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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  May 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. we've got severe storms moving across the area this evening. hello. i'm bruce johnson. the heat and humidity leading to strong storms tonight. >> that's right. let's go to first alert meteorologist howard burns tracking the activity. severe weather right now in dc. severe thunderstorm warning till 6:15, dc till 6:30. this line, been tracking it since midafternoon coming out of the morgantown area, really firmed up. 87 today, a muggy, sticky day. we got two severe thunderstorm warnings going on right now. the one to our north, howard, baltimore. preakness coming up.
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that's till 6:30. from fairfax, that one goes until 6:15. our biggest concern with these are the potential for winds. they could gust over 60 miles an hour. you can see this whole thing moving off toward the east right now. montgomery county getting hit hard, but up to fairfax, things are winding down. west of the blue ridge, leesburg, things are winding down. i think we got about an hour's worth of trouble we'll be tracking. this one is tracking east towards college park, coming your way. heavy thunderstorm from brookeville -- rockville, excuse me, potomac. howard county, toward 95, columbia area. i want to take you back towards fairfax and burke. toward manassas, farther south and west, orange and charlottesville, fredericksburg, it's coming to you as well. in fact, time on this, we're looking at it here in dc, just a couple of minutes.
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la plate, 30 minutes. huntington, after 7:00 p.m. threat for more showers and storms tomorrow and monday and tuesday. complete seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. if you're outside in dc right now, get inside quick. this stuff should pass quickly. one man is dead, a second in serious condition following an apartment fire in alexandria. that fire was discovered early this morning in the 4700 block of kenmore avenue. the blaze sent residents running for safety. >> then i wake up, wake up, smoke is coming out, you know, and then i hear call the police! call the police! i go high up in the corner, there's fire inside. it's really bad. >> several apartments were damaged by smoke and water. residents of those units now being helped with temporary housing by the red cross. firefighters say the blaze started in a third floor unit. the cause is under
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investigation. now to the latest on that deadly amtrak train derailment. the federal railroad administration ordering amtrak to start using speed restriction system on trains traveling north through the curve where that deadly crash occurred. southbound trains already use the automatic train control system through that area. many say if that system was in place, tuesday's horrific derailment may not have happened. kris van cleave fills us in. >> reporter: new security camera video of the moment amtrak train 188 t meits tragic end, derailing at over 100 miles an hour. the national transportation safety board's robert sumwalt reported friday, mish to the engineer, two assistant conductors from train 188 have been interviewed. one revealing new information. shortly after leaving the philadelphia train station, she heard an engineer report his train being hit. the ntsb is also aware of reports of a washington-bound amtrak train being struck by an object. damage can be seen in this picture taken by a rider.
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both incidents occurring in the same general area and shortly before the derailment. >> our investigation is not independently confirmed this information, but we have seen damage to the left-hand lower portion of the amtrak windshield that we have asked the fbi to come in and look at for us. >> reporter: while ntsb investigators say engineer brandon bostian has been very cooperative, he does not remember the incident. >> he is required to sound his bell as he goes through past the station stop. and he did that. he recalled doing that. but he has no recollection of anything past that. >> reporter: with the fbi now looking at the damage in this major new development of the investigation, it's still unknown why the train accelerated from 70 to 106 miles per hour heading into a sharp curve. >> and that was kris van cleave reporting. the federal railroad administration also wants amtrak to analyze curves
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between boston and washington and install appropriate technology where needed. a billboard has gone up in prince william county, virginia reminding folks there is an unsolved murder. police there need help in finding who is responsible. 21-year-old glenda romero was shot to death inside a grocery store more than a year ago. stephanie ramirez reports the killer or killers are still out there. >> reporter: this is the new billboard over my shoulder on jefferson davis highway in woodbridge, virginia. the crime happening just a little over a mile from here. police put this up in the beginning of may, hoping it will stir up any new tips or information. those who live and work nearby tell me they are desperate for help. they want an arrest. >> these windows have been broken about six times already. >> reporter: joey works at the hair salon next door to what was once the grocery and jewelry in woodbridge, virginia. >> we're always concerned. it is very disturbing, not just for me, but for the family as well. it shows me there hasn't been any justice. >> reporter: showing her face
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to a busy stretch of woodbridge, police tell us there are still no arrests in the murder of this young mother and store clerk, 21-year-old glenda romero. her alleged murderer seen on camera entering the grocery store on jefferson davis highway, then fleeing on february 21, 2014. police tell us it's the only murder case in the county not solved for the last year and one that continues to haunt both the family and community. >> well, i hope people see the billboard and call the number and try to find out who did this. >> as far as what i know, they didn't take anything but her life. and these are the type of people we really, really need to get off the streets. >> reporter: police tell me the billboard will stay up through the end of may. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> the reward is now $21,000. the young victim leaves a father, now a 2-year-old daughter. a former coworker of the slain mother talked to stephanie ramirez about the fear of
