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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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by what this youngest prosecutor in a major american city did today. that was marilyn mosby charging six officer today with everything from second degree murder to manslaughter to illegal imprisonment and misconduct. >> i'm sorry. we want to get right to a press conference right now where the gray family is responding to the charges today. let's listen in. >> it looks like they're still assembling right now, but we're expecting to hear from the family of freddie gray about the charges against those police officers today. and that is billy martin, one of the gray family attorneys right there. >> good afternoon.
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first we will hear from the representative of the gray family who has brief remarks to make. then i'll make brief remarks and then we'll take a handful of questions. >> my name is richard. i'm one of freddie's two fathers. we are satisfied with today's charges. these charges are an important step in getting justice for freddie. and we ask that whoever comes through our city, a city that we love, a city that we live in, come in peace. and if you are not coming in peace, please don't come at all. because this city needs to get back to work. the last thing that freddie would want is to see the hard working people of baltimore lose their jobs and businesses because of his death.
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you all know that would totally defeat the purpose of what we are trying to work towards. remember without justice there's no peace. but let us have peace in the pursuit of justice. thank you. >> today is a momentous step to the road to justice for freddie. in losing freddie the gray family has been put through real hell. one can only imagine the tremendous pain and suffering that this family has endured. for the parents' loss of the son and the sister's loss of a
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brother, freddie was taken too early and too horrifically. and the worst of the gray's family days in the history of this family have been the last three weeks. today has given the gray family a measure of hope. we thank the state's attorney and her team for their unprecedented courage and their measured and professional response to this crisis. they have our gratitude in their pursuit of justice. however, we must be mindful that this is a first step, not the last. but while the state's attorney's office continues to do its work, the community, this community, and other communities like it all over the country have much work to
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do of their own. the overwhelming number of people who have protested over these many days did not know freddie personally, but they and the people of philadelphia, new york, cincinnati, and numerous other cities, numerous other towns and numerous rural areas are expressing their outrage that there are too many freddie grays. and if freddie gray is not to die in vain, we must seize this opportunity to reform police departments throughout this country so that there are no more days and times like this. it is now time for every city including our own to make all citizens of this country treated with human dignity unaffected by color, religion,
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gender, income or of the other irrelevant differences that wrongly exclude them from the human family. let us make this the overarching meaning of justice for freddie. freddie's family is gratified that the ministers, elected officials and others have stepped into the streets to counsel peace, but the family is especially gratified that the young people of america are showing us the way. they are firm, strong and bound together in a mission for change. our young people have friends, classmates, relatives, spouses and co-workers from all races, all colors, all sexual orientations, all religions and all incomes.
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who have enabled them to see with unmistakable and unprecedented clarity that we are all members of one race, the human race. with every ounce of their being they express this universal desire for one country, one people. and they will fight peacefully until that goal is realized. but with all these unprecedented experiences comes enormous responsibility because most of us have never been in a place like this before. our young people must show us the way thoughtfully, creatively and peacefully as two of the greatest leaders in
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recent history gandhi, martin luther king and nelson mandela have taught us, the only lasting response to evil is love. freddie gray's family thanks you for the love you have shown them. now let us all show them the fruit of that love, real and lasting progress. the lasting changes we make will be freddie's legacy and the changes we make in baltimore can set the example for this nation. we can start with body cameras. we can continue with enforcible regulations for the on switch never to be turned to the off switch inappropriately. we shall demand better hiring,
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better training, better oversight and a new culture of policing. yes, a new culture of policing where good policing is rewarded and bad policing is punished. where bad policemen fear committing this conduct because good policemen no longer fear preventing it, correcting it, reporting it or prosecuting it. the blue wall of silence which makes policemen wrongfully conspire to conceal evil must come down. in the days ahead we will be inviting police experts, community officers and others who
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have seriously studied what must be done to join us in what we hope will be a new baltimore to create and implement these reforms so that they will be a model for the nation. we must seize this moment. only this kind of lasting progress, a truly lasting progress, a permanent lasting progress, can assure freddie gray's family and the rest of us that freddie's death was not in vain. let us pray for freddie's family and let us pray that god will guide us to do his will or her will in the pursuit of justice so that this country will surely be and truly be a
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place where everyone regardless of their color or whatever difference may be superficially apparent can get liberty and justice for all. >> you've been listening to a press conference with the attorney for the freddie gray family as well as richard, a representative for the family. today he said that the family was satisfied with today's charges. he also said that without peace there's no justice, so they ask that whoever comes to the city come in peace. they made a plea if you are not coming to the city in peace, do not come at all, quite a contrast from what we heard earlier today from the fraternal order of police who believe this was an egregious rush to judgment and also believe these officers did nothing wrong. >> and the attorney talked about hoping this helps to turn a corner, that there's new policing, that good policing is rewarded and bad policing is
