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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now a battle is brewing in one northwest washington neighborhood over a multi-level party house that's allegedly hosted events with rappers like drake and lil wayne. happy friday. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the district is trying to legally stop the house's owner from throwing the parties, but he says it's the people he rents it to on a website throwing the parties. >> reporter: just want to give you an idea of this neighbor on q street, quiet tree lined block. the party house is right down here down an alleyway. you can rent it right now off airbnb for 1,200 bucks a night. apparently people are because there was a party here just last night. >> there was actually 400 people there and a rap concert going on. >> reporter: a rap concert and a packed party house with level
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upon level upon level and a pool on the roof, it's like something out of mtv. >> often at times you see the house that kind of screams party and even though would have talked about it extensively via e-mail that there are regulations. there's noise ordinances. >> reporter: local business man doug jeffries owns the house. he uses airbnb to rent it. >> they receive calls every night that there is a party at this house. >> reporter: vanessa natelili worked on the lawsuit for the attorney general and said in one year police were called more than 100 times. >> cops have come, said they've heard nothing. >> reporter: jeffries blame one neighbor for all the calls. >> it's the just the noise. it's the safety. mr. jeffries' house does not have any sprinklers. >> reporter: there are also issues with exits. jeffries says there aren't. as far as sprinklers, we asked.
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>> as applies to any home in d.c. >> reporter: jeffries says since he got the lawsuit he's added this line to airbnb page not for events, but just last night there was this. >> i started renting two years ago for the mere fact of raising the funds to do the things i do in haiti. >> reporter: jeffries says he spent most of his airbnb money building a community center in haiti. the district says he's making money building a party spot along here on u street. >> we're just asking mr. jeffries and others like him come in compliance with the law. >> reporter: this area is zoned for residential use only. this may be one of the first lawsuits against someone for doing business on airbnb. a couple months back the attorney general in new york launched a similar investigation. live in dupont circle, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> the district says jeffries
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may have legal liability for potentially failing to pay taxes on that business income. a well known rabbi convicted of videotaping women in a ritual bath could face a long prison term. rabbi barry freundel pleaded guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism after he was caught last year. >> iing on dozens of women. hank silverberg is -- year spying on dozens of women. hank silverberg is at the courthouse. >> reporter: this sentencing recommendation is 17 years and three months in prison for the crimes which took place over several decades. freundel was a sole rabbi at kesher israel, a jewish guide to thousands of jews around the region and elsewhere when hidden cameras were discovered over the mikvah. there were dozens of women. >> what barry did was wrong, but he shouldn't have to go to death life.
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treatment is always an option. >> reporter: she says she may never feel a comfortable about her religion because of broken trust. >> never i cannot trust a rabbi again. >> reporter: any rabbi? >> any rabbi again. >> reporter: jeffrey is emma's husband. >> he was sort of like a drug addict and, you know, it was an addiction. the question i ask is should a drug addict, you know, get so many years in prison? >> reporter: freundel is 63 and could face a maximum sentence of 52 years in prison. he has lost both his job and leadership role in the jewish community worldwide. the judge will consider the sentencing recommendation friday. he could give freundel more or less time in prison. hank silverberg, wusa9. >> we did reach out to freundel's attorney, but he's not returned our phone call. georgetown university police have arrested a man wanted for an armed robbery on campus. wednesday night two people
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robbed a student near the mcdonagh business school. the man held a gun to the student while his partner, a woman, demanded the victim's wallet. the robber was spotted at the levy center on campus. he was taken into custody carrying the gun used in wednesday's robbery as well as several off campus robberies. a d.c. man sentenced to 28 years for the murder of a hour university student. omar sykes was shot and killed in july of 2013 and 28-year-old ross david lagarde was arrested months later. he said his gun went off by accident while he was pistol whipping sykes. a man sent to prison for an attempted rape he committed nine days after arriving in this country. the 22-year-old got a sentence of 10 years behind bars. the attempted rape happened outside an apartment complex in ashburn last june. prosecutors say ladollo grabbed a woman who was taking outs her trash, forced her into the rad, but then ran off when the
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woman's streams attracted a passer-by. d.c. police are asking for the public's help to identify this woman. here's a picture of her as well as rings and boots found next to her body. that woman was discovered at a apartment in northwest on 5100 connecticut avenue in northwest. tropical storm ana still off the south carolina coast tonight. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt will tell us whether she'll move northward and make a mess of your weekend plans. >> she's much stronger, sustained winds up to 60 miles an hour, gusts to 70, still technically a subtropical storm. 74 mile-per-hour is hurricane strength. it's about 145 miles southeast of myrtle beach. the circulation is still offshore. you can see heavier bands of showers and storms moving east back to the northwest across coastal, north and south carolina. here is the track.
