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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on his body whatsoever. no injuries whatsoever. he's not shot. he didn't want to go but they took him anyway. we have the weapon and he's with our police officers right now. >> i'm concerned that we rile people up. and we've gone through enough in baltimore and we're trying to move forward. >> what you see there is some impromptu protest and anxiety. they jumped up almost immediately as this happened ask previous to that, that's state senator catherine pugh from this district. things are back to normal rather quickly at north avenue and pennsylvania. people are trying to get back to normal but this happened very quickly today. it drew a crowd very quickly and you saw the anxiety right there that it caused. things are not quite back to normal here in baltimore that's for sure. reporting live in baltimore at north avenue and pennsylvania, scott broom wusa
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9. >> certainly good thing that suspect's gun didn't hurt anybody. coming up at 5:30, bruce leshan takes a look at what's involved in prosecuting the officers charged in freddie gray's death. a police officer from prince george's county is accused of punching a student faced a judge today and was found guilty of assault reckless endangerment and other charges. >> charles pickard was suspended in the police force in 2013 after working with the department for six years. at the time he was a school resource officer when he seemingly lost his temper and attacked a student. >> i felt they're here to protect us. >> reporter: pickard's victim ask his face not be shown when he spoke to the media for the first time today. he said what happened at his old school was
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simply terrible. >> he got on his knees he took his belt off, and i got hit. >> reporter: surveillance video released today shows the officer remove his belt and police vest before he backs the student against the wall and gets in his face. they seem to argue. then the officer gets on his knees before standing back up, drawing his arm and punching the student. the student falls to the ground and officer pickard places him under arrest. police chief said what his officer did is unacceptable and a violation of the entire community's trust. >> that kind of action has no place on this police department. >> reporter: pickard will be sentenced in july and could face prison time. for now his future in law enforcement is a question mark. >> the next piece with this would be an administrative hearing board. >> reporter: we don't know what that recommendation will be but mcgall repeatedly said even one mistake like this isn't going to fly. >> we're human. we're going to make mistakes.
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but when things happen we will fix them. >> chief said pickard was actually well liked at the school. some students signed a petition to try and have him come back. he said one mistake is one too many. his officers have to be perfect when they're on the job. >> and officer pickard could face over a decade in prison. the office of the state's attorney announced they would press charges against him. another officer was caught on video punching a teen handcuffed in his cell phone. that officer entered an alfred plea last week. a structural engineer is now evaluating the stability of the underground facility and investigating what caused it. andrea mccarren is live at 27th and virginia avenue northwest. >> there are some new unwanted
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residents at the iconic watergate complex this evening. anger and frustration. >> i feel kind of like i'm living in a tepee right now. >> reporter: after a weekend without air conditioning, the watergate is now without hot water. >> haven't washed my hair yet but i'll get around to doing that in cold water. >> reporter: many residents still can't retrieve their cars from the severely damaged garage. >> the main setback for me is the parking. my automobile is in the garage and i can't get it out. >> reporter: the garage collapse shut down roughly eight small businesses and left others struggling. >> we even had to tell the people who deliver our gas that they cannot bring us gas because we're not selling enough to get another load in. >> reporter: the collapse impacted both office and residential building. in a community already exasperated with living in a construction zone. >> there's been a lot of
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construction in this area now for many, many months and there's a feeling of having been surrounded by large pieces of equipment that are doing serious and heavy and dangerous things for a long time. >> accidents happen and i can't say i'm angry yet but the longer the garage is out of commission, i might just get there. who knows. >> take a look. virginia avenue coming off of rock creek parkway is still shut down, further aggravating residents and hurting local businesses. we've been asking ddot all day when virginia avenue here might reopen. no word yet. we're live in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. according to dc's department of consumer and regulatory affairs the structural engineers report is expected to take a few weeks to complete. temperatures sore in to -- soar in to the 80s but we're
