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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  April 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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say. good morning and welcome to wusa 9 at 6:00 a.m. on the first day of a new month, april. i'm andrea roan. >> all right all right i'm nick giovanni. we are off to a pretty solid start are we not on the roadways? >> we are. >> [laughter] >> breaking down on us here. >> we do have one issue on georgetown pike i'll talk about i believe parts of georgetown pike closed so we'll get to that shortly. >> right after our forecast. >> it's a chilly morning pretty good day. it's not going to be in the 70s but for this time of year we'll take it. less wind sunshine and tough to beat . that storm system yesterday brought showers and gusty winds and today its brought us a cool down with temperatures this morning which in pennsylvania in the 20s, it was 6-7 inches of snow near williamsport, down to 41 from yesterdays 73 and only 50 on the board is down in raleigh north carolina. our forecast for today, sunny and cooler not too windy, 53 by 1:00. we are on our way toward the 60- degree mark and we'll be back in the 70s by tomorrow
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afternoon. larry miller? happy wednesday, sir. >> happy wednesday to you. want to let you know we have an accident going on right now on georgetown pike between walker road and old dominion road. two cars involved in the accident there. a live look from sky 9 show you what's going on again georgetown pike is closed just east of lee mill. you can see emergency crews are on the scene right now. i'm not sure exactly how long this is going to be shutdown but we understand the accident serious enough that medics are on the scene. we may have possible injuries there. we'll let you know how that shapes up. meantime if traveling north on 95 heading toward the beltway no issues, as you go toward springfield toward the beltway. andrea and nick back to you. leaders from the united states, iran and five other nations are back at the negotiating table again today trying to hammer out a plan to ultimately curb iran's nuclear ambition. >> the white house says enough progress is made to extend the talks past yesterday's self- imposed deadline. the terms sticking points exist. among them the amount of nuclear fuel iran will be able
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to produce in the future and disposal of its existing stockpile of atomic fuel. >> if we aren't able to reach a political agreement, then we're not going to wait all the way until june 30 to walk away. >> now republicans in congress favor adding even more economic sanctions if no agreement is reached this week . president obama has already threatened to veto any new sanctions. the white house favors lifting existing sanctions in stages if a deal is in fact reached. iran wants them lifted immediately. another story continuing to make headlines across the country. the growing outrage over indiana's religious freedom law. >> late last night, opposition to the law gained even more momentum thanks to action taken by lawmakers in arkansas. mike is here with the very latest on this growing debate, mike? >> reporter: here it goes again. this morning indiana's governor is calling for rewording of the religious freedom law in his state and now the governor of arks is facing criticism too. a similar bill headed to his
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desk overnight one of the world's largest employers which just happens to be based in arkansas urged him to veto that proposal. >> thank you, governor but i don't need that kind of help. >> protesters in arkansas are angry over the passage of house bill 1228 of religious freedom act. they rallied at the state capitol building tuesday. critics say the act will allow businesses to deny services to gays and lesbians. republican governor hutchinson says he will sign the bill. >> he's giving religion a very bad image right now. >> hours after the vote, wal- mart the state's largest private employer urged the governor to veto the bill. in a statement the ceo wrote today's passage of hb1228 threatens to under mine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of arkansas and does not reflect the values we proudly uphold. state representative bob ballinger was the bill's primary sponsor. >> i hate the fact the bill i brought caused this. >> amid backlash the governor
