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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  May 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. we begin with garrett hays from baltimore. what's the mood out there right now, garrett? >> reporter: well, bruce, when the protesters left here about 45 minutes ago, they were both peaceful and positive, as they hit the road. we heard a lot of praise for the state's attorney for choosing to charge those six police officers yesterday. but we also heard both from the
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podium and from people in the crowd that they know there is a lot of work still to be done in this city. demonstrators poured into the park in front of baltimore city hall today, bearing signs, chanting slogans, even dancing. today s demonstration felt distinctly different from those we've seen over the last two weeks. justice for freddie gray was no longer just a chant, but a work in progress. >> when we heard those charges announced yesterday, it felt like such a victory. from going from no charges at all to hearing that list of charges yesterday felt really good. >> i will seek justice on your behalf. >> reporter: prosecutor marilyn mosby's friday announcement of charges against all six officers involved in gray's arrest seemed to give hope to demonstrators who had been preparing for disappointment and turned the young prosecutor into something of a folk hero. >> we want to thank and uplift
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a black woman who truly showed, no matter how divided city hall is, that she's got the citizens of baltimore's back. we want to thank states attorney marilyn mosby! [ cheers & applause ] >> for bringing charges to six murders. >> reporter: in the crowd, optimism was tempered with the reality that convictions could be hard to come by. >> i mean, they got charged, but that's not the end. you know, think just because they got charged doesn't mean they are guilty. >> my reaction was it was a great step. that's the step that we need. for us to really see justice, we need to see a conviction. >> reporter: one other topic we heard a lot about out here today was the curfew tonight, entering its fifth night and its first full weekend night. people here today said they are ready to see the curfew lifted and for the national guard to go home. >> garrett, thanks for that.
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some marchers hit the streets earlier this morning. more than 200 young people took to the streets at ground zero in west baltimore to make their voices heard. >> john henry joins us from pennsylvania and north, at the site of the cvs that burned down. that march brought that intersection to a standstill. >> reporter: that's correct. it was shut down for about 20 minutes. it was a lot like what you're seeing right now behind me. protesters got here about 15 minutes ago. they have once again closed down this intersection. but that protest would happen earlier this morning. it was smaller, but certainly highlighted the younger baltimore residents who have kicked off this massive movement for change. baltimore is a city finding itself. >> are you ready to march for peace? >> reporter: but it's clear the baltimore we see today is not the baltimore for tomorrow. >> the youth of baltimore stood up and showed the world that we
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will demand change. >> reporter: in the weeks following freddie gray's death, young people in baltimore have worked to change policing and politics, and protest has been their main tool. this crowd marched from the gilmore homes in west baltimore to city hall saturday, asserting their goal would be achieved. >> freddie gray brought together all classes, all creeds. >> no races! >> reporter: college stay tuned julia made the trip up from dc for the march. she pointed to the country's past as proof the change young people can bring about. >> college students have always been sort of the heart of protest movements. >> i was born and raised in baltimore. >> reporter: 60-year-old jodyy schmitz said he was happy he could see it with his own eyes. >> i was 14 years old when the riots happened in 1968. i remember looking on the news and wishing i could have been a part of it then. >> reporter: recent developments out of the state's attorneys office have given hope as well. in the end, they still feel for
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any change to happen in baltimore, young people must be committed to fighting for it first. >> the next generation is now. i'm a part of that now generation. >> reporter: now, you can see atop of us right now, our helicopter shot here of the intersection of pennsylvania and north and what it looks like. there are a lot of people here right now. but we haven't seen any real issues or any arrests, just like with that protest we were telling you about this morning. that was also peaceful. john henry, wusa 9. >> thank you, john. the officers charged in freddie gray's death ranged from a lieutenant with a history of mental health issues to a young officer the same age as gray who grew up in a struggling baltimore neighborhood. >> scott broom is looking into the backgrounds of all the officers now charged. scott, what have you learned for us tonight? >> reporter: well, you've got officers here, african american officers, white officers, men, a woman, veterans, also have
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some relatively inexperienced officers. this is a group of officers that's just a cross section of the baltimore city police department and the region. they range in age from 25 to 45 and come from both the city of baltimore and its surrounding counties. the most serious charges filed against 45-year-old caesar goodson, the driver of the police transport wagon, where freddie gray was loaded head- first, hog tied on his belly, unsecured, so his body could slide uncontrolled forward into the steel walls. goodson, accused of failing at five chances to secure gray and ignoring his pleas for a medic. one reluctant neighborhood called goodson good people. he spent a lot of time with his family and children, fixing cars as a sideline. his grandfather was a police officer. 41-year-old lieutenant brian rice is the highest ranking officer in the freddie gray case. rice once rescued a toddler from a burning home, but in 2012, authorities in carroll county, maryland seized his guns and took him to a hospital
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for an evaluation after a girlfriend reported he made disturbing statements. by contrast, william porter at age 25 was the least experienced officer, charged after checking gray in the wagon and failing to call for a medic. porter grew up and lived in a troubled baltimore neighborhood, but was known as a straight arrow, a neighbor stunned by the charges. >> i don't know a lot about his involvement, but sounded like he may have been kind of caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. he seemed like a really nice guy. i don't know. it's really unfortunate, what happened. >> reporter: police officer garrett miller, who lives north of baltimore near the pennsylvania border, is 26. he was one of the bicycle officers that arrested gray. it was miller who filled out the paperwork for the arrest that prosecutors say was illegal. miller claiming gray was carrying a switchblade. prosecutors say the knife was a perfectly legal folding blade and there was no probable cause for gray's arrest in the first place. >> no crime had been committed by mr. gray. >> reporter: edward near row, age 29, was the other bicycle
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officer, new jersey native and former volunteer firefighter there. the resident of bel air held gray down while waiting for the transport van. sergeant alicia white had just been promoted to her rank and was investigating two citizen complaints about gray's arrest when she is accused of seeing gray unresponsive in the van at one stop and doing nothing about it. all of the officers have already posted bails of between 250 and $350,000, all of them free on those bails, awaiting their upcoming court dates. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, thanks. all of this, of course, started with the arrest of freddie gray. now that infamous cell phone video of him being dragged into a police van. blaine alexander is standing by live. she talked to the men who saw this start rolling in the first place. blaine? >> reporter: it was right here in this area that freddie gray was arrested.
