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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 27, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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good evening. i'm lessee foster. >> i the threats included passengers and the president. >> reporter: potomac avenue metro station we learned coleman, a former reality show star was arrested and charged with making 11 threats against metro over the last six months. he faces serious charges. threats began last december
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where stone coleman threatened to blow up a station, ambush a motorcade and blow up a police officer. >> we were able to match his voice through voice analysis. we were able to track his locations when the threats were made through cell phone data. >> reporter: in another of the 11 threats he said there was a bomb near the white house. he made several threats involving metro buses. >> while he was on a bus he made a threat and said that another patron on board the bus was the person making the threat. he identified that person. >> reporter: stone coleman appeared at kit cole on cat fish, which documents people who pretend to be someone they are not giving false information. agencies are looking to additional charges for threats that could be traced to stone coleman. >> we have a link to the cat fish episode he was featured
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in. you can find it on our wusa 9 app. a gw grad student will spend the rest of his life behind bars for stabbing his best friend to death and blaming it on a love triangle. he told police he found him cheating with a live-in girlfriend after an alcohol- fueled birthday celebration. he was mad because he thought she was flirting with another friend and wall was at the apartment to keep her safe. the father spoke about the son today. >> the thing i'm most proud of is to tell you i was mark's dad. he was a wonderful young man with a great deal of promise. he was happiest when he could help somebody out. after his death people came to us and told us stories about mark i had never known. about how he helped them in big and small ways. >> his lawyer argued he didn't plan out the crime.
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the judge said 11 stab wounded suggested otherwise. new information out of baltimore where the lawyers for the six officers charged in freddie gray's death are trying to move the case out of the city. they filed a motion today claiming they can not get a fair and impartial trial in baltimore. officers face various murder, manslaughter and assault charges after gray died while in custody last month. in rockville there is one confirmed case of tuberculosis at the high school. school officials sent out a letter saying there is no risk of exposure to student or staff and the chance that anybody else was infected with tb are small. they'll send a separate letter next week to the parents of the kids with contact with the patient. the school will offer free tb tests for the students. tax hike proposal in prince george's county has taken a dramatic step back. >> reporter: i'll prince george's county bureau chief scott broom where the county executive in prince george's
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county is maneuvering to try to save a very unpopular tax hike proposal for schools. today, with less than 24-hours until prince george's county executive baker faced certain defeat at the hands of the county council he cut the tax proposal in half. >> this $65 million is the minimum investment we can make that will move us forward. >> reporter: it sets up a show down with the council tomorrow. members facing overwhelming opposition with the tax hike but dissatisfaction of the school system that ranks at the bottom of any measure in maryland. >> if you want to benefit kids we can not increase property taxes without having a conversation about accountability, transparency and performance metrics. >> reporter: edward burrows said any new tax is too much. burrows and other critics point
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to the 2014 state audit that found wide-spread accounting problems in the school system, including paying some employees too much. in prince george's county scott broom wusa 9. >> county executive dubbed the question when asked if he would veto a county budget without the school money he requested. severe weather is all done. howard bernstein is tracking showers on the doppler 9,000. >> still a couple out there. as we get in the nighttime hours things will diminish. not much going on here. this is a new shower that popped up in the last few minutes west of i-95 in prince william county. this shower is moving north and east about to cross montgomery county approaching germantown. the strongest thing i have been
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watching is this cluster of thunderstorms. a lot of lightning with this moving to the eastern shore. south of port republic a couple heavy downpours. same with north beach and shady side. st. michaels and tillman get ready easton. this is all headed your way. back with your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. tonight hundreds of families have been ordered to evacuate their homes west of fort worth, texas. brazos river threatening to spill over the banks. 19 people died in texas and oklahoma. floodwaters have damaged thousands of homes and businesses. >> keep hoping we'll wake up and this nightmare is over. it is not. we are strictly in survival mode. >> worse, crews still out there looking on the air and on the ground for members of three families missing. blanco river overflowed the banks sunday and swept away
