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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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investigators from outside his agency will handle the shooting by two deputies. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. that shooting killed a domestic violence suspect who had been chased into an elementary school farcing lot. scott broom joins us from outside the elementary school in landover with the new details. >> reporter: the sheriff's department's side of the story is that this suspect was using his pickup truck as a weapon against these two deputies and that is why they shot him to death in this parking lot here. killed in confrontation was 34- year-old lionel lorenzo young who according to court records was due in court today after his girl friend swore out a protective order against him. >> her life was being threatened by her boyfriend aknife. >> reporter: the girl friend called 911 before 10:00 last night saying young was
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threatening her. dispatchers told her to get in her car and get away. >> she was given further instructions to continue driving until law enforcement arrived. our sheriff's deputies arrived. >> reporter: that started a pursuit that ended at the rice elementary school after crossing the d.c. line and coming back. spencer said young was trapped by two deputies and used his vehicle as a weapon. >> he used his vehicle a number. times repeatedly to ram the deputies' vehicles and, of course, they responded because they were in fear of their live. >> reporter: that's when the deputies shot him to death. today young's physical and friends gathered at the school bewildered. >> very hard worker, great dad to his children and never known to put his hands on a female, so it was just shocking. >> reporter: young has an exclusive criminal history, was accused and acquitted of a 1998 murder. spencer says last night's shooting by two deputies will be investigated independently
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by the prince george's county police, a completely separate agency from the sheriff's department. now sheriff's vehicles here in prince george's county typically do not have dashcam. so video of this incident is unlikely to exist, although spencer could not tell me that for sure. reporting live in landover at the rice elementary school, scott broom, wusa9. >> we should note normally the sheriff's department in prince george's county only handles things like warrants and court security and police handle things on the street, but as part of an anti-violence strategy sheriff's deputies do get involved in some calls. that is what happened last night. funeral arrangements have been set for firefighter kevin mcrae who died in the line of duty last week. a public sendoff will be held friday at d.c. armory in southeast. the viewing will take place at 9 a.m. followed by a public memorial service at 11 a.m.
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firefighters from across the country will arrive in the district for friday's remembrance. in a story you will only see on 9:00, kevin mcrae's widow and children sat down to talk about the loss of a husband and father with our bruce johnson who is sharing more of their stories tonight. >> very impressive family still coming to grips with a great dad and the loss of her life. >> i'm not sure what i'm going to do without kevin. kevin was my best friend. >> trell parker mcrae is still trying to wrap her head around the fact her husband and best friend is gone. >> of time we'd go anywhere -- every time we'd go anywhere we'd go together. we were like velcro. >> reporter: 44-year-old lieutenant kevin mcrae, graduate of ballou senior high school in the fire cadet program died last wednesday. >> that's all he talked about, how they all looked out for each other. >> reporter: he had been fighting a two-alarm blaze in
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the shaw neighborhood when they collapsed to the ground in cardiac arrest. >> he always made sure that i knew to stand on my own two feet and not depend on nobody else. >> reporter: lieutenant mcrae leaves two sons by previous marriages, his second wife died from cancer. >> it's hard. i lost my mother two years ago. now turn around and lose my father, but i mean he went out doing something he loved. >> he's got two stepchildren. the veteran fireman leaves a daughter who proudly reminds us she's now in 1st grade. >> she knows his gone, but she keeps asking me she better see him again. >> there are pictures and videos throughout the waldorf, maryland townhouse that practically shout out a fireman lives her. that's all kevin mcrae ever wanted to be. >> i'm going to try and join the cadet program. >> reporter: the 100th d.c. firefighter killed in the line of duty. his cousin was the 99th and he,
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too, died of a heart attack while on the job. the first firefighter that died on the job died on the same day as kevin on the same street back in 8 -- 1856. did you ever worry about him? >> every day. i'm still lost what i'm going to do once all of this is over with. >> you can expect hundreds, if not thousands, to turn out friday at the funeral for kevin mcrae at the d.c. armory in. addition to being a popular firefighter, he's a church man that. means he would voluntarily fill in for no pay for other firefighters who had to leave the job because they wanted to attend church services. >> it's so hard. you want to give these firefighters their roses while they're here. we often focus on their service and sacrifice when they're gone, but there's a common thread between so many of them. nearly half the firefighters that die in the line of duty die from a heart attack.
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>> 47%. part of this is dna. part of this is the stress of the job. they carry about 100 pounds of gear into an oven and they they run up flights of stairs. so if you're not in shape, it compounds everything. got to have more specific programs targeting this, getting in shape, nutrition. own words lieutenant mcrae wrote on his facebook page what it meant to be a d.c. firefighter? we've got a copy of it on our website lots of new information in that chilling moth er'sday murder of two grandparents in rockville. the maryland medical examiner ruled the cause of depths homicide and the manner sharp force injuries. our bruce leshan is live at the house where detectives now think they understand how that kill are found his way inside.
