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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is tuesday, june 16th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. a balcony collapse kills several people near the uc berkeley campus in california. it may be the biggest get since osama bin laden. al qaeda confirms overnight an american air strike killed its second in command. clarissa ward reports from yemen. plus on the road to see how states are cracking down on slow drivers in the fast lane! we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it has offlliciay hit. the extra water is coming up on
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ondo the wasidelk. >> tropical storm bill bears down on texas. >> flash flood watches are out. >> we know there will be flooding. we don't know where, how many. >> u.s. officials are work to go confirm the second in command for al qaeda is killed. two prisoners broke o outf a maximum security prison in new york, still no sign. >> joyce mitchell said she had sex with one of the two men numerous times inside the prison. passengers sick dg urina flight to fuji. >> jeb bush hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire, iowa south carolina this week. for the first time in six years, the chicago blackhawks are the stanley cup champions. >> i souay y have a dynasty and you fans deserve it. >> we are the champions! >> donald trump is said to be ready to announce whether he will run for president today and
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in the process, disclose his netwo rth. a southern california sheriff is defending a deputy who used a taser on a 13-year-old boy. >> a man gets pdushe through a plate glass window during a fight at a subway restaurant in baltimore. >> all that matters. >> i think i know what story you're hitting tonight. >> what is that? >> what about the show we prepared on the former ins chief? you know we are going to to you about that crazy white lady! come on! >> on "cbs this morning." >> mitt romney essentially called hillary clinton an elitist who doesn't believe what she is saying. yeah. yeah. in other words mitt endorsed hillary clinton. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with a disaster still unfolding in the san francisco
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bay area. five people are dead and eight others hurt after a balcony collapsed overnight. >> it happened at the top of a four-story apartment building in downtown berkeley near the campus of uc berkeley just north of oakland. elaine quijano of our digital network is here. what happened? >> reporter: after 12:30 this morning berkeley police received a report of a balcony collapse near the uc berkeley campus. we don't know the cause of the collapse but five are dead and eight taken to the hospital with injuries. and we have learned moments ago that some of those injuries are being categoried at critical and life-threatening. we are told the balcony is located on the top floor of this four-story building. right now, we do not know if all of those dead or injured were on the balcony or on other floors on the ground at the time of the collapse. we are continuing to gather information on this still developing story. >> thank you elaine.
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al qaeda confirmed overnight that an american attack in yemen killed a terror group's second highest ranking figure. nasir organized several attacks on the west including the massacre at "charlie hebdo" magazine in paris. >> the cia say a drone fired the shot. clarissa ward good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in that announcement al qaeda's affiliate here al qaeda in the arabian peninsula said that wuhayshi had been killed alongside two other al qaeda fighters and the group announced it has already picked a successor to replace him. al whimreamy. his death is a major setback for al qaeda here and led operations in yemen since 2002. he was what happens most famously responsible for sending two underwear bombers to blow up
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airliners over american soil, though both of those attacks failed. really up until now al qaeda is thriving here because of the vacuum of months of civil war. the group controls more territory here than ever before including a city of more than 200,000 and they have more fighters and more cash than ever before, in part, because when they moved into that city they took control of its central bank. al qaeda finished its statement with a warning for america saying, that it was still alive and here to stay and that it would continue to make americans' lives miserable. charlie? >> thanks clarissa. mike morrell is in washington. he is a former cia deputy director. mike, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> how significant is this? >> charlie, i think this is the most significant u.s. counterterrorism success since the killing of osama bin laden. this guy wuhayshi ran al qaeda
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in the arabian peninsula the last 15 years and the most dangerous al qaeda group and biggest threat to the homeland and he was also the number two in the entire global al qaeda organization. so this is a very very significant success. >> we have seen a number of successes recently. does this suggest that we have sources inside these terrorist organizations? >> so charlie one of the things that is interesting to me here is we were concerned when united states was forced to leave yemen, that we were going to be blind. but this tells me that we have found a way to continue to collect intelligence there and that is a very good thing. >> mike they have already announced a replacement. can you tell us about him and won't he pick up where they left off? >> good question gayle. this guy, rhami a long time al qaeda in the arabian peninsula operative was in jail with wuhayshi from 2003 to 2006.
