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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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here on frankford street 100 yards or so across the way from where the train was travel through the port richmond neighborhood and went off the tracks and the ramifications that seemed to be endless. the ntsb is out with preliminary information and information it describes as robust. the train was going nearly twice as fast as it should have been, 200 people hurt at least. and 6 people are probably -- 7 people are certainly dead and perhaps there are more victims to be found. once again, that investigation continues. debra alfarone has more on what the ntsb spokesman said earlier. >> reporter: and the crane that is are behind me were lifting two of the 7 trains that derailed last night. then a said they are taking them to a secure location. the investigation is far from over and today we got a basically a listen on what it was like to be here to hear it and to see what happened last night. >> i see them coming with stretchers and people having
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you know all types of injuries shaking up -- shaken up and bloody faces like walk dead. >> reporter: a neighbor describes the scene last night. this is today, you are looking at rid wrote ntsb just released giving us a firsthand view of what investigators are seeing more than 20 hours after amtrak train 188 careen odd off the track apps plunged into darkness and chaos. >> this happened and came out of nowhere and where i was sitting it felt like the train was lifted off. >> reporter: the bump on jeff cutler's of brooklyn new york's head is where he bounced around he's sat in the second car. the ntsb is down loading info from the event recorders. they are like black boxes. the hope is they will tell investigators anything they can about amtrak train 188 as it rounded the sharp curve where it jumped the tracks tournament turning a simple commute into play kate -- complicated chaos in seconds. the speed limit is 50 miles an hour. that's from the federal
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railroad administration and tonight the ntsb is sail preplim narily the train was -- saying preliminarily the train was going more than 106 miles per hour when it round the curve. >> i heard a thud that's all i remember. >> reporter: ants ntsb says that there's actually a front facing camera that is on that train. they are hoping that's going to give them clues also the ntsb says if they are going to be here for a week. let's go over to scott broom who is live over at temple university hospital where many of the people are on that trainthat were injured were taken. scott. >> reporter: a lot of survivor stories here and, of course, now the doctors know why there's so many fatalities and so many injuries because of the speed of that train. at over 100 miles per hour. you will hear from one of the doctors in a moment that's treating among the 23 patients that are still here at temple university hospital.
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but first the survivor story from one of the lucky ones who was able to walk out of the hospital today. washington, d.c. resident his name is caleb bonham. >> i am very blessed to be as safe as i with a compared to everybody else on the train. there was a lot of people that are hurting on the train. >> reporter: dr. cushing says the most severe injuries is crushed rib dmiedges i was surprised at number of rib injuries and relative few head injuries. and i think we are fortunate there weren't more deaths. for speed and more force i've got, so, it did not help certainly. >> we were tipping and chairswere all over the place and everything sort of just broke down inside of the train. >> everybody on the train was helping people. there were some older people on the train that needed a lot of assistance. and you know, people stepped up. there's no doubt.
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>> reporter: other survivors echoed the reck ligs of passengers helping other pass -- recollection of passengers helping other passengers. >> i am here and walk and i got lucky. >> that is nightmare. i saw so many head injuries and you know bloody faces. >> reporter: among the survivors former u.s. congressman and iraqvet patrick murphy. >> i stayed back and told the people who were bleeding to put pressure on the wounds where they are bleeding from because you don't want to see the folks bleed out. >> i think it was a cast and we passed it. >> reporter: and ending there was the doctor here at temple university hospital again, in totality now we have 7 fatalities, we had 149 injured and 53 of them were brought here to temple university hospital. a lot of them have been released thankfully but they still have 23 in the hospital and 8 of them in critical condition. and this is just one of the hospitals treating people here in philadelphia. reporting live at the temple
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university hospital, derek back to you. >> reporter: all right thanks so much for that and as you said incredible today. a lot of people recovering and a number of people grieving. i should note both u.s. senator from the state of pennsylvania were on the block today senators toome and casey and i asked him about the politics around this because of the issue of amtrak funding and he said look this is not the time to talk politics. i am just here to deal with the grief and pain of my constituents and the politics will come up 2078 or -- tomorrowor the next day and he says he is for sure to make sure they have enough money to make sure it's safe and gets the job done. reporting live from franksford street in philadelphia derek mcgenty i will toss it back to you. >> all right thanks derek. philadelphia's mayor calls this information preliminary, but we do know that there are at least 7 people who died in that crash
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last night. >> three people killed on amtrak one 88 from union station and stephanie ramirez is at the a.p. office with the storey. stephanie. >> reporter: and bruce, the associated press has an employee who died in the derailment outside their office as in dc on l street and 13th street northwest where our media colleagues are mourning the loss of a beloved cowork other. u.s. naval academy in annapolis is mourning a midshipman that died this morning and a third victim a man from maryland who we have identified as abeed jilani. a 5-year-old wells fargo senior vice president from rockville maryland is the latest victim in the tuesday fatal amtrak wreck. the first victim to be identified was 20-year-old second year u.s. nare navy academy midshipman justice
