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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the nightmare is finally over. >> david sweat, the last of two dangerous prison escapees zip custody tonight. he was shot and captured this
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afternoon. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. debra alfarone is off tonight. at this hour david sweat is recovering from surgery at albany medical center in new york. doctors will only say tonight that he is currently in critical condition after being shot and captured earlier today. kenneth craig has more on how sweat was caught just two days after his escape partner, richard matt, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers on friday. >> the nightmare is finally over. >> reporter: a new york state trooper spotted david sweat walking down a street sunday afternoon in constable, new york, about two miles from the canadian border. police say sweat who was unarmed, took off running but didn't get far. >> at one point the sergeant decided to discharge his weapon, hitting mr. sweat twice in the torso. >> the convicted cop killer was rushed to a hospital. >> the three-week manhunt has had residents in this area on edge. >> everybody around here has been pretty nervous, and family
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everything is going to get back to normal. >> reporter: police believe they know how the two escapees managed to travel more than 30 miles. >> we believe these two males were using pep tore throw the scent off for the dogs who were tracking. >> reporter: matt's luck ran out on friday. he was shot and killed when police say he refused to surrender. an autopsy of the death was severe skull fracture and brain injury due to gunshot wounds. it adds he had bug bites, blisters, and was intoxicated. as for sweat, police were eager to learn more about his life on the run. >> this was the first escape from that prison in some 100 years. back here tonight, amid a 20% spike in washington's homicide rates, the families of unsolved murder victims are calling on police to close those cases and not forget their loved ones. at a vigil today the father of one of the victims dismissed
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the explanation for the spike which shows no sign of slowing down. garrett haake was there and joins us live. garrett, it's been since we've seen a mass vigil for homicide victims around here. >> that's true, bruce. of the 66 unsolved -- of the 66 so far, 43 are listed unsolved. that can be a tough number to get your hand around but tonight one victim's family put together this vigil hoping that people would see and take notice. >> reporter: they carried simple wooden crosses, hammers, and heavy hearts. turning a quiet park into a memorial for 43 people killed whose friends and family still wait for justice. >> we certainly believe that all 43 of these families deserve closure. it's unfathomable that a city of this size don't count these
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lives as important as all the other lives. >> reporter: that's the father of a journalist gunned down in southeast last month. he helped organize today's event. >> because each and every one of these is a family right now that's suffering. they can't go to sleep. they walk the halls. they go to work, and they feel like zombies. >> that's an open air drug market. and nothing is happening. >> reporter: at a district meeting on public safety last week, mpd chief cathy lanier acknowledged the spike but said assaults and shootings are actually down. >> so there's less actual violence going on. unfortunately the violence is more lethal. >> reporter: the spike in killings is linked in part to a rise in the sale and use of synthetic drugs, an explanation mcclintock reject. >> it's not just synthetic marijuana. this is a city that has closed its eyes to death in a culture of fear. and we're in the going to allow
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that to happen. >> reporter: so to keep eyes open to give them something to see, mcclinton helped place four crosses. 43 for victims known, each name read aloud. and the 44th, the next person to die on a d.c. street. and tonight those crosses have already come down but the family members hope that by continuing to speak out they can continue to push mpd to solve those cases and push anyone who might know anything about those murders to come forward. reporting live, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> as garrett just said the city recorded its 66th homicide of the year this afternoon. the only information from police is that it's an adult male shot in the 1600 bock of e street in northeast. he died at the hospital. there were 13 fewer homicides at this same time a year ago. new information tonight on the chevy chase mother and daughter electrocuted in their home
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yesterday as a sump pump was running. stephanie ramirez learned two other people were also injured. >> reporter: some of the neighborhood folks didn't know the names of the mother and daughter until yesterday but they do remember seeing the two in the neighborhood and say they were incredibly sweet. i spoke to a fire official who tells me two people who tried to help the mother and daughter yesterday were also partially electrocuted. yesterday a firefighter received a shock trying to respond to the younger mother and daughter. today we learned he wasn't the only one. >> the other resident had come home and discovered that a tragedy, and immediately went to try to help. it's my understanding that he was shocked as well. >> reporter: that's why montgomery county fire spokesperson pete believes a which wered wet ground near where a portable sump pump was plugged in at this connecticut avenue home was what caused this tragedy. the dangers with portable ones? >> the insulation on the extension cord might not be adequate, might be fried
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wires. >> reporter: police identified the victims as a 29-year-old and her four-year-old daughter lilly. brett lives two streets down. >> it's tragic. i have three kids myself so i was checking on my basement to make sure there was no water down there and i do after pump. >> if you see standing water, power line down, or any kind of other electrical appliance, assume that the water is energized and charged with electricity, because if anything sener guyed, it will grab on to you and won't let you go. >> reporter: in the chevy chase valley neighborhood, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> tonight the medical examiner has ruled the woman's death was caused by a combination of drowning and electrocution. her daughter was electrocuted. tonight hundreds of friends and family returned to the scene of a deadly crash in north potomac. the crowd was so big that police had to direct traffic around that vigil.
