pm
college students this is an annual rite of passenger, but for some young people in the spring break mecca of panama city beach it nearly became deadly. >> i have three parents, one a trauma alert, gunshot wound to the head. >> there was a chaotic scene. we found seven people shot. >> reporter: 22-year-old david daniels, the alleged shooter, was arrested out on bond for drug possession in alabama. >> spring break is not just college kids. we now have a problem from awe walks of life that are here because of -- all walks of life that are here because of spring break. >> reporter: three victims were students at alabama university. some say they were innocent bystanders. a fourth victim shot in the neck and survived posted this photo on her facebook page shing she felt lucky. -- saying she felt lucky. the county sheriff is worried about the volatile mix of
5:36 pm
alcohol, guns and drugs. >> when several thousand drinkers gather up on the beaches and parking lots, it gets almost impossible to control them. >> reporter: hours after the shooting city council members voted to give more funding to police, but a proposal to ban alcohol on beaches was rejected. >> it's not enough. i can tell by the gaze of my other counselors that they don't think we have a problem and we do. our city is under siege. we need to take it back. >> forbes reports guys drink on average 18 alcoholic beverages a day while on spring break. women drink about 10. >> a lot of drinks. at 6:00 chilling witness accounts of a deadly atv crash in prince george's county. >> trending now we're learning more about the man tapped to replace jon stewart on the daily show. >> plus what jamie foxx said at an awards show last night that's got some people fired up tonight. >> a little breezy and the wind tends to add to the pollen.
5:37 pm
here's your pollen reading, high for trees, low for mold spores, grass barely showing up. it's mainly tree season. we're tracking a little clipperlike system, which commute will be wet
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
looking at stories trending now, comedy central has named
5:40 pm
trevor noah as the new host of the daily show. >> jon stewart announced he's stepping down from the show. he did that earlier this year. noah grew up in south africa and appeared on the show three times. >> just tell me which of these pictures was taken in america and which one is from africa. >> i got. this the beautiful highway on the right probably silicon valley, the one on the left clearly shelled by rebounds, i'll go with somalia maybe. >> actually the road on the right is a superhighway in central africa. the photo on my left i took from my cab on the way here from the airport. >> noah tweeted no one can replace jon stewart but together with the amazing team at the daily show we will continue to make this the best damn news show. stewart says he is a big fan of his replacement and may rejoin the show as a correspondent just to be part of it. >> he's quite useful, right, good looking kid there. >> a lot of us didn't know
5:41 pm
about him, but after today i'm sure a lot of people are looking him up. jamie foxx is catching flack for his jokes last night at iheartradio awards where he made fun of bruce jenner. foxx said bruce is doing a his and her duet all by himself. some people thought it was hilarious. paris hilton didn't like it and wrote boo, shame on you for allowing jamie foxx to be transphobic on national television. now to your gratuitous ahh video of the day. the san diego zoo is showing off its brand-new jaguar cub. the 18-month-old cub explored its cat cave bedroom before the zoo opened sunday morning. this is the third cub for the mama jag and the zoo workers still don't know what sex the cub is. >> how long does it take i wonder? >> i don't know.
5:42 pm
the maryland women play tonight for a spot in the final four. dave owens has the story on the impact that head coach brenda frese's two sons have had on the team. >> also in our health alert new date that could change the way experts
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5:45 pm
a national parks campaign this week will focus on bringing more diversity and young people to some of the country's most historic places. these are pictures from shenandoah national park in virginia. this thursday the national park service will launch the third major campaign in its history. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will co-chair the find your park effort. not only do the parks need visitors, they need to be maintained. there is $11 billion in unfunded repair work. the montgomery county police department is looking for eager volunteers. the department is accepting applications for its next citizens academy. training will be tuesday evenings starting august 18th. citizen cops will be trained on gun safety and traffic laws and drug identification. the training is free with a class size limit of 40.
