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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and bras came off what's called the connector road, an exit off the gw parkway for nsa employees only. they passed one security checkpoint without stopping but were met with barriers at the main employee gate and apparently refused to stop and were turning around. seconds later a collision as the stolen suv and an nsa police vehicle smashed together. there was police gunfire. one suspect is dead, another wounded. an nsa officer who tried to stop them was injured in the collision and taken to a hospital. law enforcement sources say they recovered a gun and cocaine from the suspects' vehicle. the victim of the car theft is a howard county man who picked up the two suspects in baltimore and spent the night with them at an unnamed hotel on route 1 in jessup, maryland. this is the super secret nsa, so no one is talking here. we are ending up with a couple unanswered questions. did the victim of the car theft, for instance, know these guys or was this some sort of
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seedy transaction in a hotel room? there are no answers on that. was it a wrong turn that brought them here to the nsa? we don't know. what we do know is when they refused to stop, it ended up with deadly consequences. scott broom, wusa9. >> again as scott has been reporting, the fbi is investigating and they say this incident is not terrorism related. one person is dead this evening, another in critical condition after a four-wheeled recreational vehicle crashed. it happened in bowie, maryland, on a section of the washington, baltimore and annapolis trail. ellison barber is live at the scene gathering more details. >> reporter: police say that two young adults were driving an atv on this bridge, lost control and crashed early this morning. >> i could hear a moaning. >> reporter: john sinsecki was in his living room unable to sleep when he heard a crash
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before 2 a.m. he quickly called 911. carrying a flashlight he walked outside and heard moaning coming from this bridge. a man and woman were lying alongside the bridge with an overturned atv nearby. >> she was face down. i reached under her and pulled her up. >> reporter: within minutes fire trucks and police cars flooded the area. the woman was airlifted to the shock trauma center in baltimore where she remains in critical condition. the man was pronounced dead on the scene. >> it was obvious. he had that look on his face. >> reporter: police have not yet identify them and know little about the circumstances of the accident. >> we're still investigating what happened, but preliminarily we think that these folks were on an atv on a trail, lost control, left the trail and were ejected. >> reporter: threat of the victims were wearing helmets. -- neither of the victims were wearing helmets.
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>> if you're going to ride atvs at nighttime on trials not designed for atvs disaster can strike. >> reporter: you can see some of the damage from the crash here. we did speak to some sources with park police moments ago and they told me they have id- ed the male victim as brandon barnes, 23 years old from prince george's county. we still do not know who the female victim is. police say they reached out to her family who is en route to baltimore. she remains in critical condition as far as they know right now. >> prince george's county police are looking for anybody with information about this case. please call police if you have information. a virginia family in mourning after a 16-year-old died in a small plainish. ryan mccall was at the controls -- plane crash. ryan mccall was at the controls when his plane crashed sunday morning in orange county. >> reporter: ryan mccall was a
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student pilot who had flown about a year. investigators were combing through the remains of a single engine piper which crashed just after taking off from runway 8 at orange county airport. the young pilot was a student at sky line flight school described as a promising teenager who loved to fly. there is no indication what caused the crash. witnesses told investigators the plane banked to the left as it was climbing past the runway and crashed. there was no fire. mccall's family was secluded in their home today but issued a statement expressing their love for ryan. a spokeswoman for the spotsylvania county school system says young ryan will be missed. >> he interest a student of river bend high school. he took several classes at our career and tech center and will be sorely missed by our community. >> reporter: counselors have been called into river bend
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high school. mccall was a sophomore and also took classes in a local technical school where he took classes in construction. >> it is somber and several students reached out to our counseling staff to ask for assistance and support. >> reporter: it could be a year before the ntsb determines the cause of the crash. >> investigators plan to move the wreckage to a hangar later tonight to get a closer look at when happened. we're learning new details about the pilot suspected of intentionally crashing a jetliner sending some 150 people to their deaths. german prosecutors confirm they found evidence of suicidal issues in a co-pilot's medical history. we've got video of a teenage andrea lubitz happily flying a glider. the footage is a stark contrast to the 27-year-old co-pilot who investigators now believe intentionally crashed that germanwings flight into the french alps. today prosecutors said lubitz was treated for suicidal thoughts before he earned his
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pilot's license. >> it's documented him to be unable to work and to fly, but these documents don't show any hint of him being suicidal or aggressive against other people. >> crews are now building a road to the crash site so debris can be removed. so far they've recovered dna from at least 78 victims. d.c. council member at large david grosso is calling for a ban on public funds spent on travel to indiana because that state's governor signed indiana's new freedom religious act saying a business can deny some based on their religious beliefs. a loudoun county family says they're alive today thanks to their dog. at 14 years of age mico has a
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hard time walking and barking now, but nothing stopped him from waking up the family to a fire early sunday morning. david meyers said mico woke him before his house alarms went off. >> i'm not even sure we could have gotten out because the smoke was really starting to fill up inside the house. so i attribute being here today that my dog saved our lives. >> meyers' 3-year-old girl was treated for smoke inhalation, then released. loudoun county county fire is still investigating what caused this fire. let's face it. finding love this day in age can be hard, especially if you smoke pot, really? coming up we'll help smokers connect with that special someone with app. >> but when a firefighter steps on a roof of a burning home, it's incredible video. >> breezy on the terrace but nice. winds increase tomorrow. here's our wind gust tracker. by 5:00 tomorrow winds could
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gust to 34 mile-per-hour downtown and 48 mile-per-hour wind gusts out toward leesburg an
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with a deadline looming secretary of state john kerry canceled a trip to boston today trying to wrap up a deal with iran over nuclear program. if they reach a deal, iran will be prohibited from manufacturing a nuclear weapon for at least 15 years.
