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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us, i'm lesli foster. and a yellow alert tops our news this afternoon. strong and possibly severe storms could have a very big up
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packet on our evening commute. first alert meteorologist allison ray is standing by with the details of the allison? >> reporter: thanks leslie. hard to think about when you are enjoying sunshine like this. but it is it is the sunshine and the warm temperatures that are setting the stage for active weather this afternoon. we had a lot of rain last night and early this morning. over 2 inches of rain in some areas. 74 degrees and we are warming up fast. notice the dew point, it is very high. the humidity is high because of the southwest winds. so high humidity, high moisture, warm temperatures, sunshine, all a great environment for thunderstorms to develop. what is left over? we are not dealing with any rain, just a lot of sunshine right now. areas through the tidal investigators are looking -- tidal shores are looking at flooding because we did see so much rain through the overnight hours. here's where we are right now. 74, we are headed to 80. i'm going to track the thunderstorms for you coming this afternoon for your drive home. leslie? thank you. this morning's heavy rain led
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to flooding issues in the district. several cars were stuck in high water on an underpass on the 1500 block of east avenue northeast. there were high concerns along route 50 in bowie, maryland. east coast storms produced at least four tornadoes in alabama and georgia and left behind debris in south carolina. falling trees are responsible for at least two deaths. a cincinnati woman was killed by a large tree that crushed her car. and an atlanta woman also died when a tree fell on her home. it is an all too common occurrence recently. people jumping over the fence at the white house. last night one more person managed to do it. secret service officials say that jumper is 54-year-old jerome hunt of hay ward, california. nikki burdine brings us the latest from the north lawn. >> reporter: here we go again. another person tried to scale the fence here at the white house. this time they were stopped
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almost immediately. >> it is really cool. >> reporter: for lucas and the rest of his classmates from ohio their first visit to the white house is surreal. but so is the idea that someone would jump the fence here. >> a little weird to think about, that people can jump the fence. >> reporter: but it happens of the a lot. and that is no surprise to tim scanlon who has been leading tours here at the white house for a decade. sunday night secret service officials say 54-year-old jerome hunt jumped the fence on the southlawn at about 10:30. he was carrying a package of some sort that was later deemed harmless. what is the solution? soon metal spikes and other anti climbing measures will be put in place. the changes come after a number of incidents over the past sexual months, including omar gonzalez, who made it all the way through the front door of the white house. to what end? >> i don't want it looking like, look like a detention camp of some kind. so the secret service and
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related just need to do their job more effectively. >> reporter: edwin from florida agrees. >> maybe some things might want to change a little bit. we might get a better outcome. >> reporter: outside the white house, i'm nikki burdine wusa9. >> reporter: hunt is scheduled to be arraigned in superior court on a charge of unlawful entry. the building where a mentally ill contractor went on a shooting rampage is back in business. the offices are reopening 19 months after at navy yard shooting. twelve people were killed in 2003, after the shooter, aaron alexis, was taken down. the mayor of baltimore is promising accountability following the death of a man in police custody. freddie gray died yesterday, a week after his arrest. mark albert is in baltimore, where police are accused of a cover-up in the incident. >> reporter: freddie gray's
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screams can be heard on this cell phone video that cbs station wjz obtained from his family. it showed white baltimore police officers lifting and carrying gray, his feet dragging on the ground. the officers put him into a police van, where authorities say he was placed in additional restraints. 30 minutes later, after the van arrived in the nearby police station, someone called an ambulance. by then gray was critically injured. his lawyer says gray's spine was 80% severed at his neck, his voice box partially crushed. after being in a coma for a week the 27-year-old died sunday. protests have steadily grown, including a march over the weekend to the baltimore police station where gray was taken. >> all lives matter. >> reporter: police extended their condolences to gray's family, but have not yet told them or the public how gray became so severely injured. exactly why four bicycle
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officers stopped gray in the first place, or why he ran from them. according to reports, gray had his a history of drug offenses, and police say he was a high crime area known for drug incidents. >> the officers believed that mr. gray was either immediately involved or had been recently involved in criminal activity. and they decided to make contact with mr. gray. >> reporter: baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings blake also provided no answers sunday but promised transparency once the investigation is over. >> i want citizens to know exactly how it happened. and if necessary, i will ensure that we will hold the right people accountable. >> reporter: gray's attorney accuses police of withholding a video of the arrest. the baltimore police commissioner is promising an independent review of the incident and the justice department is already investigating baltimore police after a string of brutality cases. hearings will begin on wednesday to determine whether
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john hinkley will receive more freedom. the man who shot president reagan and three others spends much of his time in a house ebitda by his -- owned by his mother in williamsburg, virginia. doctors say his sycoses sis and major depression have been in remission for decades. and in 2013 hinkley was allowed to visit his mother for stretches of 17 days at a time. >> i don't think they should fear him. i don't think he is a danger to anyone. >> reporter: hinkley was 25 when he shot president reagan. he is nearly 60 now. prosecutors have consistently opposed his release, arguing he has a history of deceptive relationships. the boston marathon is hitting the pavement one day before the penalty phase before the trial of the convicted
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bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev takes place. >> it is going to be fun. >> reporter: about a million people are expected to line the route to watch the race. they are being met with tight security. police have added checkpoints and cameras. it's been two years since the bombings near the finish line killed three and injured more than 260, including hecht they are absolute, who lost her leg. >> the marathon was loss a fun day, except for that one year. i intend to keep it a fun day. >> reporter: avid will be near the finish line, not far from where she was standing when the second bomb we want off.
