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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. today we're learning more about a father's desperate attempt to keep the lights on for his seven children that ultimately cost all of them their lives.
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we have more on what investigators have found out. >> reporter: princess anne here in somerset county, maryland, this is a crushing loss for this small town of just 3200 people in somerset county, the most impoverished county in maryland. the victim, single father, 36- year-old rodney todd, sr., who had custody of his seven children age 6 to 14 attempting to raise the kids in some modest home here in princess anne. the how we are was off. police found a generator of the police suspect carbon monoxide poisoning. todd and the kids found yesterday after going missing since march 28. this morning at the princess anne elementary school, stunned students, parents, parents and star, -- parents and star, -- and staff, stunned reaction. >> it's really hard.
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grieving. i feel sorry -- [indiscernible] it's really ashame. >> terrifying, sad. my kids used to play with them kids. they would come to the house, ride bikes together. just terrifying. >> this community and the system failed xthis father. they failed. you turn off the heck fridaysty -- electricity with seven kids in the house? >> that's the former head of the naacp here in somerset county. mr. todd working full-time at nearby university as a food service worker. he split up with the children's mother in 2013. school officials told me they actually visited this home twice last week because the children were absent. they were trying to find out where they were. they knocked on the door, looked around. saw no obvious signs of
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problems and did not raise the alarm. finally it was the children's grandparents and a coworker who went to get police yesterday saying these people had been missing since the 28th. police got the landlord to open the door and they made that awful discovery yesterday afternoon. the empty generator and eight children -- excuse me, seven children and their father dead in their beds probably had been there more than a week. reporting live in princess scott broom, wusa9. i've been tracking showers all morning. the stuff we had earlier, that's over toward the eastern shore. scattered light showers there. you see a few toward the northern neck. it's fairly quiet in washington for the next several hours, that s. want to point out this line east of pittsburgh moving down i-79 toward morgantown. this will be arriving toward i- 81 3:00, 4:00 and potentially around here by 6:00 p.m. so we keep the yellow alert up for the late afternoon and
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evening showers and even a rumble of thunder coming our way. the other thing i've got to tell you even though we'll be in the 70s today, it's 66 now, look at boston at 42. new york at 53. cold front is coming in from the north so the 40s and 50s will push the 60s and 70s out of the way. we'll be much cooler here tomorrow and thursday. be back to the heavier coats. our forecast then for the afternoon stays cloudy. might see a little peek of sun here and there. highs around 74. as the afternoon wears on to the evening, we'll get to a few more showers, a rumble of thunder and tonight the cool stuff returns. going to be a little ugly around here for wednesday, thursday. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast. a promising weekend also coming our way. see you in a few minutes. andrea? >> all right, howard, thank you. the flames are out. the smoke is clear but the cause of the massive fire yesterday in capitol heights that destroyed a warehouse and two fire trucks is still under investigation. investigators were back there early this morning checking for hot spots. that's where we find nikki burdine with the latest.
