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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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horrifying new details in that mansion fire in one of d.c.'s wealthiest neighborhoods, three of the four victims were beaten, cut or stabbed before the fire was intentionally set and there are now questions about whether the family might have been held captive. >> reporter: amtrak 188 operator under more scrutiny. coming up the 32-year-old train buff's surprising background. >> reporter: saying a final farewell to one of d.c.'s finest. i'm surae chinn, that story coming up. >> we're tracking showers and thunderstorms over the weekend. we'll tell you what that means for your cookout and the preakness tomorrow. but first police are on the hunt for the vicious cold blooded killer or killers of three members of a d.c. family and their housekeeper. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty.
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police say three of the victims in that mansion fire thursday near the vice president's home were beaten or cut before the house was torched and the suspects may have gotten away in the family porsche. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at d.c. police headquarters. the chief is now pushing the timeline for there crime back. she is now interested in wednesday as well as thursday, the day of the fire, and then now questions whether that family and their housekeeper might have been held captive before being murdered. >> but i got a text note from her. >> reporter: the other housekeeper said amy savopoulos texted her not to come to the house thursday because the whole family was sick. >> i don't know why she didn't want me to come to the house. thank god it saved my life. >> reporter: a reporter asked the chief if amy might have sent that message under duress while the killer or killers were holding the whole family captive. >> i'm aware of the information
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you're talking about. i'm not going to comment. >> reporter: the chief says someone beat, cut or stabbed three of the four victims before setting fire to the house. she also confirmed the identities of all the victims, corporate executive savvas savopoulos, his wife amy and their son phillip who was just 10 years old. the killers murdered the housekeeper. >> it's not an easy thing to deal with. i think all of the neighbors are very, very upset and very worried about everything. >> reporter: at st. albans school a memorial service this afternoon for the youngest victim, the 4th grader phillip who was just starting there at st. albans. also at the grandfather's house on s street, many mourners too distraught to talk to the media. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> police are asking everybody in that area please think back to wednesday as well as
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thursday. could you have possibly seen someone driving around in that blue 2008 porsche with d.c. plates? if you've got any information, get ahold of the metropolitan police. there is a $25,000 reward. a d.c. judge has sentenced the disgraced george town rabbi barry freundel to 6 1/2 years in prison. this is him entering the courthouse, but he would not leave today. freundel pleaded guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism as he videotaped women as they got undressed to get into a jewish ritual bath called a mikvah at kesher israel. his lawyer argued for community service. several victims spoke outside the courthouse. >> there's no time you can really put on what he did to everybody. i've been contacted by other women who he did similar things to and there were worse stories, not divorce but there were other stories that
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hopefully the judge knew. >> freundel's lawyer plans to appeal. the jury has chosen death for the boston marathon bomber and already dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers plan to appeal that sentence. the 21-year-old showed no emotion always he heard his fate. it took the 12 members about 14 hours to deliberate and in the end all members of the jury agreed tsarnaev should pay for his crimes with his life. >> i think the fact that they made aen in decision speaks to the significance of the account is that were performed here -- acts dollar performed here. >> sentencing came -- acts that were performed here. >> sentencing came down today. the ntsb has interviewed the engineer who operated that amtrak train which derailed this week. about 90 minutes ago a spokesman says brandon bastion was extremely cooperative. the 32-year-old started
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conducting nine years ago. he's been in in job for several weeks. >> it's an out and back trip for him because new york, washington and back to new york five days a week. he said that he did not feel fatigued, nor did he report any illness. >> bostian told investigators the last thing he remembers, ringing the train bell as he went through the north philadelphia train station. today the ntsb took another step in figuring out what happened in the moments before the deadly crash. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in philadelphia where investigators obtained a search warrant for the contents of the phone of 32-year-old train operator brandon bostian who we've learned was an advocate for railroad safety reform. it 00th take an act of -- shouldn't take an act of congress to get the rail industry to adopt common sense safety systems on their own he once wrote. friends say he's a good man. >> he's very upset and very sorry. i don't think there's any foul play or anything like that. >> reporter: first responders
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spoke today about the chaos tuesday night. >> there were so many police officers in the regular clothing, no protective gear and they were diving in. >> it's very chaotic. of a movie. once -- scene of a movie. once we gained access there was downed power lines, jagged rocks. >> there was people everywhere. >> reporter: the last of the wrecked railcars were hauled away today. amtrak aims to be back to full service tuesday while the federal investigation may take up to a year to complete. >> tonight we've learned the fbi is getting into this investigation trying to see if some sort of object or project i'll hit the -- projectile hit the train before it derailed. another passenger said she heard the train getting hit by a rock or perhaps a bullet. the u.s. naval academy said 150 midshipmen traveled to long
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island to attend the funeral for justin zemser. the 22-year-old was on the way home from the academy. today the young man was buried with full honors and a private memorial will be held this coming sunday. roughly 3,000 firefighters, friends and family came to say a final fair well to firefighter -- farewell to d.c. firefighter kevin mcrae. >> reporter: firefighter lieutenant mcrae takes one last ride on engine 6. music filled the d.c. armory and brought mourners to their feet. >> kevin truly exemplified the best of the best in this great department. >> reporter: lieutenant mcrae collapsed and died after fighting a fire in the shaw neighborhood. >> residents credit him with saving their lives. >> reporter: mcrae became a cadet in 1989. he worked his way up to lieutenant and led engine 6.
