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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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amtrak's northeast corridor trains to resume service in time for the monday morning commute. hello, i'm bruce johnson. debra alfarone is off tonight. amtrak says its northeast corridor will be open and ready for passengers beginning tomorrow morning. this means trains will be leaving union station and heading north to philadelphia and then on to new york and even boston. in a letter to passengers tonight, amtrak says infrastructure repairs have been made with the utmost care. federal regulators had ordered reg amtrak to expand use of speed control systems in the wake of the derail mentthat killed eight passengers and left scored injured. >> reporter: laura finemore.
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>> reporter: as federal officials gathered to remember the lives lost the ntsb's robert sumwalt says investigators increasingly believe the train was not shot at. >> i would like to down play that part of it. i have seen the fracture pattern. it looks like something about the size of a grapefruit, if you will, and it did not even penetrate the entire windshield. >> reporter: this first-time amtrak passenger suffered a fractured back. >> it was chaos. there's no other word. the first thing i thought about is just surviving. i have a five-year-old son and a beautiful wife that i wanted to fight for. >> reporter: two philadelphia police officers climbed into the darkness of the mangled first car. >> going into that car was like going into a sea of razor 0
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blades. everybody that wept in there got injured. it was extremely dangerous. >> reporter: he is in this picture that wept viral, carrying an injured passenger off the train. >> it was very difficult to walk, the way the car was angled. it was probably like a 45- degree angle. >> reporter: what would you want to say to the firefighters and police that pulled you out of there? >> thank you, you saved my life. >> the first train departs january station at 3:15 monday morning for new york. the first acela express leaves washington for new york at 5:00 a.m. amtrak's daily trains to new york's pen station carry nearly three times the passengers that fly the shuttle. the man accused of killing a rockville, maryland couple could be back in maryland this week. he faces two counts of first- degree murder, two counts of armed robbery and one count of
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first-degree burglary in the deaths of the couple. tomorrow he will face an extradition hearing. as stephanie ramirez reports tonight, the 31-year-old was no stranger to the slain couple. >> reporter: outside of their home today and after the police announcement of an arrest, neighbors cannot fathom why. >> when people come in to burglarize, they don't come in to kill normally. the brutalness was really tough on everybody. >> reporter: even police. >> i think everybody would have a difficult time making sense of that, because it makes no sense. >> reporter: investigators tell us they found evidence. >> including blood-soaked currency in his wallet. >> reporter: connecting the 31- year-old to the murder of his neighbors. on his facebook page, it says' from rockville and went to thomas s wooten high school. police tell us there's more in his juvenile record that's
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sealed. >> he first came to our attention because of a retired officer that had called in immediately after he had seen the coverage of the homicide on mother's day. >> reporter: captain darren frank tells us that retired officer recalled a burglary 17 years ago where the suspect tried to set the home on fire. without being able to go into too much detail because of the juvenile case, police say it linked brothers. then detectives tell us they discovered on april 20th scott pawned a class ring, among other jewelry that had been reported stolen from a nearby home over the easter weekend. police arrested him on a warrant for that burglary. neighbors tell us they not only wanted to hear the news conference in person, but shake the officer's hand. >> who could ever imagine that such a thing would happen. it just happened in your neighborhood, and it was astounding. >> reporter: police did say they were looking into the brothers. they later said in the press conference they believe the person they have in custody is
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the only person they believe to be responsible for these murders. in rockville, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> the family issued a statement that says, while we may never truly understand why, as a result of the work of the police department and the prosecutor's office, we can take the first step on the long road to healing. a gruesome crime in a multimillion-dollar d.c. mansion has police on the hunt for a mysterious person of interest tonight. on thursday the bodies of four people were discovered in a burning home in upper northwest washington. garrett haik is live at the scene. >> reporter: this is a wealthy neighborhood complete with high fences, private security, and surveillance cameras on nearly every home. so you can imagine the anxiety of the people i spoke to who said this kind of grizzly crime just doesn't happen here. when the flames were finally doused at the family's home
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thursday night, the horror inside was revealed. four bodies. the man and his wife, their housekeeper, their 10-year-old son. the death shocked this upscale neighborhood, but when police said friday that all four were murdered, the shock turned to worry. >> it's so sad. >> reporter: with no one in custody, several neighbors would only speak to us today if we didn't show their faces. >> to know that it happened, i don't feel safe, because you don't know who did it. >> reporter: another mixed concern with defiance. >> i really feel pretty safe. i guess if it could happen here, could it happen anywhere. but bad stuff happens, and i'm just not going to live my life in fear. >> reporter: at the family's church the priest asked for prayers for the family today and spares -- and spared cong rerkz gants the gruesome
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detail. the family's porsche was believed to have been driven away from the scene. we're just a few blocks away from vice president biden's residence and major embassies making this some of the most patrolled real estate in the area. reporting live in northwest d.c., garrett haik, wusa 9. one man is dead tonight after a confrontation inside a residence in reston, virginia. police got the call just before 3:00 this afternoon. they say a group of men tried to bust into a condo on stoneview square. this woman heard shots. she didn't want to show her face with the suspect still at large tonight. >> the first thing i did was look in the parking lot. i didn't see anything going on.
