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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  June 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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we've got breaking news at this hour. we're told there's a large police presence in the 600 block of maryland avenue southwest. and our garrett is live on the scene. garrett what's going on there? >> reporter: well, deborah, bruce, a massive police presence here. police responded to a call around 4:00 this afternoon. it is for a barricaded subject. as you look behind me, you can see the entire block, completely taken up with law enforcement vehicles ranging from the capital police to mpd, fire and ems. the helicopter is circling the building, appearing to be the office building off the corner of sixth and maryland. showing that it is an office
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building with several different tenants. we don't know which yet if or any of those buildings is the focus of all of this police tension. but again, they've been out here for nearly two and a half hours with several officers that are gathered on the outside corner here, several others have just recently gone inside that building. they've got traffic completely shut down here just south of the mall in several directions. barely passable and again sixth and maryland, completely backed up with a massive law enforcement presence as we are able to learn more we will try to get back. but again early indications are that this was a barricaded subject of some kind and we'll be back as soon know more. for now reporting live, wusa9. >> thank you, garrett. it's been a hot day for dads with a heat index reaching triple digits in some spots. >> this is the beginning of the possible record breaking temps. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein tracking how hot it is going to get. howard? >> tuesday could be the day we set the records at 98 and 96.
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and that's the one day that somebody might get to triple digits. but today certainly warm up. 94. right now temps still in the 80s and the 90s. cooling to 92 here in washington with that 93 in college park. several other areas have fallen in to the upper 80s, which is kind of humid. but relatively quiet as opposed to yesterday's big damaging storms with all the rain. not much going on as we've got some showers and storms in pennsylvania. one severe thunderstorm watch box off in southern west virginia. we had some isolated showers that had popped up during the 5:00 hour. in places like culpeper, and they had moved across here. that's it, they fell apart, so there is not much left as we will track this stuff to see if they could get towards maybe some parts of the valley by 8:00. your evening if you're going out, not too bad. warm, upper 80s at 8:00. down to the 70s by midnight. i'll be back in a few minutes talking about that record heat for tuesday and what you could
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expect for next weekend. see you in a little while. >> thank you, howard. some folks still don't have power today after last night's strong storms. we checked just before the newscast about 586 houses in the northern virginia area, they don't have lights or ac. most in fairfax. pepco reporting 234 outages, nearly all of them in dc at the height of the storm about 100,000 homes lost power throughout the metro area. new tonight at 6:30, the family of a 15-year-old gunshot victim is now seeking help with his medical and funeral expenses. malik mercer a sophomore was shot last monday night as he and his friend were getting off a metrobus. at 28th and nailor road. dc police have arrested one of the three people in this bus video. 22-year-old derek decor is now charged with assault while armed with intent to kill. police say the charge will now
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be reviewed. you might recall that malik mercer died yesterday. his family has set up a campaign for donations on go fund me. you can get all the information on our website right now police in virginia are looking for a gunman after a man was shot after some kind of a fight in a shopping center. they say it all happened earlier today in the triangle shopping plaza. that the victim got in to some kind of argument with two men and a woman rather. police used the canine dog and a helicopter to search for those suspects who ran. but so far no arrests have been made. the suspects and the victims apparently knew each other. in the meantime the u.s. park police searching for two men that lead them on a chase in a stolen car, which ended at 16th and f street in southeast washington when that car crashed in to a police cruiser. and believe it or not that those suspects still managed to get away. in charleston, south carolina, hundreds of people attended an emotional service today. >> that's right. the first at the emanuel ame church since last week's deadly
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shooting that killed nine people. hur people gathered outside the church. police are calling wednesday's killings a hate crime. 21-year-old dylann roof is being held on nine counts of murder and a weapons charge. naacp president cornell williams brooks attended today's service. and said that while the city has come together in the aftermath of those shootings, people must also come together to erase an atmosphere of hate. >> we've got to look at not only this individual act of mortalthe atmosphere from which it emerged as we need to address that. we think of the fact that in this country that there are 784 hate group and the level of hate climbs in this country that has remained constant over the years. >> last week the killings have sparked renewed calls to remove that confederate flag from the grounds of the south carolina state capital. songs of praise filled dc's ame church in northwest today.
