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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 14, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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i'm debra alfarone in philadelphia with what else investigators found out today. it looks like a toy, but the secret service is not laughing after the white house is a no-drone flying zone. and what if i put you through friday, giving you clouds, also putting us in a summer-like pattern for the weekend. these two dogs have a pretty big mission at the national mall. first at 7:00 we have breaking news where four people have been found dead inside a house that was on fire. he's calling the whole thing very suspicious. >> and i'm lesli foster. they have been there all
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afternoon. so what do you know about the family that has lived there? >> there's a lot of unconfirmed reports here this afternoon, their worse fears were realized here when they confirmed four people dead, three adults, one child in this northwest dc neighborhood that we were talking about their million dollar homes here in this fire. the police chief says that all fourct viims were found upstairs on the second floor of the house. they were not able to confirm the identification of the victims. as well as the younger boy, that they were told that they were typically away at boarding schools. that this is where they have started to get fuzzy that the
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boy stayed home from school today. i'm also told that the workers are regularly at the house. we're talking about the gardners, that they recently had some work done with the house and those sort of workers. and as far as who may have been home at the time of the fire that it is still a lot of possibilities. about how this started that the city's task force is still investigating. no obvious signs, although that it is very suspicious as that is why now that the metropolitan police department and the joint arson task force, they have taken over this investigation. >> reporter: and now one bit of the information that police are looking for as they say that there was a 2008 blue porsche that was seen in the house
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around 10:30 this morning. and that the tags on the porsche are d in delta, k as in king, 1248. they recently recovered it, not telling us where. anyone that may have seen this vehicle here this morning or anyone with any information about this car to contact authorities. that this is all part of their investigation. and that they are also going door to door throughout their neighborhood over the next few hours to talk to neighbors. to try to talk to them about what's going on because neighbors right here, that they are sort of lining up. asking a lot of questions, a lot of questions surrounding this fire. >> it is just a devastating situation there. you wonder who would do such a thing. all right, we've got several crews that will be
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continuing to follow this story for you tonight. the latest on the deadly amtrak derailment as they announced just about one hour ago that the engineer is going to talk to the transportation investigators, believing that they have accounted for everyone after discovering one more body in eight in the wreckage today. our debra alfarone has been in philadelphia since yesterday with some more context on today's developments. >> reporter: and derek as you know we were talking yesterday about the video camera that was facing front on that train. learning that it is pretty good quality. and also that they say something is very interesting, that the train was actually speeding up as it headed in to the curve before derailing. >> the dog hit on a couple of spots as we were able to find one other passenger in the wreckage. >> reporter: and that brings
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the death toll to eight. it is hard to imagine anyone that walked out alive. the investigation in to what went wrong would have stretched in to their third day that we do know that the train was traveling at twice the speed it should have. >> 65 seconds before the end of the recording. the train speed that went above 70 miles per hour. and just 16 seconds before the end of the recording. and the train speed that was going on through. 100 miles per hour. >> one person that could know more is this man. >> and that they are pleased to report that they have contacted the engineer and that they have agreed to be interviewed by the ntsb. >> reporter: now that they
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actually suffered a concussion with the stitches and also had some staples in their head as they would also say that they gave up a blood sample, offering up their cell phone to police. one last thing i want to point out that they say they did some pre-departure checks and that was fun. >> all right, so many of them want to know what they've got to say, thank you. when they were asked if they knew about the loss of life that happened on the train they would say yes, that his client is very distraught about it. >> and he was one of the eight victims who died on that train. a sophomore at the u.s. naval academy. tonight he's being remembered. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in annapolis. a sense of emptiness at the u.s. naval academy where they would have lost one of their own. >> i can't believe that it is gone. >> reporter: the third class metro bond is remembering their roommate and their friends. >> it is a little bit. >> i just keep thinking of
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myself with what he was a leader in their club and he was a wide receiver for the academies, undefeated sprint football team. that the naval academy and their superintendent ted carter says that it was an all-around exceptional young man. >> they will never be forgotten by the brigade and that the family will forever be a part of our united states naval academy family. >> reporter: he motivated his comrades in life. >> we will have a 12th man, he'll be with us. >> reporter: the world lost a great future they'll officer. for bond he cannot imagine a future without his roommate. and the best friend. surae chinn wusa9. >> he be a navy seal.