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looking at possible storms tomorrow. topper shutt joins us now. >> we're seeing showers and storms primarily in the afternoon. right now it is just spectacular and more like early june. today's temperatures in the mid 80s it's as warm as it's been since september 27th of last year. let's start with the temperatures right now. they're in the 80s pretty much across the board. 84 in manassas. they're running about 5 degrees above average for this time of year. and again closer to what we'd expect in early june. okay the futurecast. in the morning no worries. it will not be quite as cool tonight either. comfortable, yes. don't crank the ac yet. 56 at 6:00 in the morning. mainly low 60s. by 9:00 we're in the low 70s. couple showers just appearing now cord cumberland. very light. we get in to the 1:00 hour we can probably walk to lunch inside the beltway. now
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we see showers developing. a little more intense. we stop this again at 3:30. we see a line of showers and storms. that's why we went for the yellow alert for tomorrow. primarily in the afternoon. many of us will have a wet ride home. we'll come back and talk about this cold front same front that's going to generate these showers and storms. not going to go away for a couple days. the investigation in to the controversial arrest of a university of virginia student has been completed. that is according to virginia state police in a story published by the cbs affiliate in charlottesville. a friend of johnson who shot this video says an abc officer forced the student to the ground outside a charlottesville bar back on st. patrick's day. abc officers say johnson was belligerent and agitated but the bouncer at the bar who denied him entry described him as polite and well mannered. the findings have been turned over to the
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commonwealth attorney. looking for clues in a fatal overnight shooting in the southeast. shots being fired on ridge road near east capital street around 12:20 this morning and when they arrived they found a man in the parking lot who had been shot at least once. he was pronounced dead there. no word on suspects and it's not clear what the motive was for that shooting. listen up, dc drivers. five speed cam eras are up in the district. in 30 days the tickets will be real. the cameras a bit different because they're attached to the light post making them harder to spot like this one. dc drivers aren't happy about the addition of new cameras and say it's not about stopping speeding, it's simply just to make money. >> that's exactly what it is. that's exactly what it is. it's just to get money. then they throw money on the streetcars. it's never going to work. >> the new cameras are on wisconsin, maryland, reservoir
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road 18th street northeast and pennsylvania avenue northeast. a ticket could cost you up to $300. yikes. so to see that list and see where those cameras are located go to dc's music community is mourning the loss of a beloved bass player. derek anthony colquitt played with the dc's junkyard band. investigators say he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed in to a pickup truck on sunday in waldorf. stephanie ramirez joins us live from wpge's 95.5 where fans just listen today the junkyard band. >> the djs here actually just in touch with the bass player because the band was supposed to play a big event for their birthday bash event in june. that's how important go go music
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is here to the xhuntd. everybody in the community absolutely stunned over this tragedy. >> reporter: they called him house. >> house had the right name. because he was big as a house. his personality was amazing. just a jen -- genuine guy. >> reporter: sad ly the funk parade's performance this past weekend turned out to be one of colquitt's last gigs. the band's drummer david meeting us. the dc housing project where's the band got its start. >> it goes far beyond the music for me. i feel like i lost a brother. >> reporter: the music though still just as important. house wasn't an original band member but played an integral role in keeping the go go band alive. >> junkyard is a staple. the band is so huge they were kids when they started playing on buckets and they played on buckets because they didn't have money to get instruments. then
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they got to another level and they were so talented, they were able to just go in places you could never imagine. >> it's like country music in nashville. it struggled through politician-wise. it struggled through certain violence in certain areas. it struggled through club closures. >> reporter: 103's dj dirty rico and dj flex say the group's perseverance came in a large way with house. >> the way he handled business, the way people took to him. >> he never let a negative moment be negative. >> it's just tough but they're going to get through it. they always do. >> because of this tragedy the djs here tell me now the birthday bash event will include a tribute to house. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> jerry wharton is the second person who died in the crash on the motorcycle and we will post
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funeral and memorial information as soon as we get it in to our news room. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. two more candidates jump in to the crowded field of the gop presidential contenders. craig boswell brings us that story at 5:30. >> topper is back with more on the yellow alert forecast and what we can expect for the rest of the week. >> right after the break new details on those two gunmen killed at a prophet muhammad art contest.