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iran is backtracking on stipulation it will send its uranium stockpile to russia for use in a commercial nuclear power plant and iran is demanding it be allowed to further enrich uranium in the final year of the deal, but the u.s. is pushing back. iran wants economic sanctions lifted immediately. >> we should have kept the sanctions in place so that we could have gotten to a real agreement. the sanction are going to come. >> there is bipartisan support for a bill to allow congress to approve or reject any nuclear deal with iran. former israeli prime minister found guilty of unlawfully accepting money from a u.s. supporter. he was retried on corruption charges three years after being acquitted. lawyers will likely appeal. sentencing is later in jerusalem. defense secretary ash carter is considering easing some military enlistment
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standards. it's part of a broader set of initiatives to attract and keep quality service members and civilians across the defense department. carter is exploring whether to adjust some of the requirements for a military job such as those involving cyber or hi- tech expertise. a california firefighter is in critical condition after falling through the roof of a burning home. this was the scene in fresno yesterday afternoon. fell two stories and -- he fell two stories and wound up on the ground floor of the garage. a family member says he has burns over 70% of his body. coming up it looks like we're off to it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion in prohibited subsidies
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simple businesses that sell -- businesses that sell marijuana are making a whole lot of money in states that legalized weed, butter entrepreneurs are -- but other entrepreneurs are going hi- tech. hi there is sort of like facebook for stoners. the app says pot smoking can be a problem for some in the dating scene. hi there got 35,000 downloads in its first five weeks. it only works in 23 states where pot is legal either for recreational or medicinal use. an art center in wisconsin is showcasing art made of a
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sweet treat that's popular around this time of year, peeps, the eastier goodie made of marshmallows. dozens of stevens points neighbors have submitted entries to the annual peep show. >> we have a lot of people worried about the quality like do i have to be an artist to be involved? do i have to be able to draw or paint? absolutely not, like this is fun. this is for the community. this is whatever you can think of. >> we got to admit we haven't done a lot of research into peeps and if they have a shelf like as long as twinkies, but it's a good bet when the exhibit wraps up in mid-april, the art becomes dessert. keeping your family safe with weather call, a custom message sent to your phone when severe weather is in your neighborhood, wusa9 first alert weather. >> nose are good to look at -- those are good to look at. i'm like you.
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i'm chocolate or bust. >> they kind of are awful. give me a chocolate easter egg or thin mint patty. >> i think it's a good start to the week. >> 60 olympics was our high, a bit -- 66 was our high, a bit above average but breezy. we'll have some showers probably by this time tomorrow night. pretty nice out really, generally clear to partly cloudy, 65. the humidity is super low, relative humidity only 20%, winds northwest at 12. perhaps that's why some people had some trouble with their hair today, kind of frizzy. quiet and chilly tonight, temperatures above freezing everywhere. bus stop temperatures 36 to 50. it will be dry in the morning. when you pick up the kids, have an umbrella. tuesday evening commute wet for most along i-95 most anyway, nice wednesday, cooler and
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thursday is great. thursday is the day to plan stuff outside, highs they're 70. futurecast, 40s by 10 -- near 70. futurecast, 40s by 10:00, 47 in andrews, 46 in annapolis, bowie and 45 at gaithersburg. we stay clear tomorrow morning sunshine temps in the 30s and 40s. clouds will roll in quickly. by 9:00 mostly cloudy, dry, 48 downtown, 44 gaithersburg, 45 manassas, upper 40s in la plata. this is 9:00 in the morning. a few showers are possible. you might have seen them along the border. a little clipperlike system tracks north of us. most of the energy and moisture will be north of the maryland/p.a. border. by 1:00 could be showers frederick, martinsburg, maybe down to winchester, temps mild, 62 in winchester, 61 downtown, 62 toward mitchellville. by 5:30 tomorrow evening the front will go through and drag
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some showers through. i think this may be a little overdone. the rpm going hog wild with orange and yellow which is pretty heavy rain around baltimore. we'll see wet roads here and there, but temperatures are mild. it won't last long. it clears out quickly. by 8:30 tomorrow we're looking at maybe a leftover shower maybe across the bay. temperatures won't fall like a stone tomorrow night either behind the front, nothing crazy cold. by 8:30 still 49 in gaithersburg, still 55 in leesburg and manassas, 54 in leesburg. tonight not bad, clear to peculiar, breezy, chilly, 36 -- partly cloudy, breezy, chilly, 36 to 44. morning sunshine to start and clouds roll in, 36 to 60 for temperatures, winds southwest 10 to 20 and gusting, so winds increasing throughout the day. we could see a late shower well north and west of frederick up