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-- killer found his way inside. right, bruce? >> reporter: that's right, derek. police suspect that the killer or killers got in through a window in which the latch may have malfunction., but they don't know if this was some kind of random burglary here or if julianne and richard vilardo were somehow targeted by their murderer. police briefly question the driver of a landscaping truck. neighbors say the couple had some tree work done recently, but police let the landscape are go. >> detectives are looking at many different possibilities. >> reporter: police will only say that the killer may have come in through an open window and 65-year-old richard vilardo was cut or stabbed to death around the back of the house. his wife julianne cut or stabbed to death inside. >> they just really, really
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enjoyed their life. they were great people. >> reporter: the vilardos had gone to the hollywood casino in charlestown, west virginia, with friend saturday night and got home just before midnight. the neighbor across the street who went with them says there was no big jackpot, nothing to attract a killer to follow them home. were they ostentatious? >> no, no, no. that's what i mean, no, not at all. >> reporter: police say they are still unsure if this was a random break-in or if the vilardos were somehow targeted. >> it's not very comforting to have the police tell you oh, you know, we don't think you need to worry. anybody that's living here and your neighbors have been killed, you're worried. >> reporter: the neighborhood list serve says that the vilardos were killed in their pajamas. police decline to confirm that. police will be going to the casino in west virginia going over surveillance tape to see if they can find anyone following the couple.
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live in rockville, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> a really disturbing crime. the vilardos were supposed to meet their kids for a mother's day brunch. when they didn't turn up, their daughter went to their home and found them murdered. get ready for some hazy, hot and humid weather before we all experience a serious drop in temperatures. topper, how low and when? >> we have one more day that's going to be more like summer and midweek looks like the temperature will drop to 20 degrees, which will be average levels. let's start with futurecast tomorrow 2 p.m., 88 degrees. tomorrow could be our first 90- degree day actually and the hottest day since last september. we'll advance it. notice by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 we'll be right around 90 degrees. we're looking at temperatures north and west in the upper 80s, 85 in gaithersburg, 88 in
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manassas, 91 also in fredericksburg. this is at 4:00 on futurecast. the cold front goes through tomorrow afternoon. temps start to fall tomorrow night. cold hard lags. by wednesday 2 -- cold air lags. by wednesday 2:30 we've gone from 88 to 70. we'll lose a lot of the between tuesday and wednesday, 60s between gaithersburg and leesburg and winds out of the northwest breezy and a factor, also, on wednesday. we'll come back and talk about whether or not the cold front goes through dry and if the cool air lasts through the week. talk about a big baby, coming up the measurements of this
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a person with ebolalike symptoms now being treated at university of virginia medical center. turns out this person recently traveled to west africa. even though the hospital says the probability the patient actually has ebola is pretty low, they're taking every precaution which means the patient is isolated in the hospital and will receive care from a limited number of staff. at least two people are dead after a powerful typhoon slammed into the philippines. >> that storm forced nearly 4,000 others to flee to shelters. the worst of the storm is over, but landslides are now the
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concern. typhoon noul is expected to move away from the philippines tuesday morning headed for southern japan. get ready for a taste of
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from one side of town to the other side metro paralyzed by firefighters who were trying to investigate smoking insulators. >> the problem started about 7:30 this morning, continued through 11:00 and passengers were stranded and couldn't get clear information. >> faulty metro speakers, it's a problem we warned you about more than a year ago and it reared its ugly head again today with smoking insulators from one side of d.c. to the other. these frustrated passengers mocked the metro speaker system with their charlie brown adult voices. they rode confusing treks that stole their morning. >> it said several times this morning. >> reporter: in a 2014 investigation a wusa9 analysis found 79% of on board announcements unclear or worse. passengers today complained of hearing no announcements at all. >> terrible.
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they didn't tell anybody anything. >> reporter: this man gave up after a 75 minute wait not knowing whether metro could get him into the district. >> i've walk over here from roslyn. >> reporter: in step with their response to our 2014 investigation, metro did not respond to us today. we'll stay on them and we'll bring you answers. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9 news. >> metro says the 7000 series trains will have upgraded speakers, but even if they get the funding, they won't all be in place until 2020. a couple in pennsylvania announced celebrating the birth of their first child. it's a boy, but he weighs in at 13 pounds 10 ounces. michelle and brad hall have named the child isaac michael hall. he's drawn a bit of a crowd at the hospital maternity ward. michelle says carrying him was quite a color. >> i always say we were nine months pregnant the last three >> nine months pregnant the last three months, that's
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funny. the doctor who helped deliver said he hasn't seen a baby this big in 30 years of practice. >> that's a solid citizen right there. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> you know what they say? what they're that big, they sleep like a baby. let's hope he sleepless through the night. we went 86 today for a high and temperatures have fallen in the afternoon to the upper 70s and low 80s. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, back to 80, good thing, relative humidity a little high, 67%, winds east, southeast at 7. the radar over the past couple hours these showers sort of died out altogether, prince george's county and anne arundel. these thunderstorms holding together a little better out toward romney and now still west of i-81 but approaching the winchester area and i-81 corridor. we'll zoom in.