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their vacation home. no new arrests announced today in the four murders in the d.c. mansion despite an investigator's sworn statement that he believes others were involved. >> reporter: you can see a calculated risk. that is what two experts are saying about the release of the five other people who were picked up with the suspect in the murders here. >> i think it was a smart decision. i positive it wasn't haphazard. >> reporter: a former u.s. attorney for d.c. tells cbs news the five people who may have been assisting the former fugitive are almost certainly still under investigation. >> they can be watched the way you and i can be watched. >> reporter: in court documents investigator says one of the people in the car with him admitted to purchasing money orders after the murders estimated to exceed $10,000. mary o tool is a former fbi
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criminal profiler. >> when we see groups involved in a crime like this it makes our day. it is a matter of time before somebody starts to talk. robbery is okay. but killing a child is not okay. you'll have dissension in the group. >> meanwhile his dad, dennis is out with his first public statement. he says we hope whoever committed these heinous crimes, my son included, will suffer the consequences of their actions. the pentagon says it mistakenly sent out live anthrax to a lab in maryland and virginia. labs were supposed to get dead spores but they went to nine lab thus the country. maryland lab received its shipment. cdc says it doesn't believe there is any risk to the general public. it is investigating the mixup. neighbors in virginia reported two more sitings of
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black bears. a neighbor living along the 7800 block of ridge road reported seeing a black bear eating from a bird feeder this morning. wild life experts say it is not unusual to see black bears this time of year. they are usually rummaging for food. this video is not playing in slow motion. after the break we'll show you how this hours' long slow speed chase came to an end.
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the national hurricane
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center is expected us to see fewer tropical storms and hurricanes this year. noaa released the tropical outlook for the atlantic today. it is predicting three to six hurricanes and up to two major hurricanes. it is important to note this is not the number of storms that can make landfall but the overall amount of storms predicted for the whole season. this year two factors work in our favor. el nino conditions and water temperatures are not as high as they have been the past couple of years. as we all know it only takes one bad one. ford says there is a power tiering problem with 423,000 car and suvs in north america. automaker says an electrical glitch could cut the power steering making it tougher to turn the wheel. company knows about four
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incidents but no injuries. it covers ford taurus, flex, lincoln mks, mkt and mkz. today ford recalled 20,000 mustangs because of high underbody temperatures. this driver in texas in custody after leading police on a two hour slow speed chase along highways around dallas fort worth. the cops blocked off the exit ramps to keep the driver from slipping in the neighborhoods. the chase ended when a fort worth s.w.a.t. van sideswiped him. it is a slick cop move. that is in arlington, texas. and it was over. a warm, humid evening. that is allowing a few showers and thunderstorms still to rumble. tracking them on doppler 9,000. looks like we'll track more showers and thunderstorms the next few afternoons on doppler 9,000. forecast coming up. quick response by firefighters saves my neighbor's house and their two
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dogs. but
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prince george's county public school system facing a $10 million lawsuit stemming from this student getting beat down while riding home on a school bus. she is heard telling another girl she does not want to
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fight. the bus driver comes back to tell the students to settle down. they don't do it. minutes later the girl starts slapping and punching her to the t poinshe begins to cry. the bus driver never does anything else. the parents say this is unacceptable and their daughter has been changed by it. >> this is not the first time this issue happened. not the first time it happened on this bus. it should have been taken care of the first time it happened so it would not have gotten to this point. you can say hi or bye when you leave the room and she is crying. little things bother her that never bothered her. >> family is suing the bus driver and school administration for neglect. prince george's county public schools will proceed with the appropriate action. some of the world's top soccer officials are under arrest accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes.
