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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. good around. i'm mike hydeck. we're following breaking news in the freddie gray case this noon. baltimore police have haer the findings of the investigation when it comes to his death to prosecutors. nick giovanni is live with the latest on what we know so far. >> reporter: just within the last hour, baltimore police
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held a very brief press conference. police commissioner anthony bask confirmed two things in it. first the findings of that investigation have now officially been turned over to the state's attorney's office a day earlier than expected. they were turned over just before 9:00 this morning. we also learned that investigation revealed there was an additional stop made by that police van with gray in it. aside from that, all police are saying at this point is this is not over. >> the task force heeded my call and we have exhausted every lead at this point in time. but this does not mean that the investigation is over. let me repeat, this does not mean that the investigation is over. if new evidence is found, we will follow it. if new direction is given by the state's attorney, we will obey it and follow through with the investigation. >> reporter: this comes as a prisoner sharing the police van with freddie gray said he intentionally hurt himself. our news reporters report the prisoner who was in that van told investigators he believe gray was intentionally trying
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to injure himself by banging against the walls of the vehicle. there are now conflicting reports that suggest that was not the case and attorneys for the gray family are denying gray would intentionally injure himself. mike? >> nick giovanni live in the newsroom. civil rights leaders including al sharpton will be holding a summit this afternoon. a quiet night as protesters remained peaceful but fears over more violence is also impacting the city during the daylight hours. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: a peaceful night has turned into a relatively calm morning with far less police presence on north and pennsylvania avenues. residents that we spoke to say getting back to normal not as easy as they thought. at 90 larry washington has lived through a lot and the social club he owns has survived it all. >> this is worse than 1968. >> reporter: it's the second largest black social club in
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the country. washington opened the doors only for wusa9. the club has been closed all week. the curfew cutting into business. >> if everyone is inside at 10:00 p.m., no one is coming to your door. >> anybody coming here -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: can i talk to for a quick second? this carry out is open because it's the only place police and neighbors can get a meal in this part of town and this part of town catching a bus is a problem too. many stops along the routes immolated? >> the bus says one thing. they get you off two or three blocks before they're supposed to. i said why didn't you say something? i said, i'm an old woman. >> reporter: despite the speed bumps there is a road it recovery and residents can find that symbol here at the arch, a beacon of black history that has stood strong 103 years. in west baltimore, delia goncalves, wusa9. also this morning in baltimore, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake addressed the backlash over her using the word "thug" to describe people
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protesting in the streets of baltimore. >> it was very clear to me in the heat of what was going o in the heat of this crisis i let my anger overcome me. i'm apologized multiple times and i apologize not just for the fact that i used the word because it has forced a conversation about a word instead about the pain that many people are feeling across our city. also breaking this morning a pretty loud surprise for the students at one elementary school in alexandria when a u.s. military helicopter had to make an emergency landing. fortunately no students were outside when it touched down so everybody was fine. they did, though, get a chance to come outside and get a closer look at it. the military still has not told us what kind of trouble that helicopter was experiencing to cause it to land. the weather now looks like it's april and ipt' going to go out on a wet note. here's -- it's going to go out on a wet note. here's erica grow. >> showers are starting to erupt n. is a three-hour loop.
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you can see the showers starting to develop south and west of the beltway but not in the immediate metro itself just yet. and it's getting milder out there. it's already 72 in downtown washington. 71 in alexandria. 68 in chevy chase and white oak. it's 64 right now in leesburg. 09 futurecast, you can -- on 9 futurecast, you can see where the showers and storms potentially are going to develop. centered along i-81 corridor and about where 66 meets up with 81 we could see a little bit of an increase in activity. that's between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. primarily. then as the activity settles down and the sun goes down, we'll taper things off to scattered showers, but those rotate through just in time for that friday morning drive so it looks like it will be wet and unsettled as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about today's yellow alert and a big cooldown for friday ahead in the first alert seven-day forecast. mike, back to you. a search and rescue team from fairfax county helped pull a teenage boy from the rubble
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five days after that massive earthquake hit nepal. the fairfax county urban search and rescue team joined firefighters from los angeles in the effort to free the 15- year-old early this morning. the teenager said he survived by drinking water from wet clothes and eating butter. crews initially didn't think anyone was insides the collapsed seven-story building but then suddenly they heard the teen's voice and started digging. >> it's a great feeing. to save a life, it's a great feeling. >> we're also getting video into our newsroom of a baby boy rescued on sunday 22 hours after that earthquake. he was found in the rubble. he is four months old and was rescued from his home in eastern nepal. the montgomery county mother charged with the disearns of her two children -- disappearance of her two children was in court this morning. sarah and jacob hoggle were last seen in september. extensive searches throughout the county and surrounding
