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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a 10-year-old little boy who is probably crying scared to death, you see a mother with fear in her eyes about what's about to happen, the father who is scared to depth, the offenders keep going. >> reporter: investigators say the killers must have known enough about savvas savopoulos to know that he did the with large amounts of cash and the police chief said -- that he dealt with large amounts of cash and the police chief said wint once worked at iron works where wint was once ceo. >> there is a connection through the business. >> reporter: detectives in new york picked up wint's girl friend at a fast food joint and she has been somewhat cooperative. she told them wint left new york and is on his way to d.c. to turn himself in, but they are not sure that they believe her. >> investigators believe wint
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is the via showy figure in the surveillance video released last week. at 6:00 bruce will have more on the dna on that pizza and how police linked that to wint himself. police also say daron wint has left for new york, but his family still lives right around here in prince george's county. >> police were at that house last night. that's where we find ellison barber. what have you found out about the suspect? >> reporter: over my shoulder is his dad's house. neighbors tell us the last time they saw daron wint was around two weeks ago around mother's day. police came back to the house and took both the people who live here, his father and his father's wife and seemed to take them away in an unmarked car to the police station. they ran into the house about 30 minutes ago. they are back home. the biggest thing we've learned today about daron wint is that it seems he came into contact with savvas savopoulos for the first time through work.
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>> does not appear this was just a random crime but there is a connection through the family business. >> reporter: savvas savopoulos was president and ceo of american ironworks, a former executive with the company telling me it was founded in the '80s. they mostly do metal fabrication for large scale projects. now they're working on some of the biggest construction projects in d.c. police say daron wint worked for them. >> we have information he did work at american ironworks at some time in the past. >> reporter: but the company wouldn't confirm that. this house in lanham, maryland, is the last known address for wint. neighbors say it's owned by his father dennis. >> i cannot tell you that much about daron. all i know is that he was dennis' son and he regularly came to -- periodically came to see his father. >> reporter: police stayed
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here till about 1:30 a.m. interviewing people inside and collecting evidence. the family that lives here neighbors say are good hard working people. >> they raised him correctly. if he went wrong, it was his choice. >> reporter: wint ran into legal trouble before. he has a criminal record in maryland going back to 2005. >> i represented him in six different cases in 2005, 2006. they were minor criminal, traffic cases, driving without a license, driving unslurred. they resulted in no conviction. -- uninsured. they resulted in no conviction. he is a very nice gentle person, not predisposed to violence. they've got the wrong guy. >> reporter: sources here at circuit court in prince george's county tell me that his criminal history is not just those minor crimes. there were several restraining orders filed against wint
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mostly in 2008 and 2009. at least one of those were finalized. reporting live from prince george's county i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> over the past week we've been able to piece together what happened in the hours that led up to those gruesome murders and we've put those events together in a time line to better help you understand what we know. wednesday, may 13th, the house cooper said veralicia figueroa is supposed to leave for the day. two hours later she says amy savopoulos calls her husband telling him to come home to watch 10-year-old phillip because she has plans. at 9:30 that night savvas savopoulos calls gutierrez and leaves a message saying his wife is sick and figueroa would spend the night. may 14th in the morning figueroa's husband goes to the house, knocks on the door, no one answers. at 9:30 a.m. got role receives a text message from amy -- gutierrez
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receives a text message from amy savopoulos' cell phone telling her not to come to work. later in the day the family porsche is found in prince george's county. at 1:30 d.c. fire and ems respond to a fire at the family home where they found four bodies and yesterday police announced daron dylon wint is a suspect in the murders. >> we will continue to update this story throughout the story and you can get breaking news alerts any time on the wusa9 news app. breaking news from metro, 15 minutes acquisition metro tomorrow us service has been restore -- ago metro tomorrow us service has been restored to the orange, blue and silver line. riders should expect residual delays as folks head home tonight. the 61-year-old florida mailman who landed that gyrocopter on the grounds of the u.s. capitol made his plea in court this afternoon. doug hughes faces six federal charges including two felonies.