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it stays south of us it looks like through the weekend and perhaps through monday. we get into saturday, 8:00, sunday now 8 p.m. inland from will ming wilmington. -- wilmington. it's going to generally leave us alone. tomorrow morning clouds returning, temps in the 60s, a sprinkle possible, but your soccer games will be played. by noon 70s and by 4:00 a couple showers possible, but not a bad looking day. we'll take futurecast through mother's day and give you the 3- degree guarantee when we come back. in baltimore today lawyers for six officers charged in the death of freddie gray filed a motion to dismiss charges or take prosecutor marilyn mosby off the case. they accused mosby of using inflammatory rhetoric after gray's neck was broken while in police custody. meanwhile a justice department investigation is underway into the baltimore
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police department. >> attorney general loretta lynch announced the investigation will be looking for discriminatory policing practices including any patterns of deadly force or improper police stops or searches. that investigation follows the police death of freddie gray which sparked days of unrest and violence in baltimore. the family's attorney welcomes the federal probe. >> this can be a model for the nation because of this investigation. >> our goal is to work with the community, public officials and law enforcement alike to create a stronger, better baltimore. >> the investigation is expected to take months. attorney general lynch says the justice department will seek a court enforceable agreement to address any constitutional violations they find. a separate civil rights investigation into gray's death is also underway. tonight our u.s. military bases are on higher alerts because of threats from isis. the pentagon says there's no specific threat but a lot of chatter on social media. all vehicles approaching
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military installations will be subject to search. quantico is the only town in america completely surrounded by a military base. >> security issues arise or inclement weather, disasters, that type of thing, the base does have purview to limit or control that access and they do card and id chekov coming to town. >> the chairman of the house homeland security committee says there are thousands of potential extremists currently living in the u.s. only a small number are actually under active surveillance. it is temple of transformance, a 20-foot handcrafted pagoda set on fire tonight on mason pond on the camp of george mason university. >> but it didn't go off without a hitch. >> reporter: the fire is just getting going now. believe it or not, this is a school projects when art
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students at dmu approached his teacher about setting fire to the pagoda in the middle of the pond, he got a few looks like are you crazy, but apparently mike checked all the safety box in his plan from how it would be lit to put out and everything in between and after a few layers of approval he got the okay. what is the points? students have spent the last few weeks writing on the walls of this pagoda their fears, burdens, troubles, painful memories and the point is to burn them all away. not to mention it's just cool to watch. check this out. just a sight out here on the pond. flames are really getting going now. a few things that were requested for but weren't approved, mike didn't get all of his arrests approved, like the launching of the flaming bow and arrow from the banks of the mason pond. that was one thing that he wanted to do but wouldn't get the approval for that.
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who needs that when you've got all this? >> who i deed? that's mola lenghi reporting from george mason. i don't know why he couldn't get the flaming bow and arrow. i can't imagine what could have gone wrong there. coming your way in a minute dozens of vintage military aircraft from world war ii taking flight over the national mall. >> it's another scary night of severe weather in the southern plains. >> but up next don't let four- roof trespassers
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calls any time of day. >> i'm surprised the deer didn't ring the doorbell and ask for dessert. >> reporter: who could blame them with all this on display? >> if i didn't have these various levels of deer resistant plants and the deer scram, pretty much everything would be flattened. >> reporter: bess da community garden club member vicki bailey is obsessed with the landscaping around her garrett park home. before she figure out the best way to save her plants the deer were literally fighting for a meal. >> they decimated the grace in this whole area. >> reporter: this labyrinth is her centerpiece of the garden and the 100 other plants with a strategy to help them survive. this is the best way to protect your investment. >> these are japanese garden plant says. >> reporter: you can use spray, lights or make noise, but the real trick is to pick plants deer typically don't
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like, daffodils, snap dragons, ferns and southern magnolias just some of the garden staples unappetizing. they won't nip on rosemary, tear tarragon or thyme either. >> if you buy plants in the fall, you can get a good deal. >> reporter: a few steps and added research can help you reclaim your territory from the herd. we can help you do some of that research. we have links to help build a deer resistant garden on our website, lesli foster, wusa9. >> those gardeners tell lesli it's not only the deer to think about before you plant. keep in mind rabbits and mole love to munch, too. if you go to our app, lesli has a slew of suggestions for other critter resistant plants.