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he has been the group's military commander. i think a setback in two ways, gayle. one is that wuhayshi was running the organization for 13 years and disruptive to replace him. all of these leaders have to worry about their own security and that is a very good thing in terms of not allowing them to focus on plotting. >> there is also the question of the bomb maker al sari who may be in yemen. how important of a target is he? >> i think he is the most important target. because he is the guy responsible for producing these very sophisticated explosive devices. the one one the underwear bomber used and the one in the printer cartridge and in that nonmetallic suicide vest. he is very significant. very significant. probably the most significant after wuhayshi. >> mike morrell, thank you for joining us from washington this
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morning. millions of americans face a potential of dangerous flash flooding this morning. heavy rain and thunderstorms bat erted parts of colorado overnight. in the meantime, tropical storm bill poses a threat to the southern plains. it is churning in the gulf of mexico about 90 miles off the texas coast. omar villafranca is in galveston over a tropical storm warning. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the window to evacuate here in galveston is already starting to close. now, right now what we are seeing are some of the outer bands of this storm. it's not expected to make landfall for a few hours. the island of galveston could get about 10 inches of rain. other parts of the state, they are talking about a foot. a lot of people will get a heavy dose of sustained 50-mile-an-hour winds. waves battered the shores of galveston early this morning. the winds whipped in the wind as
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signs of the tropical storm hit the coastline. >> we have shut our shutters and moved people out of our yard that might become a proceedjecti.le. >> we expect there will be flooding and don't know how bad the flooding will be right now. >> reporter: texas just endured its wettest may on record. the memorial day storms video shows how raging floodwaters overtook a bar in austin and sending stacks of tables and chairs swirling. across the state washed away cars and homes are likely to return. >> we are getting ready for round two. >> that's what i heard. >> what is that? carpet? >> this is what is left of lillian price's home of 47 years. three weeks ago, it was severely damaged by 18 inches of water. >> nothing worse can happen than what has already happened in my
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house. when nature decides to do its thing, it does it and you sit there and look out the window and watch it. >> reporter: school districts in the eastern part of the state and also here locally are already closed. the rain is expected to hit heavy here and into wednesday, but it should taper off later on in the week. . >> thank you omar. meteorologist scott padgett of our dallas/ft. worth station is tracking the tropical storm. scott, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. continued track tropical storm bill making landfall later this morning. then we will continue to work its way in through parts of central texas near austin then near the dfw metro plex the next 24 hours and working inland and pulling its way through oklahoma and remnants working into illinois and that is the concern. on that right side of that center of circulation, flooding rains will continue to fall and as much of a possibility 7 to 8 inches of rain near houston and areas of east texas a foot of rain. high pressure in charge over the
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southeast' keeping more rain working through the ohio valley and into western new england for the potential of heavy rain. gayle? >> scott we thank you. this morning, a pretty much worker accused of helping david sweat and richard matt escape is talking about her affair with one of the convicted killers. a law enforcement source tells cbs news that joyce kelly mitchell said she had sex multiple times with matt. the manhunt is in its 11th day. here is anna werner. >> mitchell interacted with sweat in her job at the prison. she appeared in court again yesterday as a prisoner herself. wearing prison clothes and a bullet-proof vest, joyce mitchell appeared in court for a second time on monday. she previously pled not guilty to charges she helped convicted killers richard matt and david sweat escape from clinton correctional facility. law enforcement tell cbs news there was an agreement between
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mitchell and two men to kill her husband lyle. unknown is whether mitchell was in on the murder plot or if it may have been an attempt by matt and sweat to force mitchell to help them escape. steven johnston is mitchell's new attorney. >> i'll just say she is very upset. she is distraught. >> reporter: law enforcement sources confirmed to cbs news that mitchell told investigators she had sex multiple times with richard matt inside the prison. on sunday clinton county district attorney andrew wylie would not confirm a sexual relationship but said this. >> obviously joyce mitchell went a step further. the relationship with these two individuals. whether it's showing them more attention than anyone else or them showing her attention or affection. >> all set. have a safe day. >> reporter: more than 800 state and local and federal law enforcement officers are investigating over 1,000 leads using canine teams and helicopters and even surveillance cameras in the woods to look for the fugitives. prosecutors believe the inmates had been planning their escape
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for several weeks, including familiarizing themselves with the maze of team pipes outside of their cells. >> never in my life would i think it would actually happen that way. >> reporter: ken snyder, who worked as a civilian employee at the prison for nearly 30 years can't believe the men could pull it off. >> could do it the way it was done with the things that were required to do it. never thought that would happen. >> reporter: now a source tells us this morning that the prisoners also left at least one other note along their escape route. in addition to that one that said, have a nice day on a post-it, also the source says that investigators have searched ruffle 450 out of 500 cabins on a lake outside the perimeter and, so far, no sign of any break-ins either. >> thanks. i tell you what, this story gets more interesting every day. >> always something different every day you wake up. presidential candidate jeb bush begins his first official
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campaign swing this morning in new hampshire. he entered the republican race on monday holding a long awaited rally in miami. nancy cordes is new hampshire where the former governor speaks to voters in the next few hours. >> reporter: he is kicking things off with a town hall meeting and taking questions from voters at this local opera house. he is starting to campaign here in new hampshire because polls show he is on top in this key early voting state. even though his numbers have slipped a bit nationwide. after months of deliberation jeb bush is now in counting his executive experience. >> our country is on a very bad course. and the question is -- what are we going to do about it? the question for me is what am i going to do about it? and i've decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america! >> reporter: he is the third in his family to seek the presidency. numbers one and two were not in attendance, as jeb sought to
7:15 am
chart his own course. >> not one of us deserve the job by right of resume, party or seniority or family or family narrative. it's nobody's turn. it's everybody's test and it's wide open. exactly as the contest for president should be. >> reporter: his mother barbara who once pooh-poohed a white house bid, appears to be on board now. >> please hello to my mom, barbara bush. >> reporter: jeb was talking about her when pro immigration protesters interrupted him wearing shirts that spelled out legal status is not enough. bush appeared to agree. >> just so that our friends know, the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reforms so that that will be solved. not by executive order! >> reporter: that is a popular position in florida but it's caused problems for bush among conservatives nationwide who say illegal immigrants should not be rewarded. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: bush reminded them monday that on nearly every issue, he is on their side.
7:16 am
>> when we get serious about limited government we can pursue the great and worthy goals that america has gone too long without. >> reporter: still, there is no question that bush is courting the growing block of hispanic voters. you heard him speaking in spanish for part of his speech yesterday. his democratic opponent hillary clinton is courting that same group of voters. she mentioned immigrants three times during her campaign kickoff rally in new york over the weekend. gayle? >> thank you nancy. a long time friend of bill and hillary clinton faces a grilling by lawmakers investigating the benghazi attacks. sidney blumenthal will testify this morning about e-mails to the then secretary state clinton. he offered her advice about growing unrest in libya. attacks killed 12 americans including ambassador christopher stevens. president obama is working to revive a bill. house democrats helped defeat
7:17 am
the measure last week and grant the president power to speed up global trade deals. on a pbs program last night, the deal was said to make good business sense. >> all republicans and democrats say don't do things for ge but we love small and medium business but they are the ones who benefit from these trade bills much more than big companies who are already global. i just think people are have lost their way. >> opponents of the legislation say it will lead to the loss of american jobs. this morning an egyption court upheld the death sentence of former president morici that relates to a mass prison break in 2011. he is already serving 20-year sentence for ordering the arrest of protesters while president. airline this morning is trying to solve an in-flight medical mystery. a serious stomach illness sickened dozens of passengers on a ten-hour fijiy flight to los angeles on monday. first responders met the jet after it landed at l.a.x.
