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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and orange, still heavy activity from manassas to culpeper. we'll come back, tell you our chances of storms tomorrow and look ahead to mother's day. family, friends and co- workers are in mourning tonight after a d.c. firefighter died in the line of duties. >> the flames broke out this morning at an apartment building on seventh street northwest. lieu tonight kevin mcgray made is out of the building but collapsed. mcgray is the 100th firefighter to die in the line of duty in the district and the last firefighter to die was his cousin james mcrae. kevin mcrae mccray. >> reporter: lieutenant mccray fought plenty of fires like the one he responded to this morning, but outcome was much different. instead of coming back to this station and taking more
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dispatch crews, other crew members came down, stripped down a fire truck and hung black tarps to prepare for a funeral. lieutenant kevin mccray worked with fire engine 6 for roughly six years. he'd been with the d.c. fire department over two decades. deputy chief john donnelly worked with mccray in the rescue squad. it was challenging work, but donnelly said mccray did more than succeed. >> whether it's going over the side of a building on a rope or how to search in a burning building to find a victim, kevin had done all of those thing at an extremely high level and he taught other people to do them. >> reporter: he worked hard with a smile. >> it could get pretty ugly in 20 hours into your shift when you're busy and he was there doing it just the same as when he came in the door in the morning. his smile and his positive attitude are the best things from that guy. >> reporter: praise went from beyond that firehouse. firefighters from all over d.c. and some from maryland came to
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pay respects. students that went to school with his son came by. >> when he heard about his father dying this morning, it was very painful. so we just want to show the fire department love. we want to show my student we support him. >> reporter: everyone says the city lost a hero today, but 1 family lost their dad. lieutenant mccray is survived by his wife perry, three children and his mother. most of the firefighters didn't want to talk today, which is understandable, but one thing that was so amazing so see is how many visitors there were, countless fire trucks and people coming to the station to pay respects. this is the first time it's been quiet here in a couple hours. this man was clearly well loved by his community. live from northwest washington i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> mccray's loss felt tonight by firefighters who were also on the scene of that fire with him. >> bruce johnson joins us from the scene on receive the street with more on that part of -- on
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seventh street with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: over my shoulder is the high rise by d.c. standards 9th and 10th floors where the fire was limited to, an intense fire. it went to two alarms, don't know the cause, but now nobody is allowed in that building. some of the residents are dispersed into the community and the red cross is helping those people. you go to that earlier tape, this was an intense blaze. a lot of firefighters responded, among them kevin mccray and he came out and collapsed here on the ground as you heard. they administered first aid immediately. he eventually died at the washington hospital center and, of course, this is a double tragedy because people are recalling how his cousin, also a firefighter james mccray, died back in 2001. when we arrived on the scene this afternoon firefighters
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were coming up to us. they wanted us to know and want the community to know what they go through here. they had me try on the gear. putting the stuff on weighs almost 100 pounds. they say firefighter mccray was wear this when he went -- wearing this when he went into that building, climbed those stairs and came out and collapse. two alarm fire and something like this happens. >> yeah. the members did an exceptional job with lieutenant mccray in charge. as a matter of fact, their company was not even on the response initially. he took it upon himself to become available 2 blocks away to put himself on the response, which he would not have been on. >> it's just like your family member. it's the same it. don't matter if it's your cousin or brother, you feel the same. >> 10th floors. >> reporter: 10 floors. >> you could be in shape and still running up there and getting up there and moving around with all that, it's still kind of hard. even if you're in shape, don't matter. >> reporter: that's a lot. what am i carrying, 200 pounds
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here? >> but you got to carry your weight, all this weight and the gear. >> reporter: and temperature in the building, got to deal with that. now they wanted me to try on that gear because they began a conversation about the number of firefighters not just here but throughout the country who are dying from heart attacks, cardiovascular disease. it's part of their diets, what they eat in the firehouse and part of the quick start they have to make and part of all that gear they have to put on before they dart up those stairs. everybody is having to go through this and whether you're in shape or not, it's a very dangerous business. one more thing about the lieutenant mccray. he led his company up 95 up to baltimore to put out those fires during last week's riots. >> red cross volunteers are helping residents displaced by that fire. only on 9 tonight wusa9 has obtained dashcam video taken from an incident in 2009 when an officer shot and killed a
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man in fairfax county. peggy fox joins us now with more on what happened to david masters. what do we know, peg? >> reporter: fairfax county is planning to publicly release this video tomorrow morning, but i was able to obtain a copy of it just an hour ago and so i want you to look at it. on november 13th, 2009, along route 1 in fairfax county police pursued this green blazer that they apparently thought was stolen. it was not, but the driver would not stop. as officers gave chase with lights and sirens, the driver slowed down once but then kept going weaving in and out of traffic running two red lights. finally he was boxed in at a red light. officers with guns drawn jumped out. then one officer fired and fatally shot driver who sped off and crashed. here's some of what was heard. >> get your hands in the air! >> get your hands up! get your hands up!
