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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the assistant who delivered those $40,000 to the house the morning of the murders allegedly lied to the police. what that means we do not know at this point. as far as we know, he has not been charged, the assistant, with any crime. we learned also that a witness saw an african american man driving that porsche the day of the murders, the family porsche, but witnesses say that the man driving on new york avenue had short hair and wint has long hair. defense attorneys jumped on that, suggested police have the wrong guy. the judge was not buying that. neither was the prosecutor. >> mr. wint is now incarcerated and he's held without bond. our work is not done. we'll continue to investigate this case and bring all charges that are appropriate in the coming weeks. the residents of the district of columbia grieve with the savopoulos and figueroa families and we at the u.s.
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attorney's office will use the full force of the law to make sure justice is served in this matter. >> reporter: prosecutors say that when police arrested wint late last night overnight, they say he had $10,000 in the same kind of denominations as those $40,000 that were delivered to the mansion. most important, they have wint's dna on a medium pepperoni domino's pizza at the scene inside the mansion with those three dead adults. so far wint is just charged with the murder of savvas savopoulos, but prosecutors expect to bring more charges soon. reporting live at d.c. superior court, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> as we know, we saw it unfold last night, police did track wint to new york but missed him by a day. they caught up with him late in
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the evening. >> our ellison barber was at the scene of the arrest late last night and she is back there now. tell us more. >> reporter: the arrest happened just behind me on rhode island avenue, but this isn't really where it began. police followed wint to new york and maryland. >> we investigated and tracked him up to new york city. >> reporter: a task force led by the u.s. marshall started tracking wint on tuesday. they missed in him new york by a day. last night they finally caught up to him at this motel in college park. >> we were planning on going into the hotel and figuring out where he was and taking him down. >> reporter: but the task force commander robert fernandez told reporters it didn't go down like that. >> when we approached, we realized he was in a vehicle. >> reporter: the task force spotted wint riding as a passenger in this white chevy
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cruze. they followed it, but it wasn't alone. the car and box truck made a u- turn and kept going down rhode island avenue. >> pg county police put up a helicopter. once we got to a good location we were able to pin the vehicle in. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the u.s. marshal tells wusa9 officers pulled two men out of the box truck. wint was in the chevy cruze with two women and another man. by thursday night the man hunt was over and six pool were safely taken into custody -- people were safely taken into custody. today d.c. police tell me wint was the only person actually arrested. around $10,000 was found in the truck. d.c. police have not ruled out the possible more people were involved in the murder of the family and their housekeeper, vera figueroa. for the people that live and work in the neighborhood, news of the arrest brings mixed emotions. >> we feel kind of relieved on
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one hand, but on the other hand, real sadness. >> reporter: law enforcement tomorrow us witnesses are staying in room 412 at the howard johnson inn. most people tomorrow us they never saw him. the hotel isn't commenting. ellison barber, wusa9. >> we are learning much more about wint's life and his history of run-ins with the law. >> garrett haake joins us now live in the studio. >> in the decade or so since his employment at savvas savopoulos american iron works ended in 2005, daron wint has had more than 30 arrests and over time the crimes grew more disturbing and violent. the man now charged with four murders in washington d.c. has a violent criminal history stretching from new york to maryland. daron dylon wint sometimes went by stephon or his middle name.