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punished. let's go back to scott broom who has been in baltimore all day long. why don't you tell us more about the reactions to today's charges. >> reporter: sure. i think as you look to billy murphy speaking there, he really views there as perhaps a moment in history, a point to turn the corner in national history in terms of dealing with perceived or, in fact, police misjustice around the country and one of the key players in all of this today has been the state's attorney here, the youngest state's attorney of any major american city. her name is marilyn mosby and today there is no doubt the mood has changed here as a result of the charges she brought. >> the manner of death deemed a homicide by the maryland state medical examiner. >> reporter: baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby saying the arrest of freddie gray was illegal and his death was a
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homicide. >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the reaction here instantaneous and they spread quickly across the city. >> stop killing our people! >> reporter: celebration, relief but caution from leaders like congressman elijah cummings. >> i want to caution everybody this is the beginning of a process. >> there's a lot of mixed emotions. >> as no crime has been committed by mr. gray. >> reporter: the charges filed against the six officers were sweeping from second degree murder and manslaughter to misconduct in office. mosby described how gray cried out for medics but was repeatedly refused treatment at every step of his 40 minute journey in a police transport wagon. she described how in handcuffs and shackled gray was loaded head first on his stomach into the wagon, not belted in in violation of policy so that his body could slide uncontrolled on the floor head first into the steel walls of the vehicle.
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>> despite mr. gray's appeal for a medic, both officers assessed mr. gray's condition and at no point did either of them restrain mr. gray per general order, nor did they render or request medical assistance. >> reporter: medics weren't called until a final stop at a police station. baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. >> i was sickened and heartbroken by the statement of charges that we heard today because no one in our city is above the law. >> reporter: blake called for reform in the police department. on the streets here cautious optimism, but also tension over how far to go with protests. mosby ended with this. >> to the people of baltimore and demonstrators across america, i heard your call for no justice no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. >> reporter: marilyn mosby
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there echoing the same words we just heard billy murphy, the family attorney say earlier. the mayor reported to us in her press conference that five of the six officers charged are in custody under arrest and being processed and a key point of the events today and a key point of these charges was that marilyn mosby found that freddie gray was arrested illegally in her opinion. she said that the police officers found a knife on him. it was not a switch blade. it was not an illegal blade of any kind. it was simply a folding knife that you fit in your pocket that a lot of people carry perfectly legally and so because of that, because this arrest was deemed illegal, every police action that happened after that was also illegal and i note here that a couple officers were charged with false imprisonment. reporting live in baltimore city hall scott broom, wusa9. >> yes, scott, thank you. there is a long list of the
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charges that these baltimore police officers are facing. >> the driver of the van that was transporting gray has the most to lose at there point. among other things officer caesar goodson, jr. is facing charges of depraved heart murder and involuntary manslaughter. we'll get to that charge a little later and explain. officer garrett miller is charged with second degree assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. his fellow officer edward niro is charged with second degree assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. >> lawyers for officer william porter will defend him against involuntary manslaughter charges, second degree assault and misconduct in office. lieutenant brian rice is facing a slew of charges including involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment and finally that sixth and final officer, sergeant alicia white is accused of involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault and charges of misconduct in office. just moments ago we heard from
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the head of baltimore's fraternal order of police and from an attorney who represents the organization and lieutenant rice specifically. >> that's right. they maintain the six officers charged in the case did nothing wrong to freddie gray and accuse the prosecutor of what they call a rush to judgment. >> we're disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment given the fact the investigation into this matter has not been concluded. our officers, like every other american citizen, are entitled to due process and 16 years as an attorney i have never seen such a hurried rush to file criminal chargesically believe are driven by forces which are separate and apart from the application of law and the facts of this case as we know them. >> the union says the evidence will show freddie gray's injuries were not the result of any actions or inactions of the six police officers charged in the case. >> the state's attorney's announcement of charges today
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hit freddie gray's neighborhood like a thunder clap and all day long crowds have rallied in the streets and honked their horns in celebration. >> bruce leshan is live in west baltimore with reaction from the streets. >> reporter: i'll tell you what the reaction is. they are still out here dancing, chanting. cars are going by. people are honking. there's a sense here that things have really changed, that the world has shifted just a little bit and that this time a jury of their peers will decide if these officers are responsible for the death of freddie gray. >> we want justice! we want justice! >> reporter: after all the controversial deaths of young african american men at the hands of police officers around the country, there is a feeling on this corner that this time there is justice coming. >> i love every moment of it.