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>> reporter: the thick, black smoke could be seen for miles away. >> a spark and then i saw it coming back. >> reporter: jack got close to his office on ashland drive which happens to be less than 200 feet from the fire and he could feel the heat. >> i was scared. i thought our building was on fire when i walked in. >> reporter: it wasn't but his neighbor's warehouse which was used by a roofing and remodeling company was nearly gone. as were two engines from two different fire departments. >> when the wind shifted, it was a heart of a minute or so that the palates and other stuff back there from the one building came a half block across and was on top of them. it happened very quickly. >> reporter: the trucks belong to the kentland volunteer fire department and west listenham hills -- lanham hills. firefighters are back out at the scene tuesday looking for hot spots as investigators try to figure out what happened. the cause is isn't clear but the materials inside the
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warehouse which included cars, wood palates and propane tanks only helped fuel the flames. in capitol heights, nikki burdine, wusa9. >> two firefighters did have minor burn injuries but are expected to be final. you can find a link to a fund raising page for that unit on our website the kentland volunteer fire department hasn't said they'll be raising money for a new engine yet or not. crews repaired a 14-inch water main break near fort belvoir. this was the scene earlier this morning along the northbound side of richmond highway near forest place. authorities say eight town homes are without water during the break. crews are working to repair the road. they say it should be open in time for the evening commute. jury deliberations are under way in the federal death penalty trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. kris van cleave has more from boston. >> reporter: jurors are deciding whether dzhokhar tsarnaev is guilt for the 2013
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bombings -- guilty for the 2013 bombings of the boston marathon and violence that followed. on monday prosecutors finished closing arguments tells the jury of five men and seven women that tsarnaev and his older brother tamerlan's attack was a cold, calculated terrorist act that was intentional and blood thirsty and was to make a point to tell america that we will not be terrorized by you anymore. we will terrorize you. tsarnaev's attorney judy clark continued with the theme dzhokhar participated but tamerlan was the driving force, the one who planned the attacks, bought the materials and made the bombs. if tsarnaev is found guilty, the jurors will hear a second round of testimony before deciding on a sentence. 17 of the 30 counts against tsarnaev could carry the death penalty. u.s. district court judge george o tool told jurors the judgment is entirely yours after they watched a graphic video montage of the bombings and heard closing arguments. he cautioned them to not allow their emotions to affect their decision as they pour over 16
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days of graphic evidence and witness testimony. before they were seated each juror said they would consider the death penalty if the trial goes to the penalty phase. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. a woman is now in custody over last month's stabbing of a metro station manager according to our partners at wnew. the manager was stabbed at the stadium armory station march 15. police say it was 20-year-old melissa langley of southeast and she pulled a knife on the manager after he told her she couldn't ride the train for free. the manager was hospitalized but is recovering. talk about an emotional end to ncaa march madness. coming up, highlights from the blue devils-badgers championship basketball game. but first... >> a second g.o.p. candidate throws his hat into the presidential ring. i'm susan mcginnis in washington. co
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iraqi officials have started a gruesome task. they're digging up bodies from a series of mass graves in tikrit. they're believed to contain some of the 1700 iraqi air force cadets killed by islamic state militants last year. so far officials have found eight graves all located in the complex of palaces along the tigris river north of baghdad. at least six people have been hurt in a massive explosion at a chemical plant in china. hundreds of firefighters were called to the plant that produces a toxic chemical used in making fibers and plastics. concerns over the safety of the chemicals have prompted several protests in china in recent years. the blast was so powerful, it could be felt up to 30 miles away. now there are two declared g.o.p. presidential candidates. kentucky senator rand paul made the announcement first on his website. he made it official at a rally that's going on right now in louisville. nancy core advertise reports.