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in the late 2000s he had convictions for assault and. this. in 2008 his -- and thefts. in 2008 his girl friend told police wint cloaked, punched and slapped her -- choked, punched and slapped her about an argument over the car radio. in another argument she said wint pushed her over the back of the couch and cut his arm with a knife. in 2010 he pled guilty to malicious destruction of property after breaking into a woman's apartment and threatening to kill her. according to court documents, he threatened that woman, her daughter and friends warning he was good with a. >> and not afraid of police. prior to 2005 -- with a knife and not afraid of police. prior to 2005 wint had no history we could find. his family immigrated from
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giana in 2001. in a few years he landed a job at american iron works owned and operated by savvas savopoulos. it's unclear what relationship, if any, wint had with savopoulos when he worked for his company, but in 2010 wint was arrested with a machete and bb gun just outside the american iron works. charges were dropped when he pled guilty to a lesser charge. garrett haake, wusa9. >> residents in northern new york, the city of oswego, are breathing a sigh of relief now that wint was captured. he lived there from 2006 through '08 and may have ties to the area. cny new york reports he was arrested for stabbing a man with a knife. neighbors didn't feel safe around him. >> the savopoulos family issued a statement this morning reading in part, "we are thankful to law enforcement who have worked so diligently to
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bring about an arrest in this case. while it does not abate our pain we hope that it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and city. we are blessed to live in a community guyed of close circles of friends who have -- comprised of close circles of friends who have supported us and grieved with us." you can get the latest breaking news updates with the wusa9 news app 24 hours a day. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we take a live look outside now where we just have practically one of the best days in recent memory. it was convertible weather, biking weather, whatever weather you wanted it to be. our first alert chief meteorologist louder bernstein is on the weather terrace now and fantastic forecast for the weekend ahead. >> i think tomorrow will be better, believe it or not, than today because it won't be as
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windy. we had gusts in the 30-mile an hour range and while it's beautiful in washington, tracking just a couple showers on live doppler 9000 to our north and west coming out of pennsylvania, parts of west virginia and western maryland. this is with another cold front, but we'll warm up big time by memorial day and next week. you see spotty showers from morgan town back toward hagerstown moving 45 miles per hour southeast. we've got one shower approaching berkeley springs right now toward about williamsport all tracking, myersville down towards brunswick, a spotty sprinkle in frederick and carroll county, but that's about it. it is moving quickly, so it shouldn't last long. temps, 79, this the 24 degrees warmer than this time yesterday with low 70s in many of the areas. a beautiful evening. headed out, no real problems, good night for baseball at nats park, 71 by 8:00, low 60s by
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midnight, a cool start to the weekend, heat and humidity with that seven-day forecast in a few minutes. we've got a puzzling story out of charles county, maryland, where la plata police responded following reports a woman was pushing a toddler in a swing for an unusually long period of time, maybe even as long as a day. when they showed up to wills memorial park, officers realized the 3-year-old boy in that swing was dead. so far investigators have found no obvious signs of trauma. you have any information about this, charles county police would love to hear from you. another young boy is safe tonight after police say his dad snatched him from his mother at king street metro in alexandria. day won good is not allowed to see his son without supervision. good snowed up at the platform -- showed up at the platform, claimed he had a gun. metro flashed news of the abductions on its digital kiosks and cops caught up with
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the father and son on central avenue. good has been arrested. investigators in prince george's county now say a natural gas line contributed to a fire last night in ft. washington in cold harbor drive in accokeek. the incident commander ordered all firefighters out of the home before a side of that house collapsed. damage is estimated at $400,000. no one was hurt. a court appearance this afternoon for accused killer jesse matthew. >> reporter: uva student hannah graham's accused killer jesse matthew was in a fairfax county courtroom today for a pretrial hearing on that capital sex assault case. the crime happened 10 years ago and the victim now lives in india. matthew's public defenders want to suppress any evidence in which the victim claims she recognizes him as her attacker. they say her memory may have been corrupted by media coverage of the case. i'm peggy fox. at 6:00 i'll tell you what the judge decided. tonight two young
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california men facing terrorism charges intend to travel overseas and join al-qaeda. 1 man was arrested yesterday at l.a. international airport. the other in anaheim where both men lived. they had been scheduled to make their first court appearance today at federal court in santa ana. the state department made public hundreds of e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton private e-mail account. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: one e-mail received on then secretary of state hillary clinton's personal server contained information now considered classified by the fbi. it relates to reports of arrests of possible suspects in the deadly 2012 attack on a u.s. embassy outpost in benghazi. >> it's not uncommon for