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horets -- authorities have
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identified the two men killed in an art contest. now the search is on to find out why they decided to do it. they reportedly lived together in arizona. >> reporter: fbi agents were moved to the bodies of two gunmen killed outside the curtis colwell center during a contest for the best drawing of the prophet muhammad. authorities say a garland texas police officer normally assigned to traffic duty used his service revolver to take down the two men. >> under the fire he was put under, he did a very good job. >> reporte convicted in 2011 for lying to fbi agents over his desire to join a jihadist group in somalia. >> their strategy was to get to the event center, in to the event center, and they were not able to get past that outer perimeter. >> reporter: local police and the fbi spent months planning
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security for sunday night's controversial show. a free speech organization held the event at the same venue where a pro islamic conference took place earlier this year. pamela gellar organized sunday's event. she's the pregnant of the american freedom initiative. >> this incident proves just how violent the war is on freedom and it's here. it's not just paris and copenhagen. it's here. the war is here. >> reporter: a spokesman for an islamic organization in the u.s. says the show was an attempt to abate the community. they found no explosives. adriana diaz, cbs news garland, texas. a security guard who was shot at the scene has already been released from the hospital. the nypd officer shot in the head while sitting in an unmarked car on saturday has died. doctors removed 25-year-old brian moore from life support earlier today. new york city's police commissioner
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says moore had an exceptional record with more than 150 arrests in less than five years. the suspect is being held without bail. a commuter alert. both lanes are getting by in each direction near columbia pike in arlington. a fallen tree brought downpour lines just before 4:00 this morning causing a major traffic jam in that area. so far no reports of any injuries. 3 degrees and trees. >> sometimes it just doesn't take much. it was a little breezy today but it was its time. we're kind of sweating again. we're in the 80s. we forecasted a high today and remember this is national airport, of 86. so that gives us a little wiggle room of 89 to 83. we shall see. we'll see tonight at 11:00 for the results.
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live look outside to our live michael and son weather cam. 83. the relative humidity is only 34%. winds out of the south at 14. a little bit of a breeze. only downside to the day is the pollen. pollen is pretty high. other than that a pretty darn nice day. warmer tonight. a little bit more like june. temps will fall off not quite as quickly. 58 to 72. will be dry in the morning. a little different story when you're picking the kids up in the afternoon. yellow alert tomorrow primarily in the afternoon for showers and storms and i think the morning-evening commute will be a little bit wet. morning commute should be fine. on the futurecast 10:00 tonight. look how warm it's going to be if you're taking a walk after dinner. upper 60s to about 70. 70 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 68 in manassas and culpeper. down toward waldorf as well. by 6 a.m. we're fine. dry in the morning. temps upper 50s low 60s. by 9:00 we're almost in the 70s
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across the board. maybe 69 in manassas and culpeper. 70 in frederick. by 9:00, couple sprinkles showing up. cumberland romney, that area. by lunchtime 1:00, showers growing a little bit in intensity. notice more dark green, flecks of yellow. that's heavier rainfall. but that said i think you can walk to lunch tomorrow fine. no umbrella needed. and certainly no coat. low to mid 80s. by 5:30 we see a line of showers and storms moving through between 3:00 and 7:00. notice on the futurecast a little orange here, a little heavier activity. despite the showers and clouds, we're still looking at mid 80s tomorrow. we get in the 8:00 hour, more showers and storms pushing through. wet commute for the majority of the commuters tomorrow night. dry in the morning. then temperatures even in the 8:00, 9:00 hour tomorrow night, still in the upper 70s. tonight clear to partly cloudy. milder. 58 to 66 and winds out
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of the southwest at about 10. day planner 66 to start. 73 by 9:00. almost 80 by 11:00 and 84 by 1:00. notice it's dry through the 1:00 hour. we're looking at yellow alert tomorrow for showers and storms. right now we'll keep wednesday and thursday, upper 70s with a few showers. right now i wouldn't plan around them but the same front is going to play cat and mouse with us wednesday and thursday stalling out to our south. next seven days, thursday some showers. nice on friday. sunshine and 80. nats still in town. nats on 9 over the weekend. some showers maybe an isolated shower on sunday for mom. a little better chance for isolated storms on monday. highs still in the low 80s. former montgomery county school superintendent paul vance is being remembered tonight. vance did die this weekend. he was 83. he led the montgomery county school since from 1981 to 1999 and was the school system's first black superintendent.
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he became superintendent for dc public schools from 2000 to 2003. his funeral service is scheduled for this saturday at 12 p.m. at christ episcopal church in rockville. he's survived by his wife of 42 years sandra and his three adult children. >> his daughter lauren is one of our former colleagues. we're thinking about the entire vance family tonight. an american auto maker expands a recall and how mcdonald's plans to overhaul its image. details in tonight's consumer alert. >> plus the royals release the name of their brand new baby princess.
