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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 26, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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prince george's county police chief mark magaw reacts to one of his own charged with murder. i'm scott broom in waldorf, charles county, maryland, coming up the twisted family saga behind the crime that twisted the police community. >> reporter: members of the murdered savopoulos family from the people who knew and loved them best. i'm bruce leshan, the story coming up. >> today it's heat and humidity, tomorrow showers and storms, more about wednesday 8 8 -- wednesday's yellow alert day. the search is on for the pistol police believe might have been used as a murder weapon. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. the owner of the gun is this prince george's county police officer who is chd argealong with his mother in the killing. scott broom is in waldorf to tell us more. >> reporter: it's a
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complicated web of family relationships that boils down to this. charles county investigators say it was a child custody battle between prince george's county police officer richard conway and his ex crystal mange and what appears to have been an ambush in this waldorf mcdonald's parking lot. killed was 25-year-old robert mange of smithfield, virginia. crystal mange who was pregnant was wounded, conway apparently supplying the gun to his mother to carry out the crime according to the charles county sheriff troy berry. >> ballistic evidence recovered from the scene was consistent with the type of ammunition used by the prince george's county police department. >> the officer is suspended without pay. >> reporter: prince george's county police chief mark magaw stunned at the charges against a three year veteran of his department. >> the charges this officer faces are zeppoli troubling to me. >> reporter: at -- are deeply troubling to me. >> reporter: at the center of the case, the two children age 2 and 4, custody dispute, the
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victims ambushed as they expected the children to be dropped off for visitation, grandmother caroline conway accused of pulling the trigger, her son, the young police officer, suspected of supplying the weapon and trying to cover up for his mother. the family is highly regarded in their waldorf neighborhood according to resident leon michael. >> i always see the grandkids like very family oriented type scene. >> reporter: those kids very much part of their lives. >> oh, yeah, from what i could see, yes, sir. >> reporter: conway and his mother showed up at a witness' house about a half hour after the shooting where she allegedly confessed and said she did it with her son's work gun. in waldorf scott broom, wusa9. >> crystal mange who is pregnant survived that shooting. the hunt for accomplices continues in the horrifying arson murders in the d.c. mansion, but relatives are also remembering the savopoulos family in a heartwrenching obituary. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan
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in d.c. it is perhaps the memories of 10-year-old philip that are the most heartbreaking. his friends called him flip, a 4th grader at st. albans just a few blocks from his house. he wanted to race formula one and was already driving on the prague north america carting team. his favorite movie, finding nemo. >> fish are friends, not food. >> reporter: he'd cuddle with his surviving sisters abigail and kateryna while watching it. his mother amy could find four leaf clovers even when she wasn't looking. savvas savopoulos was a fifth generation washingtonian who studied japanese swordsmanship and martial arts. he donated to the starlight children's foundation, the national child research center and a girls orphanage in greece. so many good times lost. the whole family was planning to go on a sailing vacation to
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greece in august. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the savopoulos family asked in lieu of flowers mourners send donations to the st. sophia's girls orphanage in greece or to the national child research center. another reminder about pool safety again, tonight we've learned a young girl drowned at a community pool in lorton. this has been a tough, tougher week. fairfax county police responded to the 9000 block of lorton station boulevard yesterday evening for the report of an unconscious child. emergency crews rushed that 7- year-old to a hospital where she died. police say they are not sure what happened with the girl, but there are no signs of anything suspicious. already three times 20 the past week there have been three -- within the past week there have been three near drownings in montgomery county. historic flooding in texas not going away any time soon. a storm system is parked over the state and could bring more rain and flooding the next few days.
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that's in addition to 11 inches of rain that dumped on houston overnight. for now the floodwaters there are at least beginning to recede in some spots. the record flooding is blamed for 11 deaths and that number play go up because several folks are -- may go up because several folks are still missing. houston's mayor estimated as many as 4,000 properties have significant damage. it will be a rainy week around here, a few storms. luckily we're not like houston. meteorologist howard bernstein tracking the summer storms. >> looks like we'll get into that afternoon storm pattern, not the tremendous tropical deluge, although the storms this evening are doing some heavy downpours. it's nice up the 95 corridor, but up west toward fauquier and rappahannock county down toward madison county and the valley got some heavier downpours and we're talking 2, 4, 5-inch per hour rainfall rates, thankfully moving. you can see this one northwest of warnton toward fauquier
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county moving northeast at 20. if you're in how, were montgomery, you got to watch -- in loudoun county, upper montgomery, you got to watch out for these guys the next couple hours. this cell is moving off toward the northeast of front royal. better chances these storms are on top of us tomorrow afternoon. i'll have your forecast in a few minutes. the riots and protests in baltimore will cost that step about $20 million. the number -- city about $20 million. the number was released today and the breakdown willing released to a panel tomorrow. the expenses include overtime for police and firefighters, cost to bring in reenforcements from other police departments and, of course, destruction to city-owned property. the city plans to ask fema to cover up to 75% of the expenses, but it will use money from a rainy day fund to cover the costs in the mean time.
