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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 22, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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after a two-day man municipality the suspect in the d.c. mansion murder -- manhunt the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders appears in court, but the search continues for possible accomplices. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. the man wanted in those gruesome d.c. mansion murders was in court today, the judge rejecting defense attorney'saims that daron dylon wint would not be a flight risk and ordered him held without bond until another hearing next month. >> stephanie ramirez is live outside the courtroom where we learned more about why investigators believe wint did not act alone. >> reporter: because of the nature of this crime, authorities do not believe 34-
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year-old daron wint acted alone. he's the on one charged today and charged in the murder of one person, savvas savopoulos. a u.s. attorney spokesperson said that's just to get the charges started. handcuffed wearing leg irons and a claim armed his waist a 5' 7 155-pound daron wint appeared before a judge saying nothing but his name. he looked down the rest of the name. the charging documents released today saying more on what happened inside the savopoulos mansion last week including details of how they were found, three adults in one bedroom all believed to have died from a beating and stabbing. 10-year-old phillip may have been burned to death. his cause of death is thermal and sharp force. officials say the fire started in his room and consumed his
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bed. the assistant who delivered the $40,000 lied to investigators about details and the person seen driving the savopoulos porsche was a black male with short well groomed hair. the defense attorney jumped on this saying police have the wrong guy, but the judge decided otherwise. u.s. attorney vincent co len colen with these words after. >> our work is not done. we'll continue to investigate the case and bring all charges that are appropriate in the coming weeks. >> reporter: we know police found $10,000 when they arrested wint. he was caught with five other people. those people were questioned and have been released. wint is the only one facing charges and is due back in court june 23rd. >> wusa9 has learned daron wint has a pretty extensive rap
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sheet. in the late 2000s he was convicted of assault, theft and making false statement to police in. '08 court documents show his girl friend told police wint had choked, slapped and punched her during an argument and two years later pled guilty to malicious destruction of property after breaking into a ened to kill her with her daughter and friends warning that he was good with a knife and not afraid of the cops. >> reporter: i'm ellison barber and this is where police arrested daron wint around 11 p.m. last night. before they cuffed him here they tracked him in two other states. a task force led by the u.s. marshal started tracking wint tuesday, one day before police issued a warrant for his arrest. they missed him by a day in new york. last night they found him at this college park motel. >> we were planning on going into the hotel and taking help down. >> reporter: but the task
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force commander robert fernandez told reporters it didn't go down like that. >> when we approached, we realized he was in a vehicle. >> reporter: the task force spotted wint riding as a passenger in this white chevy cruze. the car and box truck made a u- turn and kept going down rhode island avenue. >> pg county police put up a helicopter for us and once we got to the location we pinned the vehicle in. >> reporter: a u.s. marshal spokesperson tells wusa9 officers pulled two men out of the box truck. will not was in the chevy cruze with two women and another man. by thursday at 11:30 p.m. the man hunt was over for daron wint and six people were safely taken into custody. the only person arrested last night was daron wint. the other five people were let
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go. >> the savopoulos family released a statement, "while it does not abate our pain we hope it does begin to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and city. our family and vera's family have suffered unimaginable loss and ask for the time and space to grieve privacy." more on wint and the charging documents on our wusa9 news app. now a developing story on the chandra levy murder, the man convicted of killing levy is expected to get the new trial he's sought. levy disappeared in 2001, her remains found a year later in rock creek park. ingmar guandique was found guilty in 2010. a cellmate said he admitted killing levy. investigators found information they say undercut that cellmate's credibility. jesse matthew was in a
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fairfax courtroom today for a pretrial hearing in the 2005 attempted murder and sexual assault case. peggy fox reports it was not a good day for his defense team. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox at the fairfax county courthouse. during most criminal trials the victim is asked to pick out her attacker in court. jesse matthew's attorneys are trying to stop that from happening. matthew charged with capital murder in uva student hannah graham's killing will first be tried in fairfax on a 10-year- old sexual assault and attempted murder case. the young woman was walking home from this giant's on jermantown road near these townhouses on jock garden drive. prosecutors say matthew took -- on rock garden drive. prosecutors say matthew took her to this grassy area and she was attacked. she moved and will be flying in to testify. >> she is willing to cooperate and we're doing everything we can to protect her privacy.