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in tonight's consumer alert, you could say everything is awesome on the trading week. dow sup 46 points while the nasdaq rose 11 points. mcdonald's' new ceo steve easterbook unveiled his new plan to turn around the struggling fast food chain. the first step is to turn around the quality of the food and stale brand image. he plans to cut costs by $300 million, reorganize the international operations, and have more franchise restaurant
5:25 pm
locations by 2018. poor performance and lagging stocks for the last two years have contributed to the decline in sales. it costs about $84 to make but people are paying $350 to buy one. it's the sports edition of apple's smart watch and the new ihs technology study estimates the actual hardware costs are only about 24% of the retail which is lower than other apple products. ford is adding small and midsize vehicles to its recall. it impacts more than 500,000 ford fusions lincoln mkzs, and fiestas from model years 2011-2014. prince william and kate have finally named their princess. >> the queen soldiers fired royal gun salute to honor britain's new princess.
5:26 pm
charlotte elizabeth diana. >> it's a very nice choice. >> it's pretty. >> i think that carries on the line nicely. >> it means prince george has a sister. >> her royal highness, princess charlotte of cambridge is fourth in line to the throne so it's unlikely she'll ever become queen. charlotte was one of the favorites among bookies to become the royal baby's name. plus there's a good chance we'll see a lot more parents in the uk naming their babes charlotte. >> most people said she was going to be named alice. so there. >> and you made a good observation of how incredible she looked just 12 hours after delivery. hello. >> i did not look like that. she looks amazing . >> nobody does. [ laughter ] straight ahead, hillary clinton agrees to testify on benghazi but there is a catch. we'll tell you about it. >> also ahead a growing list
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of gop candidates seeking the white house. >> she brought the charges but can baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby win convictions? ♪ when you just can't seem to escape...
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it is one thing to file charges, it's something else to win convictions. and tonight a lot of legal experts are saying the baltimore prosecutor will have a very hard time to
5:30 pm
convincing a judge or jury to convict the police officers accused of killing freddie gray. bruce leshan joins us live in the news room with more on this. >> lawyers say it is notoriously difficult to convince a jury to convict police officers. cops go in to court not just with a presumption of innocence but with the presumption they're doing the best they can with a really tough job. >> reporter: the stakes incredibly high. on one side, the potential of more civil unrest. on the other the freedom of six police officers. >> police officer cases are never easy. >> reporter: as a prosecutor in prince george's county, glen ivy helped convict a police officer of criminal misconduct. but he says it will be tough to get a judge to send the baltimore cops to prison on charges ranging from second degree murder to
5:31 pm
misconduct in office. >> it's going to be a dogfight, no question. it's not going to be easy for her to get the conviction. >> reporter: baltimore prosecutor has video of police dragging freddie gray in to the transport van, but as far as we know there is no video of what happened to him inside that van that nearly severed his spine. >> this case will almost never get to closing arguments. >> reporter: law professor says prosecutors will have to link each officer to specific criminal acts. >> what doctor can get up and say beyond a reasonable doubt reasonable medical certainty gray would be alive if only officer x had said let's put him in seatbelt? >> how tough are these cases? in baltimore a -- an officer was acquitted because he thought a
5:32 pm
suspect looked suspicious and shooting that man twice in the back when he ran. bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> again former prosecutor glen ivy says those cases against police officers, they're very tough but they are winnable and as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, a judge convicted a prince george's officer just today of assaulting a high school student but again, there was overwhelming evidence in a video. the field for the gop nomination to be the next president is getting more crowded. two more candidates jumped in to the race today. but as craig boswell reports both carly fiorina and ben carson are running as outsiders hoping to change washington. >> reporter: republican carly fiorina announced her white house bid on good morning america. fiorina said the other female candidate in the race, democrat hillary clinton is not trust worthy. she also released a web video playing up that she hadn't held political office. >> if you believe it's time for citizens to stand up to the
5:33 pm
political class and say enough, then join us. >> reporter: ben carson went to his hometown detroit for an unconventional campaign. musical acts took the stage before the former head of pediatric neuro surgery at johns hopkins introduced himself and promised to do things differently. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. >> reporter: carson and fiorina to use their outsider status to set themselves apart in a crowded gop field. >> they feel there's a place for them in this race and given the polls at this point they have an argument. there's nobody that's running away with this yet. >> reporter: but being an outsider could keep them outside the multimillion-dollar superpack. three senators are already running for the gop nomination and several governors and former governors are expected to join the race. former arkansas governor
5:34 pm
mike huckabee who won the iowa caucuses in 2008 is also expected to formally announce he's running. democratic presidential frontrunner has agreed to testify to benghazi later this month. she will testify for only one session. republicans accuse clinton of making misleading statements about security in which they say led to the deaths of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. right now dc police are looking for four men who allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman. it happened before 3 a.m. sunday on 18th street near wyoming avenue. investigators say the woman was able to get away before being assaulted but she was robbed during the ordeal. detectives are working with only vague descriptions of the suspect but if you have any information perhaps you were in that area at the time, please call police. they want to hear from you.
