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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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is pregnant. mrs. conway told witnesses she shot the mother of richard conway's children with richard's work gun. the police officer is accused of staging phone calls after the shooting to cover for his mom and is suspected of ditching clothes and the gun and minding the kids. >> all the information we knew at this time we believe that the children were with their father. investigators believe the shooting stemmed from an ongoing child custody dispute between crystal mange and richard conway. >> reporter: neighbor leon michael talked about the children age 2 and 4. >> always see the grandkids, very family oriented type. >> >> reporter: those kids very much part of their lives. >> oh, yeah from what i could see, yes, sir. >> reporter: now the all important evidence in this case, that 40 caliber police issued handgun, has not been found by investigators and conway is not talking about where it might be. crystal mange, age 24, is now out of the hospital.
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she survived this shooting and her up born child, that pregnancy, also sur -- unborn child, that pregnancy also survived, the children in this case now residing with her family. can onlyway and his mother are held without bail -- conway and his mother now are held without bail now. >> chief mark magaw announced conway's suspension. we'll hear more from him at 6:00. how do you system rise the lives of four people -- summarize the lives of four people held captive and murdered for $40,000? members of the savopoulos family tried today in a heartwrenching obituary for savvas, amy and 10-year-old phillip. bruce leshan joins us live in the studio now with more. >> it is the memories of young phillip that are perhaps the most heartbreaking. he dreamed of becoming a race car driving, loved school,
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excelled at sports before he was allegedly tortured and killed by murderers for cash. tenanted and fun loving says the -- talented and fun loving says the obituary, phillip savopoulos loved basketball and was a huge fan of kevin durant. he wanted to race formula one and was already driving on the prague north america carting team, his favorite movie finding nemo. >> fish are friends, not food. >> reporter: he'd cuddle with his surviving sisters ab abigail and kateryna. his mother loved hosting parties for the neighbors at the woodley park mansion and long walks. >> they are great people. their first priority was their children, those beautiful two daughters and son that they have. >> reporter: savvas savopoulos
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was a fifth generation washingtonian who studied japanese swordsmanship and martial arts. he donated to the starlight children's foundation, the national child research center and a girls orphanage in greece. he helped create the american institute of welding for people who had lost their jobs and his company worked to restore the pentagon after 9/11. savopoulos had a patent for a wireless remote control welder. savopoulos had planned to take the whole family on a sailing vacation in august to greece before someone murdered him, his wife, his son and housekeeper vera figueroa and set fire to their home. now a greek newspaper quotes a fell friend about a trip grandfather phillip -- a family friend about a trip grandfather phillip and savvas took.
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even though they had a whole lot of money the friend said they never took any security measures. they had no bodyguard and would open the door to whoever knocked. >> they sound like an incredible family. the savopoulos family asks that in lieu of flowers mourners send donations to st. sophia's for that girl's orphanage in greece or to the national child research center. rain is the very last thing the state of texas needs, but forecasters say more is on the way today anyway of the their record flooding is blamed for at least 11 deaths. that number will go up. several folks are missing now. hundreds of homes are destroyed. omar villafranca has the very latest from wimberly. >> reporter: the murky floodwaters are beginning to recede in some areas of houston after deadly storms dumped up to 11 inches of rain overnight. >> it's still a dangerous situation along the bayous. the water is moving very, very
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rapidly. >> reporter: drivers abandoned their vehicles as low lying streets turned into rivers. >> the water kept rising in the car, got up to my lap. i thought maybe i gert get out. >> reporter: schools and businesses -- better get out. >> reporter: schools and businesses were also closed. west of houston took the brunt of the severe weather. the ground here is so waterlogged that overnight rains in wimberly turned this small creek into a flowing river. crews are shifting from a search to the recovery of 12 people missing since sunday when floodwaters from the blanco river swept away their vacation home and a tornado is suspected of killing one person. >> i was watch it having and it just hit. >> reporter: meteorologists say the storm system park over texas could bring -- parked over texas could bring more flooding in the days ahead. >> houston fire crews responded to about 530 water rescue overnight, mostly from folks
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stranded in their vehicle. we've got a yellow alert in place tomorrow, some showers on the radar tonight. our meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace. >> if you are out toward the blue ridge oar areas west, we do have some showers -- or areas west, we do have some showers and even some storms. it's not out of the question to see some of that sneak into the shenandoah valley. we'll watch develops over the next couple hours. the activity now coming out of rappahannock and fauquier county has popped in the last 90 minutes towards sperryville and slowly moving northeast about 15 miles per hour. between amosville and washington on 211 moving northeast trying to get toward route 17 and if they hold together, looks like they could be by marshall at 5:22 and
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aldie at 6:18. tracking a few other showers and no lightning here. this may get toward cross junction and western frederick county in virginia and this storm headed up toward kaiser. we have a storm threat this evening, but a better chance of storms on answer, that's why e thowyell alert. more on that coming up. we've got some brake right now out of rockville where -- breaking news right now out of rockville where for the third time in three days a swimmer was pulled from a montgomery county pool unconscious. this happened at 4:00 this afternoon at manor woods school in rockville. a life -- pool in rockville. a life guard pulled the 13-year- old boy out of the water, resuscitated him. he is expected to survive. the swimmers rescued sunday and monday also survived. from the irs apparently sign are thieves gained -- cyber thieves gained access to the influence of more than 100,000 taxpayers.