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>> they love roses. it was a once in a lifetime sight in the skies over the nation's capital many won't forget soon. dozens of world war ii vintage planes flying over the national mall today to mark the 70th anniversary of the allies victory in europe and hundreds of world war ii vets were there to witness it. >> i saw our own plane over in germany that was shot down. >> they must never allow us to get into a great war like that again. >> the ceremony honoring ve day is the largest event at the world war ii memorial since its dedication 11 years ago. one vintage plane had to cut its flight short after a mechanical problem caused the pilot to break formation and land at reagan national airport, but no one was hurt. new dramatic video of a small plane that crashed and burned on an atlanta interstate going down shortly after takeoff grazing the hood of a tractor trailer before it
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slammed into the median killing all four on board. they were on their way to university of mississippi for a graduation ceremony. it has been yet another night of severe weather for folks in the southern plains. several tornadoes were reported as the storms crossed from texas into oklahoma. hail the size of golf and tennis balls was falling on southwestern oklahoma and the wind was gusting up to 60 miles an hour knocking down power lines outside oklahoma city. several inches of rain in just a couple hours caused a lot of flooding, more storms possible over the weekend. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> all right. big weekend for mommies. >> i tweeted this out earlier and put it on facebook. this weekend we're going to have snow in the rockies, 12 to 18 inches of snow, severe weather in the plains and subtropical ana off the southeast coast, kind of
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unusual. our 3-degree guarantee, tough one today, clouds and southeast flow. we went 83. it was 84. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, very nice, sort of summer-like, quite frankly, 71 still downtown, humidity up there a bit, 68%, winds south at 10. we're not talking ac weather yet. let me show you satellite picture radar combined, mainly rain, but denver could have severe weather tomorrow and snow tomorrow night and sunday morning. the redboxs are still tornado watches for much of west texas and north texas into now what is southeastern oklahoma, the same area of storms we showed you a minute ago that brought the hail to southwestern oklahoma. in the meantime we go south and east and have tropical storm warnings for much of south and north carolina as ana is 140 miles southeast of myrtle beach meandering off the coach. it will make landfall over the
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weekend. it's going to stay south of us through monday night. for us a few fair weather clouds. we are in pretty good shape, temps above average. warm all weekend, 80s, morning and afternoon showers possible tomorrow, not a huge deal. many of you won't see anything, better chance of storms on mother's day and how it could affect the metro area monday with storms and showers. 1:00 tomorrow just clouds, temperatures in the 70s near 80, not much in term of shower, very scattered tomorrow, by 5:30 low 80s, partly cloudy skies. sunday morning clouds return, a couple showers possible early sunday morning, temperatures by 8:00 70s downtown. during the day low to mid-80s and by afternoon a few scattered showers possible out west of town and culpeper and i- 81. 66 at 7:00, 77 by 1:00, maybe a
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sprinkle. 85 for mom, better chance of showers and storms but not washouts. upper 80s monday. that's the best chance for showers and thunderstorms. tuesday we're still in the upper 80s and a front goes through. we return to some beautiful weather. we're talking about wednesday, thursday and friday back in the for highs which sounds cool, but actually that's average. caps had a chance to shut it out, take care of business, tough one. >> feel like somebody kicked my dog and i ain't even got a dog. new york, new york, big city of dreams, that's what the old rapper grand master flash used to say, but it turned out to be a nightmare for the caps tonight, a game of inches and now the caps got to come back to d.c. and defend home ice. we'll tell you how it all went down tonight in gotham city next.
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okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> one of my old football coaches at the naval academy
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used to love to say men, there's nothing like going on the road and winning, like going into the opponents' living room, stealing their china, eating their food, then bell whiching right in their face. the -- belching right in their face. that's what he used to say all the time. 3rd period, here we go, curtis glencross for the caps on the break-away goes from location player to lumberjack. he misses it and then starts chopping at it and wouldn't you know it, it's in there. 1-0 caps. minute and 20 seconds, rangers in trouble. chris kreider bails out new york. tied going into overtime and the rangers ryan mcdonagh, he says hey, we ain't done fighting yet. we live to fight another day. new york wins in overtime 2-1. >> it was close and obviously
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nobody said it was going to be easy. >> we respond well to adversity, so had to prepare and put a good game forward in game six. >> game six sunday. it wasn't long ago we used to lament how the nats couldn't beat the braves. remember that? those days are over. atlanta has become washington's pinata. the nats treat the braves like stepchildren, redheaded ones at that. let's get to the ballpark. bryce harper or he-man as i like to say by the power of graso, i have the power. >> i used to watch it. >> he told reporters this is how i expect to play, fourth home run in two days, nats beat atlanta the third time in four meetings 9-2. new york edema news says tom brady is going to be suspended by commissioner roger
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goodell for his role in deflategate. the independent wells report implicating brady's involvement to a degree. the suspension could come as early as next week. our game of the week 116,000 votes. >> wow. >> yeah, for lacrosse in northern virginia. stone bridge versus south lakes and this is south lakes joseph nguyen working his whalen the net. that's a pretty nice -- way behind the net. that's a pretty nice move. gus capasse, when somebody comes along you can whip it and he whips it in, stone bridge wins 10-4. so the wizards most likely going without the wall star, meaning the depth they've touted all year will be tested. guys like ramon sessions will have to step it up more. he had 21 in game two. the memo for game three is pretty simple. >> i don't want anyone to try
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to be john wall. ramon has to be ramon. will has to be will. they're not going to be john. >> one man goes down. you have to step up. it's the team collectively stepping up and go from there. for fun friday we were going to spoof randy wittman and his rant, but that's too easy. fun friday certainly transcend sports and our anchor jan jeffcoat heading off to have this baby. >> i'm scared now. >> so the sports office came up with some gifts for the baby. >> this should be good. >> here's a message from the baby. check this out right here. these are called the little belly stickers. ready or not here i come. that baby is coming. here's the other one. of course, it's going to be a skins fan. most skins fans throw up when they watch the team, so the baby can do. this there you go.
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you will not sleep another year, so you'll need this right here. take a look at this. there you go. it's got some stuff in it. >> i could use it now actually. >> this is a baby or derek mcginty pacifier. we do have a real gift. we go into commercial. we've got a real gift. we got these for you. >> thank you, guys. thanks to all the viewers, too.
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jan jeffcoat, we will miss you, but you will be
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