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areas have turned up no sign of the children so far. their mother catherine hoggle has been jowndz going treatment -- undergoing treatment at a psychiatric hospital. a man charged with a deadly crash on the bw parkway will be in court. 27-year-old anthony lamont payne of district heights, maryland allegedly ran another car off the road on march 20. 19-year-old wow we state university student terence lagrue was killed. payne is facing a maximum life in sentence if convicted. d.c. police are searching for a person they believe shot a man in northwest washington early this morning. this was around 4:30. officers responding to the 1200 block of m street when they got there they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. police say the victim and the suspect did know each other. there have been two more robberies at 7-eleven convenience stores in northeast washington d.c. to stores on
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hawaii avenue -- two stores on hawaii avenue were robbed. no word if they are connected to a recent rash of 7-eleven holdups. it is now official. vermont senator bernie sanders is running for president. he made the announcement shortly after 11:00 this morning. he's the first candidate to challenge the heavy favorite hillary criminalton on the democratic side -- clinton on the democratic side for the presidential race. he says he wants to improve campaign finance and improve the economy. >> most people are working for low wages and today we have a grotesque level of income wealth inequality. >> he will raise the minimum raise incremental to $15. he says he can create millions of new jobs and work on rebuilding the middle class. he is the longest serving independent in congress. he says he doesn't plan to change his party affiliation to democrat, though. he says it could be too difficult to run for president as an independent. we'll find out more about autism and caring for those who have the condition. >> plus, mother nature create
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as spectacular site in hawaii. check out this volcano as
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welcome back to the news at noon. great pictures out of hawaii. a lake of lava bubbling over there. theit finally overflowed. the number of visitors skyrocketed as the lava got closer to the rim. it's unknown how long the show is going to last. look at this gas station fire in israel. talk about a desire for a cigarette. this whole thing was started by a woman who want todz get a smoke and police say they arrested the woman after she started the fire at the gas pump when the man filling his car refused his request for a -- her request for a cigarette. a massive fire in california overnight as utility pole explodes. the fire is near fresno. a lack of hydrants in the area
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is making things more difficult when it comes to fighting those flames. and -- [ inaudible ] -- after a deadly shark attack. a local woman was snorkeling when she suffered the fatal shark bite. the victim suffered bite wounds to her upper torso. mcdonald's downsizing its menu. you will see changes soon. the restaurant plans to cut seven sandwiches from its menu, including the quarter pounder and six different chicken sandwiches and the mustard and chipotle barbecue snacks gone. the company which reported another declining quarter of revenue has seen its sales growth -- [indiscernible] [ audio difficulties ] today in family health we are talking about autism. one out of every 16 people have autism s pe ec disorder.
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-- spec disorder. girls are diagnosed with autism much later than boys. >> reporter: doctor, thank you very much for joining us. i believe it's one in 45 boys? >> no, it really doesn't surprise me. if you look at a number of neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly those that involve certain behaviors, particularly what we call acting out behaviors, boys tend to predominate and are more likely to be diagnosed earlier than girls who have a similar disorlds but doesn't have -- disorders but doesn't have as many true behaviors as young boys do. >> trying to find a cause for ought twitch,. [indiscernible] your reaction to that. >> those in pediatrics know
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gestational diabetes is a risk factor for any number of neurodevelopmental as well as nonneurodevelopmental disorders which can involve the heart as well as part of the musculoskeletal system. it diswnts surprise -- it doesn't surprise me it was the mothers who had gestational diabetes develop in the first 26 weeks of pregnancy have trouble. mothers of known diabetes there was not an increased risk. >> thank you. thank you. straight ahead, we raise the glass to the eight annual national harbor wine and food festival. >> plus, putting the new york rangers on ice as the capitals continue their quest to bring the family cup. >> and a beautiful afternoon except we're going to have to put a damper on things when the showers move in. we'll time them out for you with 9 futurecast coming up in
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if you haven't already, chances are your family is about to make some plans for traveling this summer, but be careful. wusa9 call for action director shirley rooker is here. beware of the travel companies that some do not deliver the good deals they promise. in fact, share shirley, you said you got a call. >> i just got one this past week. i thought, i'm going to look into it and see what it is because they told me i had won a great deal on a trip. i said no thanks -- i said thanks but no thanks. this group happened to be called iig travel. and i went online. i checked a number of sources. there were a number ever complaints against the company. many of the problems involved unreturned phone calls,
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unreturned voice mails, the inability to book reservations actually and some of these companies require you to pay a fee upfront. you have to pay a fee to actually make a reservation. i wonder is because it's so hard to make a reservation. check them out but i have a rule. i'm on the do not call registry. if they call me in violation of the registry, i don't do business with them. >> good advice as always. we appreciate you. if you have more information you'd like to find out, go to wusa9 call for action page. also, if you'd like to volunteer or provide a complaint, go to and click on call for action. in sports it's time for another win. the capitals continue their quest to reach the stanley cup finals. tonight they will start a best of seven series against the new york rangers up in the big apple. the team will play again in new york on saturday before they come back to verizon center coming up on monday. the 80th n.f.l. draft is tonight in chicago. the redskins say they want to add assets. we will keep an eye on the picks for you.