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nancy cortis report. >> it's time for a new day, a new set of ideas, a new leaders are one you can trust. >> reporter: a new campaign video gives an early glimpse into senator rand paul's announcement earlier today. the kentucky republican will officially announce his can deas for the 2016 -- qan deas -- candidacy for the 2016 republican nomination. he will be the second candidate to throw a hat into the ring. >> no hard questions? >> reporter: paul has a tall order ahead hoping to attract younger and more diverse republican voters while appealing tots conservative -- to the conservative base he attractioned like his 13-hour fill bust near 2013. his campaign will try to portray him as a different republican candidate but with possibly a dozen contenders vying for the nomination, it may be tough to stand out. >> i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up. >> reporter: senator ted cruz kicked off his campaign last month. still to come, possible announcements by former florida governor jeb bush, wisconsin
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governor scott walker, new jersey governor chris christie and florida senator marco rubio. experts say it's too early to assess paul's prospects. >> over the coming months, i think it will become clearer whether he can build a coalition big enough to win in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. >> reporter: after today's announcement, paul is expected to head to new hampshire, south carolina, iowa and nevada. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. gl a recent cbs news poll shows 38% of republicans would consider voting for the senator. 23% would not back him. we are under a yellow alert. you toward is up with the forecast -- howard is up with the forecast. >> that's right. andrea, right dry now. thunderstorms returning. hopefully they'll clear things out a bit. it's springtime and that means the allergy index is coming in with the tree pollen high. the grass, weeds and mold spores are low. back with doppler 9000 and your weekend forecast in
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there were anxious moments at a white house story telling event yesterday. president obama was reading from "where the wild things are" when the wild things in the form of bees started buzzing around the children on the south lawn. it happened at the launch of the easter egg roll. the. tried to reassure the children telling them, quote, the bees are good and that they would be okay. no reports of any child being stung. if you haven't heard it already, duke beat wisconsin to win the ncaa men's basketball title. it was a thrilling championship game last night. the blue devils we lied heavily on four freshman players who may now head to the nba after only one college season and that some critics questioning the current system. adriana diaz has more from
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independent indianapolis. >> the blue devils are the national champions of 2015. >> reporter: this is familiar territory for duke men's basketball, a program that now boasts five national championships. but it wasn't easy. two of the most respected, intense and well prepared coaches in the country hall of famer mark krzyzewski and wisconsin's bo ryan were locked in a 40-minute chess match. aft game 67-year-old ryan touched the third rail of major college basketball, the one and done system. >> we don't do a rent-a-player. you know what i mean? try to take''. [indiscernible] that's okay. if other people do that, that's okay. i like to try and build from within. that's just the way i am. >> reporter: year after year duke boasts a talented collection of freshman including jahlil okafor, 19
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yearldz justin winslow and tyus jones. >> he launches the three. this kid. >> reporter: the nba rule prohibits players from jumping from high school directly to the nba. rather they need to be 19 years old or at least one year removed from high school. >> in today's world, you have to adapt to what's happening, you know, throughout college. there are many kids who don't go even the whole four years because of opportunities, business opportunities. >> reporter: coach krzyzewski said he would support a rule change that allows high school players to go straight to the nba. adriana diaz, cbs news, indianapolis. >> despite all the one and done talk, the win marked the fifth national title for duke basketball under head coach mark k who trails only legendary ucla coach john wooden for most all time. he's something.
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>> he is. he knows what he's doing. >> he does. congratulations to them. >> those who are one and done can survive in the big leagues because the track record isn't that great for a lot of those kids who are there. >> their choice. >> their choice. all right, our choice is to bring an umbrella or a raincoat and an umbrella. >> then you'll need the heavier coats the next couple of days. i know you don't like it when it's kind of cool and dank but that's what we've got going. when it's hot and humid, you feel. it when it's cold and damp, you feel it. we'll certainly feel it tomorrow and thursday. we still have a couple of light showers across southern maryland, the northern neck. i'm really watching the line of heavier showers which probably will have a couple of bolts of lightning in there as well. you see these in pittsburgh. the brighter colors. that's all moving to the east, southeast. expect that to be crossing from northwest to southeast from i- 81, shenandoah valley to areas in southern maryland between 4:00 and 8:00. i'm thinking 6:00, give or take a little this stuff will come through d.c. we'll keep the
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july low alert -- the yellow alert up because it will certainly threaten the ride home. moving right into southern prince george's county over the next few minutes. brandy wine, clinton, over toward aquasco, benedict and even into calvert county, a few light showers tracking over toward the eastern shore as well. in newland, rhoadesville, you have a couple -- readville, you have a couple of sprinkles as well. on our michael & son weather camera, temperatures climb to the low to mid-70s this afternoon. again by 5:00, 6:00 p.m., the showers approaching from the northwest. a few showers on and off tonight into tomorrow. winds south, southwest but they'll turn more to the east, northeast by midnight and northeast overnight tomorrow into thursday bringing in much cooler air. right now temps range from the low 60s in chestertown, 55 in annapolis where the bay temps are in the 40s to 72 in frederick and 72 culpeper. the nation's capital, comfortable out there, 66, a
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little humid. cloudy skies and a south wind at 9 miles an hour. a lot of cool air up to the north. look at the high in boston today, 42. to the south we've got 70s, even 80 in atlanta. tomorrow that cool air comes right down itself east side of the appalachians. winds will be coming off the atlantic where water temperatures are in the 40s. we'll have highs in the 50s. maybe some of you stay in the upper 40s. raleigh 80 degrees. looks like we'll be socked in with the cool maritime flow through thursday. futurecast has those showers that i'm tracking coming across here late afternoon into the evening hours. then the cool northeasterly winds start kicking in overnight. we'll dip into the low 50s, maybe upper 40s by morning and not move much tomorrow with indicational showers here and there -- occasional showers here and there. just a raw day. that will be the case for wednesday night and thursday before this front lifts back to the north on friday. so we'll get back into the 70s.