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then as i was walking back to my house, that's when i heard kids yelling, and i saw a couple of them. i can't recognize them. don't know any of them. they ran towards the woods. >> police say they have at least one of those men in custody tonight. they think the people involved knew each other. they also add, there's no danger to the rest of the community. well, it's looking like rain gear is going to be needed tomorrow. let's find out from first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> it is going to be in the afternoon and evening we are going to watch for strong thunderstorms. it's quieted down, kind of muggy out. we're 77. a few spots like germantown are in the upper 60s, but everybody else is in between. we were watching some of these showers this evening. had a couple of idheavy rain makers in northern virginia. got into loudoun county, fell apart after sunset. so we've quieted down. we'll likely see little activity overnight, maybe some
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patchy fog. we'll be close to 70 in town, mid-60s for the cool spots. we could see a storm start on a bubble, but heavy rain makers, maybe isolated severe thunderstorms here and there, highs in the mid to possibly upper 80s. but hang on, there's light at the end of the tunnel. some better weather headed our way by midweek. bruce. >> got it. severe weather continues to mid the middle of the nation tonight. flooding and possible tornadoes that brought damage to several states. in texas, helicopters pulled stranded people to safety. in kansas, a train was blown off the tracks. linda daniels reports. >> reporter: the powerful storm in kansas picked up this train, tossed around the cars, and left cargo everywhere. in iowa, another train knocked right off the tracks, leaving 80 cars lying on their side. strong downpours dumped nearly a half foot of rain on north
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texas, stranding people inside their homes, turning roads into rivers. the national guard sent a helicopter to this house to pull people to safety. tornadoes blew through the plains along with heavy rain and hail, creating treacherous conditions near wichita, kansas. you can see this windshield getting smashed as the driver tries to stay on the road. in missouri, winds tore through buildings, brought down trees and left this vehicle upside down. flooding in this missouri neighborhood forced about 200 people to evacuate. the flood warning for the area continues through monday night. cbs news. >> and more severe storms could develop tonight in minnesota, wisconsin, and illinois. in new york city today, first responders and family members took part in an historic climb. 1,000 people participated in today's tunnel to tower climb at the one world trade center. they made the trek up 1,970
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stairs to the building's 90th floor. the event raised a half million dollars to build tech-smart homes for disabled military family members. at least nine people are dead tonight after a shoot-out at the twin peaks restaurant in waco, texas. police say rival motorcycle gangs gathered to fight, and that escalated to gunfire. >> reporter: the entire area was surrounded by police tape with several rival biker gangs being held inside. police say the bikers met around lunchtime to discuss differences when a fight broke out. >> it progressed very rapidly from hands and feet as weapons, to chains and knives were involved. >> reporter: and soon guns were involved. police say the fight spilled into the parking lot and shots
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were exchanged between gang members. officers who were already on the scene then opened fire. when the shooting was over, bodies were scattered throughout two parking lots. the restaurant is near a busy dining and shopping area but police say they believe all of those killed and injured were gang members. >> they are criminal biker gangs very well-known in our area. >> reporter: the waco police sergeant says bikers frequently go to this twin peaks restaurant. the klain is known for its scantily clad female servers. >> apparently the management wanted them here. >> reporter: authorities knew the gangs were going to be there and anticipated trouble. that's why more than a dozen officers were already on the scene and able to respond. >> thank goodness the officers were here and took the action that they needed to take to save numerous lives. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news. >> past tensions between the gangs have been over turf and recruitment. coming up tonight on wusa 9