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two students who just graduated from wooten senior high school were killed in that crash on thursday. two other students were hurt. >> it's very heart breaking to hear that news. and i got the news that they were holding a candlelight vigil, and i came out. i was surprised to see so many people and see so many kids sharing the memories. it's very touching. it's a sad moment, but some of the kids sharing the jokes, the funny moments, it brought laughter. >> i think it serves as a reminder to the community that we really need to lack after our kids, remind them things in life, that life is so fragile and so precious. they need to cherish their life and ke better decisions. >> police say cans of beer were found in the cars' wreckage. they believe speed and alcohol contributed to this crash.
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investigators now say the rainy weather along with pedestrian error were factors in a deadly accident in annapolis. it happened late last night on solomon island road although forest drive. investigators say two people tried to cross that roadway. one of them was hit and killed by a car. police say the victim crossed the roadway despite a do not cross signal. the second person is okay. so what can we expect outside for the monday morning commute? let's good over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> hey bruce, after a rough day yesterday today was much, much nicer. in spite of the clouds, tells 70s and low 80s. tonight we're down to low 60s in germantown, still holding on to 73 in town with 65 in calvert county. 66 in springfield and leesburg also 66. had the clouds earlier, lose the sun, couple of showers, but we've cleared out nicely. so tomorrow morning we're going to drop in town to the low 60s. low to mid-50s in many of the
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suburbs. you might need a sweat shirt or jacket. we're expecting a nice, sunny day. by lunch time we will be tenth mid to upper 70s with highs tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s tin suburbs, throw mid-80s here, but enjoy it, take it off if you can. possibly a yellow alert on tuesday. more on that and a look towards july 4th coming up soon. >> got it. a day of fun on the water turns tragic. a racing boat out of control crashed into a crowd of spectators. tonight the name of that seven- year-old girl has not been released. the crash occurred during the thunder on the narrows race at camp narrow. in a separate incident, a boat capsized on the other side of kent island. tent a 32-year-old man from silver spring is still missing. more than 400 people are in the hospital after a fair at a water park in taiwan. almost 200 of the victims are in intensive care with serious burns. investigators say a fire on a
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music stage spread somehow into the crowd. they believe the fire was sparked by an explosion of theatrical powder that was thrown from the stage. coming up tonight on wusa 9 what went wrong? an unmanned spacex rocket explodes moments after launch. also, southern maryland recovering tent after two confirmed tornadoes touched down
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investigators are trying to find the cause of a terrible crash on i 270 in maryland. it happened on the northbound side near middle brook road in germantown. investigators got the call about a subaru seen weaving back and forth before flipping over. the car somehow landed in the woods. male driver was killed. vice president joe biden shared his grief with the people of charleston today during a visit to emanuel a.m.e. church. his visit was aimed at showing solidarity with churchgoers in the wake of the church massacre. but we're told it was also an effort to lift him and his family during their own time of grief. you will recall that biden's son bo died in may of brain cancer. police are on the look i couldn't tell for two women in their 20s, wanted for shooting a d.c. cab driver. it happened early this morning near 17th and east capital
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street in northeast on capitol hill. police say the cab driver managed to drive to the 6000 bock of massachusetts avenue northeast. that's where they found him. the good news tonight is that that driver was conscious and breathing. maryland's governor, larry hogan, says he is feeling healthy and strong after his first round of chemotherapy. he said after 24 hours of treatment he has no side effect. hogan is being treated for an advanced form of non hodgkin's lymphoma. today he praised his medical team and he thanked them for taking good care of him. mark your calendar, the date about half a dozen new laws go into effect in the state of maryland. among them, new regulations for ride share companies like uber and lift lift. the law requires background checks for drivers. another new law is aimed at protecting student privacy. the measure bans companies from using student data to target students.