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our andrea mccarren was in the courtroom and is live now from d.c. district court. what did you see? >> reporter: the world's most famous gyro scoper it pilot pleaded not guilty to all -- gyrocopter pilot pleaded not guilty to all charges. this time he came to d.c. by car. >> nobody else could do what i did and get away without at best being forced down, at worst being shot down and i liely recommend nobody try it. >> reporter: who -- highly recommend nobody try it. >> reporter: who could forget the florida mailman's flight last month? doug hughes flew through restricted airspace and landed lawn and carried letters for each member of congress to push for campaign finance reform. >> if my flight exposed flaws in the security, they were procedural and they've been plugged. >> reporter: the stunt ignited
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an unprecedented security scare. hughes faces felony charges for operating the gyrocopter without a certificate or property registration and is charged with violating airspace and using the postal service logo without authorization. >> let me be clear. i'll never do anything like this again, but i would do it exactly the way i did. >> reporter: hughes has been described as a troublemaker and hailed as a hero. >> thank you, doug! >> reporter: given this stamp by a small group of demonstrators. >> i don't know the artist. i got to thank him. it's beautiful. >> reporter: when i walked into the courthouse this afternoon, i happened to be right behind mr. hughes. he set off the magnetometer but quickly pulled up his pant legs to show the security guards the gps monitorings device on his ankle. the judge did grant him the freedom to travel within his
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home county in florida until his next court appearance. >> speaking of that next court appearance, he's scheduled for a status hearing may 207th. he faces up to 9 1/2 years -- 27th. he faces up to 9 1/2 years in prison but has not ruled out a plea deal. the rain is winding down. first alert chief meteorologist howard bernstein is here. what are you seeing on doppler radar? >> i'm seeing this move quickly to the east. most of us have dried out. on the he'll shore give it another hour or less. i think easton may be 20 minutes before this stuff pull away from you. you can see how it's pretty much cleared the western ashore, easton over to denton, denton maybe 45 minutes to an hour. you not anybody driving out toward the coast, still wet there a few more hours. if you're headed out this evening, you'll need a jacket. 49 in white oak, 55 in washington, loudoun county 50 to 54 there.
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it is a chilly night. clouds will slowly break up but not until late tonight with temperatures fairly steady. overnight we're falling into the 40s and 50s. after the chilly start tomorrow got some really good news for the weekend coming up. a maryland grandmother now charged with murder after she opened fire in a mcdonald's parking lot late yesterday killing the new stepfather of her grand clipper and wounding the children's mother. scott broom is in waldorf with new details from investigator. what the heck, scott? >> reporter: we're here at mcdonald's at the charles town center mall. investigators describe what happened as a nest domestic situation exploding into violence in a most unlikely place, the mcdonald's parking lot behind me, and with a most unlikely person allegedly behind the trigger. 51-year-old grandmother caroline conway of waldorf charged with first degree
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murder after a shooting here at st. charlestown center mall in the mcdonald's parking lot before 6:00 last night which had been used as a spot to exchange custody of two grandchildren after a breakup between conway's son and the mother of the shooting. killed was the mother's new husband of smithfield, virginia. seriously wounded was the children's 24-year-old mother. no children were present when conway allegedly opened fire at the mcdonald's. >> this has been a longstanding and very nasty custody dispute between the female victim and the biological dad. ms. conway is the mother of the biological dad of these children. >> reporter: salvas said conway got in the back seat of the victim's jeep through an unlocked backdoor and started shooting. conway has no criminal record
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and lives in this waldorf homer when husband who declined an interview. conway fled the scene of the shooting just before 6:00 last night. she was arrested near her home according to charles county authorities. live in waldorf scott broom, wusa9. a judge has sentenced a teacher in stafford county to three years lipped bars for having sex with several -- behind bars for having sex with several students and former students. erica lynn mesa was a teach are and coach at colonial forward -- teacher and coach at colonial ford high. she sent nude photos of herself to at least one student. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. why investigators are going through the phone records of the engineer of the detailed amtrak train. >> a new metro stop coming to northern virginia, where it's going and who may foot the
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bill. >> reporter: triple
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breaking news out of baltimore where the state's attorney announced indictments were released against all six officers in the death of freddie gray to be arraigned july 2nd. gray died april 12th days after his arrest by baltimore city police that. indictment comes three weeks after charges were first filed against those officers. a man accused of killing three alexandria residents over 10 years says he disagrees with his attorney's request for separate murder trials. peggy fox joins us live from the fairfax county court with more on this request from charles severance.
