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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of july celebrations canceled tonight in, thek because of concerns over -- in the uk because of concerns over terror attacks. but people here in the u.s. are urging go ahead, just be vigilant. >> reporter: well, that's right. a lot of people already down here. we're expecting hundreds of thousands of more people tomorrow despite a homeland security alert about a heightened risk of lone wolf attacks on fourth of july celebrations. fourth of july celebrations at a british royal air force base canceled because of what officials called current local threat assessments. but here in washington, d.c., the festivities go on as planned. behind acres of fences and tight security. police will have special
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patrols around major landmarks. the dc police chief talked about her department's security posture after thursday's false alarm at the navy yard. >> we take every event here in washington very serious and our posture remains extremely high and it will continue for the fourth. >> reporter: security leaders say there is no specific credible intelligence about an attack only that isis has called for assaults against members of the military, law enforcement, the u.s. government and the american public. >> this threat is different because of who isis is trying to inspire. they're trying to inspire every u.s. citizen, anyone here to the take up arms and take the action you see fit. >> reporter: at washington harbor on the georgetown water front, the captain nelson was tying off his $3 million boat and plotting an escape route. >> definitely more vigilant and keeping my eyes open. >> reporter: now security officials say they don't want
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to over sell this alert. and again, they are urging people to get out and enjoy the firework and take their family. no specific -- fireworks and take their family. no specific threat is really code for they don't know but they want people to keep an eye out. live on the national mall, wusa 9. >> thank you. and security officials say they'll be deploying more plain clothed officer, radiation detection unit, bomb-sniffing dogs and surveillance aircraft. we will look at what metro is doing. in new york city, the police department is on high alert to help protect the expected 3 million people celebrating the fourth of july fireworks show. police say they'll be closely monitoring 7,000 security cameras and paying attention to the ones in lower manhattan. >> this may be potentially the most complex counterterrorism overlay for this event ever. >> when you hear there's a threat, then you have to take
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it seriously. >> officials say isis has called on followers to strike during the muslim holy month which ends in mid-july. and while officials say there are no credible threat, they are not taking any chances. we have new information tonight on a horrific case of child abuse. a 9-year-old boy remains hospitalized after his mother's boyfriend allegedly beat him tuesday because he took a piece of birthday cake without the man's permission. and we are live at children's national medical center. and what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah, what is even more disturbing is that an ambulance was turned away from the boy's home by his own mother who says they didn't need the help. but four hours later, that ambulance was called back again. >> why hurt a child? they're defenseless. i mean, you don't do that. >> reporter: robert wilson is charged with handcuffing the 9-
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year-old son of his girlfriend and beating him until he was unconscious. >> i don't know what this world is coming to that someone could do that to a child. >> reporter: court records reveal wilson tearfully admitted to the assault and said he did it after catching the boy, quote, stealing birthday cake that didn't belong to him. >> if i knew that he was doing that, i would have gotten that boy out of that house, that apartment. and i would have brought him down and i would have called the police. >> reporter: records indicate that wasn't this wasn't the first time he handcuffed the boy and beat him as punishment. the mother told investigators her son has a problem with stealing. wilson told police, he put handcuffs on him because that was what was expected of him when the boy would steal. >> i mean, the most innocent, purest, sweetest thing on earth and somebody can did that. makes no sense. >> reporter: the boy's mother
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was at work when the assault took place. his uncle was home and called 911. but when the ambulance arrived, the boy's mother told paramedics the the child was simply congested, even though investigators say he was unconscious. the ambulance was called again four hours later. >> god bless that little fella. and i just hope he makes it. >> reporter: the community rescue service told me this afternoon that its ambulance crew had no reason to believe the child was in danger and they even asked the mother who met them out in the parking lot several times if she needed help. without a police agency, the crew could not legally enter that home. reporting live from children's national medical center, wuas 9. >> thank you. and -- wusa 9. >> thank you and he is being held on $600,000 bond. right now, police are
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trying to figure out who pulled the trigger in the city's first homicide of the year. officers responded to the scene last night at about 11:30 on north fayette street. and near the corner of rice street. the victim, a 22-year-old, was suffering from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. his aunt is pleading with witnesses to come forward. >> please whoever seen it, please just call and just tell them. you ain't got to say your name or anything. >> she says she was told her son was killed after someone accused him of a robbery. police say they are trying to figure out why the man was there and who he was there with. they say they would hold a public meeting about the homicide at the charles houston recreation center on monday at 7:00 p.m. in the next couple hours, water should be flowing to more than 30,000 maryland area residents who have enduredded a day without. we are in the maryland city
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section where a 20-inch water main gave way overnight. and leaving a huge number of people high and dry for the beginning of the holiday weekend. rs. >> reporter: well, the key thing for the folks in this section, the water is still not on yet. the good news is as you can see the big trucks lined up to go back and take care of the pipe, the good news is, restoration is expected by 7:00 p.m. tonight. county crews scrambling the to make repairs to this 20-inch water main. >> can't take showers. can't do the anything. >> reporter: while maryland city residents lined up at a filling station set up by the county at a nearby home depot to fill up any containers they could find, even storage bins. >> i got jugs for drinking and washing. this is for the commodes. >> reporter: restaurants closed. car washes out of commission.