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under a new drone law, only the states, not local governments, can pass laws to restrict or regulate the operation of drones. greece could be on the brink of a banking collapse. take a look at these long lines outside atm's in athens. earlier today the prime minister announced that greek banks and the stock exchange will shut down tomorrow. this after creditors refused tokes extend the country's bailout pass. greek banks have been kept afloat by emergency funding from european central banks but the central bank is now freezing all of that major setback for nasa tonight as unmanned spacex rocket exploded shortly after launch from cape canaveral. the spacex falcon 9 rocket was carrying a cargo ship ledded with 4,000 pounds of supplies bound for the international space station. according to the information that we currently have, this is being classified
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as a -- going forward the mishap investigation will be conducted with faa everysite. >> that was -- with faa oversight. >> the agency is vow vowing to learn from the mishap. heavy storms covered the entire region yesterday and last night especially so in southern maryland where we now know two tornadoes touched down. cam thompson spent the day checking out the damage. >> reporter: we're in st. mary's county where a mile around us most of the damage hit from last night's storm, the fire department saying no injuries but 13 buildings were damaged. this barn behind me getting the worst of it. the question is, was this caused by a tornado? chain saws good to work cleaning up the mess, mostly fallen trees and damage to homes, but in charles nelson's case, it cost him two barns. >> i didn't see nothing after
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the storm. i go around and i seen the other barn. >> reporter: the barns sit crumpled and collapsed. nelson rode out the worst of the storm with his two dogs in his truck. >> i wept to open the door on the truck to get out, and the wind just hit the door and closed it. me and may dogs were sitting in the truck. i was scared, but i couldn't get out. >> reporter: across the street, lawrence and his son logan took cover. >> i was scared in the closet. >> i guess the one really intense, and the house started shaking, the power wept out. >> reporter: if you keep following the debris you lend up at lewis morgan's house. morgan says looking at the damage it was probably a tornado. >> the other tree there that the top has off and broke off is pointing this way, and the tree there is pointing back this way, so it shows it had to be going in circular motion. >> reporter: now a final say on whether it was a tornado
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comes from the national weather service, but either way morgan knows he was lucky. >> no one was hurt. we can replace the buildings and trees and stuff make good firewood. >> the good news tonight, no reports of any serious injuries. can we take a couple of seconds to say that you guys cut into programming yesterday, and a lot of people were upset, but this is why. you saw that tornadoes likely had touched down on the ground what we're showing. >> we were tracking those. one of those tracked 16 miles across most of st. mares county. so when we were telling folks in that whole area, that's exactly where all the damage reports came from. >> get to shelter, get to safety. and thank god it was not a more populated area. >> no injuries no, few tal that's, just damage.