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those crooks accessed an irs system that required social security numbers, birthdays and other personal data. the thieves targeted the system from february to mid-may. that service has temporarily been shut down. a dramatic development in the case of the so-called free range parents, danielle and sasha meitev famously let their children walk alone through their silver spring neighborhood. as a result, child protective services accused them of neglect. andrea mccarren is live again tonight back in silver spring. >> reporter: what a saga this has been. child protective services has now formally ruled out neglect in its december case against the meitev, but another case against them is still pending. >> enormous relief and we felt vindicated. >> reporter: danielle meitev after learning child protective services had cleared her and
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her husband of neglect charges after an incident on december 20th. that day their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were stopped walking home from a local park. >> i don't regret parenting the way i do or speaking out. i'm sorry my kids went through what they went through. >> reporter: child protective services may have ruled out neglect, but the agency offered no explanation why. >> this is a substantial change. this is a great victory for the meitevs. they've been vindicated in their parenting. unfortunately, though, cps doesn't provide explanation of why it changed its mind. >> reporter: still pending is another case that played out last month. >> two kids that are unaccompanied and they've been walking around for probably about 20 minutes by themselves. >> reporter: a 911 caller alerted police when he saw the children walking through downtown silver spring.
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officers again picked them up, but this time the two kids were detained by police and cfs more than five hours. >> my kids are scared of the police were for the first two weeks after -- police. for the first two weeks after they were picked up in april my son said every time he thought they were coming after him. he knew it wasn't logical. >> reporter: the family hopes this case leads to a change in cps policy. the meitevs allow their children to roam free among the neighborhood but their son carries a cell phone now. recording live from silver spring, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> the meitevs still plan to file a lawsuit against cps and possibly even montgomery county police. they believe their constitutional rights were violated and their children were needlessly harmed.
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we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. protests after the prank, why these students support the pranksters. we're talking about the folks who unleashed 72,000 ladybugs inside a maryland high school. stephanie ramirez brings you the story at 5:30. will see storms and when? howard is back with more on tomorrow's yellow alert forecast. >> plus a customer at a local restaurant leaves a $2,000 tip on a $93 tab. we'll hear from the chef whose gumbo must be really, really good. >> like extra good. >> reporter: what's needed to improve schools here in prince george's county? the county executive says a tax increase, but not everyone
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a business jet operated by u.s. army personnel went off the runway and out onto the grass at bwi this morning. the faa says brake failure was the problem. nobody is hurt. prince george's county council will vote on a historic tax increase later in the week. today grassroots activists were making a final push to support county executive rushern baker's proposal. >> a group of about 25 people, most of them parents, were at cool spring elementary urging the county council to vote for baker's budgets. ellison barber joins us live from upper marlboro with more. >> reporter: the proposal is a controversial one in part because it would increase property taxes by about 15%. the increase is supposed to go toward funding schools. supporters say it's necessary. >> this is first about investing in our children, targeted professional development for teachers, investments in literacy,
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investments in digital literacy. >> reporter: for some supporting all that even though it means paying more is a no brainer. >> it is time to move. it has taken way too long to get the ball rolling. >> reporter: some mothers want every member of the council to vote in favor of the budget that includes the double digit increase. >> there's been a lack of will to fully fund all the resources needed. my perspective as a parent and homeowner, i'm impatient. i'm tired. >> reporter: if the council passes the budget county rusher baker wants, it will be the first time property taxes have increased since the late 1970s. the area has changed a lot since then, but some say the economy isn't strong enough to support such a dramatic tax increase. >> 15% is high. the economic conditions in prince george's county, while it's going in the right direction, the housing market is still troubling in prince george's county. >> reporter: the prince george's chamber of commerce says it will be tough for small businesses but that they agree more money needs to go toward education. they just think there's a more appropriate middle ground.