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documents previously unclassified to upon later review and based upon changing events in world be deemed classified. >> reporter: clinton who is now seeking the democratic nomination for president addressed the issue from a campaign stop in happen almost. >> all of the information in the e-mails was -- in new hampshire. >> all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> the occurrence of a subsequent upgrade does not mean that anyone did anything wrong just to be clear here. >> reporter: the congressional committee investigating the benghazi attacks has a full copy of the e-mail, but the republican share of that panel called friday's public release incomplete. hannah daniels for cbs news. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a virginia police officer resigns after an excess serve an -- excessive use of force during a traffic stop, what he's accused of and dramatic
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video of the whole thing. >> plus why is this expected to be the biggest memorial day narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal
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healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it'sri a csis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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it's just a little breezy, but other than that picture perfect. >> oh, yeah, and tomorrow without the breeze we'll take a couple degrees off today. tomorrow i'm giving it a 10, doesn't get much better than 70 to 75, low humidity and light winds. you can do anything you want outside tomorrow. go and enjoy. right now up to 79. that's as warm as we've been all day. winds west, northwest at 22. we have gusts still over 30. leesburg was gusting to 32 at the top of the hour and look at that humidity this afternoon,
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27%. that dry air will be with us a few more days and humidity starts to crank up by memorial day. tuesday will feel like the end of july. right now 55 in oakland, about everybody else in the lower to mid-70s, although we're sticking out here in d.c. 79 fredericksburg. there's something about reagan national airport that seems to be a couple, 3 degrees warmer than most areas. you can probably take a few degrees from where you are from that national temperature. notice showers here, generally light, one lightning strike an hour ago. these showers are having a really tough time holding together as they move southeast, but we're checking a few now, this one in washington county east of martinsburg. this will probably pass just west of frederick down towards brunswick and tuscarora, a couple showers trying to get into parts of frederick and carroll county. if you're up toward thurmont,
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emmetsburg, hagerstown, clear spring, you have a couple showers moving southeast quickly at 45 miles an hour. weather headlines heading toward the holiday weekend, chilly tonight. most lows are in the 40s. parts of western allegany county, garrett county, high country in west virginia under frost advisories. protect those plants. fantastic saturday, 70 to 75. on sunday warm but not humid, 82 to 85. monday near 90, but i don't think the storm threat picks up till tuesday. here's the front that will reinforce the cool air in place to start the weekend. on futurecast just spotty showers and how quickly they fall apart, a very pleasant saturday afternoon. we start to warm up on sunday around here. pretty nice where a to get into the memorial day holiday. out to the beach a little cool,
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in the 60s, beautiful sunday and monday, 70s to about 80 for the high on memorial day. tonight the isolated early shower, clear, chilly, mid-40s in the cool spots, low 50s in town. nats are home, beautiful night for ball. 67 by 1:00 tomorrow with highs in the low to perhaps mid-70s. not as cold tomorrow night, still chilly. by sunday 85 after that beautiful saturday. monday 89 and tuesday and beyond like july, afternoon storms a threat tuesday through at least friday flex week. the memorial day exodus is underway. traffic is moving. you will have some company out there. this is route 50 where most of backups have been throughout the day. our scott broom is along the bay bridge to get you looking ahead at how the summer season
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is shaping up at delaware and maryland beaches. >> people have to be pretty excited on a day with weather like this and traffic like that. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. look at the bay bridge back there. traffic is moving across the bridge and that's good news. i've been everywhere from here at the bridge down to the beaches in my mobile newsroom today and at the beach they are talking about a spectacular and very big economic year down there. ocean city's boardwalk awaits and so does cheap gas and a stronger economy. >> i think this year in particular you don't hear a lot of negative. >> reporter: two factors that have ocean city's mayor thinking off the charts. >> everybody is pretty positive about the economy. so many people have endured a long winter. we all knew it was a long winter. i think they're ready to come out and be with their friends and families, be on the
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boardwalk, the beach, be outside. >> reporter: with the heaviest traffic in a decade predicted for this weekend alone, the maryland state highway administration instated a mandatory light use rule where there is significant cross traffic and high speed. the rule went into effect yesterday, but clearly not everyone has got the word yet. new in ocean city this year smartphone powered parking which allows you to feed the meter without leaving your kids or beach clair. new this season, a smoking -- chair. new this season, a smoking ban on the boardwalk and the beach with an exception of a 15-foot zone around ash canals put out on the sand. >> -- ash cans put out on the sand. >> i'm all for it. >> kind of challenging. going to be tough. >> reporter: doesn't it just want to make you quit? >> yeah, yeah, a little bit.