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six of the seven fifa officials are fighting extradition to america. they are accused of accepting money in exchange for commercial rights to lucrative events. including a tournament played in the u.s. next year. u.s. prosecutors say this bribery went on more than 20 years. all those millions passed through american banks. rick santorum is back in the race for president again. former senator from pennsylvania launching his campaign with a speech near his boyhood home outside pittsburgh. he is expected to make the first official campaign stop tomorrow in i watch he'll spend time in south carolina over the weekend. he sought the republican presidential nomination in 2012 and came in second to mitt romney. a dog did it. that's the theory behind a house fire this morning. >> she placed an important phone call. >> reporter: i stepped out of my house this morning and i saw smoke coming from any
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neighbor's house. i called 9-1-1 and firefighters were here in four minutes. four minutes later the first truck from falls church arrived. two minutes after that they were inside with a hose line. >> engine crew was fired. the line goes in to attack the fire. >> reporter: crews from fairfax and arlington poured in the neighborhood bringing 50 firefighters. >> i heard one fire engine. when i got out my front door i saw half a dozen others. >> reporter: i had the cell phone numbers of the homeowners and called them telling misty johnson i was worried her two dogs didn't make it. then we saw this. >> the guys brought him out to me. >> reporter: the captain giving a dog oxygen. the other dog was in a crate in the livingroom. >> i tapped him on the shoulder and said we have to get the dog out. >> reporter: both were soot covered but alive and well. >> i'm so relieved.
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thank you. >> reporter: that relief is mixed with new hindsight, or you can say hound sight. >> probably a dog was a culprit. he probably turned on the gas stove because he is a cabinet surfer. >> reporter: they lost a lot of things and will need to renovate but at least their home is in tact. >> the homeowners did lose the two cats in the fire. they say they learned an important lesson. firefighters told them their smoke detectors were not working so if they had been home and asleep this could have ended more tragically. we had a situation. the garage across the street from me burned down ten years ago. it inspires me to put a heat sensor in my garage. don't want to wait until it burns through to get in the house. it gives yourself extra time. 90 was the official high at
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reagan international airport. storms were firing and helped big time because that cooled us off. it limited the severe threat. this evening dealing with a couple heavy showers. some are just blossoming now. some are weakening. like the one in montgomery county. that is weakening. the one from the dale city area is growing. that is new one that popped up a couple minutes ago southwest of clinton. no lightning but it would not surprise me if it generated some as it moves northeast at 20 miles per hour. we are watching that. here's the timetable on this. there is this guy. it came through sterling toward montgomery county. a moderate shower here. no lightning on thunder. georgetown seeing it now. this is coming across seneca highway and 124. you can see it over toward 270 by shady grove and 370 in the
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metro. that is tracking towards red land. we have the heavy storms. the lightning coming out of southern maryland on the lower eastern shore. st. michaels and easton getting ready to get hit with this thunderstorm. lightning with stragglers between soloman. they'll clip northeast at 20 a lot of lightning in st. michaels and towards shady side near the bay. things will settle down through the overnight. temperatures will be dropping off and we'll lose the heat. we did recover to 84 after being knocked town to 80 behind the storms. you can see a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. that is helping keep the storms going. 87 fredericksburg. we recovered to 79 in frederick. we are looking at storms diminishing tonight. more storms tomorrow afternoon and friday afternoon. there is cooler weather on the
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horizon. later in the weekend until next week maybe we on to temperatures on monday in the 70s. tonight, isolated showers storm warm and muggy. upper 60s to low 70s for most. mid 60s in cool spots. tomorrow morning dry. partly sunny warming quickly. we'll get up in the low to mid 80s by lunchtime. that will lead to afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 87 to 92. three-day-forecast. more storms possible friday afternoon. fewer on saturday. near 90. by sunday storms with the fronts 86. with luck, by monday we'll hold in the 70s. stay w
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anadrol spelling bee is taking place today. >> competitors have been whittled down to 49. there will be a new champion tomorrow night. some words they are brushing on
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include these. >> that means excessive talking. there is nobody around here like that. see you at 11:00.
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oh, wow. taylor and calvin harris, kate hudson and derek hough. summer couples. who's sizzling and fizzling? why bristol palin canceled wedding. which couple is sharing their private i-dos? and the "brokeback bachelor." did one of the contestants ditch kaitlyn for a dude? >> lock me in there. plus j.lo confetti bombed by a clown. what we know about the creepy culprit. >> i'll get them again. then we're talking style with the stars. >> she's always had this insanely excentric but it's fun e sensof fashion. >> clooney is gushing about amal. our obsession with her fashion. plus the latest star trend. and what they looked like before hitting the red carpet. >> you can't wear any underwear. that's the secret. also we're with tehe besauti proving you can be perfect at any size.


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