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>> it's shocking. how long is it going to take it get it back working? >> we don't have water. >> reporter: and a run on bottled water and containers and unhappy people who spent a lot of money. >> approximately $31. i want my money back. >> reporter: at the repair site, a half mile from the nearest paved run, the county engineers say it appears recent floods eroded the bank causing the water main to flex and give way. knocking out service to 30,000 residentses on the county side, including the fire hydrants. and the public works director says the water might look cloudy once it's turned back on. >> there will be a period of time where folks can expect some dirty water. and the line will have been disinfected and the water will be safe. >> reporter: all right. so this started about 3:00 a.m. so it's been a long day for the 30,000 people without water. but as you heard the director
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say, it's on track to be repaired and back on by 7:00 p.m. folks may be begin to see some cloudy or dirty water as the water begins to come back on but they underline here that will not be a healthcare hazard. you simply need to run your tap and clear it out. and things should be good to go by late this evening and tomorrow. reporting live, wusa 9. >> fingers crossed. and there are no plans to reimburse people for the water containers that they bought but we will follow-up with officials to see if that changes. a maryland woman is accused of giving marijuana to kids. police say the 45-year-old gave pot to a 13-year-old, 14-year- old and even a 6-year-old. deputies say she even taught that 6-year-old how to smoke it. she is charged for those alleged actions and for possessing the marijuana. prince george's county police say they have put out
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the bulk of a fire on stone hall road. these are pictures from the fire department that were tweeted out a short time ago. the fire started on the lower level. investigators say no one was injured. and dc police pulled a body out of the river this morning. officers were on the scene at about 7:30 near rfk stadium in northeast. so far, investigators do not know the person's age, gender or race. police want you to know about a possible rabid fox incident. it happened july 1st around the south run trail area near the south run recreation center in springfield. the fox ran towards a dog and the owner. they were able to get away. animal control officers searched the area and did locate a fox but there's no way to be sure that it was the same animal. this is the same area that arab bid raccoon attacked a woman last month. and that animal was captured.
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he's going to serve time on weekends reporting on fridays and getting released on sundays at 3:00 in the afternoon. he was arrested last summer for driving without a license. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. and with shark attacks on the rise this summer, some vacationers aren't too keen on getting in the water. coming up at 5:30. what entertainers will be performing in the july 4th concert? the line-upcoming up. plus, howard is back with the best times to get outside this weekend and whether those fireworks will be a washout. and right after the break, solar power, what's so special
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about this record-breaking plane?