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she is cheering to help her new foundation. >> i think, if i couldn't have something positive come out of this circumstance, i probably would have gone into more of a downward spiral. >> reporter: the marathon is held on patriot's day, a holiday in massachusetts. chris van cleeve, cbs news, boston. another indication of the tight security. drones are banned from the marathon course. coming up on wusa9 news. it was the nation's worst offshore environmental catastrophe. we'll tell you more about the impact of the bp oil rig explosion. plus kraft is
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six suspects arrested on terrorism-related charges are due in court this afternoon. prosecutors say all the suspects were friends from minnesota, and all of them were trying to get to syria to fight
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with isis militants. >> they never stopped plotting another way to get to syria to join isil. they were not confused young men, they were not easily influenced. these are focused men, who were intent on joining a terrorist organization by any means possible. >> prosecutors say members of the group were stopped multiple times from traveling to syria, but they continued their quest to join the isis fighters there. the italian prime minister says ships are responding to migrant emergencies near the libyan coast. distress calls have come from two inflatable rafts carrying hundreds of people. the my grants placed their lives in the hands of human smugglers. hundreds of families are feared drowned when the fishing boat capsized in the mediterranean sea over the weekend. the italian coast guard is still scouring the waters for survivors. one person says that 70-foot
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vessel was carrying more than 900 people, all of them hoping to make it to europe to start a better life. an emergency summit is thursday to other dress the -- to address the migrant crisis. today marks five years since the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. 172million-gallons of crude oil flowed into the water after the deep water horizon rig exploded. an administrator of bp settlements claims more than $5 billion has been paid to people and businesses for the spill. big change coming to a staple for many families. the kraft macaroni and cheese. the makers of this top selling brand of macaroni and cheese are going to remove all the artificial preservatives and the dyes. the ingredients will be
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replaced with spices like paprika and tomb
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while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at spree spring is in the air of the many of us are starting to get active again after that long cold winter. if you do it too quickly you can bring on joint or back pain. so here to talk more about that is orthopedic surgeon dr.
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robert that jane. is it common for people with joint back pain this time of year? >> certainly we see an increase in these injuries this time of year. the weather gets nice, people are trying to get back into shape. they tend to want to do a lot of outdoor activities they kind of neglect to do before when the weather wasn't as nice. we tend to see people who might get more common issues with their back or joints as they increase their exercise regimen as they do more things outside. we definitely tend to see more of these issues around this time. >> can we avoid the pain? or is this something that comes along with getting the body back in gear? >> certainly you should do things that help to avoid pain. certainly when you start up your body certainly is going to feel like it has not been being active. so some pain is normal in these situations. but if you continue to push at
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an unhealthy level through some of this pain that could certainly make it set up to having certain types of injuries. you do want to listen to your boyd. you do want to kind of ramp up your activity. you do want to condition yourself appropriately and certainly listen to the pain because you don't want to always push through. >> know when it push and know when to pull back. thank you so much for your time. tomorrow on our noon show experts will be here live to answer your questions and to give you advice about back and joint pain. this is one of those days where you actually might want to go outside and do some exercise. but you said don't let that sun fool you. something else is just around the bend? >> reporter: the sunshine is gearing us up for active weather later on today or at least the potential for active weather. we had a lot of rain last night. over two inches in some areas, now we dry out.