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>> reporter: it sure does. at 6:00 we'll have more reactions to this smoking ban including the prospects for enforcement of the $500 fine. live from the bay bridge on maryland's eastern shore scott broom, wusa9. >> perhaps many will breathe easier. ocean city joins the majority of delaware city beaches where smoking is restricted or banned. the exceptions south bethany and lou's. aaa predicts nearly 900,000 people from the d.c. region will travel out of the area for the holiday weekend and nationwide that number is about 33 million. aaa says those are the highest numbers in 10 years and the increase is fueled by lower gas prices. the national average for a gallon of gas stands at $2.73, about $1 a gallon cheaper than this time last year. >> the cost of crude oil is so
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much lower, about $50 a barrel less than last summer. >> thanks to those lower prices americans stand to save $80 billion on gas by the end of the summer, about $400 per household. some sales worth taking advantage of this memorial day weekend. >> plus wal-mart makes demands to its suppliers. i've got it all in tonight's consumer alert. >> you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00 live from broadcast house in northwest d.c. we're righ
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it's graduation day at the naval academy. vice president biden gave the commemoration speech. many will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the marine corps. in tonight's consumer alert stocks end slightly down on the last day of trading, the dow falling nearly 53 points, the nasdaq losing close to two points. wal-mart wants you -- wants the meat and egg suppliers to
5:26 pm
cut the use of antibiotics. wal-mart is responding to shoppers who are increasingly looking for natural options and they want to know where their food is coming from. wal-mart is looking for a nationwide shift to remove the use of the drugs in farm animals. memorial day kicks off the unofficial start of summer. it's also time to take advantage of deep discounts like up to 65% off on appliances, especially refrigerators. look for low markdowns, as much as 50% on mattresses and mowers and more typically 20 to 50%. you can snatch those savings over the long holiday weekend. she calls herself mayhem. they is 5 and the newest -- she is 5 and the newest cutest little designer for j. crew. sidney kaiser and her mom run a popular fashion blog that recreate red carpet sometimes out of colorful paper, red tape
5:27 pm
and glue. now the kindergartner will help design an exclusive line for the retailer. a star of the show with 19 kids and counting, what that means for the show's future coming up. >> reporter: repairs are being done a day after a blast from a rock quarry went terribly wrong. i'm surae chinn in sterling, that story just ahead. >> right after the break a virginia police officer's excessive use of force caught on tape, the the federal government surveillance program... has collected records on nearly every american's phone calls... emails; your most private moments without a warrant... without cause and without your permission. right at this moment... so we got your test results back and...
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and this moment... the courts have ruled the government... call surveillance program illegal, but the nsa... hasn't stopped. when they invade your privacy, they've gone too far. tell washington: protect our privacy.
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let's get you up to date on the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders. right now daron wint is behind bars. he made his first appearance in court handcuffed in leg irons and chains around his waist. the judge ordered him held without bond. detectives told the court there are almost certainly more suspects in the crime. we heard more chilling details about the crime. the worst, while the adults died from beatings and stabbings the 10-year-old boy was burned to death. we'll have a live update at the top of the hour. you can find continuous updates on our wusa9 news app. we're learning more about a frederick police officer who resigned after a tasing earlier this month put a man in the hospital it. started as a hit and run on route 1 with a wrong-way drive.
5:32 pm
hank silverberg said what happened when the police caught up with the driver later is what got that officer in trouble. >> reporter: officer shawn jergens was one of four officers that caught up with shawn washington. taser use and use of pepper spray was said to be not appropriate. this is officer shawn jergens trying to get suspect out of the car. this is redacted video supplied by the frederick police. >> get your hands up. i need to see your other hand. i need to see your other hand. [ taser ] >> reporter: david washington was then pepper sprayed as well and dragged from the car with one of the taser prongs stuck to his body still. >> get out of the car. [ bleep ]. >> get out of the car right now!
