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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  June 28, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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jim: paul casey, still working on a candy bar and waiting for an opponent to show up. >> i think it's better than a candy bar. i think it's a health bar. jim: you're probably right. little flashback here. this is 2009. in the playoff there between paul and j.t. holmes. first playoff hole james puts it in the water. casey goes on to win it. plus holmes came back to win it this year. he's been as high as number three in the world. still got a ways to go to get down to that 18th tee. nick: yeah.
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jim: paul casey is heading in a different direction. he's heading away from the tee. peter: i got to say that there is pretty misleading, that stat. he's won three times since then, so -- jim: that's right. aaron baddeley was there to wish bubba good luck. the baddeley family throwing some support here. you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gis heus the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid.
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jim: all right. very close to getting this thing started, this playoff between bubba watson and paul casey. if bubba wins this tournament, the fedexcup standings would look like this, spieth, walker, and bubba. bubba would move ahead of dustin johnson and rory mcilroy. and for paul casey, he would actually move in to 10th position if he is the victor here and that would put bubba in fifth place. >> you'll get to draw. jim: jike fishman holding the hat.
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. i don't know who to give the advantage to, nick. sometimes you have a pretty good feel for these things. nick: actually, a little bit of ryder cup, europe versus america on a drizzly day. >> that's right. nick: it's a little like the k club. all green and damp. so -- jim: speaking of ryder cup you chose paul casey as one of your team members back when you were captain. nick: yeah. got me five points. jim: 35th in the world versus number five. 35th right here. nick: great follow-through.
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a one-yard draw. peter: well, the first part accomplished for mr. casey. let's see if bubba can follow suit. squarer on this one peter. peter: might be a different shot than he has been. nick: yeah. oh it's going rights and it's not coming back. oh it's above the bunker. actually that might help him. it will be an awkward lie. i think it's better than the sand though.
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kid: hey dad, who was th man? hdad: he's our ok er. elhe helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're t y?happy? does he have to pay you back? da dad: nope. kid: why n? dad: it doest twork that way. kid: whyot? vo: aryokiu asking ouuegh questio t about the way your wealth is mage wealth management ats arles schwab here we go again. another y klshackled by wire hongw long do we have to keep untangling for just aittle taste ofowow who ewrg charging could beo... draining? u u u ca pepgg plugging away... , oru yoyochcan ange thwau y u gecharge.
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e unmsgag xygalaxy s6 es6e, edge, with built-in wiless charging capabilities. at sprint gethmssasamsunxygalaxy6 6 ge zefor ron down ubd uboule your trade-in. jim: overcast and ight all after "60 minutes." casey in the fairway. bubba watson up in the rights rough up on the hillside -- right rough up on the hillside. there's the ball. >> his lie is not too bad, but it is the picture-flifere --
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picture-perfect life jim: it's about as flat an area you could have up there. peter: yeah. for where he hit it, he's in as best position as he could be. we've got bubba at 167. so a chance to apply the pressure. 6-iron for paul. nick: slightly uphill lie. make sure you clear your hips well so you can extend through it. jim: he's hit some iron shots today, including some beauties, the hole-out, shot at 16 that flirted with going in the hole. another tight one at the 14th
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with an iron. peter: this has flared way out to the rights. jim: wow. bunkers over there. peter: that was a golden opportunity, but it's not -- nick: not disastrous. this would be quite a shot to get this in the right area around the flag. peter: where he put it on his 72nd hole, he didn't like the -- would be like the ending point for this as well. jim: oh, what a shot. nick: amazing pair of hands. jim: uphill birdie putt for bubba. and casey meanwhile bunkered at the 18th green for the second
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time today. nick: i spoke to bubba earlier and i said off visualize it, what do you do next? he said talking in my hands and just ma lip -- manipulate it to get the shot. that was a classic example. jim: there's casey's situation. again just had a sand-save par. >> he knows what the sand feels like. it is pretty heavy today after the rain. jim: for bubba that last swing was the best he's had after quite a stretch. after a few foul balls, coming down 15. bubba just bought into a aa
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baseball team, the bens cola blue wa00s. he's really gotten -- wa00s. he's really getting into it, too. as a tribute to the new owner they are now serving the bubba dub cheese. that's a bubba dub grilled she's with hash browns inside it. nick: hash browns inside it? jim: this hole doesn't look that difficult. peter: he's got a nice flat lie on the bunker. this is one he could just chunk-and-run it. jim: well, he chunked and run the first time. peter, as many people know, you've worked a long time with paul casey. helped him since he was a young
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man, blossom into a big time sand game, isn't it? peter: it's gotten a lot better the last two years. wow! >> that's a good one. nick: yeah, it's ok. he played it better. that sounded so good. >> it's going to be a pressure game now peter because we haven't seen four putts only three -- three birdies of any length have been holed at 18, so the odds on bubba brushing this in are slim, i would say. peter: well, you never can tell what's going to happen. nick: you just focus completely on it.
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you don't know about the next one. it's in to win that can change your attitude in a heartbeat. jim: bubba has only one long putt if you will. let's make the measurement for long. let's define it as 20 feet. nick: that was great for eagle. this is running across this little ridge that runs into the corner of the green. got to run along the top of it and then when will it start breaking? if it doesn't break -- jim: not a bit. it stayed straight. he's going to put a coin down on
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it. and casey now will have to grind. peter: i couldn't tell how far past bubba's went from this angle but you think he'd want to close out first? jim: i would think so. have you had a chance to look at this putt, peter? peter: it should move just a little bit left. it's all about the speed. nick: yeah. keep it firm, because it will die if it's -- just making it to the hole. could miss left, but nice and firm. jim: dead center.