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>> reporter: charles severance was using a wheelchair today because of an ankle injury he said he received from deputies in alexandria. at the start of the hearing today severance spoke out saying separate trials would be too much of a burden to win both. he said he does not trust his attorneys. the judge promised to let severance speak later but ordered him to be quiet until then and when he was allowed to speak, he asked the judge to recuse herself. at 6:00 i'll tell you what the judge's response was to that request. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. turning to the latest in the investigation in the philadelphia amtrak derailment, investigators are combing through phone records of the engineer. they want to find out if brandon bostian was talking on his cell phone when that train left the tracks. in another development train union officials say bostian's shift the day of the crash was grueling and an equipment problem shortened his rest
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period. we now know where metro's next station will be located. the alexandria city council voted unanimously to build the of the potomac yard retail center off route 1. the counsel picked the second cheapest option at a cost of 268 million. the project is expected to create more than 25,000 new jobs and ease traffic on route 1. yellow and blue lines will be servicing that area. how to fund it? not yet worked out yet. metro is hoping to open the potomac yard station in late 2018. if you travel during the memorial day holiday weekend, you will have plenty of company. aaa expects the number of d.c. area drivers hitting the road this weekend to be the highest in a decade, nearly 900,000. of course, one popular destination will be the beach. maryland transportation officials predict more than 360,000 vehicles will cross the bay bridge both directions
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during the long holiday weekend. of course, the question is will the weather cooperate for the holiday? >> yes. it's going to cooperate in a big way. we're in really good shape. i want to remind you download our wusa9 app. it's free. i think weather will be in our favor. kind of cloudy and cool right now, 55 degrees. early 90s for highs in the week early. keep that in mind. winds east, northeast at 7, but it is not raining and i'm thinking we may not see rain here in the metro till perhaps tuesday and we're running about an inch below normal. my farmer friend merle says yeah, we could use some water. he's going to have to redo one ofly fields. 55 in town -- of his fields. 55 in town, luray 57.
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looking at doppler 9000 that rain much of the day, started this morning, just wound down the last couple hours. big thunderstorms, even a few tornado warnings in north carolina. they were well in the 80s. so our friends in easton, across the bay are you're just about done with the rain. -- bay, you're just about done with rain. the weather after today looks really good, tomorrow, saturday, sunday right through the holiday for most of it. southern maryland is drying out as well. weather headlines nicer friday, a slim chance of an isolated afternoon shower. good looking weekend, 70 saturday, 80 sunday and near 90 by memorial day. i think it will be dry for most of us. the mountains have a chance for that afternoon storm and next week hot and humid, summer- like, tuesday, wednesday, thursday scattered with the
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dame heat. forecast, for tonight we'll see that isolated shower this evening mainly in the mountains with late clearing. it's going to be chilly. mid-40s to low 50s in 10. it's going to be a breezy but bright friday. 40s and 50s in the morning quickly into the 60s. you'll need a jacket. in afternoon slim chance of a shower, mid- to upper 70s. three-day forecast over the weekend, saturday gorgeous, lighter winds, high 74, don't forget the sunscreen. 84 on sunday. then it gets hot, memorial day monday, mainly dry and tuesday, wednesday, thursday hot and human with humid. a crime so despicable warring leaders on capitol hill are coming toke to shut it down. >> why one -- coming to shut is
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down. >> why one person said this could be the skinniest television ever. >> and ripped from the social media scrabble adds some questionable words to its dictionary. >> we want know what's on your let's say this is your tv. and these are the channels you pay for with cable. maybe you're getting tons of science and animals when you're really into movies.