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-- >> just don't give these shows to everybody. you have one, and you drink yourself into trouble. you're done, pal, and i just quit. never took another drink. >> you are going to want to hear this. a rare and candid dave letterman as he
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he was heir apparent to johnny carson, but when carson retired in 1992, the job went to jay leno. letterman left for cbs late night, and the rest is history. for nearly 22 years letterman has made us laugh with the top 10 and stupid pet tricks and lots of gas and one-liners in between. every celebrity, big and soon to become big, has stopped by the ed sullivan theater to talk to dave. today in his first one-on-one interview about retiring, dave letterman gives us a rare glimpse of what the journey has been like, and where it might go from here.
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dave letterman had talked about his alcohol history before, but there was always a joke to follow. not in this interview. >> you've talked about alcoholism. >> yeah. oh, man. >> is that for real? you're not talking about just, i drank a lot, but you were, or are an alcohol snake. >> i guess you're always an alcoholic. i drank right through until i was 34, and i had the show at nbc, and i said to myself, you're a fool, you're a dumb fool, you can't do this. they just don't give these shows to everybody. you have one. and you drink yourself into trouble. you're done, pal. >> disappointed, but not bitter is how he described losing the gig to replace his idol, johnny carson at nbc. jay leno got the job. >> there were rumors where you were going to fire bomb nbc, all these. >> well, i hate waiting in lines, but i'd do it. >> he could have died of heart disease like other family members had not a clogged artery been discovered in time.
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>> it was five weeks ago today that these men and women here saved my life. >> i did get weepy, which i don't think was depression. it was a joyful weepiness. >> well into his 50s, the birth of dave letterman's son harry was clearly his biggest accomplishment. >> this cybill the reason my life was spared so that i could be part of this kid's life. >> he's interviewed everybody of note, nationally, and wasn't shyab butting who he really liked, like brian williams. >> do you think he will end up in comedy? >> no, i don't think so. i think this will sort itself out in a year or two, it will be a dim memory. >> and what happens to dave letterman after wednesday, after he retires and the lights are turned down in the ed sullivan theater? >> retiring from the show is not the same as, i'm retiring. >> right. i think i'm trying to make it more palatable to myself, but i
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doubt that anybody will ever see me again. yeah. >> bill murray who is dave's first guest when dave came to cbsl be on the next to last show. that's tuesday night. bob dillon will be the final musical guest tuesday night. still no word on who is going to be appearing on that final wednesday show. gonna miss letterman. senate's been fun watching the last few shows. a lot of sentiment, a lot of true affection from the guests. it's been real good tv. >> yeah, good stuff. we've got some bad weather to start out. >> looks like storms tomorrow afternoon, and another hot one. let's talk about the three-
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degree guarantee. 15 in a row, 17 of 1. >> on a roll. >> went to 84, got to 97, so we are within our three-degree guarantee. dew points in the 60s with light winds. so we're talking about some patchy fog developing. does it appear, just looking at doppler few minutes ago, that most of the activity, if not all of it has dissipated for the evening. a few spots in the 60s. you see it at front royal. you see is it out in the mountains. 70 in frederick, 70 in waldorf, and we've got 73 in fredericksburg, even across the bay low 70s. so a warm, sticky night leads our weather headlines. another sticky night. the ac is probably going to be buzzing. yellow alert tomorrow because we're expecting showers and storms. could have some heavy downpours, potentially some isolated severe storms here and there.