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a new trial is underway for a former dc police officer accused of trying to kill his wife. sampson lawrence is charged with attempted murder. prince george's county prosecutors say lawrence sprayed lysol in his wife's face beat her with a lamp and threatened to cut her with two knives held against her face and throat. all this allegedly happened in november of 2013 at the couple's home. lawrence's first trial ended in a hung jury last summer. investigators in wisconsin are still trying to figure out why a man shot four people at close range before turning the gun on himself sunday. an 11-year-old girl and her father are among the dead and the girl's mother was shot as well. though she is expected to survive. police say the shooter, 27-year-old sergio daniel valencia deltoro was having relationship issues. he and his fianci called off thir wedding last week. at least 7200 people perished after that earthquake in nepal but we continue to see
5:36 pm
more amazing stories of survival. sunday more than a week after the quake crews rescued a 101-year-old man from the rubble. officials say they do not expect to find anymore survivors. crews have started survey missions using two aircrafts transported on a giant c17. >> what are you able to do on the ground that hasn't been done? >> so we go in to austereenvironments very quickly with capabilities, if we can build an airfield out of nothing. >> that was u.s. marine brigadier general paul kennedy. he says this is a difficult operation because nepal is a landlocked country with an international airport acting as the only point of entry. no money no problem. how thousands of people were able to watch the big pay per view fight over the weekend without paying a dime. >> still ahead your chance to relive some of dave letterman's funniest moments on tv.
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>> it's a beautiful evening now. warm a little breezy. you know what that does to pollen. only downside, here's your pollen reading. medium for grass. low for mold spores. you can find this on we'll come back . we issued a yellow alert for tuesday. music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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trending now who needs to pay big bucks for a fight when you can watch shaky video for free? >> fans who wanted to watch the mayweather-pacquiao fight but didn't want to spend money turned to the internet. >> on live streaming apps, people who did spend the money at home, put the sites up for others to watch for free. one person streamed a fight from the venue. according to usa today some people who paid for that fight were having technical problems watching it through their cable provider. >> that would be very upsetting. i'm not a fight person but if i paid all that money for it i would be unhappy. >> now you can watch it on your stinkin' phone for free. >> a new app promises to help dc diners get last minute reservations to the area's trendiest restaurants.
5:41 pm
>> it's calls ressy. you can use it to book when demand is low. once seats start to fill up it will cost $25 per person. it's teaming up with about 15 local residents. tiger woods and lindsey vonn are calling it quits. the athletes say their hectic schedules have made it difficult to spend time together. vonn and woods made the announcement sunday after nearly three years together. later this month david letterman will sign off as host of the late show. >> cbs is saluting letterman with a primetime special tonight. hosted by actor and comedian ray romano. >> the 90-minute special if you have children, you should wake them up. if you haven't seen any of the old dave, it's everything. it's the comedians from '82 tom hanks, bill
5:42 pm
murray. >> i'm looking forward to that. tonight's special starts at 9:30 here on wusa 9. letterman will host his final late show may 20th. a push to end those annoying telemarketer robo calls may be hitting a roadblock. i'll tell you about it in tonight's consumer alert. >> the capitals happy to be back home. coming up in a little listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh.
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no. not possible. we're the settles! when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer.