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of indiana now vows to fix his states religious freedom law and calls by the weekend that clarifies the law does not allow discrimination. >> we've got a perception problem. >> indianapolis police meantime are preparing for possible protests over the law during this weekend's final four ncaa basketball tournament. >> that religious freedom law is beginning to impact the tournament already. university of kentucky mens basket call coach will not attend any of the final four games and will follow a travel ban put in place by connecticut's governor. d.c. mayor muriel bowser also issued a ban for city employees. the executives ban them from traveling to indiana on official city business. it's four after the hour. we're beginning to get a more complete picture of the events that lead to woosen assaye's escaping custody and the massive manhunt which followed across northern virginia. >> which stemmed for nine hours. this all began of course you remember yesterday morning when assaye ran away from inova
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fairfax hospital and that's where we are this morning with the very latest developments. good morning. >> do we know where woosen assaye is currently being held? >> reporter: he is in the custody of a u.s. marshall's office, however we're told the marshals are being tite lipped in regards to his exact location, so we know he is behind bars this morning. we aren't sure exactly where. he will be back in court to face charges of fleeing federal custody on friday and of course we all know it all started right here at the hospital and certainly a very different scene here. what we now know is that on his second day at inova fairfax following a suicide attempt in jail, woosen assaye overpowered a female security guard while the male guard was in the bathroom. he took off with her gun, carjacked two vehicles. we now know at one point, he dropped the gun off, drove
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later to d.c., ditched the second car and get this, hopped on a metro bus and he was then spotted by an alert resident in southeast washington. >> we just saw the guy walking down the street talking to himself. >> did he offer any resistance or anything? >> no he didn't. he was locking like he was out of it. >> and you can thank social media and the chief in fact thanked the media for getting assaye's picture out there and that woman in southeast washington able to identify him and call police right away and he was apprehended very quickly they all say. it happened within minutes after they called police. what happens now to the security guards who were guarding the prisoner here in side inova fairfax? were there any policy violations? we'll have a closer look coming um in the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you, delia.
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we now know the name of the man shot and killed monday by police at the gates of the national security agency at fort meade. according to the washington post that person was 27 year old ricky hall and he had a long criminal history with convictions of second degree assault, theft, robbery, and prostitution. investigators say hall and another man dressed as a woman were in the stolen suv when they turned into nsa and tried to ram the gate. cbs news identifies the second man was 20 year old kevin flemming. he remains in the hospital. officer also found drugs and a gun in the stolen suv. this is day two in the trial of a former prince georges county middle school principal. dwight jefferson is acused of hitting a student several times. >> the incident allegedly happened last september at dwight eisenhower middle school in laurel. nikki berdine is live with more on what's happening at the trial. nikki? >> reporter: that's right. serious and disturbing allegations against dwight
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jefferson, the former principal at dwight eisenhower middle school. he's still in custody but he will be here later this morning in court for day two of the trial. you'll remember jefferson was the principal at dwight eisenhower middle school and he's facing one count of second degree child abuse and multiple counts of second degree assault. jefferson allegedly assaulted one of his students in a conference room last september. the states attorney says jefferson confronted the student about being late for class. he allegedly then punched the kid twice in the stomach and then when that student tried to fight back he punched the student once in the face. now school officials have responded these allegations and said that they are neither accepted nor tolerated. once again dwight jefferson will be in court for day two of his trial later this morning in prince georges county and we'll be there to bring you updates on wusa 9. for now back to you in the studio. >> nikki thank you. on a lighter note here this is no prank. you are about to find out where to get free cookies today.
