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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  May 23, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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. good saturday morning. 7:00 a.m. police say the man accused in the d.c. mansion murders did not work alone. we are tracking the clues that could be leading to more arrests. >> plus, great memorial day get aways. if you are hitting the road this morning, we are looking at the traffic you may be facing. >> and you won't be facing any weather issues. the sunshine will be gorgeous today. it is sticking around and the wind is going by the wayside. good morning, everyone. it is saturday morning. this is a holiday weekend!
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the air is gorgeous, crisp and cool? >> yes. it will feel almost like fall this morning but we will see sunshine later on with milder temperatures. downtown washington right now the lincoln memorial right there in the center of your screen, there is quite a bit of cloud cover in place at the moment, but that will dissipate very quickly as we head into the later morning hours. by 10:00 a.m., pretty much nothing but sun and 63 degrees. notice we are already close to 70 degrees by 1:00. a nice, plate lunch hour. notice the wind -- a nice, pleasant lunch hour. notice the winds are only 5 to 10 miles per hour out of the southeast. much more pleasant, as well. 74 will be the temperature at 4:00. right now it is 48 in leesburg, 41 in alligators burg, 55 in downtown washington and 50 in manassas. nothing going on on radar. we will keep it that way
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tomorrow, too. i will tell you the chance of rain in the first alert forecast coming up. if you waited until today to leave for your holiday weekend, this is what it looks like on the roads. there it is, a local highway there in virginia is pretty sparse as far as the traffic is concerned. now is not a bad time to get away because this year's memorial day traffic is estimated to be the worst we have had in nearly a decade according to aaa. 37million plan to hit the road, most traveling for the memorial day weekend since 2005. aaa atlanta say about 900,000 people from the d.c. area alone will be heading out of town this weekend and most will be on the roads with you if you are headed out. and the other hot topic, the bay bridge. many people trying to make their way to the shore. we will keep you up-to-date on everyone trying to head over the bridge all morning long. a double shooting in
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southeast washington in the 2300 block of irving street. police say the man died after being shot in the head. there is a woman in serious condition after she was shot in the abdomen. we will have more information as soon as it come into the newsroom for you. police say a man brutally murdered a washington, d.c. family and their housekeeper and is now behind bars. daron dylon wint was arraigned friday afternoon after been arrested near a maryland hotel. court documents say other people were likely involved in this quadruple murder. more op the search for the suspects. >> reporter: the crime was so elaborate it would have been impossible for went to carry this daron dylon wint with $10,000 on him. five other people were with him and police have questioned them and released them. in court, the 34-year-old
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daron went appeared in a jump -- -- wint appeared in a jump suit. the family was held hostage from 6:00 p.m. wednesday until thursday afternoon until $40,000 were delivered. the family and housekeeper were bound with blunt force trauma and sharp force trauma and the son, phillip, was found burnd in aadjacent room with sharp force trauma. more charges are likely pending authorities are now saying. >> mr. wint is now incarcerated and held without bond. our work is not done. we will continue to investigate this case and bring all charges
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that are appropriate in the coming weeks. >> reporter: then there is question of the $40,000 delivered by the assistant in an unlocked car of the garage, the money left there. court documents show insyntheticcys in the story, the time he re-- inconsistencies in the story, the time he got the money and when he left it. court documents say he had another person drive him to the bank to get the money when, in fact, he received the money from an employee at american ironworks. more questions to be answered. >> we have more on wint's long criminal history and charging documents on the case on the wusa9 news app. the man convicted in the 2001 murder of d.c. intern chandra levy may be getting a new trial after federal
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prosecutors appeal their second stage murder trial for injar spades guandeek. en attorney asked them to grant them a new trial because his one-time cell mate gave false or misleading testimony in 2010. we will get reaction from levy's mother on the possibility of a retrial, coming up. man found dead pushing his little boy on a swing was found in the wills memorial park. they found a woman pushing her dead 3-year-old son in a swing. witnesses suggest this has been going on for hours. there are no signs of foul play. maryland governor larry hogan has detailed a bill that would have allowed exfelons to vote before their probation. the voting bill was passed
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earlier this year with 29 votes. the house passed it with 83 votes, too short needed for an override. slow-going on metro this weekend. five of the six rail lines will be impacted by track work. saturday and sunday train on the yellow, blue, orange and silver lines will run every 24 minute so is plan ahead. on monday the lines will vary between 12 and 18 minutes. metro system will open at 7:00 a.m. on monday and close at midnight. the purple line through maryland could still be on track, however. local council members met for an approval on the train from bethesda to d.c. a final decision on the project is expected in june. happening today, maryland's oldest historic black university will graduate
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its 150th class this morning and the congressman i lie is a cummings will be spoking to the class. it takes place at 9:00 a.m. at the exfinty center at memorial park. happening today the d.c. capital fair at the state stadium runs through the end of the month and is open today from noon to 10:00 p.m. featuring dozens of rides, games and attractions. still ahead this morning, if you are packing to go to the shore this holiday weekend, forget the smokes. >> plus, firefighters fall into a burning inferno. the dramatic rescue caught on tape as the firefighters are the ones pulled from the
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flames. >> and the east coast gasoline supply chain is shut down this morning. it is from this fire. erica? >> mike, it is still chilly out here. but we will warm up quickly because of the sunshine. the sun is already returning here in downtown d.c. it is going to be a beautiful sun- drenched weekend. we will talk about a rise in temperatures, as well,
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chinn,. what a great morning we have weather-wise and for the holiday weekend. >> i think it you are right.