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a man has set a record after flying a plane powered only by solar energy across the pacific ocean from japan to hawaii. this is time lapsed video of the landing. the pilot took off monday and touched down in the morning. this morning by the way. the 118 hour non-stop flight shatters the previous mark of just 76 hours. that's a lot of hours too. and it's part of an overall mission to fly the airplane around the world. well, we celebrate america's birthday with the stars and the stripes and all kinds of music this weekend. >> that's going to be fun. >> the entertainment stars are
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here right now. and getting ready to put on a great show. that plum assignment visiting with the artists. so how did you get that? >> reporter: i don't know, i must have done something good. some people enjoy the rehearsal just as much. full dress rehearsal gets underway at 8:00 p.m. you might be able to hear him loud out here. but the event, there's a huge line-up that will keep things going for all generations. ♪ shake, shake, shake ♪ ♪ shake your booty ♪ >> reporter: you can't help but tap your feet and smile at kc and the shun sunshine band. >> they were absolutely awesome. reminded me of my childhood. >> very excited. i've been asked many times before and it never worked out
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and this time it is. so it will be a pinch me moments and i am excited to be here. >> celebrating july 4th all over the country so to celebrate here in the nation's capitol before millions of people on television, just one of those great moments in my career and my life. >> reporter: for the younger crowd, how about country music star hunter hays. >> there's nothing better than this. >> reporter: and singer megan lindsay, the runner-up in season 8 of the voice. >> a total dream come true. >> reporter: alabama will bring their country rock tunes on stage. >> i am so thrilled to be here. >> reporter: there's a brand new host this year, the actor from the west wing. >> it's really exciting. you feel like you're being shot out of a canon.
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but it's going to be fun. and it's thrilling and moving to be here. >> reporter: folks are coming in and getting their lawn chairs and just having a picnic out here and enjoying the great music. bar what more could you ask -- music what more could you ask for? >> and the full dress rehearsal is tonight from 8: 8:00 30:00. and of course a lot of people tend to drink a little too much on the holiday weekend. so sober ride is just a phone call away. the president of the washington regional alcohol program says don't let the misconception of a wait time keep you from getting home safely. >> sometimes people think, a free cab ride, how long do i have to wait for it? it's a paid cab ride. so if you have to wait 10 minutes, it's not going to be
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any longer for a sober ride. >> and it could save a life. 40% of all july 4th roadway deaths involve alcohol. if you need a ride home starting at 10:00 p.m. on july 4th through 4:00 a.m. on july 5:00, call 800-200- taxi. it's a free ride up to a $30 fare. okay, so kc and the sunshine band. get it, sunshine? will we have sunshine when we listen to them? >> how about clouds and no rain. >> we will take it: >> yeah, that's the way you like it. >> yeah, just no rain. >> sorry, i had to. >> the timing, for the morning paraover to me, 11:45, how does the parade look? iffy is what i'm telling you. but by mid- to late afternoon things will look better. i am optimistic if you're going down to the mall tomorrow, the
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ground may be soggy but generally rain-free. 81 under the clouds in washington. as warm as 83 today. and cooler temperatures to the west. notice the low 70s in the valley with 70 in front royal. and there's some shower activity out here that i will show new a second. and in the low 80s right now. and even in fredrick, at 81 degrees. but we have showers that doppler 9000 has been tracking for the afternoon. and a lot of showers back toward the ohio valley. and look at the rain down in southern virginia, west virginia and it's all moving, right in our direction. and now we have a few returns showing up on radar but another than light sprinkle, i don't think this is amounting to much over us. when you get west and toward prince william county and there, down to warrenton, up 17, this is where we've got rain reaching the ground. these showers, the heavier ones
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south, this is going to be tracking toward western and jefferson county west virginia and expecting it about 5:29. charlestown about 6:00. and in the metro, i think the rain chances start to go up in the next three or four hours as the whole area moves in. the rain moving in tonight leaves the weather headlines and we have to go with the weather alert tomorrow because in the morning midday with the parade, the cookout, there's going to be impact for sure for the first half of saturday. and showers and storms though, i think they'll taper off in the afternoon. the fireworks forecast, mainly dry. and that's the key. big picture, see the showers and storms back down toward memphis with heavy downpours there. and this frontal boundary still plaguing us. and we will continue to be around for a few more days. so look at the futurecast, the bulk of the rains, even at 1 1:00, west of 95 with waves of showers and thunderstorms tonight into midday saturday. by afternoon on saturday, notice the heavy stuff south of
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us. and by 8:30, 9:00, another than an isolated shower, we will be in much better shape. so the forecast calling for mostly cloudy skies and one or two spots. and a very appropriate 76 degrees expected for fireworks time tomorrow evening. all right, tonight, showers move in, isolated storms and mid- to upper 60s to near 70 in town. and tomorrow morning looks damp. i know we have the parades but it is what it is. showers likely, isolated thunder and rise into the mid- 70s by lunchtime. and topping out around 80. and looking at the three-day forecast, better sunday, just an isolated storm. and next week a little hotter, we will be in low 90s wednesday with the better chance for afternoon storms on monday, thursday and friday. >> thank you. straight ahead, an important vehicle recall to tell you about, plus why you will soon notice a change in your coffee when you head to dunkin' donuts. and right after the break,
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staying safe around fireworks this fourth of july.