7:18 am
doctors from the cdc examined the sick passengers. one person taken to the hospital. the others were cleared to continue their travels. the airline is now testing the food served on board but it says the victims all stayed the same hotel infiji. an muchlt park is closed after a girl's death. ten-year-old jasmine martinez died on saturday one day after riding the revolution six flags magic mountain. tefs air lifted to the hospital. six flags says no evidence that this ride caused her death. autopsy is pending. crews in alaska are battling two dangerous wildfires this morning. the wind-driven flames have burned dozens of hopes and other buildings and 1700 families under evacuation orders. the fire north of anchorage has grown to 8,500 acres. the governor made a disaster declaration monday. this morning, chicago is celebrating a hockey championship. >> and there you have the crowd
7:19 am
on the park in wrigley field warming it up. >> fans of the chicago blackhawks crowded the street last night to celebrate the win. it is the team's sixth stanley cup and its third in six years. the blackhawks beat the tampa bay lightning 2-0 in game six. the trophy arrived late to the united center after the win because of traffic and bad weather in chicago. >> that's okay. it got there. that's right. chicago says we know how to play some hockey. tonight is game six of the basketball. i can't wait for that. >> congratulations to chicago. naacp leader steps aside upon questions about her race. ahead, why rachel dolezal could
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. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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♪ it all came crashing down for naacp spokane president rachel dolezal who has been portrayinging herself as a black woman the past ten years. >> what? ing herself as a black woman the past ten years. >> what?herself as a black woman the past ten years. >> what? what? that is crazy! there's an naacp chapter in spokane? >> sorry, lady. you are white. you don't get an opinion on this. this is not a buzzfeed quiz. which living single character is. >> let the lady resign. her vice president can now take over the naacp, to congratulations to monique davis. >> it is a gift that keeps on giving. jon stewart's reaction. what? am my whole life never heard of
7:31 am
a white person who wanted to be black. an interesting topic of conversation. her family said pronounce her name right so you notice we are pronouncing her name differently. coming up new revelations of the past of rachel dolezal who resigned yesterday as the spokane chapter. why the organization members say that is not enough. the perks of running a presidential campaign from book deals to tv appearances. we examine one reason why so many republicans are perhaps entering the race. how this crowded field could work against itself but for each of them. that's ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports goldman sachs plans to enter the consuming lending business and the bank would make loans of a few thousand dollars through a website or app and it would compete with main street banks and other learned. goldman sachs hopes to make its first loans next year. britain financial times a
7:32 am
piece written by michelle obama who is kicking off a two-day trip to london. her let girls learn initiative in her opinion piece she urged world leaders to throw the world stage open to girls every inwhere. there are 62 million girls around the the world who do not have access to education. "wall street journal" looks at a stung courtroom win for a former ceo of ensurer aig. a federal judge ruled against the government saying it was unduly harsh by taking control of its company in its bailout but he awarded none of the $40 billion in damages sought. attorney david boies won the surprising legal victory. he questioned most of the 36 witnesses himself while the government relied on seven lawyers. that says a lot. >> yes. >> legal experts say the decision could prevent government bailouts in a future financial crisis. >> is teams like that david boies is a very good lawyer. congratulations to him. >> without notes. >> he is good. the spokesman review in
7:33 am
spokane says that rachel dolezal is out as president of the local chapter. she resigned yesterday amid growing controversy about her race. john blackstone is in spokane where dolezal's lies could get her into legal trouble. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, as we have been reporting, rachel dolezal claimed to years to be black when he is in fact white. those claims could still get her in trouble here at spokane city hall are where the official have launched an ethics investigation as to whether they lied when she applied for appointment to a spokane police oversight board j supporters of the naacp spokane chapter gathered monday night still grappling with rachel dolezal's parent years long deception. they say they want an apology and an explanation. >> she was one of our own marching with us yet, we don't know who she is. >> today, with we will be talking about political action. >> reporter: dolezal announced
7:34 am
her resignation as president of the nachl spokane chapter early monday and said in part i have waited in deference while others expressed their feelings beliefs, qugs and even conclusions, absent the full story. this is not me quitting it's about moving the cause of human rights into a future of self-determination and empowerment. >> she needs to make an apology, in my view. >> reporter: meanwhile, her parents who are white says she has an obligation to come clean about her deception hawaii she needs to address the issue she is a white woman and she has been deceptive about her ethnicity. >> reporter: for years she is adamant about her racial identity. >> i know who i am and my kids know who i am and pretty much i don't think anybody else really -- >> reporter: dolezal is also under investigation for lying about her ethnicity when she applied to a spokane police oversight board dealing with officer misconduct. she is even filed police reports in recent years saying she was the victim of racial discrimination and apparent hate
7:35 am
crimes. so there is no suggestion that the police department would charge her, would accuse her of filing false reports over these years? >> that is correct. absolutely correct. >> reporter: so if the person attacking her in some ways believe she is black, doesn't matter whether she is black or white? >> that is definitely true. >> reporter: discrimination lawsuit of another kind came to light month. rachel dolezal going by rachel moore sued howard university more than a decade ago and claims she was a victim of discrimination at the historically black university because she was white. here in spokane, dolezal also taught african studies at eastern washington university and her biography has been removed from the university website and the university says her contract to teach there ended this month. charlie? >> thanks john. donald trump may announce this morning he is running for president. if he does the republican field will grow to 12 candidates. at least four others are likely
7:36 am
to join the race as well. only one of them can be the nominee. but that is not the only reason to get into the race. jana goldman is here to show you how the long shots have something to gain. >> reporter: this year the number republicans getting is unprecedented. they may not have the poll numbers or campaign cash or the support of the party establishment but with a wide-open primary and no obvious front-runner, many are saying why not? >> i'm lindsey graham and i'm running for president for of the united states. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: for many of these republican presidential hopefuls losing could still mean winning. >> i'm ben carson. and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> this morning, i announce i am a candidate for the republican nomination! >> reporter: because if they can stay in the race there is a lot to gain beyond the party of nomination. like cashing in with lucrative tv deals. >> welcome back to "cross fire."