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>> [ bleep ] what you doing, dude? come on. >> where? >> right here, right here. >> reporter: the man killed was 52-year-old david masters. he was unarmed and on his way to lay flowers at a cemetery for veterans day. he was a veteran and a very good carpenter says his father barry masters. barry masters is 83 years old and lives in florida. today barry masters got a copy of that video and watched it for the first time 5 1/2 years after his son was shot and killed by a fairfax county police officer. coming up at 6:00 we will have reaction from barry masters. back to you. >> thank you. let's go back to prince george's county now where a teacher is behind bars after being charged with child sexual abuse. police say the 39-year-old
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worked at the school in landover accused of inappropriately touching and kissing a 9-year-old male student. he is in the custody of the department of corrections this hour. the latest out of baltimore tonight, the mayor is asking the department of justice to investigate the baltimore police department. the mayor wants federal investigators to determine whether there is a pattern of misconduct including excessive force and improper arrest. >> such an investigation is essential if we are going to build on the foundation of reforms that we have instituted over the past few years. >> federal authorities were already looking into a string of police brutality claims before freddie gray was fatally injured in police custody. meantime governor hogan has lifted state of emergency in effect in baltimore over the past 10 days. cbs announced it will rebuild its baltimore store -- cvs announced it will rebuild
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its baltimore store damaged in last week's riot and is making a donation to the united way in maryland. our media partner the washington post first reported on this story today and scott broom is in baltimore now with new reaction. >> reporter: people here are used to the police helicopters overhead and cameras on the ground, but what a citizen spotted and then tweet about which is what raised the alarm about all this appears to be entirely new and today the fbi is basically saying nothing about what the capabilities of these aircraft are and exactly what they were doing, which is why civil libertarians are on alert. the planes, a cessna 182 like this and a citation jet flying much higher up were tracked by civil libertarians on a website. the patterns and orbits of the flight over the unrest in baltimore, very precise. the cessna had actually been
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photographed before when seen orbiting over mclean, virginia, near langley and the cia according to other curious observers who posted questions about what they saw on reddit. an up named fbi source told -- unnamed fbi source told us there were monitoring equipment on the craft to track operations on the ground. there has been a freedom of information request act to learn more. jay stanley specializes in privacy in technology for the aclu. >> there's a lot of brand-new very powerful surveillance technologies out there and we don't really know how they are being used. they are often used on airplanes. some of them sweep up communications and cell phone information about tens of thousands of people. others of them can track vehicles and pedestrians like across a 25 square mile area. everybody recognizes when there is protests including some acts of property damage, the police have every right to know what's going on, to know where crowds
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are, but some of these technology goes way beyond that. a lot of these technologies are often deployed in secret. >> reporter: on the street in baltimore where a network of public surveillance camera are a common sight, suspicion that the mysterious aircraft are a step up. >> it's 10 that can be used to repress -- technology that can be used to repress or oppress. >> reporter: the fbi provided a very limited clarifying statement today saying that the aircraft were for aerial imaging of potential criminal activity, not to monitor lawful protests. the fbi said that this afternoon. scott broom, wusa9. >> in the wake of the unrest stemming from freddie gray's death, prince announced he will play a concert in charm city. the rally for peace show is scheduled for this sunday, mother's day, at royal farms arena. now the purple one is also expected to debut a song called
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baltimore, a new unreleased single he wrote about the unrest and a portion of the proceeds from the concert will go toward baltimore-based youth charities. in fact, tickets are on sale right now. another tuition hike at university of maryland, in a 9- 3 vote the board of regents voted to raise the cost of attending school at the college park campus by no more than 5%. another plan that gradually increases tuition for business engineering and computer science majors, that was also approved. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a local store owner shames shoplifters by putting them online. andrea mccarren brings us that story at 5:30. >> plus topper is back with more on the thunderstorms moving through our area. >> some new information about how that germanwings pilot practiced before crashing the plane loaded with passengers into the french alps. >> right after the break a
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howard university student vanishes days before graduation, what has his friends and family so concerned next.