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happening this again if suspects are not caught. we'll have that story at 11:00. you know who is getting a home-cooked meal tonight? after three weeks of rescuing people from the rubble in nepal, virginia task force 1 is
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. grave concern and fear have gripped an upscale dc neighborhood where a popular couple, their young son and housekeeper were found murdered days ago. >> police tell wusa 9 today that homicide detectives and fire investigators are working through the weekend on this
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case. hank silverberg is standing by live from woodland drive in northwest where he's been talking to neighbors. hank, what are they telling you? >> reporter: neighbors here are still pretty nervous. many would not even go on camera with us. one neighbor basically said go away. we did talk to one woman who said she just got home, didn't know about this. when we told her the details, she was very scared. investigators with are going through the home behind me with a fine tooth comb today. they do have surveillance video from surrounding homes and four cameras on this house itself that might be able to help them find out who killed the couple and their son and a housekeeper on thursday and then set fire to this house. in northwest dc, hank silverberg, wusa 9. we might also point out the police chief once said it's impossible to commit a crime on the streets of washington and not be caught on somebody's camera. if whoever did this, driving that porsche, that vehicle hopefully was caught on camera. >> and also driving from here
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to prince george's camera, how many cameras? >> absolutely right. they are the most deployed urban search and rescue team in the entire country. virginia task force 1 is finally home after three weeks in nepal. >> while there, they rescued people buried in the rubble. surae chinn has more. >> reporter: they have waited for these hugs and kisses for almost three long weeks. >> it's great to be home. >> it's good to be back and see their faces. haven't seen them in quite sometime now. just be able to share time with them. >> every time you see a kid injured or be able to pull somebody out of a pile, it hit home. brings you to think about your family, think about the american people. but we're very fortunate we were able to help. >> reporter: the team helped pull a 15-year-old buried for five days in the rubble. [ cheers & applause ] >> saved a live! saved a life! >> reporter: after the second quake, they rescued a 41-year-
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old woman trapped in a four- story building. the team further helped the injured, rebuild infrastructure, and stabilize the iconic temple in kathmandu. >> namaste! >> reporter: the nepalese people in the united states, overcome with emotion, wanted to personally thank the team. >> the thee rows, they are back today. we are really, really, really thankful for them, what they did in our native land. >> any time we go to a disaster site like that, you see all of the aftermath of that. it's quite tough. >> reporter: virginia task force 1 goes to some of the worst natural disasters on the planet. as sweet as these reunions are, their families are so proud of their loved ones and their commitment to saving lives. >> we're extremely proud. proud of our son. he did good. we're proud of the team. >> nicely done! >> reporter: in chantilly, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> sweet. well, these guys are part of the team also.
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two k-9s also made the trip to nepal and returned separately this afternoon. >> job well done. >> absolutely. we are keeping watch on fast-moving storms across the area. howard has an update, next.
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. you said another few minutes of this, right? >> yeah, 6:15 warning may have expired. we'll check that out in a moment. this line of storms is moving east about 30. we've got lightning, torrential downpours. some cases when the storms are severe, we've had gusty winds. want to show you video shot in the last hour by photo journalist greg geist out and about, people running for cover, as the storm came in. a little rain here. in a moment, you'll see how the leaves were winding, trees getting hit by some of the gusts there. we did have some reports of minor tree damage out to the west as this line coming out of
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the shenandoah valley and the i- 81 corridor headed in our direction. let me show you doppler. we want to update everything for you. the storms have been pulsing up at times to severe levels, other times weakening. over the past three hours, i 81 corridor, right now the i-95 corridor, getting ready to run the preakness in baltimore. people must be scrambling for cover. the good news, this lasts about an hour. we're already seeing frederick, louden, northern faulk start to clear out. west of the blue is looking good. these oranges and red are pretty intense downpours going on with a little lightning in baltimore. not so much lightning in our neck of the woods. the warning has expired as of 6:15. still, this whole line moving east, expected over upper marlboro around 6:34. stevensville just after 7:00, about 7:08. you can really see this storm here now over the northern and western part of dc, just about to get down toward capitol hill coming out of montgomery
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county. it's over toward parkland and annan dale, crossing the tyson's corner area. inside the beltway more than outside the beltway there. franconia seeing it. however, look at this in prince william and southern fairfax. more heavy activity toward laurenton, moving off to the east. friends in southern prince george's county, this is headed your way, over toward indian head, 6:09. waldorf at 6:30. it would have been there at 6:09. obviously that was a few minutes ago. headed towards stafford and fredericksburg and charles county, we're seeing this line of showers and storms. colonial beach at about 7:19, as it all marches to the east. with this, temperatures have dropped significantly. we had a high of 87. we're down to 81. look at the 60s, rain-cooled 60s from frederick and leesburg. 70 in winchester. somewhere out there, 1.4 inches of rain out towards the
