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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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up without mark. >> mark was gift from god. and his death is a tragedy we must carry for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: it's been called the love triangle murder but prosecutors say that's not the case. now 25-year-old rahul gupta was sentenced to life for stabbing his bent friend mark waugh to death inside the silver spring apartment on october 13th 20rbgs 13 this is what gupta towed police -- gut -- 13th 2013. this is what gupta told police i walked in on them cheating and killed my buddy but prosecutors say gupta and taylor gould were fighting after a night out of drink and celebrating the 24th worth i did of gupta because he thought she was flirting with another friend and waugh was there to help ensure her safety. prosecutors say gupta lied underoath and tried to frame gould for waugh's murder but he and the jury didn't believe him. >> he showed no recognition of
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his own culpability and accountability and didn't apologize to the family members and didn't accept responsibility for what he had done. >> reporter: and witnesses say gupta had a problem with rage that he was jealous abusive and controlling. gupta and waugh had known each other from high school actually. and waugh was first year lawstudent at georgetown university at the time his best friend killed him. debra alfarone. >> closing chapter there thanks. we have got breaking news from the pentagon. pentagon says it is investigating how an army lab in utah mistakenly shipped live anthrax spores to labs in 9 states across the country including maryland and virginia. the pentagon is not saying which labs but the labs are supposed to receive dead anthrax samples to research. the pentagon says there is no known risk to the pb lig and no lab -- public and no lab
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workers showed signs of infection. breaking news out of bolt pore where attorneys for the 6 officers charged in the freddie gray case have filed to move the trials out of the city. the baltimore sun reports lawyers for the officers say the clients can't receive a fair impartial trial in baltimore city. the 85 page motion outlined a precopings of press dig that exist -- presumption of press dig that exist in the city. a -- pre-- prejudice that exist in the city. faced with near certain defeat prince georges county executive baker cut his costly proposal to turn around the school system in half. now, the ball is in the court of the county council which is all set to make a decision that could impact every home owner in the county by hundreds of dollars. almost immediately. prince jog's county bureau chiefscott broom is following the unfolding drama in upper
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marlboro. >> reporter: it's a high stakes proposal that got changed around this afternoon and as you reported comes down to the wire tomorrow when the county council has to vote on it. and at the end of the day, nobody is predicting right now what might happen. he is the county executive who some observers think is committing political suicide calling for immediate 133 million dollar tax hikes. to turn around the school system and bring it into the top 10 in five years. and today with less than 24 hours, until the executive baker faced near certain defeat at hands of the county council, he cut his tax proposal in half. >> this 65 million dollars is the minimum investment we can make that will move us forward and significantly improve the ranking in the state any investment, any investment left less than that will not move the needle. says less money means scaling his top 10 schools back to the top 15 and sets up a showdown with the
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county council tomorrow. members facing overwhelming opposition to any tax hike but huge dissatisfaction with the school system that ranks near the bottom of just about any performance metric measured in maryland. >> i think the council should vote no. >> reporter: the youngest elected school board member at age 22 became the first to step forward to say any new tax is too much. >> if you are going to have a serious compromise you want to benefit kids, you can't increase property tax at all without having a conversation about accountability and transparency and performance measures. >> reporter >> reporter: they point to the state audit finding widespread accounting problems in the school system including paying some employees too much inadent have vertently and performance audit is not been done since 1998. with all that in the background this all comes down to a vote of the county council tomorrow. tonight the county council president franklin not tipping his hand or commenting or
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reacting to the county executive's scaled back proposal and the county executive dodging the question this afternoon. as to whether or not he will veto the county budget if he doesn't get his school money tomorrow. it's a showdown and they are meeting tomorrow at 1 to decide what to do and taxpayers in prince george's could be on the hook for hundreds of dollars immediately depending on what they decide. reporting live, scott broom, wusa. >> it's a story scott and also today baker proposed making any tax hike temporary and stick around until the revenues from the mgm cay sanyo and other -- casino and other projects come online. the third suspect wanted in connection with a robbery that turned deadly is behind bars tonight. 21-year-old jalon merrilll of herndon is charged. he and two others tried to rob rashad day who was shot and killed inside his home on stone view square in reston.