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the family of a missing howard university student is asking for help finding him tonight. lance buckley was last seen yesterday morning in stafford, virginia, on his way to campus. garrett haake has been following the story and joins us live from the newsroom. >> buckley tiply got to campus -- typically got to campus slugging a ride which means showing up at the commuter lot and riding with a stranger to take the h.o.v. lanes in. his wife dropped him off at the same commuter lane and hasn't
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seen him sense wednesday morning. he never arrived at meetings or other events on campus when he was expected. buckley is a phd student expected to graduate this weekend. he's married with two small children including a daughter just 11 days old. this afternoon his mother begged for help to find him. >> we want you all to know that he has a loving family and wife and two beautiful daughters and many friends and neighbors that care very deeply about lance. we are pleaing to the public's help and support in trying to locate lance. >> in a statement howard university says that they are aware buckley has gone missing and are cooperating with the investigation and they're sending out his picture and information on social media and online hoping somebody knows something. garrett haake, wusa9. >> anyone with any information is asked to contact the stafford county sheriff's office. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> one of the criteria for a severe thunderstorm is wind gusts and 1 inch diameter hail. this happened in chantilly about two hours ago and the same storms pushing off to the south and east are still producing hail. let's start with a live look outside, our live, michael and son weather cam, it's not storming everywhere, but those areas seeing storms are heavy, if not severe, and the areas receiving rain now will probably have fog by tomorrow morning. still 81 at national, winds east at 7, just light activity at national. here's radar the past hour. when you see bright colors, that means intense storms. we have one area of thunderstorms around frederick. this popped up again really in the last 15 minutes in parts of southeastern sections of loud and this is the activity we've followed southeast of
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winchester. we'll zoom in -- loudon county. heavy rain out 26 as well and a separate cell toward thurmont on the east side of 15. where is this headed? south and east. lisbon at 5:44 and ivory at 6:06. we'll move down to this massive storm, percyville down toward root 7 in between upperville north of 50 -- route search in between upperville north of 50. you -- route 7 in between upperville north of 50. we'll zoom in again. this is heavy rain from upperville over toward frogtown up toward bluemont. look at all the lightning strikes around percyville and just to the north. we'll zoom out. this is earlier, the hail almost exactly on route 7. we think the hail
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could be 1.6 in diameter. that's severe stuff. right now there are no warnings on these storms, but they are heavy. look at these storms that just popped up. this whole line of storms from montgomery county and across the river into loudon county moving south and east. if you're in olney and rockville and toward montgomery mall, live in that area, you have time to secure loose objects and get inside, please. this storm is headed towards reston at 5:26, american legion bridge at 5:46 and downtown d.c. at 6:10. we'll have another three hours of this before it's all said and done. heavy storms tonight, yellow alert, bus stop dry and warm, nice tomorrow, warm and a dry finish to the week, mid-80s again friday. 60s to start, 73 by 11:00 and 77 with partly sunny skies by 1:00. tomorrow we have a chance for
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showers but not thunderstorms, just some showers. we'll keep friday dry, 83 and just a few storms saturday, 85. next seven days for mom we'll be dodging a few storms if you're planning a cookout and upper 80s on monday and tuesday, cooler in the 70s next wednesday. today we're learning that the pilot who crashed the germanwings plane into the french alps did a test run on that very same plane earlier that fateful day. >> reporter: in the first official report since the march disaster officials revealed 27- year-old andreas lubitz put the plane into descent mode five times in 4 1/2 minutes and then brought it up again just like during the fatal flight the captain appeared to have left the cockpit. the chief investigators said he couldn't speculate what was going on inside the german co- pilot's mind when he repeatedly set controls to the minimum setting of 100 feet. cockpit data shows the plane did not drop sharply suggesting
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people on the flight from duval dorf to barcelona might not -- do us dousseldor -- dousseldorf to barcelona might not have noticed any change. >> he researched stewardess and cockpit security online a week before the crash. a day at the playground nearly turns deadly for a group of kids playing at the park. >> and why 26 million americans have no credit history. >> plus why this could be the truck of tomorrow, details in
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utility officials say it could be days before a sewer leak in oxon hill is completely repaired. a rupture in a 14-inch pipe near the 100 block of north huron drive was discovered sunday. most of the wastewater lab contaminated, but some of -- has been contaminated, but some of it is still reaching oxon run, a tributary of the river. it is part of a different system than the drinking water. in tonight's consumer alert another down day on wall street after janet yellen said stock values were high and warned of