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the french cafe is handing out free lemon cookies in honor of april fools day which also happens to be the french new year. it's happening all day long in most area stores there's no coupon necessary, just a friendly happy new year wish to any manager. hopefully you don't get april fools as a response. >> two cookies maybe if you say it in french. 6:09. veterans from one of the most bloody battles in the world war will be honored. tonight voters in the district have a chance to meet candidates wanting two council seats. a chilly start on this wednesday morning you'll need coats maybe gloves and could be a touch of frost with temperatures ranging from 29 in laurel to 41 at regan national. i'll have your full wednesday forecast in
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just about 6:12 on this wednesday morning and you'll need a heavier codes with temperatures in the 30s but what a beautiful looking sky this morning suns coming up in a little over half on hour. it's going to be a sunny cooler day, much lighter winds northwest at about 10 a lot better than yesterday and a lot better than what i'm expecting for tomorrow and friday. highs between 55 and 60. warming up tomorrow and friday those details in about five minutes, now larry miller with your time saver traffic. >> want to let metro rider know we have delays on the blue line single tracking because of a disabled train outside of the metro station expect delays in both directions, buses running on schedule. for those traveling southbound on 270 locks like we have an accident blocking the left lane between 85 and 80. this reported by police we'll let you know how that wraps up. meantime georgetown pike remains closed as a result of a two vehicle accident. we understand the wrecker making its way there shortly. andrea and nick back to you. larry on this date, 70
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years ago allied forces invaded owinawa in one of the most bloody battles of the pacific campaign. today world war ii veterans and their families will gather to honor those lives lost. andrea? elections for two vacant seats on the d.c. city council are almost here. they are wards 4 & 8 seats. if you haven't decided who to vote for think about going to your wards candidate forum. ward 8 holds its forum tonight at 6:00 and ward 4 candidates running for mayor bowser's old seat will hold a forum today as well at the senior living community at rock creek this afternoon at 4:00. elections will be held april 28th. military families who lost loved ones killed after being taken captive are now suing iran. plus, its testing time for a new landing vehicle intended for use on
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welcome back to wusa 9 at 6:00 a.m. i'm in the news room here are thing making news at 6:16. today french investigators are sending specially trained troops to the site of the germanwings plane crash in the alps recovering personal items of the victims now. meanwhile the parent company says it knew six years ago co-
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pilot had suffered a serious depressive episode but they say he later passed all medical checks. the jury should start deliberating the fail of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev next week. the defense rested tuesday after only two days of testimony. they are trying to spare dzhokar tsarnaev the death sentence by presenting evidence that it was his older brother who was the master mind of the crime. closing arguments are set for monday. they believe iran was behind the attacks that killed their sons and now families of three american soldiers are suing the iran government. the lawsuit alleges soldiers were taken hostage and then murdered by hesbolla back in 2007. an investigation is under way into the death of an heir of the geddy oil fortune. 47 year old andrew was found dead last night at his home. la coroner says the death appears to be from natural causes. meanwhile a former death row inmate in pennsylvania is in the hospital this morning. he was admitted from
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complications from diabetes. his family says the state prison system is not giving him good medical care. he's a former black panther now serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of a police officer. and we are waiting this morning for an update on the condition of singer song writer joni'm mitchell. the 71 year old was found unconscious last night and taken to a los angeles hospital. a post on her cioffial facebook page says her condition will be posted as soon as it is known. and a former member of the airmen has died. leslie a.william was drafted in 1939 and joined the elite group of african american fighter pilots for which he was awarded the congressional gold medal. leslie williams was 95. it looks like we're one step closer to landing on mars. yesterday mass a began testing a new saucer in california called the super sonic decelerate or and it should allow large loads of cargo to be safely delivered to the planet. thecraft that could be landed