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a waldorf man trapped in a burning home say live thanks to neighbors and a charles county cop. stephanie ramirez spoke with the survivor's thankful family. >> not many people would jump into a burning house not knowing if they are coming back out to save somebody they barely know. i really thank you all. >> reporter: ashley says there's no way the man she calls her husband the father of the three-year-old would be alive today if it weren't for the quick actions of a charles county officer and neighbors. she says she thought she was going to pass out trying to get her daughter out of the home early monday memorial day. they thought her husband was behind her. >> i just hear him hit the floor and he kind of let out a big scream. and then i looked back and he was not hiewnd me. >> reporter: neighbors say it was after midnight when they saw flames shooting from the home on greenwood court in waldorf. officer vernon walker was the first to arrive. >> the doors were locked and i
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forced entry and i was able to get in a few feet and actually saw a white pair of socks and realizeed that was my victim. >> reporter: 44-year-old leon hendricks. >> i started to make for the exit and ace started to get close to the exit, the smoke started to get overpowering. >> reporter: that's when two neighbors jumped in all three pulling hendricks out. the family was grilling earlier that day and believes that's what started the fire. a second fire for the waldorf mom who says her childhood home burned down. >> i can't even explain how it feels to go through this again. >> reporter: she kept saying thank you. officer walker. >> it's part of the job. >> reporter: the mother. >> the the people are great. you see so much bad and you get a few people to remind you. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> that's part of a job darn good job. parts of the region got pummeled by a band of thunderstorms and howard is tracking the storms where they are head and has access to
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doppler 9,000. >> doppler 9,000 we say bye to the storms and a few heavy showers out there a little height ening and thunder and nothing eminent in washington but i am tracking the heavy downpour that's pouring with a little bit of lightning in northeastern faulker county and hay market west going out to 66, you get towards 17 and should be past most of it but it's going to clip areas in loudoun county and maybe extreme northern fairfax and montgomery and sterling at 6:47 and reston at 6:55. and another batch of heavy showers and storms is in southern maryland. this came out of the northern neck. see it moving tooters the northeast a lot of lightning with this. and this is tracking towards the northeast heading into calvert county and we expect it at 6:26 near drum cliff and even more storms possible for a few more after noons in fact with the steamy forecast in a few minutes derek. >> howard. tattoos increasingly popular but did you know they are risky health wise.
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somethings you may want to consider before going under the needle. >> iraq's army flexing the military muscle in an effort to take back a major province
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today iraq's army launched a large-scale operation to retake the province from isis. >> sunni pro government fighters picked up arms. the move comes less than two
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weeks after the iraqi military suffered a humiliating defeat at hand of militants in row mahdi. at least 36 commandos were hit targeting yemen capital city. this is the deadliest day of bombing in more than two months in yemen. the mense try controlled by the shiite rebels say at least 100 members of the force were wounded. in england today a. royal blend of politics pomp and circumstance. queen elizabeth arrived by horse drawn carriage at the palace of westminster wearing the imperial state crown weighing 3 pounds and she delivered what's called the queen speech at the state opening of parliament. that speech outlined the agenda of the new conservative majority led by david cameron. today's thunderstorms made for a rather rocky afternoon. howard is up is with a look at what we
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in tonight's health alert tattoos have become more and more common across all age groups. >> that's what they tell me. but new research reports they come with health risks. >> reporter: into 13 anchor.
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>> reporter: newly weds caitlyn and adam share a love of tattoos. >> they blend together. >> yeah. >> but i would say if i had to put a number i would say in the 20s. >> reporter: they have never had any issues with their ink but a survey from nyu medical center says many people end up with complications from tattoos. >> the short-term things are delayed healing and things that sounded like infection and pain at the tattoo site going on for longer and itching and scaling and raised areas. >> reporter: researchers interviewed about 300 people in new york central ark with a tattoo most had 5 or less. 4% of people had reactions that came on and rye solve quickly but -- resolved quickly but 6% had reaction lasting months and some cases years. >> a lot of the things we are seeing don't have to do with anything like sterileity but the components in the ink and people's body reaction. >> reporter: study author says
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doctors can prescribe antibiotics for infection and steroids for chronic problems. surgery is sometimes necessary if a reaction is severe. they have -- this man has not had problems. >> no infection and heals fine. >> reporter: he says he will not hesitate to finish the artwork on his arm. cbs news, new york. >> all right then researchers say most long lasting complications were found with the colors red and black the two most common tattoo ink col gluers one of the top mountain trail runners is talking about a gruesome accident that shattered a leg. dave macelhattoney was rung along bear creek in colorado on saturday and slipped off a ridge and fell more than 20 feet and boulders came tumbling on top of him. one of them crushed his leftleg. other runners came to his aid but because of that terrain it took a rescue team hours to get him to a hospital operating table. doctors inseared metal rod to
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reassemble the leg bones and heknows it could be a long time before he is -- inserted a metal rod to reassemble the leg bones and he knows it could be a long time before he runs again. >> it's been 20 years and i am lucky i have a family. >> his future includes more surgery to repair the soft tissue damage but he says he is just lucky to be alive. >> no kidding. >> yeah. >> the fact he is willing to run again is like whoa. >> i think he is going to get back out there. >> yeah he is not playing. >> yeah. >> it's in his blood but not moon but his. weather wise we have a severe thunderstorm watch earlier that's gone but we are tracking some heavy downpours in few spots. so, you may be unlucky who evening unless you needed rain on the lawn or a something. not that much out there. let's get you going with doppler 9 thousands but a what -- 9,000 because what we had the watch is canceled even on the eastern shore lightning is popping in southern maryland
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ndc quiet montgomery is quiet. off to the west that's a heavy shower. heavy downpours and no lightning this is northern prince william county and haymarket towards route 15 and this is moving to the northeast sterling anddulles headed your way and towards waxpool and dulles 6:39 and great falls just before 7. and in southern maryland, this is the most prolific lightning maker all afternoon and came out of colonial beach and it's been crossing to the northeast. almost getting to cross the river into calvert county north of leonardtown with a lot of lightning and heavy rain. looks like the core of the storm will be moving towards drumcliff 569:24 and white sands at 6:39. and off to the northeast we are seeing heavy downpours from huntington to prince frederick and friends on the eastern shore towards tillman and st. michaels easton this is all tracking are way queenstown as well for the next couple hours.