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thunderstorms again on tuesday but they don't look to be nearly as widespread. the better chance will be east of i-95. so we're not going to yellow alert. a front moves through tuesday night so that by wednesday a much more comfortable air mass will be across the region. and that's going to be with us for the rest of the work week. and right now the memorial day weekend, if it all works out, is going to work out okay as we'll warm back to the 80s. across the country, showers on the west coast. they certainly need the rain out west. up here maybe you are seeing what's going on with the blue. this is snow. in north dakota, north of bismarck, snow falling, a miserable night, with rain on the east side. then we're affect by all this moisture. look at this cluster of storms in texas, louisiana. everything is moving northeast towards us, so that if you throw in the daytime heating tomorrow, we're going to pop some more showers and storms
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potentially as early as midday. so a fairly quiet night. don't be surprised if there are some patches of fog when you get up. midday we'll start to pop a couple of showers and storms but the biggest chance is later in the day. tomorrow night we'll settle things down. then on tuesday we're going watch as a front approaches. here we are tuesday morning, quiet things down. by midday some showers start to pop, but by midafternoon, the bulk of it east of us. so with the dry air moving in tuesday, still going to be a warm one in the 80s, but the cool stuff will move in wednesday night so that by wednesday our highs get only into the 70s. and wednesday night, i think some of the outer suburbs could be in the 40s. for tonight, still can't rule out an isolated shower or storm but generally quiet, warm, muggy, 65 to 70. tomorrow morning partly sunny, warm and muggy after any patches of fog burn off. 60s and 70s. we could see some low 80s by lunchtime with the scattered
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showers and storms in the afternoon. 84 to 89. as you look at the three-day forecast, tuesday 87. the threat for storms mainly east of us by afternoon. it looks great here wednesday, thursday, friday. the nats are coming back for a homestand. next weekend we'll warm up to 84 with a shower potentially in the mountains, but i'm thinking, bruce, if it all works out, we're going to hold on to some good weather right through memorial day. still ahead, a record- setting selfie serks and
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪
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♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. in st. louis thousands of baseball fans took part in a record-setting selfie session. close to 5,000 baseball fans posed for selfies between innings at this weekend's cardinals game. that led to a new world record. another record setter served as emcee for the event. we're talking about joey chestnut. >> today was awesome setting a world record for the number of selfies taken at one time.
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usually all my records are set by myself so it's great to be a part of a record set by other people. >> winners will receive prizes from nathan's hot dogs. kristen berset is
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bryce harper is on fire. he is raking in the month of may. so far batting .418 and nine home runs in the month of may. he has become that reliable player everyone expected. today no different. bryce harper homered for the 14th time this season.
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the nats played san diego. ten runs helped stephen strasburg win in his hometown. we'll talk about the nats coming up. big day for university of maryland lacrosse program. the maryland men handled north carolina with surprising ease. they're heading to championship weekend under head coach john tillman. they will face john hopkins on saturday. more of the same for the women. the defending national champs took care of northwestern. the terps headed to philadelphia as well along with their male counterparts. we'll take a look at all the action from today in "game on overtime." the redskins held rookie mini camp this weekend. the first tame the newest redskins got to don the burgundy and gold jerseys. hear from first-round pick brandon sheriff. finally, heart break for the washington wizards and their fans on friday. dave and i are joined live in
11:31 pm
studio by their color commentator to talk about the season that was. >> this is the nats team that you guys promised. >> holden kushner is also here with us. now they have to figure out how to win when they're not hitting. >> got it. couple seconds to recap. >> a few storms tuesday afternoon, he is special east, then beautiful wednesday through saturday. >> okay. thanks for watching. we're going to sigh back overtime" is next. have a is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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coming up -- >> harper jacks one to left. >> look who did it again. the nats roll. the rookies are here. washington's new sheriff speaks about life in the nfl. >> it's like a dream come true. >> maryland lacrosse. same old story. domination. >> we are going to the final four! >> and after a gut crunch weekend, what now for the wizards? unlike the wizards, we will be playing overtime. "game on overtime." >> thought i would get a dig in on the wizards. what's up everybody? welcome to "game on overtime." thanks for staying up


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