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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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sfx: (roar) ♪ ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) right now at 11:00 two killings in common, young women whose lives were cut short by gunmen riding on dirt bikes. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. police tell us the murders of those two young women in d.c. this week appear unrelate even though on the surface they seem to have had some things in common. our mola lenghi joins us live from d.c. shaw neighborhood, the scene of one of those killings. >> reporter: tamara gliss was gunned down on o street in the
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shaw neighborhood. police say there are only slight similarities between her murder and the murder of another young woman in southeast d.c. on wednesday, though the families of the women say they see some similarities between these two women. >> i never would have thought it would be my child, not my daughter. >> reporter: a mother dealing with the unexpected death of her 31-year-old daughter. tamara gliss, a mother herself, was gunned down on memorial day at random just outside her shaw neighborhood apartment. that's where a few hundred people gathered friday night to remember her life. >> she was known for doing good in the community. >> she got along with everybody. a wonderful personality. >> reporter: no arrests have been made, no suspects determined, though police want to question a man who was at ordinary the murder scene and rode away on a -- at or near the murder scene and road away on a dirt bike. >> my daughter lived a great
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life. the unfortunate thing is two cowards yesterday took her life. >> reporter: in milton's murder the suspect rode away from the scene on a dirt bike. it's illegal to operate dirt bikes on d.c. streets and sidewalks. chief lanier said police have recovered more than a dozen dirt bikes in the last few months. >> we've had a lot of problems with the dirt bikes and atvs creating hazardous situations on our roadways for a little over a year. now this has taken a whole new spin. >> reporter: two random murders with the small similarity, dirt bikes, two women with the significant similarity. >> everybody loved her. >> she was covered with love throughout her life. >> reporter: to try to reduce this dirt bike in the city culture, chief cathy lanier mentioned yesterday the police department will start a new program that will allow people to anonymously turn in dirt bikes and atvs that are being used illegally on d.c. streets and sidewalks.
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live in the shaw neighborhood i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> of course, the cops could elp on this one. if you were in shaw monday night or in southeast wednesday, police would love you to call them. you can remain anonymous. the suv passenger shot and wounded along i-295 tells wusa9 this was a case of road rage. the man says he and his brother- in-law were driving to work yesterday morning when a man in another car started to follow them and he was unprovoked and opened fire on their suv. 50-year-old pedro alvarado was killed. police are looking for that shooter. two people are behind bars tonight for the nine month old murder for the 73-year-old takoma park man and while the arrests are bringing relief to the people of colby avenue, it's who is in custody that has neighbors in shock. hank silverberg is in takoma park too tell us more. >> reporter: under arrest for the murder of cecil brown are his wife and a man she was
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picking up at the airport from a flight from jamaica. when cecil brown was murdered last august, no one on this dead end creek just off sligo creek parkway would have suspected his 68-year-old wife arlene brown who told police she found her husband dead in the backyard when she returned home, but police arrested mrs. brown and 49-year-old hussein ali and charged them both with conspiracy to commit murder. neighbors who knew arlene are in disbelief. >> they seemed like such a loving couple. they got along so well. it's a shock. >> reporter: the brown home has been empty for some time. some neighbors say she was involved in the neighborhood and at least one of them saw her there this past week. >> i knew him pretty well. he did some work for us, also, when well first moved in and he -- when we first moved in and he was really an upstanding kind of person, always held his back very straight and never had a bad thing to say about
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anybody. >> reporter: it's not clear what kind of relationship mrs. brown had with man. there was some kind of disturbance at the home on the day of the murder. >> arlene did a lot for our neighborhood and community, but an arrest is not a quick. i'm not sure what to think until wednesday all the details. >> reporter: police indicated they may have more to say about this arrest on monday. hank silverberg, wusa9. >> sounds like a real shocker. both suspects are held without bond. the suspect in the murder of a rockville couple is due in a montgomery county courtroom monday. scott tomaszewski was released today from the alaska department of corrections headed back here to face charges for the murders of his neighbors dick and jody vilardo.