7:37 am
>> reporter: and opportunities to sell some books along the way. mike huckabee won the iowa caucuses in 2008 and scored his own cable show. in 2012 herman cain was a former pizza executive and became a best selling author after briefly rising to the top of the packet. >> i won't sign anything that raises the 999. >> reporter: an impressive debate performances. or frank lund says advantages can outweigh costs. >> is there an advantage in running for president and writing books and appearing on tv shows and getting speeches. arguably, you lose about a year's worth of income and you get as much as ten years in value. >> reporter: one wrinkle this cycle with upwards of 16 likely candidates, many long shots won't even make it to the prime time debate stage. the republican national committee wants to limit participants after the debate
7:38 am
four years ago where they were up to 30 contests. >> if a candidate can't get into the debates, then it's going to be very difficult for those candidates to convince their staff and volunteers and donors to stick around. >> reporter: it's during those debates that long shots often operating without the savvy campaign structure and cash can make their mark. >> i have a vision for america. >> reporter: for some candidates, that means shaping the national conversation. >> sometimes these donkey candidates have a greater impact than front runners because they bring a powerful issue to the forefront. >> i don't think highly of the federal reserve. >> reporter: like ron paul. three-time libertarian candidate who bashed the federal reserve and foreign intervention. >> policy and issues drive some candidates. lindsey graham is an excellent example. he is not going to be the next in all he would be just as happy if he played a role in knocking rand paul out of the race.
7:39 am
he has the opposite foreign policy views from senator rand paul. >> reporter: now even if candidates don't make it to the debate stage, they could still stay in if they have well-funded superpac behind them. you never know. years ago, bill clinton was in 14th place. >> if you lose an income and make up for it ten times, a gamble people might take. >> money, issue and egos. >> i was going to say, egos. >> thank you. they call at the time fast lane for a reason. see how a growing number of states are going after drivers who drag behind and create danger in slow motion. you know what we are talking about. the left lane. if you're heading off to work or taking your kids to camp, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time. we will be right back. ♪ i'm stuck in the middle with you ♪ fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers.
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♪ ♪ to the left to the left ♪ a good song gayle, isn't it? >> very good. >> yeah. if you're heading out on the highway this morning buckle up for change.
7:44 am
indiana is the latest state to penalize drivers for holding up traffic in the left lane when its new law begins next month. drivers could get tickets as much as $500. adrienne is traveling to chicago where a similar law took effect years ago. >> reporter: here on this illinois driveway if you don't keep up the pace in the left lane you could be slapped with a thousand dollar fine. most states fine for cruising in the passing lane and some states are getting stricter about enforcement. >> not a clue. >> reporter: clueless drivers across the country are getting pulled over, not for speeding. >> you're familiar with the new slow poke law that is out, right? >> no. >> reporter: but for going too slow smt passing lane. lieutenant colonel patrick callahan is in the new jersey state police. >> we focus on the most aggressive drivers out there. i would agree going 90 is more dangerous than going 50 but doing 50 does come with some concern and some consequences. >> reporter: at least 38 states have laws in place to fine for
7:45 am
lingering in the left lane. in five states fines could be up to a thousand dollars. and 22 states classify the violation as a misdemeanor. just like you should be fined for going too fast you should be fined for going too slow. >> i think it's about time. people need to move over. >> reporter: in new jersey, the fine for the offense went up to a maximum of$3two years ago. state assemblyman owe scanlon pushed for the new jersey lie to push for accidents and anger on the road. >> one of the chief causes is people failure to obey this simple rule. >> reporter: what is so bad about driving in the left lane? it's the fast lane. that's what it's for, isn't it? >> you should be passing using the left lane. this is not a minor offense. you cause people to change lanes more frequently or pass people on the right is when you get the most severe accidents. >> reporter: enforcing the law
7:46 am
in new jersey is largely up to state troopers. callahan says not all left-leaning drivers are targeted. >> it's those cars that are obstructing the flow of traffic out there, sometimes even driving under the speed limits is who the troopers are looking for. that vehicle and driver failing to keep right as they should. >> reporter: the slow pokes? >> sometimes, they are called that. >> reporter: although slow driving in the left lane can cause frustration, it's not the number one cause of road rage. a recent survey found that texting came in number one, followed by tailgating. the quote/unquote left lane hog took the third spot. gayle? >> all right. adriana, thank you. i like the slow poke law. quite often when you pull up beside them they are on the phone or they are texting or not paying attention. >> yeah. you can't really honk at somebody, you know, when you're on the highway. >> you can't? i can! all right. i'll remember that. team usa faces another big
7:47 am
st te today, honk! in the women's world cup. how it is a family affair you could say. how black bears took in announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you'll love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue.
