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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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another bash across i-66. you folks have been hammered in fauquier and loudoun county today. the red, leave rainfall, possibly starting to develop a little bit of hail around clarkbsurg. certainly some heavy down pours. it's going to slow you down heading home. remember, could be 1 to 2-inch hail now in this storm on the west side of 270. if your windshield wipers are on, your headlights need to be on. we'll zoom back out and storm track this. this is back building a bit, but we think it will drift south and east eventually, aspen hill 6:26 and fairland 6:46 with heavy rain and possibly hail. we'll move back to this storm, rough ride out i-66 today, olney moderate rain and pretty good rain around reston, but the heaviest activity is
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further out west of haymarket. midland get ready about 6:36 and quantico at about 7:26. it will eventually affect the i- 95 corridor between d.c. and fredberg. we'll come back -- fredericksburg. we'll come back and look ahead to mom's day. tonight fellow d.c. firefighters, family and friends are in mourning after one of their own died fighting a fire. ellison barber joins us with more on the death of d.c. fire lieutenant kevin mcrae. >> reporter: you can see some evidence of mourning behind me. this is the fire station where lieu -- lieutenant kevin mcrae spent the last six years working with engine company 6. they've hung some black tarps over the garage door.
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lieutenant mcrae was a firefighter for 22 years. deputy chief john donnelly worked with mcrae in the rescue squad. it was challenging work, but donnelly said mcrae did more than succeed. >> whether it's going over the side of the be on a rope or how to -- building on a roam or how to search in a -- rope or how to search in a burning building for a victim, kevin had done all those thing and he taught other people. his smile and positive at -- attitudes are the best things about him. >> reporter: firefighters from all over d.c. and some from maryland came to pay respects. students that went to school with his son came by. >> when he heard about his father dying this morning, it was very painful. so we just want to show the
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fire department love. >> reporter: everybody says the fire department lost a hero today, but 1 family lost their dad. the last firefighter who actually died in the line of duty was mcrae's cousin named james mcrae and he died in 2007. some firefighters we spoke with here said knowing that has happened to this family before makes what happened today all the more tragic. i'm ellison barber, wusa9. only on 9 tonight video from a fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in fairfax county is finally released. peggy fox spoke to david masters' father and joins us live with his reaction. peg? >> reporter: it's painful for barry masters to relive losing his son, but 5 1/2 years later he's still searching for answers and information. after we and others pressed the county to release dashcam video
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of the police shooting, fairfax police today sent barry masters a link to the video. here it is. on november 13, 2009, along route 1 in fairfax county police pursued this green blazer they apparently thought was stolen. it was not, but the driver for whatever reason would not stop. as officers gave chase with lights and sirens, the driver slowed down once but then kept going. >> we're come up on you. see if you can get out there and block. >> reporter: weaving in and out of francisco and running two red lights, finally -- traffic and running two red lights, finally he was boxed in. officers with guns drawn jumped out. then one officer fired. another reacts angrily. >> hold up. what you doing, dude? come on. >> reporter: the car then moved forward and crashed about 100 yards away. the man killed was 52-year-old david masters. he was unarmed and on his way to lay flowers at a cemetery in
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honor of veterans day. he was a veteran and a very good carpenter according to his father, 83-year-old barry masters. we spoke to him today from florida. >> i'm very upset. >> reporter: today fairfax county police finally sent masters a link to that video. >> he shot him in the back, from behind. he thought he was chasing a stolen vehicle case. even that was no excuse to shoot the driver. >> reporter: from what i understand, that officer told investigators that he thought your son was reaching for a weapon. >> well, isn't that a handy story? why would he think that? he didn't have a weapon for the better part of 5 1/2 years i've been trying to get some evidence, trying to get some reports submitting freedom of information requests, all of which got turned down. why? you know, if nobody is guilty
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of anything, why won't they release any information? >> reporter: the officer who pulled the trigger was fired from the job. commonwealth attorney ray morrogh told me he did not have enough evidence to file charges and he told me lack of charges was not vindication of the officer. peggy fox, wusa9. >> that video was released as part of the commission that is looking into police practices. it was formed after county leaders withheld information in the fatal police shooting of john geer. civil libertarians tonight demanding to know more about secretive fbi flights over baltimore during last week's unrest. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in baltimore where it was a citizen using twitter who first raised the alarm about the mysterious flights over the city. the planes, a cessna 182 like this one and a citation jet