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it won't with windy at all like it was yesterday at times. it is still pleasantly mild. we won't be looking at the heat returning until monday. let's look at the weather cam, getting it started for you with a blue sky. just a few clouds still lingering. even those will go by the wayside by 9:00 a.m. we are only a couple hours away from full sunshine. 67 by noon. pleasantly cool for this time of year, but then as we head into the afternoon we will reach the high temperature of 74 degrees. winds will remain light throughout the entire day, light and variable at times with high pressure practically centered overhead. it is 49 in fairfax, only 41 in damascus and most of us are in the upper 40s to around 50. 55 in downtown washington with the urban island heat affect. you can see the clouds approaching with us on sunday. still, we won't see any rain. pleasant today. high and dry. as we head into sunday the area
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of high pressure keeping the winds light today will slide to the south and return slow. that is the clockwise flow of high pressure bringing in the warmer air. it will eventually bring back the humidity and become a bermuda high. this is monday's forecast with the heat and humidity returning to the area with high temperatures back to 90 degrees back to work and back to school, but green weather with us for the next three days. beautiful today, a little on the cool side if you prefer temperatures in the 80s. temperatures today 74 and then sunday 84 degrees, a few more clouds and no rain. rain out of the forecast on monday, as well with a high of 88 degrees. the first alert seven-day forecast shows an isolated thunderstorm on tuesday and wednesday. most of the activity will be west of the blue ridge as is pretty typical for this time of year but we will increase the chance for thunderstorms into the later part of the workweek
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with the heat and humidity feeling very much like summer as we head into the unofficial first weekend of summer. mike, back to you. just as americans head into the peak driving season, a big part of an oil refinery on the east coast gets shut down because of a fire. this is the energy solutions refinery in philadelphia. no one was hurt in this fire, but it is a major supplier of diesel and jet fuel. and the massive oil spill off the coast of california now has animals being rescued. five brown pelicans have been rescued as well as a juvenile sealion all covered in oil. the birds were taken to seaworld in san pedro and the
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sealion was taken for rehabilitation, as well. >> she was fairly alert and responsive but she had a long day. >> the oil spill occurred tuesday when a 24-inch pipe ruptured pouring 105,000- gallons of crude into a culvert and about 25,000 of that made its way into the pacific ocean. here are pictures of a mexican anticrime organization where gunfire went on for three hours between mexican security forces and the gunman. one gunman was killed, a police officer was, as well and three were arrested that belong to a criminal organization there. will ireland be the first country in the world to pass a nationwide law approving same- sex marriage. the wrotes are being counted right now. more than 3.2 million people were asked whether or not they want to amend the country's constitution to allow gay and
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lesbian couples to marry. so far the yes vote seems to be the winner. newlyweds found time to cast their ballots. >> this is about equality. nobody told us whether we could or could not get married. if you want to get married, you should be able to get married to the person you love, just like we have to day. >> the ballots are being counted as i speak right now and the results are due some time today. rolling thunder visits the navy memorial. the ceremony will feature essential guests and live performances there. logging on and checking out the biggest stories from the internet this week, still to come. >> plus a simple phrase that could protect your family from skin cancer. find out what you need to know to stay safe in our saturday health alert, but before we head to break -- .