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well tomorrow is the fourth of july, a time for party,
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backyard barbecues and fireworks. but those can be dangerous. thousands of people are injured by them each year and most are preventable. we have the report. >> i thought i was for sure going to have to get my eye taken out that night. >> reporter: this 19-year-old knows firsthand the danger of fireworks. three years ago, he and his friends were setting off roman candles when something went wrong. >> one of the roman candle shots hit me directly in the right eye. >> reporter: the high school baseball star was blinded and his was one of 8700 fireworks related injuries that year. 60% occurred around july 4th. >> the eye injuries can be severe. >> reporter: dr. summers is an eye doctor. more than 40% of the time, arms and hands are injured.
5:26 pm
one in five injuries involves the trunk or legs. the remaining 38% is the head and eyes. overall, more than half of all injuries are burns, which is what caused part of the damage to his eye. >> it can happen to you. you are not immune from it. >> go to a professional fireworks celebration. have a great time. and enjoy your fourth of july. >> reporter: and never give firework, even sparklers, to children. cbs news, new york. >> the cps says that sparklers can burn at 2,000 degrees. and that's enough to melt some metals. ford is recalling more than 400,000 focus and escape vehicles. a software problem in those 2015 models could keep the engines run, even after you try to shut them down. customers who may have stayed at one of donald
5:27 pm
trump's hotels may want to check their credit card statements. the breach began as far back as february of this year. and the union of dollar tree and family dollar is almost complete. but they are selling off 330 stores to get the final merger approval from federal regulators. those stores are slated to be sold to a private equity firm within the next 150 days. and dunkin' donuts says it's going to ditch the styrofoam cups and containers and they aring looking at other alternatives. well straight ahead, a crook rips off a busy dc bank. details on the caper coming up. shark attacks along the east coast have beach goers watching more than just the
5:28 pm
surf this fourth of july. in ocean city, maryland, that's coming up. a memorial has sprung up for the competitor who lost his life in the world police and fire gam
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. two men are fighting for their lives tonight after their bikes crash at the world police and fire games yesterday. another competitor, an investigator from brazil, was
5:31 pm
killed in the crash. we are live where a vigil will be held tonight. hey, there. >> reporter: hey there. look at this touching memorial that has sprung up. you can see flowers and police t-shirts and badges from all over the world. and just a few minutes ago, we saw a competitor from brazil show up and leave this. the-shirt. -- leave this t-shirt. he said he was a friend of the man. he received a special honor today for a race he hoped he would win. >> moment of silence, please. >> reporter: today's triathlon it was event carlos silva, an investigator from brazil, was most looking forward to. according to fellow participants in the game, it was his signature event. >> we are going to award a gold medal to carlos. >> reporter: organizers awardedded a gold medal today.