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>> we think between 7 and 8% will reach the aspirational goals the county executive set forth. >> reporter: baker's office doesn't seem like they're planning to change the proposal. >> this is the amount this we need to bring us from no. 23 in the state of maryland to no. 10 or higher. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce isn't alone in their concern. the prince george's realtor's association opposes them. we've heard from many residents who say the increase is too much. the council will vote on this on thursday. reporting live from upper marlboro i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> some of the people who are against this, particularly county residents, are frustrated with the way it's done. a law in the county passed in 1978 known as trim required voters to approve a tax increase. baker says a law from 2012 gives him authority to go over that cap without voter approval in order to fund the school. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> we're dealing with let's and humidity and this time of year -- with heat and humidity and this time of year that means afternoon storms. the brunt of it is well to our south and west. in the last 90 minutes we've seen heavy downpours pop up in places like sperryville and rook han on being county. this -- rappahannock county. this is going to stay north of warrenton when it cruises route 17. all of this is moving northwest. this one half of the shower activity will head toward warrenton around 5:30, 6:00 and greenville at 6:02. this other shower has been falling apart. so if it holds together, but the way it's looking i don't think it will make it. perhaps the plains at 5:53, but that will be wishful thinking. heavier showers now i'm tracking in the mountains of eastern west virginia.
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if you're in far western frederick county like cross junction, areas west of winchester, you'll have to watch that. there's a pretty heavy cell coming toward kaiser and areas in allegany county, cumberland, frostburg. around here a warm evening, 87 feeling like 91, south wind at 9 and dew points in the upper 60s. so it really does feel a lot more like let's say june, july as opposed to late may. 88 in leesburg, manassas, fredericksburg 87. you got to be on the bay or in the mountains for the 70s now. it is that sort of warm air mass with us. the muggies are back. tonight's lows in many cases will not drop below 70. tomorrow issuing a yellow alert. going to have showers and storms more likely today across the area in the afternoon and evening hours. that will impact the drive home and any after work, after school activities. it looks as if the afternoon storm threat will be with us the rest of the workweek and
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with a little luck we'll dry out a little for the weekend. still big time weather in the middle of the country, another tornado watch in texas. look how this thing just explodes. the heavy rains that hit houston last night, here they are in toward 20 florida moving in toward georgia -- toward florida moving in toward georgia and alabama. we'll track these showers the next several hours. tomorrow afternoon probably after 3:00, 4:00 we have to watch out here in town, earlier off to the west and southwest. mid-60s in the cool spots. most of us upper 60s to low 70s after the isolated evening storm shower threat winds down. we'll warm quickly tomorrow morning, upper 60s to low 80s by lunchtime with humidity. showers and storms scattered in the afternoon, 85 to 90, yellow alert tomorrow. thursday and friday we'll watch for the storms and whether or not we need to go yellow alerts
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those day, highs again in the upper 80s. the weekend can't rule out a storm threat saturday. sunday and monday and tuesday we may get a front to slip through. that may mean a much more comfortable pattern. watch out for those storms west of town this evening. police on the hunt for a man who shot and killed a woman last evening on sixth street north west on the corner of n in the shaw neighborhood. the victim lived in northwest. officers found her suffering from a gun shot wound. the gunman was driving a white dirt bike. there's $25,000 in reward money for information leading to arrest. maryland police trying to figure out why a woman was walking between the lanes of the beltway's inner loop when she was hit and killed by a tractor trailer at 4 a.m. along a stretch of the inner loop just south of 295 in green bet. the investigation tied up early
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morning -- belt. the investigation tied up early morning traffic. the woman was 28 years old, lived in oxon hill. the staff at a restaurant and bar in northwest d.c. has reason to be proud tonight. >> a regular customer thinks so highly of the place, especially the chef's gumbo, that last night he left a $2,000 tip on a $93 tap. the restaurant is blue 44 on connecticut avenue and the regular customer and a friend enjoyed the gumbo and ordered 2 more quarts to go, but the big tipper left specific instruction about the two grand, $500 each for the bartender, the owner and chef and waitress. >> my boss is like i need you for a second and i'm like oh, great. what happened now? so he was like i need you to take a look at this and i was like is this real?