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safely on mars by 2020. pretty cool. andrea, nick and howard back to you. >> exciting news. >> almost as exciting as andrea was when she posted that picture of the two little flowers blooming. >> they finally are poking their heads out. >> but with flowers comes pollen. >> exactly. >> and tree pollen has been out for a few weeks. we just had a little bit of grass pollen the other day and mold spores. when we get more of the spring showers we'll get more mold as well. want to start with the allergy update to give you an idea where things are at. that tree pollen once again is in the high category and we've got low mold spores so we'll continue to track this. a cold morning is not going to hurt either. got temperatures in the 30s in most spots now, we'll be in the 50s to near 60, plenty of sunshine and winds northwest only about 10 miles an hour. yesterday we had gusts over 30 and even 40 in a few spots and we'll be back to windy conditions for tomorrow and friday. right now we're down to 28 in gaithersburg, freezing in fredrick and leesburg this
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morning also down at waldorf, cambridge is 38 and freezing also in winchester this morning. so beautiful start in washington with mainly clear skies, 41 at regan national but it does feel like 34. many areas are calm but on the waters of the potomac we have a northwest wind at 12 miles an hour. looking out the chill from new england just getting down toward us, cold in parts of pennsylvania, 6-7 inches of snow around williamsport yesterday. that cooler air is with us today in the 60s as opposed to the low 70s. tomorrow that quiet night back in the 30s and 40s and tomorrow the winds turn more toward the south and southwest so we warm up late afternoon, could even see a few showers west of i81 but the better chance for showers and even storms are tomorrow night but by friday, friday afternoon, look at these wave of moisture that come with us at times. i think friday will be upgraded to a yellow alert day. for today we aren't there yet but i think it will. for today 59 with sunny skies
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not too windy. 42 tonight again the 30s in the suburbs, 72 tomorrow but winds start gusting over 30 from the south and friday windy and scattered showers storms, look at the temperatures mid possibly upper 70s with a few breaks, cooling down and drying out on saturday 56 and decent easter sunday 64 and nice for opening day, nets on 9 we'll see highs in the 60s. it is 6:21. larry miller we've got the volume now in the 6:00 hour that usually means issues. >> yeah, we are keeping a close eye on that issue on georgetown pike again between walker road and old dominion drive where we have two vehicles involved in an accident. sky 9 is in place to show us that accident and want to let you know again georgetown pike just east of lee mill is closed as a result of that accident. the wrecker making its way there doesn't look like it's there just yet. we'll let you know what happens. meantime if traveling southbound on i270 want to let you know you'll have no major delays at this point as you head down toward the split you're locking at a 28 minute
6:22 am
commute. eastbound on 66 from lee highway to fairfax drive, 18 minutes northbound on 395 to main avenue southwest you're looking at a 12 minute commute and if traveling on the eastern side of the beltway from telegraph road you're looking at a 24 minute commute if you leave within the next 5-10 minutes. andrea and nick back to you. the president grants clemency to nearly two dozen people in prison on drug offences. and if you want guaranteed money in the millions, you might want to pick up a bat and glove. we're back
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welcome back. time to run through the headlines you may have missed. a historic day in nigeria. the president conceded defeat tuesday congratulating former general in an eelectoral victory. he won by an estimated 2.4 million votes. staying in nigeria sobering news for the country, it's one of two countries leading the world in death sentences. the other is egypt. they accounted for well over year. that's more than a third of the world's total. a criminal in the district will soon walk free along with 21 other convicts from across the country. president obama commuted their sentences yesterday explaining they would have already served their time had they been sentenced under today's current laws. it would cut $3 million of
6:26 am
state funding for hiv prevention programs and put that money toward abstinence education. a new bill in texas is gaining some attention for doing just that. the measure was approved in the state house yesterday but it's a long way away from final approval. the u.s. steel industry is bracing for yet another set of layoffs this time in minnesota. 700 employees will be laid off at the mintack plant in mountain iron. they say imports and reduced steel prices are to blame. it turns out baseball is the business to be in. in case you didn't already know a new study of all major league baseball contracts show the average salary will break the $4 million mark for the first time this season. not a bad business to be in at all. whether it's picking out the tie or the dress, you probably take a few minutes to pick out what colors you want to wear but a little girl is now flexing her new fingers in colors she selected. >> with the new custom robo hand came out of a 3d printer this week.