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. welcome back. off to a cool start this morning. good morning, i am meteorologist erica grow. it is 55 right now in fredricksburg and downtown washington. temperatures rising quickly as we head into the afternoon with all the sunshine. light wind today. no gusty breezes like yesterday. 76 in winchester for a high today, 75 in leeburg and 74 in warrenton. the light breeze brought in a little cloud cover during had overnight that is dissipating quickly. we will have wall to wall sunshine through the afternoon. 68 along the water and annapolis a little cooler there and 74 in downtown washington for a high temperature. coming up we will give you the beach forecast, all important, of course, for this memorial day holiday weekend. mike, back to you. thank you, erica. health news right now.
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if you are saluting veterans this weekend at a local plaid or spending time poolside this memorial day weekend, remember this phrase. >> it is flip, flop, flop and drop. flip on a t-shirt, flop on your sunscreen, slap on a wide- brimmed hat and wrap on your sun glasses. >> well sathe american cancer society. despite being the most preventable form of cancer, almost 3 million new cases are diagnosed every year. we are just getting start this had saturday morning on 9 news. we tracking the latest on the d.c. mansion murder case. daron wint is behind bars and police are looking into the into the possibility he did not work alone in this quadruple homicide. and the nsa bulk collection of phone records could see a filibuster vote from earlier this week. we will have the latest on
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capitol hill. >> and the mother of a washington, d.c. intern found dead in rock creek park is speaking out after a surprising new twist in the
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. the crew is back in the kitchen. the colonel has resurrected colonel sanders. you can "like" these stories and more on wusa9 news facebook. caught on camera, scary moments for a group of california firefighters. >> yes. four firefighters are recovering after falling through a roof on an abandoned building. they were on the roof battling the three-alarm fire when part of it gave way. firefighters on the ground had to rescue the men on the roof. one is being treated for burns and the rest were treated and released. >> this is my favorite story of the morning. a homeless plan stripped down to his skivies to take a bath in a fort lauderdale river get's the shock of his life. that is him, dangling from the drawmmbridge. y witnesses say when he stood on the bridge it started to go up. the bridge was lowered and the
7:26 am
man got to put his up and downs on, as well. >> yes. because we don't want to see that! this guy has been climbing towers like this one all over arizona, but he does it for a good cause. people living near the towers say the man was drop pingt- shirts and flyers to bring awareness to veterans in cries and the suicide rate there. all right. hometown holidays in rockville, the annual street festival, features dozens of entertainers on seven stages, rides and activities. the activities run from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. and in the next half hour we are tracking the latest in the massive air bag recall. >> and a cop calls it quits after the dash cam video shows him using excessive force. you can decide yourself when we show you the video. >> and if the first pitch is at 40:00, a
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temperatures at 75 degrees, light winds out of the southeast and
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. good morning. 7:30 saturday morning. did wint act alone or were
7:30 am
there more people involved in the quadruple murder in washington, d.c. >> plus, a surprising twist in the shan da levi case -- chandra levy case, and her mother speaking out. >> and a top ten weather day ahead in the first alert seven- day forecast. good saturday morning. thank you for joining us for the beginning of your holiday weekend. i am mike hydeck. >> and i am meteorologist erica grow. it is cool out there. you will need a jacket. >> yes. we had temperatures in the 50s this morning. >> and as we head further out into the suburbs, you live right outside of town and i live in town, as you head out to maryland the temperatures are around 40 degrees. >> wow! >> yes. it is a chilly start. take a look at the day planner. you will see how quickly it will rebound in the late morning and early afternoon. by lunch time temperatures in the upper 60s. 69 at 1:00.
