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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking right now at 11:00, an armed kidnapping and shooting at the census bureau in d.c. all these crimes are connected in one twisted saga. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. mola lenghi gets us up to date live in northeast d.c. >> reporter: it ended on h street in northeast. police are still on scene but not before a long night of shootings, car chases and kidnappings that span tens of miles of ground.
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police say this began as an armed kidnapping. a man in his 30s or 40s kidnapped a woman on t and third streets in northeast around 5:30. by 6:00 the suspect had driven to the census bureau in prince george's county where he and the girl friend were seen arguing in the car by an officer. the officer approached and was shot by the suspect. the suspect then fled the scene and made his way back into d.c. at some point after the shooting police say the suspect dropped the victim off somewhere. it's unclear when and where that happened. the suspect was spotted driving in southeast and police began chasing him. during this chase chief cathy lanier says the suspect was shooting at police. >> that pursuit continues to where we are now around the area of 11th and h street northeast. at that point metropolitan police cruisers were able to block the suspect's path. they collided with the suspect here. the suspect opened fire on police. there was an exchange of gunfire between mpd and the suspect. >> reporter: witnesses eating
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at an h street restaurant right between the gunfire exchange describe the tense moments. >> we heard people in the restaurant saying get down. everybody get on the floor and we saw the wave of people starting with the people closest to the window off of their chairs laying curled up on the floor huddling behind, lots of yelling. >> reporter: in the gunfire exchange here on h street we're told the suspect and a police officer were both shot. their conditions have not been released, but they left the scene conscious, breathing and talking. this again is where the scene ended, but wusa9's garrett haake is at prince george's county's census bureau where a long and critical portion of this story went down. >> reporter: this was a very tense scene for hours here tonight. in fact, employees of the census bureau were held on lockdown three hours while law enforcement and federal agents scoured this cancer looking for that gunman. -- this campus looking for that
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gunman. by 7 p.m. this massive federal complex was already on lockdown. police and federal agents from multiple jurisdictions arrived in droves searching for a gunman who shot a security guard here in the chest. they centered on gate 5 marked off as the scene of the crime. initially police believed the shooter was still on the grounds of this sprawling facility. employees were warned to stay in their offices. gates were locked and a car by car search began. >> now move, move, move. >> reporter: at 7:45 tactical teams arrived. sharpshooters took up position in a parking lot across the street as s.w.a.t. teams armored up. silver hill road was closed and civilians and media was move back 200 yards from gate 5. then this. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: more than 20 loud bangs rang out from inside the complex, two or three at a time sounding from different locations over half an hour, always startling and not yet explained.
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by 9:30 police gave the all clear and began allowing employees to leave. late tonight law enforcement sources tell me those bangs were breaching charges used to blow up locked doors here on the complex, of course, all this going on as police thought the gunman was still here on the complex. the prospects of an armed and dangerous individual running around inside this federal facility too concerning not to take seriously. live in prince george's county, garrett haake, wusa9. >> very busy night and police say the kidnapping victim, the suspect's girl friend, is in good condition. we are monitoring the guard's condition who was critically injured at last check at the census bureau. look for updates on and on wusa9 tomorrow morning beginning at 4:25. after all this the weather is getting a little rough. tomorrow is our fourth yellow alert day in a row. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now. top, when did the storms arrive? >> we're mainly concerned about
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the evening commute. there's a couple thunderstorms popping up now as the warm front moves eastward in loudoun county, upper montgomery county. we have red and yellow indicating heavy rain on our legend, rainfall rates about an inch per hour. i'll take away the precipitation. notice the lightning between leesburg and percyville. it's moving into stable air, but eventually the unstable air will win. this storm is tracking to the east. the main threat is heavy rain. headed toward germantown 11:29 as they move east at about 30 miles an hour. we'll come back, talk about the timetable for the evening. again take an umbrella for tomorrow, but we're mainly concerned about the evening commute. we'll talk about the main threat and if it will affect our weekend plans. let's get you caught up to date on the latest in that deadly south carolina police shooting. another piece of video emerged released by state investigators. it's dashcam video showing
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north charleston officer michael slager pulling over walter scott for a broken taillight. the video shows the officer asking for a driver's license and returning to his patrol car, but moments later scott climbs out of his car and runs off. we can hear slager running after him. scott was shot and killed and slager is charged with murder. today the naacp called on the state government to expand the use of body cameras for police officers. >> have a law requiring all police officers in south carolina to wear body cameras because as mr. scott's case showed, videos don't lie. >> why did walter scott run from his car? his family says that he had a warrant out for his arrest over child support payments. at last check a u.s. postal service worker was in grave condition following a crash in bowie, maryland. this happened along route 450 near church road. police say that driver lost control and the mail truck crossed from a westbound lane onto the eastbound lanes and ended up rolling over.