5:46 pm
in today's health alert a new report on breast cancer could help doctors better identify the risks and treatment for patients. we have the details from los angeles. >> reporter: at ricky fairly's annual checkup in 2012 doctors found a tiny lump. she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. >> more rare, more aggressive and there's not a lot of treatment options. >> reporter: but now new nationwide data my help doctors identify which patients -- may help doctors identify which patients are more at risk and which treatments are best. for the first time researchers examined the four major types of breast cancer including triple negative, then determined how often ethnicity and race, poverty levels, age and other factors played a role. >> this is just such a complex disease. we used to sort of think of breast cancer as you were before, after menopause. >> it really is more about the biology of the cancer. >> reporter: the research found nonhispanic blacks had a higher rate of triple negative
5:47 pm
breast cancer and late stage disease than other racial groups. >> what kind of treatments are involved? >> usually chemotherapy is a major component. >> reporter: the study looked at other cancers and found lung, colorectal and prostate cancers are down, but incidents of liver, kidney and thyroid cancers are up for men and women. fairly says she's now doing great after having aggressive chemo and radiation. she said she eliminated stress and moved to the beach. >> the latest study shows oral cancer related to hpv increased among white man. you're the reason cancer saw an uptick especially in black women. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. waiting and waiting for spring to arrive and you say this week? >> it's nice today. >> it was better than the weekend. >> the weekend was pretty
5:48 pm
miserable. we turned the corner. we'll be fairly warm tomorrow. the real nice day is thursday, 70. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam certainly gorgeous outside. it's also still 63 which is about dead on average. so that's a good thing. average now sometimes is nice. wind westerly at 13. humidity only 24%, pretty dry air mass right now. look at this, how much warmer is it now than 24 hours ago? 15 degrees warmer downtown, 15 degrees warmer in charlottesville and 17 degrees warmer in rich blonde. if you compare this to saturday, we're like 30 degrees warmer. we're going in the right direction. tonight quiet, chilly, clear to partly cloudy, breezy. bus stop temperatures 36 to 50, but it will be dry in the morning. different story picking up the kids. you may need the umbrella. tuesday commute for many will be wet especially along i-95.
5:49 pm
nice again wednesday, a little cool and then thursday ve nice with temperatures going back to they're 70. here is the futurecast. -- near 70. here is the futurecast downtown 52, mid-40s elsewhere and clear, 44 as far north as frederick, 45 in hagerstown, 46 martinsburg. not crazy cold. by morning, 5:30, 6:00, we're in the 30s, well above freezing, low 40s downtown. clouds return quickly, but the morning commute is dry. we're looking at temperatures pretty uniform, 42 in hagerstown, 46 winchester, 44 in gaithersburg, 47 la plata. by 1:00 we see showers beginning to move into frederick and hagerstown and martinsburg just to the northwest of leesburg, but it's mild, 60 in leesburg, 61 downtown, 60 in andrews, bowie with clouds but no showers yet. in the evening hours about 24 hours from now we'll see showers break out across most of the metro area, still
5:50 pm
haven't set up a yellow alert yet. we'll monitor this. this is a little overdone in terms of how heavy it will be. temperatures mild around 60 and by 8:00 we clear out, a few leftover showers into southern maryland, temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s as skies clear tomorrow night. tonight clear to partly cloudy, breezy and chilly, 36 to 44, winds southwesterly 10 to 15. by morning becoming mostly cloudy, cool, late shower possible way north and west. temperatures 36 to 60 and by afternoon mostly cloudy, windy, mild with showers, high temperatures between 60 and 65, winds southwest initially 15 to 25, then northwesterly 15 to 25 as the clipperlike system pushes the cold front through us. day planner, sunshine 42 at 7:00, sunny at 9:00, clouds roll in, 61 by 1:00, could see
5:51 pm
a shower in the immediate metro area. in the wake of the cold front, nice day wednesday but cool, upper 50s. that's april 1st. we're looking at 70 thursday with a little cloud cover late in the day but dry. good friday rain and showers. easter sunday looks nice, sunshine, seasonable, low 60s and the home opener next monday, sunshine, 66. you can watch the game here if you don't get a chance to get to the ballpark. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome to spokane, everybody. in hours maryland and tennessee will fight for the right to head to the final four. by now you know brenda frese has one of the best programs in all of women's college
5:52 pm