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' like no, this is real. i -- he's like no, this is real. i was like that's pretty incredible. >> that's some kind of gratitude. the customer wants to remain anonymous, but there is one thing we know. he really likes that gumbo. we'll have to taste that gumbo. a mega deal creates one of the biggest table broadband companies in history. >> plus what this hi-tech purse can do for your smar tonight's consumer alert. >> after the break what amtrak says it's doing to keep passengers safe after this
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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amtrak is taking steps they claim will improve passenger safety after this month's deadly derailment in philadelphia. the company will install video cameras in the locomotives that will record the actions of the engineers. the man at the helm of the most recent crash has a head injury and says he cannot remember what happened. eight people were killed. more than 200 were injured in the crash. amtrak plans to have the racames installed in all the northeast corridor trains by the end of the year.
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the dow was down about 190 points, the nasdaq fell about 56 points. charter communications and time warner cable agreed to a $55 billion merger. this new company will be the second largest cable and broadband business in the country. the deal comes weeks after comcast withdrew its bid to buy time warner. regulators were concerned the merged company would be too big. 107 death claims related to gm's faulty ignition switch have been approved by the company's compensation expert. the problem was first detected in '99, but gm did not issue a recall until 2014. the automaker reportedly will face criminal charges over the botched recall. it's a purse and iphone charger. designer kate fade will team up with a startup called ever purse to create the first new kind of handbags.
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you rest the pouch on a charging mat to boost the phone's battery. the high end bags will be price between 200 and $700 slated to go on sale in september. the field of democrats looking to be president got a little bigger officially. >> reporter: a 13-year-old girl passes out on a sidewalk. it has to do with a syndrome often misdiagnosed. i'm peggy fox in herndon. i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: a senior high school prank, 72,000 ladybugs, police charges and now a student protest. i'm stephanie ramirez in st. mary's
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72,000 ladybugs released, the senior prank sounds funny to some but not at all to the school administrators in one county. they are holding firm on their decision not to let a chopticon high school senior to walk at graduation tomorrow. >> the decision sparked a student protest this morning even though the pranksters involved could also be facing police charges. our stephanie ramirez reports from st. mary's county. >> reporter: for that senior high school prank police tell us seven seniors are responsible for breaking into chopticon high school in the early morning hours of y ma20th and letting loose 72,000 ladybugs. they tell me this video isn't
5:31 pm
even the start of it. >> you turn around the corner and all you see is ladybugs flying around and in the lights. >> ladybugs squished flying around. >> everybody got a good laugh out of it. >> reporter: these students protesting after they say chopticon administrators decided to not allow two pranksters participate in graduation tomorrow. >> i thought it was unfair how they weren't allowed to walk after they worked so hard all high school and to have it taken away because of a harmless senior prank. >> reporter: was it harmless? >> no. >> reporter: school administrators say otherwise. >> the biggest thing for me was 3:00 in the morning forcible entry into the school building. >> i think it broke the ac unit. >> reporter: they did have to pay staff overtime to clear out the bugs. they couldn't confirm the air conditioner. by afternoon only one senior was still banned from graduation and he doesn't think the school will budge even though they see a senior prank year after year.