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the driver was thrown out. no other vehicles were involved. police are still looking into this. the girl friend of the woman police say killed 30-year- old david messerschmitt at the donovan hotel pled not guilty today to her part in the robbery of the capitol hill attorney. 19-year-old domonique johnson was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. police say johnson admit her involvement after she was told investigators had the surveillance video. >> this is not the first time nor the last time that you've all seen either a family member or significant other of somebody who is accused of a crime charged in conjunction with that. >> johnson's girl friend, 21- year-old jamyra gallmon, is behind bars charged with murder. investigators say gallmon killed messerschmitt. the man leaving the scene of a deadly hut and run has been identified as 73-year-old earl teeter of hyattsville. rick warrick was changing a flat tire on the side of the
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baltimore washington parkway. he was hit and killed. his fiancee was injured and investigators traced wreckage to teeter. he has been charged with failing to stop at the scene of a deadly accident and faces trial in june. meantime he has been ordered not to drive. new information shows how poor airport security can be even in our own area. the associated press reports there have been more than 260 breaches in the last 11 years. that includes eight at dulles, one at both reagan national airport and bwi. the most serious incident at dulles was in 2007 when a man ran onto the taxiway after crews would not let him board an international flight. the reagan breach happened when a boater climbed a fence after his motor died and a dui. a person drove through an open gate by mistake. you might remember this breach from last year, a 15- year-old boy climbed a fence at the airport, got into a jet's wheel well and survived a nearly six hour flight to hawaii and get there. san francisco international
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airport saw 37 breaches. >> this is a big deal for us. perimeter security is very important to our airport. we take this obligation very seriously. >> the spokesman says one of the reasons the number might be particularly high in san francisco is that the airport counts even small incidents as perimeter breaches. that patient treat for ebola at nih in bethesda is out of the hospital. the patient is an american healthcare worker volunteering in sierra leone. that worker's condition has steadily been getting better since admission to the hospital march 14th. the person is no longer a threat to the community. a demand from iran's supreme leader lift all economic sanctions or the nuclear deal blows up. today's comments from ayatollah ali khamenei are the first since the framework was come up with last week. that deal would limit iran's
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nuclear program and reportedly phase out sanctions based on whether or not iran sticks to its side of the bargain. khamenei says that initial deal guarantees nothing. a man in kensington apparently left a burner on for two days with the gas filling his home and never noticed, but the smell of the gas was so strong a millman noticed it tuesday. he knocked. no one -- a mailman noticed it tuesday. he knocked. no one opened. he got two neighbors to come over. one smelled the gas. the other didn't. the mailman came the next day, knocked, still no answer and he left, but he happened to see an ems worker and asked him to check. this time the elderly man came to the door. they got him out of there and hazmat did find the gas burner on, very dangerous. the homeowner was still in the hospital at last check but is apparently being treated for other health issues. it has one of the highest rates of sexual assaulteds of colleges in our area.
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how -- assaults of colleges in our area, how students of galludet are now taking a stance. >> madman star jon hamm accused in a violent college hazing we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives.