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the draft is being held outside of new york city for the very first time. erica? >> reporter: i'm so excited for the draft. i love to try to make my prediction as to who the top five are going to be in the draft. i don't have a good solid prediction yet but i don't think mariota should be the number one pick. take that for what you will. we'll see a shower possibly by 3:00 in the beltway. most of the activity remains to the west, though. 6:00 there is a better potential that a shower, maybe even a thunderstorm actually rolls through the immediate metro area. so it could dampen that compute and that is why we have a yellow alert in effect. yellow alert, that means inconvenient weather. it will be a problem for your driving and for the outdoor sports. right now mostly dry. 64 in leesburg and manassas. 69 in martinsburg. 68 in winchester. starting to see some showers develop in culpeper and orange counties. you can see them on satellite and radar starting to bubble up here. most of the rain is still in the mountains. that will start to press toward us as we head through the afternoon and early evening, but on 9 futurecast, you can
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see the bulk of the activity remains to the west of the beltway. those yellows, though, indicating pockets of heavier rainfall right over winchester, right over hagerstown so we could see some of that activity in some of the major population centers to the west of d.c. cooler weather, though, arrives on friday and it should be raining for just about everybody during the morning commute on friday. things start to clear out in the afternoon but it remains cool. temperatures tomorrow will be about 10 degrees cooler than what we have today. as we head into saturday, though, things dry out again. we get milder. just a light pop-up shower. not a big deal on saturday. here's your three-day forecast. yellow alert for today. the best potential for storms and heavier showers will be west of the beltway but we can't rule it out in the immediate metro. today's high 72 degrees. then only 62 on friday. those morning showers giving way to maybe a peek of sunshine. overall looking like a dreary and also a breezy day on friday with a high of only 62. in the first alert seven-day
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forecast, better for the weekend. just a light stray shower on saturday with a high of 71. mid-70s on sunday. it doesn't get much better than that with all the sunshine. then we head into the 80s as we head back into the workweek and school week and as the nats come back in town, the boys of summer, it will be feeling like summer for them as well. it is time for petline 9 now. and i am being joined by -- i forget your name already. i'm terrible. zenit from washington humane society. and she brought a cat for us today. wait till you see this guy. or she is a tortoise cat, correct? >> tortoise shell. >> and her name is spice. what can you tell me about spice? >> spice, she is 5 years old and she's pretty much the coolest cat i've ever met. she's very laid back, very mellow. she loves hanging out with people. she's very curious. she will explore. she will come up and meet peep as soon as she gets a little bit of a vibe from them. she's an all around total
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sweetheart. >> does she like other cats? >> right now we're not sure. she's been by herself for a while at the washington humane society. we'd be happy to do a cat or dog intro to make sure the animal will get along with whoever else is in the home. >> if any of our viewers are interested, what should she do? >> go
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if you're looking for something fun to dork the springtime tradition is -- to do, the springtime tradition is back at the national harbor. so eight years which means it's successful. >> been successful, yes. >> it's great.
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we've had 12,000 people every year and it's been going on for a long time right out on the water. it's beautiful. we serve lots and lots and lots of wine. >> there's nothing wrong with that for grownups. >> if you want to bring the family out, you definitely can. it's a beautiful location and there's lots to do at national harbor which make it is fun so you can come to the event as well as you go and enjoy the peeps store. >> the wheel. >> are we talking local vendors? >> i wanted to cook a little bit for you. it's fantastic. we have national wine so we have international wines, italy, spain, california, maryland, all over the place. there's over 230 skews that will pour as well as bourbon. we have a whiskey experience. we have great beers coming. stella which is a huge sponsor of this. >> let's get the mussels going because we're running out of time. >> mussels, very, very easy n. is something we have lots of
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great chefs that will be there. and this is just a really quick summer kind of thing. >> we have a minute. >> here we go. we put in tomatoes, shallots. we put in some garlic. all kinds of fun stuff. >> i feel like i've known you forever already. >> it's amazing. stir, put the lid on. oh, my god, the magic of television we have -- through the magic of television, wala. mike, look what you do. >> brilliant. >> how do you get tickets and how much do they cost? >> tickets are on site. just come on site. that's all you have to do. they'll be there starting -- gate opens at 1:00 -- at 11:00. gate opens at noon but registration at 11:00. >> i feel like aknown now a long time already. that will do it for the news at noon. we're back on tv at 5:00 and of course 24/7 on don't forget the wusa9 app is where it's at.
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i'm mike hydeck. have a great day, everybody.
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>> michael: thank you. oh! is that supposed to be coffee? >> sharon: it's herbal tea. you were dehydrated, michael. i don't want to have another incident like before where you collapsed. >> michael: fine. i'll just sneak some caffeine while you're not looking. i'm kidding. really. i'm fine. while i was in the hospital, forced to rest, i had plenty of time to think about your defense. >> sharon: really? any new ideas? >> michael: before i was released, i made a few phone calls. and i took a calculated risk one that could make all the difference in whether we win or lose.


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