basketball, but she runs that program in a particular style. her message to her players? it's simple. hoops is important, but never forget about the precious present. >> go, go, go, go! move on the pass. good, good! >> reporter: two towards converge at a maryland practice, hoops and home. >> to be able to share these experiences, they don't happen every time in life. to be able to have your family every step of the way means a lot. >> reporter: maryland's women basketball roster has two more members than most, these two little rascals, well, they can melt the hearts of about anybody. >> you see marcus and tyler and they changed the locker room for us being able to see their child life, their energy. it sparks up our locker room. >> reporter: tyler's long battle with cancer has been well documented. simply put, his life has spared. so this tourney journey is special. >> i wasn't here yet when tyler
5:53 pm
was going through all his treatments and stuff. i remember she was leaving my home visit when she got that call. we've been very close with her since that moment. >> reporter: real life never stops for an athletic contest. tonight someone will win. someone will lose. while maryland desperately wants to move on to the final four they don't have to look far to gain perspective on the bigger picture. >> basketball is just a game. at the end of the day it's about building relationships and enjoying the precious present, which is what she tells us all the time. >> reporter: the precious present, you can't say it any better than that. we're happy to report tyler, cancer free. how about that. that is awesome! coming up in 20 minutes, gang, we'll turn our attention to the game itself, maryland facing a very familiar opponent in the elite eight, tennessee, one of the great programs in all of women's college basketball. maryland faces them in a couple
5:54 pm
hours. they're dangerous for a specific reason. we'll talk about that for a specific reason. for now back to you in the studio. at 6:00 new details of a deadly crash early morning, an atv crash that took one woman to the hospital who is now fighting for her life. >> reporter: the boston marathon bombing trial ente
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
prosecutors presented emotional testimony as they rested their case in the federal death penalty case against 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev for the 2013 bombings it's the defense's turn. marley hall has more from boston. >> reporter: jurors were in tears as they viewed gruesome autopsy photos of the youngest victim of the boston marathon bombings. 8-year-old martin richard was standing they're the finish line with his family -- near the finish line with his family when one of the two pressure cooker bombs exploded. massachusetts chief medical examiner henry neil told jurors the bomb tore the little boy's body apart leaving him with third degree burns. martin's parents listened as neil displayed the boy's blood stained and shredded clothing. the same bomb killed 23-year- old chinese exchange student lindsey lu. boston medical examiner kevin lindstrom testified shrapnel tornado -- tore through lu's
5:58 pm
legs. krystle campbell was killed and at least 264 others were injured. the defense will now present its case. it's not clear whether dzhokhar tsarnaev will take the stand in his defense. during opening statements tsarnaev's lawyer admitted dzhokhar placed one of the bombs they're the finish line, but -- near the finish line, but argued his older brother tamerlan was the mastermind. they're trying to save him from the death penalty. >> over the course of 15 days prosecutors called 92 witnesses including several victims. it's expected the defense of the case will not take long to present. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: new developments in the nsa gate crasher case. i'm scott broom at the nsa. coming up why the fbi does not believe this is terrorism related. >> reporter: an atv crash early this morning killed 1 and injured another.
5:59 pm
i'm allison barber. i'll have that story coming -- ellison barber. i'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: we'll tell you more about the 16-year-old student pilot who died in the crash. tonight one person is dead, another hurt after a stolen car rams the gates ywat nsa headquarters in ft. meade. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. this story took an unusual turn late this afternoon. scott broom joins us from nsa headquarters with more on what he's learned. >> reporter: the way this is shaping up it looks like we have a couple cross-dressing car thieves who after a night in a nearby hotel with their victim found themselves at no place else but the nsa, probably one of the most secure places in america, one of them paying for it with his life. if it sounds bizarre, it certainly is. it ended after 9:00 this morning. the suspects wearing wigs and bras came off what's called the connector road, an exit off the
6:00 pm
gw parkway for nsa employees only. they passed one security checkpoint without stopping but were met with barriers at the main employee gate and apparently refused to stop and were turning around. seconds later a collision as the stolen suv and an nsa police vehicle smashed together. there was police gunfire. one suspect is dead, another wounded. an nsa officer who tried to stop them was injured in the collision and taken to a hospital. law enforcement sources say they recovered a gun and cocaine from the suspects' vehicle. the victim of the car theft is a howard county man who picked up the two suspects in baltimore and spent the night with them at an unnamed hotel on route 1 in jessup, maryland. this is the super secret nsa, so no one is talking here. we are ending up with a couple unanswered questions. did the victim of the car theft, for instance, know these


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