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like this flying up higher up, were tracked by civil libertarians on a website. the parents and orbits of the flight -- patterns and orbits of the flights over the city of baltimore very precise. the alcu has filed freedom of information requests to learn more. jay stanley specializes in privacy and technology for the aclu. >> our concern, there's a lot of brand-new very powerful surveillance technologies out there. some of them sweep up communications and cell phone communications about tens of thousands of people. others can track vehicles and pedestrians up to like a 25 square mile area. >> reporter: the fbi said it provided the aircraft to baltimore city police for the aerial imaging of potential criminal activity, not to monitor lawful protesters. in baltimore scott broom, wusa9. >> so far baltimore police are
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not commenting. an anne arundel county police officer is facing assault charges after reportedly biting a man's testicles during a drunken ball. corporal michael flaig, a 10 year vet an on the force, was arrested last night and according to charging documents he got into a fight behind an alley with a guy in baltimore. that is when flaig allegedly bit the man. he is charged with second degree assault and public intoxication. coming up legendary house
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former house speaker jim wright has died. he was 92. wright represented the fort worth, texas area for 34 years starting with his election in 1954. he was the democratic majority leader in the house a decade. he became speaker in 1987 replacing tip o'neill, but wright resigned two years later amid an ethics scandal charged with violating house rules on outside income and reporting gifts. investigators remain skeptical isis was behind that failed attack by two gunmen outside a cartoon contest depicting the prophet muhammad. >> both men killed by the cops were watched by federal officials. however, they weren't considered among the most likely to try to pull off an attack. the violence in garland, texas,
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has drawn comparisons to the deadly attack at the paris office of charlie hebdo, but the editor of the paper says don't make that comparison. churches in the houston, texas area have been put on alert about a woman stealing donations. north oaks baptist church says here's some security footage showing the woman moving two large collection boxes out of the camera's view during the services this past sunday so she could break into them and take thousands of dollars. the church is using social media in hopes of figuring out just who that lady is. today prince william and the duchess kate took princess charlotte and their 21-month- old son prince gorge to a trip to the couple's restored country mansion and wedding gift from queen elizabeth, ii. topper is tracking severe storms rolling through hood, the
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right now there are about 100,000 people in the country on the waiting list for a
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kidney. >> more people are joining what are called living donor chains to get a loved 1 a kidney and mary hall has the emotional first meeting between -- marley hall has the emotional meeting between five members of one such chain. >> it's amazing what you've done for me. >> thank you for what you've done for me mom. >> reporter: they hugged and thanked each other, most of these people meeting for the first time, but they already have an intimate connection. all five participated in a life saving kidney swap. we brought them together here at mount sinai kidney center. >> i didn't realize what i was starting. >> reporter: michael griggne wanted to start the chain who read on facebook jamie young needed a kidney. when you found out you were not a match for jamie, you still decided to move forward. >> it was still on my mind. i couldn't shake it. >> reporter: mike donated his kidney to a stranger so jamie could receive one. >> he's everything to me. i love him. i wouldn't be here today if it
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wasn't for him. >> reporter: jamie got her kidney from danielle antonetti. >> i went in to help my mom and to be able to help someone else is amazing. >> reporter: and her mother joanne burke did get one from randy bodwin. >> he's wonderful, beautiful, to. >> reporter: randy gave up -- too. >> reporter: randy gave up her kidney to help her mother. >> i could see how thankful she is every day and her donor wanted to remain anonymous. i owe everything to them of the. >> reporter: living donors are the key to saving more people. >> there are about 125,000 people waiting for an organ in the united states and about 100,000 of them need a kidney. >> reporter: for this group the kidney swap opened the door to something more. >> i'm ready to live life and get out there and conquer the world and with a new friend and now whole new group of friends. >> in case you're wondering, experts say a ling donor kidney
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will last 15 to 20 -- living donor kidney will last 15 to 20 years on average while a deceased donor kidney will only last about seven years. the transplants took place at mount sinai, massachusetts general hospital and johns hopkins in baltimore. getting dark and spooky outside depending where you are, i guess. >> not everybody is seeing the storms, but those folks that are getting pretty well hammered. no severe thunderstorm warnings now, but we've got a heavy storm up i-270. let's start with this picture of chantilly about 4:00 this afternoon, big time hail, thank hilda clemons for sending that in. we've had numerous reports of hail, even larger hail not far from bluemont in loudoun county. so these storms do have a history of producing hail and that's one criteria for severe weather. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and