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it's actually going to bring us closer together, but at the same time we got justice for the city. we're representing the whole united states by this happening and hopefully this carries on to other cities and states where law enforcement cannot take out their frustration on citizens of the street. >> reporter: the debt of freddie gray has -- death of freddie gray has made for strange allies. crips and bloods and black guerrilla family gang members all walking arm in arm. >> we did not plan that. you have to fall in. >> when i see these young men, i was freddie gray. i was one of the young men involved. people can look at me and who was crazy ted but now i'm dr. ted. now this brother is my brother. he's not a thug. >> reporter: but on the streets where freddie gray grew up, streets where as many as 1/3 of the homes are abandoned and boarded up, there is also sadness mixed with the celebration. >> we need the police.
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i'm not saying we don't need them, but there's some boundaries that they're going beyond. >> reporter: some of the neighborhoods around here have been horrified this week of protests and disturbances. the cvs right here is burned down, a small neighborhood pharmacy down the way looted repeatedly. the folks who got their medications there are going to have a hard time getting their medications now back and so we're going to talk about that coming up at 6:00. reporting live in baltimore bruce leshan, wusa9. right now we want to send things over to blaine alexander. >> she's live at baltimore city hall where freddie gray supporters just wrapped up a rally there. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, that rally is just wrapping up a few steps from where i'm standing behind me at war memorial plaza. it started at the state attorney's office building.
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just to give you a sense how things have changed, how the mood has shifted in the streets of downtown baltimore since what many are calling that bombshell announcement earlier today, initially this rally was billed as a rally for justice, something pushing for the state's attorney to do what they're calling make the right choice. when we got here today, they were calling it a rally to applaud her decision. you can see that rally has changed. we'll look at video shot in the past hour and a half. it start the at the state's attorney's office and the crowd of several hundred people wove through the streets of downtown baltimore, took a loop and ended in front of city hall. i talked with one person and asked her how have her feelings changed from this time yesterday to how she's feeling right now. here's what she had to say. >> yesterday i was very sad. i wasn't hopeful. completely different from
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today. i just wasn't hopeful. i didn't think we were going to get justice. >> reporter: as we're standing here, i have to point out one other thing we observed as we walked along with the protesters. you saw a lot of law enforcement kind of lined up. there was always a street in between, so a group of protesters on this side and law enforcement on the other side, never any sort of clashes or conflict between the two. you got a sense the officers were watching the protesters to make sure they got their expressions out safely and didn't cause trouble, but again all we've seen are peaceful rallies and marches on the streets of downtown baltimore. >> president obama spoke shortly after gray's death was ruled a homicide and the president said that it is vital that the truth comes out about what happened to gray. mr. obama said justice needs to be served and all the evidence needs to be presented. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00.
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we've got plenty more reaction coming out of baltimore. top? >> here's the futurecast for 10:00 tonight. maybe you're having a first cookout, 50s, a couple sprinkles possible. we'll come back, take you through the weekend and look ahead at what may usually brings for us on a climate basis. >> the watergate hotel injuring one person, the latest details coming up in a live report.