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>> just be careful about making your decisions. >> reporter: four of the suspected pranksters are juveniles and have been charged with fourth degree burglary, property damage under $1,000 disrupting school activity. the other suspects are adult males and will be charged by criminal summons. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> we are told the ladybugs were purchased online. we learned the students are planning another protest at tonight's 6:00 board meeting and they say it is still unfair only one senior is not allowed to walk. a few other senior pranks got out of hand last week, too southwest florida, for example, a water balloon fight ending with an all out brawl. cops had to pepper spray some kids. four were arrested. in beaumont, texas, somebody got the bright idea to hoist a dead pig up on the flagpole last week. folks were horrified. officials still trying to figure out who is responsible. let's go to sylvania, alabama, where students are in trouble
5:33 pm
after spreading chicken litter all over school grounds causing thousands of dollars in damages. the teens will have to perform 120 hours of community service and pay for the clean-up, yuck. >> nobody is laughing now. the trial is now underway for the washington post reporter charged with spying in iran. jason rezaian is charged with activity against the islamic republic of iran. his brother tells the bbc those charges amount to watching and reporting on the news. hearings got underway this morning in iran. they are 8 1/2 hours ahead of us. rezaian, who is a citizen of both iran and the u.s., has been detained the last 10 months. bruce johnson has reaction from the post at 6:00. a maryland teenager pleaded guilty today to killing her father. 16-year-old morgan arnold is charged as an adult. howard county prosecutors say she convinceher boyfriend to stab her father, dennis lane,
5:34 pm
back in 2013. jason ballmer is serving 30 years in prison after also pleading guilty. the government intends to seek a life sentence for arnold. hillary clinton is about to officially have some competition in her quest for the 2016 democratic aboutal nomination. -- presidential nomination. any minute now bernie sanders is coming to the podium to announce his candidacy in the homestate of vermont, life pictures of the event right now. sanders knows it's a long shot, but supporters hope he can at least move the party more to the left. meantime former maryland governor martin o'malley is expected to formally announce his presidential aspirations saturday. he is scheduled to do it in baltimore. that's where he was mayor for years before becoming governor of maryland. he's also scheduled a trip to iowa. a state he's visited several times this year, the home of the first primary or first
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caucus. president obama's immigration plan suffered another defeat today. a federal appeals court refused to lift an injunction on the deferred action plan for immigrants. that plan could benefit up to 5 million undocumented immigrants. 26 states filed suit claiming the president's executive actions are unconstitutional. a strange and debilitating illness has unleashed a litany of rumors about a teenage girl in leesburg. today the girl and her parents spoke to our peggy fox in hopes of increasing awareness about an often misdiagnosed syndrome. >> reporter: middle school is often full of difficulties, but 13-year-old lexie bogner has had more than her fair share. >> it makes me pass out a lot and throw up and it's really hard to eat. >> reporter: p.o.t.s. syndrome causes the blood to pool in her feet and legs because the nerves that control circulation are not working
5:36 pm
explains her doctor, pediatric cardiologist la sawn abdullah. hasan -- hassan abdullah. >> when she stands up, her heart rate doubles. she goes from 60 to 120. >> reporter: the doctor believes a virus triggered the illness. this wasn't given a name till 1993 and many people are misdiagnosed and are even told they're make tomming. the fainting spells -- making it up. the fainting spells led to unkind rumors on social media. >> oh, she's doing drugs and stuff like that. i'm like i'm not. the only drugs i'm on is medicine. i have to take 34 pills a day. >> to see my daughter in the state that she's in and struggling and just all the
5:37 pm
gossip and rumors, it just really, really tugs on my heart. >> reporter: there is no cure, but lexie will soon attend a treatment program at the mayo clinic. in leesburg peggy fox, wusa9. >> we wish her well. the mayo clinic's treatment program costs about $38,000, but insurance will not cover it because it's a group program. so mclean bible church helped the family to raise most of that money. was bb king's death the result of foul play? the latest claims from the blues man's kids. >> plus is johnny depp heading to the big house down under? why the actor is in some trouble a bit in australia right after the break. >> i'm meteorologist howard bernstein, dry in the metro, but i'm tracking heavy showers off to the west, could have heavy downpours in downpours in
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trending now actor johnny depp could be facing jail time and a hefty fine. he's accused of bringing his two dogs into australia.
5:41 pm
>> the government said he could face 10 years and a $340,000 fine. the word got out on facebook about the dogs being down under after depp brought his pooches to a salon for a little pampering. pistol and boo have been sent back home to this country. this emotional picture of a couple holding hands taken minutes before their wedding is being shared around the world. dane schmidt is the photographer who snapped this gem. corporal caleb earwood and his bride maggie are holding hands around the corner to avoid seeing each other before the ceremony. this photo has been shared more than 6,000 times on facebook. it is sweet. android users looking to drive stream the exciting moments of their lives can now use periscope to make that happen and derek is just discovering this today. >> they didn't have it for the droid and i was left out.