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tomaszewski was arrested in alaska while on a cruise with his family. the d.c. man known as kit cole facing more charges who appeared on the show catfish. he was arrested wednesday on one count. now easily dieted on 11 felony counts for -- he's been indicted on 11 felony counts for a string of threats against metro. a former montgomery county substitute teacher is headed for prison, 50-year-old jose pineda accused of groping girls at schools across the county over a span of several year. under his plea deal he admitted to two cases. today the judge gave him five years. the judge and prosecutor called the victims who came forward heroes. distribution news learned former gop house speak are dennis hastert of illinois allegedly paid hush money to keep someone from his past quiet. >> craig boswell has the latest on the nature of hastert's
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alleged misconduct against the person only known as individual a. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say dennis hastert's criminal troubles stem from the time he worked as a teacher and wrestling coach in yorkville illinois. the conduct in court documents refers to sexual misconduct dating back more than 30 years, but that's not why the former house speaker is facing criminal charges. it's alleged he violated banking laws and lied to the fbi about making large cash withdrawals. they say hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone. in 2014 hastert tomorrow the fbi he was storing cash because he did not feel safe with the banking system. prosecutors believe that was a lie. many of hastert's colleagues are stunned. >> really was shocked that this indictment came forward. >> the gentleman's retired from multiple, multiple years. he's 73 years old and now this
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is coming out. >> reporter: hastert quit his job at a lobbying firm and friday resigned from the board at a christian college in illinois. he has not returned numerous requests for comment. craig boswell, wusa9. >> hastert is charged with two counts, each of which could bring five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. the list of candidates running for president is about to get longer. tomorrow former maryland governor martin o'malley will launch his presidential campaign with a speech in baltimore. among his opponents will be fellow democrat hillary clinton, someone he campaigned for back in 2008, but o'malley has geared up for the campaign a while. over the past year he's made several visits to key caucus and primary states of 0 with and new hampshire. -- of iowa and new hampshire. so far no reports of trouble tonight in phoenix arizona where a former marine organized a free speech rally
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outside a mosque. it includes a prophet muhammad cartoon contest. the islamic center was not chosen at random. this waswhere two men worshiped before they attacked a convention center in texas that was holding its own muhammad cartoon contest. those machine were killed by police. tonight -- men were killed by police. tonight at least 14 people in custody after operation growing pains that targeted illegal drug sales involving late teens and young adults. detectives found a smorgasboard of drugs on the market from cocaine to lsd to a concentrated form of marijuana known as wax. criminal charges have been dropped against seven st. mary's county's students in connection with that senior prank we told you about. the students were accused of releasing 72,000 ladybugs inside chopticon high. four students and three adults had faced charges of burglary and destruction of property,
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but sources tell wusa9 those charges were dropped in exchange for each person performing 100 hours of community service. loudoun county school administrators say they have proof those missing s.a.t.s were packed up properly and handed over to ups. 263 students took the s.a.t. at broad run high on may 2nd and loudoun county says video taken may 4th shows a ups worker wheeling out boxes containing the tests. now they won't let us show you the video, but a screen shot shown to our peggy fox backs up the school's version. >> what happens is the college board sends out a box to send the tests in prelabelled by ups. it has sealing instructions. our guidance director put the tests in the box, seemed it properly, checked the -- sealed it properly, checked the label. it was all there. >> three larger boxes with the test booklets made it to their destinations in texas, but the
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smaller box with the test answers is still missing. if it is found, it will be up to college board to decide whether the answers are accepted or not. the students will be given a free retest june 20th. it's a celebration of pop culture, so who cares if it gets a little out of control? >> you care. coming up we'll take you inside the washington convention for the phenomenon known as awesome con. >> just like summer, temperatures in the 70s across most of the metro area. wake-up weather, muggy, in the 70s by 9:00, 82 by 11:00, getting really warm. we'll come back, talk about where we think most of the thunderstorms will be tomorrow and what that means for sunday and as you go back to work monday. >> but first a woman slapped with utility bills that weren't hers. coming up the wu