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weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at caught on camera, a school
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bus accident in tulsa, oklahoma, and listen to the students inside screaming, they're so scared. the bus was driving about 50 miles an hour when it hit the guardrail and a light pole, careens down an embankment and barely tips over on the side. the most serious injury, a student with a broken leg. other students were lucky enough to walk away with just a few bumps and bruises. new tonight students at galludet university are taking a strong stand against sexual abuse on campus, this after the campus in northeast d.c. drew attention it did not want when statistics showed the school had the highest number of reported sexual abuse cases per capita among colleges and universities in d.c. bruce johnson reports. >> reporter: galludet university has been a unique place since its founding 150 years ago, the only liberal arts college in the world for the deaf and hard of hearing. this week nearly every
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undergrad student turned out for a rally against sexual abuse of any kind on campus. 1,000 students in the athletic fieldhouse, not even a power outage could end this cause. >> i think this will help students feel safe on campus and not just here but all over the united states. >> reporter: galludet students and faculty paraded on campus in the show of force against sexual abuse of all kinds. >> i honestly do not feel 100% safe and we can change that starting with education, with changing attitudes. >> reporter: but it wasn't that long ago galludet was no. 1 in reported campus assaults. a washington post report once concluded galludet has the most sexual assaults per capita than any other college in the d.c. area. there were 18 forcible sexual assaults in 2012, there were 17 in 2013. >> even as a man sometimes it's hard to feel comfortable intervening in a situation, but
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with this it's on us project, that campaign, that means we actually are responsible. >> reporter: administrators say cases are so high because students are more likely to report sexual assaults than on some other campuses. >> we believe to make our campuses absolutely safe for every single person who is here. >> the university is using a grant from the justice department to help fund a better reporting system for deaf students. the movement to end psychiatric therapies, an attempt to change the sexual orientation of gay, lesbian and transgeneral youth now has white house backing. d.c., california and washington d.c. already have laws banning the practice for minors, a law president obama's administration supports. the white house says not only is conversion therapy medically unappropriate, it can be harmful, but a conversion therapist from california says it worked for him. >> the homosexual feelings just began to lessen and dissipate. so that's one reason why i know
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this works. >> the white house is not calling for a national ban on therapy for minors but is hoping evidence will encourage states to take action that the administration would support. some newly obtained documents show madman star jon hamm participated in a violent hazing at university of texas in 1990. the victim filed a lawsuit in 1991 claims he was severely beaten, dragged by a hammer and had his pants lit on fire. jon hamm was charged with hazing and put on probation and has not responded to request for comment. thousands of cases of sabra classic hummus are being recalled with a best buy date of may 11th or may 15th. listeria is a potentially deadly foodborne illness that can cause high fever and nausea, especially in young children, elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems. the fda says there have been no reports of illnesses so far. beginning monday metro's red line will return to
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automatic train operation. human operators have been driving the trains since the system failed in '09 and killed nine people. since then metro upgraded its signals and followed through with other key ntsb opening the doors and making announcements. metro says the automatic system will provide a smoother ride and greater efficiency. let's talk some weather right now. >> out in the midwest they've had tornadoes and hail. some of the hail was 4 inches in diameter. >> i heard about this. people said whole windshields were caved in. >> that's pretty lk about the degree guarantee. it was a tricky forecast. i went 57. it was only 50 today plus seven. i am wrong. >> you are wrong, sir. >> i'll get back on the horse tomorrow. tomorrow we may be 80 in spots. tomorrow it's miserable. it's like march, 46 still, light rain at national, winds still east, northeast at 5.
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when the winds kick more southerly and eventually southwesterly, we'll get rid of this maritime air mass, destablize and have big thunderstorms tomorrow. speaking of thunderstorms, there's a little thunderstorm activity now as the warm air tries to move in. we showed you lightning earlier around leesburg, big thunderstorms across much of montgomery county from poolesville across i religion 270, germantown and right on -- i-270, germantown and up rockville past the spur headed towards laytonsville everything moving east at 30 miles an hour. this is about to move into olney around 1:08 and also georgia avenue and eventually move into howard county in about an hour. here's the deal. yellow alert tomorrow for severe or strong thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon. bus stop temperatures 48 to 60. take your umbrella. could be a couple early showers in the morning. you'll need your umbrella in