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most times they do not agree on much, but today house minority leader nancy pelosi and house speaker john boehner came together to announce a bipartisan bill aimed at ending human trafficking. the measure approved by the house and senate expands services for victims and gives law enforcement new tops to go after those traffickers. -- tools to go after those traffickers. >> we will not tolerate these monstrous crimes. life matters. we must make every effort to end human trafficking in every form. >> we all agree human trafficking is an ab hornet crime. it stands outside the sir -- an abhorrent crime. it stands outside the circle of human behavior. tonight stocks end in positive territory by closing bell. the dow eased up a fraction up
5:24 pm
a point and the nasdaq made double digit gains up 19 points. a 31-year-old maryland man is suing blue bell after eating ice cream he claims caused him permanent brain damage. david shockley says he contracted listeria related meningitis and is no longer able to work. blue bell issued a massive recall on all its ice cream and stopped production in april. a series of listeria infections have been linked to their products. thousands. employees chanted supersize my check as shareholders met inside mcdonald's corporate headquarters in illinois. workers continue their fight to increase the minimum wage to $15. mcdonald's says it will raise the starting pay $1 above the local minimum wage, but labor advocates say that is not enough. it could be the thinliest division ever. lg's new concept -- thinnest
5:25 pm
television ever. lg's new concept television is as thin as a dvd, weighs less than 5 pounds, doesn't need to stand and can hang on the wall with a magnetic mat. >> if i had to guess, it's an oled. very expensive. scrabble added new worlds to its dictionary, many of them coming from social media. >> here's a few, lolz, a laugh at someone else's expense, newb, short for newbie, thanks with an x, twerking. >> cake home, another toward for mouth -- cake hole, another word for mouth, obvs short for obviously, tunage which means music and bezi which means best friend. thanks to the guardian. we'll have to retext now with our little primer there. >> we were out of date, weren't
5:26 pm
we? >> obvs. straight ahead why domestic violence charges are being dropped against ray race. >> and a controlled blast goes more -- ray rice. >> and a controlled blast goes horribly wrong. >> plus the latest on the search for d.c.'s most narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it'sri a csis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens.
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before it's too late.
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we are committed to keeping you up to date on the search for the killer in the d.c.
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mansion murders. right now the focus is on brooklyn, new york. investigators believe that is where prime suspect daron dylon wint fled. according to his girl friend, he's back on his way to d.c. to turn himself in. police believe wint once worked for mr. savopoulos and say he stole $40,000 in cash and the family's porsche before he set fire to the $5 million mansion. we'll bring you a full update on wusa9 news at 6:00. a controlled blast goes horribly wrong. rocks damage cars, homes and businesses. surae chinn joins us live in sterling with more. what happened? >> reporter: something went terribly wrong with this. we are east of dulles airport. this is a small rock, just
5:31 pm
parts of a huge rock that went through this auto parts shop behind me and took out three windows. it was all caught on tape. a school bus goes by. a second later the rock comes flying by taking out a street sign and crashing into the napa auto parts store. >> everybody ducked for cover am. >> reporter: another rock came through this home, through the roof of this house. 64-year-old ricardo brooks was sleeping, his head on this pillow, when the rock came crashing down. a huge rock made a -- the huge rock made a mess, debris everywhere. it could have been a lot worse. >> only by the grace of god did nobody get hurt seriously. when we saw the rocks and realized where they came from. >> reporter: and it came about 1/2-mile away. we're telling you so many people are lucky and very
5:32 pm
fortunate tonight. ricardo went to the hospital and got eight stitches. now state investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. in sterling surae chinn, wusa9. >> he will have quite a story it tell. domestic violence charges against run -- to tell. domestic violence charges against running back ray rice have been dismissed. those charges stem from the now infamous incident where he was caught on camera punching his then fiance janay in an elevator. he avoided prosecution bien roling in a -- by enrolling in a pretrial intervention program last may. crews are working to clean up thousands of gallons of oil spilled into the water and now we're learning the texas-based company responsible for the busted pipe has a whole history of violations according to the l.a. times. california's governor declared a state of new jersey in santa barbara and the beaches that
5:33 pm
would normally -- of emergency in santa barbara and the beaches that would normally be packed are closed. the terrorists are now in control of the historic city palmyra. this is the second historic siege by isis in the past several days. thousands are trying to escape ramadi in neighboring iraq after the islamic militants gained control there. the state department is expected to release the first batch of hillary clinton's e- mails in the upcoming days. they contain the concerns of the former secretary of state and her advisors following the benghazi attack that climbed the lives of american ambassador christopher steven and three other americans. most schools have advanced placement programs, but today nearly 100 students at a prince george's county high school now have college degrees. >> as photojournalist james hatch explains, it's the only