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>> reporter: jesse matthew's public defender want to suppress any evidence in which the victim claims recognizing matthew. they say they are memory might have -- her memory might have been corrupted by conversation with the media. >> they'll have an opportunity to cross-examine her on the witness stand fryer to trial. i think feats fair. -- prior to trial. i think that's fair. >> the trial is set for june 8th. a pretrial hearing was set for the 4th where the victim can determine whether she can reliably identify matthew. tonight a heartwrenching story out of la plata, maryland, where deputies found a woman in a park pushing her dead 3-year-old son in a swung. witnesses suggested this had been going on for hours. deputies found no sign of trauma to this little boy's body. the medical examiner has to try
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to figure out what killed him. the mother has been taken to the hospital for evaluation. tonight two d.c. women are facing charges of shoplifting and assaulting the cops who tried to arrest them, 23-year- old bianca jackson and kenya crawlly who is 24. plainclothes officers spotted the pair stealing yesterday at tysons corner. the women allegedly kicked, bit and spit on the five arresting officers. police recovered more than $12,000 worth of stolen gear, mostly makeup and lingerie. don't let today and tomorrow fool you. it will feel like summer by memorial day monday. >> our first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is here with the holiday weekend weekend and it's a nice one. >> it sure is. wet this memorial day weekend, a little cool to start, but the heat will build. this evening most of us are in fine shape, but spotty showers on live doppler 9000 extend from northwestern virginia,
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western virginia and north of westminster. the only thing even near us and in stuff is weakening now is this story west of martinsburg moving southeast and this other one real close to harpers ferry. the winds are gusting over 30 in winchester, near 30 in washington, breezy tonight, but look how pretty it is on our michael and son weather cam at reagan national airport. temperatures in the low 70s by 8:00 here. low 60s by midnight and a chilly night tonight but i'll be back in a few minutes with more on the warm-up headed our way. coming up hundreds of e- mails from form of early secretary of state hillary clinton's private server are now going public, but one e- mail in particular is getting most of the attention. we'll explain why. >> up next a hold your breath moment for
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it'sri a csis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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caught on camera four firefighters fall through the roof while fighting a fire at a vacant casino south of los angeles. those firefighters were cutting a hole in the roof to release hot gases when it suddenly cloud covered in. you can see the helmets disappear as they plunged 30 feet to the floor. rescuers pulled them in from the flames, rushed them to the hospital of the three were treated and released. a fourth is being treated for burns. new dashcam video of an indent involving a fredericksburg police officer that put the man in the hospital. it shows officer shawn jergens tase and pep pepper -- pepper spray washington. it was determined the use of the pepper spray and taser was not appropriate. the officer resigned a week
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ago. washington is still in the hospital charged with hit and run and reckless driving. blasting is now off limits at a sterling, virginia quarry at least for the time being. >> the change comes one day after a controlled explosion sent rocks flying into cars, businesses and homes. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in sterling. repairs are being done a day after a blast from a rock quarry went terribly wrong. repairmen work on ricardo brooks' home after a rock flew through the roof narrowly missing heslept. above his pillow you see where a rock left a big hole in the house. ricardo needed eight stitches to repair the hole in his face from the rock. surveillance video shows a school bus passes through
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around 10:45 yesterday morning at sicced later the rock come flying taking -- morning. a second later the rock comes flying taking out a window in an auto parts for and windows out of this woman's sedan. you thought it was a storm. >> oh, my car. it's scary. >> reporter: chantilly crushed stone formerly known as loudon crushed quarries is roughly 1/2- mile from the intersection where the damage happened. >> state and federal agencies are investigating. it could take them up to a week. a new smoking ban imposed here in the wide open spaces of the beach in ocean city, maryland. i'm scott broom in ocean city. coming up the details of
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right now the public has access to hundreds of e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton repeated to the deadly 2012 attack in benghazi, libya, but one particular e- mail on her personal server contained information now deemed classified and it was deleted at the fbi's request. >> it's not uncommon for information that was previously unclassified to upon later review and based on changing events in the world be deemed classified. >> all of the information in
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the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> state department says that classification status does not change the facts of the benghazi attack. the congressional committee investigating that attack has a full copy of the e-mail in question, but the republican chair of the panel calls the public release incomplete. president obama paid a visit to an israel congregation in northwest today. the president dropped in on a class of preschoolers after making remarks at one of washington's most prominent synagogues. he told the congregation even though his administration and the israeli government may have disagreements over peace talks with the palestinians and the nuclear deal with iran, the u.s. will always have israel's back. it was graduation day at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. vice president joe biden told the class of 2015 that 60% of the nation's naval forces will be stationed in the asia pacific region in five years. of the 1,070 graduating
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midshipmen, 790 will be commissioned as navy engineers and second lieutenants in the marine corps. the focus is back on the region's beaches. >> this year smokers are finding it tougher than ever to light up at the ocean. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in ocean city, maryland. the smoking ban went in effect may 1st, but this upcoming holiday weekend will be the first test. >> i'm all for it. i don't like smoke. i don't like it around my kids. >> reporter: but some smoker are trying to keep it on the down low. >> you feel like you're free to smoke outdoors. >> reporter: after decades of raking the beach and turning up thousands and thousands of butts, but butts wildlife -- butts wildlife are known to eat, ocean city restricts smoking on the boardwalk and on the beach to inside a line 15 feet away from special canisters now distributed on
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the sand. here's ocean city's mayor. >> i think everybody is concerned about secondhand smoke and in 2015 i think we ought to recognize that. we also have to recognize the environmental impact smoking has on our beach. >> reporter: the fine for violators? $500. but the mayor promises no heavy handed enforcement. in ocean city scott broom, wusa9. >> going to be an interesting day at the beach if you're a smoker. >> just have consideration. that's all. >> and the health thing, too. let's be real. >> the cigarette butts don't decay quickly. >> let's not talk about smoking. it's just not healthy. you know what is healthy, getting out and enjoying some of this beautiful weather. >> beautiful night. the garden -- 3-degree guarantee was 77.