6:27 am
christine was there to watch the hand's owner try it out. >> reporter: 7 year old faith lennox make using a 3d printed hand look as easy as riding a bike. the first grader's favorite part of her new left hand? >> i like the colors. >> pink, purple and blue. >> it's the color of the ocean. >> fate was born with a rare condition called compartment syndrome. during her mother's labor the circulation to faith's forearm was cutoff damaging the skin, muscle and bone. initially doctorrings tried to save it. >> she was about six months old and the bones broke in the forearm because the tissues down to the bone had died >> amputation was the only option. fate's mom nicole agreed >> we always had the impression that it's just an arm, just a hand. everything else she's perfectly healthy. >> faith tried various prosthetic hands over the years but they were too stiff or too bulky and then her mom found the engineers at build it work space, home to a 3d printer. >> we've never tried it as a prosthetic before so this was
6:28 am
part of the excitement of it all. >> here is how it works. the computer talks to the 3d printer which then builds the hand, layer bilayer. the whole process takes about 24 hours and at the end of that you have a working hand. >> the cost to build a hand in the 3d printer about $50 compared to the traditional prosthetics that cost thousands. that enables kids like faith to get new prosthetics more often as they grow. faith's next order of business after she gets off her bike? to get back-to-school. >> i want to show my friends my hand. >> not just $50 faith can get new prosthetic hands as she grows and keep in mind historically professionally made prosthetic hands usually range from $6,000 up to $40,000. good morning and welcome back to wusa 9. our time right now is coming up on 6:29 and
6:29 am
the sun will be coming up in about 14 minutes and after a chilly start we are in for a sunny day. temperatures in the 50s. most of our crew is here today to witness that over here. >> 14 minutes. >> i like it. here we go. the count is on larry counting down for the morning commute? >> we'll have one issue georgetown pike right now. we're also looking at an issue on 270 so i'll let you know about that. >> not many issues on the forecast though. >> no, allison took a good day to sleep in. she will be back tomorrow and looking at a really nice afternoon. yesterday we were in the low 70s with wind today we'll lose some of the wind and temperatures as well but a lot of sunshine as the storm system that brought rain showers yesterday also brought a bunch of snow not far from williamsport 6-7 inches of snow believe it or not. well this morning cold air is in place up there in the 20s, we've got 30s to low 40s and it will be again a pretty good afternoon. sunny skies expected a little brisk at lunch time 51 not too windy with a high 55.
6:30 am
larry miller stepping in at 6:30 with your time saver traffic. >> still keeping a close eye on an accident on georgetown pike between walker road and old dominion road. sky 9 is in place over that accident to show us what's going on you can see it looks like emergency crews are making their way now but this stretch of georgetown pike still closed. we'll let you know how it shapes up. meantime no major issues at this point a live look at the beltway at river road just volume starting to build up both on the inner and outer loop if traveling northbound on 95 heading toward the beltway in virginia going through areas you'll have no issues problem free on both northbound and southbound side. andrea and nick back to you. >> thanks larry. talks continue in switzerland over the fate of iran's nuclear program. >> leaders from the u.s. , iran and five countries are working past the self-imposed deadline today hammering out the outline of a deal which could curb iran's nuclear ambitions. the white house says there was enough progress to warrant the
6:31 am
extension. indiana governor mike pence wants lawmakers to come up with a fix for the states religious freedom law by the weekend. critics say it allows businesses to use religion as justification to discriminate against different groups. lawmakers in arkansas passed a similar law yesterday and the governor says he will sign it. we're getting a complete picture of an event which lead up to a prisoner escape in a massive manhunt. >> this all began early yesterday morning when woosen assaye ran away from a fairfax hospital. >> delia, we know he was captured in the district but do we know where he's being held right now? >> reporter: he is in the custody of a u.s. marshall. they are not telling us exactly where he is at this point but we can tell you he will be back in court facing more charges including escaping from federal custody on friday, but he is
6:32 am
where he belongs according to the police chief and he says that this is very unusual, a prisoner escape from the hospital. unusual when fairfax county police are in charge but they weren't in charge here at the hospital yesterday. the prisoner was in the custody of the u.s. marshals and now, they are investigating and looking into any possible violations of their policy. the prisoner was here after a suicide attempt in jail. he was being treated at inova fairfax for a broken nose as a result. for the first 24 hours he was in the custody of alexandria deputy sheriff but then u.s. marshals took over; however for the past ten years the marshall's office contracted out to allied protective services. two private security guards were supposed to be with the prisoner at all timeses, but the male guard left to go to the bathroom and the female guard was alone and that's when the prisoner was able to