5:34 pm
program of its kind in maryland. >> reporter: with just 92 graduates this 2015 class may be small, but these students represent a very big achievement for prince george's county public schools. >> i declare this class of 2015 to be graduates. >> reporter: they're from the academy of health sciences, a high school program at prince george's county community college. it's a greatly accelerated curriculum that lets students earn their high school diploma and associate's degree in four years. >> the college i'm going to will take all 63 of my credits. >> reporter: it's the first program of its kind anywhere in maryland. this afternoon they'll receive an associate's degree in various area of study. >> they're taking class college students tend to struggle with and going through them effortlessly. >> reporter: all 92 students have been accepted into four year schools. >> they're going all over the country and we are ecstatic.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: for the school's ceo it's a source of pride. >> it's pretty incredible for a brand new program that has become so well respected so quickly. >> people can't underestimate kids in this town anymore. >> reporter: for parents it means these grants have saved them two full years of college tuition. >> most definitely saved my parents a lot of money. >> less loans on my parents and on me. >> reporter: in upper marlboro, james hatch, wusa9. >> in addition to that associate's degree tonight, the graduates have also been awarded $10.5 million worth of scholarships. >> congrats to them. trending now, why this man got naked at an airport. >> oh, no! right after the break celebrities saying good-bye to david letterman, one of our favorite segments from last night's show next. >> chilly on the weather terrace, low to mid-50s. the rain should at least help with the allergy index.
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>> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers.
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trending now crews did not waste any time tearing down david letterman's old set after he hosted the late show for the very final time last night. letterman said good-bye last night in grand fashion and early this morning. >> the show started with a montage of presidents joking they'd like to see dave joe. 10 celebs said thanks to dave that they've always wanted to. >> of all the talk shows, yours is the most geographically convenient to my home. >> dave, did you know that you wear the same cologne as moammar gadhafi? >> yes. >> your extensive plastic surgery was a necessity. >> and a mistake. >> dave, i have no idea what i'll do when you go off the air. you know, i just thought of something. i'll be fine.
5:40 pm
>> honestly, dave, i've always found you to be a bit of an overactor. >> i'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy. >> thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale. >> dave, you are to comedy what i am to comedy. >> thanks for finally proving men can be funny. >> dave, i'll never have the money i owe you. >> oh, no. the people who watched this show, there's nothing i can do it over repay you. thank you for everything. you've given me everything. [ applause ] >> thank you again. >> and as expected, the nightclubbed a performance of the -- night included a performance of the song ever long by the foo fighters. if your facebook feed is filled with pictures of
5:41 pm
people's feet, there is a reason. >> the philanthropic shoe company tom's is donating one pair of shoes for every photo of feet. campaign is over as of today. at last check the company has donated more than 240,000 pairs, almost a quarter million. the rolling stones gave fans in attendance a show to remember last night. >> will you please welcome the rolling stones. ♪ brown sugar ♪ ♪. >> the band kicked off their tour by playing the whole sticky fingers album last night in hollywood, 1,300 seats sold out almost immediately after the show announced yesterday morning and there's probably no coincidence, but the stones are rereleasing that 1971 album next week. >> they remixed and everything. some travelers witnessed a sight yesterday at the charlotte douglas airport in
5:42 pm
north carolina when one man learned a flight to jamaica was overbooked. he proceeded to disrobe, stand naked in the terminal 40 minutes until police escorted him away. the airline has had little to say and no wore the if he faces charges or what he thought would happen. >> doing -- no word if he faced charges or what he thought would happen. >> doing that does not get you on a plane. three strikes and you're out, we'll tell you how one national was struck out of the league but kept on swinging for his dream. >> after the break a lot of you are wondering is your car af
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
the federal government is working with the auto industry in this massive recall over the potentially deadly takata air bags. how do you decide which of the nearly 30 million vehicles get fixed first? most drivers don't even know if their vehicle is attacked and likely won't -- affected and likely won't for some time. >> reporter: testing for takata air bags is ongoing both
5:46 pm
here and abroad, but because of limited supplies the fixes will focus first on states with humid weather. takatas had still not named a root cause, but nhtsa believes moisture in high humidity regions leaks into the air bag's inflator changing the properties of the chemicals used to heat the bags. when this happens, it can erupt and send shrapnel into drivers. >> the numbers are staggering. >> reporter: jay hessner from consumer reports. >> you can't always get the vehicles fixed right away. >> reporter: one reason this recall is so confusing is that it's issued by takata. all previous issues involving the company's air backs have been issued by individual automakers. the 11 car companies told us they're still waiting for information from takata. >> consumers wouldn't be in this position if the problem