5:33 pm
we ain't playing. get out of the car. >> get out of the car. >> don't move around. >> reporter: it was then that the police determined he was suffering from a medical condition and called an ambulance. washington is still in the hospital. he faces charges of hit and run and reckless driving. officer jergens has not been charged but he resigned a week ago. hank silverberg, wusa9. >> david washington's medical condition is still unclear. another possible police brutality case, this one in virginia beach. three officers have been placed on administrative leave after a witness taped two officers handcuffing davondra mcintyre while a third officer delivered a series of knee strikes. police say mcintyre punched a bouncer and assaulted two officers before he was taken down. the virginia police chief is asking the commonwealth
5:34 pm
attorney to review the case. an update on a woman who died while in the fairfax county jail. deputies tasered natosha kenneth four times while she was restrained. the stun gun is being tested and audio and witness statements are being gone over. the department will provide another update on the case within 30 days. meantime the jail lab suspended -- has been suspending the use of those tasers. tlc has pulled 19 kids and counting from its lineup after the eldest of the duggar clan admitted to molesting five underage girls. josh duggar quickly resigned from his job at the conservative family research center in washington. he was a lobbyist group fighting against gay rights and same sex marriage. researchers are excited
5:35 pm
about a new neuroimplant for paralyzed parishes. a quadriplegic man -- patients. a quadriplegic man was able to use his mind to control his arm. he was the first in the world to test this new technology in downey, california. >> reporter: eric sordum never imagined he'd be able to do this again or this. >> i wanted to jump around and high five and hug everybody because we knew that it worked. >> reporter: paralyzed from the neck down after being shot 13 years ago, he can now think about a movement and make it happen. neurosurgeon dr. charles lu performed brain surgery on sordo two years ago at tech hospital of usc. he planted a region of electrodes where the intent of movement is formed. >> it was a loop of faith just
5:36 pm
seeing these were -- leap of faith just seeing these were the right areas. >> reporter: two wires are connected to computers which decode his intention and move the prosthetic arm. until now there's only been jerky delayed movements, but sciences say this new approach makes -- scientists say this new approach makes them much more natural. >> you don't think about moving the muscles or joints. you think about i want to pick up that glass of water. >> reporter: sordo is the first in the world to have this new device. the 34-year-old was able to pick up and drink a beer on his own. >> i want to be able to brush my own teeth. that's the next goal in. of. >> reporter: chelsea edwards for cbs news, downey, california. >> it looks like he's on his way. two other patients have since joined the clinical trial. clowns can be scary enough for some people as it is, but wait until you find out where this horror movie billboard was
5:37 pm
located. >> a virginia police officer's video goes viral for all the right reasons tonight. >> it's a nice but breezy evening for most of us. north of us live doppler 9000 tracking some isolated showers. those are approaching frederick now and bridges rick and tuscarora --
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trending now talk about bad placement. what was outside this children's hospital window in los angeles was almost as fright fling as what's happeninged in her body with cancer. a billboard of this poltergeist movie. >> oh, no. >> i looked out the window and i saw something very scary like a very big clown. >> the nurse stopped everything she's doing and said that's what the little girl next-door has been crying about. >> that was grace ellen's mom and that scary looking clown appears to be staring right into the window. so mom organized a facebook
5:41 pm
campaign urging her followers to contact the billboard company and that same night crews quickly took down the billboard in the middle of a downpour. >> that's doing the right thing. the roanoke police officer's video seen armed the world. today the officer named kenny bowman was just having fun with his kids as he pretended to pull them over in his driveway. >> i just came home from work one day still in uniform, got out of the car, saw my kids playing with their power wheel outside. i thought it would be cute to do a little video for my friends on facebook. >> reporter: now the 55 second video that shows bowman pulling his kids over for being too cute. >> they decide to take off on me, a little pursuit. >> reporter: has gone viral with over 186,000 hits. >> put on facebook and it got shared from someone through a law enforcement website and basically started going everywhere. >> you got to love that. officer bowman said he hopes
5:42 pm
the video will help keep the lines of communication open between the police and the community. >> at least just remind them to get out the way when that car is coming toward them. >> they're about to send the choppers up to make sure they got that chase shut down. we're showing you high school football, lacrosse and basketball, but this week we're taking you to the rodeo.