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♪ it is tuesday, june 16th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including the right balance to lose weight. dr. tara will explain why eating less may be more important than exercising more. first, a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. a balcony report from the uc berkeley police. we don't know the cause of the collapse but at least five people are dead. >> they say hawuyshi has been killed and they have already picked a successor. >> what we are sgeein are some of the outer bands of this storm. it's not expected to make landfall for a few hours. >> by the next 24 hours, workingit ys wa inland and then pulling its way through oklahoma and then the remnants working its
8:01 am
way into illinois. mitchell interacted with matt and sweat at the prison. i tell you what, this story gets more independ eencevery day. >> better than a movie. taking questions at a town hall meeting from voters in this key early voting state. on this illinois highway if you don't keep up the pace in the left lane you could be slapped with a thousand dollar fine. rachel dolezal has claimed for years to be black when she is, in fact, white. >> if i was asked, i definitely would say -- say yes, i do consider myself to be black. >> okay well, you were asked. sorry, lady, you are white! you don't get an opinion on this. this is not a buzzfeed quiz. which single living character is? announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by choice hotels. >> charlie. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'don dead in berkeley, california this morning after an apartment balcony collapsed and happened
8:02 am
on the fourth floor of the uc of berkeley campus. >> eight people were hurt police say and many injuries are life-threatening. officers at the scene say the balcony disintegrated. we don't know how many people were on thebalcony at the time. they say some of the dead are irish citizens. tropical storm bill will make landfall in texas. rain is hitting parts of the state. waves of the ocean washed up on to roads along the texas coast. the storm is expected to weaken as it makes its way toward oklahoma and arkansas and bringing flooding concerns from areas cleaning up from last month's storm. al qaeda confirmed what may be the terror group's biggest loss since the death of lndbin laden. the number two figure in the entire al qaeda organization is wuhayshi. they attacked america and its
8:03 am
allies. he put bombers on u.s.-bound airliners and organized the deadly attack on the french newspaper "charlie hebdo.." >> figures show the civil war in yemen is causing human deaths. they are targeting rebels backed by iran who ousted the country's president earlier this year. clarissa ward is one of the few western reporters to go there since this air campaign began. clarissa clarissa, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: aide workers calling the humanitarian situation here troskcatastrophic in yemen and it is millions bearing the brunt. they are living in houses completely destroyed like this one and medicine and water and food is not able to get in the country. after three months of a bombing led by saudi arabia, yemen is in the impripsgrips of a humanitarian crisis. at this hospital, the rooms are filled with injured people.
8:04 am
but icu doctor ali explained they simply don't have the supplies they need to properly treat them all. >> no water. no electricity. no medicines. no aide. no electricity. >> reporter: how much longer can you keep operating like this? >> i don't know. we can stop at any moment. >> reporter: yemen is the poorest country in the arab world. an estimated 80% of people here in need of aid. blockade means very little is getting here by air and sea. it has made it difficult for aide workers and supplies to move around. as we discovered when we visited a maternity hospital. this is the sound of every day life here in sanaa. we can hear outgoing anti-aircraft and they are supposedly bombing in those mountains over there. throughout the capital, gas
8:05 am
lines stretch over a mile long three lanes deep and desperate shortage of water and trash clogs the streets, and electricity is only available for a few hours a week. for now, there is no end in sight. peace talks are supposed to get under way in geneva today but few people on either side have much confidence that they will yield any fruit. but the hope is to get some kind of a temporary cease-fire in place before the muslim's holy month of ramadan begins in just two days. >> thanks. turning to sports. team's plays nigeria that tonight in the women's world cup. it is their final game before the knockout round. >> plenty of american soccer fans have traveled to canada to root for the women. tarica duncan is in canada with the longest supporters. good morning! >> good morning. tonight, we are talking mothers, fathers, brothers sisters, and
8:06 am
other family members for team usa that will be inside this stadium right here behind me to cheer on their loved ones. now right now the u.s. is number one in their group. and they are hoping to maintain that status. >> reporter: the fan support for nigeria is loud and proud. but it's unlikely to drown out the thousands of people who will be rooting for the u.s. >> playing basically in our backyard. i think it's helpful. >> it's canada but it feels like america right now. >> family and friends and supporters made the trip is inspiring. >> reporter: including this traveling band of the most dedicated fans. their parents. do you know how many soccer games you've been to? >> good question. >> hundreds! >> yeah. >> hundreds. >> thousands. >> repor jter:udy and peters wambach live outside of new york but month of june they are
8:07 am
crisscrossing canada and supporting their daughter 35-year-old forward amy wambach. >> reporter: do you get nervous for her? >> oh, my god, yes. i get this knot in my stomach. i get so stressed and so nervous and she said, you know, someone once told me if you didn't get that knot in your stomach, then you would never know how to be brave! >> the wambachs and many others in the stand will be watching for their favorite player to score tonight. wam wambach is one of the most experienced and strongest toward and next to her is likely sydney leroux who wanted to play for team usa since a young age and a goal her mother sandy supported. >> what she left home for. i'm sure everybody's dream came true on the whole team. they all had a reason to make it. it's going to be exciting! one game at a time though. >> reporter: now the u.s. is favored to win against nigeria but keep in mind the first
8:08 am
game, nigeria ranked 33rd in the world, was able to comeback and tie against sweden which is ranked fifth in the world. so as coach jill ellis for the u.s. put it, nigeria will likely be a challenge. gayle? >> there are no guarantees. we like mrs. waummbach is so interesting. abby is the youngest of seven kids. her sister played college at harvard. her mom said she didn't much a couch potato so they would lock the door. the kids had to play outdoors as kids. >> good advice. two and a half weeks of exercise to burn off one pound. what? there could be a smarter solution. there must be a smarter solution. our doctor is in the green room. i think she's got it for you with
8:09 am
announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice!