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right now at 5:45 dc police chief cathy leneer is reacting to last week's violence. baltimore use as zero tolerance tactic when it comes to combating crime meaning small arrests can lead to larger ones. she says that style of policing does not work in dc but bruce johnson is working on that story right now. his report is coming up in 15 minutes. members of a street gang accused of abducting and then killing a reserve police officer in virginia went on trial today. the body of waynesboro police captain kevin quick was found in a rural area in february 2013. investigators arrested six members of the gang known as the
5:46 pm
99 gung syndicate. prosecutors say the gang members killed quick as part of an initiation. screeners stopped two from getting through checkpoints this weekend. one was load would -- loaded with a handgun and ammunition. another was caught with a loaded caliber at dulles. for millions of americans those telemarketing calls they're a real announce. now one consumer group is pushing phone companies to block those calls but there may be a hang-up. >> reporter: laura miller is on the do not call list but still gets six or seven calls a day from companies trying to sell her something. >> medical alert bracelets credit card adjustments and mortgage refinancing. >> reporter: now some are calling on phone companies to do more to stop the auto generated robo calls that ring up thousands of people at a time. >> we think the phone companies can actually block the calls
5:47 pm
before they get to your phone. >> reporter: tim leads a campaign to require carriers to offer customers free tools to block those calls. >> phone companies need to step up and do more. >> reporter: there's a hang-up. the telecom industry says while it shares a frustration about robo calling there are a number of legal issues that stand in the way. among them, a 1936 fcc rule that phone companies requires carriers to connect every call. >> the way we read the call is clearly consumers have the right to block unwanted phone calls from coming to their house. >> reporter: the fcc is reviewing the rule and is supposed to issue a clarification. meanwhile marvin and others say there's no time to waste. >> so far 270,000 people have signed the consumer union petition and 38 state attorney generals have also asked the federal communications commission to help clarify the rule. by the way the do not
5:48 pm
call list only blocks calls coming from other states and regulators cannot crackdown calls coming from within your state. just a spectacular evening. a little bit more like june but we'll take it. live look outside to our live michael and son weather cam. 83 downtown. humidity 34%. very comfortable. winds out of the south at 14, also very comfortable. so tonight a little bit warmer. a little more like june tonight. not quite as dry as it was last night. temps are not going to fall as quickly or as low. bus stop temperatures, 58 to 72. 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. dry. it will be a different story when you're picking the kids up from the bus stop. take the umbrella then. yellow alert tuesday mainly in the afternoon for showers and thunderstorms. we think it's going to make it a wet commute home. now 10:00 tonight no worries at all. upper 60s to low 70s across the board.
5:49 pm
by morning it's 6 a.m., it's still mild. 59 in leesburg. 59 in culpeper but 60s elsewhere. by 9:00 we're back essentially in the low to mid 70s. couple sprinkles showing up in cumberland and romney but light activity. by 1:00, you can walk to lunch inside the beltway. winchester bring your umbrella. you saw some yellows and oranges in there. even at 5:30 we'll stop the futurecast. northwest of leesburg, red and orange. pretty heavy activity tomorrow. big threat tomorrow will be heavy downpours, wet roads and a slow ride home. by 8:30 we're looking at leftover showers up and down 95 and back toward manassas along i-66. look at the temps. still upper 70s downtown. tonight no worries. clear to partly cloudy . milder. 58 to 66 . winds southwest at
5:50 pm
about 10. by morning partly sunny. might see a late shower. primarily in the mountains. 58 to 79 . and then in the afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms. partly cloudy. warm. highs near 85 despite the clouds and the showers. day planner. we're going to keep it dry. 56 at 9:00. 80 by 11:00 and 84 by 1:00 but still dry in the metro. after that the front kind of plays cat and mouse with us. upper 70s wednesday and thursday. a bit cooler. it will leave showers in the forecast but at this point don't plan around the showers. next seven days, home stretch for the nats. nats get a break on thursday. they're back in town on friday. 80. nats on 9:00 saturday and sunday. couple showers possible. couple showers possible on sunday for mother's day. we'll keep a close eye on that in case you're trying to do a cookout and low 80s on monday again. might be warm outside but it's cold in the verizon center. >> that's because the caps are
5:51 pm
hosting the rangers in game 3 of the eastern conference semifinals. kristen berset is live at the phone booth where the action will go down in less than two hours. >> it's cold in here right now but things are definitely going to heat up. the fans anxious to get in here for game 3. the caps able to steal one on the road in new york. essentially the series tied at 1 a piece. and good time the caps to come here at home. we saw the players arriving a little bit early. they got their game faces on. ovechkin had his game face on. coming in front of hair home fans could not come at a better time as they try to break the tie. new york rangers finish with the best record, 28 road wins. caps uncan -- undefeated at home in the playoffs. they say the fans are a big part of that. >> we love playing in this
