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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at eleven, a gnat so gnat -- not so dry 4th of july. showers and storms could dampen your outdoor holiday plans. it's almost the 4th of july. good evening, i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm debra alfarone. a yellow alert day, not what you want to hear about for the 4th of july but there is a silver lining and for ha lining, let's go to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein with a look at timing of it all. >> the problem is it's coming
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tomorrow. if it were sunday people wouldn't care as much. showers coming in waves. heavier stuff toward richmond. right now, light showers in the neighborhood, so to speak. many areas not seeing much at all. leesburg is quiet. fredericksburg is quiet. montgomery county, not much going on at the moment, but some showers south of prince gorge's, and a lot of light showers from charles county to prince george's. western maryland, west of hancock, that's lifted to pennsylvania. we're going to see this on and off shower activity overnight and during the day on saturday. here's future cast tomorrow, 6:00 a.m., some showers around. you notice it's not a solid wall of green or yellow. but the problem is, as we go throughout the day, look what happens. by 2:00, we've got heavier showers, maybe thunderstorms. 4:30, you got the cookout planned. that could be a problem. i'm going to be optimistic, that we'll get out of here by
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9:00 or so, when we're getting ready for fireworks. those will be okay. parades, cookouts, you have to be watching doppler tomorrow. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. thank you. it is a pre-july 4th pre-july 4th tradition. hundreds of people. this time, dodging some rain drops to watch tonight's dress rehearsal of the big capitol 4 4th concert. >> for many it's a chance to see the big show and avoid holiday crowds. we sent allison crowder to talk to people about what makes rehearsal so much fun. >> reporter: if you were here tonight, you would almost think this was the real concert. ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ >> reporter: for many people coming to the rehearsal is a tradition. for others it's something to check off their bucket list. >> to be in the dc on the 4th 4th and to come to this concert, it was happening. >> reporter: the other secret, the rehearsal is a great way to
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avoid the chaos tomorrow. >> the crowds are much less today than they will be tomorrow. >> we didn't think we would be able to see the concert tomorrow, because unless you get here at like noon. >> reporter: and they say it's better than the real thing. >> it's less crowded today, and more fun. maybe more like, you know, more chance to see the famous people closer up. >> reporter: looming over the fun is a significant terror threat, and tonight started with a bit of rain. none of that seemed to bother anyone we spoke with. >> not a concern. >> no, you have to live. >> we don't live our lives the way we want, they win. >> reporter: the rain wasn't a big deal either, especially for the younger fans. >> i like rain. >> reporter: it went away just in time for this. the rain went away for most of the good parts, most of all the big performers, but it did come back towards the end. i didn't see any of the people
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we spoke to leaving early but some did bounce out a little early. it was a lot of rain, i'm allison barber, wusa 9. >> it's going to be the 35th 35th year this concert is taking place. there is a heightened alert here in dc and across the country this 4th of july weekend. the beefed up security follows a warning if the fbi and department of homeland security about an increased threat of isis inspired violence. those heading downtown will notice special patrols around our national landmarks, and everyone washing, the fire trucks on the national must pass through check markings they are concerned about radicalized lone wolfs. >> i don't think they are capable of a large scale attack, but certainly an attack which could kill, maim or wound hundreds of people. >> officials say they have no
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intelligence about specific or credible threats. they're just not taking any chances. police agencies are also monitoring social media where isis has used its online presence to recruit so called lone wolf attackers. wusa 9 has learned the u.s. postal service has fired the mail carrier who landed a gyrocopter near the capitol. he was wearing his mail carrier's uniform. he was piloting a gyrocopter with a postal service logo he carried a postal service bin full of letters he wanted to deliver to congress, letters about money corrupting politics. well, the postal service didn't like him using the brand that way, so hughes is out of a job, and he might just lose his freedom, too. he still faces felony charges for flying into restricted airspace. police officers and firefighters from all over the world are in restin tonight honoring one of their own. a fallen officer from south
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america killed in prince william county, competing in the world police and fire games. we are at the town center where a vigil was held for carlos silva. >> reporter: he served the people of brazil as a police investigator but as one person put it, silva now belongs to everyone. he was an every day hero, that's how carlos silva's friends and fellow officers remembered the 48-year-old killed in a bike crash thursday, competing in the world police and fire games. >> carlos was a great man, a great colleague and a great friend. it's a tragic accident. i feel for the family. he has a daughter that's 13 years old. so it breaks my heart. >> reporter: it's a loss for both of silva's families. >> i have my personal family, but i have a plaque safety family, and -- public safety family, and he's a brother of mine. >> we are all family.