6:33 am
wrestle her gun away and escape. >> he was shackled. what i don't know because it's an active investigation at this point i don't know exactly what restraints were on him at the time but he was in his hospital gurnee bed. >> and that is agent bobby mathison with the u.s. marshals office that says they will look into whether or not the shackles were loose or if they weren't locked at all. investigation certainly will continue from here. the suspect is back in court on friday. back to you. >> all right, live outside of inova fairfax hospital this morning. the trial for a former prince georges county middle school principal accused of punching one of his students resumes today. dwight jefferson is acused of hitting the student several times. >> it stems from an incident that happened last september. for more on this burdine joins us with a look ahead to day two of the trial. >> reporter: right now, not long after dwight jefferson was
6:34 am
in dwighted he was let go from being principal of that middle school and since then, he has been in custody and until monday, which was day one of the trial, today day two and he will be back here in court. now let me give you a little bit of background on what lead up to this. jefferson was the principal at the dwight eisenhower middle school and he is now facing one count of second degree child abuse and multiple counts of second degree assault. jefferson assaulted one of his students in a conference room last september. states attorney angela alsobrook says jefferson confronted the student about being late to class and he allegedly punched the kid twice in the student and when the student tried to defend himself that principal punched him in the face. school officials say this is not tolerated and not accepted. we will see what will happened to in court when they get here at 9:00. we will be in the courtroom and bring you updates. for now back to you in the studio. >> nikki thank you. and we have new information this morning about the house fire which killed six people in
6:35 am
annapolis earlier this year. investigators found an electrical fire engulfed the pile family's 15-foot christmas tree inside their mansion. the couple and four of the grandchildren died in the fire. according to the capitol gazette later this week the atfhad plans to burn similar 15- foot trees to get a better understanding of how the fire spread. that information will be included in the final report which is expected to be released in a few weeks. we have an amber and silver alert out this morning but maryland senator would also like to add-on blue alerts. carden is sponsoring legislation to create a nationwide alert system to help catch violent criminals who have injured or killed police officers. senator carden plans to discuss the proposal today with officers in an around el county. heads up for alexandria commuters this morning. starting today you won't be able to add value on to your smart trip cards while stepping
6:36 am
on to dash buses. money has to be pre loaded to ride. the change is being made to cut down on dallies and missed bus connections. however good news, metro is suspending its weekend track work to make way for cherry blossom tourists. the park service expects peak bloom will be april 11-14. metro says weekend ridership could nearly double during cherry blossom season so adjusting accordingly. we have more good news for marcie says i watch wusa 9 every morning while getting ready for work. the website is always my first stop for news and my family and i would just love to win king's dominion tickets. >> do you know what? we'll take care of that for you. you win four tickets to king's dominion and everyone else at home you can too. go to our facebook page and fill out the fan of the day form. howard? >> nick, clear skies 6:53 on the sunrise and in the 30s so it's going to be a chilly start so a decent afternoon and i'll have your wednesday forecast
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a great entrance never goes out of style. dresses start at $25. the eva mendes collection. exclusively at new york and company. it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion in prohibited subsidies into their state-owned airlines. protectionism at its worst. and their actions threaten
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thousands of u.s. aviation jobs. it's time for middle east countries to play by the rules. restore competition. restore open skies. fight for american jobs. it is 6:39 and a chilly start. got a few spots dipping into the upper 20s with clear skies and light winds so you'll need a heavier coat this morning probably still need a light jacket or sweatshirt this afternoon. we'll be sunny northwest winds at 10 highs of 55-60. 70s returning tomorrow and friday but so will the rain chances. i'll let you know what day looks the wettest and what's coming up for your easter weekend in six or seven minutes. right now larry miller lets you
6:40 am