5:52 pm
environment. they create a lot of energy for us. imperative we come out strong and put a good show on for our fans. >> we set off the crowd pretty good. we get that energy again at the verizon center. for us to execute i think we'll be fine. >> the wizards don't play until tomorrow night. they have game 2 in atlanta. they too able to steal game 1 in hot pp -- in hotlanat that. first off we saw in the game john wall on this breakaway came down hard on the court. hesitated, grabbed his left wrist lieu -- through the rest of the game. #12c3w4r -- he had ice wrapped around it. he could be seen with tears in his eyes and obviously a lot of frustration for him since he missed so many
5:53 pm
games this year. he also got kicked in the face. he suffered a sprained ankle but is expected to go for game 2. the guys expected to play without him if he's not. >> it got to be very bad for him not to come back. even when he come back, he's definitely not trying to quit on his team. he's a warrior like me. if it's not broke we're going to try to compete. he came out there and tried to give it the best he could. just to see him come back that gave us momentum and motivation as a team. >> one correction before i let you go. the caps lost their first game of this year's playoffs here at the verizon center to the islanders but haven't dropped one since. they're hoping to get that w tonight against the rangers. puck drops at 7:30. we'll have more on tonight's game coming up later in sports. kristen berset at the verizon center. back to you in the studio. >> going to be a whole lot of red in there. for the first time, dc police chief cathy leneer weighs in on freddie gray's death and
5:54 pm
the unrest in baltimore. >> the attorney general has
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. virginia abortion clinics on the brink of closing due to strict new regulations are celebrating a victory today. >> an opinion that will let them stay open. peggy fox joins us live from the clinic in falls church where the other than pushed back against the new regulations. >> the owner of the falls
5:57 pm
church healthcare center says most women who come here seeking abortions already have children. she says they're low income and cannot afford to have anymore. she says she's fthese regulations so she could keep serving these women who have no other place to go. >> reporter: heated protests marked virginia's controversial regulations on abortion clinics approved by the legislature and enforced by former attorney general ken cuccinelli. >> had those regulations gone forward, it probably would have meant shutting our doors. >> reporter: the regulations would require abortion clinics to have the same building requirements as hospitals such as hallways big enough for gurneys. the owner of the falls church healthcare center says the cost of the renovations would have put them out of business. >> reproduction health and birth control family services are a main stay at this clinic.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: virginia's current attorney general democrat mark herring, says the board of health cannot apply the new design and construction standards to existing facilities. delegate marcus simon who represents this part of falls church says it was the right decision. >> it was never meant to afly retroactively. -- apply retroictive -- retroactively. >> reporter: the foundation's president says this decision will put women who have a medical emergency at an abortion center at risk. >> herring's opinion only restricts the board of health from imposing those new building regulations on existing facilities. he says the board governing is not in question.
5:59 pm
that's what we have from here in falls church. peggy fox. back to you . governor terry mccall directed the board of health to review those regulations and amend the regulations as well. they're trying to build up the neighborhood. >> there's going to be a lot of opportunity in this town. >> a challenge to baltimore's business community to come back and start building. i'm scott broom in baltimore. coming up, the first steps toward recovery. >> anger and frustration take up residents at the watergate. i'll tell you what residents and local businesses are saying about friday's garage collapse. but first baltimore police line the intersections as rumors spread of a possible police shooting but that did not happen. good evening. i'm gair -- i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster, just the thought that there could be a shooting brought
6:00 pm
scores of people to the scene. scott broom is live in baltimore with the details including the rebuilding efforts going on there. >> first that shooting, it turned out police monitoring closed circuit television cameras, police monitoring cameras saw a man with a gun in his hand. officers responded. there was a foot chase that lasted about a half a block and a gunshot went off. it turned out the suspect had dropped the gun on the ground. nobody was hit. and the suspect was taken away by medics and the suspect is just fine. there was no police gunfire here. meanwhile across town on the east side, the very first major announcement of rebuilding here in baltimore. this is the harvin center. it was a 61-unit senior complex being build by a church and some private


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