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cameron thompson was there for a special service dedicated to the charleston victims. past heightened security following a bomb threat on friday, worshipers stream in to metropolitan ame church. front and center to compel people who aren't regulars to come here seeking direction. >> it's one of overcoming the violence, going beyond the violence. >> reporter: the second service actually had over 100 people from an ame church in sumtner, south carolina, the visit was already planned, but poignant nonetheless. >> these days it is going to happen as we just look for it and then it just carries on. >> reporter: the message heard from the congregation today is the same in all ame churches across the country. written by the florida bishop entitled the doors of the
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church are still open. >> we will ensure that emanuel is restored. >> reporter: the message was echoed by the pastor that hate and evil won't win over love and sympathy. >> we will not be feared in to militarizing our churches, and they are all welcomed. >> reporter: reporting from metropolitan ame where the doors of the church are still open, wusa9. >> washington's metropolitan ame is a cathedral for the ame church. like mother emanuel ame in charleston, the church here has hosted u.s. presidents and icons of the civil rights movements. you made the ultimate sacrifice. later a look at the families who honored their hero dads at the vietnam memorial wall today. also coming up the search for two elusive convicts on the run has shifted once again. where police are now looking after the break.
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nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit while being driven to jail, he is back in police custody. tonight, police arrested 33- year-old travis boyd after a 24- hour man hunt. he still has broken handcuffs on his wrist when he was arrested today while trying to board a new orleans bus. he's accused of slipping in to the front seat of the police cruiser while handcuffed and fatally shooting the veteran
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police officer. holloway was driving him to boyd on an assault charge when he was killed. the man hunt for two escaped convicts have shipped to southwestern new york tonight. the canines and helicopters combed the areas of friendship and albany, new york after a witness reported seeing two men who resembled david sweat and richard matt walking along a railroad track. police have asked people who live along the new york and pennsylvania border to be on the lookout for those two convicted killers. >> while this is an unconfirmed sighting, state police are asking residents who live in this area along the new york/pennsylvania border to be on alert. if these men are spotted, please call 911. immediately! do not approach as both are considered to be very dangerous. >> they announced a reward up to $50,000 for one of the captures of the escaped
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convicts or $100,000 leading up to the capture of both men. and what a way to start the season as it is only going to get a lot hotter from here. >> the man that once played sky walker was exactly the joy that cops were looking the world is filled with air. but
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well, the force was not with actor jake lloyd this week. the former child actor who starred in one of the star wars movie sequel is in a south carolina jail tonight after deputies say that he lead them on a high-speed chase wednesday. lloyd played the young sky walker in the 1999 movie star wars, episode i the phantom menace. 26-year-old faces charges of wreckless driving after police say that he hit speeds of more than 100 miles per hour before crashing in to some trees. well, barbecues and lots of family time today. all to say thanks to dad. >> that's right. father's day was a bit tougher for some families as they went to the national mall to honor their hero dads.
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>> i'm at the vietnam veteran wall where they are laying roses for those fathers and wood-be fathers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. he stunned daughters, touching the emotional event each year in conjunction with the vietnam veterans memorial fund, giving actual sons and daughters like denise reed an opportunity to give her father an actual gift. a rose. >> i still remember his love for me. and just never goes away. >> reporter: they came from all across the country to come apart. tonight at 11:00, we'll introduce you to a brother and sister who came here for the first time. on the mall stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> and they also mark the 50th anniversary of the american ground combat operations and vietnam as we'll have more on today's ceremony tonight at 11:00.