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the unrest started after freddie gray died from severe spinal injuries while in police custody. cleveland police are in for some changes after a settlement with the justice department. the 105 page document outlines what the city has to do to address excessive force and civil rights violations by the police department. changes include improved officer training on the use of deadly force, eliminating racial bias and greater civilian oversight. today's agreement how to move forward comes a few days after a white cop was acquitted in the killings of a black man and woman both unarmed. the washington post reporter jason rezaian went on trial today in iran where he's facing espionage charges. the proceedings were closed to the public, last about two hours and the judge adjourned without indicating when they would resume. if convicted, rezaian faces up to 20 years. he's been held since his arrest lastup. the washington post protested his -- last july.
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the washington post protested his detention and the u.s. state department calls the charges absurd and saying he otter to be released immediately. -- ought to be released immediately. child protective services cleared the so-called free range parents of charges from the incident in december. danielle and sasha meitev are still under investigation for an incident last month. they believe their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter are mature enough to walk without an adult close to home. this case has launched an international debate about parenting styles. despite the ordeal the meitevs are grateful the drama played out here in the u.s. >> citizens in a free country can stand up to their rights, speak to the press and criticize the government and sometimes even the government changes its mind and that really is an incredibly powerful lesson, especially in our family. >> the meitevs have made one change. their son now carries a cell phone. danielle meitev is writing a book about their experience
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focusing on what she calls our culture of fear and its impact on children. amtrak taking more steps designed to improve passenger safety, it's installing video cameras in its locomotives to record the action of engineers, this in the wake of that deadly derailment in philly. the engineer in that crash suffered a head injury and now says he can't recall anything that happened. eight people died that day and more than 200 others were hurt. amtrak plans to have cameras installed in all northeast corridor trains by the end of this year of the. taking a live look at our u.s. -- year. taking a live look at our u.s. capitol tonight where all is calm, even though earlier today that was not the case. they had an evacuation. an alarm went off around lunchtime, but officers never found any smoke or fire. hundreds of tourists had to clear the building while the cops investigated. thousands of ladybugs let loose in a maryland school, but that's not what's upsetting students, later the actions that sparked protests for the
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pranksters. >> reporter: the county council in prince george's county has a big vote come up this week. it will mean something for property owners here and people with children in school. i'm ellison barber, more on that in just a minute. >> plus a bouncy house turns into a terrifying ride, an update on the children inside that inflatable bounce house when a tornado took it for
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tonight we're hearing from one of the children that was inside that inflatable bounce house that was carried into the air by a tornado. it happened yesterday along the beach in ft. lauderdale, florida. it started as a waterspout but quickly hit the beach, formed into a tornado and moved that bounce house big time. see it moving there? three children were inside. when it landed, they tumbled to
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the sand including 5-year-old sladasha bryant. >> i was thinking i was about to die. >> reporter: did anything hurt? >> my lip and my wrist. >> pretty amazing when you look at what happened with that bounce house. the little girl was released today from the hospital. two of her other friends were released last night. ft. lauderdale police say the bounce house was part of a city sponsored event at the beach. it was properly secured, but, of course, it's very hard to withstand wind gusts estimated at 65 to 85 miles an hour. we have learned a u.s. army member was flying a plane that went off the runway at bwi today. it's a small business jet, a cessna, and it rolled onto the grass. the pilot reported brake failure after landing this morning, but nobody was hurt and the incident did not impact any other flights. fleet week wrapped up in new york city but not without one last show of love for the city that never sleeps.
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some sailors spelled out i heart new york on the deck of the uss san antonio. this year about 1,800 members from the navy, coastguard and marines visited the city. an amazing sight, but look at all this lava and ash. it could have a devastating impact in an area tourists usually flock to see right after the break. >> it's warm and humid in washington but also the west. i'm tracking showers and even thunderstorms with some heavy downpours. winchester to leesburg, watch out. this is tracking towards you.