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shenandoah valley. you can see the rain falling in washington right now. we've got 81, winds gusting close to 30 miles an hour at the airport. not severe, but the severe gusts are the ones over 58 miles an hour. right now, we don't have any of that. lots of severe weather in the middle of the country. what's going to plague us for a few days is the flow out of the gulf of mexico, which is going to bring a lot of this moisture toward us and we get the afternoon shower and thunderstorm threat tomorrow, monday and tuesday. a few evening showers and storms. otherwise, warm and muggy, 65 to 70. tomorrow morning, 65 to 80 by lunchtime. could even see a shower north and west by late morning. then in the afternoon, more scattered storms, anywhere from the upper 70s in the cool spots north and west to 87 in fredericksburg. 84 in washington. three-day forecast, more storms in the afternoon monday. that will be the hottest day. 85 to 90. tuesday, a few mainly afternoon showers and storms again with temps back in the 80s. then a front comes in after
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that and looks a whole lot better towards wednesday, thursday and friday, with those highs in the 70s. that will be real nice. >> wow! scary stuff out there. >> just give it an hour. it will pass. hey, we've got a baby! we're excited to introduce you to the newest member of the wusa 9news family. >> everyone with me, ah! that is kensington sage kingsley who made her debut this morning, the daughter of jan jeffco and her husband. weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. mom, dad and big sis doing well. >> beautiful. >> so cute. >> what a doll. >> congrats. >> congratulations. you got a lot to talk about. >> yeah. preakness, football, hope we get the preakness in. let's talk football first. nfl's off-season program starting to get moving. won't be long now before we're talking training camp right around the corner. today, a look at the fresh
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faces of the
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got to tell you, i thoroughly enjoyed this time of year for one reason. the caps and wizards have played so well. i haven't had to report on the skins that much. >> whoa! [ laughter ] >> too soon, bruce. that all changed last night. skins take center stage again. the rookies are here! the rookies are here! frank hanrahan, not a rookie, in ashburn with the report. >> reporter: all eyes out here at redskins rookie mini camp on their top draft pick. brandon her ray making a move. in college, he played left tackle. with the redskins, he'll be playing right. >> it's all repetition. you switch everything pretty much going from left to right. you got to keep repping it.
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coach callahan said go to your hotel room and rep it in your hotel room. might as well do that, too. >> he's a very physical guy. i'm going to help him get better, he'll help me. i know he's a guy who they picked early in the first round. he brings a lot of ability to the offensive line. it's a guy i look forward in my success and help him get better along the way. >> coach callahan, you guys are working a little extra. what exactly are you focusing on? >> just technique. things are different. it's a lot faster. got to be ready to go. he's the best coach out there. >> reporter: redskins coach jay gruden adding this won't be easy, certainly taking lumps in the process. frank hanrahan, wus. a 9 sports, redskins park. >> thank you, frank. i'm thinking of an analogy. let's say you ask out beyonce and she says yes. >> whoa! heavens! >> then on the night-- >> you're married! >> then on the night of the date she calls and can sells for good.
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the wizards must feel the same way. christmas seemed to come early last night. and then it didn't. it snatched away. the dream was snatched away. no beyonce. i can understand if you want to turn your head because you don't want to watch this again. paul pierce's miracle shot that wasn't, hard to remember a playoff buzzer beater that didn't count by a tenth of a second that ended up eliminating a team. yeah, the future's bright in washington, but that doesn't erase the sting of last night. >> we expected to go further. me and john, we set goals for ourselves and as a team, that we wanted to get this team further. and the team doesn't go unless we go. that's probably what hurt us the most. >> just tough and heartbreaking because we know how hard we both worked, how much we mean to this team and what we want to get these guys. for a second year in a row, we couldn't get them over the hump. >> that was a gut punch. baseball, hardly one reason ever for a hot streak or a swoon. but this case, a little different. nats in the midst of a 13-4
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stretch and there's one reason for it, gang. the lumber. the boys are finally starting to bash, like we thought they would. this boy in particular, bryce harper going to be arrested for assaulting a baseball soon. he's batting .531 in his last nine games. he's launched eight homeruns and drove in 18 rbis in that span. he's been the catalyst for an offense that is finally starting to wake up. six runs a game over his last 17 games. matt williams, what's the difference? >> 1st inning is indicative of our club. got a base hit, great at-bat, long at-bat, worked the base hit. you got to be careful with the middle guys in the lineup, especially everybody's being careful with harp. so it provides us a bigger inning. finally, mother nature figured she would throw a curveball into the triple crown extravaganza. horses do and will run in the
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slop. lightning, another issue, though. then you got to start moving all the spectators to safety and with a wet track, all bets are off. i can report to you that american pharoah did win the second leg of the triple crown in the slop, guys. we got a triple crown possibility still. >> belmont always trips them up. >> we'll see. lot more exciting if the guy's going for it. that's th point. >> absolutely. thanks for watching. see you back here at 11:00.
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>> axelrod: u.s. commandos battle hand to hand with isis fighters in syria. a senior leader of the terror gripe is taken out. his wife captured. was it more than speed? the f.b.i. probes that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. did a projectile hit the windshield? boston exhalees after the marathon bomber is sentenced to death, but why there are still years to go in this case. and they met as strangers in a classroom and then found out they're long-lost sisters. >> and then i just paused for a second, and i just said, "is this real life?" captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin tonight with a successful u.s. raid on isis targets deep in eastern


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