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volatility when the fed began to raise its benchmark interest rates. the dow fell 86 points, the nasdaq slid 19 points. a new report by the consumer financial protection bureau shows 26 million americans have no credit history, none at all. the survey says another 19 million people are considered unscorable because they have insufficient credit histories or old reporting information. now these individuals are put at a significant disadvantage because they have very little chance of establishing lines of credit which are the key to so many things. the obama administration approved the first ferry service between florida and havana and it could potentially make it easier for people and goods to go back and forth between the two countries. analysts say it is a clear sign how serious the u.s. is about normalizing relations with the caribbean island and so far it is unclear whether cuba will allow it. it could be the big rig of
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the future, daimler showed off its new driverless truck during an after dark test run at hoover dam. there was someone behind the wheel just in case. >> good. >> the truck can partially drive itself even at 50 miles per hour. >> there's something still unsettling about that. >> i think even if i was in a car where i didn't have to drive, i might instinctively put my hand on the wheel. a trip to the park nearly turned deadly for a group of kids when a tree came crashing down while they were playing. >> 8-year-old diego ruiz and several other children are recovering tonight after they were pinned under that massive tree on a playground near boston. this surveillance video shows it coming down monday night. diego -- check this out. they were right underneath it. it's amazing that diego walked away with a nasty bruise and cut and just required some stitches. >> he was going to the park and then the tree fell on us and
5:27 pm
then we were crying and then we can't escape. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yeah. >> a 2-year-old was badly hurt by that falling tree. the boy was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull. straight ahead how prince george's county police officers are trying to bring the sex assault suspect to justice tonight. >> reporter: a former montgomery county council candidate says his 87-year-old mom did not want to go to the hospital. jim kirkland denying allegations that he abused and neglected her. >> reporter: a local convenience store owner is fighting crime in a very unusual way. i'm andrea mccarren on capitol hill. i'll tell you how he's doing it ♪ when you just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard.
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back on 9. we're tracking some big thunderstorms especially in parts of montgomery county and loudoun county and across i-66. right now there are no thunderstorm warnings, but these are heavy storms east of leesburg spilling into montgomery county west of 270. frequent lightning as well. it's the same storm we've showed you, hasn't moved much, heavy rain still around rock hill. now they pushed east of frogtown, still heavy rains in upperville heading out 50 past middleburg. this is a heavy storm, too, poolsville to elmer and back across into ashburn junction. red indicates very half rainfall rates just to the
5:31 pm
south of whites ferry road looking at probably an inch per hour in terms of rain. fall this storm is moving southeast, hitting darnestown at 5:38. 1.9 inches just north of manassas. we're under a yellow alert tonight. right now there are no warning. we will keep you posted. you should download our app and follow these right with us. go to the app store and search for wusa9. an emotional salute today to fallen heroes in montgomery county. [ bagpipes ] >> the memorial service was held today at montgomery county public safety headquarters in gaithersburg. county leaders, clergy, rank and file officers and others gathered to remember their colleagues who lost their lives in the line of duty. >> we can never say or do enough for those who lost a loved one, but thank you for
5:32 pm
the sacrifices you have made each and every day. >> the fallen officers memorial service coincides with similar events around the country during national police week. today's ceremony honored the 19 police officers and sheriff's deputies who lost their lives in montgomery county. tonight at 7:00 prince george's county police officers will be in mitchellville looking for information in connection with a sexual assault. they'll be showing residents this flyer. back on april 29th the guy who looks like the person here forced a woman into a field near lake arbor way and sexually assaulted her. tonight police will set up at the intersection of lake arbor way and winged foot drive. the suspect is described as a black man between 5' 6 and 5' 7, thin to average build, freckles. if you have any information, please call crime solvers, 1 religion 866-411--- 1-866-40000-
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tips. he was dropped for an anti semitic screen and is in even more trouble tonight, police charging jim kirkland with abuse and neglect of his 87- year-old mother in their bethesda home. bruce leshan is live and how is the mom doing? >> reporter: not well. at last check she was in very serious condition and a warning here. the details are pretty disturbing. police say that her bed sores were so severe on her back and buttocks that the bones in her spine were showing and her compression socks had been on so long that they had to be surgically removed. >> end of life issues are tough for all families. >> i did the best i could. >> reporter: jim kirkland is out on bail and that is all he would agree to say on camera about the allegations that he abused and neglected his 87- year-old mother. but neighbors say he and his family have been trouble for years. >> he needs mental help.