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a little sun friday. we could hit 80 but late day and nighttime showers and storms ahead of the front. we'll keep the yellow alert for the showers returning late. tomorrow low 50s. tomorrow and thursday mid-50s. a few showers, a little drizzle. should not be as active as what we're expecting later tonight and tomorrow. on friday nats -- by the way, nats have games wednesday night. not as nice as yesterday. looks nice for the cherry blossom parade on saturday which we'll have right here on wusa9 at noon. mike hydeck and andrea roane
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be polite and respectful and keep your hands in plain
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sight. those are some of the rules of survival if you're stopped by police, at least according to our next guest patrick crawford. he's president of crawford consulting and mental health services and he has details about a special event at the university of the district of columbia. patrick, welcome. when is the event and what's it all about? >> the event is actually going to be taking place on thursday at the university of district of columbia. eight going to start -- it's going to start at 2:00 with an open session where we talk about the ten rules of survival when stopped by a police officer. we'll have a follow-up panel discussion from 3:00 to 4:30 in which we'll have some panelists, including myself that are going to discuss hopefully the foundation of where these rules came from and why they actually are needed. >> you say the goals of the ten rules, there are ten -- we may not get to all of them but the key point you want to get across. >> key point i want to get across is at the end of the day, when you're stopped by police officers, you have to realize your main goal is to get home to your family and to your loved ones and being
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safer. you also have to take -- safe. you also have to take into account this is the police officer's goal. does it make sense we have to teach these rules? maybe not but in a society where we've been introduced to some of the things that have occurred, it makes sense that you first and foremost have to survive the stop. that's the key component we'll be addressing on thursday are these survival rules are so that you have an opportunity to real to see -- to really live to see another day. >> give us another rule. >> be respectful. and be respectful of a police officer's authority, not because you may like what you're being stopped for but you also have to realize at any given time he has the fall back of being able to say i felt threatened and you don't want to give the officer to determine what's going to happen to you in that situation. >> is there a fee or do you have to register? >> you do have to register. if you are -- get in contact--
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>> okay, call udc. i'm sorry, that's it. the next news is at 5:00. until then, have a great day. we're
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>> dylan: sharon, i asked you a question. where were you earlier? you said you were going to noah's wedding. >> sharon: i told you. that was postponed. >> dylan: so where did you go instead? what did you do? who were you with? >> sharon: why are you asking me all these questions? does this have to do with the phone call from avery? what did she say? or is this because of the message on my phone. >> dylan: can you just please tell me where you were? >> sharon: fine. you know what? i'm gonna listen to it myself if you won't tell me. >> dylan: sharon, don't you get it? the call from avery, the message, you refusing to tell me where you've been -- it could all connect you to the murder. >> sharon: i have nothing to do with austin's murder. >> dylan: it's not just austin's. there's been another killing. >> sharon: what? who? >> dylan: noah's fiancée, courtney. >> noah: [ voice breaking ] i should've lou.


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