5:32 pm
[ applause ] >> reporter: he died yesterday in a cycle event after a front tire blowout caused a chain reaction crash with two other bikes. >> yes, it was tragic. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: at a cycle hill climb this morning, cyclists drew his number 109 on their arms as a tribute. >> they are here for fun. here for the competition. and it ends in a tragedy. but you know, i guess that's just sport, that's racing. >> reporter: speeds in the event reached close to 50 miles per hour. the two other cyclists who collided with him are apparently in critical condition. one is a national park ranger. and he worked at harpers ferry since february. >> it's a sad end to what was a brilliant week. >> reporter: local police and firefighters staged a motorcade as a tribute to the silva and last night his co-worker talked
5:33 pm
about his friend who was not only an athlete but a father. >> he loved to train. and most of all, he lovedded his career and his daughter. >> reporter: now you can see people, badges here and we just had that competitor drop off a momento from japan. really touching. people coming here and leaving momentos from their country or their city in honor of carlos silva. the vigil starts here tonight at 8:00. and tomorrow there's a 5k race. and then a half marathon that will close out the games. reporting live, back to you. >> so sad. thank you. well changing gears now, dc police looking for the man who robbed a wells fargo bank. he targeted the bank on alabama
5:34 pm
avenue just before 10:00. he handed a tellar a note and then raced toward the exit. not since jaws have so many people been afraid to go into the water. a record number of shark attacks has beach goers concerned. >> reporter: a record number of shark attacks has beach goers on edge this holiday weekend. last week, a hammer head shark patrolling the waters kept most people on the beach. dan brought his family to ocean city for fun in the sun. they're still going in the water but he's keeping an eye out. >> with two young ones in the water, i have been keeping an extra eye on the surf. >> reporter: this year there have been 23 reported shark attacks in u.s. waters. in north carolina alone, there have been seven attacks in three weeks the most ever recorded in the 80 years since
5:35 pm
the university of florida began track attacks. >> i don't go in too much. too cold. and there's sharks in there. >> reporter: the national park service has advice for people headed to the beach this weekend, stay close to the shore and swim in small groups. >> you should be cautious but not too scared about it. >> reporter: and other tips from the national park service include avoid being in the water at twilight or night and don't wear shiny objects like jewelry. cbs news, ocean city, maryland. >> scientists don't know why there's been an increase in shark attacks but the theories include sea turtle migration, the lunar cycle and warmer water. 5,000 people have began returning to their homes in tennessee. a train derailed yesterday morning forcing them from their homes and that led to freezer frightening moments for residents who were asleep when emergency workers pounded on their doors. >> just this thing on his face
5:36 pm
with oxygen connected to it. yeah, it was scary. freaked us out. >> the evacuation order was lifted today at noon. and right now the epa does not think the chemicals are a threat to the community but the officials there are asking people not to drink the well water as a precaution. a court in greece today declared a referendum on a european bailout package and they say it's constitutional. that clears the way for a nationwide vote on sunday. he says a yes vote amounts to caving in to blackmail. but leaders warn that if greece votes no, it risks being rejected from the 19 nation euro. millions came together today to remember the victims on the attack last week. the resort fell silent to honor those killed. the moment of silence stretched back home to britain.
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straight ahead, deathly gator attack, the sign that should have saved a man's life. plus, why tom cruise may be saying so long to scientology. and right after the break, the long strange trip comes to an end in chicago this weekend. it's a little muggy on the weather terrace but we have showers we're tracking. and right now, they're across prince william county and western fairfax, fredrick and montgomery. back with more and the weekend forecast when we return. why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want,
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trending now and possibly for the last time, the grateful dead. >> yeah, they'll be performing their final three shows in chicago this weekend beginning tonight. ♪ got the to reasons why i cried ♪ >> 70,000 deadheads will be rocking out at soldier field tonight celebrating the band's 50th anniversary. the most famous member is the late jerry garcia who played his last show in chicago back in 1955. they talk about what a long
5:41 pm
strange trip it's been. >> after the best show, i would have the most outrageous time. and people would ask, what show doss you remember? i remember the events after the shows because they were extremely outrageous. >> he will do his best to fill garcia's shoes. there are live streams and pay- per-view options available. and the golfer says he will repaint the roof of his general lee, covering up the flag. he paid $110,000 for the dodge charger at an auction back in 2012. and he had it signed by bo duck from the dukes of hazard. he tweeted, all men are created equal. i believe that so i will paint the american flag over the roof of the general lee. and the church of scientology may be losing its most famous member. multiple sources report that tom cruise wants to spend more