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well, happy father's day to everyone at home and of course to you, howard. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> yeah. and when you factor in the humidity. what a beautiful day to be out here in washington and that right now, still 92, the dew points are in the lower 70s, some humid stuff for the west southwest wind at 10 miles an hour. the cool spots, they're in the mountains in the 70s. even the upper 60s. that's why people head there in the summertime as we've got 92 in fredericksburg, 90 in leesburg. even across the bay when the upper 80s to around 90 at this hour. look at doppler, thankfully a lot quieter. showers and storms in pennsylvania and the bigger
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stuff down to the southwest with severe thunderstorm warnings in far southern virginia that is. we had a couple of pop-up showers. you see how quickly this is, heavy downpours, falling apart east of the river here that didn't do much. and so it did wet the ground. the activity that i'm tracking, boy that doesn't look too hot as they are headed towards 220, maybe making it across the state line. we deserve a break as it will be a hot day across the week. 90 to 95, but even hotter on tuesday. potentially near 100 degrees on tuesday. with that we'll have some records, i believe. 98 at national and dulles. both are in jeopardy on tuesday. but with the heat and humidity, we could get some strong storms in the afternoon. behind that front a little better by wednesday, not as humid. hey tonight, 9:15 if you get a
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chance to look west at the sky. they're getting closer and closer as well. big picture, not much going on out west, a lot of storms. then in missouri eastward on through the ohio and tennessee valleys, this is what we're watching. it looks hike tomorrow, much of the activity stays away until later on in the day on tuesday when a front approaches with that heat that we've got the threat for strong afternoon storms. tuesday may need to be yellow alert day. tonight partly cloudy, isolated showers or storms is what i'm worried about. 70s and 80s in the morning. there's your threat for storms on tuesday and very hot. wednesday, 91, not as hot or humid. highs in the lower 80s, back to
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you. >> thank you so much, howard. what a weekend of baseball here in the dmv. following max scherzer's no hitter, no letdowns today. the highlights comi
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as a team looking to get back on track, a weekend like this is just what they needed. they had not won the series since may 27. but this weekend put together, they put together their all- around best performance that we've seen in a while, highlighted by max scherzer, no hitter saturday, breaking a club record today. bryce harper and the nats wrapping up their series. and harper gets it started with a two-run bomb. 2-0 nats, just like that. and then eight batters later, we're still in the first
6:54 pm
inning. now escobar goes with the yards. yes, nine runs in the first inning with a team record. that was enough for gonzalez. no known hitter for him, but just good enough. seven innings, four hits, no runs, four strikeouts. winning 9-2, quite a weekend for the nats pitching staff. >> i guess that's what's good as they all pitched really well for us. and it is a team that is a good team. so it is a good series for us. >> the orioles north of the border, they are taking on the blue jays. the o's big inning was the second inning, scoring seven runs, capped off by this three- run homer. and toronto, they would need to hang on though as they blow the lead tied at nine. they would move ahead for good. baltimore, they score four of the nine to take the series, winning today 13-9. the virginia cavaliers, their baseball team have secured a chance at redemption. it's been a very tough road back, but they would need to
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take on vanderbilt, the defending champs in the college world series finals which begins tomorrow. the first finals rematch since the '06/'07 season, battling injuries all season long with a west cotrast ip to start the playoffs as they needed to come from behind twice yesterday to beat the florida gators and advance. losing just one game this post season. they believe that their team is posed for a championship. >> this team has been amazing, the toughness. and the resiliency of this group that has been really, really impressive, the heart that they have continued to show, it's a lot of fun to watch. >> there is some bad blood between the u.s. women soccer team and their opponent for tomorrow's round of 16 match. in the 2012 olympics, the americans would beat columbia 3- nil. but in the course of the victory, they punched abbey in
6:56 pm
the eye. sending her to the ground. now, these two, they would face off tomorrow in the knockout round. and giving the americans some bulletin board materials, going as far to predict the final four when columbia wins. the u.s. women are on a quest for their first world cup championships since 1999, facing a team that has been the biggest surprise success of this year's cup. >> never look past the first game though. and it is what gets some teams a little mixed up. and as soon as you would look past one game, maybe you're not allowed to focus to put all your energy in that one specific match that you need to be able to help your team win that game. >> to the mls, east leading dc united taking on the new england revolution for the former member of the black and red, sneaking one off the post. one-nil new england. dc united responds, evening up the score, one goal a piece. and then dc united just scored
6:57 pm
on a penalty kick. so right now it is 2-1dc united late in the second half. and as howard says, a pirate tried to get out of town, right? >> yes, they don't want to come back here for a while. >> the nats needed that confidence. >> pretty good stuff. >> are we going to be able to take a walk later? >> a little sticky tonight, but mainly dry. >> all right, thanks for watching. >> we'll see you back
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> i believe that americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. you cannot trust people in power. the founders knew that. >> pelley: that's the director of the f.b.i. making that statement. james comey surprised us on many fronts, including questions about government snooping, how google and apple devices are testing his agency, the plague of cyber-crime and... when the phone rings in the middle of the night, which i'm sure it does, what's your first thought? >> something has blown up. yeah. >> we're in a situation where cancer diagnosis is one of leading causes of personal bankruptcy. >> stahl: he's talking about the astronomical costs of the drugs that help keep cancer patients alive.


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