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>> reporter: the games on friday, silva was posthumously awarded a gold medal. >> gave me great honor at the end of the triathlon to watch the medal ceremony. >> these are people who risk their lives on the job but this was supposed to be about fun and games. makes it even tougher i think. >> it is. everybody is here to have fun and meet friends. this is a tragic death. >> reporter: a tragic death, but far from a tragic life. and the world watched, scores of strangers looking on, grateful. others just curious but all respectful as they heard many different languages. they saw many different national flags and police officers and firefighters from many different cities, all here to honor one man who made one
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unbelievable sacrifice as all of them are willing to do every single day. now, there were two other first responders who were injured in the crash that killed silva, a 44-year-old man, and a 33-year- old man. we are told they are both in serious but stable condition tonight. wusa 9. >> and we are remembering all of them tonight. thanks mola. and prince william county police are still investigating the crash. tonight, court records show a hagerstown man admitted he handcuffed and beat his girlfriend's little boy because the child took a piece of birthday cake without asking and those records also show that this was not the first time he put the cuffs on the young boy. and that 9-year-old remains in the hospital days after that beating on tuesday that left him unconscious. robert lee roy wilson is behind bars held at the washington county detention center on $600,000 bond. neighbors in hagerstown can't make any sense of what
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apparently was going on behind closed doors. >> if i knew that he was doing that, i would have got that boy out of that apartment and i would have brought him down and i would have called the police. >> the boy's mother was at work when that assault took place, but his uncle was home and called 911. when the ambulance arrived, the boy's mother told paramedics the chilsimply congested even though investigators say he was unconscious. the ambulance then was called again four hours later, and then they rushed the boy to the hospital. just miles from hagerstown, over in hancock maryland another boyfriend behind bars, another little boy in the hospital, and this time, on life support. investigators say 21-year-old aaron van meter beat his girlfriend's little 6-year-old boy. that child was rushed to the hospital last night. police were told the boy had taken a bad fall, but the doctors didn't buy it. van meter is charged with assault and child abuse.
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he's being held on $1 million bond and that 6-year-old is on full life support due to severe head trauma. concerning and unacceptable, that's what baltimore police a r saying about a sign -- police are saying about a sign. take a ride, we know you will. it was sent to us by a woman who says she took it on tuesday when van doors were left open near the central district station. the deputy police commissioner launched an investioigatn and ordered an inspection of department vehicles. the baltimore sun reports that an autopsy shows freddie gray died of a high impact injury as a result of not being secured in a transport van. 6 officers are charged in his death. a home bursts into flames, and two people inside have some working smoking detectors to thank them for getting out safely. but fire broke out this afternoon in the 3600 block of
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stone hall drive in beltsville. this is video shot by a neighbor prior to the firefighters arriving. no one was hurt, but the damage to the home is extensive. we just checked with ann arundel county's public works division, and the crews were working to restore water service to several customers. a 20-inch water main broke early this morning. crews think it was caused by the erosion along the river bank. the people who lost water are mostly in the russian et grain and merrill city, the public works department says you should let that faucet run for a while. coming up, a solar powered plane slides into the history books. also ahead, dozens of people get stuck 400 feet in the air: we're going to take you one place not far from
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since deadly church shooting in charleston, south carolina, there have been new calls to remove confederate flaggings. in some instances it is a clear cut debate, in gettysburg, maybe not so clear cut. gettysburg can be considered a museum without walls and at least for now, the national park service has no plans to remove the flag from key areas. >> we feel strongly there will always be a role for the confederate flag at gettysburg, in our museum exhibits, on monuments. >> there have been changes in what's for sale at the park, mugs and t-shirts that carry a symbol of the rebel flag also display the american flag, and you cannot buy an actual confederate flag itself. at privately owned shops, all belts are off. we found one place that sells a confederate flag bikini. a solar plane powered by sunlight made history today by flying from japan to hawaii in a five-day journey across the
