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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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first weekend of the swim season nearly turns deadly at an apartment complex pool. hello. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. a child is in the hospital after nearly drowning in montgomery county. it happened at a community pool on yale place in rockville and mola lenghi reports the young boy has lifeguards and others to thank for saving him. >> reporter: i'm told the boy is better but still recovering at a nearby hospital tonight after a near deadly end to this holiday weekend right here at this rockville community pool. it only took a home for a relaxing holiday weekend to turn into panic to save a little boy. regina detulio was at the city pool with her husband and three
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kids. >> the next thing you know the little boy was at the bottom of the pool. my husband pulled him up from the bottom. >> reporter: her husband doug pierce says he was nearby when a lifeguard alerted him to a boy at the bottom of the pool. pierce and the lifeguard jumped in. pierce got there first. >> he wasn't breathing. so we started compressions and gave some breaths and finally he started choking up. he had a lot of food and water that came out. >> reporter: a nurse at inova helped pierce with cpr. >> when i heard him yell and saw him dive under, i realized something was wrong. >> reporter: the boy finally started breathing and was tape to the hospital. meanwhile pierce is modest. >> i was pretty calm because something just said he was going to be all right. >> there was a reason that he was there at this point in time. >> reporter: that reason it seems was to save a life, though the boy's uncle still wonders why the two lifeguards weren't quicker to act. >> what is a lifeguard's job, to call 911 or to react on
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scene? >> reporter: pierce, a former lifeguard himself, is not as critical. >> you got to have your eyes on your kids and there's a lot of family that was around this child, but it's got to be a personal like one person has to be responsible for one child. >> reporter: it's still unclear how the boy got into trouble, if he knew how to swim at all. still first responders say us important for anyone and everyone to learn and to relearn cpr. you never know when you might have to use it to save a life. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> rescuers see more near drownings the first few weekends of the season than the rest of the summer and they say it's important if you have a child in the water to have an adult on them at all times. u.s. park police are searching for a hit and run driver who injured a child near a play ground at hains point. that child was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries.
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the police are looking for a black nissan with virginia tags. two adults and a child suffered minor burns when a propane tank exploded and caught fire at a backyard grill along the 3500 block of bantry way in olney, maryland. a woman who lives at the townhouse tells wusa9 the family was using charcoal in the gas grill. firefighters told her that caused the relief valve to blow. the grill was damaged along with the backyard fence. memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer and it sure feels like it out there. >> chief meteorologist howard bernstein is here. how long will this heat and humidity still around? >> a good portion of the week. towards the weekend if we're lucky, a front will slip through and cool us down. the next couple days hot and humid, increased chances for showers and storms. it's a beautiful evening around here. any clouds and showers are well to the west across parts of the tennessee valley sneaking into
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the high lie val. we don't see any -- ohio valley. we don't see any problems tonight or the first part of tomorrow. we're in the 80s. 69 in ocean city with water temps in the low 60s now. so it's early in the season, still a little cool. as far as this evening, it will be nice. 81 at 8:00, mid-70s by 10:00. low 70s at midnight. lows tonight in the 60s. thunderstorm chances increase by tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk more about that with your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. the nation took time today to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. memorial day celebrations took place across the washington area. thousands gathered for an annual ceremony at arlington national cemetery. president obama laid the tomb of the unknowns and he spoke about the sacrifice that so many americans have made. >> simple stone markers arranged in perfect military
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precision signifies the cost of our blessings. it is a debt we can never fully repay. >> the president noted this is the first memorial day in 14 years that has been observed without u.s. forces engaged in a major ground war. people from near and far visited d.c.'s memorials today to remember the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. >> one of the places was the wall at the vietnam veterans memorial. our ellison barber was there today. >> reporter: we always hear that freedom isn't free and the cost of war is high. it sounds like a cliche to so me of us, but for 1 local -- many of us, but for one local woman it's a lesson she had to learn at a very early age. >> i just remember these men walking toward the house dressed in uniform. >> reporter: denise reed was 6 years old when a military chaplain came to her home. >> the first thing i heard was my mother crying and i knew it couldn't have been too good. >> reporter: the men in