5:34 pm
>> he needs it. nobody lives in the same house for 30 years without saying a word to anybody but parking five cars on his grass. >> reporter: police say kirkland admitted leaving his mother day and night in a plastic clair in front of a tv in the living room of a home that is filled with stuff. she is incontinent and unable to feed herself and police say kirkland wrapped the wounds up and down her legs and buttocks with newspaper. they say they also found his brother, an adult with special needs, inside the home naked and covered with feces. >> i'm a libertarian style republican. >> reporter: kirkland used the name strict ninewhen he ran for council and he talked about
5:35 pm
creating a sterling nerd zone in bethesda. >> only performist white collar professionals are being allowed to live. >> he's needing help, really help. >> reporter: now police say that joan kirkland's prognosis is unknown because her wounds were so severe, her son insists that she was very comfortable in the plastic chair here and that she did not want to go to the hospital. reporting live in bethesda bruce leshan, wusa9. >> those details are so hard to stomach, bruce. you were right. police say if you suspect abuse of a neighbor or a family member, let them know so they can check it out before it gets this bad. a california company is one step closer to providing private flight to the international space station. spacex tested its new launch for astronauts.
5:36 pm
humans were on board for the 90 second test flight. spacex is looking to carry astronauts into space by 2017. italian crews rescued another boat load migrants today. the 98 people had been at sea 12 days. 1/3 were women and three were pregnant. the interception was the latest instance of desperate migrants trying to reach europe aboard smugglers boats. the united nations is set to meet to address the crisis. an iowa trooper became a lifesaver thanks to his quick actions on a busy highway in des moines. >> tracy owen approached a stalled truck in the middle of that intersection. he drew his weapon, but when he opened the door, a frantic teenager inside told him his dad was having a heart attack. that's when bolin immediately started cpr. >> i got cpr in progress. hey, hey, hey, patrick!
5:37 pm
>> patrick, can you hear me? >> i got a pulse. i got a pulse. >> several other people also stopped to help. the truck driver is now back home thankful lip resting and recovering. insult to -- thankfully resting and recovering. insult to injury, why boxing fans are suing manny pacquiao after this fight. >> plus how a message from a
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5:40 pm
simple trending now a quick note -- trending now, a pick note to pizza hut may have saved a woman's life. this mother and her children are escaping from a hostage situation and they used the pizza hut app. the mother and her three children were held hostage by knifepoint with her boy friend. >> she tried to convince her boyfriend to allow them to order a pizza on her phone app. she included a dire message and here's the manager of that pizza hut. >> said it please help. get 911 to me and then she placed an order, put a pizza order on it and then it says 911 hostage help. >> wow, very smart. treadwell included message when she placed the order using the pizza hut app. sheriff's deputies rushed to the home and arrested the boy
5:41 pm
friend after a brief standoff, very good that some of those employees actually saw this and were able to identify she needed help. >> she was thinking quickly and they helped defuse that situation. this is big talk today because he already lost the fight of the century, but now manny pacquiao is being slapped with a $5 million lawsuit. >> two fans are filing the suit claiming pacquiao didn't disclose his shoulder injury during the preflight questionnaire and the plaintiffs said they suffered harm as a result of the boxer's fraudulent conduct. the caps take the ice tonight against the new york rangers. kristen berset will have a live report from verizon center coming up. >> plus topper is back with the latest on
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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a local store owner has launched his own creative effort to fight crime. he's trying to embarrass petty thieves on social media. andrea mccarren is live at the sunoco gas station in southeast to explain. andrea? >> reporter: lesli, the alleged criminals are caught on
5:45 pm