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it is absolutely beautiful out there. but the sunshine and all the southwesterly winds is going to give way to seeing thunderstorms develop into some what stronger storms or even potentially severe. later on today, it is going to be severe. but we have the right ingredients. the sunshine is only helping from those ingredients. enjoy the sunshine for the next few hours. 74 degrees. notice the dew point above the 60-degree threshold. as they move across the dmv. here we are, current temperatures, 70 degrees. what a jump from earlier today. all that rain the sun is feels great. 72 for manassas. we are headed toward 82 degrees. that is a great threshold for these storms as they head over from 81 to 95.
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here's what we are expecting. the storm prediction center has upgraded that. now we are in the orange, that is enhanced for this afternoon. what can we expect? mainly a lot of rain, heavy rain kind of mixed in there. wind gusts, thunder, lightning, of course hail and even an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. not everybody will see an isolated thunderstorm by any means, but the potential is there heavy rain, strong thunderstorms. notice how it is dry as you head south of dc by 4:30 but we are still tracking a couple of showers to the north. then it continues to unfold between 6:00 and 8:00. another round of showers and thunderstorms possible through the shanendoah valley. there are sometimes where it is dry and gearing up for another shower or thunderstorm headed your way. by 9:30, everything is quieting downpour. once the sun sets we are going to lose a lot of that energy and everything will move out fast or dry down fast.
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iwe'll clear out fast and any of the left over showers in the mountains should fade away pretty fast. we are looking at 91 degrees. tonight at 5:00 when topper is here, he will be tracking showers and thunderstorms. they will be isolated. a lot of people will see dry times but the thunderstorms will push through and pack a punch. tomorrow partly cloudy and breezy. temperatures move down to still above average. it is going to feel cool at times. wednesday nats game, we have a couple of showers possible. nothing from what we saw last night. or what we are expecting later on today. those will just be a few passing showers. by thursday and friday the temperatures continue to tumble. we have another shot of cold air headed our way. 60 degrees friday. by saturday and sunday we'll track a few chances of ra
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film fest dc is back. it is now in full swing, it runs through sunday april 26th. here now is festival director tony gettings and tony you are back. that is a victory? >> that is a victory. just being alive and being able to survive. yeah we are happy. >> it was a tough road forget there though. >> it was tough, finances were short. expense were going up. >> great movies from all over the world. comedies and thrillers, and all kinds of films that will make you dance, tap your toes and
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feel good when you leave the movie theater. >> we are looking at a couple of clips right now. you have screened, you and your staff, some 300 movies here. what is this one about? >> this is tap world. it is quite amazing. it is about tap dancing all over the world. we are having live performances we are going to have tap dances out there for folks. >> fantastic. you are finding ways to integrate actual art the with the motion art as it is going on at the same time? >> we want to improve and make fun the experience of our audience. >> it sounds like film festivals around the world are having to change to meet a different kind of viewer. >> one is a younger viewer. they are used to digital technology and they are used to having access to a lot of media. so yes every film festival i know uses social media more and tries to reach out to young people. >> i'm going to assume that social media has made it easier
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for the filmmakers to take needs to go. >> it used to cost a lot. i don't want to minimize it but on a cell phone you can do that. >> you have screened about 300 movies in preparation for this? >> yeah. >> is there one lig monmouth -- little nugget of advice? >> i think they have to trust the film festival and take a chance. most of the films we are showing will not be shown in washington again. this is an opportunity. my advice would be to take advantage and don't miss what we are doing this week. >> a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the kind of movies that you would have to go around the world to see. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> looking forward to the dc film fest. that is it for us now. we'll be back at 5:00. have a great day and don't for
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get wusa and the wusa 9 app are always on. see you later tonight at 5:00.
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>> billy: jack, like i've said in my other 500 messages, i hate to interrupt your honeymoon, but you really need to check in back home, like, now. >> ashley: jack and phyllis are still out of the country on their honeymoon, and we just really hate to interrupt them. >> victor: oh, of course. why interrupt their wonderful honeymoon when jack's own team can pull a stunt like this? >> ashley: what stunt? >> victor: i received this letter from jabot legal mandating an outside expert to look at the surveillance tape that found jack breaking into newman computer room. >> ashley: oh, please. that's a no-brainer, victor. we have to make sure the video is valid, and if it's legitimate, you have nothing to worry about. >> billy: right, because if it's been doctored to incriminate jack, then you should start sweating, victor. >> victor: don't waste your time. it's your brother on that tape, and all your desperate measures will not save him. >> jack: save me from what?


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