know what's happening as you head out the door. >> if you're about to hop on metro that blue line is seeing residual delays as a result of an earlier malfunction, train malfunction at the metro station but still, we're no longer any single track so that's good news. buses running on schedule. if you're heading out on 66 heading eastbound toward the beltway no issues a live look at the visitors center shows traffic is moving. andrea and nick back to you. coming up on 6:41. it's time to look at what's trending online this morning. >> let's just say all about the babies. two stories involving what can only be called two miracle babies right mike? >> if these aren't trending now they will be by the end of today. these next two story are just amazing whether you're a parent or not. meet four week old eli thompson born march 4 in alabama without a nose. these are pictures from a facebook page that family and friends created to support and update anyone who wanted to keep up with eli's story and there's also a go fund me page
6:41 am
made to help the family pay for medical expenses. medically speaking eli was born breathing through his mouth. five days afterwards doctors performed a tracheotomy so he could breathe a little easier. his mother says he doesn't make any noise when he cries but the doctors say that's all because of the surgery. since 1931 there have only been 43 known cases of babies born without a nose. this is medically known as con genital arenia. at all means is baby eli had a one in 197 million chance of being born the way he is. eli's condition also affects his pituitary gland so if they want plastic surgery they have to wait until puberty it before they with build nasal passages . his parents brandy and troy are opting out of any reconstructive surgeries right now. they want to wait until eli himself can make the decision. what a cute little boy. you will not believe this next story. it has gone viral. a washington state couple
6:42 am
getting a 14 week prenatal check up receives a very happy shock. the baby was seen on ultrasound clapping his or her hands so as a result mom and dad started singing if you're happy and you know it and watch. the baby claps three times. watch. >> [laughter] is that the most adorable thing you've ever seen or what? and there's no doubt that's exactly what's happening. awww. >> now you know. you can really talk to your baby in the womb. >> you've got it. >> that is so neat and with eli's parents, mike kept saying he's so cute he's so cute and they said he's so cute some types you don't even realize he's missing a nose. >> just precious. >> 1 in 197 million chance in it happening that is insane. i'll call those miracle baby. >> thank you, mike. cbs this morning is pool side at jet blue's new hotel.
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6:47 am
chip reed is in your neck of the woods in virginia to find out how gun club are going upscale. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. back to you guys. >> we shall be watching. >> it's something called gun country. something called gun country i never heard of that until the meeting yesterday. see you all. >> see you later we'll be watching that starts starts at 7:00 a.m. not a bad day to be out at the driving range. >> yeah, if you don't like wind in your golf game, today will be the best day. >> will it help the ball go any further? >> it won't blow it off course. you can do that on your own. >> i should speak. weather wise we have sunshine expected all day long and we aren't going to have the winds northwest at about 10 but tomorrow and friday winds will be back like they were yesterday over 30 with gusts. this morning we're about six minutes until sunrise and sunset today at 7:31 and a lot of sunshine expected temperatures 5 oh,s to near 60 as this evening we drop to the
6:48 am
lower 50s by 10 still a chilly night 30s and 40s before a pretty big warm up headed our way tomorrow and on friday. right now couple spots in the upper 20s, like fredrick at 28, leesburg, gaithersburg 28, it's 30 in culpeper and 38 at pax river so you might be scraping a couple of patches of frost off the windshield but at regan national we'll swing the camera over to the capitol where they continue with their construction on the dome. 41 feeling like 34 with a northwest wind at 12 but a lot of areas winds are near calm. high pressure is building in storm from yesterday brought up the showers and this will give us a cool day today but highs toward our eat and winds turn to the south and southwest temps bum up and rain chances boy tomorrow night and friday. i think friday we upgrade to a yellow alert day. 59 today and tonight 42 with 30s in the suburbs tomorrow mix of sun and clouds windy and warmer, there's showers, couple
6:49 am
of thunderstorms around clearing out early saturday looks good easter sunday an opening day monday nats on 9 good day for baseball 67. it's 6:49. here is larry miller with time saver traffic. >> and the camden line is running 10-25 minutes late because of signal issues so make sure you're mindful of that. old georgetown pike at river bend remains closed at this point because of a two vehicle accident there. the wrecker also emergency officials are on the scene and that's where we find sky 9 this morning. it looks lick they are getting those two cars moved out of the way so i expect georgetown pike to open up shortly. meantime if traveling on the beltway no issues. this is a live look at river road you can see volume building up on the inner and outer loop from my friends in the district no problems on the road and traffic throughout much of town is like this morning. andrea and anything back to you today is wednesday, but it's also april fools day and perhaps you forgot to get your prank all ready. >> just in case you did eel