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we want to take you back out to baltimore where people are gathered in west baltimore. this is near the neighborhood where freddie gray lost his life. the mood there has been celebratory and calm in the wake of the announcement of charges against the six officers involved in the freddie gray case. new information on that parking garage collapse at the watergate hotel. ellison barber joins us now. mayor bowser just wrapped up her news conference. >> reporter: mayor bowser said they had sent four dogs into part of the parking deck that
5:26 pm
has actually collapsed. three were rescue dogs. they didn't find anything in the rubble to suggest any human activity, but one of the dogs was a cadaver dog and that dog picked up on something. >> a cadaver dog was also sent into the scene and that dog made a possible hit on one of the three levels. >> reporter: so no one has actually been reported missing. this is not a confirmed fatality. all they're basing this on is what that dog found. firefighters have not been able to go all the way inside the collapsed area. they're working to shore it up now. earlier we spoke to some of the people that were inside when that parking garage collapsed. countless construction workers were inside just doing their jobs when they heard an abnormal noise. >> 20 seconds later you see the rumbling and pipe bursting and then the concrete collapsing. >> i heard a little noise, but i didn't know what kind of explosion it was, but there was
5:27 pm
smoke -- not smoke, more like a dust was coming out of the garage part. >> reporter: three floors of a parking garage collapsed. these photos were taken from inside the building and show some of the destruction. officials are still investigating what led to the collapse, but witnessed said it seemed to be some kind of water break. >> apparently there was a pipe burst that fell down. >> reporter: there wasn't any fire. >> there was no smoke and there was no smell. it was just the dust afterward. >> reporter: at least one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but all the construction workers played it out safely. >> at this point construction workers have been accounted for. >> reporter: firefighters say they don't know when they'll actually have the area secured. one person we spoke to said it may take until tomorrow for it all to be shored up so they get inside, but most of the roads closed in this area earlier today have opened back up. you can still see there are fire trucks here and we expect them to be here a little while longer. live from northwest washington i'm ellison barber, wusa9. we'll go back and talk
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about the day's events in baltimore now and face the nation host bob schieffer is joining us. >> hey, bob. what's your take on the charges against the six officers? >> well, i think this has calmed the situation for a little bit. we'll see where it goes from here, but sunday we're going to keep the focus exactly where you've had it most of the day and that is on baltimore. we'll talk to the president of the naacp cornell william brooks. we're also going to talk to congressman paul ryan which is chairman of the powerful ways and means committee. he has some ideas about how we can do some work on easing the poverty that is in so many of these areas around the country. he has a pretty unusual take on all this and some very interesting ideas, but i've got to tell you both, jan and lesli, this story is not just about baltimore. this is a much bigger story. it is about the racial divide
5:29 pm
that is still existing in this country and this is beyond the police versus african american reallies. this is something that involve -- males. this is something that involves all of us and a lot that has to be done by people of goodwill on both sides. i think that is probably the lesson coming out of baltimore, but this is a story that is much bigger than just baltimore itself at least in my opinion. >> you got that right, bob. we'll be watching you sunday to get the take 6 you and your guests. >> thank you -- take of you and your guests. >> thank you. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> the first day in play not exactly chamber of commerce weather but not a washout, first weekend in may looks pretty good. down to 61 degrees, winds still east, southeast at 6 keeping that marine layer in and keeping us cool. let's talk about may. we start out with an average
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high of 72 and 51 and close the month with average highs in the low 80s and low 60s. it's almost perfect. average precipitation a little over 3 3/4 at national and over 4 inches at dulles. in terms of the highest and lowest temperatures recorded, 99 and 33. isolated showers early tonight primarily west of town. great weekend for flowers. we've got flower mart at national cathedral through tomorrow and the azalea festival through sunday. both events are free and benefit a great cause and lots of food, lot of stuff to do with the family, too and the weather will cooperate. 10:00 tonight we're looking at 50s, a couple sprinkles here and there. by morning a few clouds, mostly cloudy right around i-95 and skies begin to clear out again. temps in the 60s. by 10:00 we're in the mid-60s