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zemser. his mother speak out today knees loving son nephew and cousin who was community mind. this tragedy shocked us in the worst way. >> reporter: photos all over a her facebook page who we learned her son was sprint football player and valedictorian and academy spokesman says he was on leave and headed home to new york. also a victim 48-year-old jimgaines the father of two and associated press video software architect on his way home toplainsboro new jersey from meetings in dc. people throughout the region grieving and trying to come to testimonies with this unexpected tragedy. >> he was absolutely wonderful and everybody looked up to my son. and it's no other words i can say. >> reporter: and bruce and lesli i spoke to a lot of people on and off camera about this and they say they are all connected to amtrak through
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school work or leisurely travel and they will be watching very closely to see how amtrak handles this. in northwest dc stephanie ramirez wusa 9news. >> the busiest rain line in the country sheet down thousands -- rail line in the country shut down thousands were stranded. scores waited in line trying to get buses north to new york and boston. and a whole lot of trains headed from florida and atlanta and they had to stop in dc where they ordered passengers off. >> the train that crashed that was our train we were supposed to be in. >> reporter: you were supposed to be on the train. >> yes. >> reporter: and how come you weren't on it. >> god's grace. >> hotels here will be booked. amtrak says they don't have a schedule for tomorrow between new york and philadelphia. it will be up to the ntsb to decide when and if it can release the crash scene back to the railroad. >> let's recap the derailment of amtrak northeast regional train null 188. 7 people were killed more than 200 others hurt when that train
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jumped the tracks in philadelphia last night. the ntsb recovered the train's data recorder and investigators believe that it was traveling at 106 miles an hour and hit a curve rated for just 50 miles an hour when it tumbled. the federal railroad administration says amtrak inspected the tracks before the accident and found no defects. we are following this story closely on air and online. we will have updates for you on our wusa9 mobile app too. when we come back we will talk about how chilly it's going to be and show outpollen count. highs for trees and grasses and high for mold spores. we will come back and talk about if we have rain in the forecast. believe it or not we need so
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together prince george county police are look for gunmen who opened fire on five men kione. reginald brown iii of southeast washington was killed. gunshots range out after 11 last night near glazer avenue in capitol heights maryland. and medics rushed 4 other victims to the hospital all with nonlife-threatening gunshot wounds. authorities do not believe this was a random shooting. tonight 39-year-old jan parchuski of chicago was arrest and charged with a string of high end jewelry thefts across
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fairfax county. police think he worked with as many as 3 other people to pullit off of the investigators say and his accomplices broke into at least 4 homes and they say the group would wait until the victims left and then break in. >> topper says get ready for a walk on the mild side. sunny weather on the way
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that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
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in today's health alert the use of antibuy bioutics and overuse is causing major problems around the world with typhoid fever. >> that's right connected to potent train of the bacteria and common with food poisoning. >> it's being called an epidemic and antibiotic resistant strain of salmonella is calling a fie toyed fever outbreak in africa and asia. >> it can be transmitted in different ways including some food products and some association with exposure to some animals. >> reporter: infectious disease experts of the fairfax hospital says this is a different strain from thetime type we have hear about normally in association with food poisoning here in the u.s. >> which is not a common type of salmonella we see in this country. we are seeing increasing
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resistance to salmonella throughout the world. >> reporter: you're traveling in africa or south asia there a vaccine for typhoid fever 50 to 70% effective. >> the best advice we give people when they travel to areas where there's high risk is to actually use precautions such as drinking bottled water and being careful with the type food you eat. >> reporter: over use of antibiotics a hot topic of types of bacteria have become resistant to those medications it's a larger problem in the parts of the world due to the differences in regulating antibiotics and those who are sick. >> one can imagine that if you don't need a prescription, people use more antibiotics and they may use them for the wrong period of time. >> and according to the centers for dies sees control and prevention it a-- typhoid fever affects 20 to 30 million em. >> what people are talking about around here is the high
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level of allergens. >> trifecta today unusual to see see all three so trees and we are transitioning out of the tree season into the grass season. but mold spores were high. you can find that on the website at okay 3 degree guarantee. we are sweating this out in a different way than yesterday. we went 73. and i did that because midnight temperatures. we shall see. temps held in the 60s all day pretty much. how did we do? join us tonight at 11 and we will see. live look outside through the live weather cam cloud are on the way out and winds are gusty but they will decrease tonight. looking at 65 degrees. humidity 42%. comfortable. and winds northwest at 15 gusting to about 25. so, winds will diminish tonight and be a chilly night making it colder. bus stop temperatures 44 to -- temperatures 44 to 62. another sweater in the morning is a good idea a great finish to the week a few more clouds. the weekend looks warmer and a bit more humid.