5:47 pm
was addressed in the early 2000's. >> reporter: it could be months before many drivers get a notification from dealers and it could be 2 1/2 years before all cars get fixed at this manufacturing rate. >> that's why we've been telling you that you need to go to the website. type in your vehicle identification number to see if your car is impacted by the recall and do that often. a third man now charged with first degree murder in the death of university of tennessee nursing student holly bo hbo. john adams was already charged with two counts of rape in the case. an attorney for the fourth man named as a person interest of said he committed suicide. new reports about an exchange between a u.s. surveillance plane and the chinese navy, cnn reports they heard a chinese navy dispatcher order the plane to leave the area near the fiery cross reef.
5:48 pm
china is in the process of retaking the land in the south china sea claimed by five countries including the philippines. the ceo of virginia-based lumber liquidators abruptly designed after weeks of bad publicity over safety concerns around its products. robert lynch also stepped down from the board of directors. a 60 minutes report pointed out there was a high level of formaldehyde in the flooring imported from china the company sells. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we lowered that yellow alert. >> that is fantastic. we've got heat on the way. >> that heat will be especially into memorial day and next week, but today kind of chilly. i was on the weather terrace a
5:49 pm
few minutes ago and could see my breath. here's live doppler 9000, tracking the last of that steady rain shower activity which kept us cool today moving toward the east. it's finally cleared easton. we're fine, a little sliver of a sprinkle coming through southern st. mary's county, but there goes the rain just about out of maryland into delaware. as far as the 3-degree guarantee we forecast a high of 62 today. 63 was the high at midnight. temps now, 55 degrees. we were in the low 90s a couple days ago, east, north east wind at 7, cloudy, dried out. i think we'll stay that way
5:50 pm
maybe until tuesday, 50 in gaithersburg, 52 in easton. the warm spot luray 57 and low to mid-40s in the mountains out west. there's a big area of rain showers in the western u.s. and another area of rain showers in louisiana, mississippi. i'm slightly concerned we'll see a passing sprinkle tomorrow. notice this line of showers from wisconsin and northern michigan moving to the southeast. that can come through us tomorrow afternoon. other than that we'll be in great shape until perhaps tuesday. so the forecast for tonight, it's going to be cloudy with late clearing, isolated sprinkle mainly in the mountains, 40s and 50s for friday morning. we'll have that chilly start. you'll need a jacket. west, northwest winds 10 to 15, picking up 10 to 20 in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow mid- to upper 70s, just a slim shower chance in the afternoon, west,
5:51 pm
northwest wind 10 to 20 and sunset late at 8:19. three-day forecast, head towards start, it will be fantastic, going to be a great day. the winds will be a lot lighter northwest to south west 5 to 10, afternoon highs lower to middle 70s. sunday looks good, just warmer, not too humid yet, 84. monday we'll make a run toward 90 potentially. could be a chance of an isolated storm mainly in the mountains, but look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday, hot, humid, mainly afternoon thunderstorms, at least 90 for the high all three days. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> this past april 15th 30-year-
5:52 pm
old nationals reliever made his debut, the long and winding journey to reach that moment. >> reporter: nationals farmhand rafael martin made his major league debut at the big club in april. it lasted all of four appearances, but martin took a bizarre route to the majors. the southern california native grew up handling livestock in an auction house. after high school an 18-year- old martin dropped his dream of playing baseball and took a job as a construction worker. >> when i first started, i was just a cut man, pretty much just ordinary structures. all i had to do was cut wood. >> reporter: five years after high school martin was playing in a rec league in southern california and by chance landed his first professional gig. >> we had a pick up game and played at the stadium, had a minor league team. >> reporter: that led martin to signing with the mexican
5:53 pm
league. after three years south of the border martin signed with the national, but numerals surgeries on his pitching arm landed him back in the mexican leagues in 2013, but he never thought about quitting. >> never, never. i feel i'm still relatively young. i know i'm 30, but five years in construction, so take off five years and i'm 25, in the middle of baseball years. >> reporter: a construction job, injuries and parts of four year in mexico kept rafael martin from his dream of playing major league baseball. his demotion to the minors is just another setback in a long list of them. for wusa9 sports, i'm holden kushner. >> all it takes is one injury to get that chance again. he was so impressed in his debut. we hope martin gets another chance. >> i guess there wasn't room for him. >> not right now, but there's always this opportunity. nats are off tonight after playing the yankees. everybody is talking about this bryce harper ejection.