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>> his last alarm was on may 6th, 2015, serving the citizens of the district. >> to my brother kevin mcrae, rest easy. we'll take it from here and you will be be forgotten. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: at the d.c. armory, surae chinn, wusa9. >> 44-year-old mcrae is the 100th firefighter to die in the line of duty in the district. new information tonight on jesse matthew. the judge rejected a request to delay his attempted murder trial in fairfax county. his lawyers argued they needed more time to prepare for that case which accuses matthew of
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attacking and sexually assaulting a woman 10 years ago. trial is still set for june 8th. sweetbrier college students will cross the graduation stage one last time tomorrow and the virginia school's president will not see it. president james jones, jr. said it was a tough decision, but he's received threats from faculty and alums to disrupt the commencement if he's there. jones and sweetbrier's board say the women's college is closing because of mounting financial issues, but some thought the school did not do enough to keep those door open. demonstrators planning a rally tomorrow in baltimore, but they are staying away from the preakness. the gathering in the inner harbor is several miles away from pimlico. marchers i say they want -- say they want pardons for the rioters arrested during the death of freddie gray. the disturbing trend we uncovered in a wusa9 investigation. >> we nice right now, a few
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clouds, doppler radar quiet. the pollen is high again for trees and grasses, mold spores in the moderate range. we'll come back, talk about the weekend and when you'll be able to fire up the grill. >> up next fans. music
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tonight tributes are pouring in to blues legend bb king who passed away last flight at age 89. king's doctors said -- night at age 89. king's doctors said he had series of small strokes attributed to his longstanding battle with diabetes. today in times square the marquee was changed. >> i'm used to seeing him and talking to him and hanging out
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and hearing the stories in the dressing rooms. >> fans left cars and flowers outside. in 2012 king performed at the white house. today president obama joined all of king's fans in mourning saying blues has lost its king and america has lost a legend. crews have found the missing marine helicopter in nepal, but it's unlikely anyone survived. searchers spotted two bodies among the wreckage in a dense forest. the recovery effort is on hold because of freezing temps and violent storms. that chopper went missing tuesday carrying six marines and two nepalese soldiers. they were part of the effort to deliver u.s. supplies to the remote villages hit hard by a devastating earthquake. virginia's task force one will be back on american soil tomorrow. they have been in nepal several weeks helping with the recovery efforts and even helped rescue a teen-age boy five days after the first quake. the team is based in fairfax county. we plan to have our cameras
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a wusa9 investigation has found sparking and smoking metro insulators have gone up more than two goal since the agency cut the number of parts replaced in half. here's investigative reporter
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russ ptacek. >> reporter: we identified this trend in a four month metro investigation that began after the deadly incident at l'enfant plaza. many metro riders have seen arcing without even knowing above ground and below. experts don't worry about short pops like this caused by trains changing third rails. they do worry about the fire damage and arcing that caused the l'enfant plaza incident where carol glover died and when insulators end up like that. this was filthy just fryer to when it and seven other porcelain -- prior to when it and seven other porcelain insulators started smoking and sparking between roslyn and foggy bottom. that was monday. it hadn't been cleaned since 2012 and this tunnel video provided by metro shows the tunnel hadn't been cleaned since 1991. our experts are saying the primary duty in these insulators is keep them clean and maintenance and you won't
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have this problem. do you think metro is failing here? >> what i think is we will continue to clean them. i don't know i would characterize it as failing. >> reporter: our investigation found metro cut its replacement program of oldiness laters in half and incidents have more -- old insulators in half and incidents have more than doubled since 2013. the sustained dangerous arcing of dirty parts versus the cleaner parts with fewer sparks was demonstrated for us. metro says looking at the entire system smoke and fire incidents are down since 2012. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> metro says it is aware it needs to step up cleaning and already had an insulator program in effect and it will now start spray washing entire tunnels. they want your jewelry, especially the high end stuff. thieves have made off with at least $70,000 worth of gems in