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pacific ocean. >> the solar impulse planes sets a new record for the longest solo flight without refueling marking a first for aviation, and solar energy. chris martinez has all those details. >> reporter: after a five day flight across the pacific, the solar impulse landed safely at a small airport outside honolulu hawaii friday. it's 120 hour journey from japan broke the record for the world's longest nonstop flight. >> an incredible journey, incredible moments, the personal level. >> pilot andre borshburg was at the controls. the 5000-pound aircraft is flown without fuel and is equipped with 17,000 solar cells to charge the plane's batteries. he practiced yoga, and took naps to cope with the long hours. >> you think about how many days i was there, i was just thinking how i felt, and what
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was helping this aircraft, during the day, during the nights. >> reporter: the solar impulse project first began in 2002, designed to highlight the potential of solar energy. >> this airplane was flying without any problem. >> reporter: from hawaii, the solar impulse will travel to phoenix and new york, before eventually crossing the atlantic ocean. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> the project is estimated to cost more than $100 million. he and his copilot have been taking turns flying that plane around the world since taking off from abu dabi in march. a medical helicopter spiraled out of control, crashed and burst into flames. the pilot died, two other crew members were hurt. they are expected to survive. this all happened this afternoon in frisco, colorado. the chopper had just taken off from a hospital on a nonmedical call, so no patient was aboard. the chopper crashed in a
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parking lot. no one on the ground was hurt. the ride was only supposed to last a couple of minutes, but dozens of people were stuck for more than two hours on a giant ferris wheel in orlando, florida. it's called the orlando eye. and it takes you 400 feet up in the air. so those riders sure did get an eyeful when a technical glitch brought the wheel to a full stop. the crew and firefighters had to use a back up system to turn the wheel and then manually open each gondola, one by one. fortunately, no one was hurt. the 4th of july tradition on coney island, the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest, and today, defending champion, and world record holder, joey chestnut staired down the competition. he ate 69 hot dogs in ten minutes two years ago. he weighed in at 230 pounds. his main competition, last year's runner up, matt stoney, tipped the scales at 130
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pounds. where do they put it all? if you saw me after the contest, you would know. >> big belly. i know what i'm capable of and i'm going to make my body do it for the ten minutes. >> i don't know what to say here. in the women's competition, alexandra will try to regain the title, from miki who ate 34 hot dogs in ten minutes. always watchings, always trackings, wusa 9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> how do you practice to eat that much food? do you practice eating that much food all the time? >> i have no idea. >> i don't think that they do. >> i have met joey chestnut. they do it right then and there. >> all i know is soaking the bread. so it can be swallowed easily. you might have no problems soaking the bread if you let
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mother nature do it. showers and storms on and off through midday tomorrow. 3-degree guarantee, we're back on track. i had a little more sun than i thought but that's what's in the 3-degree guarantee. >> you redeemed yourself. lots of showers out there right now. most of this is light stuff that we're looking at, coming through now. we have breaks, and that's going to be the case, on and off showers for tonight, and tomorrow. these showers picking up intensity from fairfax, back home. moving to the northeast. get ready in tyson and southern montgomery county. with that, heaviest stuff we have been watching. heavier showers approaching charleston, and the heavier stuff in western maryland. we're looking at 74 now with light rain at reagan national, and temperatures still from the upper 60s to low 70s. pretty universal out there. yellow alert tomorrow. may be able to drop it late in the day. showers and storms will be tapering off. mid to late afternoon,
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fireworks forecast, mainly dry and sunny and warmer sunday. so feeling good about sunday. future cast for tonight into tomorrow. the waves of showers. my concern is that while we'll have dryer periods, we look at times, shower activity will pick up. 3:00, take you in towards 6:00 p.m. still some showers around on the future cast, so i'm just thinking about paradings, cookouts, that sort of thing. watch doppler tomorrow. if you don't have our app on your phone. download. it's free. track doppler there as well. take it with you. by 9:00 we're clearing out and we'll be in much better shape for sunday. i think the fireworks probably looking at temps in the low to mid-70s. mainly dry. for tonight, on and off showers, areas of fog, isolated thunder. tomorrow morning, showers around, isolated storms. we rise to the low to mid-70s by lunchtime. 75 to 80 with the showers and storms taperrering off.