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toward hagerstown, cumberland and maybe down to winchester, but a dry morning commute for us. by afternoon mostly cloudy, windy and mild with showers, 60 to 65. temperaturewise spot on average. winds southwest, but they become northwest in the afternoon or at least by evening as a cold front begins to roll through. that will change the wind direction late day. 42 to start, sunshine, north 8 by 9:00, 57 -- 48 by 9:00, 57 by 11:00, 61, maybe a shower by 1:00. after the front rolls through cooler on wednesday but nice, upper 50s with sunshine. look at thursday, partly cloudy and 70, a few clouds coming in late but a great day and the warmest day of the week. next seven days good friday, kind of damp, random showers, mid-60s, cooler saturday, morning shower, upper 50s. now easter sunday looks great, sunshine low 60s.
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next monday our home opener you can watch right here on wusa9. if you get to the ballpark, plan on 66 and sunshine. maryland women in action tonight big game. >> looking to get back to the final four they got to last year. the women are still in the spotlight, but who will go? we rap with the elite eight. the maryland terrapins want that trip to thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things.
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the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> after a weekend of incredible basketball games the final four are set for the men's ncaa tournament. tonight the women will finalize
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theirs. the maryland terrapins looking to punch that ticket. dave owens joins us from spokane with a look at tonight's match-up. >> reporter: this one should be fun. like i said earlier, maryland, tennessee, two of the bellwether programs in all of women's basketball, but who is going to the final four? they'll scrap it out behind me in a couple hours. this should be fun because both teams like to play a similar style, run, run, run and play tough defense. maryland's defense swarming duke in the realgion semis saturday and then walker- kimbrough providing the offensive ammo, game high 24. tennessee rallied from 16 down saturday with six minutes to play to defeat gonzaga. the vols strategy is simple, raise as much pressure as
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possible with their defense. >> they're extremely aggressive and ferocious on defense. they want to cause turnovers. so we'll have to do a great job taking care of the basketball. >> it's a different style but nothing we haven't faced. thankfully we've had a lot of preparation for the big 10. >> they're a great team ran by a great coach, great history. we're definitely excited for this game. >> reporter: it's a rematch of last year's regional final. maryland won that one 73-62. what happens later tonight we shall see. we are live from spokane. back to you in the studio. good luck, maryland! >> good luck, terps. we'll be rooting for them. the patriots have a new leader. dave pahlsson is the new basketball at george mason university. he spent the last seven years at bucknell leading the bison to four postseason appearances. the washington wizards will play in the postseason, but
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where they land and who they play is in their hands. the wizards are 2 1/2 games behind toronto for home court advantage in the first round. they lost five of their last six games. if coach randy wittman blamed the offensive efficiency for last night's loss to houston, but with only eight games in the regular season wizards don't have much time to get their act together. >> to be honest, i don't know what team you are, you need momentum going in on your side. you want to go in playing great basketball. >> here's of the washington wizards last six games shooting under 40% while their owe upons are 44. john wall, field goal average 37.9%. in other words, not shooting well either. here's your friendly reminder to vote in this week's game of the week poll. the poll closes 3 p.m.
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on wednesday because of good friday. text the code of the game you want to 25543. we'll probably see the wizards in the post season, but you need that momentum going in and they are going in the wrong direction. >> and the coach doesn't seem to know what to do to change direction. >> he said last night the wizards were calling plays he'd never even seen before. >> they got to play like it's march madness. >> something. >> give them to brenda frese. she'll motivate them. >> that's it for us. maybe they've heard our speech and that will get them to the finish line. the cbs evening news is next. >> see you back here at 7:00. good-bye.
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>> pelley: he was flying despite a history of suicidal tendencies. we have new revelations tonight about the pilot who took 149 people to their deaths. also tonight the prosecution rests after presenting some of the most disturbing evidence yet against the boston bomber. a new study tells us who has the highest risk of the deadliest breast cancer. and meet jon stewart's successor. >> mr. trevor noah trevor thanks for joining us captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we learn today that the flight into an alpine mountain began years ago. prosecutors in germany say andreas lubitz was treated for quo


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