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you can see the balloons marking the spot. in the past few weeks, we have seen the video on tv stations around the country, hundreds and hundreds of times. that is because of a man named kevin moore who whipped out a cell phone, a smartphone similar to this one and hit record. now, i caught up with kevin moore earlier this afternoon. he told me that he and freddie gray were friends and he says on that day, he actually heard the commotion outside and came outside to see what was going on. i asked him what it was that caught him to pull out his smartphone and start rolling. here's what he told me. >> this is before i knew it was freddie. they had him pinned down and i heard the screams and the screams were something like, something out of a horror movie. you know what i mean? i was, like, wow, that is a genuine scream. somebody is in pain. you know what i mean? i know if i was in that situation and that i was in that predicament, that i would want somebody to do the same for me. >> reporter: now, back here live, you can see right here an
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artwork has popped up on the side of the building, a tribute to freddie gray. near this area we saw a neighborhood group just wrapping up serving lunches to people who live here in this community. again, when i spoke with kevin moore this afternoon, he told me that he never believed, he never imagined that video that he shot would spark all of this that we've seen going on in baltimore over the past week. we've got more of that interview with him coming up tonight at 11:00. back to you. also tonight at 11:00, we're live in baltimore to learn if the curfew is holding up through the weekend. we're also looking at the impact the weekend curfew is having on people who work in the bar and restaurant industry in baltimore. looking to beef up the offensive line for the burgandy & gold, while fans are having a blast at the draft party. we'll take you there next. >> and of course we are keeping an eye on baltimore. taking a live look now
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it's a great time to be a dc sports fan. now it's football's turn. >> dozens of fans came out to support the organization's new draft picks. stephanie ramirez tells us what fans had to say about the picks. >> reporter: the only part of the puzzle missing last week was the redskins, but with the new picks, even the youngest fans say they will be right back in it. >> i like catching the ball. >> reporter: a future pro, but does this young fan have any advice for the team this season? >> no. >> no advice? >> no. >> reporter: let's say that's because he's confident of the
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team this year. that's what all the adults tell us, at least. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: the crowd roaring with excitement, as rap artist voila helped announce the draft pick on saturday. why so excited? >> i think our first pick was right on the money. we need linemen. >> he should provide a lot of good strong beef on the offensive line. >> if we can get a line to block, i don't care who the quarterback is. >> our second pick? watched a little bit of mississippi state this year and he's nasty, too. >> nasty? >> nasty. that's it. that's what we need to be. >> reporter: from the older fans, to the younger ones-- >> i'm a huge fan. i'm tired of having my redskins being dis'ed everywhere i go. i want the redskins to be at least third in the division this year. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> we agree with him. we're tired of losing!
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more specifics on the new draft picks. dave owens has the details coming up in sports. plus, he caught up with rg-iii out there signing autographs. dave will have all of that, coming up next. and oh, baby! there's a new member of the royal family tonight. the duke and duchess of cambridge, of course we know them as prince william and kate, proud parents of a new baby princess, the new royal fourth in line to the throne, fifth great grandchild of the queen. nope, no name yet. just ahead, sunny skies today, but a chance of showers sunday? howard has the full forecast, next. >> got an aerial view of the beautiful rally and peaceful
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. this is how you bring the first weekend of may in. >> yes, yes. 78 was the high. >> beautiful! thank you! >> you're welcome. >> why are you thanking him?