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downtown. by 5:00 everybody is in at least the low 70s, make 73 d.c., maybe 75 in fredericksburg. by tomorrow night maybe it's your first cookout of the season, still 70 downtown, 60s north and west and a sprinkle here and there would not cancel your cookout for that. keep your outdoor plans. partial clearing and cool tonight, isolated shower, mid- 40s to mid-50s. day planner, sprinkle possible at 7:00, 9:00 in good shape, sunshine, 67 at 11:00 and 71 with sunshine at 1:00. sunday even warmer, 80, slight chance of a sprinkle and monday warm, too low 80s. next seven days nats in town monday, tuesday, wednesday, low 80s and we're looking at some showers thursday, nats still in town friday, a chance of a shower
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. we're back with more pictures from baltimore. this is the west baltimore neighborhood where freddie gray lived and it's been a peaceful day. it's been a celebratory day on the heels of the news that six officers involved in the freddie gray case have been charged with his death. >> scott broom has been following the developments throughout the day and joins us now near baltimore's city hall. scott? >> reporter: well, let's talk about what's next both in the near term and in the long term
5:35 pm
and potentially a year from now. first of all going into the weekend baltimore still does remain under the state of emergency. that means curfew is in place, continues to be in place starting at 10:00 tonight and that means that the national guard is still deployed on the streets of baltimore. the governor has told us that he wants us to continue through the weekend until we're past the crisis time and, of course, there are very large protests better described now as demonstrations that are both planned for tomorrow and for sunday and some of those demonstrations have already started. let's talk about what's next legally because we've been cautioned again and again, but this is the first step in a long process. this is not going to be a simple or easy prosecution in baltimore. you have six police officers. many have given statements already and nose statements were one of the reasons individual officers were charged.
5:36 pm
that means that as these trials unfold, whether the first question is they'll all be tried a once or separately. will some officers have to testify against other officers? will there be plea bargains to secure testimony of officers against maybe some of the others that are viewed more as key players? this is not going to be a simple process and it's going to take a long time to unfold and, of course, after we get through this moment of emotion and this weekend presumably and hopefully it will all be peaceful and the city will calm down, we get to another critical point which is going to be a trial and what will the verdict be and in the moments leading up to that trial whenever that comes and it will be a long time from now it will be again a ramp-up of tensions and on verdict day whatever reactions occur here in the city. so that's why we've been cautioned repeatedly that this is just the first step in a process, but it is a step that
5:37 pm
many people involved with it believe is a historic moment, not just for baltimore but potentially cities across the country in terms of reforming the way police departments train and do business every day in cities just like baltimore and washington d.c. >> scott, thank you. again, everybody calling for peace this weekend and that is certainly the hopeful today's news brought together some rather unlikely gang rivals. listen in. >> bloods, crips, we came from one movement as a black passion and we should be in the first place. >> there's going to be peace. we got some answers now. all that moving, now there's going to be some peace. >> from now on, man, bloods, crips, plan, we control our own neighborhoods. >> that's right. >> we don't need the police.
5:38 pm
that's our job from the beginning. >> residents had plenty to say as well. >> i definitely think that the announcement this morning will help calm some of the angst people are feeling. i don't think that it keeps people from coming to the streets and demonstrating because this is indicative of situations like this this is occurring all around the country. unfortunately for mr. gray and his family and i want to apologize to them, you know, for what has occurred to him, but he has become the symbol of what is happening in communities throughout this nation. >> there's a lot of mixed emotions. sometimes i feel good. sometimes i feel bad. you know, it's just i really want a lot of this to be oh, justice to be served and -- over, justice to be served and stuff like that. a lot of this going on, it's too much. i got small kids, so i think a lot about them, you know. >> reporter: you used the words embarrassment and disgust. what do you mean by that? >> because we are being looked at and depicted in different ways. all of us didn't do certain
5:39 pm
thing. we didn't tear our city up. i'm angry, too, but i just didn't react the same way everybody else did. >> but we know the effort is on to make sure what happens from here represents one baltimore and we still have much more to come from that
5:40 pm
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the man who got a thrill out of throwing bottle bombs in movie theaters last spring has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. >> 21-year-old manuel joyner bell is facing even more jail time. >> reporter: joyner bell's sister and mother wept in the courtroom as the judge handed down six years for each of the three jurisdictions where bottle bombs were thrown in prince george's county, anne arundel and montgomery counties. he still faces charges in virginia. >> isth case terrorized people who came to movie theaters with their families to enjoy a blue very. the defendant in this case got joy -- movie. the defendant in this case got joy out of terrorizing people and we think 18 years sends a sufficient message these acts
