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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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os that showed 26-year-old alex zumbaza engaged in sex acts, some with boys underage taken before 2011. >> the least person you think will do it does it. >> reporter: 26-year-old karate instructor alex zumbaza since here at the wisconsin avenue karate studio he partnered in. he's apparently not here at his bethesda apartment. he's not as his parents' home either. a woman claiming to be his sister told me she doesn't know where he is, but there's a warrant out for his arrest for eight counts of possession of child pornography and have uncovered a disturbing new video and say he's likely fled the u.s. to the country of georgia where he has citizenship. >> he should be located and prosecuted. >> reporter: police say more charges would be coming and they want to speak to the young male teens seen on newly discovered video engaged in sex acts with alex inside the karate studio. they say the video was taken
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before october, 2011 when alex was just an instructor there. police are asking parents to talk to their sons if they took classes here any time before 2011. they suspect something night have gone on. then this place was called d.c. martial arts. in bethesda debra alfarone, wusa9. >> police also say the man has taken classes at the studio since he was a young child. a followup to a similar story we've been keeping tabs on, the fairfax county police officer facing child porn charges resigned and is out on bond. bud walker left prison wearing a baseball hat trying to hide his face. he is free until his next court date june 17th, but the judge told him he cannot use computers or have contact with minors. he was the fairfax information officer for fairfax police and the school resource officer. new information in another big story, the kidnapping and chase that ended with a murder
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at the gates of the census bureau. suspect ronald anderson faces a list of charges including kidnapping and murder. the woman police say anderson abducted in northeast, he drove her to suitland. he called another mother and had her meet them. the woman he's accused of kidnapping got into the second woman's car. they took off. anderson chased them. the women went to the census bureau because they knew security was there. after the women crashed their car anderson exchanged gunfire with security guard lawrence buckner killing him. anderson then left as police chased him and was captured after a shootout with d.c. police. some showers are still rolling through parts of our region. howard bernstein is tracking them closely. he's got the update. when are they out of here? >> soon, maybe 90 minutes. we're really seeing activity diminish a lot the last three hours. as it crossed 95 not much going on. we still have lingering isolated showers, some still very leave downpours, the activity moving southeast weakening not far from clinton
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and andrews. in town we had another shower pop up near arlington tracking toward the pentagon, reagan national. nats are home with the phillies and this is like the second or third shower that's been this close to the ballpark, but now looks like minimal impact from that. what's left is weakening moving southeast. this one is headed toward cheltenham expected in the next few minutes, lower marlboro 7:21, huntington in calvert county 7:30. the other shower behind it toward friendly at 7:08. to the south tracking these showers just south of port royal moving southeast, but thankfully things are diminishing, a pretty nice weekend, details coming up. arlington county police on the lookout and looking into a suspicious death reported by a anybody who noticed two kids ages 3 and 5 were playing outside their home by themselves. inside that home officers found their mom, 42-year-old bonnie black dead. police did question the
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children's father. he lives nearby. the house has a history of domestic violence calls, but officers stress as of tonight the children's father is not facing charges. we're following a developing story out of fredericksburg this hour where police have steven vander briel in custody following a han hunt wanted -- manhunt wanted in connection with the death of a high school student. james monroe high school was locked down tonight as police began that search. a a stranger's generosity has a 4-year-old boy in a wheelchair on the move tonight. >> reporter: i'm prince george's county bureau cliff scott broom. the theft of that wheelchair was caught on tape and so was the heartfelt donation by a stranger to try to make this outrageous situation right. police delivered the donated chair a short time ago. joshua vasquez romero age 4 gets his independence back. >> from the bottom of my heart
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we're really thankful and god bless miss marshall. >> reporter: this chair was donated by this boy, 11-year- old emanuel marshall of upper marlboro who grew out of the boy two years ago. his mom nikisha knew exactly what to do. the video of the thief has gone viral, but police are still without a tip that might lead them to the guy who just casually walked away with a custom medical device that cost $6,000 and took a year for insurance to approve. only had it a month before it was taken. now grateful to be pushing his own wheels in the donated chair, police are hoping for a tip and that chair should not be hard to spot. it has joshua's name embroidered in one of the seats. in langley park scott broom, wusa9. tonight an american writer and georgetown grad is missing in syria and he's been for two years. that's why an advocacy group known as reporters without borders hit the campus of
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georgetown today raising awareness about the case of austin tice. the director told us new information is giving the family new hope. >> we know that austin is not held by isis. he's alive and we really believe that the syrian government can help to localize him and to secure his safe return home. >> austin was on assignment for the washington post in the mcclatchy newspapers when he disappeared. so far this year 20 journalists have been killed while reporting. 159 remain imprisoned all over the world. calls are mounting for espn to fire reporter brit mchenry after she was caught on tape ranting about a tow company clerk's weight, education and dental work. >> we in a never know if that clerk was egging her on and as bruce leshan reports, the towing company is no stranger to controversy. >> reporter: it is clear that the video recorded here at the vehicle pickup window was