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tonight a wusa9 call for action report gets results. here's russ ptacek with the story. >> it all started as a simple easily fixed misunderstanding, but when all was said and done, it wasn't that simple and certainly wasn't easily fixed. bernadette beckworth moved to
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this upper marlboro suburb four years ago and last june a knock on her daughter from a baltimore gas and electric representative sent her into a nine month billing square meyer. quagmire. >> i opened the door and he said you have service and i said yes, i do have service. maybe you want to help across the street. >> reporter: bernadette lives in this corner house. that's 3725, but look. that's 3725 across the street. they're right next to each other, but they're not on the same street. >> no big deal. then he just left, but then i get a bill and it says it's my final bill. >> reporter: a new neighbor was moving in and needed service, but bg and e still getting the two homes mixed up stopped service in bernadette's name and wanted a $205 hookup fee for the new service. she called the company. >> they were as dumfounded as i
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was. >> reporter: she explained and was told it would be taken care of, but the bills, service changes and penalties kept coming. >> even though they said they gave me the credit they the company sending me the bill with an outstanding balance. >> reporter: bernadette kept calling and explaining. >> i know i talked to 14 different people. >> reporter: she even drove to baltimore, but nothing got solved. >> they gave me a sheet of paper with all the numbers i'd been calling. >> reporter: but then she ran across a wusa9 call for action producer and explain again and -- explained again and this time? [ audio difficulties ] >> okay. looks like we're having some challenges with that, but bge tells us they are happy there was a successful resolution to bernadette's problem and say some situations may be more complex than others, but we will work until the customer is satisfied. if you've got a problem you want our wusa9 call for action
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to investigate, go to and click on call for action or call our hot line at 301-652-help. want to get your geek on for the weekend? just led downtown, my friend. welcome to awe -- head downtown, my friend. welcome to awesome con. it's like a halloween party on steroids. >> if you can imagine it, it's probably here. >> comic books by the truckload. buy two, get one free. action figures worthy enough of wiping out your saving account, enough legos to fill your mom's basement, that place you just moved into and you want cos play? they got cos play. >> i'm cos playing from animal crossing, a video game that originated in japan, kind of search, gather and boom. >> i am cos braying icu from --
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playing ricu from final fantasy 10. i handmade everything i'm wearing including the boots. >> you just get to be somebody else for a day, get a lot of attention, have fun, like a kid again. >> reporter: what kind of people do you neat at things like this? oh, i -- meet at things like this? oh, i get it. he doesn't talk much. >> he was hockey man strong, but i'm sure he met well. there will be plenty of special appearances this weekend. in fact, william schatner will be there talking about his latest projects. awesome con runs through sunday. tickets 32 bucks, totally worth it. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> where else are you going to see jason and freddie in the same place? >> good point, point taken. but would you want to, though? >> 3-degree guarantee. >> we were a little concerned
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about this actually and we went for a high of 89. we got to 87. we were okay. so we're 26-3 for may. we're going 89 again tomorrow. originally i thought 88. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and it feels like july. it's still 78, humidity 68%, a few clouds, winds light south at 11. a julylike weekend, hot and humid, temps almost 10 degrees above average. plan your runs and bike rides in the morning, a little cooler and the air quality is a little better. bulk of the thunderstorms on saturday appear to be west of the metro on either side of i- 81. not to say we won't see a couple storms in the metro area, but if you're planning something outside, the odds are with you. in the mountains they'll fire up around noon or 1:00. thunderstorms will be more numerous on monday as a cold front approaches.