7:31 am
tons of sunshine and the wind will be light and variable through the rest of the morning, then turning southeasterly in the afternoon at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the high today is 74. 43 right now in fredricksburg and 46 in hagers town and 52 at andrews and 49 in baltimore. nothing going on on satellite and radar. that is the way we will keep it through rest of the holiday weekend but heat and humidity return in the first alert seven- day forecast. we will talk about that coming up. now to our top story. court documents released in the mansion murder case say a man that brutally murdered a d.c. family and housekeeper did not work alone. >> now police are questioning daron dylon wint and more clued that could lead to more arrests. more on the search for the suspects. >> reporter: additional charges are likely pending. authorities say more search warrants are expectd in the coming day. there are a lot of questions as
7:32 am
to who else may have been involved. investigators are testing a water bottle found at the mansion and we know about the dna on the pizza crust. then there is the assistant who dropped off the money, $40,000 left in an unlocked car of the garage. court documents show inconsistencys in the story, the time he received the package, how and where he left it. for example, he originally told police he and another person drove to the bank to get the money, when in fact he received the money in a red bag from an employee at american ironworks and drove it to thousands. savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, their 10-year-old son phillip and their housekeeper were brutally stabbed and murder. >> we have not ruled out there are others involved. >> police caught daron wint with $# 10,000 on him.
7:33 am
five other people were with him but police only questioned them and they. >> reporter: released. wint is being held without bond. >> and we have more on wint's long criminal history and the charging documents on the mansion murder on our wusa app. a surprising twist in the chandra levy case. the man accused of killing the d.c. intern could get a new trial. adrian moore from our cbs station in sacramento has more. >> there is not day that any of us don't think about her. >> reporter: purple and greenery bonnes line the -- green rib beens line the family's -- ribbons lean the levi home. now the man expected of killing the 21-year-old washington, d.c. intern is expected to get a new trial. attorneys for ingmar guandique
7:34 am
argue a key witness in the 2011 trial lied and state prosecutors have with drown their long standing opposition in i can't say i have total doubt. i will say it i am 100% sure that the right man is behind bars. >> reporter: the native was romantically linked with then congressman gary condit, ruled out as a suspect. but does the levy family have doubts about him? >> i am not able to answer that. i am sorry. >> reporter: chandra's body was found in a washington, d.c. park and the mother does not anticipate attending much of the ingmar guandique trial. >> i don't have my daughter is. >> the next hearing is scheduled for next week but partisans are trying to push that back. -- but prosecutors are trying to push that back. and a double shooting in the 2300 block of irving street had a man dead after being shot
7:35 am
in the head and a woman is in serious condition after being shot in the abdomen. and the patriots could be blocked in an overnight session on the hill. the main stumbling block is part of the house bill that would end the nsa bulk collection of domestic phone records. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell favors retaining them but rand paul blocked any extension in a tried filibuster. we have more from diane feinstein who spoke just before the measure was voted down. >> for those that want reform and want the prevent the government from holding the data, the freedom act is the only way to do it. the house has passed it, the president wants it. all of the intelligence personnel have agreed to it. i think not to pass that bill is really to throw the whole program, that whole section 215, as well as the whole
7:36 am
business records, the loan wolf, the roving wiretaps, into serious legal jeopardy. >> the senate is now off officially until may 31st. okay. is your car packed? are you ready to go? you better pack snacks and get ready, though, for a slow go. we are watching steady traffic on the bay bridge. it has been that way all morning long. we are trying to keep an eye on it for you so you can get an idea before you head out. it is expected to be one of the busiest holiday weekends in more than a decade quartering to aaa. and ocean city will have a sign off for vacationers this weekend as they kick off the summer. they say bring your bathing suits but maybe leave the cigarettes at home. a no smoking ban is approved for the city and beaches. >> it is approved to get rid of the litter. the fine for violators is $500 but the mayor says this is the
7:37 am
firsmmt suer so they will probably just give out warnings for the most part and not many actual citations. >> i think everybody is concerned about second-hand smoke in. 2015 i think we have to recognize that. we also have to recognize the environmental impact smoking has on the beach. >> smoking is permitted within 15 feet of cigarette bins and designated spots along the beach. big stars are set to perform at this year's national memorial day concert at the capitol. gloria stefan will be performing as well as others on the west lawn of the capitol. the concert begins at 8:00 p.m. on sunday. the concert will be hosted for the 10th consecutive year. so, are you looking to cooldown this memorial day weekend and stay connected? we have an oh, my god, for you. d.c.'s 17 -- we have an option for you. d.c.'s 17 outdoor pools and indoor pool will be opened all