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four burglaries scattered around the county. police believe the thief watched the residents leave on sunday morning and minutes later the neighbor's surveillance camera caught him prying the front door open. detectives arrested him, but it's believed he has accomplices connected to a polish organization crime family in chicago. >> we watched the whole thing on video. so he had a backpack with him and saw the pack when he ran out and that was that. >> we do believe there are other people out there. we do believe there are probably other cases where because this individual was so crafty and they got in. they could have gotten out and somebody might not even know. so we have do ask that people check their jewelry collections. >> police say the suspects in other burglaries work together trying to distract homeowners while another was stealing the
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jewels. the suspects have thick european accents. we now know the secret service tackled somebody yesterday for flying a drone too close to the white house, 39-year-old ryan mcdonald from california. he got a court date. it is a federal violation to fly a drone in d.c. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. preakness this weekend. >> 140th. it's going to be toasty if out there any length of time and we do have the chance of a shower or thunderstorm. we'll start with the preakness. it won't be a washout. if we're lucky and some of the computer models are hinting the showers will be south of baltimore. it's a 50/50 shot. post time will probably be okay. if you have any showers in baltimore, they should have
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passed by 6:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 76, very fleiss, relative humidity in check, 52% and winds south at 11. that will be a common theme all weekend southerly or southwesterly winds all weekend. milder tonight, an isolated shower west of town, highs in the 80s with primarily afternoon storms on saturday and sunday. we think there will be more on sunday. get everything done in the morning is your best bet. check radar with our app or go to our website you can track the storms with us. you can actually look at futurecast. 10:00 tonight want to walk the dog, no worries, partly cloudy, upper 60s to around 70. by 8 a.m. maybe a sprinkle in northeastern maryland, still dry in the metro and sunshine. by 1:00 boom, here come the
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showers. this may be a little overdone for the time. i agree with this out towards leesburg and west of culpeper. shenandoah valley will have the showers first, temps below 80. by 6:00 most of the showers have gone through. i think we'll in good shape by post time as showers diminish even down toward culpeper. by 8:30 tomorrow night you could probably sit outside, warm, 80 down town, mid-70s in gaithersburg and leesburg and 76 in la plata. showers continue in the mountains. it will be a rough weekend in the mountains. if you're east of i-81, you're in much better shape in term of having a little bit of time before the showers roll in. day planner 67 at 7:00, 74 at 9:00, upper 70s by 11:00, low 80s by 1:00 and sun begins to fade. 85 saturday and sunday, pretty much same days the next three
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days, 86 on monday, better chance of showers and storms. tuesday warm, 86. wednesday pleasant, near 80, 76 on thursday. the nats are in town, too. friday a slight chance of a sprinkle but a good day with temperatures around 80. the wiz kids got to bring everything they've got and some stuff they don't even have to avoid elimination against the atlanta hawks tonight. >> it's win or go home and dave owens has more from verizon. >> reporter: i'm dave owens at the verizon center and all you have to say is this, wow. everybody is infant house including the mascots -- is in the house including the mascot. john wall is the story and his health gained back miraculously in game five. head coach randy wittman says he's ready here in game six. >> he can't go on the floor and play tentative. he can't worry about his injury. >> reporter: if the wizards
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can stave off he is elimination tonight, game seven will be monday night in atlanta. washington keeps saying they're a different squad than last year. we'll find out shortly. dave owens from the
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bill cosby's new interview as he's hit with sexual assault questions. >> we're with his former co-star who claims he krug drugged and raped her, what she is delaware manneding tonight. >> are you guilty? the did you do it? >> i have never seen anything like this. >> what he has never seen is an army of women he has victimized rise up. it is disgusting. >> then letterman's only tv interview before he leaves late night along with the good, dave also touches on the tough times. >> a lot of arguments and nearly fistfights. >> past alcoholism and affairs. >> his wife regina comes up a lot. also what's up with patrick dempsey his new outing looking thin after his gla'srays anatomy exit.


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