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maybe -- tapering off. maybe. much better on sunday. mid-80s. monday, low to mid-80s with a better chance for afternoon showers and storms, especially south of town, and then next week, heating up to more normal temps, upper 80s to low 90s. a chance for a few storms here and there. thursday, friday, some of the storms could have heavy rainmakers again. it's been a weird summer. >> you know what, the rain didn't stop the nationals today. >> that's right. tomorrow, that's what howard said. >> delay it for hours. >> but not today. they are back home with division foes, now hosting the world series champs for the holiday weekend. plenty of fireworks but could the nats
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. now, wusa 9 game on sports, brought to you by e finty. >> the nl east, home on the july 4th holiday. we are in the nation's capitol. hoping to provide fireworks for the sell out crowd against the defending world series champion giants. these two last met in the nl division series last year. we know how that turned out.
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calvin coolage made his presence noun in the race. left the others in the dust after an innocent shove. giants hope to push the nats. gio had a good night, allowing one run and five hits hits hits in 7 innings of work. clint robinson did his part, a two run shot that put the nats in the lead. that is how it stayed, 2-1 washington wins. buck showalter and the orioles on the road in the first of three against the white sox. jose abreu crushing this long ball. the 1-0 loss is the o's 4th 4th in the last five games. washington has been busy in free agency, just one day after agreeing to a trade for forward jared dudley, it looks like the wizards have agreed to a deal with guard gary neil, and have their eye on david west, moving past to the clippers.
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neil's deal is reportedly one year, $2.8 million. he played for the hornets and timberwolves last year. played overseas and started his nba career with the spurs. as for nba rules, nothing is actually official until july 9 july 9th. the nhl in free agency, the other team, the caps are scouting. toad they lost joel ward, the san jose sharks snapped up ward for a reported three year deal worth almost ten million dollars. the nine year vet netted 19 goals and 34 points in regular season play. known as a clutch inspect playoffs, ward had three goals and nine points in 14 playoff games this year. serena williams is the top seated woman in women bell -- williams won, as she continues
11:27 pm
her quest for the serena slam. standing in her way in the next round, sister venus. this will be the 26th williams sister match up. if i say the name joe haden, if you're a big sports person who comes to mind, a pro bowl quarterback. tonight's game on varsity spotlight, we reach back in time to show you the local product way back when. he prides himself on knowing where the ball is and making plays. before he was a ball hawking pro, he was a high school quarterback. at friendly high school in prince george's county. he also played safety during his four years there. haden graduated in 2007 and played his college ball at the university of florida. and yes, i dress this way on purpose because i am super patriotic. >> we see. >> that's
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tty/v the patriotic forecast. >> i think it's okay for the fireworks but chances of showers in the morning and midday. a much better sunday and more storms likely by monday afternoon. >> at least we know. happy nats game tomorrow. >> happy 4th everybody. >> good night. >> i think it may be delayed.
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