5:54 pm
he'll speak out about it at yesterday. at 6:00 a man accused of killing three alexandria residents over a 10 year span says he disagrees with his attorney's request for a separate murder trial. >> plus a married stafford teacher learns how long she'll be locked up for having sex with her students. >> next we're following the latest in the d.
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almost 10 years after hurricane katrina some new orleans residents are finally rebuilding with the help of others. >> a small army of volunteers is pouring into the city from across the country trying to make some big changes in a few short days. omar villafranca reports. >> reporter: a traditional new orleans jazz band headed way for this construction -- led the way for this construction team. habitat for humanity are rebuilding the forgotten corridor. >> 10 years ago we couldn't imagine. they were still questioning whether to try to rebuild at all. >> reporter: hurricane katrina tore through here 10 years ago this summer destroying hundreds of homes, flooding many more. now with the help of volunteers like dan cohoon58 families will have a new place to call home. >> we'll have all the windows in, house wrapped. we will be the fastest house out there. >> reporter: more than 500 volunteers from across the country will spend the next 10 days building 10 10 new homes
5:58 pm
in this neighborhood. the new owners move in the end of the month, so they have to work fast. brian johnson is one of the new owners. he's working with the crew to set up the frame on this brand- new home for him and his son. >> just watching him grow up in this house, nice size yard to play in, it's wonderful. >> reporter: this woman moved into her new house two years ago and is looking forward to having new neighbors. >> the neighborhood has come along so much. we're very grateful for habitat. >> reporter: thanks to the efforts of all these volunteers, the community is being restored 1 home at a time. omar villafranca, cbs news, new orleans. >> new habitat homeowners have to qualify and put in sweat equity. they have to volunteer at least 350 hours with habitat for humanity. we start with the manhunt for the suspect in the brutal murder of a d.c. family and
5:59 pm
they were housekeeper. good evening. i'm -- and their housekeeper. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. investigators believe daron dylon wint is behind last week's quadruple murder. let's begin with bruce leshan and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police think that daron wint stole $40,000 think with all that cash he may have fled to new york by bus. his girl friend tells detectives in new york now that he is headed back to d.c. to turn himself in, but detectives are not sure they believe her. >> right now you have about every law enforcement officer across the country that is aware of his open warrant and are looking for him. >> reporter: america's most wanted man, daron dylon wint, 34 from lanham maryland, but on facebook he lists his home now as new york. >> we believe mr. wint is
6:00 pm
currently in the brooklyn area. >> reporter: he has a long history of crime but nothing remotely comparing with the accusations he faces now. investigators suspect he held his captives for hours, that he tortured, doused with gasoline and set fire to 10-year-old phillip savopoulos, that he murdered savvas and amy savopoulos and their housekeeper vera figueroa and then he stole $40,000 cash and the family porsche before burning their nearly $5 million mansion. police believe it was wint who ordered a domino's pizza while holding the family. on a piece of crust like this they say left behind his dna in a tiny bit of skin or drop of saliva and maryland collects dna from everyone arrested for a vie ledge crime or convicted --


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