8:10 am
a hug nearly leads to murder? >> i'm troy roberts. "48 hours." >> he always told me if i broke up with him, he would come back and kill me. >> a brutal attack. the emt who helped save her. >> will you marry me? >> a storybook ending later on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
[narration throughout] i started my camry. ran a race most wouldn't dream of starting. chose to take down a monster. and realized when it's dark enough... can see the stars. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. lets go places.
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♪ i like the way you move ♪ >> shedding myths with losing pounds. americans spend 60 billion a year on the weight loss industry. the most mailed article in "the new york times" website says we might be spending more time worrying about the workouts and ignoring the real culprit. tara, good to see you. >> good morning. >> i think this is really important. for a lot of people, if you overyet and pig out, you think if i exercise really hard then i've sort of balanced it out. it's a win/win? >> exactly. it's probably overemphasized. the reality for a long-term success you do need both. in terms of where the money is where your biggest return on
8:15 am
your investment with is diet or caloric caloric restriction. when you think about the manuel, if you want math. if you want to lose a pound a week you need to create a 3500 calorie deficit every day of that week. either an hour or hour and a half at the gym on the treadmill, the rowing machine, or it's cutting out a cuff sodas and a bagel, a cream cheese a cupcake. it's easier to take out the calories than try to burn them off. >> do the exercise for other good reasons. >> we don't want to give the message that exercise is not important. you need exercise to maintain weight loss long term. you need exercise to build muscle mass and other benefits to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help you sleep better and improve your mood. >> isn't it at the end of the day calories in and calories out and exercise help us burn additional calories but if you think about it even running on the treadmill half an hour is only 350 calories. it's easy to eat that many - calories
8:16 am
or drink 350 calories. >> exactly. diet is such a hard thing to change. this is based on lifestyles and patterns and habits that have been created for years. it's how your psychological relationship is to food and what you grow up with culturally and what your family was doing. how is your job structure and do you have time to sit down and eat? it's difficult to change those patterns. >> as they get older. >> you get older, i think that m word creeps? >> metabolism decreases 3% by decade and harder because of our buyology buyology bioology. it makes it tougher to lose weight and you increase hormones that increase your food storage and those hormonal shifts lasts about a year after you've lost weight. it's extremely difficult but extremely important. >> exercise makes you hungry too. don't forget about that. >> it can. the reward phenomenon you
8:17 am
deliver a reward for exercising. >> thank you, doctor. he is out to prove you don't need to use your legs to be a motocross champion. how a paraplegic rider hopes to make history on his custom bike. you're watching "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by new flonase allergy relief. ry substance flonase controls six. seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. i don't know if you've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda.
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tonight on a special tuesday edition of 48 hours live to tell a marriage praemoposal to a digital age. a clearwater woman was left for dead after her ex-boyfriend lured her into a trap but that act of evil led her to find true love. troy roberts takes an amazing look at her amazing reversal of fortune. >> reporter: as a symbol of survival, melissa dome was thrilled to be asked to throw out the first pitch at a tampa bay rays game. little did she know what was really going on. >> a lot of my friends and family were here to watch me throw out the first pitch. >> oh, yeah, this is it. >> they had, here is first responder and boyfriend cameron to bring her the ball. and i was like oh, this is so sweet! and as soon as he got right next to me he handed me the baseball. >> melissa, will you marry me? >> reporter: when you look at this picture it's hard to
8:22 am
imagine that this is what melissa looked like two and a half years ago. after she agreed to meet her ex-boyfriend robert burton in her driveway for, as he put it one last hug. >> i basically, you know, walked outside to my murder. he just started just stabbing me with that knife. kept coming at my face. >> reporter: two knives, 32 stab wounds. most of them to melissa's head and face. >> i watched him kill her! he is a white male about 235 pounds. >> reporter: in the midst of the attack, an eyewitness called 911. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: the dying 20-year-old was air-lifted to bay front health trauma center. she survived. barely. and faced a daunting recovery. >> i couldn't walk by myself so they kept a belt around my waist and this is actually the only picture i ever let anyone take. you know, i can't smile.
8:23 am
i'm getting this movement over here. no look. so one foot in front of the other, i learned really how to walk again. >> reporter: after fighting her way back to health melissa met the first responders who saved her life. that is when she saw the man who, with one day, would get down on his knee in front of a stadium full of people to ask her if she would be his wife. >> melissa, will you marry me? >> i truly felt like i was floating on a cloud. i never felt this happy! oh, my god, yes! it showed me also how much he loved me. that's why the future just looks so great! i love you very much. >> wow. troy roberts is with us. disturbing story, yet, a happy ending. what was her recovery like? >> pretty grueling because of the stroke and the severe head trauma. she underwent countless hours of therapy. cognitive and physical therapy. she had to undergo ten reconstructive procedures and one more to go to restore some movement in her face.