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uniform came to tell her mother that at only 34 years old, her husband, the father of her child, sergeant harold b. reed, would never come home. >> i know she grieved a lot and her grief didn't end. >> reporter: for denise reed a day like today is bittersweet, a chance to be proud of her father and mourn the moments he missed. >> it doesn't matter what age you are it's still a loss. >> reporter: today reed wasn't remembering alone. hundreds of people flocked to the vietnam memorial to pay their respects and remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> memorial day is about those that we lost and it's so hard to imagine losing a son or daughter or wife or mother or father. you try to put that into perspective. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> reporter: for wusa9 i'm ellison barber. >> 12 medal of honor recipients who served in vietnam were at today's ceremony to help
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dedicate a new medal of honor postage stamp sheet. the national memorial day parade marched past monuments, museums and hundreds of thousands of spectators waving flags in d.c. this afternoon. >> reporter: i'm manage mcin -- andrea mccarren in northwest washington. the parade honored the sacrifices of our service members and it was an unexpected day for one soldier's family. the parade kicked off under bright skies with service members, marching bands and dancers. no one ever anticipated little a.j. causey would be here to witness it. >> i pretty much had been told by the doctors due to my injuries probably never have a child naturally. >> reporter: a.j.'s father aaron was on a military bomb squad in afghanistan in 2011. he was searching an ied he planned to disarm. >> i was looking for it when i stepped on it. >> reporter: aaron lost both
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legs and recently completed three years of treatment at walter reed. doctors said he and his wife's only realistic chance of getting pregnant was through ivf, in vitro fertilization. >> i was speechless. >> reporter: speechless because just days later before they could even get to their first ivf appointment cat was pregnant. in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, wusa9. rockville honored the nation's heroes with its 71st annual memorial day parade. this year's grand marshal is corporal jeff king, a montgomery county resident who served in afghanistan, among his honors, a purple heart and combat action rib bone. there were bands and -- ribbon. there were bands and other community groups. more investigation at the house where a d.c. family and their housekeeper were murdered. detectives suspect the one man in custody eluded them for hours by paying a new york
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cabby $1,000 in cash, money believed to be from the grisly crime. bruce leshan reports investigators are still looking for suspects tonight. >> reporter: daron wint is the only suspect charged so far in the torture and murder of savvas and amy savopoulos, their 10-year-old phillip and their housekeeper seer radio figueroa. the -- vera figueroa. the four other people picked up with wint and more than 10 grand last week were released uncharged and the family was held captive by mr. wint and others and that the crimes required the presence and assistance of more than one person. >> mr. wint is held without bond. our work is not done. >> reporter: police removed the bed where the killers allegedly set fire to phillip and investigators are still at the house. >> there's a tremendous amount
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of information that's now available to them they have to parse through and follow each and everyone. >> reporter: among the continuing mysteries, the witness who said that the man driving the family porsche before it was torched had short hair. wint has long braids. also strange, this savopoulos assistant who lied allegedly about details of both picking up and dropping off that $40,000 in ransom money. in woodly park, d.c., bruce leshan, wusa9. >> bruce went out today to several houses kecked to wint and people who may have been traveling with him when he was taken into custody. no one came to the door. a violent memorial day weekend makes may the deadliest month in baltimore in over 15 years. >> reporter: just this past friday charles county police found a young mother swinging her deceased son at this
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since the police custody death of freddie gray baltimore has see a spike in violence. figures show this has been the deadliest month in baltimore in 15 years with 35 people killed. police are investigating at least 26 shootings and nine killings that have taken place over memorial day weekend alone. deputy police commissioner kevin davis says the city's violent criminals are acting with impunity right now. the autopsy is done, but we still don't know what caused a 3-year-old charles county boy's death. >> that's right. the 3-year-old was found at wills memorial park in la plata friday morning. his mother was swinging the deceased child and she may have even been there overnight. the mother, 24-year-old romicia
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sims has not been charged in her son's debt. she's being treated at a hospital and -- death. she's being treated at a hospital and now her mother is coming her to defense. >> reporter: last night 47- year-old vontasha sims called wusa9 saying she wants to set the record straight. >> she would never ever harm my grandson in any type of way. i believe she had some time of mental illness, some type of mental break. >> reporter: her daughter had been diagnosed with a mental illness about three months ago and had been seeking help since until her son found her with her 3-year-old son friday morning. the park is about a mile from the hotel where the family is staying. sims tells us the family is homeless and her daughter suffered depression while trying to take care of this while taking care of her son. >> i don't want people to look down on her.