5:43 pm
will not be tolerated in the community. >> people came out running and screaming. >> reporter: moviegoers ran out of the theater thinking they were hearing bullets. the 21-year-old picked popular movies on opening nights across theaters in maryland and virginia last spring and summer. he used bottles filled with acid and aluminum and placed those in the packed theaters. he said he saw more fear at tyson and alexandria theaters than at silver spring, largo and anne arundel mills mall. the defense attorney said no one was seriously injured and he never intended to hurt anyone. he reiterated that today in court as he did when his client pleaded guilty in december. >> this is more akin to the prank you might see where you see a kid sticking an m-80 in a mailbox or cherry bomb in a toilet at his school. >> we don't want to wait for a catastrophic event to occur before we hold them accountable. >> reporter: he faces charges in incidents in tysons corner
5:44 pm
and alexandria. in upper marlboro, surae chinn, wusa9. >> joyner bell has already spent nearly a year in jail. co-defendant michael hollingsworth who drove bell to each theater will be sentenced in june. topper will be back after the break with a look at your all important weekend forecast. >> coming up in our weekly high school feature see how one local lacrosse team is learning the value of service to
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we want to give you another live look of the streets of baltimore where protests have been peaceful today. we do have crews all over charm city bringing you the latest developments on the day that the baltimore city state's attorney marilyn mosby decided to charge six officers in the death of freddie gray. d.c. police are looking for clues to the murder of a man in columbia heights. 21-year-old greg mcbride was found shot to death on harbor street. his mother came home to a sea of red lights last night and discovered it was her son shot just steps from their front door. mcbride had been out of jail on an armed robbery charge about a year and his an unsays her
5:48 pm
nephew was turning his -- his aunt says her nephew was turning his life around. >> he was a great guy. he trusted everywhere. he trusted all the people here in the neighborhood and they all knew the family, so i really don't know exactly what happened. >> mcbride was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. no word yet on a motive or even a suspect in the case. right now a former aide to chris christie pleaded guilty to charges in so-called gingrichgate and two other officials were also indicted. two -- bridge gate and two other officials were also indicted. in court today he admitted to the traffic problems. separate indictments against two other officials. today christie's office released a statement saying today's indictments confirmed previous statements that the
5:49 pm
governor did not know about the scheme. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, gorgeous evening in term of the lack of rainfall. we could have had a little more sun today. temperatures are cool, light jacket not a bad idea, 61, winds still east, southeast at 6. isolated showers early tonight primarily along i-81, winchester, luray with the best chance of a shower. a great weekend for flowers. there's the flower mart on the grounds of the national cathedral and the azalea festival running through sunday which benefits the scholarship fund. check out both events. they're great events and family oriented. 10 p.m. a couple sprinkles, 50s across the board. in the morning a few clouds. don't worry about that. it will give way to sunshine, temps in the 40s to 50s and by
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10:00 we're back in the 60s with sunshine returning. so maybe a sprinkle at 7:00, 54 and then sun returning, 67 by 11:00 and 71 with sunshine by 1:00, warmer sunday, 80. a slight chance of a sprinkle, 81 on monday. nats come back into town monday, tuesday, wednesday, skip a day, here on friday. temperatures in low 80s right on through next week. good time to see the second annual funk parade in the u street neighborhood. this is video from last year's event. it is a day long street party that starts at noon and the parade begins around 5 p.m. in the 600 block of t street, but be warned. there will be lots of street closures in the area. as we get ready to hand things off to dave owens in sports, you got to love this picture of jameis winston celebrating after being picked
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by the tampa bay buccaneers. he's eating a whole mess of crab legs. you might remember winston was caught walking out of a supermarket with crab legs. he says they were promised to him by an employee. the supermarket public's denies that. >> who is photo bombing the picture in the background? >> that young lady has that face like don't do it. please don't do it. >> and he did it. >> and the team not happy with him either. they made him take it down. makes you wonder about his maturity. >> he's a young one. >> we don't need another johnny football. >> tampa certainly hopes so. on to some better stuff, this week's high school profile dealing with teaching athletes values off the field and one local high school driving that message home in a pretty cool and particular way. diane roberts with the northwest part of the city and a story about special delivery.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: gonzaga lacrosse players bustled through the halls wednesday on a mission, prep and pack 250 care packages full of comforts from home to the soldiers in afghanistan. >> it's so nice to see how much people care and want to do good. that's part of the jesuit mission and the catholic faith. >> reporter: players brought in supplies from home to pack up for military machine and women, items -- men and women, items ranging from toiletries and dvds. in eight years in working with different units overseas, the eagles have received letters, certificates of appreciation, coins and flags. >> we've had two flags flown for us, one over iraq for nine minutes and 11 seconds. >> reporter: the service day didn't end there. >> just showing up for tour is very easy. >> reporter: later in the day seniors went to children's national medical have to spend