8:24 am
but she looks great now. >> what happened to the guy who -- the former boyfriend? >> richard burton was sentenced to life without parole. you know what is amazing? she did a remarkable thing. she didn't want to be consumed with anger or bitterness and in court she told him she forgave him so she could put a period on it and move on. she is getting married next spring. >> and he is serving life in prison? >> life in prison. >> troy, thank you. you can watch troy's full report "one last hug" on a special edition of "48 hours" tonight on cbs. a major retail name will pay big after claiming to offer low prices at its outlet stores. ahead you might be missing when you look at for that discount. that is after your local news. we will be right back. ♪
8:25 am
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8:30 am
♪ living in the halls of fame ♪ the world is going to know your name ♪ >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the survivor in the saddle. meet the motocross rider who knows all about rough roads. he is paralyzed but you will see he is make ago roaring comeback. plus craft brewing goes to college. we will take you to take a university all about teaching students about beer. that's ahead. right now, it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the new york times" update on a story about a misprint in test booklets for the s.a.t. the college board says it will not score two sections. earlier this month the booklets said students had 25 minutes to complete a reading section but proctors told students they had only 20 minutes. "the denver post" says three new dogs join the kennel roster of recognized breeds and able to compete in the organization's annual competition. the picard is a sheepherder
8:31 am
brought back from stings and american shepherd can function as a ranch herder or city pet. and the lagotto can hunt dogs. >> did they use pigs or dogs? >> no. they are mutt dogs they trained. very nice additions. kre cute. a republican lawmaker in san francisco became the only one from his party to vote for this year's state budget. assemblyman scott brooks said he was distracted by facebook. he tweeted, my wife is right! i can't multitask. he accidentally voted for a budget while facebook'ing against a.b. 93. the perils of social media. he was later to changed his vote. maybe he should listen to his wife. mr. wilk she told you, you can't multitask. >> get of facebook when you're voting. >> or listen to your wife.
8:32 am
"keith hernandez was asked what he makes from his sign felveed seinfeld appearances. >> i'm a big fan of yours and i love your show. >> reporter: he appeared three times in the series and went off the air 17 years ago. hernandez revealed he still gets check that add up to about $3 a year. >> engineer seinfeld loves the mets. >> mike coors will pay a high price because of its price tag at outlet stores. a class action lawsuit has been agreed to claim for millions of dollars. they were tricking shoppers into believing they were getting a bigger bargain. consumer reports began to investigate outlet shopping trends 15 years ago. todd marks is here to reveal the true cost of some of the so-called discounts. todd, good morning.
8:33 am
>> hi, norah. >> what is michael kors accused of doing? you look at the price tag and says the original msrp is deds 50 -- $40 and you're getting it for less. >> they are predicated on fictitious retail prices which may not have resulted in the sales of any products. we have seen this. it's fine line company's walk when they decide how to promote a particular discount. and in the case of michael kors and the settlement of this case in which they admitted no guilt, the fact of the matter was they were accused of basically making inflated discount promises based on unrealistic retail prices. >> we reached out to michael kors and he didn't get back to us in time for this broadcast. to you di michael kors the man, himself, knew this was going on? >> i would doubt that very much. we -- sadly, when you follow the world of retailing as we do at consumer reports, we see all of these kind of things all the
8:34 am
time. it's unfortunate an area that gets a lot of activist's interest on the part of regulators unless somebody blows the whistle. >> the question is how do you make sure you have an accurate appraisal of what real value it? >> you know what? we live in a time when you can do really great price comparisons. first of all, outlets are a wonderful source of bargains. when we asked consumer report subscribers in a major survey 67% thought they got great bang for the buck superb value. 34% said the overall pricing pricing at outlets they shop nationwide the prices were lower than for the sale prices at regular retail stores. having said that you can go with apps like red laser today. i don't know if you've ever seen that. and you can actually check, scan a bar code at your favorite store. look at the price of this item. they will give you a direct comparison what it would cost elsewhere so you do have tools at your disposal. >> what other examples did
8:35 am
consumer reports find and other companies that use similar practices? >> we haven't found that in recent times. i will tell you when we actually looked at the mechanics of how advertising works in this business itted use to be billboards. when you would travel 50 or a hundred miles to get to the nearest outlet -- >> i understand what you're saying but michael kors produces special products for their outlet. coach does the same. what did you find? >> oh, the difference? absolutely. listen. the coach bag, we looked at the hobo bag. 200 plus dollar difference between the outlet and retail version. many times products are tweaked. face it. you can't get the same item for the same price. because it's just impossible to produce. when we looked at the coach bag, for example, we found that the handle wasn't as comfortable. the finish of the leather wasn't as good. the coach logo wasn't embossed on the outlet version. and so basically there were some shortcuts. the finishes weren't quite as
8:36 am
nice but they were still good. we have textile experts at consumer reports have scanned dozens and dozens of products and we found that none of the compromises usually amount to a deal breaker. so you're getting good merchandise at a good p be aware it's made cheaper and may not be the exact same merchandise and that is takeaway. >> you get what you pay for. >> i was going to say. that is what mom always said. >> remember the days when you used to go to the outlets? >> i would go there. >> i know. the stuff would come directly from the store. it wasn't a different quality. it would be the discounted stuff that didn't get sold. now just the brands. >> good stuff. >> thank you, norah o'donnell. good point. a paraplegic motocross rider is hoping to make history by winning a national title. darius glover raced this past weekend and paralyzed from the waist down. michelle miller looks how he is trying to achieve his goal. >> i love these stories. >> reporter: darius glover has competed in five races so far
8:37 am
this year and one more before qualifying for the amateur motocross national championship later this summer. in the adrenaline-filled world of motocross, bikers go up to 60 miles an hour. navigate jumps and launch them almost 30 feet in the air. and maneuver around hairpin turns. 24-year-old darius glover does it all without the use of his legs. >> i didn't think that i would be able to ride. >> reporter: he is paralyzed from the waist down. >> let alone, ride the race motocross competitively and especially at the level that i'm competing in is crazy. >> reporter: glover is the first paraplegic motocross racer to compete in the amateur national series. what does it do for you? >> makes me happy. love riding dirt bikes. >> reporter: what is it that you