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haven't said those two words in a while. 7 a.m. tomorrow, 72 downtown, 60s gaithersburg, leesburg, culpeper, 70 in fredericksburg and we're looking at partly cloudy skies. soccer games tomorrow will be played. by 10:00 we're almost 80 downtown, upper 70s in the suburbs. by 1:00 we see showers firing up in the mountains. that will be the rule all weekend. in the metro we're still okay, mid- to upper 80s. a few isolated storms roll through at 6:00 tomorrow. by and large, everything will be west of town. tomorrow night at this time summer-like, partly cloudy, 70s, 78 downtown, 77 in leesburg. looks like we'll hold in the 70s overnight tomorrow. damoner 70s to start -- day planner, 72 to start, 82 by 11:00, 86 by 1:00. some storms tomorrow, a little more activity on sunday, 87. the best chance of
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thunderstorms will be monday for a possible yellow alert day. the next seven days tuesday shower possible, a pretty good day, high temperatures in the low 80s, gorgeous on wednesday, around yeast. back in the low 80s on thursday and maybe a shower -- 80s. back in the low 80s on thursday and maybe a shower or isolated storm on friday. nats come back monday and they're here through the following weekend. the burglar, got another injury. >> got a bad body. bad neck, it's not good when you're trying to throw 99 miles an hour. tonight one of those nights where you say tomorrow ain't going to be good, stephen strasburg, a date with the doctor and we'll tell you why next. it ain't good. coming up this weekend former maryland governor martin o'malley will talk about running for president.
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>> we have relief in the
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sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> some of you don't know this,
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but i'm a history buff, typically world war ii vintage. that's right, derek. tonight i'm starting with a little history, but not 70 years ago. how about five hours ago? this was me during the 6:00 sportscast. >> jayson werth is injured and stephen strasburg, what's up with him? well, five hours later i'm still wearing the same suit and i'm still trying to find out and more importantly so is the nationals franchise. strasburg has had a mystery season and miserable injury and let's check it out. just six pitches in motioned for the dugout and just like a bad act at the apollo theater yanked, he gone. they pulled him off the stage. shortest outing of his career, left trap muscle. 7th inning todd frazier. cincinnati wins 5-2. with all
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the mics pointed towards strasburg afterwards. >> i'm tryd work through it and help this team win. it's just something that i got to pull through and just ride it out and know it's going to get better eventually. >> he'll be evaluated tomorrow. after having been absent from the tournament the last 43 years, maryland baseball getting used to this postseason thing, second season in a row john's boys cook it up a postseason big. los angeles regional. this is kevin marchteer, a jeopardy special. doubles down the line and watch this little robinhood action right there. terps banging out nine hits. 8th inning wade says hi, i'm a center fielder, aka home run thief. up against the wall he snags
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one and robs ole miss, doing it well there. maryland wins 3-1 and play tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. look at this catch there, wow. that is sweet. game of the week baseball, woodrow wilson, st. albans, owen isaacs, like this guy's name, wilson taking on st. albans, the base knock to score nathan wagner earlier this season. st. albans too tough. the bulldogs, vincent carlos a little check swing scores a run and st. albans wins 7-2. didn't see a bryce bomb tonight and that's a shame because after each one of his round trippers he and manager matt williams have this little routine. the cool guy handshake dat routine. so fun friday 20 looking for some of the best of the best dat routines. let's start out with.
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this here's bryce right here. not on my watch, the little psych, doesn't matter where they are. they go down to the dugout, no, not doing that. the orioles having a little trouble. two guys, we don't know if they're trying to hug each other. i like this one, university of south carolina, the little rock em sock em robots and my favorite the cubs, i call this bruce lee. you got the hands together and all of a sudden a little bruce lee, you know. >> how much time they have to spend to get that going? >> i don't know. >> what's that dance you all do all the time? >> you have a step. you see guys in the club that center a dance step they've been work -- have a dance step they've been working on
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top is periscoping as we speak. >> we're looking at showers and thunderstorms tomorrow but mainly west of town. if you have a barbecue, i think you'll be okay except in the mountains. a real good chance of thunderstorms will be on monday. >> you look
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