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nothing crazy. and a few thunderstorms so i think for the most part, you can keep your outdoor plans. saturday looks a little better than sunday. and 10 tonight, you want to walk the dog no problems. light jacket is a good idea. 57 in manassas and 63 downtown and by morning, we have 40s in the the suburbs. so we are talking about the wind die down but low humidity and clear skies and that allows temperatures to fall if the wind blow around and keeps temperatures up. well, i think the numbers may be a wee bit high and we will see 45, 46 in places like gaithersburg and frederick and leesburg. by 9 we should bounce into the 50s to 60 but 50. s in the suburbs. with full sun tomorrow and not much wind 69 will feel comfortable and also 67 at gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas at 1 p.m. is a nice afternoon. by evening 72 and 73 tomorrow. and 73, 72 even up into frederick and hagerstown it will be 70 and 71 in
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cumberland. a little milder off to the west. by tomorrow night, in the evening, a 30 or -- 8:30 or a so temps don't fall that quickly a few clouds here and there but temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 68 inside the beltway. so for tonight, clear skies, chilly and winds diminishing. 44 to 52 and on the windows but not too far. or you will be just downright cold. now by morning, sunshine and chilly start. sweater's good idea again. and 44 to about 70 and then by afternoon, mostly sunny beautiful and just gorgeous highs between 70 and 75. and light winds. day planner 55 to start. these are city temps. 60 by 9. 65 by 11 and almost 70 by 1 p.m. and friday a few more clouds but a respectable day upper 70s and low 80s on saturday and yes, isolated thunderstorm possible. keep the tee times. sunday a little better chance for storms but still not a washout and mid-80s on monday and probability best chance for
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showers or storms and nats back in town tuesday and wednesday and maybe a morning shower on tuesday and very nice and crisp again on wednesday with highs in the mid-70s. >> we are just a little over an hour away for game 7 for the washington caps. >> heats go back out to kristen b remit set outside madison square garden and let's the new york fans leave you alone. >> they have been pretty good. i need to get in and get out of the wind. they are ready to shut down the capitals and shut down ovechkin and coming up we will hear from the guys as they
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> welcome back to madison square garden in new york city. game 7 tonight in about an hour between a the caps and rangers. the puck will drop and the two teams are familiar with each other especially in this situation. they have gone to a game 7 three times this is the third time in the last 4 years. so the first two-times, well, let's say they didn't go so well for the capitals. they lost both of those. and this is a new year and this is a new team for sure. this team beat the islanders and the other new york team in game 7 round one so they have been here before. this is a team looking to get the perverbial monkey off back and change their history. he beat the rangers twice and if they are going to do it
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again though start fast and play with high energy tonight. if they are to beat the rangers twice they are going to have to do it again start fast and play with high ery tonight. >> you always know what -- energy tonight. >> you know it's do or die and want to work as hard as you can and for me it's staying in the moment and having a a good time and play off hockey. that's what it is all about. >> and, of course, this place is swarming with rangers fans. there's an excitement building for both fan bases as the series has gone on. all 6 games have been decided by one goal but rangers fans are confident i met two guys that came all the way to sweden to see game 7. when did you get into newspaper yesterday. >> could you came for game 7. >> -- into town. >> yesterday. >> you came for game 7. >> yeah and hopefully we will watch more games too. >> we have friends from tampa
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bay. >> welcome to home ice. this is why we have home ice. capitals will go down today. because we have home ice and we have the king at the net. >> they do have the king at the net but the caps have braiden at the net. you know half-hour later, the wizards game 5 in atlanta and series is all tied up and they would be nice to have john wall but he is still a game time decision. he is going to get out for a prewarmup and test the hand of his. they could use the energy. but it's you know we will see what happens and see what the decision is and they might hold him out. now john wall even in admitted to smacking his hurt hand to test his pain tolerance and getting it ready for game time conditions but not sure if he is ready for tonight. >> able to do dribbling yesterday and more today. and get conditioning in while guys are going through shoot around is fine with me but i
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don't know. hopefully i can get some work before the game and early on before the game to see what my mind set is and how confidence i feel because don't want to not be able to help the guys. i don't want to take nothing away from them how well the team has been playing. so we will see what happens wizards game 5 caps game 7 big night for dc guys of course we will have a full recap from new york coming up tonight at 11. kristen berset now back to you in the studio. >> if he is not totally ready you don't play him. >> no. >> right. >> yeah. that would be a mistake. >> all right that's it for us the cbs evening news is next. >> we will see you in 30 minutes back here at 7. >> bye.
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>> pelley: tonight on the "cbs evening news," disaster on america's busiest rail corridor. we'll have the investigation stories of the dead and tales of survival. >> it's scary. it's scary. everybody helped somebody. >> pelley: you can see the disaster most clearly from the air. investigators now say the train was speeding at more than twice the limit. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from philadelphia. >> pelley: we are at the scene of the deadliest amtrak wreck in 16 years. it happened right there behind me on the busiest rail corridor in north america. 2,200 trains a day travel those rails between boston and wa


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