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his funeral will be on friday. it was one of the eight people killed in that crash. >> a corporate real estate executive and graduate of george washington university. that they were pulled up from the wreckage today. they were an associated press software architect. >> and he was the dean of the student affairs, also among the lost. rachel jacobs the chief executive of the small tech company that it will be survived by their family, husband, and 2-year-old son, also killing the wells fargo executive, who have family nearby here in rockville. and multiple sources in italy that are reporting that the italian businessman, that he was also killed in that derailment. but still today a lot of questions about amtrak and where it will be going from here. >> the company's ceo made several promises today, met
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with some skepticism. scott broom is in philadelphia with more on what they have said. which begs the question obviously that it will be why
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not here and where they would have detected the amtrak 188 speeding at 106 in to a 50 miles per hour curve and that it would have automatically slowed down the train. that they are not satisfying the funding cuts from congress. and that it is a part of the cut by the way, for the amtrak, even considering a lot of railroads in the country that will be resisting rolling out ptc and that they would claim that amtrak, they are actually the nation's leader. in rolling out the technology and that a lot of people here would say great. too little too late. reporting live in philadelphia scott broom wusa9. >> scott, thank you. and that they also defended amtrak safety records in the northeast and saying that 300 million have safely since the last derailment in maryland 28 years ago. and that they killed 16 people.
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and the white house, they would have been sent for those things. and that the secret service, they would have tackled a man from flying that drone too close for the first family's home. and if you are an allergy sufferer, the downside to the weather with a report that it will be on our website by the way on tied for trees and grasses, transitioning from the trees and the grasses for the next few weeks and a blow from old sports. we'll come back that we're tracking for tomorrow and tell you what it may mean to your weekend plans. and plus that the train dogs, they will go on national mall to patrol to get rid of geese. and all
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a live look at the white house where the lockdown has been lifted where they thought it would be just fine. and to fly a drone.
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just 100 feet up in lafayette park right next to the presidential mansion and that the secret service, they locked that white house down and including several blocks around it, after the officers tackled the drone man. the device is just a foot or so along. but to the officers protecting the mansion that this thing is no joke. >> and the guy took off running as they would send that dog behind him and i guess that the dog, they would have tackled him to the ground and just a little bit after that, they would walk him back across the park. >> the faa says not to forget that the area 15 miles around reagan and washington national airport and what they would call a no zone drone. that the space around the capital is suppose to be more security. over the last five months. and a brand new -- unflattering report where they drank at the bar and then interfered with a bomb investigation at the white house check point just two months ago where they would
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show a government vehicle, pushing an orange cone out of the way. and that this photo, they would show you how close that suv came to a suspicious object. where the watch commander, they would let them drive home that night without a sobriety test and the secret service director didn't find out for the other five days. and the vienna police department, they are investigating the death of the little boy, while questions swirl about what exactly happened and who was living with the boy. i'm peggy fox the story is coming up. and some big news for the prince george's county the major grocery chain that will be getting ready to break down. plus some storms in the forecast as topper is tracking how it could impact your weekend plans after the break.