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i want people to use the situation as an opportunity to grow, to learn from it. watch out for your neighbor. help your neighbor. if you suffer from mental health issues, you need help. >> reporter: an autopsy was done but is incomplete because they're waiting for toxicology report and other information. police will not comment whether mental illness played a role. >> this is a top priority for us. we have a 3-year-old boy deceased. we don't know the cause of death. there were no obvious signs of trauma. our detectives are working around the clock trying to put information together to answer the question as to how and why this child died. >> reporter: the charles county sheriff's spokesperson tells me police are still working on a timeline of events and need everyone and anyone to get involved. if you may have seen the young mother and her son at this park or in the area, they are you to contact the sheriff's department. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> just another piece of information, we learned from a gofundme page setup there may have been a recent custody
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battle for the young boy, but his father did not want to comment. coming up on a day when millions of americans are traveling, anonymous callers
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you're looking live at a busy chesapeake bay bridge where westbound traffic is very heavy tonight we're told. right now thousands of beachgoers are making their way
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home from the long memorial day weekend. maryland transportation officials predicted more than 360,000 vehicles will cross the bay bridge both directions between last friday and today. the series of anonymous threats interrupted three separate flights today. >> one was called into maryland state police in garrett county this morning. u.s. military jets escorted air france flight 22 into new york's kennedy airport after someone claimed there was a chemical weapon on board. the fbi searched the plane, didn't find anything. similar threats prompted searches of a saudi arabian airlines plane and an american airlines plane at jfk. none of the threats were de emed credible and authorities say the calls may have been from the same person. courts were open today in cleveland for the arraignments of dozens of protesters arrested over the weekend. a day of peaceful protests against the acquittal of a white police officer charged in the death of two unarmed black
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drivers. 71 people were taken into custody. 50's were arraigned today on misdemeanor charges. most pleaded no contest and were sentenced to time served. a handful pleaded not guilty. absolutely devastating is how the texas governor describes the flood damage from record rainfall over the weekend. some of the worst flooding happened in the town of wimberly where hundreds of homes were destroyed. one person died. the search has been suspended for at least 12 missing after the la blanco river overflowed its banks. roads were underwater and homes were pushed off their foundations, more showers for tonight. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it's a hot evening. >> it is, pretty nice out there. it's cooling off. we got into the 80s today.
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i want to start with the 3- degree guarantee. tonight at 11:00 i'll tell you how we did. i went for a high of 88 today. it was a bit more humid. this evening has turned out to be a nice one, 83, wind gusting 20 miles an hour south of, southwest and will fall into the -- south, southwest and we'll fall into the 60s. 70s in the mountains. when you head toward the store, ocean city was 69 degrees last check with 74 in annapolis, 80 in waldorf, 82 in leesburg. more heat and humidity are coming our way the next several days. with it that temperatures are way above average, looks like we could be in the upper 80s between now and thursday. thunderstorms will pick up tomorrow afternoon mainly west of us. then we are looking at scattered showers and storms likely wednesday, thursday and
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also friday afternoon. weekend could be oak if we can -- okay if we can get a front to slip through, but that's a big f. we talked about the severe weather texas has had and the flooding, several tornado warnings from arkansas to east texas. austin has had 6 inches of rain in spots about three hours on top of saturated ground. they've got flood emergencies going on. this whole line of showers and storms is traveling toward arkansas and louisiana. we're watching the moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico going through nashville and lexington. that will get closer to us tomorrow in the form of afternoon showers and storms mainly west of us. tomorrow morning, take you to the afternoon, most of it in the mountains slipping toward the shenandoah valley, maybe toward blue ridge and maybe something toward frederick and leesburg, a better chance for that stuff to get here wednesday. partly cloudy night, mild, lows in the 60s, upper 60s in town. we'll climb quickly tomorrow.
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by lunchtime we could be in the low 80s in spots, a partly sunny afternoon, hot, humid, 85 to 90 with storms mainly west of i-95. wednesday and thursday afternoon storms, highs in the upper 80s. beyond that we can with some luck be cooler, mid-80s, a chance of showers. if it works , i might be lowering the temperatures to the 70s here which is kind of where we should be. coming up university of maryland goes for a sweep in the ncaa lacrosse match, results
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the maryland men's terps lacrosse team had the chance to do something they haven't done in 40 years, win the national championship. they had a lot of momentum after beating johns hopkins in the final four this weekend but couldn't get past a tough denver program. after trailing by three at halftime denver put them away after extending the lead by
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five. maryland lost, but it was a good run. >> that's a great season. let's not discount that. >> they worked hard. that's it for us at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. >> have a great evening! bye.
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inside some of the most intriguing hollywood tell-alls. >> it isou r summer book club with the stars getting very candid. >> i go to my closet and just cry. >> melissa rivers' painful decision to say good-bye to joan. >> once they removed the ventilator, i got into the bed with her and held her. >> she gets very honest. she's very open. >> so is john crier with secrets about charlie sheen. >> i didn't know if even the show could continue from that point. >> drugs prostitutes and did he hook up with ashton's ex demi. >> awkward. then actress mariel hemmingway on her battle with food. you did battle a very serious eating disorder. plus "sopranos" star lorraine bracco tells me about her weight gain. >> 38 pounds.


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