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the afternoon. the main threat will be damaging winds and heavy downpours. the big thunderstorms are possible between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. that's about the narrowest window we can give you at there point in time. 6:00 in the morning a couple showers possible here and there, temps just struggling upper 40s, low 50s and by 1:00 we're finally pushing back in the 70s. winds by this time will have turned south. the winds are now south scouring out this maritime air mass. more sun we see tomorrow, the better chance for severe weather. by 2:00 we're 75 downtown, 72 in leesburg and big thunderstorms in manassas and fredericksburg. don't get hung up on the exact location. suffice to say a line of heavy, if not severe storms will roll through tomorrow as a cold front pushes through. 77 at 4:00. notice all the reds and yellows across i-95 about 5:00 and 6:00. at 6 p.m. we're down into southern maryland, northern neck with the potential for big
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thunderstorms, 70s. we clear out quickly. by friday at 10:00 we're clearing with upper 50s to mid- 60s. here's the day planner, then. 51 at 7:00, 56 at 9:00, low 60s by 11:00 and 71 by 1:00, a couple sprinkles possible before the big storms roll in. once we get through tomorrow we're in great shape, breezy and cooler saturday, 67. 69 sunday with sunshine. hope to see you at the tidal basin. the parade is on saturday morning. we're worried about the winds. that's the main enemy for these cherry blossoms which should peak this weekend. after that we warm up on monday, back in the mid-70s, maybe a shower late monday, early tuesday. we're in pretty good shape wednesday and thursday nats come back into town, perhaps a shower late. should be okay for the game. good thing for the nationals the world series isn't today. >> yes. the season just got started, not very well either. today was the rubber game of
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the opening series and was the battle of the recovering tommy johns pitchers
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> two big aces, not nearly as stage because today's nats game was opening day. the starter for the last three years makes his debut in game three. it goes awry in the 3rd inning when ian desmond misses the ground ball and david wright safe at first. three batters later and a run on the board for the mets. daniel murphy knocks an infield single that scores another run. steven strasburg goes 5 1/3 inning allowing six runs, three earned. nats lose 6-3. our holden kushner was at the rubber game. >> reporter: billed as a big pitching match-up today, stephen strasburg and matt harvey both uber prospects, both had tommy johns surgery. harvey in his return from elbow reconstruction, six masterful shutout innings with nine
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strikeouts. strasburg 5 1/3 innings, six runs, three earned. ian dez blonde with a big error -- desmond with a big error in that one with a victory for the mets. >> they didn't square me up. i don't remember anybody hitting a double off me. sometimes those hits will fall, but i think i'm close and i'll getting to where i want to get. obviously it's very early. >> reporter: while strasburg pitched okay, matt harvey shut the nationals down all day. >> he pitched really well. kind. as i expected, also. i'm sure it was a big match-up for him. i'm sure they'll see that match- up again a lot of years. >> reporter: in 33 career innings against the nationals matt harvey has a .82 e.r.a. and 44 strikeouts. the mets taking two of three from the nats. next a three-game set in philadelphia and off to boston. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. 1st round of the masters at beautiful augusta is in the
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books. 21-year-old jordan spieth is the leader. here is his approach on 14, almost holes it out from the rough. he shot an 8-under 64, one off a major championship record. tiger woods playing his first competitive golf since february birdied the 13th hole, finished 1-over par nine shots back, not great, not horrible, apparently right where he wants to be. >> i'm only nine back. we got a long way to go. we don't know what the masters are going to do, the committee is going to do with the greens or ow how they like to change things every now and again. it will be interesting to see what it's like tomorrow morning. >> tiger of old nine back no big whoop. recent tiger nine back i'm not sure back. >> serious optimism on his part. >> mental games. >> tomorrow i'm only 15 back. >> he'll do bett
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don't forget you can tweet derek or me any time night or day @janjeffcoat or @mcgintyman. we are inching closer and closer to our peak cherry blossoms. the blossoms are expected to be in full flap saturday through tuesday, just in time for the end of -- full bloom saturday through tuesday just in time for the end of the festival. early mornings are suggested to be a good time to take in the sights. >> i'll be in the parade early morning saturday and it's not often they coincide with peak bloom of the parade. that's kind of rare. seven-day, wind, we are worried about some strong winds tomorrow and strong
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thunderstorms, yellow alert. high temperature, upper 70s. also it's the opening day of the o's at camden yard. 3:00 game, there could be some storms and the weekend is great, cooler saturday and sunday, back in the mid-70s monday. >> if the winds are strong, could there be bare branches for the festival? >> it would not be a good thing. >> fair enough. that's wusa9 news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. have a great night, everybody!
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> augusta national golf club where the green jacket is golf's ultimate symbol of achievement. it has been placed on the shoulders of nearly every great player in the history of the game. today tiger returned, rory began his try a career grand slam. phil was in good form. as was ernie and bubba. today belonged to the 21-year-old wonder kid


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