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year long. there is free wifi and you can swim for free if you are a district resident. non-district residents need to pay a fee. and children and siblings are being honored by the former washington redskins players, those kids atth have lost veteran parents. it will be a nice event. new citizens will be sworn in across the country this memorial day weekend. here in our area 52 people in around the world will take their oath of allegiance. a naturalization ceremony will be held this morning in virginia. here now is a preview of what is coming up next on cbs this morning. . >> it is a music spectacle like no other. as many as 40 nations have participated. we will take you to the euro
7:39 am
vision song contest now celebrating its 60th year. >> and an out of this world model that went from ngmaki clothes for models to space suits for nasa. that ahead on cbs new this is morning, saturday. and the sky meadows state park will hold their annual 5k run. still to come, a reality tv scandal. what caused tlc to yank the squeaky clean duggar family from the tv screen. >> plus, this police officer is off the force. find out what led him to hand in his gun and badge. erica? mike, it will be a great weekend for the beach. take a look at that forecast. we will see temperatures get warmer as we head to monday but today is a little on the cool side because of the seabreeze. we will be in the mid 60s at ocean city today and mid 70s sunday and the beaches up to 80
7:40 am
degrees by monday. the heat and humidity return in the seven-day forecast. stay with us. a good saturday morning to you. i am larry miller. i hope your weekend will be off to a great start. if you are taking metro and other public transportation, i need to let you know about changes. some of the lines are running on a revised schedule. with all the events going on, take
7:41 am
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. and whether you are heading out of town to visit relatives or be a part of a picnic or you are able to score tickets to a nat's game, it will be nice. >> and you can bring your
7:44 am
picnic to the park, right? make sure you stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen today. it will be sunny today from start to finish. here is a wide view of the washington monument in the center of you ever screen. 60 degrees with a sun-soaked morning and afternoon. 67 at noon. it will be a little cooler as you are having that lunch, maybe a picnic or some other kind of outdoor barbecue. 5:00 p.m. a few clouds. we will keep it come pleasely dry today and the high temperature is -- completely dry today and the high temperature is 74 degrees. 44 in german town. 49 in buoy and 53 in alexandria. we will keep this clear all holiday weekend long. even on monday we will see the little potential for a thunderstorm to the west of the metro area, not affecting us at all.
7:45 am
pleasant today. beautiful sunshine all day long, and then on sunday we start to get a little warmer. what we have going on is a area of high pressure centered over us. we will slide to the south and that will allow the clockwise flow of air around the high to bring in warmer and more humid conditions. sunday the humidity is still not an issue. it is not until monday that we will really start to feel the increase in humidity. dew points are still not oppressive but it will be noticeable as you head into monday. today high and dry. beautiful sunshine. 75 in martinsburg, 73 in baltimore and 74 in downtown washington. the humidity remains low today and the winds also not an issue like yesterday. overnight tonight, though, with the clear and calm condition, it will get down to 51 in that nsa bulk sas and hagers town and 58 in -- in
7:46 am
manassas and 58 in hagerstown. as the warm front moves out the warm air surges in. 88 on monday. as i said before it will be more humid. you will feel the heat index becoming a factor once again. in the first alert seven-day forecast, isolated thunderstorms coming back into the forecast tuesday and wednesday. as you head back to work and school it will feel like summer with temperatures around 90 degrees. mike, back to you. >> thank you, erica. a fredricksburg police officer accused of using excessive force at a traffic stop has now resigned. officer sean jurgens handed in his badge as' pepper prayed a man during a traffic stop and tazed him. here is body camera video of the incident. >> reporter: a nstee situation for edfrsbrickurg police officers. >> as you watch all three videos you can see the officers
7:47 am
are dealing with traffic issues and their attention is getting diverted, but they do a good job of staying focused on the driver. >> reporter: the video shows the driver of the car does not respond to the officer's commands. >> he is not being belligerent and not refusing to raise his hand verbally or with gesture, he is just noncompliant. >> reporter: a third police officer arrives and moved toward the car. >> the officer whose camera we are looking at is transitions away from his side arm and he now has his r.tase fires the taser. >> reporter: the taser doesn't make proper contact so it doesn't function properly so the officer uses a different tactic. >> now you see a pepper spray being deployed. >> reporter: before the pepper spray -- . >> i would have liked to have seen a little more communication to try to find out what the condition of the driver is. >> reporter: he say this is video is a arlening experience