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it cooled off big time behind the showers. it's down into the 70s and 80s with 79 in fairfax and 81 in leesburg and 80 in andrews and a high of 90 degrees today. so 83 feels better in baltimore. they were in the mid-70s. looking at the evening planner, temperatures will be cooling down. isolated showers storm here or there with a 10:00 temperature at 78. the morning low was 75 and i think we will be 71, 7 to in -- 72 in washington so we are in better shape. 3-day forecast scattered showers and storms again tomorrow. we will start out warm and dry but watch it right now it will be yellow alert borderline and we will watch it and allison and eric may raise the flag tomorrow. 89 for the high. friday 87 and fewer storms saturday so we will be closer again towards the 90 degree mark. as far as the 7-day forecast
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there's light at the end of the tunnel heading towards sunday. looks like we will be down in the mid-80s with showers and storms and then next week cooler but the front hangs on and we will have a few showers if not it will be a drier 78 by monday. >> all right. this is the time of year when we say hope springs eternal. >> that's right. >> i believe that rg3 will fine the magic. >> let's hope this is the year. >> you are glass half full in we are. >> me not so much i am joking. robert is my man. he he encourages folks to know your why and some believe he should know his playbook. better. the early returns on organized training activities. why is everyone smiling so muchand we
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> all right organized training activities for three people three groups of people. young guys trying to make the team, vets learning the system and quarterbacks looking to master the offense. washington has plenty of that in the last category and robert griffin has one more chance to prove he is the guy. he's gotten the off season endorsement and they picked up the option and jay gruedened named him the -- gruden named him the start and he says i am happy the coach believes in me. >> and for me, you have to focus on what you can control and apparently jay you know felt like i was the best option that he had at quarterback and i am happy about that you know.
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we look forward to working together and to help the team and lead the team in the right direction. and create the culture change we know we need to have. >> sounds like a happy home doesn't it? >> it does. >> gruden and griffin are like siamese twins linked and joined and gruden inherited a mess not even row toe rooter could inherit. in 2014 i loved gruden in 2014. love the candor and some calculations maybe not. but he is learning though. listen up. >> it was learning experience last year and i think just knowing the players and the coaching staff around me i have better feel for what they can and can't do and how we need to push their buttons more effectively to get more out of them. >> all right. when fifa award the 2022 olympics kitar -- kitar without a vast soccer history they briteled and fi-fa and scandal
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has been synonymous for years no end in sight. today more allegations this time from the u.s. department of justice. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch says charges are unveiled against 14 people including nine current or former members claiming bribes and corruption have mared the support for 24 years. fbi director uses strong words to describe the agency's findings. >> the game according to the allegations in this indictment was hijacked. that field that is famously flat was made tilted in favor of those looking to gain at the expense of countries and kids who were enjoying the game of soccer. >> i was listening to sports talk radio this morning and the topic was could bryce harper hit 50 home runs. wow it's early. pump the brake but what you can't ignore is harper now healthy is noting the socks off
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-- is knobbing the socks off baseball and opponents. harper leading all national league players with over a million votes and the all star game is not for a few months but is teaching pitchers like pinyattas and the only other pl ayerover 1 million votes matt carpenter. he's popular guy. i have not seen this so this is north carolina doing a back flip and catches two footballs. wow. did you see that? >> whoa. >> look at that. >> doctored or not what do you think? >> i thinked doctored. >> well. >> no i just don't know. >> it's a slick sight either way. >> football player meets the matrix is like that was crazy. >> that's crazy and that's it for us. cbs evening news is next. >> we
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>> rose: scenes from a nightmare. the death toll rises in the texas flooding and the search continues for the missing. >> that's what's left of the house. it's the people they can't find. >> rose: also tonight scandal rocks the world's most popular sport. the u.s. charges world soccer officials with bribery and money lawppeddering. a shocking report on who is getting killed in crashes involving teenage drivers, and teaching school kids the joy of the blues. ♪ send her on home to me ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assign. i'm charlie rose. and we begin with violent weather. late today a tornado was spotted near canadian, texas. that's i


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