surveillance cameras like this one, many easy to recognize, but they never seem to face any consequences until now. >> we don't tolerate punk kids anymore. >> reporter: dennis alex is so fed up with shoplifters ripping off his capitol hill business he's posting photographs of their alleged crimes on facebook, youtube and right inside his store. >> the police don't search for them. it's just not worth it. the courts don't want to convict somebody for a few dollars worth of candy in their pocket, so you're stuck. >> reporter: this alleged thief talked on phone while he stuffed items into his pocket. this man slipped a pair of slim jims up his sleeve. these two men helped themselves to a box of snacks before walking out the door. >> a lady came in one day and points to the picture and said that's my nephew and i said your nephew is a they. there was a little -- a thief. there was a little hesitation and she goes you're right, he
5:46 pm
is. >> reporter: it's not just young people. watch as this older man dumps an entire box of candy into his pants. community's response to this public shaming has been mostly positive. >> they won't be back after this because everybody come in here and see the pictures and it may be their moms, grandmothers, uncles and aunts. >> this is a way to say we got your picture, so now we're going to watch you when you come in. i think us a good tactic. >> reporter: some believe the wall reflects a much larger citywide problem. >> some of these kids were raised without their daddies. their ma -- mama can't do everything. >> i think they need more summer activities for the kids. >> reporter: the store continues to suffer hundreds of dollars in losses each month, but its owner refuses to quit. >> i'm not going to close. i'm a neighborhood store, the only guy open here at night and we serve the community. >> reporter: the store's strategy seems to be working. so far no one who has been posted on the so-called wall of
5:47 pm
shame has returned to the store, but there's always a new batch of petty criminals that come in. live on capitol hill, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> glad to hear that store owner is committed to staying there. they no longer allow groups of 10 to 15 young people into the store. employees lock the door and they let them in one by one or simply sell the items through the store window. regulators in california approved sweeping unprecedented restrictions on water use. governor jerry brown ordered a 25% cut in urban water consumption to combat a four- year drought. the new rules even encourage homeowners to let their lawns die. the new water rules and enforcement begins june 1st. a fiery drain derailment forces evacuation of a town in north dakota. 10 oil tanker cars jumped the tracks and burst into flames in the central part of the state. hazmat was called. 35 people were forced to evacuate.
5:48 pm
always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> good news, there's not a severe thunderstorm warning at this moment, bad news, just some heavy thunderstorms. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 79, toasty, humidity up to 57%, winds east, southeasterly at about 8. radar the past hour, reds are heavy thunderstorms, heavier rainfall. frederick down i-270 and across into loudoun county and essentially across back i-66 westbound. you guys have been hammered not far from manassas either side of i-66. in term of hail we don't see anything but maybe -- terms of hail we don't see anything but maybe very small hail in some of these storms. once you go up 270 past the spur, you're looking at pretty heavy rain through jermantown toward 355 in between damascus
5:49 pm
and tuskarora. the heaviest rain back to hyattsville and clarksville. this is moving south and east, rockville 6:05, olney at 6:12 and wheaton 6:21. if you're in this area, you have some time to lower your umbrellas and get in the house. get the kids in the house, too. heavy rain out 234. it's now east of upperville. look at the lightning still for thing out i-66 past haymarket. we'll zoom in a little and track these again moving east, southeasterly at 23 miles an hour, so clifton at 6:12 and lore ton lorton6:45. a few -- lorton 6:45.
5:50 pm
bus stop temperatures 58 and dry. if we see a shower, few and far between. friday we finish the week warm and dry. futurecast, by 10:00 leftover showers still diminishing south of 66 towards culpeper and fredericksburg. by morning upper 50s in the suburbs, low 60s downtown. day planner 62 to start, low 70s by 11:00 which is average and 77 by 1:00 with partly sunny skies. warm and dry friday, 83, a few showers and storms saturday, but don't plan around them, 80 five. you can't plant flowers this weekend because it's mother's day and we're frost free now. nats on 9 saturday and sunday, isolated storms on saturday, a few storms for mom sunday.