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under investigation tonight. >> and peggy fox reports that the death was just a tragic accident. but that there will be questions that a convicted killer lives in that home. >> feeling really, really bad. >> the questions about the death of the vienna toddler are upsetting the grieving family today. after what their mother calls a tragic accident, the next door neighbor as they saw the
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ambulance. that covering the story because of who lived here, the 23-year- old is a convicted killer. and in the shooting death of the high school administrator and that wounding of their principal. that they now live with aaron who was his counselor and now their guardian. and that they had an accidental fall and that kenneth bartley had nothing to do with it. they issued a warrant for the arrest. on april 16 a month before the child died that the warrant was issued. >> that there are no charges in this case. and on the autopsy's body today. that it will be awaiting the results of the autopsy before
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finishing their investigation. >> and now their probation is from another conviction. and for assaulting their mother and father and after that they were released from prison last year. and that they have agree today give them a fresh start. some big development news, whole foods bringing organicselections to riverdale park. the first of its kind in prince george's. the area will include restaurants, stores, hotels, what they are calling housing options. geese beware. border collies are now on patrol along the national mall. their job? to scare away geese that are leaving pounds of poop on on -- on the mall every day. hiring a company called geese police that will train them for precisely this type of job. if you are worried about the
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geese, the border collies are not that they won't be grabbing any geese just chase them away. this border collie wouldn't want to grab a goose that they can be kind of nasty and put up quite a fight. all right, 3 degree guarantee as we went for the high of 73. and a little bit below average with the average high of 75. how did we do? we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00 with a live look outside, it's gorgeous. temperatures, still in the upper 60s, at least downtown, 69 with the humidity very low at 35% and the winds are negligent. chilly and cold night that it will be mild turning pretty quickly and chilly if you're out late. the bus stop temperature in the mid-40s to the mid-60s, so a cool start that it will be a good idea if you walk them to the bus stop and that the weekend looks warmer and a bit more humid and in fact that
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warm front will roll through tomorrow ushering us in some warm sector of air with the thunderstorms over the weekend, it's not a washout that we'll be dancing around, which some wish that they could be heavy and download our app if you haven't already and check the radar within the app. okay. now the temperatures tonight at 10:00, and in the lower 60s downtown. most of the burbs at 57 in bowie and leesburg and frederick. we'll get in to the morning hours with a few clouds that will roll on through and again that the warm front will lift to the north of us just to the west of us. and throw a few clouds in our way. not as picture perfect tomorrow, but a pretty nice day. by 6:00 a.m., a low to mid-60s in the suburbs and the upper 50s downtown. and another wave of clouds that will come down and the temperatures are in the low to mid-60s with more sunshine. when that happens, we'll be in the mid-70s by lunchtime and perfect for eating outside, take your lunch outside, and then by 6:00 we're in the upper 70s. 78 downtown with some showers down towards the right a best chance for the showers tomorrow
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that we'll keep a slight chance for them overnight tomorrow and that by 7:30 still pretty nice with the temperatures in the upper 70s downtown and the lower 70s in the burbs. tonight low to partly cloudy, chilly again, the lows 46 to 56. and the winds are light, southwest at 10. and 59 to start tomorrow, downtown temps. mid-60s at 9:00. and 74 with the increasing sunshine by the afternoon. and the isolated storms on saturday 85. not worthy of yellow alert just yet. but the scattered storms on sunday, 87 not quite worthy of the yellow alert just yet that we'll keep an eye on them here and that they could be heavy with the best chance of storms on monday with a cold front at 85 and a little cooler on tuesday, but pleasant with them back in town and just gorgeous on wednesday and nats are still here and gorgeous on thursday with the sunshine
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. take a look at who stopped by this afternoon. >> presidents lincoln and washington took a break from circling p the morning track at the nats park. yes, they still have their running shoes on. and our mike hydeck is here.
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i tried to trip him up just a little bit, i think that it worked just a tad. and the honest day in the end came out victorious. >> and that is our news at 7:00. we'll be
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bruce jenner breaks his silence on how kris treating him during his transition. >> we're with kris today as she releases new heart felt footage on her special. >> absolutely overwhelming. >> a match made in heaven. >> >> when they see how it all played out, they'll be really surprised. >> and your first look at the new miniseries. >> she kind of [ bleep ] all over my mother's legacy. >> kathy griffin confronted after melissa rivers rips into her. >> she kind of [ bleep ] all over my mother's legacy. and the housewives today on kim richards new battery charges. >> she's working on herself. also we're on the scandal set.


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