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. another candidate has officially entered the race for president. it's vermont senator bernie sanders. he's an independent but often votes with the democrats and now he is challenging front runner hillary clinton for that democratic nomination. at a kickoff event in burlington sanders said he'd make income inequality, campaign finance reform and climate change the leading issues in his campaign. the prince george's county council will vote on a controversial budget in three days. it would increase property taxes by 15% in the name of education. ellison barber spoke with parents today who are fighting for that plan to pass. >> reporter: it will make prince george's county a more attractive place. for some supporting the
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proposal is a no brainer. >> it has taken way too long to really get the ball rolling. >> reporter: some members want every council member to vote in favor of the budget that includes the double digit increase. >> there's been a lack of will to fully fund all the needed resources. i'm tired. i'm impatient. >> reporter: if the council passes the budget county executive rushern baker wants, it will be the first time the county has increased property taxes since the late 1970s. the area has changed a lot since then, but some say the economy is not strong enough to support such a dramatic tax increase. >> 15% is high. the economic conditions of prince george's county while it's going in the right direction, the housing market is still troubling in prince george's county. >> reporter: the prince george's chamber of commerce says it will be tough for small businesses but that they agree more money needs to go towards education. they just think there's a more appropriate middle ground. for now the county executive's office isn't budging. they say the increase is
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exactly what's needed to make sure the school district actually moves forward. reporting from prince george's county, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> the council is set to vote on the budget thursday. there's still a lot of internal debate going on and no one is sure how the council will vote. it is a senior prank like no other. 72,000 ladybugs released into a st. mary's county high school for fun. police say five students broke into chopticon high school while two waited in a car early one day last week to carry out the deed. now students are protesting. why? they're supporting the alleged prupset school administrators won't allow one of them to walk at graduation tomorrow. the students face charges, but the protesters still call the k pranharmless. one school director says he simply cannot ignore criminal activity. >> a lot of us thought it was unfair how they weren't allowed to walk after they worked so
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hard all of high school and just to have it took away because of a harmless senior prank. >> this is moderately serious. the biggest thing for me is 3 a.m. forcible entry into the school building. >> police charged four of the prank terms with burglary, destructing property and disrupting school activities and three adults will be charged by criminal summons. public transit will get a bit pricier in maryland. fares are going up june 25th. the base fare for a single trim on the local bus, light rail and -- trip on the local bus, light rail and metro subway goes up 10 cents. mark increase is $1 commuter bus is $1 to $1.25 more depending how far you travel. the law requires the mta to adjust prices every couple years for inflation. we've got a full list of fare hikes on our wusa9 app. new video shows a powerful
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volcano eruption on the galapagos islands. the eruption may look incredible, but it is threatening the fragile ecosystem that inspired charles darwin's theory of evolution. the lava is flowing away from most of the wild life including the world's only population of pink iguanas. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> around here the activity is coming in the sky. >> especially west of town this evening. we'll go with ayellow alert for wednesday. dealing with some of that this evening off to our west, the big issue with these, just torrential downpours. rainfall rate, 2, 4, 5 inches per hour. thankfully they're moving. if they were sitting in one place, we'd have some flood warnings. orange and red indicates torrential downpours and occasionally a little
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lightning. here's a cell now crossing 66. a couple hours ago they were having a tough time. in loudoun especially west of 15 this guy looks like it will be heading right toward you, upperville in a few moments, percyville 8:30. another cell off to the west out of the front royal area tracking northeast. our friends in berryville 8:22, toward cabletown, charlestown if it holds together at about 8:55 and south of strasburg coming out of wood stock a little lightning with that heavy cell right on 81 and 11 near toms brook tracking northeast. everything is moving north east at about 20 miles an hour. strasburg 7:36, seven city just after 8:20 -- steven city just after 8:20. it's warm tonight in d.c., 85. 1 thing helping fuel the shower and storms, the humidity, dew point upper 60s. so it's feeling summer-like in late may feeling more like july
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with most temps in the low to mid-80s now. rain cooled 73 in front royal, 77 in luray. weather headlines, the muggies are back. it's going to be a sticky couple nights. yellow alert tomorrow for showers and storms in the afternoon, more widespread than this evening. than it looks like the afternoon storms could be with us again on thursday and friday. we have to watch those days for potential yellow alert days. the evening storms will dissipate over the next few hours as they move off and lose the daytime heating. so a quiet night tonight. tomorrow should be relatively quiet in the morning and things will pop in the west by midday. mid to late afternoon will be the threat in the metro. tonight isolated showers and storms this evening and warm and muggy, upper 60s to low 70s. dry tomorrow morning, warming quickly, low 80s by lunchtime, topping out 85 to 90 with a scattering of showers and thunderstorms.
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a young and the restless star's fiinrst terview about his son's reported suicide. >> it's every parents nightmare. >> we're with christof st. john suing the mental health clinic where his son took his own life. >> they never removed the plastic bag afs the first time he tried to commit suicide. >> plus the latest on the 19 kids and counting sex abuse scandal. will they allow josh duggar to stay on the air? >> and we're counting down the year's biggest scandal so far. >> i made a mistake. >> brian williams ensuspsion. >> why rosie quit the view and her marriage. >> something had to give. >> and could johnny depp do ten years in prison for bringing his dogs into australia. plus serious tv shake up. >> she kind of [ bleep ] all


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