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a beautiful evening, still a little breezy, 77 and temperatures most spots still in the 70s, 68 now in cumberland, 50s in the higher elevations of far western maryland. talk about our weather headlines, there's that isolated shower to the north, but those things are falling apart. 40s in most spots tonight, low 50s in town, frost advisories in far western maryland and parts of west virginia high country, low to mid-30s. saturday is fantastic, low to mid-70s, warmer, not humid sunday, over 80 degrees and memorial day monday, hot and humid, the threat for thunderstorms holding off until after that. isolated showers come through with a front which will reinforce the cool air for another day before we start the warm-up around here. the beach forecast if you're headed out tomorrow, good looking weekend, cool tomorrow, mid-60s, sunday mid-70s and monday right around the 80- degree mark. tonight clear and chilly after that stray shower, 46 to 53,
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northwest winds 5 to 10. beautiful day tomorrow, sunny, climbing through the 60s in the morning, still 60s at lunchtime with highs 70 to 75 and much lighter winds. it's going to feel so much better out there. by sunday 85, monday 89 with the humidity building, but i think the thunderstorm threat won't pick up until tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday. the average highs in the upper 70s. we're talking 90 plus with the threat of afternoon storms, nighttime lows in the 70s. i money your air conditioner is working well -- hope your air conditioner is working well. coming up the university of maryland lacrosse teams both going for a championship sweep, a preview of tonight's
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the defending champion maryland terps will try to repeat this weekend, but they face a familiar foe. >> syracuse. the winner goes to the championship game. kristen berset has more from the ppl park in pennsylvania. >> reporter: fans are filing
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in at ppl park. we, just outside philadelphia -- we are just outside philadelphia, pennsylvania, the final four for women's lacrosse. on the field is duke and north carolina, the acc showdown. right after this top seeded maryland taking on fourth seeded syracuse, a rematch of last year's championship game which maryland was victorious. the orange are looking for some revenge. we caught up with a lot of terps fans earlier in the parking lot tailgating having some fun, rocking the colors just excited to be here on this beautiful day to see if their women can get back to the national title game and make it two in a row. they've been here seven straight years, so they're a little familiar with this place. we'll see what will happen if they can make it to championship sunday. in chester, pennsylvania, kristen berset, wusa9. >> kind of breezy up there. did you see that? the winds will die down tonight, beautiful tomorrow. good luck to the maryland terp men's team also in final four.
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we got a lot going on and hopefully they'll both make their championship games. >> sounds good. that's it for us at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. >> have a great ni
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is "19 kids and counting" in jeopardy of cancellation? the molestation scandal and alleged cover-up. >> we'll el you how oprah is involved and why mama june is threatening to sue. why are we canceled and they're not? i didn't molest anybody. >> do you have any comment on the allegations? >> the duggar son admitting when he was a teen he fondled young girls in their sleep. >> hear what he has to say about this bombshell police report. >> and -- >> we have the ability to be pretty close to the kids. >> did the duggar parents cover it up? and we'll explain oprah's connection. >> kudos to oprah and oprah's team. >> the kron bronko, man. >> plus, on the set of the o.j. mini series and the star playing marsha clark. >> a lot of wigs. also, why did judge judy make an emotional cross-country journey for this girl's graduation? >> i kind of thought i was going to cry.


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