7:48 am
for other departments. >> in this case i know that it was not a termination that he resigned, but in this case it seems that maybe the conduct here was not what the city would have wanted. the navy is trying to figure out what caused a training jet to land in the san diego bay. the pilot had to eject himself into the water nearby on friday when the jet went off the end of a runway at a naval air station. the pilot was rescued from the bay. he was training for combat training qualifications at the time. and the takata air bag recall affects 34 million vehicles. here is more. >> if you drive a bmw, chrysler, ford, gm, honda, mazda, mitsubishi, nissan,
7:49 am
subaru or toyota, your car could have an air bag defect. and in some cases the air bags explode, sending shrapnel into the driver. go to and look up your car's vehicle identification number to see if your vehicle is part of the recall. if it is, contact any deal tore schedule your replacement service. you can ask for a loaner while the parts are being manufactured. this is being called a complex recall that will take years to fully complete, but be sure to check the website often for updates. lessly foster, wusa9 news. well, it looks like they are shaking things up at the shack. chicken shack is looking to trademark their name. more on that as it develops. and take a look at this 5-
7:50 am
year-old. she and her mom run a popular blog where they turn her paper arts and crafts project into dresses. now j. crew has hired her to design a exclusive kids' collection. and youtube is live streaming at 50 frames per second, a huge improvement for gamers. our tv cameras scan at about 30 frames per second, to give you an idea. all week record breaking rainfall has been pounding parts of tickets, causing dangerous flooding there. -- parts of texas, causing dangerous flooding there. in corpus christi, major flooding on the roadways. and in northern texas the wichita river is rising rapidly, threatening as many as 200 homes. please do not ever drive through a roadway like that. golfer, meanwhile, had to
7:51 am
deal with a 35-foot shoal on the course in missouri -- sink hole on the correspondent of missouri, measuring 8 -- shoal in missouri, measuring -- sink hole in missouri, measuring 80 feet. >> and this weekend's rain in that area are threatening to cancel many outdoor events. comeouts are going to be cook- ins. mike, backs to you. hundreds of people will be marching to call on the mosanto company to label genetically engineered food. they will be marching north of the white house to the washington, d.c. mosanto offices. that occurs monday at 1:00 p.m. up next, we will catch you up on top stories and get you out the door for the holiday weekend. plus, we will listen to bon jovi. his graduation gift to the
7:52 am
class of 2015. and before we head to break, this is a picture of puppy tiana. >> nice little pup. and this is a beautiful golden lab, mickey, waiting for his afternoon treat. >> and murphy enjoys sunbathing with the springtime flowers. >> kelsey sent that in. she is one of our web producers.
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. welcome back. tmz is reporting that tlc, the network, has yanked the reality series 19 kids and counting from its line up. >> the move comes after the duggar family acknowledged one of their kids, josh dugar molested five girls who lived with the family in their home from 2002 to 2003. well, disney's tomorrowland is likely to launch at number one at the memorial day weekend box office. the fantasy starring george clooney is expected to bring in $50 million over the holiday weekend. pitch perfect 2 which came out last weekend and mad max fury road are expected to drop because of the release of
7:56 am
tomorrowland's release. the jersey native premiered a new song called reunion. bon jovi being recognized for his entertainment career and philanthropy, of course. court documents released in the case of the wealthy washington, d.c. family brutally killed along with their housekeeper reveal authorities believe more than one person is responsible for this crime. daron dylon wint was arraigned on friday for the murders. the bay bridge is pretty busy this morning as people are making their way to the shore for the holiday weekend. we have been watching a steady stream of traffic all morning long across the bridge. aaa says about 900,000 people from the d.c. area will be heading out of town this weekend and most will be by car. the man convictd in the 2001 slaying of d.c. intern chandra levy may be getting a
7:57 am
new trial after federal prosecutors with drew the opposition for that. the move for a second murder trial for ingmar guandique, convicted of killing levy, while running through rock creek park, will move forward. it will be mid 70s this afternoon and tomorrow we turn to the 80s and it stays dry. heat and humidity return on memorial day itself but we stay completely dry until we head back to work and back to school ontous. timing could not be better. >> -- on tuesday. the timing could not be better. >> what a great weather forecast. we could not ask for anything better, for
7:58 am
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good morning. it's may 23rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." breaking news overnight with a deadline looming, the senate refuses to extend the patriot act. and the vote is in. ireland appears to have become the first nation to approve gay marriage. we give high tributes to some of our nation's best heroes. details on this man on memorial day milestone. and putting a colossal twist on a classic


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