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>> your favorite quote today is i got to get back to the news. by the way, twitter is making the app available for android phones. you can only get it for the iphone back in march. this is an app that allows you to stream live video to as many people as you'd like. search periscope on we'll give you more info on how it works. you can follow me and check it out. >> you might just see derek tell you you've got to get back to work. the nationals season made a big turn for the better and the reason may have been in the palm of their hand the entire time. that's in today's inside pitch. >> reporter: advice how to protect your home from the very people trying to burglarize it. m i'
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
three convicted burglars are starring in a new youtube video produced by the police department in columbus, ohio. the inmates spill their tricks of the trade and offer tricks on stopping would be thieves. matt kosar takes a closer look. >> reporter: the youtube video is called burglars on burglary, tips from the big house to your
5:46 pm
house. it's full of crime scene photos and interviews with three men currently serving time for burglary in ohio. >> a lot of people think second story windows don't need to be locked. need to lock them, too. >> reporter: men explain how they chose the houses they robbed, what they were looking for and what they did with the goods. their incentive? a letter to the parole board saying they cooperated. columbus police say hearing from the experts is a good way to prevent crime. >> them little signs they put out, well, most times it's a decoy. >> reporter: the men say they search for easy points of entry. they agree homeowners should close window blinds when leaving the house, install deadbolt locks, buy an alarm system, test it regularly and get visible security cameras. police suggest homeowners list their property on websites like report it. here you can log makes, models, serial numbers and photos that can help police recover your property after a crime.
5:47 pm
>> if i had something i didn't want nobody to see, i'm going to make sure i keep it hid. >> reporter: good advice on protecting your home from the very people trying to burglarize it. >> more than half of all residential burglaries occur during the day. it has been one very violent month in baltimore. just this past memorial day weekend 36 people were shot, nine of them died. the death toll in charm city is 35 in the month of may and that makes this the deadliest month there in the last 15 years. we've got about a week to go. major improvements for some commuters in northern virginia. vdot celebrated the completion of a project on string fellow road in fairfax county. there are now four lanes instead of two, intersections and improvements for pedestrian. a special kickoff today for a special cause. runners led off from the sylvan theater on the mall with the special olympics flame of hope
5:48 pm
this morning. this was one of the three legs crossing the nation. the flame of hope will visit every continental state before it gets to l.a. for the 2015 special olympics summer games. allegations from bb king's children claiming two of the blue's sing are's aides -- singer's aides poisoned him. the daughters claim the aides gave king medications and were the only people around him the weeks before his death. the las vegas police department is investigating. those results could take six to eight weeks. taco well and pizza hut say -- bell and pizza hut say they'll cut out some of the artificial ingredients in their recipes. instead of using black pepper flavor in its beef in taco bell, they'll now use black pepper. that's a thought. bill francis says he hasn't watched tv since july of 1990. in an interview with a newspaper he said it just it
5:49 pm
not for me and he promised the virgin mary he wouldn't watch again. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> the humidity came back today and with that we're tracking some showers and storms, heaviest stuff down 81 toward roanoke. the metro is still in pretty decent shape this evening. west of the blue ridge you could get some occasional heavy downpours. this shower north of warrenton has been falling apart, but new showers behind it coming out of rappahannock county, everybody is moving northeast 15, 20 miles an hour. this is south of marshall. i have another cell popped down in madison county trying to get back in toward areas in rappahannock and culpeper. councilton at 6:21 and a few other showers in the
5:50 pm
emergencies of west virginia just straddles western virginia toward frederick county. heaviest thing i'm watching is out to the west with the downpour. these are hit and miss as it crosses route 55 in toward western frederick county. this one in garrett and western allegany county, heavy downpours here, frostburg perhaps in the next 30 minutes. in washington sunny skies, very warm, humid evening, 91 on the heat index with an 87-degree reading, winds south at 9 and 70s in the mountains, but most of us are in the mid- to upper 80s. storm chances are going up tomorrow. tomorrow is a yellow alert day. tonight low 70s, cool spots in the 60s. tomorrow morning is all right, warming quickly. by lunchtime we're in the low
5:51 pm
80s. going to be a hot humid afternoon. scattered showers and storms could affect your ride home. any after school plans, get things done early. 85 to 90, way above the average this time of year pushing upper 7s to near 80. -- 70s to near 80. friday 807, -- 87, a few afternoon storms. a front could slip through sunday or monday and dry us out and cool us down with a little luck. >> now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington nationals have won eight of their last nine. a lot of that has to do with team chemistry. the relationship between the team and manager is just as important as between the pitcher and catcher. holden kushner shines light on one of the most undervalued relationships in baseball.