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folks are still rattled by the blast that brought down rock into homes, businesses and cars in loudoun county. a controlled explosion at a rock quarry was not quite as controlled as thought and rocks came flying out of the sky. our surae chinn is live in sterling after talking with one man who had a very close encounter of the rocky kind. >> reporter: very close and this is only a small portion of a huge rock that went through this auto store. it shattered this window and it shattered two more windows just around the corner. now state, local and federal agencies are investigating what went wrong. repairmen work on ricardo brook' home after a rock flew through the roof narrowly
5:46 pm
missing him while he was asleep. above his pillow you see where the rock left a big hole in the house. falling debris left a gash on the side of the 64-year-old man's face who needed eight inches. across from ricardo's home another big rock crashed into the napa auto parts store off old ox road. a school bus passes through around 10:45 a.m. yesterday. a second later the rock comes flying taking out a street sign going across the parking lot and into the auto parts store. a few cars were also hit including tina pham's blue sedan. she was working at the next- door nail salon. yoouu thght it was a storm. >> a storm, yeah. my car, oh, my car, it's scary. >> reporter: chantilly crushed stone formerly known always loudon quarries is -- as loudon quarries is rough 1/2-mile from the intersection. >> only by the grace of god did
5:47 pm
nobody get hurt seriously when we saw the rocks and realized where they came from. >> reporter: no blasting is allowed at this time until the investigation is complete, which is expected midweek next week. meanwhile the winchester building supply is the contractor who did the blasting. the safety director there tells me that he's never seen this in all of his 37 years working there. mean while ricardo was too shaken up and also resting with his injuries, so he wasn't able to talk to us tonight. back to you. >> anybody impacted needs to call the virginia department of mines, minerals and energy. to cleveland now where police saved a man from a fiery crash. >> the driver lost control of his car in the heart of downtown last night. it skidded down the road, hit a bridge and burst into flames. amid all the heat and flames and chaos two officers grabbed that driver pulling him to safety. >> i tried pulling on the door
5:48 pm
and it wouldn't open. at that i heard a whoosh and i said we got a fire. >> you wouldn't think anyone could survive this crash and fire looking at the mazda in the parking hospital, but the 26-year-old driver is expected to pull through. tonight ireland is pulling up the country's votes on legalizing same sex marriage. >> it appears likely the measure will pass. if it does, married gay people will have the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. homosexuality was only decriminalized in ireland in 1993. let's take a live look at route 50 in annapolis tonight. things are moving pretty good there where plenty of people are heading to the memorial day beach destinations for the weekend. howard has a look at the forecast for it all. >> beautiful there and here,
5:49 pm
too, most areas seeing fine area, 15 to 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday. right now 79 degrees at national, breezy, winds 22, gusting to 30, 32 spots and a very dry air mass, humidity 27%. our temps are chilly, 50s, in the mountains. reagan national airport is 79 degrees. looks like a great evening except the breeze and a lone shower or two. a little front coming through from western maryland, parts of west virginia, right through northern maryland way couple spotty showers -- with a couple spotty showers, couple in garrett county and western allegany county. i've been tracking these showers here. this one is south of frederick. it looks like it's in toward urban that toward montgomery -- urbana toward montgomery county and in damascus in a few
5:50 pm
minutes and germantown and laytonsville a few minutes after 6:00. it might make rockville by 6: 15. let's talk about what's coming as we head through the holiday weekend, chilly night. behind that front most of us will be in the 40s. frost advisories in the mountains, low to mid-30s. protect your plants. a fantastic saturday, dry, less windy, great range of temperatures, lower 70s in most areas. warmer but not humid sunday, above 80 and heat and humidity by monday. after that it looks like the storm threat picks up with the daytime heating. it will feel like july tuesday through much of week. the beaches late tonight or tomorrow, mid-60s, sunday 74, monday around 80. around here tonight dipping into the 40s, low 50s in town and by the bay, a stray
5:51 pm
evening shower giving way to chilly conditions. tomorrow winds a lot lighter generally turning south and southwest at about 5. after that as we head towards sunday here come the warmth but not the humidity, 85, monday hot are more humid, 89. next week tuesday through friday, heat, humidity and scattered afternoon thunderstorms. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> when you think about high school sports, you probably think football, high school, basketball, soccer, maybe lacrosse. does the rodeo cross your mind? probably not, but it's an event thousands enjoy around the country including here in maryland. diane roberts has more on the goat tying cow roping high schoolers. >> oh, yeah. let's go. >> reporter: nicole melbourne is not your typically high athlete, whatever that is.