5:42 pm
time with his daughter. call it mission impossible. in today's game on varsity spotlight, we revisit the path of the bishop's first nba draftee. charcoal isn't just fo
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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in tonight's consumer alert, americans will be firing up the grill this weekend bu turns out charcoal is not only for the barbecue. it's also turning up in beauty products and some people are even drinking it. jill wagner explains. >> reporter: at juice generation in manhattan, customer cans get a variety of frights and vegetables in their drinks. and now there's an unexpected new option, activated charcoal. >> it sounds crazy, right? >> reporter: she came up with the idea after seeing it used in beauty products like face masks. in the drink, there are two teaspoons of the fine powder which comes from charred coconut shells. proponents believe it can help detoxify the skin and body. >> and it tastes good? >> yeah, it's really good
5:46 pm
actually. >> reporter: she drinks about three bottles a week and believes it helps her skin. do you taste it aat all? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: it may be gaining popularity but it's not clear how well it works. the doctor says in emergency room, activated charcoal is given to drug overdose victims in large amounts. >> to bind toxins that were there so that the person wouldn't absorb them into the bloodstream. >> reporter: but he says there are no large scientific studies showing that using it in juices improves healthcare. >> how do you know it isn't also removing good stuff along with the toxins. >> reporter: but it's not hurting sales. how popular? >> extremely popular. it's the strongest lunch and juice generation history. >> reporter: in fact, juice generation plans to start using it in more of their drinks. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. france has rejected the
5:47 pm
request for asylum for julian assange. >> he is living in the embassy in london to avoid extradition to sweden on sex assault allegation. the president denied the plea saying that his life is not in danger and he is under a european arrest warrant. a texas man is dead tonight after being attacked by an alligator. investigators say the 28-year- old jumped off a dock and into the water in orange, texas despite a sign that said, no swimming, alligators. the reptile attacked him as soon as he jumped in. a game warden says he hasn't heard of a fatal gator attack in texas in 22 years. and in south dakota, students made an incredible discovery at a indian village. he may have uncovered what is called a cash pit, a hole that people a thousand years ago would dig to store things like food or weapons. they would bury under a layer
5:48 pm
of ash and clay to keep it preserved. >> really exciting because it's uncovering something new. and obviously one of the reasons why i started. it fills me up with excitement. >> and the students spent a month at the site uncovering as much of the past as they can. so you're ready for the fourth. got your tie on. you got your forecast on. >> got my tie for tomorrow. >> you're going to erase the rainout of the forecast. >> this is the more subtle tie. we've got sol rain coming. no stop -- got some rain coming. no stopping that. but most gone by mid- to late afternoon so the fireworks shows, i think that's going to be okay. look at the rain showing up on
5:49 pm
don doppler 9000. all the green boxes to the west, those are flood warnings going on. it's been a wet time the last six, eight weeks across the eastern u.s. and we have more rain knocking on our doorstep. light showers here and down to the south. but tracking the activity to the west now. activities picking up. and a few sprinkles here in dc. the light green not much reaching the ground but the darker and oranges and yellows and another area here, that's moving up toward the northeast as well. so get ready. but i want to focus on these guys here. in and around, approaching from the south. all of this is moving off to the northeast into western fairfax. and leesburg, especially south of you, you have rain. and this is going to be lifting toward montgomery county, about 20, 25 miles per hour with occasionally moderate shower
5:50 pm
activity here. and this east in, this is lifting off toward harpers and charlestown. so it's going to get wet around here throughout tonight. and currently, 81. so still mild and muggy out there. and light winds south, southeast at 6 miles per hour. and where it's been raining earlier, only the low 70s. and still hanging on to 80 in fredricksburg. dwell futurecast shows that the -- fredricksburg. and the futurecast shows, overnight, there could be pockets of heavier downpours into saturday morning. and midday, scattered showers around. and i'm optimistic though. as we get into the afternoon, notice how the activities start to sink south toward the northern neck. and maybe not for you guys but that will start to pull further away so that by 8:00, 9:00, we're in better shape. and an isolated shower or storm, that's it. and i think downtown for the
5:51 pm