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see the red? that's heavy rain, lightning strike, heavy activity west of strasburg. they could hold together. futurecast is trying to hold these together as they move off to the south and east, so winchester, front royal, upperville could be in the path. we'll keep the chance of an isolated shower in tonight. if you want to grill out tonight, the odds weigh in your favor. bus stop temperatures, warm 64 to 78, 78 by 9:00 in the morning. could be our first 90-degree day tomorrow. some folks did hit 90 today, but i'm talking about national or dulles, could be the warmest day since last september. much cooler the rest of the week. front goes through tomorrow about 1:00. the cool air will lag behind it, cooler tomorrow night, wednesday and thursday. futurecast 6 a.m., showers back toward martinsburg and also into much of cumberland and romney and petersburg.
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they're all light. 71 at 6:00 in the morning downtown, some clouds rolling through. the front will move through in the late morning. we'll see clouds, but temps still in the 70s and then by 1:00 you got temperatures 87 downtown, 83 in gaithersburg, 85 in manassas. you saw the 90-degree go by. with 80s before he 80 -- 80s pretty much across the board. by 11:00 tomorrow night we're looking at temperatures back in the 60s with just a few clouds. so looks like this on the day planner, very warm start, 72 to start, 78 by 9:00, upper 80s by 1:00 with partly cloudy skies. here's the cooler air. breezy and cooler on wednesday, 74 but gorgeous, 74 also on thursday, very nice, lows in the 50s which means 40s in the burbs. 76 friday, maybe a late shower
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and showers and storms possible saturday and sunday, but still not a washout, low 80s and mid- 80s with a better chance of showers and storms monday. we will be
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again without their all-star point guard. nothing much has changed on john wall. the news is the same. he will not play tonight. his third missed game since suffering fractures in his hand during game one. coach randy wittman told me today despite the loss of wall the way the team has been able to overcome that has helped build their confidence moving forward. >> just a matter of people stepping up, but just being who you are, you know. we aren't going to put anybody on the floor that can do the things john can. as long as we understand that and stay to our strengths as individuals, you can have success. >> reporter: of course, just here last night we saw the caps fall to the new york rangers forcing a game seven, but they had to chip back from a deficit from the very beginning of the game. despite that that didn't do much to dampen the confidence of that team either as they head up to new york next, especially that of the great 8 in. his postgame comments alex ovechkin made a bold statement
6:26 pm
saying we will come back and win this series. he said something to that effect a few time over the night. it's being called the ovie guarantee and today coach barry trotz stood by his captain's comments. >> what do you expect a player to say? i love that. i love that a player has got the wherewithal to say hey, we're going to go there and we're going to go after them and we're going to leave it out there and i have a lot of respect for players that say that. >> reporter: this next story is brought to you by captain obvious, bryce harper. nationals league player of the week, deservedly so and no surprise about that news, what a week bryce harper had. it began with a monster game, three home runs, followed that up with a two-home run game and capped it off with a walkoff home run, a .4065 batting
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averages and leading the league in home runs. maryland terrapins, good news, former guard sulaimon will play in college park next season. he was dismissed in january, so a big pickup for mark turgeon and his team. the league has suspended patriots quarterback tom brady for four games without pay for his role in deflategate during the afc championship game. the patriots were fined $1 million will lose their first round draft pick next year. you can bet this will be appealed for sure. so lots of news. tip-off in about a half hour. we'll see if the wizards can get it done. >> thanks. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> we'll be back for your only local news at 7:00. we will see you then. have a great night!
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>> pelley: breaking news the new england patriots and star quarterback tom brady are hit quarterback tom brady are hit with penalties for cheating on the way to the super bowl. also tonight -- >> there goes the school. >> pelley: deadly tornadoes strike the heart of america mowing down everything in their path. defective gm ignition switches are now blamed for at least 100 deaths. and the first lady's candid reflections on life in the spotlight. >> cable news charmingly referred to me as "obama's baby mama." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today the super bowl champion new england patriots and quarterback tom brady learned the price they will pay for cheating.


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