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certainly we can rebuild. that's the best case when you do have a tornado. tonight a much quieter night. i want to start with the three- degree guarantee. good news, bruce. forecast a hey 1r 2, and it was 8 2. we call at bull's- eye, bruce. >> you're the man. >> right on. tonight what a night. it is gorgeous. for late june, to not only have low humidity but temperatures in the 50s and 60s, i don't know about you, i love having my windows open on a night like tonight. makes me long for fall, which is still a few months away. in the mountains, that's a 49. they didn't get out of the 50s today. could even see some mid-40s in spots. cool tonight. i suggest you open the window and take advantage while you can. tomorrow is going to be gorgeous. not humid. temperatures low to mid-80s. i think we will see a lot more sun than we saw today. more clouds than i was think. showers and storms could be here as early as tuesday. we mate even see a shower monday night as the warmer air
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starts to return with that humidity, the and tuesday depending on how things shake out could be a yellow alert day around here. certainly we've had enough rain for this month. in fact, as you look at the numbers we are now in the number two position with the wettest june in washington weather history. it goes back to the 1870's. 14 inches in 2006. we're just ahead now of 1972 which agnes, that tropical system dropped a ton of rain. the system that got us yesterday still spinning and leaving areas in canada and new england. tonight contracting severe, even tornadic thunderstorms through st. louis. this is coming around here but we're in between all this so in great shape for tonight and again on monday. what we're going to see tomorrow, really a beautiful day, as the winds exit, we'll get some lighter winds tonight. that's why tomorrow morning you may even need a jacket or sweat shirt with 50s and 60s to start. nice and sunny tomorrow. we will see the moisture start to creep in. the humidity may start to '89
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later in the afternoon. and as that warm front returns monday night, the could it be a stray shower coming through. different day on tuesday. it will be hot, it will be humid. and by the middle of the day staff in we're going to pop some showers and storms, and depending on how strong we get and how wide the coverage, this is why we're thinking we may need to go with that yellow alert on tuesday. so please enjoy tonight, enjoy monday. it is going to be nice. in fact, tonight 54 to 84, clear to partly cloudy, really comfortable out there. winds west, there could even be lighter winds by tomorrow morning. tomorrow we start in the 50s and 60s, a partly to mostly sunny morning, quite pleasant, if you ask me. west winds at 5. staff in gorgeous, low to mid-80s with partly to mostly sunny skies, and the humidity level in check. this is going to be probably the nicest day of the month, i think tomorrow. now on tuesday, look at the three day, 90 degrees. but we've got to watch out for the storms. so a possible yellow alert day. wednesday isolated afternoon
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storms, 88. second half of the week, hello july, we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 80s to start the month. and there's just a couple of variables here as far as the question marks. are we going to have a couple of storms or more than that? early to say but at least the threat for afternoon storms will be with us. right now for the 4th looks like it will be hot, humid, high temperatures in the low 90s, and, yeah, typical, afternoon and evening thunderstorm. >> july coming up. still ahead, don't put your appetite to bed. we're going sample some
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hundreds of people lined the streets for the annual national capitol barbecue battle. the two-day event featured barbecue competitions, lots of exhibits, and nonstop live entertainment on three music stages. >> it's fantastic. we love cooking for the customers. they love us. we get e-mails and phone calls all the time welcoming us back. as you can see how long the line, people love it. they like it all over the country for the barbecue
11:31 pm
flamer. we're barbecue masters. >> the safe way barbecue battle is celebrating its 23rd year. the nats played two. we've got "game on ov
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we've got a double dose of "natitude" today. the nats in the city of brotherly love trying to keep their hot streak alive. we saw what a fully healthy stephen strasburg is capable ofon the mound. another strong outing by the al mighty righty, his best of the year, delivering a season high nine strikeouts. we will take a look at the
11:35 pm
action on the mound coming up on "game on overtime." in the only for the nats but for the orioles as well, double header them, hosting cleveland. a special treat for fans. buck showalter garden gnome. fans lined up for this. it was a huge hit. birds rack up two shut-outs, a first in over 40 years. also tonight on "game on overtime" we get to know the wizards first-round pick kelly ubre better. and was it worth giving up two draft picks to snag him? we will find out. he thinks. so. >> i'm coming here as a rookie pretty much just looking to push my teammates and listen to coach and do other little things to help my team win because this is a program that winning is in our blood. >> plus this high school junior from prince george's county isn't just good


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