5:51 pm
keep an eye to the sky. don't cancel plan. a better chance for storms on monday, upper 80s tuesday and cooler with highs in the 70s on wednesday. in about 90 minutes the red will be rocking at center once again. >> our kristen berset is live at the phone booth for game four of what's been a pretty intense series so far. >> reporter: yeah, ladies, it really has. it's what we want from playoff location, but we don't always get that. this caps/rangers series has given us this edge of the seat screaming at the tv pounding the table kind of hockey that we all look for this time of year. as we get further into the series, the intensity just continues to build. we saw that here monday night and thanks to the young net minder braden holtby and those incredible 30 saves he made, the capitals are able to bridge a one-game -- bring a one game
5:52 pm
advantage into tonight's game. while we're biting our nails on the edge of our seats, those close scoring games are where they feel most comfortable. >> you're not going to win games by three, four, five goals. you're just not. just have to be composed, do things right. >> defense wins championships. everyone knows that. it's something that we talked about all year. those are the fun games to be part of, those 1-0 games, playoff games where it's a battle. some nfl news, just when we thought we had heard the last of deflategate we were wrong. the new information findings were released today only to find out that the patriots may not have been in a sense party in this scandal. the report found folks within the organization were "more probably than not generally aware of what was going on regarding the underinflated footballs in the playoffs."
5:53 pm
one of those folks being quarterback tom brady. the report does say investigators don't believe owner robert kraft or coach belichick had knowledge, but the nfl is now considering some punishment for tom brady, the equipment assistant and the locker room manager, more on that at 6:00. back to you. >> we end with the good stuff. 14 community leaders received 10 grand each today and lunch. >> founders of free bikes for kids and cheerful givers were among the grassroots volunteer initiatives recognized at the annual make a difference day award. also honored of a broader way foundation. the performance camp for girls was founded by broadway star azena mendell, singer of the hit song frozen. >> if i'm a 43-year-old woman that has to be reminded of that every single day, then certainly young girls up
5:54 pm
against a chaotic challenging world could use some help. >> the annual day of volunteer service make a difference day is this october 24th. sponsors of the award luncheon and service day include our parent company gannett, newman zone and point of life. at 6:00 talk about fighting dirty, what this local cop is accused of doing in a are about fight takes the cake. >> video of -- in a bar fight takes the case. >> a school bus driver off the job facing tough
5:55 pm
super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip. that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes.
5:56 pm
this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
5:57 pm
a school bus driver in arizona is under investigation for allegedly locking some rowdy kid on board. >> vladimir gutiet has surveillance video of the rowdy scene on the bus. [ yelling and crying ] >> you're retarded! >> reporter: chil drenpush to the front of the bus trying to exit, but the driver wouldn't unlock the door. >> you bump the door you'll be buying another one. your kid will get off the bus when i'm done with them. >> reporter: nearly 40 children were inside. many cried and screamed for their parents who were at the bus stop. some parents tried to pry open
5:58 pm
the doors. others called 911. >> they've been sitting there for 10 minutes and he's not letting any of the kids out. >> reporter: then the driver takes off. >> he's driving away with all our kids. he's got all our kids on the bus. >> reporter: he takes the kids back to dysart elementary school where they were released, no injuries reported. >> i have no idea what he was doing. i didn't know if he went crazy and was going to crash into something. the way he took off he was speeding. >> reporter: the school district is investigating putting the driver on administrative leave. some parents say it's not enough. >> they're responsible for their lives, all those children on the bus, to get home safely. he did the exact opposite of. that. >> reporter: this was not the bus driver's scheduled route. the driver has resigned. >> the driver could still face charges depending on the outcome of the investigation. firefighters are mourning the death of lieutenant kevin mcrae, a man they say was their
5:59 pm
brother. i'm ellison barber. i'll tell you more in a minute. >> reporter: 5 1/2 years after an unarmed man was shot and killed by a fairfax county police officer, the dashcam video is finally released. at 6:00 an exclusive interview with the victim's father. >> reporter: mysterious secretive fbi flights, coming up the aclu demanding to know what capabilities those secret airplanes have. but first some heavy and severe storms popping up across the region. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. our first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us with more. >> up 270 big storms, good news no severe thunderstorm warnings, but the bad news, our yellow alert continues. these are heavy storms south of frederick up towards gaithersburg, clarkbsurg and another bash across i-66. you folks have been hammered in
6:00 pm
fauquier and loudoun county today. the red, leave rainfall, possibly starting to develop a little bit of hail around clarkbsurg. certainly some heavy down pours. it's going to slow you down heading home. remember, could be 1 to 2-inch hail now in this storm on the west side of 270. if your windshield wipers are on, your headlights need to be on. we'll zoom back out and storm track this. this is back building a bit, but we think it will drift south and east eventually, aspen hill 6:26 and fairland 6:46 with heavy rain and possibly hail. we'll move back to this storm, rough ride out i-66 today, olney moderate rain and pretty good rain around reston, but


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