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edited, but what we don't know is what the folks who distributed it cut out. >> i'm on television and you're on [ bleep ] a trailer. lose some weight. >> reporter: britt mchenry kept up her mean girl act even after the tow company girl warned her she was on camera. >> so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing. i have a brain and you don't. >> reporter: but advanced towing seems to have a way of getting people's goat. how much did tend up running you? >> $350. >> reporter: they towed michael bruner's car the same day they towed mchenry's, but on twitter opinion runs against the reporter. zero humanity, zero likability, zero credibility, no recovery possible, fire britt mchenry. in her own comment at the tow clerk gina says ha ha, okay and when i post the video, you'll say i deserved to be called fat. bottom line is she got towed,
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which has some people wondering if they are getting the whole story. >> i would be interested in seeing or hearing the entire playback. >> reporter: it was edited. >> absolutely. so they get the chance to make a one-sided argument. >> reporter: check this out. no parking zone. the tow truck parked here for hours. are they going to tow that? in arlington bruce leshan, wusa9. >> i think we both know the answer. if anybody out there has access to the unedited surveillance tape, we would love to have a look at it. still ahead tonight why one small town finds itself struggling with the separation of church and nightclub. >> from feeding the hungry to saving our planet we'll look at some weekend events coming your way. >> howard will be back to tell us how the forecast is shaping up for those events, a lot more to tell you about as we continue tonight live from the nation's capital. you're watchin
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there is a special event happening tonight right here on wusa9 at 10:00. but first a look ahead to tomorrow because there's a huge free concert happening on the national mall in honor of earth day. organizers say you'll hear from mary j. blige, fallout boy, my morning jacket and more and speeches from some high profile advocates for the environment. now to that special event we mentioned that will be later tonight here on wusa9. it is also a concert, but this one is aimed at drawing attention to hunger in this country. reporter gia vang has a preview. >> reporter: we're here at outnumber hunger, some of the biggest and brightest in country music here to combat hunger in america and one of them, the queen herself in country music, miss reba mcentire.
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reba and fellow country music friends are taking the stage in outnumber hunger's fourth year. nearly 13 million families struggle with being hungry. can you tell us why you decided to be a part of outnumber hunger? >> they told me one of six people were hungry in this country and i was blown away by that. i couldn't believe it because i don't think i've missed a meal one day in my life and i thought it was very important to lend my celebrity status and i was very honored that they asked me to help. >> reporter: at this level of your career is it more important to lend that help? i mean working with some of these folks like mattie and tay who are just starting and they're helping you out today. >> they sure are. >> reporter: why is this so important? >> years and years ago i got to work with bob hope and bob told me of all the things you'll get to do in the entertainment business giving back is the most important. so i had a good person to teach me how to do it right and he was a giver. >> reporter: miss reba
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mcintyre, we are so excited to see you on stage tonight. >> thanks. >> reporter: for one in six americans hunger is a reality. help outnumber hunger and watch the concert right here tonight at 10:00. >> again, that concert airing here on wusa9 and on every one of our 45 gannett sister stations coast to coast. a warm sunny saturday, no, it's not a dream, derek. >> that's right. looks like a beautiful spring weekend ahead, howard. >> yeah. for the most part it will be, just some isolated showers still around at this hour. give another hour or so. i think they'll fall apart. here's live doppler 9000. a good weekend forecast and the seven-day forecast as well all coming up ina few minutes.
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you're watching wusa9 news at 7:00 with the stories that caught our eye this friday. snoring seat mates are one of the joys of flying. a woman was kicked off her chicago flight for poking a snoring passenger with a pen. firefighters were called in to check on him. he weight hurt. the pen wielding passenger had -- he wasn't hurt. the pen wielding passenger had to catch a later flight. this coffee is out of its
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world. the spacex supply ship has reached the international space station. on board the world's first expresso machine designed for zero gravity. why you might ask? >> why not? >> one of the astronauts on the space station is italian and was making do with instant coffee up there. how dare she have to do that. now let's go on to the small town of madison, tennessee, tone which is not far from nashville where a group of developers are trying to get creative. they want to build what we would have to call an adult club next-door to a christian school. to get around the zoning laws they're relabeling the club as a church. yeah. they've changed the plans around and added in some new things like they've relabeled the dungeon as the choir room. >> oh, boy. >> but before they can open for business the club will have to prove to the city that there is actually some worship happening inside the building. i'm going to say nothing more. >> what kind of worship i think is the question.