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son weather cam, down to 79, winds southeast at 10, but no rain reported now at national. that will change because this whole area is moving south and east. some of the individual storms have been back building to the northeast, but the whole complex is sinking to the south and east. heavy rain over montgomery county and either side of montgomery county into loudoun county and still heavy rain south of i-66, but it's still into much of prince william county and fauquier and northwest of warrenton. heavy rain up 270. it's not a pleasant drive up 270, never is this time of night. rockville north heavy rain, heavy rain also on the west side east of poolsville. this was earlier. we queried the possibility of hail. it has pushed east. this is probably very small, if hail at all, but at one point hail was over 1 inch in diameter and it was right
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around slidell. if you're in that area and took pictures, send them to us and we will put on the air. still have heavy rain around clarkbsurg. everything is pushing south and east. so headed toward rockville, raining there now, wheaton at about 6:49 and college park at 7 cloth 15. the main threat -- 7:15. the main threat will be heavy downpours. going out 66, that's never fun either this time of day, back to the ferryville, very heavy rain. a few heavy storms tonight. there goes our yellow alert. bus stop temperatures nice, upper 50s to around 70 and a warm and dry finish to the week friday. futurecast 10:00 tonight still
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leftover showers, yellow, lighter activity south of manassas, south of 66, back into i-81 corridor. by morning there will be clouds around, partly sunny, upper 50s north and west, low 60s downtown, by 9:00 60s across the board, a couple sprinkles. it's all green which indicates light activity. then by 6:00 tomorrow around 80 with a couple sprinkles or showers popping up across parts of the metro area. day planner 62 at 7:00, 73 by 11:00 and 77 despite the clouds by 1:00. friday a warm finish, 83, saturday not bad. keep your tea times, a few thunderstorms late 75. for mom, good time to download our weather app. there's futurecast on it. if you're cooking out, you can say oh, that one will miss us.
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9 news wusa9 news is sponsored in part by nissan. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back. we are live at the verizon center where undoubtedly this place will be rocking again, game four between the capitals and the rangers, the capitals with an opportunity to keta a
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two-game lead. despite monday night's big win barry trotz wasn't totally pleased with his guys' performance stemming from the slow start the past couple games. with the team coming in tonight fired up after a tough loss the capitals need to stifle the rangers quickly tonight to avoid having to play catchup. >> we'll expect big effort from them in the 1st. we have to push back and take the play to them in the 1st. i think we can get face-off wins, get some zone time, play the territory game, try to limit their speed and have a good 1st period. >> it's going to be a hard fought game obviously, some desperation for sure, just going to be a fun game. >> reporter: the washington nationals did their job today getting a big victory against the marlins. i have two words for you, bryce harper. this kid's incredible. it was the nats/marlins rubber match this afternoon, huge day for no. 34. harper hit not one, not two but
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three home runs, his first career three homer day for the nats phenom, part of nats offense that pounded out 12 hits and scored seven runs, but that almost wasn't enough because max scherzer did give up five runs on the mound. in the 9th drew storen in trouble with tying runs on the base but he gets two strikeouts. nats win this one 7-5. after the game bryce harper remarked on his career day. >> trying to be aggressive today, trying to get the pitches in the zone and trying to do some damage. i was happy we came away with the win. >> reporter: the nationals still waiting on information regarding stephen strasburg who left yesterday with a shoulder injury. he was scheduled to see a doctor today. he is just added to another list of nationals injured players, but manager matt williams says the team is fighting through it all. >> i think they're okay. i think they're grinding
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through the initial part of the season and all the hiccups and may wires and all the thing -- haywires and all the things that have gone on so far. >> reporter: the nats got the w. can the caps make it two in a row? the puck tropical -- drops tonight at 7:30. we'll have a recap at 11:00. back to you in the studio. it's time to rock the red. >> we like it when the local teams all play the same day and have a chance to do well. >> synergy. we're seeing more good thing about our local teams now. that's it for us. cbs evening news is next. >> i'm back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. so we'll see you then.
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>> pelley: deflate-gate tonight the final report concludes that it's probable that members of the new england patriots cheated in the a.f.c. championship. what did quarterback tom brady know? also tonight, severe storms, including tornadoes threaten the plain states. a cbs news investigation-- taxpayers paying hundreds of millions of dollars for dubious drugs for wounded vets. vets. >> reporter: what you're saying is you were doing something wrong? >> uh, i couldn't disagree with that. >> pelley: and they sing like angels after battling their demons. >> as soon as i heard those people, i knew i was connected. captioning sponsored by cbs


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