big festivity, about 76 approximately. with mostly cloudy skies. a lot of rainfall too in spots. in a few area, more than a couple inches between now and tomorrow night. all right, let's show you the forecast. for tonight, the rain is moving in. and isolated storms, areas of fog. and down in the 60s overnight. and rain likely in the morning tomorrow with some showers isolated thunder. 60s into the 70s but tapering off in the afternoon. so a better afternoon. and as i showed you before, a decent evening for fireworks. no more yellow, just isolated afternoon storms but a mainly dry day. and monday 85 with afternoon storms and next week, we will heat it up, upper 80s by wednesday. and a chance of afternoon storm, especially for thursday and friday. as we know, this area is
5:52 pm
rich in basketball talent. and node local name to the nba scrolls as we introduce you to marcus thornton who is now headed to the boston celtics. we have the story. >> reporter: the high school is celebrating two things these day, its 50th anniversary and their first ever graduate selected in the nba draft. 17-time nba champ, the boston celtics made a man's dream come true by drafting marcus thornton last month. the class of 2011 graduate is the first-ever in the school's 50 year history to be drafted into the nba. >> yeah, this is crazy. it's a testament to all the hard work and small school, big school, you put time and when your opportunity come, make it happen. >> reporter: after his selection, he had a few moments to come home and shoot some hoops. his former coach and school
5:53 pm
president couldn't have been prouder. >> he did definer us everything that we want from our men and women. he is humble, hardworking. he's really, made us all very proud for sure. >> just so excited for him and his family. to know that his hard work has paid off and that old adage, hard work pays off really came true for him. >> reporter: and and he credits the high school for making his transition to college easier. he was drafted 45th overall by the celtics. the team introduced the guard and their three other draft picks tuesday. >> excited to be a part of everything. and the celtic, this great organization. >> reporter: everyone who knows him says he's well grounded, authentic and a gentleman. we're sure the guy who holds a lot of records here at the high school will do the just that, and he's going to put his head down and get right to work.
5:54 pm
>> yes, always good to see a local kid trying to live out his dream. and a good chance. got the quick release. >> and he's got an incredible mantra. >> i like that. i'm going to adopt that as my own. coming up at 6:00, the curtain about to go up ony jul 4th festivities including the foofighters. and they may be on opposite sides of the aisle, but lindsay graham has nothing but good things to say about vice president biden. first, at a time when police are on a heightened state of alert, a man is arrested with an assault rifle and ammo at a north carolina mall. wait till you hear why
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
mall last night with an assault rifle, ammunition and body armor. >> reporter: he sat handcuffed on the ground outside of the cross creek mall. fayetteville police say they arrested him after he brought an ar-15 rifle to the shopping center. >> we got several calls about a subject entering the mall with a rifle. the first responding officers made contact with the officer and gave him verbal commands.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: witnesses who saw him toting the assault rifle called 911. >> they were panicked. kids were crying. >> the police officer came up and was like, tell everybody to evacuate the mall. and we had no idea what was happening. >> reporter: investigators told cbs, he never made it inside the mall. he had a military grade tactical vest and was carrying multiple magazines. police told cbs this morning that he was at the mall because he was going to have photographs taken at a studio with the military equipment and rifle. >> we feel that the individual who made a bad decision. >> reporter: he is assigned to fort bragg. after his arrest, he was released into the military's custody. >> police have charged him with going armed to the terror of the public. celebrating the fourth of july with security jitters. what you need to know before you head out to the fireworks.
5:59 pm
that's coming up. the concert, that's all coming up. he was a father but carlos silva will not be going home to brazil after a tragic accident yesterday at the world police and fire games. a live report coming up. celebrating america's birthday with security jitters. more cops and undercover officer, radiation and chemical weapons detectors and surveillance aircraft, already the festivities have been canceled this some places including at a air base in britain. but intelligence officials say we should eni didn't the fireworks here despite the terror alert. and we are live on the national mall where they are expecting hundreds of thousands of partyers. >> reporter: yeah. the mall already crowded with people here for this long holiday weekend. but homeland security leaders say that we will be celebrating
6:00 pm
this fourth under the highest terror warning in more than a decade. on the georgetown water front, people already moving their boats into position, getting ready for one of the country's biggest fireworks parties. >> screw the terrorists. >> don't let them make you afraid. >> bring it on. we're ready for it: >> taken so many things from us like taking the shoes off, you're not going to take our holiday. >> reporter: security officials say there's no specific credible intelligence about an attack, only an isis call to arms against the u.s. government, and the american public. >> i would say that this is the most serious level of threat that i've seen since september 11th. >> i would encourage people to go to their events,


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