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always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i like that story. that was a good laugh. weatherwise it's going to be a great saturday, good sun, but a great saturday. >> -- good sunday, but a great saturday. >> looking forward to it. >> we've got a couple showers we're still tracking, the last of the bunch until probably saturday night, monday. here we are now. had some heavy downpours, no lightning or thunder today. we managed to get to 79, still a couple areas of yellow and orange on the doppler, especially red. that's heavy rain. the showers down in southeastern prince george's county trying to get into calvert, they are weakening as they approach dunkirk and huntington, but this is still hefty shower activity toward reagan national not far from nats park. the park is right there. this is just south of it.
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silver hill will see that and this is all moving southeast. one of the showers popped up, came out of potomac headed towards bethesda right now. this holding together, but now that we're getting toward sunset we'll lose the daytime heating. i think this stuff will fall apart in the next 30, 40 minutes. we're talking about 7:31 in cheltenham as this shower moves southeast. to the south we've seen these showers weaken as well, fredericksburg getting hit hard, but this stuff south of port royal is just diminishing. we're setting up for a great weekend. now nice night, especially north of town where it's drier, low to mid-70s, rain cooled 69 in fredericksburg, 70 in cambridge, in town now 74, a good looking evening. weather headlines, showers leaving early this evening. we'll clear out, a superb saturday, sunny, warm, dry, not
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too windy, highs about 80. sunday will be okay, just cloudy and cooler, especially in the afternoon, a little morning sun, a late shower possible. i'm thinking most of the rain holds off till after dark. then sunday night into monday morning rain could be heavy at times. yellow alert monday as the commute could be impacted. say good-bye to showers. tomorrow here comes our nice dry air with the northwesterly winds moving in, a fabulous saturday whether you're working on the yard or participating in a 5k or getting a round of golf in. sunday still golfable, but with the wind off the ocean this will keep us in the low to mid- 60s, big difference from tomorrow. there the clouds increase in the afternoon. here's the rain coming for sunday night into monday morning. our forecast, it's going to be nice tonight. we'll drop into the low to mid- 50s, open the windows. tomorrow morning 50s and 60s, clear and comfortable. we'll climb to about 80 in the afternoon, a great day. northwest winds at 10. cooler sunday, temps in the 60s. yellow alert monday, rain sunday night, monday morning, a
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break and then an afternoon shower or storm. we'll be in the 70s again on monday. tuesday about 70, wednesday a late shower, 60s and friday looks unsettled and cool with temperatures friday in the low 60s. we've got the nats on 9 tomorrow. it's going to be a great day to be out at the park, but if you can't get there, be sure to turn it on here at wusa9. i think a lot of grills if they haven't been used will get their first workout of the year. >> got to break them in for the summer. sunday does mark the 20th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing when 168 people were killed, 35 who worked for the housing urban and development department. on this week's capital download we talk to the hud secretary hualian castro who will be in oklahoma city commemorating that tragic day. >> we forget about the reason people get into federal service in the first place, the fact they have a passion for helping improve the lives of other
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people and that describes the 35 employees that we lost and it describes the employees that we have in oklahoma city today. >> hard to believe it's been 20 years. secretary castro is also on hillary clinton's short list for vp candidates. join me and susan page for more on that and the political news of the week on capital download sunday 8:30 a.m. here's something you don't see every day, a retired pope holding a beer, the story behind this snapshot next on your only local
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for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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a toast that caught a lot of folks by surprise. >> the vatican's press office releasing some photos this week and that is the retired pope benedict xvi dead center grasping onto a huge stein of the brewski. >> this is from his birthday party. he turned 88 this week. >> which just goes to show you just because you're a former pop you can't have a -- pope
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you can't have a good time. >> that's all for our 7:00 news. we'll be back at 11:00. >> have a great night, everybody! we'll see you then. >> bye bye.
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kim richards public meltdown, new video after her arrest. >> kim is it true that you kicked a police officer? >> did a beverly housewives reunion show cause her downward spiral? >> plus new details about what really happened with the espn reporter who was suspended after verbally assaulting a parking attendant. then dr. oz called a quack. find out why a group of doctors are trying to get him fired from his university job. also tonight, nancy o'dell is in dallas getting an acm awards preview with host blake shelton and luke bring kwlan. >> then sarah jessica parkers talks to melissa rivers about her dear friend joan. >> and -- i now pronounce you all married. >> why is drew carey marrying dozens of couples? we're there for the price is
7:30 pm
right mass wedding. >> it's kind of a crazy thing. now "e.t" come on down. love is in the air. >> hi, everybody, thank you for joining us. brooke anderson is here with me. kevin frazier is off, nancy will be joining us a little bit later with all the acm news from arlington, texas. right now the news is not so good for beverly hills housewife kim richards, we have got the latest on her arrest. >> kim do you regret the restaurant skaen? >> that's kim richards just hours after being released from police custody. >> kim, is it true that you kicked a police officer? >> kim are you drinking again? >> the realty star ignored questions. she faces multiple charges after an aemglleged incident early this morning here at the beverly hills hotel. that's ki


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