8:38 am
have to do physically that the other guys don't have to worry about? >> they have a huge advantage. it's kind of weight and balance. the way you come into a turn and put your leg out. for me i have to re-teach myself how to ride. the way that i ride is totally different than any other rider because they are able to pick themselves up if they fall they are able to stand up on a jump. it's just totally different and i figured out how to do it without putting my legs down. >> reporter: glover had to come up with a new way to ride after a devastating accident on the track mangled his body and left him bound to a wheelchair. he was just 15 years old. >> i went to do a jump out of a corner and it was wet. i didn't know it. i lost all of the momentum coming up to the jump and i ended up not making it all the way. i flipped over the handlebars and the bike followed me down to the ground and i tried to get up once, my legs didn't work. just felt like someone set my back on fire and that is when i knew. >> reporter: you broke your back? >> yeah, i broke my back, my
8:39 am
mechanic, several vertebras in my back and broke my hip and almost killed me but i'm still here. >> reporter: most people would say that is a pretty clear sign that maybe you ought to give up motocross racing! >> i was taught to never quit. >> reporter: and he didn't. stuck in a hospital bed for more than a year, he began to sketch out his future in motocross. his family helped customize his bike. talk to me how you can actually ride this. >> so when i get on the bike i have this cage here. so that my feetwo go in here and if i fall over i don't hurt my legs at all. and we routed the back brake from the back caliber all the way here on the handlebars so i can't use my feet. the clutch is actually this little lever right here. so that allows me to come to a stop without the bike shutting off. i have this seat belt here which comes across my waist so stay completely attached to the bike. and also ratchet strap my feet into this right here. get on it and strap in and it's
8:40 am
time to go. >> reporter: glover's family helps him prepare for race days but his moth sintm cynthia is more inspired on his outlook than accomplishments on the track. >> i have no doubt that had he not been injured, he probably wouldn't be as positive about life and it's given me courage, you know? just looking at what all he has to go through, i never complain any more. >> reporter: you never do? >> i never complain. >> reporter: glover hopes his motivation to win a national title and positive attitude will inspire others. >> now that i've been in this situation, been able to help other people and see other people live their dreams, you know, just because i'm living mine is just -- it makes me happy and being able to do that is just like -- it's a joy. >> reporter: what a bonus. darius is not only making a difference on the track, he has developed a nonprofit called live and learn where he gives motivational speeches to schools and visits local hospitals to inspire patients faced with
8:41 am
disabilities. this kid he's not a kid. he's a guy. >> what a guy. >> he goes all over the place and he is so about being up and going and living life. inspiration to me. >> just sitting here looking at the piece, i love where he said it just makes my heart happy. his smile. you can tell he's a happy guy. >> he loves life. >> after what has happened to him. >> michelle, thanks for wearing your biker jacket. >> i try. >> looking good. >> the boots, the jacket you know? i do what i can. >> looking good. >> it's working. it's working. beer goggles? bad idea. a beer degree could look a lot more
8:42 am
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♪ summer begins this weekend. nearly 2 million new college graduates are beginning their careers or hunting for jobs. a recent study finds millennials are the largest part of the american work force. 53.5 million strong. barry petersen found an intoxicating industry looking to hire them -- craft beer. he takes us to a cool in colorado where students get a lesson in lie bayions. >> reporter: bear and college have gone together a long time. >> don't lose the foam. a common technique people have problems with, especially if you're powering off a keg. >> reporter: not like this. colorado state university is one
8:46 am
of several colleges now offering a major in beer. is this fun? >> it is fun. and it's a lot of work as well. >> reporter: jeff calloway would know. he left the cutting edge world of biotech to teach about a beverage that man started brewing 7,000 years and beer it turns out, is complicated. this isn't brewing beer in your garage. you got to have a lot of science to go with this. >> absolutely. before the students even get to think about brewing beer they have to learn biochemistry microbiology and physic and organic chemistry. a lot you have to do to work your way in the all about. >> reporter: but a degree in beer gets some funny look. >> beer? every time. >> reporter: kate douglas and andy mersh were part of this year's first-ever graduating college. mersh left a culinary career to get into beer. >> it's engaging and exciting and kind of like cooking but it's a lot more in-depth. >> reporter: a lot of students set their course to work with
8:47 am
craft beers like new belga, a brewery just down the street. >> america is the best place in the world to drink beer right now. this is where the innovation is happening in beer. >> reporter: ceo kim jordan and her former husband started making beer in a garage in 1991. today, new belgian craft beers are shipped across america and even to sweden. annual sales are now about $200 million. craft beers are made in smaller breweries. at new belgian, they have fanciful tastes and new names for skinny dipper and slow ride for kicking back. but little breweries are doing big business. today, the craft beer market is 19.6 million dollars strong. still smaller than the 101 billion in sales of beers overall, but last year, craft brewery sales grew 22%. more jobs for the students? >> yeah.
8:48 am
we, at this point, the craft brewing industry employs about 115,000 people. to give you some perspective, anheuser-busch and miller-coors together employ abou24,000 people. >> reporter: to help train more future beer makers new belgium donated a billion dollars to the new csu program. a beer with a philosophy all its own. as benjamin franklin lovingly put it -- beer is proof that god wants us to be happy. for "cbs this morning," barry petersen, ft. collins, colorado. >> is it true that god wants you to be happy? a warning if you plan to sing, you never know who might show up to join in the fun. that is coming up next on "cbs this morning."
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♪ a 13-year-old canadian girl didn't know what to think when ed sheeren came out of nowhere to sing with her in a mall at edmondton. ♪ ♪ maybe just a touch of a hand ♪ >> sheeren was shopping at a music store when he heard the girl singing her song. he joined her for a duet of singing outloud. the music student she thought sheeren was somebody going
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