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nick: thape he holes this one we'll have another playoff. jim: bubba to extend and as you said -- jim: on we go again. so they're going to go to the 18th one more time, and if they match scores on the second hole of the playoff they then would go to the 17th. we'll be back at the travelers championship. right now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. (yeah, 10 gigantic gigs.) for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want.
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jim: again tonight on cbs as we've en1kwr0eud go covering here "60 minutes" with did foo fighters tonight featured. only cbs. casey watch daddy make a little up and down par save to keep this going. i think we're within an hour since casey teed off having played a group ahead of bubba in regulation. they're each playing the hole for the third time in a one-hour window of -- or less. of course, you know, bubba with his admitted concerns about the tee shot at 17, that would be the next playoff hole if we see
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see them again match numbers on this hole. >> hey! nick: they don't need to be doing that. let everybody else worry about that. paul made a great swing 1034i7bs -- minutes ago. same again, please. i think he did. up a little higher, but it's good. jim: no, no, no. nick: wow! the way he looked at it was -- didn't show any concerns.
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peter: bubba farther to the right. jim: it starts out towards those trees and starts cutting. nick: sure does. jim: think he's going to like this one. oh yeah. nick: so he swaps this time. jim: paul casey who was in a playoff in one of our early season tournaments at rivera at the northern trust playoff won by james hahn. it was paul along with dustin johnson and hahn, james hahn. nick: it was a good one. an entire year. how great would that be? just ask the growing list of winners who have already had ei their mortgages paid for one olare year by quicken loans. win a year's wthmo of mortgage payments from quicken loans. e the official mortgage sponsor of the pga tour. en enter the icloken loans
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-ihole-in-one sweepstakes today at pgatour.comuilockenloans we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at e iustadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the contt pthat people want to see. itl wl l eo peeople connt hetohehe pan ssn ivof livinrereriadd.d. jim: well, my booth mate here, mr. faldo winced when he saw the lie there for paul casey. nick: first reaction was uack. peter: from the lies i've seen
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today, this is not that bad but it's not what you'd like. it's 174 yards playing closer -- closer to 18 5. the problem here is you've got to take enough club to get over the lip. you can't risk catching the lip. nick: wow. jim: jo i don't know, nick, it's -- like you said, delaet was well back of that. nick: he might could force something to left front corner of the green. peter: it's a much higher launch angle. nick: oh action ok. peter: he's a much better high launch angle player. nick: he grabbed it quick no decision. jim: bubba well placed down on the fairway. nick: a rather instant decision on what he can do.
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>> 67. jim: 67 can carry that front bunker you see. nick: he's getting on with it pretty quick. only the adrenaline can hoist this one on to the green. he cut it out cleanly yeah. got up too high. jim: he's got a lot of expertise at these 18 green. peter: bubba has 160 left.
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jim: stairing at it and loves it. oh and it's coming back to within seven or eight feet of the hole! nick: not an easy putt, but with three guys in that position earlier on today and nobody made it. it's a tough putt. tough green this 18th green so -- jim: so if casey can execute another fine bunker shot, there's a chance, a good chance, you would think -- nick: technically he's got great match play experience. you don't have to overdo your thinking. he might still be in at number
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four. peter: what he needs to do is get it inside of bubba's for sure. nick: agree with that point. jim: watching paul's reaction after this shot, i thought maybe it was right at the bunkers. nick: i thought he -- he cleared that lip comfortably. send it up too high. the wind killed it. peter: i thought it was more a case nick, to take enough loft to clear the lip. nick: in the back of his mind he's saying i don't mind hitting those bunkers. i'm quite comfortable with it as long as i don't plug the down thing. but maybe third time is a charm. perfect lie. jim: no concern about carrying it by there.
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nick: no. everything's good. jim: this is the bunker he was in regulation. he played more of a chunk-and-run then. and found its way up there about three and a half, four feet away and a saving -- away, saving par. nick: it's perfect. everything's fine. he should -- oh, heck. uh-oh, that pulled down. what happened there? peter: that was down at the bottom of the bunker right where it's really wet and hard. he leaned on it and caught it way too close to the ball. nick: thank you and good night. jim: remember what happened at 15. nick: yeah.
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jim: bunker shot, same thing? nick: went long. that was straightforward. even if it was firm, you can feel that. he squared the blade up. that was a -- jim: i'm shocked by this result. nick: yeah. completely -- got a little faverser -- faster tempo to it. jim: he never saw that coming after what he had done his last two green-side shots at 18. peter: you could see how little sand there was under that ball. jim: yeah. peter: the way it came out.
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nick: not pretty. >> guys, mover back three or four yards, please. jim: bubba very likely is not going to have a lot of stress to close this out. nick: yeah. he might not even putt. he might have to putt for the official score card. he hasn't practiced one like this in a while. jim: smartly trying to figure out the best place to drop it here to give him a chance at a miracle shot. peter: best place he could find is still a terrible place. nick: yeah. peter: there's no landing spot between him and the hole. nick: no.
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peter: and pretty much has to hole it. nick: more likely to bounce forward and -- yes so he gets another one. and will place it. right there. jim: here we are at the top of the hour. "60 minutes quoilingts coming up next. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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visit] nick: placed it so delicately, it might be -- jim: yeah. bubba will play his third from about seven feet away. bubba trying to become a multiple winner, not only on the season but also at this very tournament. joining billy casper, arnold palmer phil mickelson peter jacobson and stewart cink, the only multiple champions. did he find a way? no. still going to have did -- nick: if it was match play naled be different. might be hitting this from the run. he knows it's over. jim:


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