5:52 pm
her sport of choice is the rodeo. >> everyone looks outside the box. we're outside the box. i like it because i feel like you're one with the horse. >> reporter: she got interested when a family friend took her and her brother to events. >> we sold all the dairy calve and bought a horse and -- calves and bought a horse and we shared for the longest time. >> reporter: nicole practices several events including team roping with her 15-year-old brother zach. she also competes in goat time, a timed event. >> the speed is everything to us. it's the adrenaline rush. that's what everyone wants. >> reporter: her best events are pole bending and barrel racing. she won a lot of awards riding this guy, rocket, until rocket got hurt. now she rides nova, a younger horse who needs a lot of
5:53 pm
training, but nicole isn't one to give up and she knows rocket who can't compete because of torn leg tendons wouldn't want that either. >> he would probably be really proud of me because i rode all last year with a cast on my foot. i broke my foot in four places. we were no. 1. >> reporter: as she heads off to college, nicole hopes to reach no. 1 with her new horse, too. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> the national high school rodeo association has been around 60 years, more than 12,000 members, 60 of them like nicole and her brother from maryland which is only in its second year. she'll join them in an in-state competition memorial day weekend in queen anne, arizona. who knew? >> i'm just glad that horse is going to be okay. firefighters survive falling through the roof of a burning casino, this caught on camera moment coming up after the break. >> reporter: will the woman
5:54 pm
accusing jesse matthew of sexually assaulting her 10 years ago be allowed to pick him out in court? i'm peggy fox in fairfax, this story coming up. >> up next buried about 70 years, the popular spot where
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5:56 pm
sit or call 877-241- luna. the british army has safely removed a bomb that was still intact from world war ii. police had to block off an area and evacuate hundreds of people
5:57 pm
near london's famous wembley stadium. even though the bomb has been sitting around for decades, experts said it could still possibly blow up. the army is moving that bomb to another location to safely defuse it. four firefighters in california are alive tonight after falling through the roof of a vacant casino. they were battling a massive blaze when it happened. it was all caught on camera. >> reporter: this fire quickly consume an abandoned casino south of los angeles thursday night. these four firefighters were cutting a hole on the roof to release hot gases when suddenly it caved in. you can see the firefighters' helmets disappear as the men plunged 30 feet to the floor. >> the firefighters ran back to their truck get their tools i guess to get in. they said the firemen were trapped in there. >> reporter: rescue crews scrambled to pull the four firefighters from the flames. ambulances brought the men to
5:58 pm
the hospital. >> very relieved that the four of them came out alive. >> reporter: a team of investigators is sifting through this 3,000 square foot casino as they work to determine why the roof collapsed and the cause of the fire. three firefighters were treated and released with minor injuries from the hospital. a fourth firefighter is receiving treatment at a burn unit. chelsea edwards, cbs news, california. >> that hospitalized firefighter is in stable condition with moderate injuries and is talking with his fellow firefighters. police say they are confident daron wint was involved in killing four people in a d.c. mansion, but court documents suggest the search for suspects is not over. thanks for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. a d.c. judge ordered daron wint
5:59 pm
today held without bond. >> reporter: lots of surprises in court ancourt documents. detectives believe that torturing and holding for hours a child and three adults required presence and assistance of more than one person, but there were also questions about one witness who allegedly lied to police and about another witness who saw someone whose description doesn't exactly match that of will not. the first thing -- of wint. >> reporter: the first thing you notice about daron wint is he's small, hand cusped in leg irons, chain -- handcuffed in leg irons, chains around his waist spent most of the half hour hearing shuffling one foot to the other. the only thing he said was his name, but there are chilling new details of this crime. the worst may be while the
6:00 pm
adults all died from beating and stabbing, 10-year-old phillip was also burned to death. the fire was lit in his room and it consumed his bed, but we also learned that the assistant who delivered $40,000 to the house allegedly lied to the police. what that means we do not know yet. he has not been charged so far with any crime. we also learned a witness saw an african american man driving a porsche the day of the murders, but that witness said the man had short hair and will not has long hair. defense he -- and wint has long hair. defense attorneys jumped on that, but the judge and prosecutors are not buying it. >> mr. wint is incarcerated and held without bond. our work is


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