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>> tomorrow, low 80s-- >> he predicts it. he's not responsible for the weather. >> it's howard. it will make him happy, you know. [ laughter ] >> let's see what's happening. it's a lovely evening out there. beautiful sunshine right now and a temperature still, 74 degrees. just a couple of fair weather clouds. what a great evening it's going to be to just go outside, have some dinner on the back porch, go out tonight. we're in for a beautiful night. temperatures across the region are mainly in the low 70s now. we've fallen into the 60s in gait gaithersburg. weather headlines, finally feeling like spring. i'm talking 80-degree temperatures for most of the seven-day forecast the way it looks now. that's going to be pretty nice here. isolated shower west tomorrow. there's the shower chance, but i wouldn't cancel anything at all on sunday or monday. by tuesday, isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. so the forecast really looks good. for tonight, it's going to be comfortable, clear, cool. open the windows. upper 40s in the cold spots by
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sunday morning to the upper 50s at reagan national. again, a real nice night. tomorrow morning, sunny, comfortable. from the upper 40s in the cool spots to 60s, maybe a few 70s by lunchtime. then in the afternoon, 77 to 82, a gorgeous day. just an isolated shower west. i'm thinking the best chances will be west of the blue ridge, along and west of the blue ridge, potentially even the mountains, west of 81 have the best chance to see showers on sunday. our three-day forecast, monday, if you can make it an extended weekend, do it. 83. looks nice. tuesday, an isolated afternoon storm, 84. so don't forget the sunscreen. sun's getting warmer and warmer this time of year. as we head toward the second half of the week, more of an onshore flow. we'll cool it off a bit. thursday, nice at 80. nats are back in town on friday. next saturday, afternoon storm, isolated chance, in the 80s. nats at home next saturday. what a great start to may.
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at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. . barry trotz told reporters he expected the series to go to seven games. you get the feeling we're about to go the distance. tight playoff hockey, two good goalies. caps-rangers, it's got seven games written all over this thing. let's get to game 2. if you twento get popcorn before this game started, you missed this. 38 seconds in, chris kreider on the rebound puts the puck away
6:25 pm
and the caps are already down. now trailing 2-0. the other russian rocket cuts it in half to make it 2-1. rangers up 3-1. i think this guy is human. that's the rumor. but i'm not sure. >> awesome! >> a play like that is incredible. so it's 3-2. caps score the game-winner thursday with 1.3 seconds left. no such good fortune today. rangers holding on to take game 2, 3-2. >> any time you dig yourself a 2-0 hole, it's hard to come back. >> we knew the rangers were going to come with a very high degree of desperation and they did. we didn't handle it the way we needed to. we needed to get out of the period better. we dug ourselves a hole. the first draft of scottie mcclune, what do you think, bruce? >> okay. >> he said he wanted 10 picks and he got them. beat reporters who cover the team every day will tell you he wanted this team to get bigger
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and more athletic right away. he took care of the bigger part with that fifth pick on thursday night. out to fedex field today, and welcome to the newbies. the team holding its draft day party. new runningback matt jones getting into the spirit, signing autographs, really just a beautiful scene out there. festive scene at the stadium. new offensive lineman says he already got his marching orders from o-line coach bill callihan. smash mouth football, baby! >> he talked about that, just getting back to old-style football, hard-nosed football, bringing back the hogs. he talked about that last night. that's what we're going to try to do this coming year, start off on the right foot. rg-iii! rg-iii! >> and guess who else showed up! >> rg-iii? >> gave it away. >> yeah, he's kept a low profile most of the off season, came out to greet the new rookie class, looking fit and told the crowd he is ready for the 2015 season. didn't answer too many
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questions from media. he did stop by to give me this message to pass on to fans. >> we love our fans, man. we're going to put it on to y'all. we're not about talking about it. we gotta do it! >> nice and exclusive. stefon diggs finally hearing his name called, fifth round to the vikings. diggs left maryland early after three seasons, but he was banged up a lot. navy long snapper dzhokhar doan in a was drafted by the patriots. naval academy guy. love that guy. reason to watch the kentucky derby, here's why. one of the horses has a local tie. the owner of dortmund is local. the 8th pole is good, also trained by legendary bob baffert, who has been overseeing the prep and says his horse is intimidating when you compare it to others.
6:28 pm
>> he said how would you compare him, my horse with dortmund? i said, well, if you were here outside my office and i brought dortmund out, you would say why are we running against him? he's just, he's just a big, tall horse. >> post time coming up in about 15 minutes. >> i like that for rg-iii. no interviews. dave owens? oh, that's different. [ laughter ] thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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óoóoç?oogogo >> no justice, no peace! >> axelrod: thousands rally in baltimore following the arrest of six officers in the death of freddie gray. the hurdles facing the prosecutor proving what happened in that van caused his death. >> three years for the princess! >> axelrod: britain's new princess gets a royal reception. it's fight night in las vegas finally. the hype gives way to the most-anticipated bout of the century. and a family that lost everything in the nepal earthquake find a friend from america. of. >> how are you? >> i'm trying to make a big impact for one family. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. when organizers first planned the rally in baltimore


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