5:52 pm
>> baseball players and their gloves, the most cherished piece of leather a baseball player can have. some players sleep with their gloves. others name them. some just don't care. my gift to you, a washington nationals glove story. did you name your glove and do you sleep with your glove? >> notice. neither. it's not that -- nope, neither. it's not that important. i'm a pitcher. >> reporter: max scherzer does recycle it after a three month rendezvous expires. >> i usually donate it to charity, give it to a charitable foundation or youth academy for kids. i try to pass that along. >> reporter: reliever aaron barrett has many special moments with his glove. he's assigned it a name, bear, and a gender. >> he holds the baseball for me. >> reporter: he? >> it is a he. >> reporter: then tyler moore has three different gloves. he isn't attached to any of them because he plays first base, outfield and third base.
5:53 pm
ryan zimmerman had an extra one and donated it to moore the times he plays the hot corner. >> he was nice enough to give me one of his. we had a couple emergency things where i had to go to third. i was happy for that. every day you don't get a zimmerman glove, so it's pretty cool. >> reporter: some players like tanner roark have no problems with others trying on their glove. obviously this what is happens when you win a whole bunch of games as a starter? >> he's a good dude. >> reporter: now you know this special glove story between man, glove and sometimes sports agents. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. >> what's interesting is what the guys do to break in the gloves. some put it in the microwave. some will run a car over it. everybody has their own way. >> a brand-new glove is nice but very stiff. >> very stiff. a lot of that happens during
5:54 pm
spring training, of course. nats back at it tonight. jordan zimmermann going for his first win in chicago. we'll see if they make it two in a row. also the holiday is over and we're back to work and so are the redskins. the redskins are on the field, derek. >> yea! >> the team held their first offseason practice, but a few notable players were missing, a full report from ashburn coming up. >> coming up at 6:00 the brother of the washington post reporter on trial for espionage in iron sets the record straight about the charge -- iran sets the record straight about the charges his brother is facing. >> reporter: the cleveland police department with a apparent of excessive force an
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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cleveland's reached a settlement with the justice department over police misconduct in the city. >> as craig boswell reports, toe's announcement comes a few -- today's announcement comes a few months after a jaw dropping report detailing excessive force and days after a high profile acquittal of a white police officer in the killings of two unarmed black motorists. >> reporter: the justice department is laying out reforms the city of cleveland must undertake to address excessive force and civil rights violations by its police department. >> this 105 page comprehensive consent decree that once approved by a federal judge will not only serve as a roadmap for reform in
5:58 pm
cleveland, but as a national model. >> reporter: the changes include improved officer training on use of deadly force and eliminating racial bias and greater civilian oversight. >> if we don't insure that our officers and our community have a better relationship than a lot of what we're trying to implement now in the terms of this agreement are going to be hard to do. >> reporter: protests have continued in the city this week after a judge acquitted white patrolman michael brelo in the deaths of two up armed black motorists. back in december cleveland officers were found to be poorly trained and ill equipped. the city was required to come up with a reformed plan. >> rather then doing one thing at a time, the agreement gives us the structure to really implement comprehensive reform. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is committed to change. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> community leepers are also
5:59 pm
waiting to hear whether charge -- leaders are also waiting to hear whether charges will be filed against a black rookie cop who shot a 12-year-old boy who had a toy gun. a prince george's county police officer is charged with helping his own mother murder the new husband of the police officer's ex. it's a lot to follow and we'll get to it in a moment, but first thanks for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. that arrest announced today in charles county, maryland. still missing is the police officer's service weapon which is what investigators believe was used in a shocking shooting may 20th at a waldorf mcdonald's. scott broom live with what we know so far. >> reporter: the gun is important evidence the investigators here in charles county want to find quickly as possible. the hunt is still on for that
6:00 pm
officer's police issued 40 caliber handgun as this prince george's county police officer and his mother are under arrest and held without bail. charles county investigators say it was a child custody battle between prince george's county police officer richard conway and his ex crystal mange that escalated to what appears to have been an ambush. killed in the jeep was the ex's new husband 25-year-old robert mange of smithfield, virginia. crystal mange who was pregnant was wounded. conway apparently supplied the gun to his mother to carry out the crime according to charles county sheriff troy berry. >> ballistic evidence recovered from scene was consistent with the type of ammunition used by the prince george's county police department. the officer is suspended without pay. >> reporter: prince george's county police chief mark magaw stunned at the charges against


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