5:53 pm
time with oncology -- medical have to spend time with oncology patients. >> service to others and treating others well is one of the most important things you can do. >> it's really not too hard. >> reporter: the coach says the entire day of service is part of teaching the good human spirit and the players seem to get the message. >> and as a former military guy, i can tell you getting those care packages overseas means a lot and i think eight years of working with the different units they've sent about 2,000 boxes to troops. that stuff works. >> what's your favorite thing when you were overseas? what's the one thing you really want? >> candy. >> chocolate? >> chocolate doesn't play very easy, hard candy. back when i was in the military it had to come from snail mail. so the big helicopter would come in and people are like oh, i'm getting a letter from loved ones, always good stuff. candy.
5:54 pm
coming up we've got stop other sweet stuff in the 6:20 sportscast. some people say the real nfl draft begins tonight. the first round is for tv. the second and third round is where you win your championships. skins and ravens on the clock in a few hours. >> reporter: the growing search for whiskey has sparked a rise in small
5:55 pm
[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel
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on your terms. acela. take off. pay for padding and installation. 877-241-luna. the celebrations, the
5:57 pm
dancing, the honking, the picture taking, all of it continues in parts of baltimore today as people there appear to be pleased with the state's attorney's announcement today that six police officers in baltimore will be charged in the death of freddie gray. bourbon sales are booming and the demand for rye is skyrocketing. >> it's no wonder more distilleries are popping up and cashing in. >> reporter: derek slesselman has his own recipe for good strong whiskey, but he says the proof is in your mouth. >> very smooth. >> we're making whiskey like they made it before prohibition. >> reporter: he opened the van front still house in brooklyn in 2012. >> we're growing fast and trying to keep up with demand. >> reporter: in 2014 there were more than 1,800 active distilleries in the u.s. that's more than double the amount from five years before. part of that boost is being
5:58 pm
fueled by small distilleries like his which makes a single malt, bourbon and american whiskey. lisa hawkins of the distilled spirits council says the u.s. is experiencing a global whiskey renaissance as sales of the spirit continue to climb. >> one key reason for that is the renewed interest in the cocktail culture. cocktails are back in the united states. they're exciting and fun and the small craft distillers are playing into that trend. >> reporter: van front still house is set to double its whiskey production this year and pump out 1,500 gallons of hooch. >> i think sky is the limit. >> reporter: marley hall, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> there are more than 4,000 brands of distilled spirits in the marketplace. four of them are local. more are in the works. the findings of our investigation that mr. gray's death was a homicide, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> these charges are an important step in getting
5:59 pm
justice for freddie and we ask that whoever comes to our city come in peace. >> our officers are entitled to due process. we will continue to support them throughout this judicial process which we believe will result in a finding of innocence. >> today six baltimore cops who arrested freddie gray have been charged in his death. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. marilyn mosby announced the charges today against the six officers involved in freddie gray's fatal arrest and declared his death a homicide and arrest illegal. late today fop president gene ryan responded to the charges facing the officers. scott broom is live at the war memorial has where reaction to all this is still unfolding -- plaza where reaction to all this is still unfolding. >> reporter: look behind me. right now this is a spontaneous eruption, appears to be a lot of folks from a custom car
6:00 pm
club. they are going past city hall here and the war memorial plaza beeping their horns, a large crowd gathering on the sideline to watch this spontaneous parade, people with cell phones out. this is another example of the mood in baltimore right now. it is a celebration that is on, but as we have been cautioned throughout the day, it is going to be a long way ahead to get through both the charges of these officers and the trials. this is occurring after the state's attorney here marilyn mosby filed charges today against six police officers. >> the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges.


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