6:50 am
turn to an expert on the subject. tommy mcfly joining us in the fresh fm studios. what do you have up your sleeves my friend? >> so much stuff it's good if you only have a little bit of time. maybe your prankee hasn't woken up yet. i've got three fun, safe things for you to do so go in the bathroom and grab that de odorant, pop it out and serve up a heaping scoop of cream cheese and put it in there, round off the top and make sure you wipe off the container. they will never know the difference and you've got to let it hit room temperature. this is me doing it in my bathroom last night, takes three orur fo minutes for it to completely happen. if your prankee is awake, maybe they are still sleeping, you can always take clear nail polish and coat the bar of soap in the shower. it will have to dry for a few minutes but makes it completely unlatherrable and if you're very short on time maybe they are already stirring and getting up, nothing beats a
6:51 am
little food coloring in your milk for when you're serving up cereal this morning or coffee so point of caution i did it last night and forgot this morning and freaked myself out so just wonder what kind of prank you pulled that's what i've got for you three easy april fools day pranks. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios i'm tommy mcfly, wusa 9. >> don't mess with mcfly. >> really. thank you, tommy. we were just talking about this, chip reed in manassas virginia where shooting ranges are going upscale even being called gun tree clubs. apparently becoming a national trend. cbs this morning is on it. we'll have that in
6:52 am
brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
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6:54 am
live at inova fairfax hospital. the prisoner who escaped here yesterday leading police on a massive manhunt is behind bars this morning where police say he belongs. he was spotted yesterday by an alert resident in southeast d.c. we'll be back in court on friday facing new charges of fleeing federal custody, but how did he escape? that part of the investigation
6:55 am
continues. nikki? i'm nikki burdine. outside the courthouse in upper marlboro where dwight jefferson former principal at dwight eisenhower middle school will be in court for day two of his trial where he's facing one count of second degree child abuse and several counsel of second degree assault for allegedly punching one of his students several times at school. that trial starts at 9:00 and we will be there bringing august updates. mike? thank you, nikki . talks continue in switzerland over the fate of iran's nuclear program. leaders from the united states, iran and five other countries are working past the self- imposed deadline trying to hammer out a frame work of a deal cushing iran's nuclear capability. indiana governor mike pence juans lawmakers to come up with a fix for the states religious freedom law by the weekend. critics say it allows businesses to use it as a justification. arkansas lawmakers passed a similar law yesterday and the governor will indeed sign it. metro is suspending its weekend track work to make way
6:56 am
for cherry blossom tourists. the national park service expects peak bloom for the trees april 11-14. metro says weekend rider ship can nearly double during cherry blossom season. mike we're cooling off only near 60 after yesterday's 70s but the winds come back too gusty over 30 and friday shower and storms mid if not upper 70s back to the 50s saturday, easter sunday looks good and so does opening day monday and we'll have that game on wusa 9. larry? >> earlier issues on metro have been resolved so the trains and busings running on schedule. georgetown pike also open now. we told you about that earlier accident there involving two vehicles, sky 9 is in place to show us those georgetown pike being open. as you can, well georgetown pike a second ago but so the traffic is moving there and also if you're traveling on 50 heading westbound toward the city no issues this morning as well. cbs this morning is next, a group of 100 former students going on strike.
6:57 am
they're refusing to pay their student loan debt. plus the dangers of self- medicating. millions of americans may be taking adhd drugs without a diagnosis and now experts warn about the side effects. larry and i will be back about 7:25 with your later traffic and weather. >> the best place to get all weather news and traffic is the wusa 9 app. thanks for waking up with us. see you back here at noon. >> april fools day. i forgot to do a prank. >> you've others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, april 1st 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." lufthana is facing tough questions this morning when it knew the pilot had severe depression. a police officer caught on camera berating an uber driver. the nypd investigates one of its own for road wage. why too many big trucks go faster than their tires can handle with sometimes deadly results. >> but we begin this morning wih a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> w


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